Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First, before I get to my favorite subject, Turkey's opposition and resistance, a picture of what OUR COLLECTIVE GLOBAL MORTGAGED ENERGY future looks like.
Forget housing.
This is ENERGY, on which we are all totally DEPENDANT and intertwined, imprisoned, captive nations, and, specifically, LNG, in this case.

Again, TOTAL, COMPLETE, UNNECESSARY, DANGEROUS, HAZARDOUS LNG, replacing oil, and, a burgeoning new, intertwined, capitalized global empire completely, totally, PRIVATIZED.

Of course, since oil and gas are ubiquitous, NO NEED to ship LNG long distances.
Just need to drill deep enough in a few designated, specific, local, well placed regional areas and construct a few pipelines from Point A to B to C, etc.
NO discussion whatsoever ensues about whether or not LNG expansion is necessary, conservation, efficiency, planning, recycling, alternative methods, etc and so on.
Just shove the LNG down everyone's throat.
NOBODY here discusses the LNG industry, except, of course, me, AND THE INDUSTRY THEMSELVES.
Denial, collusion, collaboration.
Like everything else.

We ALL are and will continue to pay the price for these unmitigated, multiple, horrors, nightmares, disasters in myriad ways, just as in health care and everything else over which we exercise NO control.
So, excerpt first, link follows:

"...Lloyd's Register expects global capital expenditure in the floating liquefied natural gas sector to hit $23 billion by 2016, with Asia accounting for 23% of that, top company executive said..."

From the following and NOTE RIGHT HAND SIDEBAR and PHOTO:

Meanwhile, "Russia To Sell Off Oil Stakes":

And about Russia's Gazprom:

As I have said, SOME of Russia's previously privatized industries and natural resources gobbled up by Western sponsored mafia, drug, gangster laundered oligarch monies will be reallocated, i.e., RE-privatized.
See John Helmer's website on just SOME of their shenanigans:
That does NOT mean collectivized, socialized, nationalized.
Wish that were so.
Putin needs to finish what he BEGAN with Gazprom and Yukos. But, he stopped.
And, the opposite, I'm afraid, is happening.

And, for some CLASS resistance to privatization in Mexico necessitated by this GLOBAL FASCIST/NAZI onslaught:

And, back in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI occupied territory and Obooma Democratic dictatorship, we have a few courageous INDIVIDUALS responding militantly OR foolishly to our national health care debate, occupying insurance company offices, demanding NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER health care insurance.

BUT, UNLIKE ABOVE or elsewhere, Turkey coming below, it is OUR AFL-CIA which remains OUR PRIMARY IMPEDIMENT, OBSTACLE.
It is OUR own UNION leadership, our organized, institutionalized class representatives who BETRAY ALL and need to be CHALLENGED, CHANGED, TOPPLED, OVERTHROWN.
Their offices are the ones which need to be occupied.

Instead, they divide and conquer by ORGANIZING support for our BOGUS, designed to fail, NAZI/Democratic Obooma public option plan.
So, they effectively BLOCK UNIFIED, militant, CLASS action in support of NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER health insurance.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the Iraq/Iran/KRG conundrum continues playing itself out as anticipated.

Although I would not bet my life or the house or the bank account, IF anything remains of all the above, shortly, on details of the following report, still, I would say in ESSENCE, it is correct in that I have asserted a NEW Iraq government will arise, like a phoenix from the ashes and NOT look at all like the present Iraq/Iran/KRG one with a reconstituted ARAB flavor, a Baath Party, of some sort, represented below, but certainly NOT the former SOCIALIST Arab Baath Party, previously deposed and liquidated, but, a newly minted, PRIVATIZING Arab Baath Party, instead.
And, former PM Allawi MAY be reinstated into his previous position.
He just seemed to me like the most likely, obvious choice.
But, of course, not without LOTS AND LOTS OF VIOLENCE and a major, ensuing, regional power struggle, confrontation, conflagration, etc, which is ALREADY occurring, anyway.
By the way, the Jamestown Foundation, mentioned below, is another one of those prolific, historically virulent, anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, institutionalized FRONT organizations.
Amongst its many other dubious distinctions, they just love the Chechnya "Freedom Fighters."
Point being, what they say in their customary, doublespeak language reflects NOT IF or wish fulfillment, but, official policy:

And, now to MY FAVORITE FEATURED topic, TURKEY'S magnificent opposition, once again, and their PRINCIPLED response to Istanbul's upcoming IMF, World Bank meeting and Turkey's nauseating, NAZI/Fascist pseudo-Islamic AKP dictatorship, whose "passion is to sell state enterprises":

Meanwhile, our modern day PRIVATIZING Norse Icelandic saga continues, updated at the usual website, blogspot:

And, Germany, I am aware, just had an interesting election with some major global repercussions.

So, stay tuned...more EXPLOSIVE developments forthcoming all around.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I guess ALL Iran's NAZI crypto, pseudo, Islamic Mullahs and militias came together yesterday simultaneously and had one big ejaculation tea party to launch one or more of their missiles to demonstrate to the world their virility!!
They and this entire charade really would be comical, a joke, were it not, as the proverbial 'they' say, for the tragedy behind it.
The only comment I have to add to the following, below, is one missing descriptive characterization,
HISTORICAL continuity from the preceding.
WHY these policies below, and, not just below??
WHO BENEFITS?? Who perfected it?? Who exported it??
For whose sake, gain, reasons??
Just for the sake of hate and killing???
Of course not!

And, the NAZI/FASCIST apologists, collaborators, colluders, hired help, opportunists, gangsters, thieves, drug mafia, goon squads, intellectuals, etc., below, and, everywhere else, overlap along with their fake, bogus, anti-Communist,
Evil Empire, manufactured, anti-Soviet Opposition/Left role.
Flip sides of the same coin and same BOSS for whom they work.
One and the same function.

