Friday, January 30, 2009


The following small hypocrisy roundup speaks for itself.

In Nazi Obooma/Citigroup Alice-in-Wonderland Nation, "Billions More Needed for Financial Meltdown...":

And, "Citigroup's Parsons Pleads for Stimulus":


And more on our Citigroup President's Trillion Dollar Gift and Tax Bonanza. They just can't figure out if it will "work," anyway. But, hey, who cares? See any US of Assholes and Suckers out in the street protesting or on strike?:

And, "Meet the New Bailout, Same as the Old Bailout..."

"...Meet the new bailout, which is essentially the same as the old bailout in that it continues to protect shareholders and existing management and the "sanctity" of private firms at the expense of taxpayers....

...This plan is similar to the structure of the government's second bailout of Citigroup, whereby the bank got $20 billion of capital and the government guaranteed 90% of losses on $306 billion in troubled mortgage assets..."


Moving offshore, Citibank Kuwait Derivates Workshop. Don't do it here, any longer. Offshore now:

Then, ExxonMobil Profits UP, i.e, Rockefeller.

Remember Exxon?

One of the major energy companies Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin opposed in Alaska NEVER discussed in the US Presidential campaign:

More amongst voluminous political killings and assassinations in Iraq:;_ylt=AvPvKkZRdQMv8DchaPDPFoQLewgF

And putative Democratic Representative "Peace Candidate," Dennis Kucinich, and Obooma continue their/his Baltic Caucus and Victims of Communism, Heritage Foundation activities, such as this most recent regarding Latvia with many more activities to come:

Meanwhile, the empty-headed, vacuous, totally IMPOTENT Nazi/Citigroup Obooma puppet comes out and sputters meaningless platitudes and utter nonsense and garbage his handlers provide him while the US and the world spin into chaos around them.
He does not have a clue by himself what to do.
I have said from the beginning Nazi/Citigroup Obooma is a disposable, dispensible, throwaway frontman and candidate.
He may be sacrificed very soon at this rate.

Finally, I think from now until Obooma's demise I will end each and every blog with my previous entry about what we do not have and will not get:

And, be sure, as well, to note my other, more extensive entry, today, just below this one, about the Iranian, Israeli Pipeline Company, Turkey, Deutsche Bank, etc...


Below, I highlighted a paragraph from a relatively recent Haaretz article, entitled, "The Story of Iranian Oil and Israeli Pipes."
Following the EXCERPT I will link directly to the Haaretz article from which it came.
You MUST read Haaretz's entire article to understand the background context and then I will follow to current, convoluted, competing economic manipulations and conflicts from which it flows.

The pipeline to which they are/I am referring, above/below, is EAPC, or, Israel's THEN state owned Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company PARTNERED with Iran.

Now, I am aware many of you reading this are fully conscious of the enormous background of Iranian-Israeli cooperation and collaboration, much more extensive than this pipeline.
Amongst others, one need only recall Israel's role in supplying Iran-Contra.
However, new details continue emerging publicly for the first time.

For example, what you MAY not know is Deutsche Bank's major role in financing the EAPC, Israel-Iran pipeline project, below, which is totally comprehensible when one understands that Iran's Shah, Reza Pahlavi and his family, supported Germany's WWII Nazi government and the Nazi Pahlavi dynasty was reinstated in Iran after WWII, courtesy of America's pro-Nazi government, CIA, NSC, Kissinger, Rockefeller, JP Morgan,, and their continuity of what was called the Nazi German General "Reinhard Gehlen's spy network" abroad, extending to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and beyond.
So, the following excerpt about Deutsche Bank, Iran, Israel connections and, then, below it the article:

"...In the end, thanks to his connections, Shinar obtained funding from the German Deutsche Bank, through which some of the reparations money had been transferred to Israel in the 1950s and the 1960s. Shinar and Nafici met in Geneva and Zurich with Hermann Josef Abs, chairman of the board of Deutsche Bank, and discussed the loan conditions with him. Abs had a Nazi past: He was responsible for the bank's foreign operations from 1938, and after World War Two he had been imprisoned for several months. Apparently, however, this did not prevent Israeli representatives from enjoying close, friendly ties with him..."

Further, although it is asserted Iran-Israel's direct oil pipeline relationship discontinued after Iran's Fascist Islamic revolution, it has been pointed out that Iranian oil could/can well have continued flowing through third party channels. After all, oil, like money, is a fungible commodity.
For one aspect on this last point, see the following about Marc Rich's role importing oil for Israel:

With the above historical reminder, fast forward to current developments.

