Monday, March 20, 2017


Of course, one cannot cover such a dense subject, history, like above, and, in video link below, in one hour only, like WWII in an hour, a tour de force.

Nonetheless, it is a STARTER and part of an ongoing class, so, it represents a teaser.

A few very, very, brief notes to add before listening.

NOT mentioned in such a short time period, of course, MOB, GANGSTERS, THUGS, REPLACING CP LEADERSHIP in former US AFL-CIO MORPHED TO CIA.

Then, subsequent post WWII fights, MURDER, ASSASSINATION, over control of PENSION AND HEALTH CARE INVESTMENTS continued to THIS day!

And, of course, their CIA connections became INVALUABLE ABROAD HELPING dismantle, penetrate, subvert, COMMUNIST countries, PRIVATIZING NATIONALIZED RESOURCES everywhere, operating clandestinely as GLOBAL front groups, supposed arms, long tentacles, of INTERNATIONAL LABOR!

Yes, former LEFT/CP cadre, rank and file, supporters, continued to exist in this country after implementation of THEIR infamous 1947 TAFT-HARTLEY SLAVE LABOR ACT, COROLLARY to a 1947 NATIONAL SECURITY ACT, i.e., CODIFICATION, INSTITUTIONALIZATION, OF A PERMANENT NAZI STATE, BUT, whomever and wherever they remained, of necessity, they adopted a sort of "underground" existence, "BORING FROM WITHIN," a phrase THEY, themselves, used.

And, just WHO, PRIMARILY, are THOSE most responsible ARCHITECTS for policies named above AND BELOW??

You fill in the blanks, dots.
IF you do NOT know, you qualify as a SUCKER, part of Trump's MOST STUPID NATION, PEOPLE!
AND HE SHOULD KNOW, himself a BIG TIME collaborator with those named above!

One can hardly forget a barbaric Rosenberg Assassination, execution, along with MANY other sacrificial lambs led to slaughter following notorious Senator Joe McCarthy 1950s anti-Communist witch hunts, hearings, purges--a CLEAR message to ALL concerned!

So, with those VERY, VERY, FEW, BRIEF, caveats, an INTRODUCTORY course, lesson, to a dense, critically IMPORTANT, subject matter above/below:

Thursday, March 2, 2017


First, sadistic joke, commentary, of the day:

For alittle further clarification, rejoinder, regarding variations of an interconnected theme, John Helmer's most recent post has within it an embedded link from July 2016 which I HIGHLIGHT because of its nice overlapping associations.
One can go to his website for his most current entry:

Since Helmer's post, amongst other notable NAZI names, has mentioned within it Clearstream and Euronext/clear, I thought more reminders in order.

As I say, said, just one big happy or unhappy family.

So, one earlier entry I did and credit from 2009 regarding above.
There exists, again, a serious case of missing or sanitized embedded links, but, SOME still work.
So, persevere.
Every attempt is made NOW to whitewash, hide, revise, destroy, history:

For good measure, somewhat redundant, a direct link to Lucy Komisar's website:

Last, a reminder about Rosneft, like Put-in, NAZI creations ALL, including most recent SLEAZE bag, charlatan, mafioso kingpin, TRUMP:

All above are the ties that bind, compete, conflict, overlap, DESTROY everything and everyone they touch, recidivist crimes against humanity, BILLIONS murdered, maimed, bombed, destroyed, tortured, mutilated, executed, every exquisite form of horror imaginable, persecution, exploitation, rape, asset stripping, plunder--to maintain THEIR BARBARIC NIGHTMARE SYSTEM OF PRIVATE AGGRANDIZEMENT and PROFIT!