But, as I have said, with the demise of the USSR, global NAZI/Fascist private interests now have a green light to re-open Pandora's Box and exponentially multiply the areas of intractable, irresolvable contradictions represented by their competing and expanding PRIVATE interests, below and elsewhere, generated by share driven needs to sustain profitability from an ever larger, growing, expanding capital base on which it can only be satisfied.

So, despite NAZI Iran's premature ejaculation, the unfolding, inexorable logic of Iraq/Iran/Middle East confrontation will go forward as I have been forecasting and following for some time now on my blog:

And, here's one further SAMPLE of the Iraq/Iran/Middle East looming confrontation, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario.

HOWEVER, the analysis, below, still represents SPIN, part of the NAZI Big Lie technique, BECAUSE NONE of the private and financial interests I follow on my posts are mentioned as the/a CAUSAL factor, NOR the Iranian interests represented in Iraq, although, it is true that Arab forces WILL be, or, already ARE armed, i.e., surrogate armies.

But, with that proviso, I included it simply as an example and, for the most part, United Suckers and Assholes remain in total bliss and ignorance when it come to ANY of the above/below, and, so, the Middle East Big Bang will come as a Big Surprise to them, one they WELL deserve:

And, further, the Turkish factor, as I have had on previous posts.
Turkey's military will NOT, under any circumstances, allow an independent Kirkuk, which will translate to an autonomous Kurdistan.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


As usual, for those of us who were around in 1989, the nonsense about Libya's Ghaddaffi and Pan Am flight 103, is just that, nonsense.

The FIRST public dent in the official ointment, explanation came from a Business journal, Barrons, mentioned under the subheading below,

"CIA Drug Smuggling."
Here's the pertinent excerpt to which I am referring from the Wikipedia link below:
"...After PA 103, Aviv was employed by Pan Am as their lead investigator for the bombing. He submitted a report (the Interfor report[14][15]) in October 1989, blaming the bombing on a CIA-protected drugs route (Barrons December 17, 1989)...Time introduced another version of this theory, claiming that the American intelligence officers on PA 103 – Matthew Gannon and Maj. Charles McKee – had found out about the drug operation, and were headed to Washington to raise their concerns about its impact on their hostage rescue plans.[12]..."
Unfortunately, I cannot find the Barrons article online.

And, I no longer have a hard copy of it, myself.

But, the above represents the overall, central thesis in the Barrons report with further international connections mentioned below.
The following few links, which overlap, with source material and footnotes, IF you follow all the threads, gives one a good IDEA who and what was involved, having nothing whatsoever to do with Libya's Ghaddafi:

And, lastly, this one, with the following excerpt helping substantiate the above hypothesis:

"...There were at least four U.S. intelligence officers on the passenger list, with rumors, never confirmed, of a fifth. The presence of these men on the flight later gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories, in which one or more of them were said to have been the bombers' targets. Matthew Gannon, the CIA's deputy station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, was sitting in Clipper Class, seat 14J. Major Chuck "Tiny" McKee [1], a senior army officer on secondment to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Beirut, sat behind Gannon in the center aisle in seat 15F. Two CIA officers, believed to be acting as bodyguards to Gannon and McKee, were sitting in economy: Ronald Lariviere, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, was in 20H, and Daniel O'Connor, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus, sat five rows behind Lariviere in 25H, both men seated over the right wing...
....The four men had flown together out of Cyprus that morning. Major McKee is believed to have been in Beirut trying to locate the American hostages held at that time by Hezbollah. After the bombing, sources close to the investigation told journalists that a map had been found in Lockerbie showing the suspected locations of the hostages, as marked by McKee, though this discovery was not confirmed in court..."


This is the hypothesis to which I subscribe and appears to make the most sense, especially since it was subsequently suppressed.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


It seems some of our United Suckers and Asshole citizens are doing SOMETHING alittle bit more direct about the slash and burn policies regarding ALL of our public institutions, thanks to their NAZI Democratic Fuhrer Obooma Dictatorship and his/their tax gifts, giveaway, boondoggle, bonanza to anything that walks, crawls, stinks, smells and barks like a PRIVATE company.

Every body's back is up against the wall as the reality of these policies hits home with a sledge hammer, not that this hasn't been happening for some time.

The process simply accelerated and cut a wider swath, SUDDENLY, affecting a greater number of people all AT ONCE, rather than the previous, slow, Chinese, water torture, drip, as a consequence of our current artificially created financial and industrial meltdown and Obooma's Change or Hope We Can Believe In:

But, its much too little and much too late, as usual.

A defensive, not offensive, posture, position.
The policies of global privatization remain UNOPPOSED.
Indeed, the very opposite takes place.

First, a current report from Russell Mokhiber's Single Payer website because I like him and, then, something he wrote from a few years back.
Apparently, he is/was editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter.
Do not know him, unfortunately. Never met.
Anyway, here is Mokhiber's current report about the
status of the NAZI Democratic "Corporate Black Caucus":

And, something Mokhiber wrote from TWO YEARS AGO, November, 2007, on Single Payer Medical Insurance, which reaffirms more or less what I say continuously:

"AFL-CIO Leaders Work to Derail Rank and File Drive for Single Payer..."

Of course, not ONLY do they actively derail Single Payer, but, as I have amply demonstrated on my many posts, they actively collaborate to advance privatization globally, impede, inhibit and overturn ALL previous nationalizations, first and foremost, the former USSR, now Iraq, and, of course, here, as well.
And, their pension funds are invested in those same private multinational corporations which supposedly they oppose, but, whose interests they CONSTANTLY AND CONSISTENTLY ADVANCE.

And, alittle something more about the Middle East arms race building in conjunction with Iraq/Iran's upcoming Big Bang, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario finally reaching its apex:

"Arms Dealers Flock to Mideast":

And, finally, I thought I would end in a region to which I rarely go, simply because it is not THE CENTER of action, namely, Latin American and Buenos Aires, Argentina, in particular.