It is/was proposed BOTH to revive Israel's Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline, or Trans-Israel Pipeline, TIP, and EXPAND it to include the transit of gas and oil from Turkey to India, circumventing Iran and possibly Russia, as well. This proposal received much commentary. The following REPRINT presents a thumbnail synopsis. Once again, I will provide the direct link below it:
"25.11.2008 Istanbul: Turkey and India plan oil pipeline to the Red Sea
New pipeline(gm) Turkey, India and Israel want to improve the transport of oil from central Asia and the Black Sea region using a common pipeline. For this purpose, they planned to build an undersea pipeline from the Turkish oil port, Ceyhan to the Israeli coastal city Ashkelon, and from there, on to Eilat, on the Israeli coast of the Red Sea, as cited in the Indian media on Tuesday, after the Turkish Energy Minister, Hilmi Güler led discussions in the country. “It is not a simple project […]. Within a month, there should be a meeting between representatives from India, Israel and Turkey”, said Güler. India wants to transport the oil from Eilat further using tankers. After the Turkish reports, both Israel and Russia want to take part in the project. Ceyhan, on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, has been until now, the point where the BTC pipeline, running from Azerbaijan across Georgia, ends. Kazakhstan is, in theory, ready to supply oil, via Russia, on the western markets. In mid-November, representatives from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan signed a principle agreement over an appropriate transport system during an energy conference in Baku. As a result, oil from Kazakhstan is to be supplied across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, using tankers in order for it then to be pumped through the BTC-pipeline to the Turkish Mediterranean coast."
Now, here's where it gets much more entangled, confused, emeshed, convoluted and fascinating.
In the following article, the writer analyzes Georgia-Russia's recent conflict/war in context of the above proposed pipeline, extending Georgia as an energy transit agent, circumventing both Russia and Iran. However, in addition to Georgia's transit role in a proposed Turkish-Israeli-India pipeline, I have, once again, excerpted and emphasized a single paragraph from the article, below, NOT related to Georgia, which perplexed me. In it, as you can see, the writer asserts EAPC IS A PRIVATELY OWNED FIRM (MY emphasis in BOLD). Please be sure to read the entire article:
"...The Ashkelon-Eilat Pipeline Company is a privately owned firm, owned jointly by Israel and the government of Iran. Tehran is currently not an active partner, and it and Israel are involved in international arbitration [Israel refuses to pay the Iran a compensation for its EAPC’s shares and other debts which are estimated to be around $5 billion]. (OGE note – keep in mind this was written on Jan. 18 and so could have changed.)..." END OF EXCERPT, FROM...
Now, the whole point of contention and conflict regarding EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, above and elsewhere, lay in PRIVATIZATION and who gets what, how much, etc.
Consequently, whomever controls and/or owns EAPC under present circumstances has an extraordinarly powerful and lucrative position from which to multiply their profits astronomically IF and when the pipeline comes to fruition.
I have tried to ascertain information about EAPC, but, come up with NOTHING, absolutely nothing, other than the two individuals stated on EAPC's website, Oren Shachor, Chairman and President and Yair Waide, General Manager.
Here is EAPC information and a direct link to their website:

Now come additional points of financial and economic conflicts of interests over the above proposed pipeline.

In the following, and above, as well, it is/was suggested Russia was asked to join and declined.
How true is this assertion and explanation I do not know.
One point of contention and objection, presumably, not only by Russia, is/was that Turkish PM Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, was appointed CEO with Turkey's Calik Group and, in turn, Turkey's Calik Group was awarded sole contractor for the above pipeline project. Again, some further aspects about the Calik, Erdogan, pipeline connections in the following link:
Turkey's Calik Group is another major and controversial private conglomerate.
In the following, for example, sale of Turkey's second largest media outlet to Turkey's Calik Group, partnered with a Qatari company, in Turkey's AKP "passion to privatize," has "raised eyebrows."
Serhat Albayrak, brother of Turkish PM Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, mentioned in relation to the above pipeline, is CEO of this new Turkish media congolmerate.
So, the article:
Then, I have EXCERPTED additional commentary about the above transaction from a second source. Once again, after the following excerpt, I will provide the direct link from which it came:

"...Perhaps more important has been the changing of hands of the Sabah group, which controlled an important part of media outlets, most notably Sabah newspaper, the largest-circulation in the country, and ATV television channel. Following a rift between its former and latter owners, Dinc Bilgin and Turgay Çiner, and the leaking of a secret protocol between them that seemed to indicate the sale was a fake transaction, the asset was sequestered, putting it under government control for a long period of time. After over a year, as the Sabah/ATV group was put to sale, only the ÇALIK group came forward with a bid. Foreign investors can own no more than 25 percent of a media outlet, and no domestic bidders were present. CALIK, on the other hand, is known for its proximity to the government. Prime Minister Erdogan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak is its CEO, and its media wing is run by the latter’s brother, Serhat. Even though there was just one offer, the auction was not annulled, and the bid of around US$1.1 billion was accepted. Equally remarkable was the financing of this deal. The state-owned Halk and Vakif banks each provided US$350 million for financing the deal – the largest credits ever provided by either bank, and this was done without any demands for additional guarantees. The remainder of the financing needed was provided through a Qatari government fund. This episode caused a scandal, displaying hitherto unseen relations among media, politics and power. Thus, without paying a penny, the ÇALIK group was able to take over one of the most significant media groups in the country.The rise of the ÇALIK Group is itself an issue worth separate examination. The group has a substantial focus of its activities in Turkmenistan, where it has had close links with the Turkmen government. It has also participated in several privatization auctions during the AKP government’s tenure. Most specifically, ÇALIK was awarded the construction and management of the Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline without a tender procedure, and it also received a license to build a refinery in Ceyhan. ÇALIK had also taken part in the tender for the privatization of Türk Telekom. However, in this case the group stayed in the auction only to bow out suddenly when it only had a single competitor left, a Lebanese firm, which hence clinched the deal..." END OF EXCERPT, FROM...
ALL the above, of course, is a consequence of PRIVATIZATION.
It is both OBSCENE and an endless process.
They, it, this privatization process can and must be annulled, overturned, prosecuted, mitigated, abridged, STOPPED, HALTED, liquidated and everything, everywhere, RENATIONALIZED.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Here's information PROVIDED to me by someone else, which I am reprinting exactly as I received it for everyone else's benefit in the US:

