Thursday, September 24, 2009


This post is a short, personal commentary and lamentation precipitated, in part, by Ralph Nader's most recent bizarre intellectual foray about "the rich" and to the many suckers, assholes, doormats, peons, peasants, serfs, wage slaves in the world AND our fake, bogus Left/Opposition ENABLERS and their collaborators.

By the way, an aside.
Characterizing wage labor as a continuation of SLAVERY is absolutely accurate, because, by extension, value added is a consequence ONLY of human labor. Without human labor, no value added is possible. Thus, a corporate share represents entitlement, ownership to a percentage of a human being. Ownership of people is indirect, but, nonetheless, just as real as outright slavery or serfdom, peonage.
Ask anyone who is unemployed or underemployed.

Anyway, returning to the subject matter at hand.

Below is just SOME, a representative, of the voluminous material readily available on the internet which spells it all out, plain and simple, like most of the other business information I read.

These people have NO problem understanding PRECISELY what is involved.
Nor I, for that matter.
No need for intellectual obscurantism, gymnastics, revisionism, mysticism, magical thinking, empty rhetoric, excuses, apologetics, etc.

Straightforward, "fundamentalist" facts, materialism, devoid of ideological revisionism, camouflage and spin.

Thousands more such similar sources available from whence this one originates:

And, for a few more HIGHLIGHTS on present day Russian capitalist oligarch investments abroad and at home, including right here, there is always John Helmer's website, although, certainly NOT exhaustive, complete, comprehensive, nonetheless, entertaining and interesting.
By the way, JP Morgan's name pops up as financial facilitator, intermediary on quite a few of his reports:

And, while on the subject, following from my previous post, to which I will link below, regarding a Grand Bargain, what a happy coincidence of names regarding Exxon, Shell and Russia:

As reference, my previous post:

Simultaneously, Iran's Baghdad/Iraq Oil Minister says their deal with Shell MAY NOW be jeopardized.

But, on the other hand, NAZI Iran's partners in Venezuela, Latin America, apparently, are courting France, which, of course, is an attempt to break proposed international sanctions around NAZI Iran.

And Norway's, DNO, KRG flap, about which I previously reported, escalates, characterized as "explosive," a term I have used all along.

And ALL the well paid, but, hired goons for the preceding RETROGRADE, REACTIONARY, HEATHEN, BARBARIC, PRIVATE economic interests and more will be meeting shortly in NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly Obooma Dictatorship's GREAT, FORMER, MAJOR,now defunct, industrial coal and steel city, region of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A group of collective historical human refuse and garbage cans gathered together, as well as their/our fake, bogus, manufactured Opposition/Left and their friends and scribes in the "Academy," hurriedly concocting revisionist theories to accommodate the needs of their reactionary, retrograde, barbaric, obscene, global, PRIVATE NAZI paymasters.

In honor of the above event, I chose an expressive theme song from the Sesame Street muppet puppet who lives in a state of perpetual garbage:

So, let's cut to the chase and stop all the empty verbiage, lame excuses, lamenting, hand wringing, whining and so on.
You made your bed.
You lie in it.
You helped birth it.
You are midwives.
It's YOUR baby now.

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