Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, the short report below about Iraq and Biden's recent visit states the obvious quite clearly, although, of course, not with any of the depth, details, I generally offer on my posts.
The following excerpt, in a nutshell, link below:

"...A bitter feud between Baghdad and Iraq's largely autonomous Kurdistan region over oil rights and territorial boundaries is seen as a looming threat to Iraq's fragile stability..."

The only piece now missing in the picture puzzle surrounding NAZI Iran in Iraq mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario and its KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, has been the greater sticky wicket, impediment, namely, Russia.

Turkey's possible and VERY REAL military acquisitions and adventure into Iraq has put the fear of God into EVERYONE, regionally.
One regional variable and threat, Turkey's military, has now been consolidated.
And, Israel, of course, is a known quantity.
Thus, only one more major immediate variable exists which has been a/the sticking point in a Grand Bargain...


Thus, it is not by coincidence that the US suddenly announced it will relinguish missile defense in the region surrounding Russia immediately upon, or, after a high level sneak Israeli diplomatic visit to Russia.
It is NOT in Russia, Putin's interest to have a major military conflagration on their borders.
In reality, of course, the US is really giving up nothing except for the specific location of missile defense, which is and will be placed elsewhere, including on sea.

But, it represents posturing, concessions, on both sides, both Russia and the US, for political purposes.

It's a/the bargaining chip, just like Iran's nukes.

It is appearance that is important, just as in everything else in this Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly world of smoke and mirrors.

So, one US concession will justify another from Russia.
So, what can these be?
What COOPERATION will the US get from Russia?

Well, here is a start, below, a hint of things to come, which will include, encompass Iran/Iraq.

I have excerpted, highlighted the pertinent paragraphs from the link following.
By the way, does anyone really believe, accept, the explanation offered below, namely, Russia needs help developing its oil and gas reserves. To me, it is quite laughable:

"...Russia wants foreign help
Wire services
Russia wants foreign companies to help develop its massive offshore oil and gas reserves as domestic companies lack the means to do so alone, Natural Resources Deputy Minister Sergei Donskoi said.

His comments yesterday echoed earlier statements by his chief, minister Yuri Trutnev, who in July said Russia should consider changes to legislation limiting foreign companies' participation in tapping mineral reserves.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in June offered surprise deals to Shell and France's Total which analysts said signaled the easing of resource nationalism...."

Excerpt from:

Additional reports exist about revisiting Russia's previous privatization and who got what, namely, Russia's present day oligarchs who gobbled up everything.
Of course, this is NOT about re-nationalization.
It is the opposite.

Privatization gallops forward, along with its multiplying external and internal imperialist contradictions, which do and will NOT go away.

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