The first link is in English, an explanation about an Argentinian factory occupation in Buenos Aires and the second, following, video link is in Spanish, about the ensuing confrontation to remove the workers occupying the factory along with their many outside supporters.
The Spanish is very simple, fundamental and easy to understand, I believe.
But, I included an English link, nonetheless.
MANY MORE videos available on the right hand sidebar of the second link.
And, thanks to E., who alerted me to these events.

So, English first:

Then, Spanish video footage:

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This post is a short, personal commentary and lamentation precipitated, in part, by Ralph Nader's most recent bizarre intellectual foray about "the rich" and to the many suckers, assholes, doormats, peons, peasants, serfs, wage slaves in the world AND our fake, bogus Left/Opposition ENABLERS and their collaborators.

By the way, an aside.
Characterizing wage labor as a continuation of SLAVERY is absolutely accurate, because, by extension, value added is a consequence ONLY of human labor. Without human labor, no value added is possible. Thus, a corporate share represents entitlement, ownership to a percentage of a human being. Ownership of people is indirect, but, nonetheless, just as real as outright slavery or serfdom, peonage.
Ask anyone who is unemployed or underemployed.

Anyway, returning to the subject matter at hand.

Below is just SOME, a representative, of the voluminous material readily available on the internet which spells it all out, plain and simple, like most of the other business information I read.

These people have NO problem understanding PRECISELY what is involved.
Nor I, for that matter.
No need for intellectual obscurantism, gymnastics, revisionism, mysticism, magical thinking, empty rhetoric, excuses, apologetics, etc.

Straightforward, "fundamentalist" facts, materialism, devoid of ideological revisionism, camouflage and spin.

Thousands more such similar sources available from whence this one originates:

And, for a few more HIGHLIGHTS on present day Russian capitalist oligarch investments abroad and at home, including right here, there is always John Helmer's website, although, certainly NOT exhaustive, complete, comprehensive, nonetheless, entertaining and interesting.
By the way, JP Morgan's name pops up as financial facilitator, intermediary on quite a few of his reports:

And, while on the subject, following from my previous post, to which I will link below, regarding a Grand Bargain, what a happy coincidence of names regarding Exxon, Shell and Russia:

As reference, my previous post:

Simultaneously, Iran's Baghdad/Iraq Oil Minister says their deal with Shell MAY NOW be jeopardized.

But, on the other hand, NAZI Iran's partners in Venezuela, Latin America, apparently, are courting France, which, of course, is an attempt to break proposed international sanctions around NAZI Iran.

And Norway's, DNO, KRG flap, about which I previously reported, escalates, characterized as "explosive," a term I have used all along.

And ALL the well paid, but, hired goons for the preceding RETROGRADE, REACTIONARY, HEATHEN, BARBARIC, PRIVATE economic interests and more will be meeting shortly in NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly Obooma Dictatorship's GREAT, FORMER, MAJOR,now defunct, industrial coal and steel city, region of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A group of collective historical human refuse and garbage cans gathered together, as well as their/our fake, bogus, manufactured Opposition/Left and their friends and scribes in the "Academy," hurriedly concocting revisionist theories to accommodate the needs of their reactionary, retrograde, barbaric, obscene, global, PRIVATE NAZI paymasters.

In honor of the above event, I chose an expressive theme song from the Sesame Street muppet puppet who lives in a state of perpetual garbage:

So, let's cut to the chase and stop all the empty verbiage, lame excuses, lamenting, hand wringing, whining and so on.
You made your bed.
You lie in it.
You helped birth it.
You are midwives.
It's YOUR baby now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I peruse, skim, read, digest, ingest, quite a bit of material on the internet, as anyone reading my blog for awhile must certainly realize.

Most of the psycho babble and analysis I see NOW relates to the most recent US-Russia deal, Grand Bargain, its many implications and how it ties in strategically with Iran.

Interestingly, so far, the Turkish military requests to which I referred on my previous post and their clear promise, threat, to INVADE and occupy Kurdistan, NOT to allow Iraq's disintegration and separatism, should this occur amongst Iraq's competing factions and their respective militias, i.e., the Rand Report, advisory, warning, have vanished into thin air in the analysis I read, except, of course, my blog and some of Turkey's media:

The 800 pound gorilla in the neighborhood, Turkey's military, once again, has been conveniently removed, disregarded, as the/a MAJOR factor from the pyscho babble analysis.
Houdini's great disappearing act.
Likewise, the KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, facilitating Turkey's anxieties.
That STILL is not factored into all the equations and psycho babble, despite the fact it is FRONT AND CENTER, the eye of the maelstrom.

It is precisely THESE mutually exclusive, competing, contradictory, economically self interested, aggrandizing factions and mounting tensions, which already are and will create the inevitable, upcoming, forthcoming, regional Mt. Vesuvius BIG BANG eruption, i.e., mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario now playing itself out to its logical bitter end.

For example, the following development just occurred regarding Norway's DNO and the KRG, which is getting ALOT of attention, play, commentary:

"DNO’s Iraq Operations Suspended":

And, of course, amongst Iraq's many spectacular coming attractions and the GCC ongoing, speculative, money-go-round, coordinating hub, bubble and home of Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj octopus:

"Soon: UAE Delegation in Iraq Over Investments:"

What seems to me PERFECTLY CLEAR, OBVIOUS is that all, most, many of the characters represented above presently constituting Iraq's so-called puppet government, OF NECESSITY, will NO longer be in their current place, SOON, SHORTLY.

Removed and replaced as part of regional mopping up, congruency and regime change.

These present day minor league world players are opportunistic bit actors strutting their stuff across the stage of established, major, global, PRIVATE NAZI multinational corporations AND the respective State forces marshaled behind them.