Here's a list of all the Democrats who voted NO on the stimulus bill.
All Republicans also voted NO.
(Note: We are currently in the 111th Congress)

Allen Boyd, Bobby Bright, Jim Cooper, Brad Ellsworth, Parker Griffith, Paul Kanjorski, Frank, Kratovil, Walt Minnick, Collin Peterson, Heath Shuler, Gene Taylor

If your Congressperson is on the above list of NO voters, please send them a quick THANK YOU!

If you don't know who your congressperson is, click on the link below.
Your Voter Registration Card will have all your District information.

And, then, see my second blog posting for today, just below.


Worldwide economic, political and class war must be declared against the US and its Nazi Obooma/Citigroup led Administration and ALL their Fascist collaborators, locally, nationally and globally.
NO legitimacy, NO credibility provided them, whatsoever.

The auspicious beginning of the end of America's Fascist, corrupt, collaborative, anti-Communist led labor union practices can be seen in the following regarding open warfare between SEIU and it's largest California local, United Healthcare Workers-West, led by a fellow named Sal Rosselli.
Mob led SEIU, controlled by the totally corrupt, Fascist and dictatorial Andy Stern gang, was Nazi Obooma's major labor backer AND the group utilized most vociferously and vituperatively against Republican VP Sarah Palin.
They employ every underhanded, heavy handed, dirty, mob like, gangster tactic available to intimidate, harrass, threaten, blackmail, etc, to obtain whatever is their desired goal.

NOBODY should be a part of SEIU or support them.
SEIU, along with Obooma, must be opposed, liquidated, abandoned.

IN TURN, SAL ROSSELLI AND UNITED HEALTHCARE WEST MUST BE SUPPORTED AND DEFENDED in their courageous, valient efforts to battle and resist the Andy Stern gang's leadership AND to try to create an independent, more progressive union.

More details about the above can be found at the following links/websites. Unfortunately, I do not have a direct e-mail address or contact at my fingertips for Sal Rosselli, his/their newly created, independent labor movement, above/below.

However, at the following website, a "contact" link exists at the top AND a comment section below which can be utilized TEMPORARILY to convey support to and/or contact Rosselli, UHW-West, their new labor union and its goals.


The more publicity, INTERNATIONAL recognition, concrete support their/our struggle gets/receives, the better.
Recognize this opportunity for what it is.
Help advance, guide, direct and push them/it forward in the correct direction, even if only with moral recognition.
They will need ALL the support they can get challenging our twin dictatorships of Fascist capital with their allied unions.
Rosselli and UHW-West is opening a potent space for ALL of us, EVERYONE:

Another roundup of similiar information, second source, with further links available at:

And, in contrast to the abysmal reactionary, Fascist policies of the US SEIU labor union, French unions are currently leading a general strike:,french-railway-workers-kick-off-general-strike--summary.html

In the following, it is reported Nazi Obooma's office widely "delegates" authority and responsibilities to others. That's simple. Nazi Obooma is a zero entity, an empty-headed vacuum, a complete PR creation and front man, just like Nazi Bush, before him.

The US Nazi ship of state is the Titanic, led by Nazi Citigroup and fellow greedy travellers, all pulling simultaneously, opportunistically in different directions for expedient short and long term greedy gains.
For those of you who like anarchy, this is a sort of social anarchy.
And, it AIN'T good.
It is NOT helpful.

And, as a final tidbit, confirmation of the "mopping up, regime change and congruency" process I have been forecasting and following for some time in Iraq, Iran and regionally,
"Iraq Kurd Officials Ask PKK to Lay Down Arms":

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I write this, the entire US NAZI Democratically led government and their created Frankenstein monster, the US Fuhrer, Obooma and his Citigroup Administration, will be GIFTING approximately ONE TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS IN DEBT to the very same private corporations who created the world's current orchestrated speculative bubble and collapse and ultimately to whom all working class taxpayers will owe and pay the debt in perpetual bondage in our perpetual money-go-round system.

Now they are creating an ADDITIONAL SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, a second layer, onto the first one which went bust with this so-called "stimulus bill" which is nothing but a humungous bonanza and FREE lunch giveaway for private capital.

It is one giant Ponzi scheme they can exercise BECAUSE American money is PRIVATELY owned, controlled, printed by the Federal Reserve Banking system, and, in turn, LOANED to the US Treasury, which is then resold with interest/dividends payable by US citizen taxpayers, predominantly working class.

AND, most important, in addition to money, US natural resources and heavy industry are ALL privately owned and controlled by the very same individuals and corporations through interlocking directorates and shareholders as the financial institutions to whom money is given by their private banks with the US Treasury acting as their intermediary and debt collector.

