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No sooner did I comment in my POST JUST BELOW about United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIA former covert role with Poland's Solidarity, the subsequent demise of the Soviet Union and the current Gdansk shipyard sell-off, privatization then the following article appears:

"Gulf Capital Used to Buy Polish Shipyards"
Again, a few choice excerpts first, link following:

"WARSAW (AFP) – Gulf capital is behind the consortium which bought two of Poland's three historic shipyards this week, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk indicated Saturday...
....Warsaw has revealed little about the buyer, only saying that it had acted through an an intermediary, Stichting Particulier Fonds Greenrights, which like United International Trust is based in Curacao, a Caribbean offshore haven run by the Netherlands...."

Well, perhaps I need to change, modify, alter or expand my version of United Suckers and Assholes to include

So, here is the link/article from which I took the above excerpt.
You really SHOULD read all sordid details:

It is rare when ALL threads I have been following come together in such perfect harmony in one place at one time.
Poetic justice.
I had to laugh out loud.
One of those AH HA moments in life, like, when Galileo first looked through his telescope at the heavens.
Or, Newton developed Principia.
Or, Einstein's theory of gravity and light was confirmed by an eclipse.
Grandiose hyperbole, perhaps?

For those of you looking for circular, grand conspiracy theories, THIS IS IT!
You need look no further, although, I am quite sure, some will still manage to create a Zionist Israeli motivation behind it all.
But, for everyone else, first comes United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIA covert dirtywork.
In turn, the AFL-CIA lays the foundation for the demise of the Soviet Union, helped along by other events, of course, such as another covert operation in Afghanistan, Osama, the Taliban and Islamic Fundamentalism.

Then, we skip to the Iraq war, MENA privatization project, GCC bubble, ORCHESTRATED financial collapse, depressed asset prices, coordinated from the GCC/UAE, Switzerland of the Gulf and the emergence of United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship.

And it returns full circle back from whence it all began to Poland's Gdansk shipyard purchase by the above group of murky GCC private investors.

"Oh, happy we..."
It really does not get much better than this.
"They" really DO laugh at YOU all the way to the bank.
Is it any wonder why?
I am laughing also at YOUR expense.
And "THEY whistle a happy tune" about "democracy" while investing THEIR ill gotten gains at the bank THEY own at YOUR expense which YOU help subsidize in as many ways as humanly possible.

So, I will end with an upbeat song, note, melody to which I referred above befitting the subject matter from Bernstein's Candide, "Oh Happy We." Many more available on the sidebar:


As usual, John Helmer shines alittle light on a few mysterious, murky, Russian and Austrian names and relationships with the following above/below about Arctic gas and LNG.

First, here's one juicy tidbit from the article as an enticement to read it ALL:

"...CITCO’s website says nothing about its owners, except that the company was “established in 2003 by private investors in Vienna.”...

Although it is easy for me to follow the historical backgrounds and trajectory of NAZI affiliated Western/American financial and corporate interests, it is, of course, impossible to trace a lineage for such newly minted equally NAZI Russian capitalists/oligarch firms, created and financed within the past 20 years with the fall of the Soviet Union with help from the same Western interests.

While present Russian firms and capitalist names do not have long historical trajectories, Gazprom is and was well known AS A SOVIET ENTERPRISE.
And, NO problems existed THEN with gas deliveries, price, pipelines and most certainly NOT war.

But, these current PRIVATE Russian interests are now as much part and parcel and CAUSE of ALL present day problems and global, Eurasian imperialist contradictions and expansion as are any of the other long affiliated NAZI entities, Morgan Stanley, Exxon, Rockefeller, Citigroup, Dupont, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Shell and so on and on.

Russian oligarchs/capitalists and Gazprom may not sit DIRECTLY at a Bilderberg Conference, for example, but, that does not mean they are excluded.
In many instances, they are represented indirectly, through partnerships, etc.
And, they certainly want a direct seat at the table with their NAZI cohorts and partners. They definitely do NOT desire exclusion.

It is these classic imperial capitalist contradictions that presently recreate the horrors and nightmares of the current geographical chessboard.

I read, for example, Poland's Gdansk remaining dockyard will be dismantled, sold off, privatized and/or downsized.
Polish dock workers are unhappy and protesting.

Well, as I said before, the Polish workers and unions should just contact their AFL-CIA counterpart and tell them they want BOTH their money and port back, along with the Soviet Union.
HOLD THE AFL-CIA ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY DO and DO NOT DO, as they continue their role, presently.
The AFL-CIA happily and proudly advertised their previous covert role in Polish Solidarity, subverting and dismantling the Soviet Union.
Without the assistance of the AFL-CIA and others, above, none of you would be where you are at the moment.

To end, befitting the content of this post, two historical references which happened to have appeared simultaneously in chronological order.
First, Germany's Rosa Luxemburg:

And, then, the USSR's Oleg Shenin, whose death is a questionable one to me. They say nothing about cause below. I am sure I will read something further about it elsewhere, soon:

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It might seem incredulous to others, but, it is extremely difficult to get good information HERE about France's most recent Rail Strike, for example, or, for that matter, any strike or labor action anywhere outside United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship.

Beyond an occasional mention somewhere in our corporate and fake Left media, one must research such matters individually on the internet.
Of course, I know the reason why. It is obvious.
The ubiquitous Establishment "they" do not want to embarrass our anti-Communist, Fascist, thoroughly corrupt, class collaborative, mafia AFL-CIA, SEIU union leadership.

In comparison, it would make our Fascist shitheads look bad.
"People might talk," as the song lyric says.

