Sunday, July 26, 2009


Once again, United Suckers and Assholes Single Payer Health/Medical Care Insurance advocates are admonished,
"Sit Down, Sit down, Sit down, You're rocking the boat!"
(See my previous post on this matter for musical accompaniment.)

And, so much more double, triple, quadruple speak, excuses, apologies, rationalizations out of the many sides of their mouths, ears, eyes, heads and all other orifices available on the same website:

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, simultaneous with the above unfolding confrontation and theatre of the absurd, an equally intractable Iraq/Iran/Baghdad versus KRG/Erbil confrontation catapults, crescendos inexorably forward with each and every development, now.

The contradictions continue mounting and mounting upwards, like Mount Everest, growing taller, larger, bigger, more audacious, grandiose and transparent, day by day. The ludicrous democracy facade totally stripped away. Raw, naked commercial power, land grab, greed, profit exposed on BOTH/ALL sides now.

And, here is an example from another, generally considered more obscure part of the globe, Iceland, about Russian investment in which the blogger, journalist, below, professes NOT to know, understand WHICH Russian commercial interests have been and will be represented in Iceland.

Clearly, she has been missing in action for 20 or more years since ALL of Russia and East Europe were "democratized, liberated" and sold off to PRIVATE global, Western NAZI/Fascist commercial interests, representatives and their murky tentacles, off shore, global, mob/mafia connected Russian oligarchs, financial front and hit men.
Nor has she been reading John Helmer's website, apparently.
I recommend she begin, immediately.
So, I say to Iceland,
"Greetings!! Welcome, Welcome to the World's Most Elite, Exclusive, International Club!"
Certainly, I NO longer will fly to Europe on the happy skies of once proud and very safe Icelandic Airlines:

And, another one:

And, finally, to conclude today's post, a musical entry.
A pop tune and accompanying video, to which I rarely, if ever, listen, but, I thought nicely added to and illustrated the subject matter at hand:

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