Thursday, January 29, 2009


Worldwide economic, political and class war must be declared against the US and its Nazi Obooma/Citigroup led Administration and ALL their Fascist collaborators, locally, nationally and globally.
NO legitimacy, NO credibility provided them, whatsoever.

The auspicious beginning of the end of America's Fascist, corrupt, collaborative, anti-Communist led labor union practices can be seen in the following regarding open warfare between SEIU and it's largest California local, United Healthcare Workers-West, led by a fellow named Sal Rosselli.
Mob led SEIU, controlled by the totally corrupt, Fascist and dictatorial Andy Stern gang, was Nazi Obooma's major labor backer AND the group utilized most vociferously and vituperatively against Republican VP Sarah Palin.
They employ every underhanded, heavy handed, dirty, mob like, gangster tactic available to intimidate, harrass, threaten, blackmail, etc, to obtain whatever is their desired goal.

NOBODY should be a part of SEIU or support them.
SEIU, along with Obooma, must be opposed, liquidated, abandoned.

IN TURN, SAL ROSSELLI AND UNITED HEALTHCARE WEST MUST BE SUPPORTED AND DEFENDED in their courageous, valient efforts to battle and resist the Andy Stern gang's leadership AND to try to create an independent, more progressive union.

More details about the above can be found at the following links/websites. Unfortunately, I do not have a direct e-mail address or contact at my fingertips for Sal Rosselli, his/their newly created, independent labor movement, above/below.

However, at the following website, a "contact" link exists at the top AND a comment section below which can be utilized TEMPORARILY to convey support to and/or contact Rosselli, UHW-West, their new labor union and its goals.


The more publicity, INTERNATIONAL recognition, concrete support their/our struggle gets/receives, the better.
Recognize this opportunity for what it is.
Help advance, guide, direct and push them/it forward in the correct direction, even if only with moral recognition.
They will need ALL the support they can get challenging our twin dictatorships of Fascist capital with their allied unions.
Rosselli and UHW-West is opening a potent space for ALL of us, EVERYONE:

Another roundup of similiar information, second source, with further links available at:

And, in contrast to the abysmal reactionary, Fascist policies of the US SEIU labor union, French unions are currently leading a general strike:,french-railway-workers-kick-off-general-strike--summary.html

In the following, it is reported Nazi Obooma's office widely "delegates" authority and responsibilities to others. That's simple. Nazi Obooma is a zero entity, an empty-headed vacuum, a complete PR creation and front man, just like Nazi Bush, before him.

The US Nazi ship of state is the Titanic, led by Nazi Citigroup and fellow greedy travellers, all pulling simultaneously, opportunistically in different directions for expedient short and long term greedy gains.
For those of you who like anarchy, this is a sort of social anarchy.
And, it AIN'T good.
It is NOT helpful.

And, as a final tidbit, confirmation of the "mopping up, regime change and congruency" process I have been forecasting and following for some time in Iraq, Iran and regionally,
"Iraq Kurd Officials Ask PKK to Lay Down Arms":


Juan Moment said...

Thanx for outlining what is going down in California. This infighting amongst the unions, instigated by people like Stern, is playing right into the hands of the capitalist elite. The growing sclerosis between factions within the labour movement is unfortunately not limited to the US, here in Australia it is no different. Instead of uniting, workers drift apart. The solution is right in front of us, yet no one dares to reach for it. To the contrary, over the last decade Australia has seen a flight out of union membership, employees more and more opting for individual workplace agreements. Stuff the co-workers, as long as I get a better deal, all is good.

You wrote in your last comment, I can only add that Lenin understood the value of revolutionary ORGANIZATION in the form of a Party organization and leadership and the role of the working class. This is why our unions must be coopted.

I understand your reasoning, however I personally am rather disillusioned with party politics. From my experience and observations, such organisations tend to provide the fertile ground for ego-trippers to take over the ship, fractioning the movement like Stern or sell out candidates promising everything while delivering nothing like Obama. Organising yes, but in a loose and independent fashion.

Take the apparent left, the Democratic Party if you will, or Unions for that matter, just as good an example. Too many layers between the grass roots and the upper echelons, bureaucracy starts taking over, easy to infiltrate with trolls and apparatchiks, easy to predict their every move, buy out their leaders. Give them government grands and they are hooked on the trip – don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

I believe what is needed is a less organised approach, totally outer-parliamentary, where multiple independent, regional and locally operating groups, loosely allied through a council on a national level, create their own progress and impact. People will need to come together and join forces, but doing so through a national party of some sort I fear will take the wind out of any revolution’s sails.

By the way, my e-mail addy is


karlmarx said...

Well, first, thanks for your e-mail address.
Unfortunately, I can NOT agree with you about "loose" organization.
I do not think you would wish to go into military combat with "loose organization." Spontaneous combustion and events happen, of course, like the Russian Revolution.
BUT, organization is imperative if anything beyond spontaneous combustion is to occur out of it.
Otherwise, it will fizzle.
I know of no organization other than parties, labor unions and the military.
Of course, this is WHY both parties and labor unions are INFILTRATED, co-opted, threatened, harassed, divided, cajoled, dissolved, etc.
Sometimes, like here, it is necessary to divide, separate, in order to LEAD and GROW.
Once again, it depends on subjective and objective factors, BOTH, which vary from place to place.
The other major factor I mentioned is the military. Not all military coups are rightwing.
Out of WWII came Soviet Socialist expansion and China's revolutions.
Often, it is ONLY the military that makes and keeps a revolution, because, as I have said, the revolution is/will be overturned by military might.
That is why NO revolution can/will succeed without the kind of MILITANT organization and unity that the military possesses.
All you need do is look around the world, from Chile to Iraq to what was the Soviet Union.
You can call it something else, if you wish.
And, this is why Lenin, Stalin and the Bolshevik Party is/was SO maligned and SUCH a threat to the ruling class and continues as such.
They understood the NECESSITY for a strong, militant, self-conscious, united, unified, "Communist/Socialist" STATE dictatorship, leadership, party, control, military organization, all combined.
They were constantly and chronically threatened, as a consequence, from their inception through WWII and beyond.
NO other country could have resisted, organized and won ALONE against the overwhelming might of Hitler's military assault the way Stalin's Soviet Union persisted. It was epic.
And, the Cold War WAS a war, also. This is why it is/was so important to actively ISOLATE the Soviet Union from support from the rest of the world, in addition to active covert and overt ongoing aggression that persisted since WWII.
But, I must end now.

Juan Moment said...

KM, at another blog, Moon of Alabama, I was involved in a similar discussion on how to engage large enough parts of our seemingly apathetic populations in our struggle for justice and equal rights. The following lines I feel fit right into our conversation. I hope you don’t mind me repeating them here.


I reckon for any opposition to be effective it must be outer-parliamentary, free of organisational bureaucracy, and endorsed by its supporters not because they feel obligated to the group or are just following peer pressure, but because they want to support the cause. People need to put their hearts and money into it, supporting direct action wherever possible, which in the long run will only be possible if they feel they have a choice and say in the matter.

Let there be many causes, animal rights activists, anti-war protesters, people marching the streets for workers rights, anti-globalisation demonstrators, you name it. I’ve been saying this before, but if 3% of the US population, or roughly 10 million people, found the will and cash to donate a mere $100 to any prolific and fair dinkum group in the workers rights movement, than there is a one billion dollar fund to run campaigns. Now the next 3% might not identify with that particular cause, but see their purpose in looking out for the wellbeing of our animal friends and put their 100 bucks into organisations which aim at addressing our inhumanity in that department, and the next 3% fund the anti-war faction and activists, and so on. Never will we be able to unite all these people and causes under one party or group’s umbrella, and yet when all is said and done, they are all fighting the same dark philosophy and its proponents, like the ones which met at Jekyll Island

By allowing every person to decide for themselves what’s worth fighting for, it is much easier to engage the population, but still confront the system. As dan of steele wrote, trying to bring together all of these people with all of their diverse issues is really like herding cats. More likely than not none of the above percentage of people in my example would have joined some mega party, meaning a result of zero, while giving each of our potential allies in the fight against the shady fat cat oligarchs their own pet issue, allowing for identification with the goal and the consequent heartfelt support, would have mobilised 30 million people and contributed 3 billion to the badly needed revolution.

So the question in my eyes is less on how to unify the supposed Left behind a single powerful organisation, but how to get them to do something at all. And quite frankly, as much as I am leaving myself open for ridicule, we have to create a revolution with the population we have, not the one we want. Today’s western societies majorities are made up of people who cherish their individualism and right to choose. If we want to connect with our fellow lefties, we need to bring them out of the closet and with the justified cynicism in regards to party politics being as widespread as it is, political groups requiring absolute loyalty will not do so.

To sum up my spiel, I agree with you all that solidarity is required if we want to have a fighting chance, not as much with a particular organisation though, but the greater cause as such. And if people choose to do their bit via less organised channels and means, so be it, as long as we do something.


KM, by going down the party path, we play by their rules, on their turf. Especially in the US a party with anything communist or socialist in its agenda will never be able to reach the numbers needed to cause the tide to shift, and if so, it would take decades. I fear we don't have the time.

Action is needed now, this is a crucial time in mankind’s destiny, and drastic changes are needed now, not when the US "Left" finally gets its act together and organises in a single and effective mass movement, which for all I know will happen when x-mas and Easter fall on the same day.

Concerning the required militancy, you wrote:

Often, it is ONLY the military that makes and keeps a revolution, because, as I have said, the revolution is/will be overturned by military might.
That is why NO revolution can/will succeed without the kind of MILITANT organization and unity that the military possesses.

I am not sure if you’ve heard of the phrase “the revolution eats its children”, but for me this always rang true. I am not a big fan of the military, and in any activist development I see its role merely as a hapless bystander. Reform must be possible without instigating military involvement. We need to beat the system with its own weapons, totally legal. To the point that the many millions of pot smokers and who ever sympathises walk on the same day into their respective cop shop and report themselves for having smoked pot. What are they gonna do? The justice system wouldn’t cope.

How about multiple thousands making their way simultaneously to their local Wal Mart “to go shopping” and clogging up any traffic into the entire shopping centre district, filling the car parks. We are not even protesting, just doing what we are meant to do as obedient citizens, out and about doing the good consumer thingy. Walking through Wal Mart, browsing, but due to lack of income not buying anything. Neither the police nor the military can force us to spend money there, and the willing customers can’t get a park. Legal consumer protest, which if repeated often enough would kill that greedy pack of a retailer.

Consumer boycott is a non-violent method which grabs big business’s by its balls, guaranteeing pretty much immediate attention. Who is the military to attack?

20% of the US population waking up and joining the cause by refusing to pay taxes as long as war is being waged in foreign countries, would be such a large number of people that no amount of prisons will ever be big enough to house them all. We are talking many tens of millions of citizens, all across the nation. Will they dare to call out the military against us? I strongly doubt that.

Do you see where I am coming from? Bloody revolutions are doomed to live by the sword for the rest of their times.