But, our Nazi Democrats are busy scrounging around Congress to find a few Republicans to endorse this utter bonanza, fiasco, shell game and great, big Ponzi scheme so the Nazi Democrats can use the Republicans as a figleaf to say it is/was bi-partisan.


Even SOME in the business community are more honest, to the point and to the LEFT of our foundation and state funded, fake opposition and our mafia, reactionary, anti-Communist led trade unions, all in total and complete collaboration and obscene capitulation with our Nazi Obooma/Citigroup Administration.

Those in the business section know the ultimate amounts will be MUCH HIGHER and total upwards of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS or more when all is said and done.
And, WHO will be getting ALL these monies??
And, WHO will pay the debt??
Further, the above does not even include American taxpayer MILITARY SPENDING, equal to ALL of the rest of the globe combined!!
Here's just ALITTLE something regarding the above:,%5Edji,bac,c,jpm,wfc,xlf

Since America's mafia led unions, which only represent approximately 13% of our labor force, and fake opposition are PART of this Nazi program, they, too, must be OPPOSED. They are just as much responsible.

THEY are an impediment to progress in this country and abroad, in complete and total capitulation and collaboration with the US Nazi dictatorship's global agenda.

They have declared war upon us all, here and abroad, and the working class who they most cynically and hypocritically represent, but, instead, control through their pension fund investments into all the above PRIVATE corporations, through dictatorial, authoritative, hierarchical administrative mechanisms and obligatory dues which, in turn, are invested into our Nazi Democratic Party.

It was estimated our BUSINESS unions, which is what they are, businesses, invested around $300 million or so dollars on these past Democratic elections.

They all represent TRAITORS to the entire country and the global working class, to progressive forces everywhere.
Together, they conspire to enable and advance reactionary and counter-revolutionary privatization and imperialism, capital enslavement, serfdom, bondage in this country and the globe.

The same private financial and industrial corporations and families who helped destroy 60 million plus people in WWII, bought systematic, global genocide and extermination on a scale unparalled in history, flattened entire countries, continued these policies throughout the Cold War in so-called third world countries, and, AFTER helping destroy, overtly and covertly, the Soviet Union, CONTINUE TO EXIST and continue their Nazi policies throughout the entire globe now that they have a green light with the demise of the Soviet Union.

Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Dana Gas, Rockefeller, Hamid Jafar, Dupont, Dow, name a few major ones.

There are secondary and tertiary coattail hangers-on, profiteers and enablers.
Nazi pimps, prostitutes and whores.
Petty mafia, criminal and gangster elements, such as the Chicago "hood," well represented in the US current, Obooma gangster White House and by Illinois Democratic Governor Blagoyevich, connected to/with ALL above.

The above private corporations and the government who represents them MUST BE NOW AND FOREVER PERMANENTLY liquidated, terminated, destroyed.
If not now, when?
NOW is the time to build new institutions, new parties, new labor organizations, new resistance, opposition and totally new government structures into a global
United Front Against Fascism/Nazism.

The private economic system of production that exists presently is totally, completely, morally and historically BANKRUPT on every possible level.
It must be overthrown, discarded, abandoned and replaced.
Our economic system of privatized production is an historical anachronism and abysmal failure.
It is morbidly depressed, dysfunctional, irrational and insane, its one and only goal being continued, sustained and ever greater private profitability, exponential growth and consumption at all and any cost, willy-nilly and wanton rape of the planet's natural and human resources, competition, contradictions, conflicts, war, military aggression, imperialism, chronic wealth discrepancies, artificially perpetuated poverty, starvation, hunger, malnutrition, dislocation.

All for the sake of private wealth accumulation and aggrandizement.

No different than that of the royal monarchical dynasties historically preceeding them.
And, what happened to the royal dynasties must now happen to those above, as well.
The revolution both in the US and elsewhere remains as yet unfinished.
And, if it is not finished, SOON, we and the planet are ALL finished.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


US Nazi Obooma's Frankenstein monster, his/their economic "stimulus bill," domestic bailout, public gift of a TRILLION AND possibly MORE taxpayer subsidized dollars, debt bailout and wholesale BONDAGE, serfdom, slavery and sellout to privately owned multinational financial and industrial corporations serves the very same financial and industrial corporate interests who created the speculative boom and its orchestrated collapse in the first place AND their expansionist policies abroad.

Correspondingly, the ONLY reason the US military is located ANYWHERE abroad is because they function as a mercenary army to advance, expand and defend the very same private interests the Nazi Obooma Administration continues to subsidize.

The specifics, or, lack thereof, regarding Obooma's humungous public tax dollar giveaway and private industry cornucopia is so enormous it boggles the mind.
Once again, most lawmakers simply have no idea to whom and where the voluminous amounts of monies will be appropriated.

It is simply a matter of faith and former Federal Reserve banker and now Treasury Secy Geithner's prerogatives, once again.

Here's alittle article, just a snippet, of this Nazi Obooma nightmare:
"US pins economy's hopes on same bank execs who went from boom to bust to bailout":

And, another critical tidbit from our Nazi Fuhrer's dictatorial manipulation regarding news access and information sources:

Meanwhile, the debacle abroad for benefit of these VERY SAME private corporations continues, expands, deepens.