Thus, will these minor actors be discarded, dumped into an historical trash can from whence they initially arose, having become an impediment and outlived their purposes and usefulness.

They are extraordinarily stupid, ignorant, dumb, greedy, arrogant tools, captured by their own self delusions of grandeur and importance.

Much of their present spiral of violence really represents death paroxysms, attempts to demonstrate, leverage their power, serving, instead, to further insure their own demise, digging themselves deeper and deeper into a grave of their own making.

By the way, one last irresistible editorial comment.
It is, was, has been said Russia's Putin plays geopolitical chess very well.
BUT, so does Hillary Clinton.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Universal, Single Payer, Not-for-Profit, TAXPAYER funded, Medical Insurance in NAZI United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship is DEAD BECAUSE our Fascist labor unions and their partners in crime, our Vichy Democrats, collectively, together, collaborate, collude to impede, inhibit, mortally wound and stab it in the back until National Single Payer Medical Insurance is left to bleed out, hemorrhage and die by virtue of not so "benign," really, malignant, neglect.

Instead, a piece of total shit and garbage health care legislation will be rammed down everyone's throats, even worse than what presently exists, if such a thing is possible.


Complete denial, collusion, collaboration, capitulation.

The EXCUSE here is/will be the inane fictional, fallback option of State Single Payer. This option is as feasible and unrealistic as our misnomered public health insurance option.

And, of course, NO threat to the bottomless pit of national, Federal, taxpayer, subsidized private corporations and humongous debt.

As for Iran in Iraq and the corresponding greater Middle East privatization project, that chorus of lies, that beat also goes on and on, continuously, ad nauseum.

Denial. Denial. Denial. And, obfuscation. Smoke and mirrors.

Now, as for my above heading, CASE IN POINT, represented by the following OBSCENITY.
A broadcast.

Ralph Nader's early career contributions aside, clearly, he now suffers from some sort of serious intellectual malaise, disease.
Basically, Nader, link following, totally IGNORES the role of ORGANIZED, INSTITUTIONAL LABOR, our NOMINAL CLASS REPRESENTATIVES.
They are the ones BLOCKING change, progress.
They have totally ABDICATED and shirked their class responsibilities, capitulated.
THEY ARE THE ORGANIZATIONAL IMPEDIMENTS to progress, necessitating the BIZARRE solutions Nader proposes below which represents quite a feat of intellectual stretch and imagination on his part.
No wonder Nader fictionalized it.

If organized labor put as much effort, money, resource, skills, into UNIFIED, MILITANT, DIRECT ACTION for Single Payer and ALOT MORE, as they do into the Democratic Party, we would have Single Payer and MUCH MORE.

Nader's absurd proposal is TESTIMONY TO THEIR ABDICATION.
By the way, Nader totally ignores the FACT that privatized health insurance REPRESENTS AN EXPORT COMMODITY TO THE "EMERGING" MIDDLE EAST OF PRIVATIZATION AND ELSEWHERE.

It is a GROWTH industry, as well as all others, abroad.

And, then, adding insult to further injury, pouring salt on an open wound, in the following premiere outlet of our State, private, philanthropic, Foundation, CIA sponsored, manufactured, Left/Opposition, false, fake dichotomy voice and network, the AFL-CIA's true role is once more represented by Munir Chalabi's newly minted, connected Iraq Labor Unions.

The occupation subsequently dismantled Iraq's previous, large, umbrella labor Federation, affiliated to the WFTU, for this piece of total shit and garbage, an infant clone of our present AFL-CIA, which obviously functions similar to that of Lech Walesa's previous "Solidarity" in Poland, a role which the AFL-CIO's AFT (American Federation of Teachers) national union proudly advertises in its glossy, quarterly national publication.
(As a reminder, see my footnote link at the bottom).

As part of this propaganda charade, Nader must add an obligatory non sequitur, a mention of Israel, but NOTHING whatsoever about NAZI Iran's role in Iraq, the Middle East, in general, including Munir Chalabi's, AFL-CIA connected, Iraq Labor Unions, the very next, following guest on the program:

This is Kabuki style politics.
May you all rot in hell!
A hell of your own making.
AND, you will!!

And, my footnote/link, reference from above, about the AFT/Poland/Solidarity connection:

Friday, September 18, 2009


This is a public service announcement, FYI, For Your Information, IF you do not have access to cable or C-Span and would not be aware of this event, today.

I refer in my heading above NOT to Obooma, but, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
I have referred in the past to our shared US Presidency, Biden and Clinton.
Pay absolutely NO heed to petty CIA slave boy and PR front man, inarticulate puppet for "Change," Obooma's empty rhetoric and mumblings.
He has NO clue whatsoever, beyond his script.
Actually, between Clinton and Biden, I would definitely say it is President Clinton MAKING POLICY and then VP Biden.
If both Biden and Obooma disappeared tomorrow, in terms of policy, it would make no difference whatsoever.
Anyway, here is a foretaste of coming attractions from the horse's mouth.
Of course, it is helpful IF one understand realities behind coded messages below, SOME of which, however, are NOT so coded and will be PERFECTLY CLEAR IF one is NOT intentionally mired in illusion and denial.

Unfortunately, no transcript or video is available at the moment, YET, from the Brookings Institute website, which hosted the event.
Generally, video and transcript is subsequently posted, BUT, since this event JUST occurred, only an AUDIO tape, approximately one hour long, including question and answer period, is provided at the Brookings Institute website, my FIRST link, below.
Same event.
Take your pick.
I highly recommend, however, IF you bother to listen at all, listen in its entirety.
So, first link, Brookings, audio available:

And, second link, video and transcript option available, C-Span:

And, then, refer to my previous post, below...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, the short report below about Iraq and Biden's recent visit states the obvious quite clearly, although, of course, not with any of the depth, details, I generally offer on my posts.
The following excerpt, in a nutshell, link below:

"...A bitter feud between Baghdad and Iraq's largely autonomous Kurdistan region over oil rights and territorial boundaries is seen as a looming threat to Iraq's fragile stability..."

The only piece now missing in the picture puzzle surrounding NAZI Iran in Iraq mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario and its KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, has been the greater sticky wicket, impediment, namely, Russia.

Turkey's possible and VERY REAL military acquisitions and adventure into Iraq has put the fear of God into EVERYONE, regionally.
One regional variable and threat, Turkey's military, has now been consolidated.
And, Israel, of course, is a known quantity.
Thus, only one more major immediate variable exists which has been a/the sticking point in a Grand Bargain...


Thus, it is not by coincidence that the US suddenly announced it will relinguish missile defense in the region surrounding Russia immediately upon, or, after a high level sneak Israeli diplomatic visit to Russia.
It is NOT in Russia, Putin's interest to have a major military conflagration on their borders.
In reality, of course, the US is really giving up nothing except for the specific location of missile defense, which is and will be placed elsewhere, including on sea.

But, it represents posturing, concessions, on both sides, both Russia and the US, for political purposes.

It's a/the bargaining chip, just like Iran's nukes.

It is appearance that is important, just as in everything else in this Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly world of smoke and mirrors.

So, one US concession will justify another from Russia.
So, what can these be?
What COOPERATION will the US get from Russia?

Well, here is a start, below, a hint of things to come, which will include, encompass Iran/Iraq.

I have excerpted, highlighted the pertinent paragraphs from the link following.
By the way, does anyone really believe, accept, the explanation offered below, namely, Russia needs help developing its oil and gas reserves. To me, it is quite laughable:

"...Russia wants foreign help
Wire services
Russia wants foreign companies to help develop its massive offshore oil and gas reserves as domestic companies lack the means to do so alone, Natural Resources Deputy Minister Sergei Donskoi said.

His comments yesterday echoed earlier statements by his chief, minister Yuri Trutnev, who in July said Russia should consider changes to legislation limiting foreign companies' participation in tapping mineral reserves.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in June offered surprise deals to Shell and France's Total which analysts said signaled the easing of resource nationalism...."

Excerpt from:

Additional reports exist about revisiting Russia's previous privatization and who got what, namely, Russia's present day oligarchs who gobbled up everything.
Of course, this is NOT about re-nationalization.
It is the opposite.

Privatization gallops forward, along with its multiplying external and internal imperialist contradictions, which do and will NOT go away.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Total, unmitigated, sickening, nauseating, debauched, capitulation!
Below, to which I will link, represents our quintessential, classic, institutionalized, organized, national AFL-CIA labor FRONT group two, three step, side step, dance, class betrayal, regarding our national single-payer health care insurance battle .
A total and complete joke, a farce, an undignified slap in the face.
An indignation.
An insult to ALL.
The fact that such audacious proposals could be even considered seriously takes ones breath away.

A complete piece of shit and garbage EVEN WORSE THAN what we have NOW will be rammed down everyone's throats, nationally, thanks to the collusion and collaboration of our Fascist, anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, corrupt, mafia led labor unions in conjugal bed with their NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Democrat Obooma Dictatorship partners.

Typical PATTERN of total and complete class capitulation and betrayal, AS IN ALL OTHER INSTANCES.
Instead of a NATIONAL, MILITANT, UNIFIED, labor, class front for single payer, our institutional, organized, supposed class representatives are now sidelining and shepherding their raucous and rebellious constituency and everyone else into another bogus alternative, i.e., an option for STATE mandated single payer.
Considering public institutions and budgets everywhere, throughout the entire country, especially state, are being slashed and under assault, including right where I sit in one of the states mentioned below, nobody in their right mind can take their proposal below seriously, not to mention all sorts of other reasons surrounding it.
For example, even considering or reopening the State versus National Rights policy door, canard, is a very, very dangerous, slippery, retrograde slope.
THEY perpetuate and enable the problem and NOT the solution!

This is nothing short of insanity and national suicide.

Of course, this lets off the hook ENTIRELY their/our NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship and the TRILLIONS of PUBLIC taxpayer subsidies to the above named and other corresponding private corporations, which does not even include the additional BILLIONS, TRILLIONS more of indirect subsidies by MILITARY, WAR funding AND national debt accrued to those same international private institutions.

To add insult to injury, pouring salt onto an open wound, the NAZI Democratic Obooma health care plan will actually be WORSE, PUNITIVE and ADD more public/taxpayer subsidies to the coffers and profits of PRIVATE health care insurance corporations, insuring and enabling their survival and further expansion, just like that of our financial, corporate institutions.

There should be NO support of these FASCIST BUSINESS UNIONS and their present policies which serve themselves, only, first and foremost, and, their own fat salaries because they function as class CONTROLS, conduits, sieves, investing their aggregate collected union pension funds into private corporations, as well as revolving piggybanks for the Democratic Party through mandatory union dues and campaign contributions.

These sellout, corrupt, mafia leaders and their present cozy arrangement need to be smashed and they themselves liquidated.
I do NOT support the bogus Employee Free Choice Act, whose purpose merely will serve to expand and enhance the abominable Andy Stern's, SEIU, "Change to Win," gang and AFL-CIA mafia crowd.
Anyway, here are the two links to which I refer, above.
And, IF you look on the right hand sidebar there are more articles as well:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship VP Biden, really President, stepped off his plane in Baghdad, in a token gesture befitting him, the Green Zone welcomed him with bombs.
Not that daily violence, killing, atrocities, torture and mayhem in Iraq is restricted to the Green Zone.
But, the Killing Grounds of Iraq gets attention and headlines here only when someone prominent, like Biden, happens to be in the middle of it all.
Otherwise, it ceases to exist.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Afghanistan is a huge, daily, spoon fed smoke screen, a diversion, a side show.
The main event continues to be Iraq/Iran and the greater Middle East.
United Suckers and Assholes of Denial.
Simultaneously, Bush/Maliki Iraq shoe thrower Al-Zaidi is released and holds a Press Conference.
These events are not unrelated:

Iraq's so-called NAZI puppet government just announced NO oil law will be designated until after their so-called January, 2010 elections while the KRG continues entrenched in its adamant position:

And I read various responses to the report, INCLUDING MINE, about potential MAJOR US Pentagon Turkish military sales, which mostly TRY to assuage its impact and say it is just PR.