So, here is one report I found about Tuesday's French Rail Strike for those information deprived in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship:

Meanwhile, the United Suckers and Assholes current single-payer health care revolt is but the tip of a deep, seething, sizzling, writhing, malcontent, discontent, angry labor iceberg.

When this seething, writhing labor undercurrent finally does explode and break its bonds and chains with its present leadership, it will be a volcanic, seismic, cataclysmic eruption.

And, this is what our current union leadership is there to PREVENT at all costs.

If you are interested, this is their website,

And, now, turning elsewhere to matters related.

At this point, the following information and article about Iraq has been WIDELY reported and distributed. But, does anyone have any question as to which events or circumstances on the ground they ALLUDE in the following report? Certainly NOT if you have been following my blog and the info I have had on it repeatedly:

"US troops may stay in Iraq till 2012: Gen Casey" (and way beyond for that matter):

And, now, for some related notes and comments about the latest noises emanating out of Persia/NAZI Iran's mouthpiece and their announced Pakistan gas pipeline deal.

I have had VOLUMINOUS amounts of information on my many previous blogs about intimate financial connections of the UAE to Pakistan, not to mention their previous, overlapping BCCI background, our Citigroup man in Pakistan, Pak PM Aziz, Abraaj, Jafar, the Pak Opportunity Fund,etc.

Just a couple of random links as reminders about this subject.

An article from 2007, which also notes the UAE is Pakistan's largest investor:

The following one is current from May 2009 regarding the UAE and Pakistan business investments:

Now, let me highlight a few pertinent sentences excerpted from the next report, below, about the NAZI Iran/Pak presumed current gas deal, link follows:

"...Sunday's reports by the Fars News Agency and the Oil Ministy website SHANA did not make clear whether issues remained outstanding before the deal could be finalised..."

Above excerpt from:

Put simply and to paraphrase a famous quote,
"I believe reports about my death are premature," or, reports about the above gas deal are premature, plants, hyperbole for someone else's ulterior political objectives. The most likely candidate being Persia/ NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron. But, others in addition, possibly.

And, while speaking of NAZI German and Iranian connections, here's more about Germany's Bayerngas investments in Persia/NAZI Iran:

And, here's alittle something about the nefarious role of our impeccable NAZI credentialed Morgan Stanley with Middle East energy trading, speculation and derivatives:

And so...stay tuned for more shit hitting the fan, flying in everyone's faces.

I eagerly and enthusiastically await what most surely will be a media feeding frenzy, circus, revelations, sleaze, mudslinging when impeached former Democratic Illinois Governor Blagoyevich's trial finally begins. Very enjoyable.

Rated "PG," I suppose.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Here is one link, amongst many more available, for the above subject:

As I have said, lots and lots of imperialist contradictions and explosions ALREADY happening.
Much more forthcoming.

In case you are/were unaware of it:
"UAE Is France's Major Trade Partner in the Region."
The heading says it all, but, here's the link which has alot of additional nonsense beside the clear fact stated above.
An entire, high powered French delegation is headed for the UAE in the next few days:

In addition, currently "contested" are 3 strategic islands located between the Arab Gulf states and Persia.

In line with the above, NAZI VP, really Prez, Biden was just in Lebanon to present "military aid."
Here's an EXCERPT, link follows:

"May 22 (UPI) -- U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden Friday declared the United States a "partner" with the Lebanese army in defending that nation's sovereignty.
In a ceremony at Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Biden presented tons of military equipment..."
Excerpt above from:

Exactly who is it threatening Lebanon's national sovereignty to which Biden refers?
Surely not the US/NATO/FRANCE.
You can guess.

As I previously mentioned, the Arab/Persian Gulf is rapidly becoming a military and nuclear fortress, armed to the teeth.

And, of course, continuing, ongoing battles, violence, explosions, deaths, suicides, bombings, murder, assassinations surrounding northern Iraq, Kirkuk, Kurdistan, Turkey, KRG, Dana Gas, Nabucco, Baghdad's unresolved oil law, etc., etc.

And, the Dana Gas/Crescent Oil empire, octopus EXPANDS its tentacles and reach far and wide in Egypt to the DISPUTED KRG/Dana Gas/Nabucco/Europe deal.
Egypt, in turn, is attached to Israel.
Balkans, Baltics, Caucasus, Ukraine in play.
Then, there's Turkey.
Germany attached to Persia.
Competing and conflicting zones and spheres of influence.
Good old, CLASSIC, European imperialist contradictions, sprinkled in some utterly moronic, asinine US idiots into an already exploding, combustible recipe.

The US, of course, is the 800 pound military gorilla in the room.
Add to the mix, internal class contradictions.
NO energy deal reached between the EU and Russia just recently.

If you will notice on the map, with the exception of a small sliver of land in Syria, the entire Mediterranean is now controlled by a combo of US/NATO/UN forces. And, then, we move on to the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

While I can not enumerate ALL the pieces on a rapidly moving chessboard, another $91 Billion of United Suckers and Assholes taxpayer dollars voted BOTH for Iraq and Afghanistan.
I guess some of it went immediately with Biden to Lebanon.
Biden could easily have whispered in whomever's ear in Lebanon, "lots more of this stuff coming from United Assholes and Suckers!"
Congress knows something the rest of the idiots here do not.
"Peace in Our Time."
And then, as my 83,86 year old acquaintance said, overnight, Americans woke up and found themselves in the middle of WWII.

Surprise, surprise!
Oh, yes, and with the above, Obooma goes down.

By the way, another possible scenario I pondered regarding the Iraq/Persia regime change, mopping up, congruency game plan already unfolding.
Return to the tried and true method of surrogates.
US, Western and Arab governments fund Arab nationalists in Iraq against both the KRG Peshmerga and Persian militias.
A new, centralized Iraq, Baghdad government emerges.
This will not be difficult, since so much animosity, hatred and retribution exists already.
Simultaneous with, or, subsequent to it, the Persian government falls.
A coup in both places.
Israel may hasten the outcome.
Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood will be eliminated.
What else will happen?
Cannot answer, but, clearly, everyone is armed up to their eyeballs in the surrounding environment.
What will Russia do?
I say, nothing, unless it spills over into the Caucasus. This is NOT the Red Army anymore.
Russia is owned by its capitalist oligarchs.
With the one notable exception of Gazprom, they are partnered with, not against, NAZI Western capitalist interests.
Will there be a military revolt, destabilization and coup in ANY of these places?
So...stay tuned. More coming. Much more.
Oh, yes, congratulations to North Korea!
And, as well, to South Korea's ongoing, militant labor struggles, opposition and resistance.
And, finally, in case you missed it, I will repeat a video link I really enjoy from my previous post, below:

Sunday, May 24, 2009


We all know our present day for-profit, private medical insurance industry opposes expansion and creation of a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit, government health insurance system in United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Dictatorship. Obviously, with such a system, our private medical insurance industry would become obsolete, a dinosaur.

But, medical care, like food, shelter, energy is a NECESSITY.
One cannot opt out of health care, chose a "different brand," go someplace else, etc.
As a consequence, the private medical insurance industry is HIGHLY lucrative, highly profitable, BIG business with a guaranteed, trapped clientele.

But, who else is it that ENABLES, allows, collaborates, cooperates with our giant, gross, obscene for profit medical insurance industry, as in ALL else, so that United Suckers and Assholes NEVER achieves the desired goal, above, single-payer?

Well, our quintessential anti-Communist, FASCIST/NAZI led union leadership. Who else, of course?
Saboteurs ALL. High paid prostitutes par excellance!

IN ADDITION TO the ANDY STERN led SEIU, mafia, "Change To Win" gang, there is the following person, Karen Ignagni.

And here, folks, once again, I present and illustrate for you in 3 dimensional colors the REAL, underlying power relationship, not fictional narratives and nonsense that almost everybody peddles.

This is THE critical one NOBODY HERE AND ABROAD wishes to confront or acknowledge.
Everybody babbles away in glorious denial.

So, first, alittle GENERIC article about Ignagni:
Top lobbyist is health insurance industry's not-so-secret weapon":

And, then, an additional one, but, first an EXCERPT related to the pertinent information:

On the Hill, Ignagni had worked on health-care issues including Social Security and employee pension legislation. In 1982, she was recruited to work on similar issues for the AFL-CIO, the union umbrella organization that is still one of the most powerful voices for U.S. workers. They were looking for a health-policy expert, Ignagni said, and she became the director of the Department of Employee Benefits.
Ignagni spent 11 years at the AFL-CIO, “helping unions save their benefits,” she said.(5) In many cases, she did so by negotiating newly-popular managed care plans, such as HMOs and PPOs, which focus on reducing health-care costs...."

Above excerpt from:

You will have to excuse me at this point, I have to run and vomit. LOTS more to be said about the above subject, the AFL-CIA's continuous, inglorious HISTORIC role, Ignagni, etc.

But.....I will leave you with a 1982 video/song, instead, while I go puke:

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have a long weekend, here.
This upcoming Monday is a national holiday named Memorial Day, presumably, to commemorate and honor ALL soldiers and victims who were maimed, injured, disabled and/or died in military combat.
Any and all wars.
So, I thought I would do my patriotic part.

First, a retrospective.
A video of Iraqi Muntadar tossing shoes BOTH at Bush and Maliki, respective war criminals. Muntadar is the victim, combatant, soldier, patriot, resister in case you have not figured it out.
He is the one we are honoring this weekend/Monday.

By the way, lest you focus too much on Bush, you can substitute Obooma.
Same thing, just different packaging:

Add to the above commemoration of Memorial Day, more NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan voodoo like youdo, hocus pocus, sleight of hand, magic OBOOMANOMICS.

"To Cover Both Wars, Senate Passes $91.3 Billion Bill":

Here's a few irresistible EXCERPTS first, link following.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"....The spending bill, approved on an 86-3 vote Thursday night...
....The underlying war-funding measure has received relatively little attention, even though it would boost total approved spending for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars above $900 billion.

The Pentagon would receive $73 billion under the legislation, including $4.6 billion to train and equip Afghan and Iraqi security forces; $400 million to train and equip Pakistan's security forces; and $21.9 billion to procure new mine-resistant vehicles, aircraft, weapons and ammunition, among other items....
....The Senate measure... included authorization for a $100 billion line of credit to help the International Monetary Fund extend lending to poor countries hit especially hard by the current economic crisis.
On Friday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner welcomed the IMF approval.
Geithner said it would demonstrate the United States' interest in making sure the IMF "has adequate resources to prevent the spread of the global economic crisis and leverage support and contributions from other nations."

Above excerpt/quote from:

Just for the record, I need to find out who the 3 Senators were who did NOT vote for the bill above.

And, finally, I thought I would end with another video of Muntadar shoe throwing incident.

Actually, I was hoping to find a video sequencing that included Persia/NAZI Iran/Iraq's National Security Advisor, Al-Rubaie in the picture. I cannot locate him for sure. I have looked at quite a few videos available on youtube. But, without a full tape of the event, blowups and slow motion, it is impossible for me to identify him for sure. Too many people, too much action. At first, I thought Al-Rubaie appeared very briefly, in cameo, on the left hand side during the action. Then, I saw some STILL photos of another moment at the beginning where he SEEMED to be standing on the right hand side, in the background, near the door, but, disappeared from view when I ran the video. I simply cannot be sure.'s OUR war hero for this weekend:

Friday, May 22, 2009


Things are never how they first appear in Alice in Wonderland's Through the Looking Glass Darkly NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Disneyland Dictatorship.

People everywhere, least of all, here, should know that by now.

So, our most recent orchestrated Obooma-Cheney torture dispute, spat, distraction has nothing whatsoever to do with showing great American military boys and girls doing nasty, obscene, disgusting things. One should know that will NEVER happen. There is/will be NO truth commissions until and unless the entire Establishment teeter-totters on the verge of collapse.

The Obooma-Cheney torture spat, instead, surrounds the same issues and power struggles represented throughout my blogs and by Israel Bank Hapoalim's most recent, internal conflict.

But, of course, in Alice in Wonderland's United Suckers and Assholes world issues are never presented directly, either through their corporate, Establishment media OR their fake, ersatz Left/Opposition creations. Flip sides of the same coin.

The following EXCERPT and article is written by a name very well known to all politically astute and savvy people, here, a NAZI, IRAN-CONTRA principal, former National Security Council member, anti-Communist, anti-Sovieteer, etc. Tried and true, red, white and blue. Michael Ledeen. So, why use Ledeen, master of disinformation, propaganda, sleaze, etc? Precisely because of WHO he is and represents, above. Thus, the following quote from Ledeen, link follows:

"...Many of the most important prisoners at Guantanamo received assistance from Iran. Why should that information not be made public? We have interrogated numerous Iranian military and intelligence officers in Iraq, and most likely in Afghanistan. Why does Cheney not tell us something about it?
One understands that Obama has a political reason for not addressing it: a clear picture of Iran’s assault against the West would make it impossible to put all our chips on an agreement concerning the Iranian atomic project. It would make Obama’s efforts to embrace the Islamic Republic look silly..."

Above EXCERPT from:

Yes, indeed, Persia/NAZI Iran and United Suckers and Assholes WERE partnered. Present day Russia continues to partner with Persia/NAZI Iran, for their own commercial, geopolitical, strategic, military benefit, of course. And, NAZI Germany with Persia/NAZI Iran.
And so on.
But, then, Osama bin Forgotten and Taliban also partnered with United Suckers and Assholes in Afghanistan against Soviet Russia.
Partners kill partners.
They get in each others way and they are no longer useful. They become competitors, liabilities, obstructions, as is happening now in Kurdistan, Iraq, regionally.
Remember, Iraq's so-called National Security Council and Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, featured former speaker at the prestigious US think tank, CSIS, AND responsible for Muntadar's, AMONGST MANY OTHERS, torture?
Al-Rubaie and Iraq's NSC are no longer necessary. Disbanded, liquidated. Kaput.
Anyway, if you do not believe me, ask the opinion of the mafia. Consult with them.
They are experts on such matters.
United Suckers and Assholes NAZI government is merely a criminal establishment, another mafia on steroids, much larger, grander and bigger in size and scope.
Just scale up the mob/mafia represented by the height of a nearby hill to United Suckers and Assholes NAZI government represented by the Swiss Alps or Himalayas.
That is a roughly proportionate guess, estimate, I would say.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The above heading concerns attacks on Ireland's public education system from the Indymedia Ireland website.

Here's the Indymedia Ireland report and link regarding continued, massive Irish protests, organization, strikes, demonstrations, action:

The reason I mention it.

Contrast and compare the above with the following convoluted, internecine, byzantine response from United Suckers and Assholes Fascist led, corrupt, mafia led labor unions to OUR ongoing attacks on and dismantling of public education.
If you can not follow the byzantine maze, labyrinth of Fascist union leadership sellouts, collaboration, cooptation, just note the photo below with the caption underneath it:

And, then, likewise, for United Suckers and Assholes health care system:

Where are our unions regarding health care?
If you need an answer to this question, you are really stupid.

None of the above even remotely resembles events and responses elsewhere, FOR EXAMPLE, Greece, below, or Ireland, above, or a million other places globally but NOT United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Disneyland, Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly Dictatorship.
So, for ONGOING events in Greece:

And, while speaking of NAZIS and Fascists, at the same website, above:

Anybody stupid, idiotic and dumb enough to expect ANYTHING good coming out of United Suckers and Assholes despicable, deplorable NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Disneyland Dictatorship in the form of Opposition and Resistance as long as the above power relationship exists is an asinine fool and idiot.
Until the above power relationship, bonds and chains are broken, challenged, confronted, NOTHING will happen, NOTHING will change for the better.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have an 83 or 86 year old acquaintance who served in WWII and is a savvy guy. Call him A.
Despite age, A's marbles are ALL intact, indeed, much more so than most people alot younger.
Except, A is unfamiliar with the Internet and computer.
So, occasionally, I narrate to A the information I am following on the Internet.
And, then, A always reminds me that PRIOR to WWII the ubiquitous establishment "they" kept repeating the mantra,
"Peace in Our Time," despite all events happening abroad.
A major disinformation, PR campaign, as was also the Normandy Invasion Deception during WWII.
Reminds him of then, say both he and I.

I know the Big Bang explosion, conflagration in the Middle East will NOT, as the expression goes, be advertised beforehand.
Nor will it be driven by Israel ALONE despite the hyperbole and garbage put out by the Israel/Jewish conspiracy/Lobby folks.

Israel acts in its own interests, of course, but, ALWAYS for others, as well.
The dog wags the tail. Not the other way around.
And, Israel, like the GCC, UAE states are not really major countries in this region.
They both serve ulterior purposes and other functions, for which they both exist.
Zionist Israel, of course, is a US/Western created military projection and Arab/Communist buffer state, whereas the UAE, GCC states have US/Western/NATO protection and function as the economic Switzerland of the Middle East.
So, I am searching for possible triggers.
I will return to this, below.

But, first, a succinct, irresistible little side note about:
"How America influenced the big election victory for the Congress Party in India – Is Indian democracy a slave under the influence of CIA?":

Same thing as here.
Just different social and cultural milieu.

And, now, returning to the forthcoming Middle East explosion and trigger.

I thought the following encapsulates quite nicely the "peaceful" state of affairs in all quite on the Iraqi front:
"Gunmen open fire on Japanese ambassador on visit to Iraq’s Anbar":

But, first, a brief EXCERPT, link follows:

"...Meantime, U.S. occupation troops opened fire on an Iraqi car, injuring a senior Iraqi doctor and professor at the al-Qadissiya University’s Medical College....
...On the other had, the police said they found a headless man dumped close to a road in the violent city of Mosul...
....In the restive city of Baaquba, the police say they have found two unidentified corpses on the highway to Baghdad...
....In the northern town of Baiji, three Iraqis were killed by a car-bomb explosion..."

ABOVE FROM...\2009-05-18\kurd.htm

Now, the following report is very significant in terms of my Big Bang theory, trajectory.

It relates back to Israel Bank Hapoalim's ongoing internal power struggle which I have followed in my many previous blogs. And, guess who or which person/s won and what it means?

"Arison Set to Dump Dankner":

In case you cannot recall my previous post, here it is.
Note particularly, especially, the paragraphs below dealing with Swiss based, European giant energy trader, EGL/Persia/Germany/Credit Suisse/Dankner overlapping partnerships:

I have been searching my mind for possible "triggers, pretexts, scenarios" for the Middle East Big Bang confrontation, explosion, regime change, mopping up, congruency scenarios, Grand Bargain.

I noticed, for example, simultaneous to Netanyahu's photo ops with the know nothing, empty headed, vapid, ZERO Obooma, the IDF fired rockets at Gaza.
Very same time.

So, I thought, that could be a great way to stage a provocation and subsequent military escalation.
That's one possible scenario with surrogates on both sides of the coin/equation.
A distinctly plausible candidate for a "trigger."
This is highly speculative on my part, of course.
I recognize quite clearly that such events are surprise, well kept secrets, thought out and planned way ahead of time. It is difficult, almost impossible, to second guess HOW it will be accomplished.
I am not privy to classified military information.
But, nonetheless, I and others can SPECULATE about various possible scenarios.

Meanwhile, a quick response to someone else about another matter.

I have also noted events in Yemen. Actually, in Oman, as well. Oman is being enthusiastically integrated into the MENA privatizing bubble. I have read many articles about Oman and Yemen. But, I don't mention them because obviously I cannot singlehandedly cover the globe.

And, a quick note for those ALREADY who understand the following name and its significance. The Hunts are heavily invested in Yemen. That will tell you alot, if you are familiar with their name and background.

Here are two brief links about Hunt Oil and Yemen FOR STARTERS, if anyone is interested in pursuing the subject further. Hunt Oil, the Hunt family role, goes back to the Kennedy Assassination. The Hunts are an insidious lot. Like I said, cursory links below:


Monday, May 18, 2009


The race is on and out in the open, except, of course, for hopelessly moronic, stupid, idiotic, propagandized, brainwashed United Suckers and Assholes who know nothing but what is spoon fed them BOTH by their corporate media, their corporate, CIA, State Dept, Foundation sponsored, "alternative," ersatz, disinformation, MANUFACTURED Left/Opposition and anti-Communist labor cohorts.

(A little editorial aside on the above note.
I knew Venezuela's Chavez was finished, compromised when he first began waving around dis-information specialist and "Evil Empire" Chomsky's book at the UN.
The beginning of the end for Chavez.
At the time, I warned/said Chavez needs to immediately DUMP/FIRE his advisers, whomever they are/were.)

So, following the subject matter of my many previous blogs BELOW.
The above heading, "Baghdad Rejects KRG Gas Deal" from:

Then, slightly more details BUT with SANITIZED categories accompanying them:

The Iraqi Oil Ministry Clarifies Its Position on Oil Exports from Kurdistan and the DNO Deal

In contrast, some UNsanitized categories:

And, I think it a good idea to link from now until forever as a reminder the real meaning, consequences and results of NAZI/Fascist collaboration and apologetics:

The above video from my blog of:

So, BOMBS AHOY, OR, BOMBS AWAY as Imperialist NAZI Axis, Allies, contradictions, line up against one another.
Schadenfreude! Mazeltov!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A popular tune, song existed previously during the Vietnam War years with a refrain, lyrics, sentences, as follows:

"WHAT are we fighting for...I don't give a damn...I'm going to Vietnam..."
So, I paraphrase the above.

"WHO are we fighting for..."
...ANSWER (refrain, chorus)...

"MOL and OMV join Dana Gas and Crescent in Kurdistan Region of Iraq," which includes Nabucco:

And, for GLOBAL suckers and assholes who still do not get it, bluntly stated:

"The MENA Region: The Hub of World Hope."

I guess this is why the Catholic NAZI Pope recently visited the Middle East; to inaugurate his latest Saint, Our Lady of Perpetual Hope, Change and Perpetual War and Hopelessness:

And, lastly, for those so blessed with double, triple, quadruple linguistic skills, Arabic video and English subheadings with more videos on a theme on the left hand sidebar:

"Head of World Economic Forum talks about the forum attendance - 17May09 (3:43) Head of World Economic Forum in the Middle East Serif El Diwany says that over 500 firms' chairmen attended the forum this year...":

And, then, as you may recall, I have warned, advised, repeated, ad nauseum, EVERYBODY collaborating with Persia's NAZI Ahmadimoron WILL GO DOWN together with him/them as part of an inevitable, regional Middle East economic integration, privatization, mopping up, congruency, regime change scenario.

So, a reminder WHY and WHO else we are and continue to fight for or against, depending on circumstances, and their many collaborators and apologists who have perpetuated and helped bring this moment to its present crisis. Enjoy what you have wrought:

And, lastly, a note of homage and recognition to a small nation on the opposite side of the globe that CONTINUES their most valiant struggle and fight against NAZI imperialism and occupation:

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The above quote comes from an article below which says nothing new nor anything I and others do not know, already, but, I picked it because I enjoyed the above sentence.

Indeed, to be more precise, the entire country is in the NAZI sewer, gutter, toilet and gone, gone, gone down the drain. Flushed away into the historical abyss.

Not just this country, of course.
NAZI United Suckers and Assholes is hardly alone.

But, United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship citizens take the cake in collective stupidity, passivity, acquiescence, collusion, corruption, class collaboration, opportunism, narrow self-interest and ignorance.

Oh, yes, and the AUDACITY of Hope.
Keep hope alive!
It's about the only thing they keep alive.
In that contest, I think United Suckers and Assholes take the distinguished global record.
Doormat nation number One:

Not much more to say from my above/below editorial remarks.

From the current World Economic Middle East Forum being held in Jordan to the GCC, UAE, Dubai, Middle East coordinated, privatizing, speculative bubble to imperialist contradictions reflected within.

Events follow and flow from the trajectories I have followed on this blog all along.
Just keep your eye on the rolling ball and same information I do. And, enjoy.

While GM and their unions, and others, are artificially bankrupted in United Suckers and Asshole Nation, GM in the Middle East does just fine.

Part of an orchestrated crash and circular money-go-round, speculative Middle East privatizing bubble which, in turn, United Suckers and Assholes themselves finance, their own self-destruct and demise, through ASTRONOMICAL, humongous, obscene, UNPAYABLE debt, tax GIFTS and giveaways to private finance and corporate capital, military budget, wars, deaths, mutilations, barbarity, and so on.

Nobody beats United Suckers and Assholes stupidity.

As Europe wide protests and demonstrations happened the other day, United Suckers and Assholes unions TYPICALLY remain in quintessential, Byzantine disarray.

But, of course, ALL unions are and have been attached to the AUDACITY of NAZI Hope Democratic Party.

Following is just alittle SAMPLE of what I mean.
There are volumes more similar developments to report running a gamut on the theme from city to city, state to state, etc.
I can't possibly itemize or digest it all.
This will suffice merely as one SAMPLE:

So, I simply sit back and observe the Titanic Ship of State sinking as patrons run around it frantically screaming like chickens without heads.

And, of course, upcoming Big Bang surprises coming elsewhere of which they have absolutely NO idea.

United Suckers and Assholes citizens work hard to be so stupid, blindsighted and gullible.
Their pension funds are STILL invested in all major NAZI private corporations.

So, let's see HOW they get themselves out of this hole into which they have dug themselves.
Perhaps, maybe, riots?
Something militant--a break with their totally corrupt leadership, party, etc.?

I do not know, nor do I care.
They made their bed.
They can figure out themselves what to do to get out of it.
If not, c'est la vie.
It will not be the first historical time a nation, people or species goes extinct.

Til then...nothing much more to report from Alice in Wonderland's Through the Looking Glass Darkly Insecure Homeland NAZI Dictatorship.

Same old same old.
I will end with a reminder.
Reality, not useless rhetoric or propaganda.
From a previous post:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am showing the following video, below, BECAUSE it is abundantly clear to me over time that many websites, blogs, organizations, individuals, journalists purporting to represent themselves as "Opposition, Left," critical of imperialism and United Suckers and Assholes NAZI policies, CONSISTENTLY, PERSISTENTLY, CHRONICALLY fail to mention the opposite, or, both sides of the equation demonstrated by the following video.

As such, they are ALL EQUALLY, IF NOT MORE, GUILTY, just like NAZI ersatz Obooma and friends, and operate as SHILLS, apologists, collaborators with Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Hamid Jafar and their international NAZI Axis, Allies and profiteers.

And, this is why Persia/NAZI Iran's role IN Iraq is top secret, unmentionable, denied by ALL above, including Russia's latest NAZI apologist, collaborator, carpetbagger and scumbag, Putin.
So, the video:

And, then, an article:

Anyone reading my blogs for awhile knows I neither simplify nor ignore the underlying economic and financial causes, hypocrisy and imperialist contradictions that MOTIVATE and underlay the NAZI vitriol above, including, once again, historically, alas, the Jewish scapegoat. I am not saying Israel/Zionism, but, Judaism.

And, for those unfamiliar with my blog or as a quick reminder, I will link to one out of many possible previous EXAMPLES of the cynical, manipulative hypocrisy and contradictions represented above:


IT IS DANGEROUS AND CONTAGIOUS, as the victims in Iraq have TRIED to tell the world, which persists ignoring and denying them--FOR THE REASONS ABOVE.

This is a BARBARIC, NAZI, ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-SOVIET agenda. Counter-revolutionary private interests and their collaborators promote this resurgent hate propaganda, junk, garbage, policies of RACIAL, ETHNIC, RELIGIOUS CLEANSING, STEREOTYPING for their own economic purposes, profit and gain, of course.

And, thus, these imperialist contradictions and real, "existential" threats are tied in with the battle at Israel's Bank Hapoalim I have been following:

Lastly, a reminder from Greece about the contagion, virus of a resurgent NAZI beast:

There is NO compromise with Fascism/Nazism. No condition exists being "alittle bit" pregnant nor "alittle bit" Fascist. Just alittle bit bubonic plague.

Stalin was correct!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I said in my previous post, below, United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship Democrat Leader Pelosi sojourned to Iraq, arm twisted and/or threatened, blackmailed, bribed, cajoled Baghdad, and something was put out for public consumption regarding Kurdish/Iraq oil. is not worth the paper on which it has been reported.
So, the above/below heading reported on MULTIPLE sources other than just the one following:

And, a few other, related, miscellaneous news items.

Apparently, some Persian shells lobbed onto Turkish territory as Persian, Turkish, American bombing campaign intensifies and escalates against the PKK.

But, then, what's a few bombs more or less between friends.

Maybe the Persian bombers will inadvertently wander over here, as well, and call it an error.

Of course, living here, one knows nothing about any of the above.

Everything on the mass and so-called alternative media concerns Afghanistan, Pakistan, sometimes Israel.

Iraq is a virtual news blackout.

Occasionally, an item is mentioned about Iraq, like Pelosi's visit, or a disturbed soldier, amongst thousands, going amok.
Otherwise, things are just swimmingly fine in Iraq.
All quiet, or, quietus, to borrow a phrase from someone else, on the Iraqi front, especially if you live in Alice in Wonderland's Through the Looking Glass Darkly country.

However, I do have a seemingly trivial and miscellaneous news item to report from United Suckers and Assholes Insecure Homeland.

Within the past week, more or less, I noticed Fox News (everybody knows them) busy featuring "investigative journalism" into just who or what is connected to the bogus "community" group ACORN and SEIU which stuffed ballots and helped get Obooma elected.
"Insiders" are squealing, revealing information, testifying concerning questionable and secretive ACORN funding, corruption, sleaze policies, money trails, names, front addresses, etc.

Now, everybody will simply say,
"Oh, that's merely partisan politics. And, a diversion."
But, the information is also true.
And, everybody knew it all beforehand.
Currently indicted and awaiting trial former Illinois Governor Blagoyevich included.

Why the exposes BEGINNING on Fox?

Two possibilities exist.
It could be, indeed, merely for partisan purposes and diversion, entertainment, mudslinging.

Or, it could signal an orchestrated beginning to an end for Obooma--getting ready to take him down with scandal, exposes, etc.

I am 100% sure Obooma is/was NOT intended to last a second term.
But, he may not last this entire term, either.
He was particularly selected, anointed and coronated for a special PR purpose. Front Man.
He is NOT performing his role well.
Their/his brand name, product is sinking, flunking and failing rapidly, globally and domestically.

And, finally, to end this brief post.

The following poignant Iraqi voice and video sums it up and should be widely disseminated, I believe:

Monday, May 11, 2009


About Persia, so named Aryan Iran by Nazi Germany, and current German and European economic ties.

For the totally stupid, ignorant, moronic assholes running around yelling blindly about Israel and Gaza, opposing an AS YET non-existent Iranian bombing, while simultaneously ignoring NAZI Persian/Iranian policies, their role and occupation in Iraq and the Middle East, a few brief reminders WHOSE/WHICH hypocritical interests you naively serve and who pays the bills for your gullible protests, activities, actions.

So, below are SOME persistent Nazi German and Persian/Iranian economic ties, in addition to those I had in my many previous blogs regarding Israel Bank Hapoalim's power struggle (I will link to that, once again, below), and, of course, the GCC/UAE Nazi/Swiss speculative role, privatization bubble, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, etc.

This is called imperialist contradictions and rivalries 101 for total and complete assholes.

AND, this is why a Big Bang is forthcoming.

As an integral part of this story, of course, continued regional turmoil and economic infighting within/between Iraq/Persia/Turkey/KRG as well as military escalation, intervention, bombings, assassinations, etc.

It was reported United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Democratic Leader Pelosi made a visit to Iraq and apparently arm twisted Iraq/Persia's Baghdad Oil Minister to let some oil flow from Kurdistan to Turkey, BUT, the funds presumably go through Baghdad's so-called central government.
Specifics are NOT CLEAR, forthcoming or abundant.

I consider ANY announcements at this point worthless propaganda and agreements made to be broken, not worth the paper on which they are written.

So, now for the subject matter at hand, just a FEW samples of NAZI German and Persian links:

"German energy firms eye planned Persian Pipeline project: Nozari":


"Economic ties between Germany and Iran persist":


"German firms interested in expanding trade with Iran":

And, here is my previous blog entry referring backwards to Israel Bank Hapoalim's ongoing saga and their relation to the above:

As I said below, I eagerly await and look forward to the upcoming, imperialist, Middle East/Caucasus Big Bang implosion.

Until then, I will enjoy fiddle playing while watching Rome burn.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


This post continues my many previous entries, too many to count anymore.
If you are unfamiliar with the material, I can do nothing about it.
Simply scroll down my previous postings and read.

Anyway, let me be clear, as I hope, believe, think, I have been continuously.
I have absolutely NO problems with everybody below blowing up each other, since everybody below has participated in bringing these events to their boiling point.
Especially ALL NAZI colluders, collaborators, enablers, apologists, participants both HERE and abroad.

But, primarily, here, like the "Change to Win," SEIU, Andy Stern ersatz mafia led labor union, the ersatz Left/Liberal Obooma Frankenstein crowd, AFL-CIO (CIA) and their previous, covert East European operations and especially Polish Solidarity, etc.

I think it poetic justice, to say the least, that NAZISM and Fascism will implode and be brought down by the many Frankenstein monsters they helped to create in the first place to defeat Communism, such as those above and Nazi/Fascist Islamism, our current "House Nigger/Slave Boy" Frankenstein monster, Obooma, etc.
Don't you think it quintessential irony and historic, poetic justice?


Let EVERYONE suffer the consequences of what they have brought UPON THEMSELVES AND INFLICTED UPON OTHERS, take responsibility for one's ACTIONS AND INACTIONS.
None of this would be possible without YOU/THEIR ASSISTANCE!!
You/they are the grease that helps fuel this engine.

So, in addition to all I have had on my previous blogs, from the continuing Israel Bank Hapoalim power struggle,
(see my previous posting: )

more good examples below of what is clearly disinformation, the reasons behind it and the upcoming Big Bang, military confrontation and conflagration.

Like I said, I enjoy the fact that just about everybody in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship lives in total and complete darkness and ignorance, fucked over and by their entire NAZI government Dictatorship, who snub their noses in contempt at the peons, wage slaves, so clearly demonstrated at our recent Health Care Congressional meeting and Single Payer confrontation.

So, here's a nice one.
MY emphasis in BOLD.
Link and more info following the excerpt:

"...The Minister of Natural Resources in Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government, Ashti Hawrami, announced Friday that the Kurds will start exporting crude oil, produced in two oil fields in their region, on June 1 via the Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline.
But later it was found out that the annoucement was only a lie..."

Then, we have the geostrategic developments behind the Nabucco pipeline project, intended, of course, to bypass Russia:

And, here's a gratuitous piece of news and information about historically pedigree NAZI Deutsche Bank, partnered globally with NAZI Citigroup/Morgan, etc., in the Mid East and elsewhere.

EXCERPT BELOW, link follows:

"NEW YORK (AP) -- Deutsche Bank said Wednesday it appointed former U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel to its Americas advisory board....

...The 16-member board advises and consults with Deutsche Bank executives and clients on a wide range of strategic and market issues, including business development and growth as well as economic, industry, political and social trends....

...George J. Mitchell, the former Democratic Senate Majority Leader, stepped down from the board earlier this year after being appointed special envoy to the Middle East by President Barack Obama..."

Finally, in contrast to all the many negatives above, I will link to a Mayday slide presentation from Pakistan:

And, finally, in case you missed it from my previous blog, a repeat. A short Mayday video from Turkey.

I watch this video from time to time again because it is a reminder of what healthy opposition and resistance SHOULD look like as compared to the total and complete obscenity, obsequious degradation, banality, depravity, apathy, servility, impotence of a society in pathological, dysfunctional denial, collusion and collaboration with NAZISM and Fascism:

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The following article concerns a potential "Iran Attack."

It does NOT explain the issues, reasons, causes in terms of imperialist rivalries, class politics, internal and external economic and regional contradictions, mopping up, regime change, congruency, Middle East privatization, Nabucco, Gazprom, Russian hegemony, and so on, nonetheless, it reaches a conclusion similar to mine despite its propagandist jargon and faulty logic.

The article reaffirms, or, states military principles and tactics understood by just about anyone and everyone with half a brain and some notion of military strategy and history, whether or not one agrees with their underlying premises.

Tactical, strategic military principle number one.
SMART nations/countries/armies do NOT attack, as they say below, UNTIL ALL ONE'S DUCKS ARE IN LINE.
They do NOT announce and broadcast their intentions ahead of time.

And, it is my contention, in agreement with below, ducks ARE being lined up, as I have said on this blog repeatedly.

Second, the element of deception, diversion and surprise.
It is very conspicuous to me that ALL current media attention focuses away from the continued, escalating, upwards spiral of Middle East/Caucasus violence, military tension, bombings, assassinations, confrontation and instead deflects ONLY onto Pakistan/Afghanistan.

In addition, as it is said below, military attacks occur after other avenues are utilized when they do not produce the desired results.
That threshold is fast approaching.

I have contended the contradictions mentioned above/below are simply too many, too numerous, too intractable and too insurmountable, now.
They will and can not be solved by diplomacy and covert operations.
Thus my explanation for an inevitable, upcoming, military conflagration.

And, lastly, I have long contended Obooma is a throwaway, dispensable, disposable candidate. They created the Obooma Frankenstein monster.
They can just as easily deconstruct him/it.

"Why attacking Iran may be morally and militarily necessary":

And, to conclude with some exemplary video from the heartland of the fundamentally insecure homeland of NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma and United Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship.

The following gives different context to the expression, "Contempt of Congress."

All videos below are related to the subject of "universal, single payer, government sponsored, not-for-profit health care insurance."
They were generated from the same, recent Congressional hearing on health care reform.
I chose 3 videos, but, MANY more available on the right hand sidebar below.

The laughing, snickering, giggling, chuckling hyenas, jackals, jackasses, nauseating animals below represent CONTEMPT OF AND BY CONGRESS FOR ALL OF HUMANITY.
This best exemplifies who and what they are.
So, first:

Then I selected one I especially enjoyed from the right hand sidebar.

In case the name shouted at Congress in the video is inaudible to you, it is/was "Blagoyevich," in reference to recently impeached Illinois Democratic mafia Governor:

Lastly, here's an edited version of the above, historically expanded slightly:

NOTE importantly.
Testifying ALONG, NOT against, other corporate sleazebags is NAZI Obooma ersatz labor mafia collaborator, Andy Stern, SEIU, "Change to Win" and one of the main reasons WHY NO CHANGE happens!

Finally, saving me attempts to conjure up more banal expletives and descriptions, I will simply say DITTO to the customary, eloquent editorial expression and commentary following below.
I really, truly cannot say it better.
My sentiments exactly: