Saturday, May 31, 2008


DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held their almost day long hearing in Washington today about how and if to seat the contested Florida and Michigan Presidential primary delegates. Without bothering about the first 5 or 6 hours of speeches, rules, etc, it was in the last hour and a half, approximately, when votes were finally being taken, that I watched the drama of the Democratic Party destroying itself. It was carried live on C-Span. For those of you familiar with alittle bit of American history, I could not miss the symbolic significance of this drama unfolding before my eyes with two very historical names on opposite sides of the vote, Roosevelt's grandson versus Harold Ickes son. For those completely unfamiliar with the name Harold Ickes, suffice it to say, he was amongst the VERY, most Left/Liberal, populist, anti-corporate wings in American history and in the 1930's Roosevelt Administration. Harold Ickes (son) was eloquent. The room was filled with passionate partisans, screams, shouts, chants, boos, etc. There was an overflow room, and, possibly, more outside. I watched the Democratic National Committee implode and capitulate to the Republican Obama mafia agenda. The vote regarding Florida was close. It fell 3 short of a tie to seat the Florida delegation with full voting rights. It is rare to observe, first hand, in full public view, this kind of acquiescence and then the ridiculous rationalizations for it, which received screams and shouts. Generally, these "deals" are made behind closed doors, in secret. But, as I've said in previous blogs, the Obama mafia has accomplished its job. The Democrats are finished. However, Hillary has NOT admitted defeat, yet, despite the capitulation and the "fix," above. She is taking the fight to the next step and asking the Democratic Credentials Committee, which meets in late June, June 29, I believe, to review this vote. Given the level of passion involved, at this point, I fully expect the Democratic National Convention in August to be a totally fractious one. No matter which way they slice the cake, at this point, the Democrats are finished. NOW, I will repeat, to everyone reading this blog who lives in the US--tell others. This is a rare opportunity. A strategic moment in history. Do NOT miss this one. If Hillary's people, if not she, and others from the Democratic Party who feel completely disgusted by this last straw that takes the cake in a long laundry list, BOLT the Democratic Party, LEAD and join/invite others to form an independent, third Party, join with Nader, for example, with Cynthia McKinney, who was driven out of the Democratic Party by the same tactics utilized in the Obama campaign, they have an opportunity AT THIS MOMENT to change the course of history, to create a UNITED FRONT, a popular coalition and program, a real progressive opposition. It's highly unlikely, as I said, previously, that Hillary, herself, would do such a thing, but, not out of the question. Not completely out of the realm of the possible. And, certainly, not out of the realm of the possible for everyone else behind her and disgruntled by the constant, chronic, spineless, gutless Democratic capitulation. I'm well aware this is not the Bolshevik Party about which I speak. This is the US and one must begin from the possible realities of the miserable state in which we live. But, a popular, UNITED FRONT can be formed on a more progressive platform, a place from which to begin such a major, practical coalition, including unions. This is what must happen and can happen. Don't blow it, this time around. Anyone wishing to watch the events of the last hour and a half, approximately, to which I was referring, above, around the voting and Harold Ickes speech, they can go to and look for the event under their program listings. For those with TV C-Span access, it will probably be repeated numerous times over the next few days. Again, the voting occurs AFTER the "break" and in the last hour and a half, approximately.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Personally, I would like to thank Layla for some excellent reporting and informative posts, and, I'm sure, I speak in behalf of others.
The following one is such a Layla-palooza, ( if that is the correct spelling for the colloquial term), that I thought it necessary to feature it at the outset of my own entry.
It sets the tone for all else that follows.

As the expression goes, one picture is worth a thousand words, or, in this case, a few pictures worth many, many thousands of fake Left opposition double and triple speak:

The Big Lie, of course, is well represented above and continues to be the Bush-Cheney-Rumseld-Iran collaboration and their totally Fascist, pseudo-Islamic, barbaric, Nazi like militias, death squads, sectarian purges, etc.

But, still, there is unwanted "blowback," repercussions, collateral damage from this insanely, wildly reactionary, Fascist alliance.
It created new, regional conflicts, alliances, threats, problems, contradictions and a backlash which needs resolution now, hence, the "mopping up" campaign about which I previously wrote, which has already begun with Sadr's disappearing militia act and Hezbollah's fake "win," really capitulation, in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

State military and economic power must be solidified, concentrated, rationalized under some sort of centralized "state" control and authority and competing, conflicting, independently controlled militias, like Barbarian hordes, cannot be allowed to roam around the greater middle east region.
This is a recipe for disaster.

In our US Presidential race, contrary, as usual, to corporate and fake Left opposition statements, the candidate who MOST reflects continuation of the above Bush policy vis-a-vis collaboration and marriage with Iran's clerical fascist regime is Obama.

But, IF Obama is a straw candidate, destined to lose, military man McCain can win.
It's decided who and which policy is going to win, then, they set about a strategy to make it happen and look like its the result of a democratic process.
Not the other way around.
The outcome predetermined.

So, both current and future, official, US policies are and will NOT be a continuation of Bush policy vis-a-vis Iran's present clerical regime and militias.
Iran's mullahs and militias will NOT have carte blanche, like they did previously with Bush.
They will be contained, curtailed, mitigated, i.e, damage control.

For anyone who thinks the present millionaire Iranian mullah club, and/or their militias represent a challenge in this process to the US military or hegemony in this matter, they are as sadly mistaken as those who do and did not understand the previous Bush policies.
Iran's mullahs will acquiesce, cooperate, reach congruency, power share, relinquish power, as the case may be, or they will cease to exist, simply put.

Over $4 TRILLION dollars, a very conservative estimate, of investment money and real assets is sloshing around the GCC, Saudi Arabia, the greater "Middle East," waiting to park itself, invest and "transform" the region into a zone of economic integration and privatization, including within Iran, from Iran's Morgan Stanley Persia Fund to Iran's newly minted private banks.
A few, minor, Iranian millionaire mullahs and their militias will NOT be allowed to hinder this process.
They are as a flea to an elephant.
So, they will either transform, collaborate, cooperate, get with the new program, which is what Sadr did, first, and, now, Hezbollah in Lebanon, or, they will be obliterated.
Pure and simple.

