Thursday, July 30, 2009


First, EXTENSIVE reports about South Korea's labor showdown.
Here are but two out of many different sources regarding the same event, with more available elsewhere:

And, extensive photos:

Related to the upcoming Iraq showdown between the KRG/Erbil versus Iran/Baghdad, mopping up, regime change and congruency, Israeli Defence Forces and military escalation occuring on the Lebanese border:

As a future EU protection force also is being assembled to guard the Nabucco pipeline:

And, Iran's Khodro, where strikes occured recently, supposedly, presumably, a victory, is about to receive a billion dollar subsidy, loan. EXCERPT first, link follows. THEN I will show why this item is of particular interest to me. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Iran Khodro Company (IKCO), the largest automaker in the Middle East will receive a government bailout of $1 billion. According to IKCO’s deputy director, Jamshi Imani, half of the aid will be available “within days. The rest will be made available after the sale of Iran Khodro’s shares through Parsian Bank...”
Above excerpt from:

And, NOW, a little background reminder from my previous 2007 post regarding IRAN'S PARSIAN, TURKEY'S AKBANK AND CITIGROUP:

Of course, Germany, France, and others partnered at Khodro also:

So, basically, folks, you ALL suck.

Eat it!

Oh, yes, lest I forget. As far as international solidarity goes, our Single-Payer advocates could also use some help.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Let's begin today's post with another strike and Solidarity movement.
This time, Ireland.
Importantly, the port mentioned below is STATE owned and one for which, according to that below, they have struggled to acquire or maintain for some time:

Now, moving back across the Atlantic to the New, Newer, Newest World of United Suckers and Assholes and their/our most current NAZI Dictatorship.
A book review, below, purports to represent the quality of life and current state of affairs in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship.
Basically, fundamentally, it is a true and accurate reflection, I think.
I could and would not disagree.

However, since I have NOT read the book, I can only speculate IF the author discusses the HISTORY, HOW AND WHY we got to where we are at the moment.
It is/was NOT by accident, but, by design.

Its current institutionalized, historical form began in the late 1940's, early 1950's with passage and creation of the US 1947 National Security Act, and its corollary, an appointed, unofficial, advisory National Security Council, CIA, Congressional McCarthy hearings, witch hunts, anti-Communist labor union, culture and economic purges, the Rosenberg execution, Cold War, an institutionalized, codified, PERMANENT NAZI global, counter-revolutionary STATE apparatus and the world's largest entrenched military machine and bureaucracy, i.e., warfare state. It is very important to remember, prior to this historical moment, the US had NO major, global, standing, army. Each and every time the US became embroiled in global warfare, they had to rev up almost from scratch an entire standing army and corresponding military production.

So, the period above represents a watershed historical landmark, a before and after, of course, again, necessitated, from THEIR point of view, as the unforeseen and unhappy consequences of the outcome of WWII, expansion of the Soviet Union and world revolution.

Somehow, although NOT having read the book, I doubt all the above facts are detailed, expanded and documented.
But, perhaps I am wrong and would be pleasantly surprised:

Now, after reading the above, I did some searches and, unfortunately, this was the best I could find on the internet from the 1930s from a name familiar to many, but, perhaps, probably, not all.
It is from Christopher St. John Sprigg, a.k.a, (also known as, pseudonym), Christopher Caudwell and his book, "Further Studies in A Dying Culture."
After reading this VERY BRIEF, TINY excerpt, only a few paragraphs, I will provide a few more links below for anyone unfamiliar with St. John Sprigg, aka, Caudwell and his background.
Meanwhile, although sparse, compare the following few paragraphs from the 1930s below with the current book review, above:

And, as promised, here are two more links to begin further background reading, study, research for St. John Sprigg, aka, Caudwell.
The second, last link, apparently, provides some of Caudwell's writings ONLINE, which is why I included it.


And back in explosive Iraq, contradictions continue to multiply between Erbil, the KRG versus Iran/Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister and Baghdad government. Sources are abundant on the internet for anyone who wishes to bother following it. The inevitable outcome and upcoming conflagration is there for anyone to see.

Here's one amongst many recent developments, for example, about Iraq's South Oil Company:

The killing fields of Iraq's deaths, murders, assassinations, bombings, explosions, etc. are simply too many, too numerous for me to itemize.

The KRG just had fake elections. And, so-called "opposition groups" spring up like mushrooms, accusations flying back and forth.

Meanwhile, back in the world's Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation, Single Payer Medical/Health Care Insurance confrontation with our entire NAZI/Fascist Establishment machine grinds forward, which can be followed on their website:

And, former Republican VP candidate, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, nemesis of ALL above combined, upon stepping down from her government position the other day, held a press conference accusing them all of being a bunch of liars! Imagine that! In turn, the media quickly concocted some statistics saying she no longer has any support and, of all things, resembles Nixon! Amusement and entertainment all around.

And, finally, I thought I would conclude appropriately with another photo journalism essay and bedtime story about Russia by John Helmer. Too good to resist:

Monday, July 27, 2009


And, here we have it. Oops, sorry. I made a big mistake.
The following is NOT the world's Greatest United Suckers and Asshole nation on the planet. Wishful thinking on my part. Wrong country.
Oh, well, better luck next time.
So, instead, here's an inspirational reminder of what militant resistance looks like, of course, elsewhere, in South Korea:

In conjunction with the above, sing along now,
"where have all our SUPPORT/DEFEND THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF NORTH KOREA committees, actions gone, long time passing...?"
And/or, those of South Korea?
Missing in action, as usual.
Of course, South would happily join with North Korea were it not for our installed reactionary Fascist South Korean dictatorship.

On the subject of South/North Korea, above, an infinite universe of information exists from which I could choose and elaborate endlessly about South Korea's international investment and, obviously, what they hope to bring about in the North, as well.
But, I decided from this vast universe of possibilities to highlight just ONE article, below.


Because, once again, it demonstrates, encapsulates so clearly, so nicely,THE FUNDAMENTAL contradiction and explanation as to WHY NO organized, militant, unified, class opposition, resistance exists in this Greatest of all NAZI United Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship on the planet.

The explanation is NO mystery nor is it an international Israel/Zionist/Jewish "conspiracy."
Nor a Muslim/Arab/Islamic conspiracy.
Nor can it be characterized as any other religious, ethnic, sexual, geographic or exotic conspiracy, for that matter.

It is a straightforward matter of money, economic self-interest, investment, profitability, GREED, class collaboration, collusion, contradiction and betrayal, like Iraq and elsewhere on the globe.
EXCERPT, first, link follows below:

"....Calpers, the largest U.S. public pension manager, has $500 million invested in South Korea, including a $100 million investment with Lazard Asset Management Plc, Henry Jones, a board of administration member at the Sacramento, California-based fund, said on April 15 in Seoul..."

More nauseating details follow:
"Lone Star May Sell KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) to Calpers..."

And, THE ABOVE explanation extends to United Suckers and Assholes universal, national, single-payer health/medical care insurance struggle, with umpteen number more examples like the following:

The explanations are, alas, NO mystery. "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not [outside] in our stars, but, within." Much too clear and simple an explanation for everyone's comfort or discomfort. Much better and easier to mystify, deny, obfuscate, justify, complicate, pontificate, rationalize, distract, deflect, complain, moan, groan, wail, theorize, excuse and divert attention away from and towards someone or something else. Otherwise, one might have to confront ugly, inconvenient, unpleasant truths, morality, reality and DO something about it!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Once again, United Suckers and Assholes Single Payer Health/Medical Care Insurance advocates are admonished,
"Sit Down, Sit down, Sit down, You're rocking the boat!"
(See my previous post on this matter for musical accompaniment.)

And, so much more double, triple, quadruple speak, excuses, apologies, rationalizations out of the many sides of their mouths, ears, eyes, heads and all other orifices available on the same website:

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, simultaneous with the above unfolding confrontation and theatre of the absurd, an equally intractable Iraq/Iran/Baghdad versus KRG/Erbil confrontation catapults, crescendos inexorably forward with each and every development, now.

The contradictions continue mounting and mounting upwards, like Mount Everest, growing taller, larger, bigger, more audacious, grandiose and transparent, day by day. The ludicrous democracy facade totally stripped away. Raw, naked commercial power, land grab, greed, profit exposed on BOTH/ALL sides now.

And, here is an example from another, generally considered more obscure part of the globe, Iceland, about Russian investment in which the blogger, journalist, below, professes NOT to know, understand WHICH Russian commercial interests have been and will be represented in Iceland.

Clearly, she has been missing in action for 20 or more years since ALL of Russia and East Europe were "democratized, liberated" and sold off to PRIVATE global, Western NAZI/Fascist commercial interests, representatives and their murky tentacles, off shore, global, mob/mafia connected Russian oligarchs, financial front and hit men.
Nor has she been reading John Helmer's website, apparently.
I recommend she begin, immediately.
So, I say to Iceland,
"Greetings!! Welcome, Welcome to the World's Most Elite, Exclusive, International Club!"
Certainly, I NO longer will fly to Europe on the happy skies of once proud and very safe Icelandic Airlines:

And, another one:

And, finally, to conclude today's post, a musical entry.
A pop tune and accompanying video, to which I rarely, if ever, listen, but, I thought nicely added to and illustrated the subject matter at hand:

Friday, July 24, 2009


I thought I would provide BELOW from C-Span for everyone and anyone's public attention, IF you are curious about it, "FYI" (For Your Information), an unedited, uncensored, unexpurgated video of Maliki's entire press conference at the misnomered US Institute of Peace, really, War, in Washington, DC.

It is so nauseating, sickening and reprehensible to me to watch Maliki's performance go UNCHALLENGED amidst this audience of repulsive, Fascist panderers and the credibility they give to this piece of utter, obscene human NAZI garbage, shit, mass murderer and torturer by our official US press corp and other "notables." Of course, all together are of one and the same ilk. Birds of a feather flock together.

And, speaking of birds flocking together, additionally, WHERE ARE ALL OUR HYPOCRITICAL DEMONSTRATORS? The HIRED, ersatz Left, who CONSTANTLY, CHRONICALLY bemoan, wail and come out at the drop of a hat to protest human rights abuse in Israel, the poor, suffering Gazans and/or Palestinians and other casus belli? By the way, just for all those many stupid assholes, above, here's just one EXAMPLE of hundreds about Iraq. Tell me HOW it SUBSTANTIALLY differs from Israel, Palestine, the West Bank, Gaza, including, of course, most significantly, the many competing, private financial interests behind and profiting from it all:

"Iraqi Christians Dig Moat To Protect Town From Car and Suicide Bombings":\2009-07-22\kurd.htm

HENCE, WHERE ARE THEY ALL WHEN THE MOST LEADING REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR MODERN DAY NAZI QUISLING IRAN/IRAQ/US government comes to town? Answer, predictably, of course, conspicuously absent, missing in action. Their corporate paymasters do NOT want ANY negative or contradictory publicity HIGHLIGHTING the subterfuge surrounding Humpty Dumpty Iraq and its explosive role in a much greater, wider counter revolutionary Middle East privatization mission, from combined United Suckers and Assholes trillion dollar taxpayer military budgets and hardware to private corporate, financial, gifts, giveaways, boondoggles, swindles, debt and subsidies.

And, now, the Maliki, C-Span link:

But, I will not end here, with the above. I will NOT let the world off the hook. Generally, for obvious and good reasons, I lament, document the Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on planet Earth and their role.

But, please, let us NOT forget how the world and United Suckers and Assholes, in particular, got to the place in which we now all find ourselves. Let's NOT forget ALL who helped, contributed, enabled, enhanced, participated AND CONTINUE TO DO SO to bring about our current global disaster and predicament.

It takes a global village to......bring about the DEMISE OF THE SOVIET UNION and approximately, more or less, 7,000 or 9,000 STATE factories, industries, resources, assets in Eastern Europe dismantled, liquidated, sold and PRIVATIZED!!

And, that AFTER 60 million and UPWARDS more dead, disabled, sacrificed, martyred, exiled, executed, displaced who FOUGHT against or were victims of global COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY Corporate sponsored Fascism and Nazism in WWII.

Indeed, such an astounding feat makes United Suckers and Assholes in comparison look like paltry chicken feed, chopped liver. After all, United Suckers and Assholes NEVER even got anywhere near approaching such astronomical, dizzy historical heights and zenith. That represents THE world's GREATEST counter-revolution and disaster in all humanity and civilization, so far. There's nothing else even remotely approaching it. And, events have followed ever since.

Consequently, NO justice, NO peace, NO progress, NO civilization is possible from the primitive, anachronistic, barbaric, inexorable insane logic and exigencies necessitated by our present irrational, PRIVATELY owned, competitive economic system of production, distribution and natural resource, market based, profit generating economy under which we ALL presently live in varying degrees.

While our Fascist State hypocritically sends people to jail who, in comparison, commit negligible, paltry crimes, those who have and continue perpetrating MASS murder, robbery, theft, general and overall mayhem, death and destruction on a GRAND, HISTORIC, GLOBAL SCALE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF GREED REMAIN in power and are rewarded. This MUST change. Both they and their corporations MUST be DISMANTLED, liquidated, ONCE MORE, once and for all, permanently, for ever.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Himmelstein, to his credit, below, labels "Oboomacare" and Prostitute Democratic Chairman and medical doctor, Howard Dean, peddling Oboomacare's BOGUS public option health care insurance proposal, BOTH as BIG LIES and LIARS.

In addition, NOT said below or elsewhere, any medical insurance plan or option suggesting State and/or local, as opposed to national funding, CAN AND WILL NOT HAPPEN.
The money does NOT exist on a state level NOR does it challenge, threaten, compete with Federal, National tax dollars presently going to PRIVATE SUBSIDIES from military to finance to energy and all other private corporations in between. That, too, is a BOGUS issue. A red herring.
A trial balloon and distraction.

As well, for those already familiar with it and those who are not, Medicare, the name of our universal, national, public, government run senior, elderly, retirement, not-for-profit health care insurance program, itself, is extremely basic and limited in what it covers and does NOT cover and competes with an already encroaching private insurance sector which offers ADDITIONAL coverage for a high price for everything NOT covered by Medicare, which is ALOT.
Thus, extending Medicare as a national, universal, single-payer, not-for-profit, government program to ALL, of necessity, would equalize and enhance the quality of our present for profit, private medical health care delivery system, which now is a totally UNEQUAL and a lopsided delivery system:

But, let's carry Himmelstein's depiction of Oboomacare, above, one step further.

NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's ENTIRE Dictatorship from its private financial bailouts to Iraq to all other military engagements and wars are ONE BIG LIE, intentionally helped, promoted, misrepresented and mischaracterized by our complicit corporate media, fake Left along with our other MAJOR complicit enabler, United Suckers and Assholes Fascist, anti-Communist, mafia led labor unions.

Meanwhile, Iraq's intractable upcoming confrontation and explosion between its KRG versus Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister intensifies and moves forward inexorably.
NAZI KRG REFUSES to acknowledge or relinquish authority to NAZI IRANIAN BAGHDAD oil minister NOT ONLY over their regional oil and gas contracts, Kirkuk, but, to Mosul as well, to which the KRG is now expanding its claim. Both are at each others throat. Both are in an expanded land grab, threatening everyone and regional stability.

Iraq's unions also involved.
However, Munir Chalabi WAS the West's Fascist liaison, advisor to Iraq's newly formed trade unions, so, I am a bit suspect about their role.
Iraq's unions presently serve to block NAZI Iranian Baghdad's oil minister, BUT, I have not seen, read or heard any comparable, equal objections to events in Kurdistan and their NAZI KRG.

And, US Prime Minister Hillary Clinton has managed to snuff out present NAZI Iranian/Ahmadimoron governments proposed gas pipeline agreement with India. It's a NO GO, along with Ahmadimoron and by extension Iraq's present Iranian Baghdad government.

Additionally, UAE based, Hamid Jafar's Crescent Oil (Dana Gas) octopus is suing the NIOC, National Iranian Oil Company while Turkey's piece of nauseating shit and garbage, their NAZI Islamic AKP government, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," continues battling their opposition and the Turkish military to maintain their present Dictatorship.

And, the above are just SOME of the many regional events and explosive contradictions about which United Suckers and Assholes citizens live in total ignorance, the consequences of which are systemic shock and political, economic, military, seismic earthquakes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in this, our worldwide courtroom, I present for you the following evidence as to why I describe this country with a well deserved epithet as the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes on planet earth.

Please, watch the following two VERY, VERY SHORT videos, only a few minutes in duration, each, in which our lone, Quixotic, SINGLE, single-payer health care insurance advocate rises in a room filled audience to shout out about single payer and its lack of inclusion in the discussion.
And, then, the following audience response.
A little footnote, caveat.
HOW the following two TOWN hall audiences were selected, I do not know.
I do not know IF they randomly self-selected themselves OR attended because they are/were invited Democratic operatives and/or collaborative union people.

So, with that brief introduction, no more said.
Again, simply watch the 2 videos provided in both links:


And, now, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury and international courtroom, I rest my case.

However, before departing from this post to decide your verdict, guilty or not of being the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes citizens on planet earth, I will submit to you just one more little piece of evidence, a REVIVED rendition and different version of a tune from an old Broadway show, Guys and Dolls, of which the above reminded me, hence, my heading.
For those not particularly enamored of Carol Channing, as I am not, you have only to live with her VERY BRIEF introduction following:

With the above, I rest my case. You can depart this post, deliberate in quiet and judge for yourselves.
Depending on the outcome of your verdict, you now have an appropriate tune you can whistle, hum or sing as a reminder to accompany any further discussion or thoughts about the world's GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes country on planet earth.

Monday, July 20, 2009


United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship PRESIDENT, PRIME MINISTER, nominally, Secretary of State, HILLARY CLINTON presented a foreign policy speech the other day, July 15, 2009, at the powerful institutionalized think tank, CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.

Provided below is both transcript and video link of Clinton's CFR presentation.
For transcript of the question and answer period following Hillary's speech, click on to the upper right hand corner option AND/OR listen to the video link at top of the following page.

You can forget NAZI White House slave boy and empty headed, vacuous, petty CIA operative, PR front man, Obooma whose appeal equals approximately to 5th grade level here and abroad, I suppose.
And, Biden, of course, who periodically has a slip of the tongue and lets the cat out of the bag.

The reason I bother to post this.

Whatever else one says about Hillary Clinton, she is a very clever and intelligent ADVERSARY and representative of US policy, ruling class circles and her statement below is a direct CONTINUUM from the US 2006 Midterm s-elections and policy shift, coup about which I have written, previously.

Hillary is YOUR adversary.
And, your adversary is NOT stupid.
I invite you IF you can access the audio/video version of her speech, first, to LISTEN/WATCH and then refer back to the written transcript.

Contrast and compare her either to Mr. Knucklehead Obooma and/or Biden. Both Hillary and Obooma are lawyers. Which or who would you choose as legal representation in a courtroom trial?

And, then, I say, if you are not as clear thinking in defining YOUR goals, purposes, strategy, tactics and objectives as your adversary, represented by Clinton, below, then, you deserve that which you presently are receiving and, I assure you, lots more of the same to come:

I thought I would conclude on a special musical NOTE, a reminder, particularly for those in the Middle East, but, I feel, as well, a UNIVERSAL tribute and representative and antidote to Hillary and present events:

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The following EXCERPT, below, is from Obooma's former Physician, Scheiner.
Link follows:

"...Now Scheiner says that Congress should nix Obama’s health care proposal and start all over.
And pass single payer next time around..."

Above from:

So, besides NAZI Democrats, WHO supports or actively pushes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship BOGUS public option plan in United Suckers and Assholes medical/health care insurance debate?



Aside from Democrats, it is THEY who are THE MAIN OBSTACLE, impediment, blocking broad based, popular, class unity, support and militancy on the issue of NATIONAL, UNIVERSAL Single-Payer Health/Medical Care Insurance.

So, this puts EVERYONE, including their own union membership, in direct OPPOSITION, contradiction to their nominal, institutionalized, organized, class representatives.
What happens next?
Total and complete class capitulation, confrontation, explosion or implosion?
EVERYONE is now boxed into their own strategic, tactical corner, quagmire and self-made dilemma, contradiction, cul-de-sac, analogous to that of the Kurd/Iran/Baghdad one they face abroad simultaneously, which, by the way, is FINALLY acknowledged SOMEWHAT by major media outlets here.

Indeed, Defense Secretary Gates just this week suggested MORE troops would be needed by the US military.
He left it vague.

The Single Payer medical/health care insurance issue STILL does NOT DIRECTLY confront the mother of all contradictions, boondoggles, swindles--TRILLION DOLLAR taxpayer subsidies, gifts, giveaways and public debt to finance private corporate profitability and expansion abroad.

The National, Universal, Single-Payer Health/Medical Insurance issue is on a direct, logical collision course, trajectory with the preceding.
So, my/our, United Suckers and Assholes motto is/should be:

Including our hypocritical unions, whose policies, in turn, are being wracked and torn asunder by internal wrangling and dissension over issues related to domestic consequences of ALL policies above; unemployment, dislocation, privatization, dismantled industry, bankruptcy, Homeland Insecurity, wars, foreign imperial expansion, etc.

Meanwhile, entirely missing here, for reasons I have explained ad nauseum are the multitude of labor strikes and militant responses abroad, too many for me to enumerate.
So, a FEW randomly selected representatives here:

And, in Egypt:

And issues surrounding Europe's proposed Lisbon Treaty. A brief synopsis:

Lastly, ending on a humorous note. The following does NOT fit ANY of the above subject matter. But, it was just too good not to include. I found myself LOL, rolling hysterically on the floor. I think the recipient of my previously, self-created Bertolt Brecht award is well deserved and needs an alternative one, or, a new found career in satire or stand up comedy. What immediately popped into my mind as a namesake for satire is the "Jonathan Swift Award" and "A Modest Proposal."

So, I will link first to Layla's current piece, and, then, for anyone unfamiliar with Swift and "A Modest Proposal," I will provide an introductory synopsis below it:

And, for Jonathan Swift and "A Modest Proposal":

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, I cannot afford to purchase the following report about UAE Defence and Security, but, the very brief introduction below is free.
The cursory synopsis says nothing I do not already know.
I linked to it only for morons and idiots who remain in blissful denial, ignorance and unreality.

The ruling class for whom THE STATE APPARATUS works has at its disposal TONS, VOLUMES of FACTUAL information, studies, analysis to help them maintain their privileged economic position, much of it, but not all, paid by YOUR tax dollars in order to subvert YOUR class interests.

You and I, unfortunately, have at our disposal to counteract them ONLY the realities in which we live and experience daily and those few who actually do independent research, study, analysis, journalism and write some books, articles, exposes, etc.

Additionally, the ruling class hires LOTS AND LOTS of intellectual prostitutes, pimps, whores, disinformation specialists, covert and overt agents, operatives, creating an echo chamber of theoretical and historical garbage, revisionism, spurious conspiracy theories, dumbed and numbed down information, entertainment, front groups, to deflect, confound and confuse everyone away from the realities of the barbarism necessary to maintain their privileged economic position, as the aristocracy before them.
They buy, or, buy off, lots and lots of collaborators.
And, it seems, many people have a very negligible price.
And, then, addictive, profitable drugs are introduced, as well.
And, if all that is not sufficient, they kill, assassinate, blackmail, murder, rape, etc., all to maintain and expand their anachronistic, barbaric, greedy, avaricious, exploitative, profit driven system of private ownership, at all and any costs, human or otherwise.

So, with MY above introduction, here's the UAE Defence and Security report, confirming the obvious:

And, then, one more, for the morons and idiots everywhere, below.
Simply ignore the misnomer, doublespeak characterization, "progressive," and the remainder becomes quite accurate.

And, of course, Hillary and Biden are REALLY President and VP, respectively, or, I should say, Mommy and Daddy.
THEY are the Administration.
Obooma is a complete and total empty headed vessel, the House Slave they trot out for PR purposes for "Change."

As I had written in a previous post from 2005 to which I will link and REPRINT, below, 2005 represented a policy shift, departure, regime change, a coup, which the US 2006 midterm election solidified, including Rumsfeld's subsequent removal, a process begun then culminating now.

Indeed, there WAS dissension within professional military ranks about Iran and the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld collaboration with Ahmadimoron's militias in Iraq.
Rumsfeld's military policies are and were, from a/their strictly professional military standpoint, traitorous and disastrous.

The reasons should be obvious ones, the same ones even I can understand and which drive the present internal and external contradictions and confrontations, necessitating the remedies I have long forecast regarding Iran/Iraq regime change, congruency, mopping up:

And, if you scroll down just below, I have reprinted my entry from October, 2005, "Silent Coup in Washington," OR, use the direct link here:


The following is a repost/reprint FOR REFERENCE from my initial blogspot, publicly inaccessible,, from October 2005.
I tested ALL embedded links and they work, except for one from The Scotsman.
I left that one intentionally in a different color to distinguish it from the others. So:

OCTOBER 13, 2005

Silent Coup in Washington

On October 12, 2005, a terse news report of a few lines stated merely that the heads of JP Morgan and Gazprom had a "business meeting."
Likewise, Kissinger met with Putin, separately.
Another terse comment of a few lines.
For the above reports:


Another article appeared in the Asia Times, "Rice Bowls Them Over":

A few days later, Rice meets with Putin.
Apparently, comprehensive discussions took place between Rice and Putin regarding, Iran, the Middle East, Central Asia, etc.
I don't want to repeat what is/was reported everywhere else.
This all follows from a silent coup in Washington.
The following article appeared not too long ago, in the Jan/Feb 2005 edition of Foreign Affairs:
"Rand, CFR Advise US to End Unwinable War":

For the article go to:

Events since are flowing from this policy and power shift, both domestically and internationally.
For domestic purposes, it's an orchestrated diminution of Presidential authority, reflected by numerous scandals.
Bush is titular President. His Administration is totally shattered, in ruins. These policy changes reflect economic necessity and military realities on the ground.
The US propertied class simply has neither the money nor power anymore to press forward internationally. They're bankrupt, on all levels. They've lost military and economic leverage in just about every corner of the globe, from Russia and China, to Central Asia, Latin America, Africa.
In addition to the Asia Times article, above, the following appeared in the Christian Science Monitor:

Interesting, isn't it, all that time in the months preceding the Iranian election, quite obviously, this "deal" was known by the same publications pushing the "we will bomb Iran" line.
But, never mind, just another Big Lie to add to the long, long list of officially promulgated Big Lies, carried by their dutiful media conduits.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, again, what/who is missing in the following picture below about the battle for single-payer health care insurance?
United Suckers and Assholes organized, institutional, class representatives, i.e., labor unions, of course.
Not all, as you should be aware if you have been reading this blog.
They divide amongst themselves.
Those with the most resources, however, SUPPORT NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's emasculated, tortured health care insurance plan.
They are the active participants, cheerleaders, enablers and collaborators.

BUT NONE, including the minority section of the labor movement, will force the issue to a crisis by engaging in MILITANT, DIRECT ACTION, CONFRONTATION.
They could, but, will not.
They could stop the world and the country, dead, in its tracks.
But, they will NOT exercise this power.
It would be tantamount to revolution here.

Of course, additionally, ALL labor pension monies are invested in one or another private corporations from health care to finance to energy to natural resource multinationals:

The Greatest United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet does not even have a PRINCIPLED OPPOSITION AGAINST the mother of all boondoggles, NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship tax gifts, subsidies, giveaways, swindles and debt.
Why not?
Same answer as above.
One and the same principle applies AND one and the same contradictions.

And speaking of contradiction, duplicity, deceit, guess where is our greatest NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship Treasury Secretary right now?
At this very moment?
Where else? Can't you guess? You should know by now.
The Middle East, GCC, of course, THE coordinating, financial armpit of the world, current NAZI Switzerland, center of our orchestrated, preplanned economic meltdown, assets to be sold at bargain basement prices, industrial relocation, union busting and upcoming, Middle East speculative financial bubble, IMF participant, ALL financed courtesy of United Suckers and Assholes mostly working class taxpayer dollars to the above obscene corporations including bombs, military hardware, private contractors, war, death, etc.
As I have repeatedly said, ALL hinges on a "successful" outcome for this most reactionary of counter-revolutionary, privatizing, Middle East projects and speculative bubbles:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The US sponsored Nabucco Gas Pipeline project was just inked or reaffirmed between Turkey, Iraq and EU countries.
Hamid Jafar's octopus/empire, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil, will be a major Nabucco supplier.
Excerpt below, link follows:

"...The prime ministers of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey ink the intergovernmental accord that marks a significant step forward in the Nabucco pipeline project. The signing ceremony was long delayed due to lack of gas supplies. Turkmenistan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria all pledge gas in what Turkish PM Erdo─čan welcomes as 'exciting news'..."
Excerpt from:

Presumably, Russia is frozen out. Not really.
Again, Helmer does a nice job exposing diversionary propaganda:

PRESENT day Iran,however, is OUT. Excluded.
A possible recent US-Russian agreement was reached involving collaboration, cooperation regarding Iran regime change, mopping up, congruency, Afghan transit, Iraq and Lukoil and Nabucco, above.

The above article does NOT mention that Baghdad's present Iranian oil minister OPPOSES, does NOT recognize, support, KRG authority, the Dana Gas Nabucco deal, Kirkuk, or any others, for that matter.

The intractable conflict and contradictions represented by present day Iran in Baghdad and KRG interests, above, are the nub, the heart of the present Middle East escalation and upcoming regional explosion.
So, for example, the following:

"Israeli Warships Make Rare Suez Crossing: Port Source":

By the way, when referring to a Middle East Big Bang upcoming explosion, I am NOT referring to the territorial space of Iran, proper, but, instead, the geography of Humpty Dumpty Iraq, in which multiple occupation forces now exist, the KRG Peshmerga forces, Iranian militias and US military forces, all going NOWHERE whatsoever.
On the contrary.
US military involvement will INTENSIFY SHORTLY as the above situation escalates since it is not a neatly contained one within the demarcation lines of what was former Iraq. Which is one of the reasons why so many military forces are aligned everywhere, encompassing Turkey and Israel. Spillover, as occured in the Vietnam, Southeast Asia war/s.

Added to the above incendiary equation, mix, the following regarding Iraq's oil workers:

"Iraq's Weakened Unions Fight Foreign Oil Firms."

HOWEVER, before reading the following/above article/headline, keep in mind two preceding historical developments.

First, immediately after US occupation and invasion, Iraq's former, large, umbrella labor organization was DISMANTLED, its assets frozen, seized, liquidated, distributed. That initial Iraqi umbrella labor organization, whose name I cannot recall off the top of my head at the moment, was, additionally, affiliated to/with the Communist led, global, WFTU, World Federation of Trade Unions.

Instead, Iraqi unions now, as their US counterparts, have become fragmented and affiliated with/to Western labor organizations and their respective, global, anti-Communist led, ILO, International Labor Organization, which, by the way, has planned EXPANSION.

Second, flowing from and helping to implement the above policies, Munir Chalabi, at the time, is/was British and US representative, spokesperson, liaison, link between Iraq's NEWLY formed "independent" labor unions and the supposed British, US anti-war movement and labor opposition. I do not know IF that relationship continues. For related reasons above, Iraq's former labor delegation and visit in the US and Britain was WIDELY opposed and exposed.
So, current article about Iraq's predictably "weakened" trade unions, below:

And, related to the above subject, trade unions and anti-Communism, the following two items from JBANC regarding Stalin and Hitler. Again, recall, US Democratic putative "peace" candidate, Representative Dennis Kucinich, is/was a JBANC co-founder:

And, presently, our NAZI Obooma Administration:

And, finally, to juxtapose a few more items, responses, to the above.

First, a commentary from my favorite political pundit who seems to have returned to cyberspace from a momentary lapse:

And, then, a good representative of the kind of response that certainly does NOT happen in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship, for reasons mentioned above:
"French Auto Workers Threaten to Blow Up Factory":

In this captive nation of United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship, they would have to blow up or seize BOTH their factory AND their union offices to effect change.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have little time for more than a cursory post at the moment.
The above/below heading/link will have to suffice.
The killing fields of Humpty Dumpty's Iraq/Iran/Middle East simply continue forward, including, no doubt, plans for greater US air power. That is their speciality. Air power is high tech and involves less casualties than ground forces. And, GENERALLY speaking, he who controls the sky controls the ground:,extra-iraqi-christian-official-assassinated-in-kirkuk.html

Since my favorite anecdotal political blogger pundit appears to be temporarily missing for reasons I hope are not bad, I am forced to TRY to fill the vacuum created.
So, my brief, anecdotal political commentary, narrative, below, not too good or professional.
Bear with me.

I THOUGHT I would have a personal day today AWAY from the asinine stupidity and dumb downed idiocy of politics, the media and/or the internet.
A few simple, necessary chores, like shopping at a nearby supermarket for a few items.
O.K. Stage set.
So, what happens next?

Standing OUTSIDE the supermarket entrance leafleting are a few starry eyed, cherubic looking YOUNG adults around 20ish, more or less.
And, for what precious issue are they leafleting, pray tell?
To boycott Israeli products!!!
I flew into an unexpected tizzy and rage.
So, I asked them what the hell did they know about Israel, much less anything else.
For example, did they know WHO OWNS ISRAEL?
Answer, NO.
I asked them IF they knew the name Nochi Dankner?
Answer. NO.
I asked them IF they knew Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel?
Answer, NO.
I asked them, if they were so concerned about Israel, in addition to TRILLIONS of dollars of US/OUR taxpayer subsidies, why were they NOT standing outside Citigroup offices, demanding everyone BOYCOTT AND DIVEST from CITIGROUP, MORGAN STANLEY, EXXON, our private health care insurance companies, etc.
Of course, they had no answer.
I am quite sure nobody ever responded to them in the way in which I did.
Unfortunately, I did NOT think to ask WHO, WHICH front group put them up to their exercise in futility. That was an error on my part.
So, this/that is my short, brief, ancedotal, political report for the day.
After the above attempt, let us all hope our resident anecdotal political blogger and pundit returns!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


First, the 3 stooges.
I previously linked to 2 photo journalism essays from John Helmer's website.
So, I thought, this time, I would introduce photo commentary from a different source regarding Italy's present G8 meeting.
And, here it is, below.
As the ubiquitous expression goes, "one picture is worth a thousand words."
It really does not get any better than the following.


Meanwhile, back in the heart of United Assholes and Suckers territory, our commercialized national media has a macabre, steady, mind numbing, dumbed down drumbeat of spoon fed, degenerate, electronic Roman Bread (or Junk Food) and Circuses entertainment, managing, somehow, to parasitically suck the life blood out of an already dead, pathetic, pathological, dysfunctional corpse, cadaver, Michael Jackson, a good symbol of the state of the country AND THE WORLD, as the global pieces of WWIII (World War 3) fall stealthily into place.

The following warning, advisory or statement about Africacom is a very nice one, especially in reference to Nkrumah, with whom I couldn't agree more EXCEPT for the fact that ALL the people he calls, implores, names for help, assistance in the US are counterrevolutionary, covert and overt CIA, mafia and/or drug related front groups and/or operatives, agents, especially the Nation of Islam or, as I call them, the Nation of Hate, Stupidity, Ignorance and Farrakhan, who helped assassinate Malcolm X. ALL part and parcel to the sleazy Chicago mob machinery supporting NAZI PR slave boy Obooma's rise.

If the writer below does NOT understand this, then, I do not know which world he inhabits and what more to say/add.
He is wasting his and all our precious time.

"Free Market CIA-AFRICOM Warning to US Government":

Likewise, more repulsive fiction, fabrication, historical revision and propaganda emanates out of the mouths of the European continent's NAZIS, lying in wait to set the stage for a third, fourth or umpteenth number of repeat performances of HOT wars on the same continent:

And, along those lines, above, a nice, little synopsis expressing well the continental divide and tectonic fault lines represented by Nabucco versus Gazprom:

Following along Russian lines, the REAL reason surrounding our current NAZI White House slave boy's recent jaunt. The sentence excerpted below should be reconfigured to read, the entourage "with whom Obooma is travelling..." since Obooma is THEIR servant, slave, hired help. Obooma serves AT THEIR BEHEST, not the other way around. Excerpt first, link follows:

"...In addition to Boeing, John Deere, and Pepsi, executives from US oil majors ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and aluminium major Alcoa are travelling with Obama..."

The above added together sounds to me like good old fashioned Imperial European lineups, alliances, contradictions, a la WWI, extending, of course, throughout the globe to Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and everywhere else.

This time around, however, the US will NOT have the luxury of being an ancillary, auxiliary, supportive, secondary, background player on the world scene, but, instead, IN THE MIDDLE, THE THICK OF IT all and the US continent will NOT be spared.

And, of course, added to the above recipe, mix, is the Middle East ticking time bomb, BIG BANG, courtesy of the incendiary, intractable conflicts I have enumerated repeatedly on this blog surrounding the KRG, Erbil, versus NAZI Iran/Iraq's Baghdad Oil Minister, Kirkuk status, oil revenue distributions, energy contracts, torture chambers, killings, assassinations, bombings, murder, executions, mayhem and death Incorporated.

Under such circumstances, it is logical to expect, at least, I do, as a, or, the, only way out, overt or covert support for a nominally labelled Arab Opposition and Resistance, not to privatization, but, to offset, counteract, retard, balance, mitigate, control and/or overthrow the above two competing and conflicting factions. Perhaps, it will be Allawi's circle, again.

Additionally, I am WAITING for Turkey's military, in conjunction with other domestic Turkish opposition forces, to make history by overturning the regional applecart completely and THROWING OUT THEIR FASCIST, REACTIONARY, PSEUDO ISLAMIC, PRIVATIZING AKP!!

So, what is to be done, here?


Choices are made ALL the time. Choices are many. Multiple. Manifold. Individuals make choices every day. And, consequences flow from them.

But, each and every time opportunity and choice presents itself HERE COLLECTIVELY to extricate from or diminish dependence upon our debased, debauched, anachronistic, atavistic, barbaric, primitive, prehistoric, obscene, decadent, regressive, pathological PRIVATE economic system, it is NOT TAKEN, sabotaged, by our retrograde, collaborative, collusive, anti-Communist, mafia led and installed labor unions and fake, ersatz, state, private, foundation and corporate manufactured and funded "dissident" Left/Opposition and false dichotomy.

For example, on the issue of single payer health care. The latest hypocrisy from our NAZI Democrats noted below. But, where is our militant, UNIFIED, union led labor opposition?:

And its corollary, an expanded, ever greater, more comprehensive public pension system and divestment out of and away from private corporations.

Both paths, above, lead to substantial independence, emancipation and leverage from our present sad state of domestic affairs and our anachronistic private pension and health care system.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow woods and THEY, above, chose the one MOST WELL trodden or travelled," to paraphrase and juxtapose some famous lines in Robert Frost's poem:

NO across the board, militant united class front or action exists on any of the above. THIS fact, this reality, NOT confronted.

So, each and every opportunity and day passively passes by in which everybody digs themselves and others "deeper and deeper into debt" and into an existential economic dependency hole, quagmire and crisis of their own making from which "no exit" exists except that of an ultimately explosive, implosive one, riots, anarchy, dislocation, collapse, war, upheaval and revolution, the same logical exigencies as their ME, Eurasian clones, counterparts, above.

A cul-de-sac.

To use a hackneyed adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Confrontation deferred leads to further, larger, grander, bigger confrontations, explosions, implosions down the road.

A simple principle applies from all the above to US taxpayer gifts, subsidies, loans, giveaways to PRIVATE financial firms and corporations.


If it walks and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

NAZI spokesperson and propagandist Grover Norquist said he wanted to shrink the public sector to a size that can be drowned down a bathtub drain.

I answer NAZI operative Grover Norquist with the OPPOSITE.

The NAZI private GLOBAL sector which has brought the planet two world wars, limitless exploitation, colonial expansion, imperialist contradictions, slavery, untoward death, destruction, artificially created starvation, destitution, homelessness, poverty, despair must SHRINK and be liquidated to a size which can be drowned down a bathtub drain and the not-for-profit public sector INCREASED correspondingly, instead.

Such a simple principle is much too easy for everyone to understand, although, certainly not to NAZI ideologue Grover Norquist.

And, here's a repetitive reminder of the above from a previous post. As you will notice, NOT ONE affirmative, positive position, demand, suggestion I offered below has come to pass, to fruition. NOT ONE. Instead, as forecast, ALL opposites apply:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There certainly are real issues surrounding China's revisionist policies and privatization. But, the Western/US Fascist modus operandi of exacerbated and artificially created "ethnic" regional tensions and provocations STAGED these past few days in China is NOT one of them.

Of course, this region is oil rich, strategic and centrally located. Reasons are many and abundant, including the continued domination of the Communist Party and SOME state industries still remaining. A potentially competitive state. Not everything, YET, is privatized and open to Western financial investment, penetration and their control.

First, a small article about the riots in China noting, describing unprovoked attacks and then a video below substantiating what I say:

And, now, the video, whose assertion is fundamentally accurate:

Monday, July 6, 2009


Just one more irresistible tidbit, photo essay, commentary, courtesy of John Helmer.
After sharing just this one further Helmer link I promise you no more.
You all know where to go for yourselves now:

And, now, for the one, two, left, right punch to the heart of the scurrilous NAZI power Establishment, HERE, well represented by Helmer's photo journalism, above.

First, from the nominally labelled, putative, "right," or, conservative side.
Sarah Palin now threatens to sue almost the entire major Establishment media here for defamation of character, lies, slander, innuendo, etc.
I am sure Palin will rapidly become MORE of a major folk hero and rallying point than she has become already.
Both she and hubby, to be more accurate.
Lots of moxie those two.

And, then, from the more or less so-called Left side, the Quixotic singlepayer health care insurance movement keeps jabbing, chipping, gnawing away like ants at the powers that be.
Here's another adorable confrontation:

And, remember, do not forget, sleazebag extraordinaire and mafioso bagman, former Illinois Democratic Governor Blagoyevich's trial has NOT even begun yet.
Another media feeding frenzy waiting to happen.
Naming names? Accusations galore??

So, like their NAZI Iranian Mullah partners, they, too, are FINISHED. They just do not realize it yet, all included.
They ALL live in the smug, insulated, rarified atmosphere of the "state" of denial and self-deception.
Like the last Russian Czar whose serfs implored their dear leader to help and then subsequently got mowed down indiscriminately on the palace steps.

While speaking of Russian Czars, I almost forgot. Our NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship is about to ask for YET MORE MONEY. Another so-called "stimulus" package "comin' around the corner when she comes," as goes the refrain of this popular folk song. So, let's see how the dear citizens, peons, serfs, wages slaves of our doormat nation react this time around.

And, finally, one more seemingly tangential subject in the news on which to end.

I, too, like many others, am very curious about Guantanamo Bay US Prison in Cuba because, amongst some of the "prisoners" they released, previously, were/are a few Chinese Uighurs/Uyghurs.

And, when I happened to catch some video of these people awhile back interviewed BRIEFLY on TV they looked liked fat stuffed pigs, hardly like prisoners who had undergone ANY torture, etc.

And, the reason I mention this now is because reports from present Chinese "rioting" involve Uighurs/Uyghurs:

ALL the above is very curious and mysterious to me, indeed, since the Uighur/Uyghur SEPARATIST movement has an office in Washington, DC!

And, here it is:

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, Helmer does not disappoint.

As NAZI US Dictatorship slave boy Obooma makes upcoming perfunctory noises and photo ops with his Russian counterpart, the other smirking NAZI chimp sitting at the top of Russia's Fascist garbage heap, Medvedev, Hillary and Biden work busily in the background quietly plying their trade, negotiating the necessary arrangements, bargains and agreements.

Helmer nicely documents one of them in the following trail of letters and exchanges between he and the Endeavor Group regarding Hillary, Endeavor, Rusal connections:

Meanwhile, undoubtedly, more bargains about Lukoil in Iraq in exchange for Russian cooperation regarding an end to the Iranian NAZI Mullah regime and their control, impasse in Iran/Iraq.

Assuredly, this is why Biden is in the Middle East at the moment.

A telltale sign was the lack of ANY interest, response in Iraq's recent oil bidding round by energy major multinationals.

So, regional arrangements being confirmed, consulted, consummated for the following eventuality:

"Israel Denies Saudis Gave IDF Airspace Clearance for Iran Strike":

Like I have said, just one too many regional contradictions and impediments surrounding Iraq/Iran necessitating regime change, congruency and mopping up to advance the goal of regional economic integration and privatization.
Of necessity, an already unstable internal and external contradictory situation, here, there, abroad, everywhere will intensify and escalate.
So, THEY are getting themselves prepared, ready, consulting one another, laying the groundwork.

And, what is it YOU ARE DOING to advance, protect YOUR own class interests here or anywhere?
The answer to the above in this greatest of all United Suckers and Assholes Doormat nation is DENIAL, NOTHING.
Class interests?? What class interests??
Whose class, which class??
The graduating class of 2009??
Plenty of class collaboration here.
Enough left over to export to the entire world, which we do.
So, enjoy your lovely big and little wars and mass, class suicide and calamity, much of which already occurs, helped along and facilitated by our nominal, official class representatives.
Much more bitter economic fruit to digest coming soon from those who provided it to you in the first place.
Contemplate, consider and ponder well the sources who brought and facilitated this disaster upon you when you are forced to swallow hard on those bitter economic pills.
Your answer to the above better be a correct one.