I beg to differ.

The PR show is Ahmadimoron talks. Stalling, buying time.

There are now MORE than two major regional military forces aligned against NAZI Iran/Ahmadimoron, namely, Turkey, Israel and the US, of course, along with other NATO forces.

The contradictions in Iraq are intractable, insoluable ones and EVERYBODY has helped dig it and themselves in deeper and deeper and THEY CONTINUE to do so by DENYING the realities on the ground in Iraq, not to mention elsewhere as well.

Now, I have done numerous posts in the past about Saudi royalty, especially, Saudi Prince Talal, Citigroup's largest private shareholder, acting as surrogates and regional diplomats for US and other private investors.

But, this time, I thought I would name another strategic regional group, who, like their partners in crime, Saudi royalty, play a major, key, HYPOCRITICAL role in this drama, namely, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his/their inner circle.

But, first, an article from a slightly unusual, different source which reaffirms dramatically the CALAMATOUS nature of the NAZI Islamic policies superimposed on Iraq from Iran and the US, although, of course, placing the perfunctory spin about Hussein on it, namely, Iraq's endangered species, Catholics:

And, now, AFTER THE FACT and THEIR VITRIOLIC role in helping to escalate and promote it all, for personal profit, gain, privatization and aggrandizement, of course, here are just a few highlights from Abu Dhabi's apparent need to polish up themselves and Islam's nasty, tarnished image emanating from the putrid stench rising from the repercussions of NAZI Iran created Shia Islam Fundamentalism in Iraq.
So, in true cynical, ironic and hypocritical fashion:

"Mohammed bin Zayed attends a lecture on 'Reviving the legacy of the Rationalist School of Islam':

Ain't that sweet, thoughtful and erudite of him?
Alittle too late, I would say. An afterthought.
And, then, from those who certainly KNOW how to advise and consult on the efficacy of NAZI generated racial and ethnic stereotypes and policies:

"Saif Bin Zayed receives the Minister President of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia":

And, lastly, "Sheikh Zayed Mosque Among World's Most Prominent Islamic Architectural Structures."

On this last one, link following, since I have not seen the Mosque, I can't help but wonder about some similarity to the infamous, recently deceased, NAZI Turkmenistan Dictator Niyazov's EXTRAORDINARY mosque building spree and glorification of himself and his NAZI regime, in which all major international firms earned oodles and oodles and bundles of money:

Of course, these folks above are hardly alone in hypocritically, cynically, sanitizing NAZI barbarity for purpose of counter-revolutionary, reactionary privatization goals, personal aggrandizement, gain, greed and profit.
Their motives are clear cut.

We have an entire domestic and international coterie of covert and overt hired official and unofficial collaborators and ideologues who function similarly.

Actually, this represents a growth industry in a growing unemployed and underemployed economy.
But, as I have warned, many times over,
YOU are responsible for WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.
YOU helped create and dig us all into this existential morass, mess, disaster BY ACTIVE DENIAL, obfuscation and collaboration.
So, enjoy the repercussions and fruits of YOUR labor.
And, then, lastly, once again, one can follow the illustrative and illuminating microcosm of global, counter-revolutionary NAZI privatization below:

Monday, September 14, 2009


The headline above is based on the following RAND report/study.
For those unfamiliar with it/them, RAND is another MAJOR, prestigious, presumably independent, US think tank, with STRONG military/government associations, really one and the same, tied together by an umbilical cord.

And, of course, in a previous post, only a few days ago, I had information about a US Defense Dept request from Turkey to purchase PATRIOT missiles and other MAJOR arms.
Here's one of the links I used in that post as a reminder:

Of course, it is not Sunni Arab groups to which they refer in the article below, but, NAZI Iran, the KRG/Baghdad/Iran intractable conundrum about which I have been writing for so long.

My editorial comment to the above HAS BEEN and is:
This is what I call REAL mopping up.

And, while at it, overturn Turkey's present, domestic Fascist, Islamic AKP government "whose passion is to sell state enterprises."

As I have said many times over from the initiation of my original blog, Turkey's military has the capacity to completely overturn the regional applecart ALONG WITH, in conjunction with, Turkey's fabulous, militant, PRINCIPLED opposition to whom I offer my most heartfelt, warm appreciation.
Turkey, by virtue of a unique sequencing of regional events set into motion through Iraq's most abysmal NAZI US/Iran invasion and occupation, been placed into position as a POTENTIAL, MAJOR, HISTORIC game changer and upset.
LIVE UP TO the HISTORIC opportunity.
That is all I ask and hope of them:

And, here, I PRESUME, is the RAND study document to which they refer above:

And, then, see my posts just below, about Munir Chalabi, US Labor, Turkish arms links....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


There are a few important questions I have regarding the background relationship between Munir Chalabi and Ahmad Chalabi.
Questions I cannot easily answer myself via numerous, fruitless, internet searches.
It would necessitate other reading, sources, books, history, etc, on my part.
So, I thought I would just toss out the questions on the internet, via my blog.

First, I ASSUME Munir Chalabi is RELATED to the infamous, notorious Ahmad Chalabi.
I cannot ascertain this familial connection on the internet.
I have tried numerous times but to no avail.
Perhaps, IF I read Persian or Arabic, I might be able to come up with the answer easily, instantly, readily.
But, I cannot.
So, instead, I operate on this assumption.