For an example of what I'm suggesting, the following article, "Arab Leagues Seeks Lebanon Style Solution to Iraq":

Meanwhile, a real resistance, as opposed to the fake one, above, continues elsewhere.
In Turkey, for example, another contested privatization around their major petrochemical corporation, Petkim.
In the first article, Citigroup's Akbank, of course, is mentioned in the financing of Petkim's privatization:

And, back in the courageous Pakistan struggle, comes a battle around the privatization of a major textile mill, whose heavy machinery, as the article mentions, was originally a "gift" from the Soviet Union:

Such "gifts" speaks volumes.
It's global loss is understatement and tragedy multiplied many, many thousands of times over, including Iraq.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


First, a little anecdotal note.

When I come to the internet, I always hope for alittle uplifting, positive, inspirational news, a few crumbs, to counteract the complete, total and utter moral morass, decay, and degradation that the US and its atavistic, primitive, counter-revolutionary, barbaric, pre-historic, privatized hordes represent at home and abroad.
I'm glad to say, there is some of that in the following.
So...moving on...

The Georgia-Abkhazia-Russia-NATO conflict, upon which I've commented in previous blogs, fast accelerates with latest contested election results in Georgia, protests and accusations flying back and forth, confrontation, provocation, threats, etc.

BUT, added to the above, a possible new dimension, an independent and contradictory tussle between Western/NATO and Turkey/Russia interests over Georgia-Russia-Turkish-US policy,
"Dancing the Fast Caucasian Dance":

This is explosive.

Turkey's opposition being amongst the most principled and militant I can find.
Apparently, from my point of view, expected behaviour, Turkey's governing AKP has tapped its opposition:

The ongoing battles in Turkey, from questionable Nabucco involvement to privatization to Iraq to Kurdistan to the above, are much too numerous for me to highlight.
But, they can be easily followed from multiple English language sources. As I've said many, many times, Turkey is unique and has the capacity to completely overturn the economic applecart and best laid plans of counter revolutionary, reactionary mice and men.
And, that's just what is happening.
And, of course, that's why America's fake Left can't find it.

Further contradictions between Turkish, US and Kurdish expansionist plans represented by the following,
"US Upgrades Ties with Iraqi Kurds, Albeit Invisibly":

Reports elsewhere talk of "stormy events" above.

The predictable international consequence to the audaciousness of Turkey's independent actions, "Cost of [AKP] Closure Case, $25 Billion in Foreign Investment":

My answer to the preceding.
Fuck the foreign investors!

The situation around the AKP has many, many ramifications.
One, amongst the many, for example, Turkey's "Islamic" AKP in alignment with Iran.

And, in line with the good news from Turkey, above, now, from Russia, as well, another wonderful development and report from the indefatigable John Helmer regarding Putin, oil and further nationalizations,
(by the way, aluminum king Oleg Deripaska, mentioned in the following article, one and the same named at the website)
"Oil Trade Leaves No Stain on Putin":

Back in another Arab land, Egypt, in response to previous demonstrations, the previous "State of Emergency Extended by Two Years":

And, "Clashes Erupt as PA (Peoples Assembly) Approves Emergency Law:

While America's roving, unofficial Ambassador, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal listed amongst the world's top 100 most influential persons by Times magazine:

And, now that Lebanon's Doha deal has been reached, three events. Merrill Lynch upgraded Lebanon's foreign debt status rating.

Foreign direct investment to flow in. BUT, here's the kicker. I couldn't help laughing aloud at this. I'm still chuckling. It made my day. Guess who was picked to head Lebanon's "New Unity Government?" If you haven't, by now, you are quite stupid. Our man in Lebanon, of course, Citigroup's Siniora!!

So, what changed?? Power in Lebanon more centralized and consolidated. Guess who won what? This is the name of the new game, including Iraq. Power consolidation. Or, mopping up.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Some interesting aspects.

In Egypt, pressure mounts on the Egyptian government to revise upwards the price of EMG gas to Israel.
I previously linked to an article from The Daily News Egypt about this.
The conflicts over EMG continue.

Concurrently, the seemingly defunct BG/PA/Israel gas deal is being "rumored" as a possibility, again.
What has this to do with Lebanon?

In the following article a reminder, the defunct BG/PA gas deal initially was partnered with the Christian Lebanese Khoury family.
Israel Corp's owner, the Ofer family, are partnered with Lebanon's Khoury family at the Middle East Strategy Group in the Aspen Institute.
First, the article, "Israel Corp Looks At BG's Share of Gaza Natural Gas":

Then, regarding the relationship of Lebanon's Khoury, Israel's Ofer and the MESG at Aspen Institute:

Now, of course, the recent agreement in Lebanon is presented as a victory of sorts for a supposed Hezbollah "opposition."

However, consider the implications of the following two articles when taken together along with the possible revived BG/Ofer/Khoury/Israel
gas deal.
The first one quotes Khoury:

And, then, Condi Rice's comments:

If any or all of the above comes to fruition, which I believe to be the case, Hezbollah's recent military confrontation and subsequent political agreement sets the legal, political framework for their own liquidation and/or marginalization.

Why bother to stage a confrontation, only to agree to conditions which actually contain and limit them more than the position from which they began?

I believe the entire provocation was a staged event so that it would seem like a political, face saving victory for Hezbollah and Iran, while, in reality, the desired outcome, above, was a grand, predetermined, bargain, including the Khoury/Ofer deal.

If not, Hezbollah will go the way of Sadr.

Most importantly, the timing of the provocation was strategically chosen to coincide with Lebanon's general strike, as I said in a previous post, effectively nullifying it. Not an accident. Very important.

For some interesting background, anlaysis and first hand comments on this matter, scroll down the following link to May 11, under the subheading, "Letters From Beirut":

Friday, May 23, 2008


First, alittle domestic housekeeping.

Yesterday, Florida's leading State Democrat, Mr. Geller, sued the National Democratic Party to honor, seat, recognize Florida's state primary election results.
What this means, put simply, if Florida's primary delegates are counted, which presently they are not, Hillary wins.

The ramifications go way beyond.
I heard Mr. Geller interviewed yesterday.
There are no if, ands or buts.
If Florida's delegates are NOT counted, seated, honored, recognized, the Democratic Party in Florida will LOSE the national election.
He/they have promised, guaranteed, a mass exodus out of the Party.

Thus, the bar has been raised and a gauntlet thrown down.
They will not be railroaded by the Obama mafia.
They will not go quietly into the sunset.
Confrontation looms at this summer's Democratic National Nominating Convention.

Many articles on the above.
Here's a roundup:

My answer to those, above, as well as to Hillary, as I've said, previously, is, LEAVE, EXIT, QUIT the sinking, stinking ship of the Democratic Party entirely, join together in an independent, third party coalition, a momentous opportunity for everyone concerned, from Ralph Nader to Cynthia McKinney.
Name this coalition whatever one wishes.
Altho the chances of Hillary doing anything like this are less than 1%, nonetheless, as confrontation mounts, the possibilities multiply.
It could/can be an historic moment, IF one understands and seizes the political opportunity.

Either way, the Obama mafia has accomplished their job.
The Democratic Party will not win the Presidential election.

As for France's general strike, yesterday, if you live in the US, it simply did not happen.
Along with alot else.

And, as mopping up continues in northern Iraq and Baghdad, here's more about the international attendees at a Palestine Investment Conference:

While the founder of Hamas will be featured at the Doha, Qatar debates, no doubt, rewarded for the splendid job they did ensuring the Egypt-Israel gas deal and guaranteeing further privatization:

As for Iran's role in all this, it is a question of math plus politics, as Layla says.
No major population of Arabs exist who would knowingly and wittingly act as mercenaries to destroy their own, nationalized country and state industries for a reactionary, Fascist, counter-revolutionary privatization program.

Conveniently, a large, next door population of Iranians and Kurds live who can be exploited, utilized, and employed to do the job, promised material rewards for their barbaric, Nazi like tactics of ethnic cleansing, sectarianism, torture, blackmail, murder, rape, pillage, etc.
In turn, these Fascist shock troops, are dispensable, once they have served their purposes.
They can be liquidated, dissolved, morphed.
After all, they are merely the hired help.
They can be fired.

These people, the Persian/Iranian militias and Kurdish Peshmerga serve the exact, same, counter-revolutionary function as the resurrected Nazis, "Estonian Nationalist Removes Soviet Statue with Crane":


As for fomenting anything in Saudi Arabia, that will not be necessary.

Along with Iran in Iraq, the additional story that EVERYBODY has chosen to ignore is the GCC bubble, the one I've been following for so long, smack in front of everyone's face, the one presently unfolding, the one coordinating events elsewhere in the region, the one in which EVERYONE has colluded to obscure enabling this entire, Fascist, counter-revolution, reactionary, privatization venture to proceed, just as dissolution of the Soviet Union before it.

I'll highlight just two of the latest developments on this theme, keeping in mind, this is simply two out of voluminous amounts of material,
"Kuwait's Global Investment House Lists on London Stock Exchange":

And "Bank of NY Mellon...Depositary...Global Investment House...":

For those unfamiliar the Bank of NY and Mellon (Mellon Scaife, Carnegie Mellon), they are well-known, notorious names in US financial circles and history.

If you live in the US, you're all too familiar with their smelly background.

However, the above financial relationships are hardly new.
They go further back to the now defunct, BCCI, Bank of Commerce and Credit International, or, Bank of Crooks and Criminals International.
In my previous blogspot, I had excerpted from a number of articles in the WSJ from 1994 about the financial investments of Saudi Khashoggi, Israel's Nimrodi and others and their billion dollar development investment plans for Gaza and the West Bank.

What stood in the way of realizing all occurring now was, first, the Soviet Union, then, afterwards, the Baath Arab Socialist state of Iraq.
Both had to be eliminated, liquidated.
Both Egypt and Israel are also client states of the US, taking economic assistance and purchasing weapons in return.
And, both are being privatized.
Neither benefits.

To add a postscript on the sordid continuum of internecine relationships, above, and events of 9/11, the following, which is why I've always said few of the 9/11 so-called truth seekers, like the fake Left, ever wants to pursue real, concrete, specific, connections and names behind 9/11.
Most, not all, are front groupings to obfuscate and divert attention away from live people like the following, onto abstract, anonymous, neither provable nor unprovable hypotheses,
"CIA Drug Pilot Linked to Russian Mob" (and 9/11):

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Quoting, paraphrasing an old, popular, American TV show, "The Honeymooners," as Jackie Gleason says to his TV wife Alice,
"how sweet it is..." or, revenge is sweet...

So, for Russia, Putin, Sechin, the above maxim applies, "Gunvoracious-Putin Strengthens Oil Concession for Sechin and Timchenko":

A big BUT remains.
That BUT related to the fact, as I've reiterated numerous times, Russia's private sector STILL exists.
Russia's Gazprom, for example, the 3rd largest energy company on the planet by capitalization, which accounts, I think, if I recall correctly, to something like 20% of Russia's economy, still 49% owned by private, PROFIT MAKING, international corporations.

In the most retarded political country on the globe, the US, where NO industry is nationalized, those, here, calling for government re-regulation of industry, a totally romantic and myopic concept, must recognize that ONLY when the government OWNS the majority share of any industry that they REGULATE it.
Ownership equals regulation.

Russia's Gazprom being a stellar example of the above principle.
Gazprom represents, in effect, par excellence, a government REGULATED, controlled, but, still, private PROFIT MAKING industry by virtue of its government majority ownership.

BUT, Gazprom is NOT a completely nationalized, socialized, public utility.
And, it is this precisely this situation which creates the caveats, the BUT... internal conflicts and contradictions.
Russia's state economy now dependent upon both internal and external energy expansion simply for the sake of expansion.
They are now just as much integrated into the "commodity"market system as everyone else and their productive decisions and investments are predicated upon satisfying first and foremost, needs of profitability.

So, for example, Gazprom now involved with foreign LNG, liquefied natural gas, export projects, despite the fact that LNG is another worldwide trap, like its predecessor, oil.
Nobody on the planet needs LNG.
But, without energy as a commodity export item, where would they be? Energy self-sufficiency is NOT THE GOAL.
Just the opposite.
Gas to replace oil.