The killings, assassinations, murder, criminal sectarian gangs in Iraq continue unabated, with Iraq's upcoming so-called provincial election explosion already occuring. From this point on, it can only accelerate. Here's a few modest samples:

New Way of Organized Killing Sweeps Iraq:\2009-01-27\kurd.htm

Factional Violence Continues in Iraq:\2009-01-26\kurd.htm

Gunmen Attack, Burn Ballot Station Before Election:

Much more available on assassinations, murders, coup plots, etc., elswhere.

This all is the result of the utterly HORRIFIC, obscene policy of continued Bush-Iranian collaboration in Iraq.

The repercussions, reverberations, blowback of this Faustian bargain with barbaric, Islamic-Fascism in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and elsewhere, are by no means finished.

Indeed, as I once said, psuedo-Islamic, Iranian Nazism is the kiss of death, both literally and figuratively, for ALL concerned, including Russia and Putin.

It will bring down EVERYONE associated with them/it.

This is the insidious nature of manufactured ethnic, racial and religious divisions for expedient political purposes, including the current US Administration, which is going to suffer an enormous backlash from their own artificially created racial and ethnic campaign.

The next chapter in Iraq's ongoing war has opened.
The Nazi US is going nowhere, due to all the above, aside from its enormous compound called an Embassy in Iraq.

Meanwhile, in order to transit further troops into Afghanistan, the US is forced to deal either with Iran or Russia or both for access.
For an analysis on this situation, the following,
"Russia Stops US on Road to Afghanistan":

But, there's that little problem of the American, EU sponsored Nabucco gas pipeline, Gazprom's competitor.
Here are some articles regarding American and EU commitment to Nabucco.

"Support Grows for Non-Russian Pipeline":

And Nabucco Summit in Budapest:

And European Bank (EBRD) supports Nabucco:,,3980038,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

There's no way under God's Heaven that I can envision Nabucco sacrificed or compromised for the sake of Putin/Russia's cooperation and Afghanistan.

In addition to Russia's southern Gazprom route, Russia's Nord Stream, as mentioned in passing below, is also being challenged by American and EU sponsored Baltic states, as well as continued problems in Eastern/Central Europe:

So, what, precisely, is Russia supposed to get and the US going to give in order to get Russian cooperation in Afghanistan?
Decreased Missile Defense and NATO expansion?
Cooperation with Gazprom?
It seems to me everything points entirely in the opposite direction.

That leaves Iran.
Iran and northern Iraq, Dana Gas, Egypt, Israel, others, in addition, can/could/will supply Nabucco with gas.
And, regional "mopping up" began with EVERYBODY'S surrogate, Israel in Gaza.
Then, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

And next comes Iraq with central authority remaining intact in Baghdad, no separatism and no overt Iranian militias and Iranian government in Iraq.
After which will come an announcement of "regime change, reform and liberalization" in Iran, congruency.
And, Ahmadimoron will disappear, along with his Nazi militias.

As for Nazi Obooma, I'm hoping Illinois Gov Blagoyevich sings and tells all.
Blagoyevich's trial has not even begun yet but he continues to maintain high profile visibility.
He wants to subpoena witnesses within the Obooma Administration, which, to say the very least, should prove more than entertaining.

Monday, January 26, 2009


If you have been following my blog for some time, you are aware of events surrounding the BG-PA versus EMG-Israel offshore Gaza gas partnerships, conflicts, wars since June 2007.
For reference only, in case you are new to this subject or can not remember, a link to my previous blogs on this matter.
Background for the Gaza gas deal is in bold face type from June 2007 approximately half way down the text in the following entry:

In the first offshore Gaza gas war, above, from June, 2007, the losers appeared to be BG and those associated with the PA and Lebanon's Khoury family, the CCC Contractors.

At that time, the EMG-Israel deal won.

However, in my blog entry above at the very bottom, note my other link to a different, previous blog from May 2008 regarding who won what in Lebanon's subseqent war.
I will relink to it directly, here, in case you missed it.
I advise you read the following very, very carefully:

Now, just recently, around January 19, 2009, Isramco and Noble Energy announced they discovered gas DEEP (my previous comments on abiotic, ubiquitous deep versus mythological peak oil) offshore Haifa, Israel, an area to which they refer as the Tamar field:

Then, Lebanon disputed Israel's claims to the territorial offshore waters, above.

So, now, in addition to this sudden Isramco/Noble Energy offshore Haifa, Tamar, gas find, above, guess WHICH gas deal appears simultaneously in a revamped, somewhat modified form?

Put on your thinking caps.
This should be an easy question and answer.
I've given you lots of hints.
I virtually spelled it out.

The Egypt, PA, Lebanon Khoury, Gaza offshore gas partnership! Voila!! Everybody happy!!

Except EMG, this time.

So, the BG-PA-Lebanon Khoury offshore Gaza gas to be piped to Egypt via a Sinai pipeline to then be developed into liquified natural gas and shipped to Europe.
As an aside, Europe, Italy has the world's first, major, offshore, LNG terminal.
Just what NOBODY needs, LNG.
Here's alittle extra info about the world's first offshore LNG terminal in Italy:

And, here's the article to which I am referring, above, about the revived PA-BG-Egypt-Lebanon Khoury Gas partnership:

And, about EMG, the clear losers at the moment.
They have some economic troubles, at least $30 million from a Thai partnership, if not more:

One thing is crystal clear.

ALL energy partners above are PRIVATE ones.
None nationalized!
THAT IS THE POINT of this entire Middle East adventure.
More to come about related matters at another time, for example, Russia, Afghan, US conflict and, domestically, Blagoyevich's potential Obooma upset, gangster revenge and Oboomaland disintegration.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This time, I thought, I would begin with good news and resistance.

So, for those living in the hapless and hopeless US Nazi State of our Lady of Perpetual Hope and Change who get NO information whatsoever, here's alittle something inspirational about change and hope from both Greece and Iceland.

Protests Resume in Athens:

And, a short video from the BBC:

And, after continued, militant opposition and resistance, in addition, Icelanders have managed to topple their existing government and call for new elections. But, they have NOT stopped with what they call a partial victory:

The above is news "they" do NOT want you to hear.

(On a personal aside. I always flew Icelandic Airlines to Europe. If ever again I fly to Europe, I will be sure to use Icelandic. Unless, I sail or swim.)

Instead, back home at US Nazi headquarters and their Fascist collaborators, everybody postures hopelessly and meaninglessly about Israel, Gaza and Iran, while Iran holds a Global Financial Investment Conference on their Free Trade Zone of Kish Island:

And, as a brief reminder of the role played by Iran's Kish Island Free Trade Zone and the CONTINUOUS hypocrisy represented by ALL those above, here's something from my previous blog from August, 2005 on the earlier connections of Halliburton, Cheney, Iran and Oriental Oil Kish:

And Turkey's equally nauseating, sickening, Fascist AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," in addition to their scheduled, upcoming IMF "loan," continues their passion by selling Ankara's electricity grid, the Sabanci family, partnered with Citigroup, mentioned below, as well:

Of course, Turkey's enormous OPPOSITION, historic, militiant demonstrations and strikes against the AKP, their policies of privatization and psuedo-Islamic repression received NO, absolutely NO, support, attention or mention from ANYONE here, except my lonely, little blog.

So, all you hypocrites can go to hell and hopefully off to war to die, exactly what you deserve. The more Americans who die the better.

Which is exactly what is going to happen as the US gears up for further action in Afghanistan, Iraq, Eurasia, Africa and god knows where else to defend America's, oligarchic Nazi imperial interests.

Americans are not the only ones, however.

Next in line to join an enlarging NATO ally and partner, Finland:,finland-to-keep-nato-option-open.html

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to war we all go!!

Additionally, as I forecast, Nazi attacks have begun on what remains of our limited public institutions and their counter-revolutionary, anti-Communist, mafia led, collaborative labor unions who helped elect our current Fuhrer in the first place, as the US Nazi Ship of State with whom they have collaborated sinks to the bottom of a deep historical ocean like the Titanic. More coming:

Friday, January 23, 2009


A brief reminder from my original entry of October 8, 2008:

A SHORT, by no means comprehensive, list of what we will NOT get from ANY of our twin Fascist Parties:

NO universal, single payer health care, whatsoever.

NO expansion, nationalization and public ownership of ANY of our worthwhile productive assets, heavy industries and natural resources.

NO guaranteed, expanded, universal, free, comprehensive lower and higher education program.

NO small tax, (.0001, that's 4 digits after the decimal point, for example), on every single financial transaction of private stocks and shares sold and bought on any and all stock markets throughout the US. (This, alone, would generate ENORMOUS monies based on volume traded every day).

NO guarantee of a full employment economy, based on all of the above and a reduced work week plus early, voluntary retirement.

NO guaranteed annual income.

NO guarantee of our limited, Social (in)Security quasi-retirement insurance system, it's expansion and monetarization beyond it's present pauper status, and, correspondingly, NO diminution or end to our Fascist union/labor policies to recycle and invest their workers pension monies into private, multinational, profit making, corporations.

NO nationalization of ALL industries related to defense and certainly, in conjunction, NO decrease in our privatized, highly, lucrative, profitable Defense Industry, completely, 100% financed by working class taxpayer monies.

NO comparable decrease, withdrawal of global, military bases and expenditures throughout the globe, whose sole purpose is to expand and defend private capital, such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup,

NO elimination of all personal income tax for individuals, couples, families, with combined incomes less than $50,000 and a GRADUATED, FLAT tax rate on combined income over $50,000. NO deductions, NO itemization.

NO nationalization of our money supply and elimination of our PRIVATIZED, Federal Reserve system.

NO increase in the minimum wage to a decent living standard.

NO permanent elimination and prohibition of the many and numerously flavored, speculative, manipulative, abstract, exotic financial tools, such as short selling, derivatives, hedge funds, etc., which is one of the main reasons for our present liquidity crisis. As a matter of fact, they will be expanded throughout the globe and particularly the Middle East.

NO offshore funds, corporations, ownership and tax havens.

I repeat, the above is just for starters.

Whenever and wherever you see "NO," above, substitute the reverse policy and you will have a good idea of what we presently have and will continue to get.

And, it gets far worse.

The above was written around October, 2008.

Now, for example, offshore oil and gas drilling in the US, no doubt, subsidized by our latest proposed TRILLION dollar taxpayer bonanza, boondoggle and "stimulus" bill primarily for private interests offered by the Nazi Obooma-Clinton-Biden Troika: soon, wholesale sellout and selloff of our major industries and natural resources, mentioned above.

Greater, astronomical debt.

A banana republic with the distinct possibility of galloping inflation, since
higher dividends/interest will be needed to entice people to purchase this latest speculative bubble of paper debt and Treasury Bills.

Corresponding diminution and privatization of Social Security and "Entitlement" programs.

The end of the UAW and other such unions.

Perpetual, endless war.
This list is not comprehensive or exhaustive, obviously.

A friend advises me, now that we have our Nazi State of Perpetual Hope and Change, the situation is perpetually hopeless.

So, she advises further, document and chronicle for myself, the "objective record," i.e, truth, and those few individuals interested.
I take her advice to heart.
And, flush the US down the historical toilet bowl.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


In my blog posted just below, yesterday,

I demonstrated the interlocking and intertwined directorships and investments between individuals and institutions of Hamid Jafar's Middle East octupus, Abraaj Capital, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil empire and Carlyle Group, Barclays Bank and then the previous Abu Dhabi, Qatar share purchase of Barclays Bank.

These Nazi conspiratorial financial PATTERNS, not anomalies, are being further revealed and exposed in a developing scandal surrounding a little known clause in the previous purchase by Abu Dhabi and Qatar of Barclays Bank shares.

The following is excerpted from a London Times reprint, to which I will link in full afterwards:

"....News of the clause is likely to reignite controversy over the way that BarclaysBarclays raised the money - dubbed at the time by Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, as "a scandal of mammoth proportions".

BarclaysBarclays shares fell another 9 per cent yesterday (Wednesday), having collapsed by 35 per cent at one point, amid speculation that it is poised to raise more capital - either in the market or from the Government.

But the small print in the deal, in which BarclaysBarclays raised pounds 7.3 billion from Abu Dhabi and Qatar, means that if the bank raises fresh capital before the end of June, the Middle Eastern investors would receive a greater number of shares for their original investment without paying more.

If BarclaysBarclays were to raise fresh capital at last night's (Wednesday) closing price, for example, it would automatically hand almost 50 per cent of the bank to the Middle Eastern investors.

The only way to get around the anti-dilution clause, should BarclaysBarclays need more money before the end of June, would be if new capital was raised at more than the 153p-a-share at which paper issued to Abu Dhabi and Qatar is due to convert into BarclaysBarclays stock.

This would mean that if the Government wanted to take a meaningful stake in the bank, it would have to do so by paying more than 153p for BarclaysBarclays shares - which were trading at just 66.1p yesterday (Wednesday). The Treasury would face accusations of wasting taxpayers' money were it to do this.

The clause was inserted at the request of Amanda Staveley, chief executive of PCP Capital, the private equity firm, who advised the Middle Eastern investors on taking the stake. It is understood that she insisted on the clause because she was concerned that instability in the markets in coming months could potentially force BarclaysBarclays to raise more capital.

The Times has seen a letter from Ms Staveley to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the owner of Manchester City Football Club and the Abu Dhabi royal who led the deal, explaining the benefits of the clause.Part of it says:

"If BarclaysBarclays does have to issue new shares at a price which is, for example, half our agreed price, then you will automatically get twice as many ordinary shares for the money you have already invested. If this provision comes into effect you could, subject to the size of any new investment, potentially end up owning significantly more of BarclaysBarclays Bank at no extra cost."

Ms Staveley last night (Wednesday) declined to comment but sources at BarclaysBarclays confirmed the clause exists..." END OF EXCERPT.

And, now the link to the fully reprinted London Times article:

The role of PCP Capital and Amanda Staveley, mentioned above negotiating this "clause," is extensive and deep.
Here's a few snapshots from November 2008 regarding Amanda Staveley and PCP Capital's background and relationships:

and on the above sidebar, in case you missed it, more:

And since Greece is much in the news these days with its militant protests and resistance, I thought I would mention that PCP Capital, above, is also negotiating for Greece's newly privatized Olympic airline:

The above continues to the contrived collapse of the US auto industry and its Fascist, collaborative led, corrupt labor union leadership, all supporters of Obooma.

The following excerpt, for example, about Chrysler in Eygpt is true of the burgeoning Middle East, GCC orchestrated, speculative privatization bubble in general.
Direct link below the following excerpt:

"...Forget what you are hearing about the troubled Big Three US carmakers. Across the ocean, Chrysler is doing big business. In fact, sales in 2008 were 50 percent better than the year before.
That probably won’t be making international headlines. The latest news to come out of the troubled US car market is a partnership between Fiat and Chrysler LLC that will give the former a 35 percent stake — cash-free.
While that makes Chrysler seem desperate, analysts say the partnership is based on mutual interests and long-term benefits: Fiat will start producing its Alfa Romeo and Fiat cars in the US while Chrysler will gain access to Fiat’s distribution network.
The US car market has been on shaky ground for months: Chrysler saw a 30 percent decline in car sales for 2008, Ford sales fell 21 percent and General Motor’s declined 23 percent.
On our side of the world, however, the apple fell far from the tree. Chrysler Egypt executives are touting a 50 percent surge in retail sales, saying that 2008 was much better than 2007, and are quite “optimistic” about the future.
As the Big Three receive a controversial bailout from the US government, cut back drastically on overhead costs and lay off thousands of employees, Chrysler Egypt executives affirmed that “no cutbacks or layoffs will take place in Egypt...”

And, now the direct link for the above:

So, for the US fools, idiots, and suckers, it is encumbment upon EVERY American citizen, no matter who or where they are, to ignore the fake and intentionally distracting hoopla surrounding our Nazi appointed Citigroup President, UNITE AND DEMAND CONGRESS BLOCK, STOP our Nazi/Citigroup Obooma Administration from ANY FURTHER taxpayer giveaways, subsidies, bailout boondoggles and cornucopias to Citigroup and their PRIVATE multinational financial friends and corporations.
And, as well, Geithner's appointment as Treasury Secretary.
Under no circumstances are they to receive anything.
Congress, Obooma, the private institutions above and their supporters must be INUNDATED by telephone, e-mails, street protests, militant demonstrations, high visibility protests, labor strikes, organization of every and any kind
And, they must all be prosecuted, liquidated and exposed.

Instead, the criminals, swindlers and Fascists are being rewarded WITH EVER MORE PUBLIC SUBSIDIES AND GREATER DEBT!
Ignore the distractions of the private foundation and state sponsored fake Left and Opposition, here, in the US, before there is absolutely nothing remaining to protest.
Seize your destiny, you fools and idiots!
You sucker nation!
Your industrial assets and natural resources should not be privately controlled, manipulated, willfully liquidated, bankrupted, impoverished, dismantled and sold.
On top of all this, you subsidize your own demise and with more public debt!!
How much more stupid, self-destructive and suckered can a nation be?
A nation of doormats.
Call your friends, e-mail, mobilize, pass this around.

Let tiny Iceland, amongst others, be a shining example, below, where they have had non-stop, militant demonstrations and protests around their pre-determined, orchestrated economic collapse demanding government accountability, prosecution and resignation, unlike here where we have total, complete, abysmal collaboration, cooptation and collapse:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Idiotic domestic and global blathering and denial persists while THE main story continues unfolding in front of everyone's eyes, like the following, "Three TRILLION Dollars Looking for Shelter in Arab World," money to be invested globally into privatized resources and industries, discussed at another of their multitudinous upcoming Arab Investment Forums in Dubai, of course, March 24-25.

How much more blatant can this retrogressive Nazi global agenda be?:

Then, at Egypt's Economic Summit on Gaza called immediately upon Israel's ceasefire timed to coincide with Obooma's coronation:

ALL of Europe's major countries were in attendance:

"...Present at the summit were the leaders of France, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Italy, Jordan, Spain, The Czech Republic, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League and the United Nations. The European leaders headed to Israel after the summit ended..."

I suppose we can all pretend they do not represent the US, as well. The following is the link from which I excerpted the quote above:

The name of this game as I have said repeatedly is regional economic integration and privatization. Israel, Gaza, Lebanon all strategic parts of the whole.

An additional, important, related corollary is circumventing and blocking Gazprom.

Thus, ALL of the following relate to Gazprom, as well.

Utilizing Israel's southern Trans-Israel Pipeline oil/gas route:

"...A little-known 254-kilometer Israeli pipeline, from the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon to the Red Sea port of Eilat, could rival the Suez Canal as an oil shipment route between former Soviet Union producers and Asian consumers...."

The preceeding from the following:

Then, the Western sponsored "...Nabucco pipeline, which is one day hoped to carry 30 billion cubic meters (bcm) of Caspian or Middle Eastern gas annually to an Austrian hub via Turkey, is seen as one of Europe's best hopes for limiting its dependence on Russian gas..."

The preceeding from the following article, related to EU, Turkey, Iran and Iraq gas supplies and the Western sponsored, alternative Nabucco pipeline:

And, apparently, in another major development, Lebanon disputes Israel over offshore territorial claims regarding the newly developed Isramco/Noble gas field:

In addition, there is information about a firm I noted in a much earlier entry in my initial blogspot, Zion Oil and Gas and Israeli exploration:

Since I have compared Dubai to Switerland so many times throughout my blogs, I thought I would link to the following article,
"The UAE Remains Switzerland's Most Important Economic Trading Partner in the Middle East":

Equally well connected to ALL the above is Egypt's EFG-Hermes, the number one, top broker in the region:

And, of course, Abraaj Capital and its interlocking directorates with the Middle East's first private gas octupus and burgeoning empire, Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Abraaj and Hamid Jafar. Here's a couple of new appointments at Abraaj from Carlyle Group and Barclays Bank, cementing further the relationships above, which, recall, extend to Pakistan, as well.

Barclay's Bank, mentioned above/below, already has had major share purchases by private Qatar and Abu Dhabi investors in the Middle East/GCC money-go-round:

And, of course, Citigroup remains THE power center and focal point in ALL the above, the GCC, UAE, Israel, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and, of course, the total piece of shit bought and paid for in the US White House to garauntee their investments above:

What more can I document or say? So, suckers of the world, in particular, the US, continue to be the obliging doormats you so generously have become so that these people, above, can enrich, gorge themselves and shit on you all.