It seems a most likely assumption to me, given the extensive, regional Chalabi family nexus, background and the significant position in which Munir Chalabi has been placed BECAUSE Munir Chalabi serves as LIAISON for the supposed London and thus US connected, AFL-CIA, US Labor Against War, front grouping and the newly minted Iraq Federation of Oil Unions.

It appears evident to me that Munir Chalabi plays a critical role in this capacity, function, similar to that of Ahmad Chalabi in relationship to representing specific clerical Iranian interests in the so-called Iraq puppet government.

Voluminous information exists, of course, on Ahmad Chalabi.
I selected just this one from 2004, below, out of thousands, as ALITTLE reminder, example, refresher of the Chalabi family's murky pedigree and background, regional interconnectedness and EMPHASIS on their former family PROMINENCE in Iraq and elsewhere:

And, then, from another, entirely different source, namely, US Congressional testimony, again, from May, 2004, in which the following response, paragraph, reply to a question by US General Kimmitt, appears, below:

"...GEN. KIMMITT: There was an operation, as we all know, about 10 days ago against some of the properties of Ahmad Chalabi. Coalition forces did not participate in that except in a support role. I don't know of any other operations that coalition forces knowingly participated in operation conducted against any of Mr. Chalabi's properties..."

I would very much like to know to WHICH properties specifically Kimmitt was referring and which, how many, in Iraq are BACK in Chalabi's control NOW.

It is definitely important, NOT inconsequential information.
Here's the link, testimony from which I excerpted the above paragraph:

And, then, alittle more information from a somewhat unusual and interesting, but, not entirely complete source, about the Iraq/Iran/Chalabi/Sadr nexus just this month, only a few days ago:

Clearly, this sort of exercise could go on indefinitely.

But, again, it is Munir Chalabi who is NOW my main focus of attention, since, once again, the AFL-CIA US Labor Against War front group is sponsoring another US Iraq Federation of Oil Unions tour.
So, I will continue operating on the above assumption about the relationship between Munir and Ahmad Chalabi UNLESS AND UNTIL someone sends me RELIABLE information to the contrary or confirmation.
And, also, it would be nice to have concrete, detailed, specific information as to what the Chalabi family controls NOW in Iraq.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The following headlines, articles speak for themselves.

"Iran: 22 Firms Up for Privatization":


"Energy at heart of unique UAE-US relations between: paper‏":

And more on the Oil India IPO which I noted in my previous post, below, also planning to bid in Iraq:

And in the Middle East arms race, Turkey JUST submitted to Congress a proposal to purchase PATRIOT guided missiles AND MANY MORE armaments from the US.
And, as an aside, Turkey's military, under no circumstances, will allow an independent Kurdistan:
And, one more report on the above with further analysis and info mentioning other regional arms purchases such as Jordan and Morocco:

Meanwhile, the latest developments from Iceland's global microcosm
privatization saga.
I have one question BEFORE reading the following.
WHAT should, do they plan to do about it??
What do YOU think?
Pots and Pans are NOT sufficient:

I have two words for all the fakirs, fake hired Left/Opposition, NAZI/Fascist apologists, revisionists, ideologues, who HELP, aid and abet this process:
A short, sweet, simple descriptive message.

But, not to worry.

Imperialist contradictions will make life on earth intolerable, a living hell FOR EVERYONE, them included.


There already is and will continue to be, instead, only EXACERBATED internal and external class conflict, strife, dislocation, civil war, fighting, barbarity, insurrection and anarchy.

The disintegration and breakdown of society and ultimately the Fascist State.

And, I will finish this point above by highlighting two links below from Cuban filmmaker Santiago Alvarez.
One should see EVERYTHING Alvarez did.
He was NOT professional, instead, a self-taught filmmaker
When the Soviet Union collapsed, so did 30 years of Cuban cinema and Alvarez with it.
As was said at the time of the S.U. collapse, the lights went out and the sun went down.

The version of the documentary I saw below had English subtitles.
However, I cannot seem to find subtitles.
Nonetheless, the Spanish is SO simple, easy to read in the Alvarez film that I think anyone can understand most everything with a very limited, cursory knowledge of Spanish or English or almost any other language.
And, there is no talking.
It is entirely visual.
I intentionally selected the first link below simply to give a flavor of his work and the second link starts from the beginning of the documentary, "79 Primaveras", which you can follow through to the end.

So, first link.
By the way, IF you look carefully in the video frame of the upper left hand corner at APPROXIMATELY, around, minute 2:10 in the following video you will see a building sign for the notorious NAZI firm IBM.
For more on that subject, do a search on Edwin Black's book, "IBM and the Holocaust":

And, then, Part 1 from the Documentary award winner in Leipzig, 1969, "79 Primaveras":

Friday, September 11, 2009


MidEast privatization and its corresponding imperialist contradictions, rivalries, spiral forward at a swift, fast, furious, intensifying, dizzying pace.
Much too much for me to itemize.
Here are just a few highlights, nonetheless.

"India has quit Iran gas pipeline deal: Report:"

And, "Iran'sState Telecom To Sell 51 Percent Of Stock In Privatization Bid":

Meanwhile, just about every single energy deal supposedly signed and negotiated in North, South Iraq and in between, Baghdad, hangs in limbo at the moment, again, pending "developments," or, depending on which contradictory source one reads.

And, armaments in Iraq flow in all different directions from all different sources, killings, assassinations, bombings, murder, mayhem, violence with fingers pointed every which way.

And, since violence in Yemen has also been reported, I thought I would highlight that my good old buddy, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil octopus, dynasty, NOW has a MAJOR presence in Yemen, as well, in addition to Iraq, Egypt, the Nabucco pipeline, etc.
Of course, notorious US company Hunt Oil has a long Yemeni history.
But, Dana/Crescent represents the new empire, kid, on the block and GAS company:

And, since I mentioned Yemen, above, here's one more about Oil India IPO (initial public offering), privatization, which has some of my favorite characters and places involved, amongst others.

Additionally, Oil India is planning to bid in Iraq's next, "upcoming round."
A brief excerpt:

"...Aside from its onshore domestic exploration and development, Oil India is also exploring for crude oil and natural gas in Gabon, Iran, Libya, Nigeria and, as part of a consortium, in Yemen....Citi, HSBC and JM Financial/Morgan Stanley are joint bookrunners for the IPO..."
Above from:

Certainly, not to be outdone or forgotten, Israel's privatization continues rolling merrily along from its previous Mediterranean offshore gas wars to its ports, now.

Altho small, obviously, Israel is strategically well placed on valuable Mediterranean coastal property:

The universe of privatization from which I can choose information is perhaps not infinite, but, certainly, vast, enormous and, MY/THE POINT BEING, growing, expanding, rather than its opposite, contracting, shrinking, limiting.
Certainly more enormous than any one individual alone can digest.
But, importantly, it does NOT represent one big HAPPY family.

Just the contrary.
The competitive contradictions raised by expanding privatization continue piling, spiraling and mounting upwards, intensifying, including Russia, which, in turn, is connected to investment developments in NAZI Iran, occupied Iraq, Latin America, etc.

And now a word about another Big Lie related to the above, namely, Peak Oil, a bogus theory advanced as an explanation by many of the same historical revisionists and ideologues of numerous other Big and smaller Lies, like Iran's role, the anti-Communist, anti-Stalin brigades, etc.
These ideologues and revisionists often, generally overlap.

So, many thanks to R. who has been forwarding me quite a number of scientific articles, sources reaffirming, acknowledging what has been known for quite some time, first advanced by the Soviets, namely, the A-BIOTIC origins of gas and oil, otherwise known as "fossil" fuels and their UBIQUITOUS generation throughout the globe, or, what I previosly called the bogus peak oil versus deep oil theory.

So, I decided to include ONE out of many other links on this subject R. forwarded me because it is relatively straightforward, simple and easy to understand.

Of course, the implications of A-Biotic, UBIQUITOUS oil/gas, as I have explained many times over, is well understood by everyone in the industry.
Competition and profitability is NOT related to scarcity.
So, the link:

In conclusion, an HONEST, simple, straightforward, PRINCIPLED, direct commentary and analysis with which I wholeheartedly agree below which sums up nicely our Single Payer Medical Insurance to our NAZI/Vichy Obooma Democrats, collaborators, privateers and ALL their many paid apologists, revisionists, enablers mentioned above.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


United Suckers and Assholes titular human Garbage Can at the top of the trash heap called a government, passed air yesterday evening in front of our glorified, combined NAZI Congress.

What did the NAZI Garbage Can on Top of the combined NAZI Trash Heap say about our private for-profit health care insurance industry?

Well, to paraphrase an old expression,
"Garbage In, Garbage Out," i.e., NOTHING.
Smoke and mirrors.

Speaking out of both sides of his mouth and all other bodily orifices Obooma simply reaffirmed what is already known.
Same old same old.

The entire raison d'etre of NAZISM and Fascism, everywhere, globally, is to expand PRIVATIZATION.
The two are synonymous.

Thus, to expect United Suckers and Assholes current NAZI Dictatorship to oppose, limit private health care is like expecting them to willingly transform into their antithesis.

In the natural world, caterpillars become butterflies, but, in human social organization, Kafka notwithstanding, with class structure and greed as its centerpiece, moths do NOT morph into butterflies.
NAZIS and Fascists do NOT willingly, voluntarily transform themselves into their opposite.

And, our institutional, organized, working class representatives, our Fascist, criminal, mafia led thugs, our obscene, anti-Communist coopted labor union leadership aid, abet and assist this most primitive, barbaric, reactionary privatizing project by digging us all deeper and deeper into a Fascist existential morass NOT DECOUPLING themselves and all of us from this system whenever an opportunity arises, from our privatized health care system to our privatized pensions to our taxpayer subsides for private corporations, the Democratic Party, etc and so on.

And, the same holds true internationally.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Today, I want to focus on just two posts below which demonstrate to me visually in clear, no uncertain terms, religious Fundamentalism in the form of pseudo Islam and, specifically, NAZI Iran/Aryan Shiism, superimposed on Iraq, as an historical reincarnation of NAZI mythology, ideological invention, creation AND THE BARBARIC, PRIMITIVE, reactionary, counter-revolutionary master it serves.

And, further, EVERYONE, EVERY COUNTRY, EVERY LEADER, EVERY GOVERNMENT, EVERY INSTITUTION collaborating, apologizing, denying, advancing the following agenda, below, is COMPLICIT with NAZI war crimes NOW and BEFORE, as in WWII.

They are ALL as responsible as those who directly commit war crimes, horrors and atrocities.

By the way, in the second link/post, below, she mentions Wahabi Fundamentalism.

Well, the Saudi Wahabis did, indeed, HELP do a good job in former Afghanistan, making a vast wasteland, decimating, razing and throwing the country back into the dark ages.
But, just as now, then, there were people referring to the Afghan "resistance" as "Freedom Fighters," against the Big Bad Evil Soviet Empire.
Of course, then, SOME, a few, principled individuals and organizations noted the manner in which women and others were being treated in Afghanistan and objected.
That fact completely changes the power equation.
This time around NO Big Bad Evil Soviet Union exists and, instead, THESE are the barbaric, horrific, deranged, ghoulish, nightmarish, reactionary NAZI madmen, spawned, reincarnated by the demise of the Soviet Union PRESENTED as Freedom Fighters.
Everybody acquiesces, everybody colludes in the fiction.
Well, most everybody.

The Iraqis might as well be wearing the Star of David on their clothing: