Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Although I did umpteen posts/entries dealing with PATTERNS of operation, deception, a modus operandi, illustrated by that below, nonetheless, I thought I would feature, highlight, add, just ONE more nice example from United Suckers and Assholes true MEDICAL Single Payer HEROES, a real life David and Goliath narrative.

Keep in mind, while reading the following link, report, below, this/it represents a/their PATTERN, modus operandi, determing most ALL significant POLICY, CLASS, issues combined--how United Suckers and Assholes COLLABORATIVE, COMPROMISED, INVESTED, AFL-CIA, SEIU, NAZI PARTNERED INSTITUTIONAL UMBRELLA LABOR organization and their corresponding COVERT "LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE" FRONT GROUPS work to betray everyone and everything, keeping ALL hostage, in bondage, enslaved, beholden to a PRIVATIZED economic "system."

(I and others SOMETIMES refer to them as Rockefeller Liberals.)

Their modus operandi being a covert EXPORT item, paradigm!

Thus, NO PRINCIPLED confrontation, OPPOSITION, to/with United Suckers and Assholes ORGANIZED LABOR, DEMOCRATS, ever to arise, needless to say.

Both they and their NAZI PARTNERED CORPORATE whores go off scot free, all the while blaming Republicans, partisan politics, sinking further into UNPRINCIPLED, deplorable social, human, physical, economic, intellectual, mental, moral, degradation, decline, decay, DEBT, neglect, abyss, a black hole of NO return, inevitable consequences of UNPRINCIPLED INSTITUTIONAL CLASS COMPROMISE WITH INSIDIOUS, PERNICIOUS, INTERNATIONAL FASCISM/NAZISM.

Welcome to 1930s NAZI OCCUPIED Germany, Europe, Japan, Axis Powers.

THIS/THAT being what FASCISM/NAZISM looks like, for those of you curious enough to be interested.

NOW you ALL (yawl) have a dubious, distinct, pleasure to experience, regurgitate, rehash, this wonderful, marvelous, living experiment thanks FIRST to USSR dissolution, in turn, MADE POSSIBLE, SPONSORED, BY ALL THOSE NAMED ABOVE/BELOW!!

Is this a meaning, definition, result, of former US National Security Advisor policy architect BRZEZINSKI, as stipulated, "Great Game, Grand Bargain, Great Compromise!!??":


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