Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As America's latest Nazi Fuhrer was annointed in grand Fascist and Hollywood style combined, a la Joseph Goebbels, the following events happened simultaneously in the world.

In the latest of the hundreds of thousands of movie extras dead in the Gaza gas wars production, shares of the company recently partnered with Isramco in Israel's offshore gas development, Noble Energy, have skyrocketed:


Simultaneous to Noble's rise, above, our own stock market collapsed just as our Fuhrer was annointed.
Perhaps, it is/was a vote of dubious confidence in his questionable capabilities.

And the following plague of financial locusts, lechers, parasites, and lobbyists added to those already represented by our Billion Dollar, vacuous, empty-headed, CIA, bought and purchased petty mafia, Nazi prostitute, Obooma and his likeminded Administration:


Simultaneous with today's New World Roman circus and spectacle, a parallel event occured in ancient, Old World, Greece, an event which NEVER occurs in contemporary times in the New World, i.e., militant resistance.
Militant resistance, here, is an endangered species, endangered by those who bought and purchased Obooma and those who have collaborated with him:


And, the following, below, is a VERY important article, deserving a special category of its own.
I will return to this at a later time.
However, I must first cleanse and purge myself of a milieu of total and complete insanity in which I find myself immersed today.
So, here is the article to which I'm referring,
"Iran Ready to Open Energy Ties to EU,"
encompassing Iraq and Iranian gas to the Western sponsored Nabucco pipeline, and, of course, alternative to Russia's contested Gazprom:


To end, thanks to a friend from another country who shared the following with me, which, in turn, I will pass on to others. Thus, am I saved more effort at hyperbole about today's events which is beyond my literary capabilities. Although not necessarily ascribing or endorsing everything on the proceeding blog, I think his power of narrative is quite wonderful. At least, I enjoyed him/it. Hope you do, too:


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