Furthermore, assuming the a-biotic theory of gas and oil generation correct, both are found and produced most everywhere on the globe, with the proviso one can drill deep enough into the mantel.
Instead, the international commodity energy trading system is intentionally sustained and agreed upon by the worldwide, global market system, which prefers to talk about shortages, instead.
Profitability in this monopolistic, high capital industry simply too enormous.
No other product can match it.

Dissection of this system can go on and on.
Since I have only limited time and resources, I will leave others to extrapolate further for themselves.
It is, however, THE key, critical, fundamental issue.

Turning my attention elsewhere, for a moment, I can't resist a comment or two on the following, "Turkey Needs an Obama...":

Clearly, the stupidity and bias of the European commentator is blatant.
In contrast, here's the reality reflected behind BOTH Obama's campaign and the AKP, twin, soul brothers,
"With Friends Like These, AKP Needs What?":

And, following the latest in the contentious Gaza, Eygpt's EMG, Israel gas deal for which the previous lovely little war was instigated:

Meanwhile, Sadr's militias acquiesced control both in Basra and Baghdad and Mosul is now on the way to being "cleansed" of any opposition.
(See my blog from March 26, 2008, "Mopping Up Begins in Earnest")

In Lebanon, some parallel developments, the following deal:

All the above occurring simultaneous to the backdrop of the Palestine Investment Conference, alittle of which is reported in widely varying sources:

The only two shoes left remaining to fall are Ahmadimidget and Bush. Both happening soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008


The above headline sums it up, "Iraq Is Biggest Ever Emerging Market..." a quote from Egypt's recent WEF meeting:

More accurately, it's not just Iraq, at the core, the centerpiece, but, the entire Middle East, the Middle East Free Trade Zone.
Recall that recent "lovely little war," military provocation, staged event, however one wishes to categorize it not too long ago in Gaza, well, here's the latest on its outcome, regarding the success of Egypt's EMG/Israel versus PA/BG gas deal:

People should remember Israel's electricity, along with most of the rest of the Israeli state, also being privatized.
Of course, Citigroup's Stanley Fischer is strategically situated in this process as CEO of the Bank of Israel.
On the related, Dana Gas corporation, the growing octopus to all of the above with its interlocking directorates, Abraaj, Jafar, Crescent Oil, Iraq, Iran, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, etc., the following expansion news:

Also, for those who have been reading my blog for some time now, you may recall my notes on the previous celebrations in NYC's swanky Waldorf-Astoria Hotel regarding Citibank's partnership with Turkey's largest bank, Akbank, and, by association/partnership, as well, Iran's Parsian, so, now, guess who will be financing Turkey's electrical privatization?
I'm sure you can figure out the answer to my question based on my leading hint.
"Akbank to Finance Turkish Energy Projects":

For a few more clear, telling statistics, replete with charts, on the breadth, width and scope of the new, GCC "Emerging" Private Equity Market:

And, "Sovereign Wealth and Private Equity...":

And, then, of course, for the destiny of the now dethroned Arab labor force:

They can look forward to joining the ranks of the redundant wage slaves serving their corporate masters like their brethren in the "free world." Welcome, all yea, to the new Arab Disneyland!
I wonder if they'll feature Lawrence of Arabia in Baghdad's Disneyland? (I've NEVER been to any Disneyland, anywhere, myself.
Why should I?
I live in one.)

So, you see, I do not need a vast, complicated web of conspiracy theories to understand what's happening. It's even televised. They broadcast, proudly.

Further, it seems, not surprisingly, BP and Exxon will be given Iraq's major contracts.

And, as the mopping up campaign continues in this transformative, privatization project, first, against the remnants of Sadr, the Butcher of Baghdad's, shock troops in central Iraq, and, now, in northern Iraq, Mosul, the remnants of any organized Baath Arab resistance and/or opposition are summarily extinguished under the name of Al-Queda or terrorism.

As part of this hastily and necessarily revised strategy, neither Kurdistan nor Kirkuk will get immediate independence. At least, not now. It will have to wait.

In the US, there's not much to say. Fascist, racist, corporate, candidates hold staged, choreographed events like Nazi youth rallies and then the corporate media and fake Left characterize him/it/them as Left, Liberal or alternative.
Domestic politics mirror foreign ones.
After all, the state toils for the same private interests who own it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


If you live in the US, all of the above countries and more have ceased to exist.
They fell off the globe.
Of course, a natural disaster would put them back on the map.

But, not a major, significant General Strike.
That is not deemed a newsworthy event, here, in the US.
So, for such matters, I must turn elsewhere, internet, Turkish Press, etc.

Thus, regarding General Strikes both in France and Greece, first, "Greeks Strike Against Privatization":

And then, in France, "Outrage Over Sarkozy's Plan for Strikes":

Well, the above goes unreported because they don't count any more than the stupid, "white, racist" American working-class who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Now, returning to the pseudo-Islamic Front and the latest in the ongoing battle against Turkey's PRIVATIZING Islamic AKP.
"CHP Fires First Shot at Euro MP...":

And, in the following, regarding the US position on Turkey's AKP, according to the last paragraph, "Arab countries" would be upset by the closure of the Islamic AKP:

Amusing, isn't it?

The main event and the real winners, as I've repeatedly pointed out, are those attending the WEF in Egypt.
Their universal racial and religious denomination is called money.
Color them Green for dollars.
Whatever, for Euros.
The propertied class is very international and cosmopolitan.
They have the grunts, instead, to do the fighting and dirty work for them under pseudo-religious and/or ethnic, racial banners.

In addition to the WEF, our roving, unofficial American Ambassador, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal continues his very hectic social pace, this time, meeting with Microsoft's Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, (see the Warren Buffet article on the right hand sidebar, "Warren Buffet...Summit of Most Influential CEOs of the World"):

(Need I remind people in the US and elsewhere that the internet was originally created with public, working class, American taxpayer funds.
Its services were appropriated privately for enormous profits, obviously, with nary a whimper from the idiotic American taxpayers.)

Anyway, back to the above.
Some of you reading this blog, hopefully, will remember some of the newer, private, Middle East Hedge Funds I highlighted previously, like the octupus Abraaj and Investcorp and another one, SHUAA Capital.

SHUAA is doing very well, thank you.
Their profits up a whopping 50% in 2007:

Those are pretty good returns, wouldn't you agree?
And, just how do they manage to get that?

Back in occupied, destroyed, previously Pan-Arab Socialist and previously OPEC Iraq, the "mopping up" process has begun and, apparently, in this process, Chalabi has become persona non grata.
His previous services to Iran and Sadr's militias no longer required.
In short, Chalabi has been fired.
Not eliminated.
But, displaced, like the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, Chalabi's protege:

And, congruently, so will happen to Iran's Ahmadimidget.
That process has already begun, too.
McCain will become President and Obama will become a piece of stale swiss cheese.
As for all the present noise between Bush, Democrats, Republicans, that's all it is, noise.
The Dance Macabre.
The script has already been written.
Everybody simply acts out their respective parts.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


First, alittle domestic housekeeping, related to all other matters.

The other day, it does not matter which, Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia Democratic Primary by a landslide, something like 70% to 25%, more or less.
A virtual sweep.
She won every single county, while she continues to be outspent by 2 or 3 to 1, as the "agent of change," the Obama mafia, gets support from every single corporate entity and Fascist under the sun.

So, I waited to see how this momentous landslide would be reported by our corporate media and fake Left.
Needless to say, predictably, downplayed, NO HEADLINES.
Indeed, it was a victory more or less marginalized and denigrated.
After all, these are/were just stupid WHITE racists voting.

And, then, today, 2 days later, to counteract the non-event of Hillary's landslide, instead, a big fuss was made about Senator John Edwards endorsement of Obama, the agent of change, great uniter, orator.
Of course, Senator John Edwards could not even win the primary in his home state of North Carolina.

Which of the two above events would one say is more important?

Anyway, in my previous entry, I suggested Hillary could make history by NOT falling on her sword, bolting the Democratic Party, etc.
I gave this a less than 1% chance of happening.
It ain't gonna happen.

But, if Hillary won't have the chutzpah to bolt the Democratic Party, then, it's incumbent on everyone else to do so.
Both Fascist, corporate parties.

Now, aside from the above, here are just a few of the many related events about which Americans know, hear nothing, could care less, have not a glimmer or insight.

Continued from my previous blog about a heightened, military confrontation between Georgia-Abkhazia-Russia and JBANC "Georgia in Peril":

Russia's state controlled monopoly, Gazprom now the 3rd largest global company by capitalization.
However, it is not fair to depict Gazprom as a completely state, public, socialized, nationalized utility.
It has private investors.
But, it is majority owned and controlled by the State.
Much of Russia's natural resources, industry, real estate, continues to be owned by private oligarchs and capital.
This is significant because it creates internal and external contradictions and this is hardly the Soviet Union.
And, the Russian, previously, Red Army should not be fighting to perpetuate the economic profits of privatized Lukoil or Russian oligarchs.
If they're going to fight, it should be for the preceding.

Meanwhile, also, against the backdrop of events unfolding in Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, in general, is the privatizing, World Economic Forum. Here is a live feed from the WEF:

And something else from the WEF, about Intel:

Remember Dana Gas, by the way?
Well, their revenues are up 35%.
And Dana Gas purchases its gas from Iran:

Russia's private, corporate companies also have ties with the GCC countries, as well, Lukoil promised a lucrative contract in Kurdistan.
Also, regarding Kurdistan and Russian investment, a "Memo of Understanding...' between Russia and Kurdistan:

For more about Russia's corporate relationships with the GCC and the WEF, go to their website:

As for the Mosul military campaign, now occurring, against the backdrop of Turkey's bombing of the PKK, two simultaneous events, "Washington Hosts Seminar on Article 140" related to the status of Kirkuk:

And "First International Cooperation Against PKK":

Just as Sadr's crowd is in the process of being liquidated, contained, marginalized, so ,too, it seems, will the PKK.
Part of mopping up, congruency, synchronization.

The point being, as I said in my previous blogs, the PRIVATE economic interests and resources represented by JP Morgan Stanley and their Persian Fund and those at the WEF, far overwhelm and supersede the miniscule, barbaric, sectarian, shock troops, garbage and EXPENDABLE trash represented by Iran's militias, Kurds, Hezbollah and Ahmadimidget. They are the grunts who do the dirty work for those, above.
They destroy and divide progressive, nationalized, secular, united, class opposition, their parties, their militaries, first, and, then, in turn, they are liquidated, contained, marginalized.

Anyone not understanding the above power relationship is a fool.
To me, these power relationships are totally obvious and completely transparent.

So, to those in the US and elsewhere on the globe, part of the fake Left and fake opposition, those who aid, abet and facilitate in this process, enjoy!
You will get what you deserve and more.

A footnote.
As I write this, I am aware, a major, nationwide strike is occurring in France, with more to come May 22.
This is something, also, for obvious reasons, Americans will NOT see, read or hear about, unless, of course, they seek it out, themselves.
This is a confrontation with Sarkozy's "reforming" government and an ongoing attempt to smash the powerful, Left, CGT confederation and shrink their vital public sector.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign unexpectedly turned into a rank and file battle cry of resistance within the Democratic Party against the mafia like tactics and obvious manipulations of Obama, whose sole and primary purpose is, as I've said, previously, to split, divide and decimate the Party and will ensure a McCain victory, which is exactly what is being accomplished.
The longer Hillary persists, the more she becomes, unintentionally, a cult like symbol of resistance to the Democratic Party whores, pimps and prostitutes.
Her campaign has been transformed, unwittingly.
Since those, above, are so obviously determined to serve their masters and NOT give Hillary the Democratic Presidential nomination, i.e., to screw her, by hook or by crook, no matter which, how and what way they do it, Hillary has a personal choice to do something historic and important.
She can bolt the Democratic Party, tell all, spill the beans, bring her troops with her, ally with or run as an Independent, support someone else.
She could snub her nose and tell the Democratic Party to go fuck themselves.
The chance of this happening are probably less than 1% in 100.
But, it exists as an option, a possibility.
She could say she will no longer be a corporate whore, she will not be a Democratic doormat and will not fall on her sword for the Democrats. What would she lose?
She would sacrifice her career.
But, so what?
She would not be living on the street and she's old enough to be more concerned about her possible historical role and legacy than another million dollars in the bank.
This would be my advice to Hillary if I could talk to her.
Meanwhile, following from my previous posts and particularly the one below, headed, "A Cornucopia of Coincidences and Timing,"May 10, 2008, the following about Abkhazia and Russia was JUST highlighted on JBANC website.
(I did NOT see it posted on their website before I wrote my previous blog). Forget the "spin."
It's the source, the WashPost, that's important, a mouthpiece for Establishment, corporate policies, and, JBANC, an additional Establishment policy mouthpiece, which highlighted it.
They don't report events.
They make policy.
They present official, Establishment policies as news and tell you how you should think about it, the official spin/narrative, propaganda, historical whitewash, etc.
They prepare and brainwash people appropriately.
So, when they highlight something like the following, it's telling, broadcasting to everybody:

While on the above subject of fictional narratives and spin, a reiteration of one more point of continued disinformation and reverse causal relationships that floats around everywhere.
As Layla and uruknet have pointed out repeatedly, on their website/blogspot, Iran's influence, its militias and government in Iraq were brought in with and by American collaboration and Iraq's "occupation authorities."
But, major, significant, elements of America's professional, career, military establishment continue to be and were very, very UPSET over the role Iran and it's militias, in particular, Sadr, were allowed to play in Iraq.
They were overruled by the civilian, political, coalition authorities, deals and machinations of Bush-Cheney, Bremmer, Chalabi,
The collaborationist policies with Iran emanated NOT from America's professional military, but, vica-versa, from the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld civilian, political entities,, just the opposite of how it is often presented, as usual, which is why the official narratives, explanations, news reports and solutions seem often to contradict one another. Outsourcing the occupation to Iran was the obvious reason Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld, felt they didn't need more American troops, in spite of what most professional, American military generals said.
This factor is aside from or in addition to Iraq's subsequent organized resistance.
The many region wide repercussions of this inane policy of Iranian collaboration has now backfired in their faces.
Thus, official policy is busy backpedaling, doing damage control, attempting to deal with the negative repercussions, while still, simultaneously, continuing the official narrative.
Again, why so many discrepancies and contradictions exist in the explanations and news reports.
This, along with many other reasons, including the Hillary fiasco, is why McCain will win the General Election.
McCain does NOT represent a continuation of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld policies.
Just the opposite.
Not only will McCain win, but, I predict, with as high, possibly, as a 10% nationwide margin.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, Mr. Rogers, (a popular American children's show, "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood"), let's look at the simultaneity of the many events occurring in Lebanon's "neighborhood" as Lebanon goes up in flames for the umpteenth time.
For a little historical reminder, first, since Americans, in particular, and others, it seems, as well, suffer from that unique disease called historical amnesia.
Who was it, just recently, within only the past two years, (altho, I know, events are moving so fast these days that it seems like ages ago), instigated the previous military provocation in Lebanon that enabled Israel, first, and then, subsequently, UN/NATO/Western troops to insert themselves into Lebanon?
Remember the Israeli invasion into Lebanon, compliments of the activities of you-know-who.
And, just before that, how Syria was militarily extracted from Lebanon, the enabler of all that is/was to follow.
Without Syria's extraction from Lebanon, none of this could/would have been possible.
So, once again, both Iran and Hezbollah should be thanking American tax dollars for opening a space for their shenanigans.
Hezbollah, Sadr, Iran are the most ungrateful and deceitful recipients of American taxpayer largess on the planet.
At least, Israel and Egypt acknowledge their dependence.
Now, fast forward to the present.
Remember my posts about Sadr and mopping up?
Well, guess who just now is signing an agreement with the Maliki government?
The Butcher of Baghdad, the supposedly invincible, popular, militia. He/they will no longer be the ultimate authority in Basra, or, anywhere elsewhere, for that matter.
It's being spun, of course, by just about everybody in various ways.
But, this is the upshot.
Next, comes the opening of the Mosul, Kirkuk battle against an escalating backdrop of Turkey's independent military currently bombing the PKK in the Kurdistan region.
Then, the military situation in Abkhazia-Georgia-Russia escalates.
The Russian, Red Army parades through the streets of Moscow.
The Serb-Kosovo crisis mounts:

Additionally, and equally important, class conflict escalates from Turkey through and around to Egypt.

Turkey's privatizing, Islamic AKP government continues to be threatened with dissolution and enormous, internal resistance.

And, in the latest from Egypt, just before the World Economic Forum in Sharm El Sheik, in which Iraq is participating, more Egyptian protest:

So, what has Hezbollah accomplished in Lebanon this time around, aside from its own, self-serving, economic interests?

First, of course, Hezbollah's military siege has completely overshadowed and dissolved any positive, strategic, class unity and resistance that could have emanated from Lebanon or Lebanon's general strike.

That has gone up in smoke, literally. Towards the purpose of unity and the strategic, vanguard role played by the ideologically defined, self-conscious, articulate Pan-Arab Socialist movement and why it's defeat and suppression is essential both now, as it raises its 'ugly' head again, and before, the following, as usual, good analysis from the inveterate Iraq-in-exile journalist and commentator:

This is in contradistinction to our client states.

Our very busy Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal has just donated, or, shall we say, bought off/recycled, $20 Million to Harvard University and another $20 Million to Georgetown to advance "Islamic" studies and "Muslim understanding":


Couple the Pan-Arabism, instead, defined above together with Turkey's self-conscious resistance, articulate Left and independent military and the ramifications and repercussions become abundantly clear.

Second result from recent Lebanon events.

Hezbollah, like Sadr's militia, before, due to these most blatant actions, can now be certified a "terrorist" organization, supported by Iran, and, by association, Syria.

Eventually, Hezbollah's fate will be something akin to Sadr, having served their useful purpose.

However, I say eventually, because, a disturbing coincidence of military developments exists, above, a list which is not even comprehensive.

My concern is the possibility of an "October Surprise" in this year's American Presidential election. All of the above timed to explode, erupt, ignite, escalate, more or less simultaneously, thereby overcoming all internal and external opposition, everywhere, propelling everyone into a greater, all encompassing conflagration. It's a possibility. One that has occurred to me and must be watched and considered.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


From the following to Obama.
A roundup, an update.
First, from Pakistan's May Day events, photos at the bottom of this excellent report:

Then, on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, "Demystifying the Muslim Brotherhood":

With much too many events occurring in Turkey, just one highlight from the ongoing, extensive, enormous, historic battle against the Islamic AKP government, an article dealing with union rejection of IMF demands and social security reform, (more elsewhere on their websites, of course):

Further, in Lebanon and what was to have been their General Strike. Again, much too much to select just one article.
Peruse the following website and many, many others:

Layla has a piece, as well:

But, I want to emphasize, as SOME reports do, that Lebanon's union movement, it's potent potentiality and General Strike was overwhelmed and manipulated by Hezbollah's destructive tactics and divisiveness, which is the inclusive purpose of ALL of the above, from the Muslim Brotherhood to the AKP to Iran to Lebanon to Pakistan and, then, onwards to Obama's campaign in the US.
Obama's Republican, corporate financed, Karl Rove, mafia strategized campaign plays a domestic ROLE similar to any and all of the above, encompassing Sadr, i.e, the great uniter is the great divider, the papier mache, ersatz, candidate.
Obama might as well have Sadr or the Muslim Brotherhood running on the same ticket with him for Vice-President and label it "change or opposition." By the time the Democratic Obama campaign gets to the General Election, IF he/it does get the nomination, after all, he/they/the Democratic campaign's candidate is going to look like a piece of swiss cheese.
There's going to be a stampede, a mass exodus, out of the Democratic Party, and, this is how and why McCain will win, as I've said all along.
The Democrats will be decimated.
Everything, I repeat, everything, one reads or hears about the Obama campaign is as much fiction and fantasy, the opposite, as that which is reported about the above, or, in the case of the US, NOT reported at all, and, certainly, NOT supported by America's fake, foundation, corporate sponsored Left, who serve the same purpose domestically as they do abroad.
The US, Republican, Karl Rove, corporate, mafia strategists cleverly figured out a loophole in the Democratic primary system into which they could insert their papier mache, ersatz candidate, Obama.
If the Democratic primary system operated the same as the Republican one, a winner take all policy, Hillary would have gotten the nomination A LONG TIME AGO.
But, the Republican, corporate, mafia strategists cleverly, successfully, exploited a strategic loophole in the Democratic Primary proportional delegate system, with a stampede of what's called crossover voting (Republicans and Independents can vote in Democratic primaries) in EARLY STATES and racial exploitation and co-optation, which is why they selected a relatively unknown black candidate.
The states in which Hillary won, for the most part, are, indeed, THE MAJOR players, the larger states, who DO decide the electoral outcome in the General Election AND utilize standard voting procedures for primaries, and last minute crossover voting does not occur.
Thus, they are much more difficult primaries to manipulate than the other states whose bizarre system is very lax and open ended, to say the least, wide open for manipulation.
Further, in almost all the states Hillary did win, her campaign was outspent by Obama by a margin of 2 or 3 to 1.
Yet, she still won.
The "agent of change," Obama, is supported financially by just about every reactionary, right wing and corporate entity and individual under the sun.
And, then, I and others have to watch the hypocrisy of Obama's grinning face plastered on TV screens as he spouts platitudes with a choreographed backdrop of an almost lilly white audience holding signs that simply say, "Change,' on them!!
This, we are told, is great oratory!!
Of course, he's supported by the equally corrupt, mafia union, Andy Stern's SEIU, whose motto is also the amorphous, "Change to Win." Change what and how to win what?
Never clarified.
And, race has become THE central issue in the Obama campaign because it has been exploited and manipulated to propel his campaign forward, since his campaign represents nothing, absolutely nothing.
The fake Left simply says it's progressive to vote for him and racist to criticize or not vote for him.
The backlash against ALL these nasty, dirty tactics and insults to people's intelligence, is, as I said, going to be a mass exodus out of the Democratic Party and a McCain victory.
I can't even begin to explain the background and all the many reasons for the antipathy, vitriol, hatred, rage, anger at the moment.
The Obama campaign is cannibalizing its own Party.
But, for those who understand the dynamics and role of the pseudo Islamic groupings and parties, above, it's not a difficult stretch to understand the role, purpose, dynamics of the Obama campaign.
Just look for a common, tactical denominator.
The real victor under these circumstance, however, should, could and will be Independent and Third Party candidates, such as Ralph Nader and whomever else finally winds up with the Green Party candidacy, or any other smaller parties, as well.
These parties will not, of course, win the General Election in our rigged, winner take all process, but, they can, at least, provide a place to go for the "protest vote" and the stampede, disgust, nausea, hatred emanating out from all of the above.
Meanwhile, in the context of the backlash, above, another very significant, important development has occurred.
Russia has agreed to sanctions against Iran:

I do not know if this represents a deal with the US and Europe, a quid pro quo, for something else, especially since the military escalation in Georgia-Abkhazia appears to be increasing, as well as just about everything else related to Russia and Gazprom.
However, as I've said, many times in my previous entries, from "mopping up" on, forward, a general regional backlash exists to the negative role, ramifications, results, and destabilization that these pseudo Islamic front groupings from the AKP in Turkey, Sadr and the Iranian backed militias in Iraq, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmadimidget and his Mullahs in Iran, Pakistan, and other pseudo-religious, reactionary, Fascist front groupings elsewhere, from Hezbollah to Hamas, have served.
Their destabilization has now become a counterproductive factor to regional, economic integration, expansion, growth and privatization, the very purpose of the Iraq invasion, war and occupation.
Thus, these groupings must be contained, liquidated, transformed and/or eliminated, i.e, mopping up.
I would think this is equally true for Russia, independent of any and all other considerations.
I cannot envisage anything Russia gains by greater regional destabilization, strife, conflict, disintegration, power struggles, sectarianism and militarization on its doorstep.
I should think this is in Russia's self-interest, if no other reason, pure and simple.
In this context, in addition to the World Economic Forum opening shortly in Egypt about which I commented and all else in a previous post, the US-Arab Economic Forum in Washington just began, as well:

There are simple, pure, straightforward economic reasons why 'mopping up" happens.
It's not mysterious.
JP Morgan and their international private associates represented above trumps all else, including Iran's Mullahs and militias.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Two articles below concern Lebanon's upcoming General Strike.

"Lebanon: Wage Wars":

And, "Lebanon Raises Wages on Eve of General Strike":

And, following Egypt's General Strike, "Egyptians Despair as Duty Increases Cancel Out Pay Raises":

In Turkey, the ongoing, multidimensional battle against the AKP continues. The latest EU role is as nauseating as the US one.
Dutch politician, "...Lagendijk A New Member of AKP Team...":

And, by the time those represented at the upcoming World Economic Forum in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt are finally finished, IF they get their way, there will no longer be any Middle East or other state entities over which to have pay disputes, as their model showcase, Iraq, is proving.
As the US and its other Fascist allies clearly assure its regional friends that Iran's Fascist militias will be controlled, "Egypt Ready to Send Delegation to Iraq":

In the continuing battle against state owned Gazprom and Russia, Western backed Nabucco has just received more support, "EU-Turkey Agree on Arab Gas Pipeline Cooperation":

While a Georgia-Abkhazia battle in the Caucasus heats up.

In the following eloquent, as usual, entry, the situation of Iraqi displaced persons described resembles very much the many millions of declasse wandering around in the US, as well, homeless, street people, beggars, poor working class, aged, unemployed, underemployed, property-less and less propertied, powerless, useless eaters, those living on the edge, the margin, "stateless," supposedly within their own country.
That's not hyperbole.
They are invisible to the corporate media and to just about everybody else.
They simply don't count.
Nobody wants to see or acknowledge their existence.
They are the redundancies of a capitalist workforce.
They are disposal people.
This is Fascism:

Monday, May 5, 2008


Thanks to a question, serendipitously, I wound up doing a search on my OLD blog for certain information, and, consequently, was reminded of some good links and information from before just as pertinent to now. Since my old, first, former blog never seems to work for the public, anymore, (it's been blocked for some time), I'll include at least two links from that entry of January, 2007, regarding Iran's privatization and, at the bottom of this post, I'll link to my January 2007 entry on the hope/possibility that it just MIGHT work for someone else, since there was more information than the following two links.
So, from my blog of January, 2007, regarding Iran's privatization, "National Conference on Privatization...":

And, from July, 2006:

The question in Iran was not privatization, but, who will get what, as usual, competing and conflicting interests.
All preceding economic ties with the West in Iran's government, documented in the link, above, encompass, as well, a previous deal between Cheney's Halliburton and Iran's nuke negotiator, Cyrus Naseri and Oriental Oil Kish at the same time Naseri represented Iran when Sy Hersh was shouting, as usual, about bombing Iran.
And, then, my link currently to Morgan Stanley and the Persia Fund, as well as Iran's Parsian, Citigroup and Turkey's Akbank, just to name a few overlapping ties with the "enemy," not to mention Iran's many militias occupying Iraq and in it's government.
The entire narrative regarding Iran in the US media being completely fictional, including past history related to Iran's invasion of Iraq in the Iraq-Iran war, which I've had on many previous posts.
Fast forward to the immediate present.
In my entry of March 26, 2008, I highlighted a "deal" (see link within that entry) made between Cheney and Iran/Iraq's Maliki government and some of the other reasons I enumerated to eliminate/neutralize Sadr's militias:

And on April 14, 2008, a followup entry:

As everybody clearly sees, the first part of this arrangement, Sadr's military liquidation or neutralization occurring, an ongoing process.
Next, comes the battle for Mosul/Kirkuk and parallel regime change in Iran to make all policies congruent.
So, "Troops Mass as Attack on Mosul Looms":

This comes simultaneous with Turkey's military bombing the PKK in Kurdistan.
Who is going to be fighting whom?
In conjunction with the above military maneuvers and developments and NOT having anything to do with bombing Iran, as the spin meisters and disinformation specialists from before continue and would have you believe, the following, "Warships Guard Iraq's Economic Lifeblood":

Following immediately behind all this are deals with the oil majors, scheduled for June:

As well as "mopping up" exercises represented above, the World Economic Forum is meeting in Egypt's Sharm El Sheik, May 18.
A complete list of their "prestigious" international attendees and a virtual who's who of the propertied class at their website, available in Arabic, as well:

Effectively, they thumb their noses at recent Egyptian protests:

It doesn't take complicated conspiracy theories to follow these overlapping and competing economic interests, including Iran's privatization and why Iran's Sadr and Ahmadimidgets overtly sectarian program, conflicting, competing militias and economic interests represent a threat and impediment to "stability and progress" as indicated above.
Furthermore, Ahmadimidget's sectarian and Fascist militias are now aligned with and protected internationally by Russia, due, in part, to Western attempts to encircle and strangle Gazprom.
For additional context and why there will be more, not less, militarization and polarization, related to all of the above, "Possible Outcomes of a Georgia-Abkhazian War":

And "....Georgian Troops Amassed in Border Area":

At the outset of the unilateral Bush-Cheney invasion and US-Iran's subsequent occupation of Iraq, a number of events happened that were not supposed to happen, unplanned, unanticipated, thus, necessitating adjustments and strategic, tactical shifts to try to accommodate these new, developing, fluid circumstances.

Iraq resistance was not supposed to be as militant and enormous as it was.

Putin was not supposed to re-nationalize Gazprom, as well as policies related to this direction.

Turkey's strong resistance and opposition to AKP policies was not supposed to happen and Turkey's independent minded military was not supposed to intervene and bomb the PKK.

And, Ahmadimidget was not supposed to become President in Iran.

These are but a few of the important highlights, with many more ramifications.

So, now, this is where "we/they" stand, above, and the policy shifts in response to all these developments.

As promised, above, here's the link to my blog entry of January, 2007, if it works: