Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yes, indeed, a lesson from tiny Iceland, below.
SUE THE BASTARD PRIVATE NAZI CRIMINAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS RECEIVING TARP (Taxpayer Assisted Relief Program) and STIMULUS MONIES in the greatest of all United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship on planet earth.
AND, then, as well, take to the streets AGAINST SUBSIDIES, GIFTS, GIVEAWAYS!!
Instead of being prosecuted, liquidated, THEIR ASSETS SEIZED AND NATIONALIZED, the opposite occurs.
They receive more and more bonuses, rewards, gifts, taxpayer bonanzas and EXPAND OVERSEAS!
Here is a nice report about NAZI Citi, (an arm of Citigroup), receiving an "Islamic" investment AWARD!!!:

ALL YOU SUCKERS are being kicked in the collective arses/asses/tizees.
A rhetorical question, of course.
Conspicuously silent. Absent. Missing in Action.
But, IN BED, TOGETHER with their NAZI paymasters and private corporations ABOVE.
And, why?
Answer follows this link, below, about Iceland and Iceland's orchestrated economic collapse, debt, insolvency, theft and Icesave debacle:

In answer to the above question about our nonexistent labor unions, if you have been following my posts for some time, you know the reasons why.
But, I want to emphasize one more point, here.
I am NOT a fan of the much ballyhooed EFCA, Employee Free Choice Act.
Because I believe it to be another diversion, like their red herring, bogus Public Option medical insurance proposal.
The REAL enemy is our Taft-Hartley Labor (or, anti-Labor) Act of 1947.
Our present Fascist, mafia and CIA controlled union leadership has expressed total DISINTEREST, disregard, disdain to challenge, repeal that Draconian labor law.
Not having Taft-Hartley would threaten them, their role, their political control and affiliations.
It's a convenient excuse for them to DO NOTHING, except collect dues, invest pension monies into private NAZI corporations, support privatization abroad and at home, contribute financially and make labor dependent and compromised on the Democratic Party:

AND, while we/you are at it, sue IRAN, the US, NATO, EU as well.
Utilize ALL and every means and tactic at your disposal.
Take to the courts, the streets, labor actions, everywhere.
Make the world ungovernable UNTIL NAZI policies are brought down and reversed.
And, below are two inspirational updates from events elsewhere on the globe.
First, Pakistan's ongoing privatization struggle:

And, GREECE, mentioned in the Iceland post/link, above, regarding Icesave:

Finally, my entry from earlier today, just below...


Two different, but, related medical stories thousands of miles away attached by an umbilical cord in ways I have explained consistently throughout my many posts.
First, in the US of A, United Suckers and Assholes, two doctors were recently arrested in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, advocating for Single Payer Health Care.
Almost simultaneously, elsewhere, in Iraq, another doctor was arrested BUT with an entirely DIFFERENT outcome and a fatal prognosis.
First, the US:

And, then, NAZI occupied Iranian Iraq:

The Middle East, Iraq/Iran escalation, confrontation which I have forecast and followed throughout my many posts HEIGHTENS, INTENSIFIES.
Further militarization inevitable, pending.
The MEDICAL AND LABOR COMMUNITY HERE and others MUST join together, individually, collectively, ORGANIZATIONALLY to STOP the chronic, endemic, perpetual VICTIMIZATION and BARBARIC TORTURE happening in NAZI Iranian/US occupied Iraq.
She is but the latest person in a long, NATIONWIDE Iraq purge, but, the buck must stop or start SOMEWHERE.
She is the TIP of the NAZI Iraq occupation iceberg.
A reminder from Martin Niemoller's now famous quote in NAZI occupied WWII Germany:

Indifference, ignorance, silence, collaboration KILLS, maims, destroys, everything and everyone it touches, entire societies, humanity, civilization, the planet!!
ALL to perpetuate individual greed and profit.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I would like to clarify something.
Events CURRENTLY transpiring, NOW, in the Middle East, Iran/Iraq, were NOT "planned" when this war began.
This is not unusual in history.
The outcome of ALL wars is uncertain.
If the outcomes were certain, history and the course of human events would look very different, SIMPLE and easy to predict.
A straight trajectory.
NOW, instead, "they" opened a hornet's nest and unleashed all the ills and evils of Pandora's Box, steeped in a quagmire of their own making.
In spy parlance, this is sometimes labeled "Blowback" BECAUSE
it was "they" who initially created all these various NAZI Islamic Frankenstein monsters throughout the Middle East, extending to Afghanistan, Pakistan to counter a growing Pan-Arab Socialist movement, their USSR allies and Communism, and, so, now, "they" must slay, curb, curtail, contain their own monsters, dragons AND the imperialist genie they let out of the bottle.
THEY will, of course, NOT say so, which is why ALL the COLLECTIVE denial, empty rhetoric, propaganda, bullshit, cover up, OBVIOUS lies, whitewash, excuses, doublespeak, so-called surge, terrorism, Al-Qaeda, diversions, FICTIONS, FANTASY AND a total news whitewash and blackout about Iraq/Iran.
The "war" IS LOST.
It was lost before it began.

So, now, "they" find themselves figuratively punting, moving from crisis to crisis, improvising and adjusting strategy on a moving chessboard, flying by the seat of their pants.
So many intractable, competing economic interests and contradictions unleashed all at once, too many uncontrolled variables and militias wandering about everywhere, heightened tensions and internal class conflict.
Somebody wins, somebody else loses.
ONLY ONE response to such a situation, ESCALATE, ESCALATE, ESCALATE and REPRESS.
Increase, intensify, escalate, expand violence, militarism to impede, inhibit, control, eliminate, neutralize, suppress, subdue some, many, all "enemies," opponents, actors, players, variables.

NO diplomatic solution exists, unless, of course, ALL were to suddenly acknowledge reality, apologize, withdraw, pack up and go home, as Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution did in response to WWI.
But, this will not happen BECAUSE OUR most recent global NAZI counter-revolutionary, imperialist PRIVATIZING project and structural edifice rises and falls on Middle East "success" and CAPITAL EXPANSION.
Their army of covert, compromised, collaborative operatives and apologists are all busy working to help save the Empire from itself.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
"You (they) broke it, now, you (they) own it!"

They can NOT, from THEIR perspective, pack up, leave and go home.
If they do, their GLOBAL PRIVATIZING game is finished, over, kaput.
So, that is why an ever greater multiplier of force, energy, resources, confrontation and militarism is forthcoming, inevitable, needed to counteract the disparate economic and geographic forces proliferating, mushrooming, competing and conflicting, pushing and pulling, tugging in different directions and vying against one another, simultaneously.
So, a multi-pronged, attack AND multiple front, coordinated strategy through the long, covert arm of the US State Dept AND military, combined, together, as Hillary Clinton described in their recent Iraq investment conference and MECATAC organization.

One thing is perfectly clear.

There is no way under the Imperialist Sun that NAZI Iran's militias and/or Mullahs will be allowed to control EITHER the strategic waterways of the Strait of Hormuz, the Arab Gulf region, AND/OR, the allocation of oil, gas resources in Iraq.
It IS a declaration of war. WE are AT WAR. But, WE do not say so.

First Congress has to make a resolution to declare war. That would be politically uncomfortable. They would have to acknowledge everything else. So, instead, it becomes a response, escalation to expanded terrorism. Mission creep. The 1950s Korean war was called a "police action."

Although the brainwashed and propagandized idiots in United Suckers and Assholes MAY not know what happens in shores beyond their land, since they barely know what happens in their own country, that does not mean it is not happening. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does not mean the tree did not fall and repercussions follow.
So, here's a SAMPLE list of SOME of Iraq's RECENT exploding events, with many more preceding and GUARANTEED MUCH MORE TO COME:\2010-01-27\kurd.htm

At this point, I will add an individual and urgent APPEAL for self-evident reasons.
It certainly is a DIRECT result of all above and below:

NAZI Iran's Mullah and Ahmadimidget regime recently accused Imperial NAZI Germany of fomenting covert activities.
True enough. I had information previously about NAZI Iran's VP Davoodi, Germany, Morgan Stanley, Bank Melli, the First Persia Fund connections.
Follow the embedded links backward:

China dallies over Iran sanctions since Mullah Sistani's son-in-law and Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, dangles oil contracts in front of their eyes. But, the contracts are not worth the paper on which they are written.

Ultimately, inevitably, ALL will lose BECAUSE it requires ever greater force, energy and RESOURCES to REVERSE, PUSH BACK, TURN AROUND the MANY forces PUSHING AGAINST THEM AND each other, like plugging holes in the Dutch dike, AND, reversing the flow and direction of HISTORY, TIME AND GRAVITY. Theoretically possible, but, in practice, impossible.
WWI brought forth the the Russian Revolution. As a consequence of WWII, the Russian Revolution was EXPANDED. Each time they lost. At greater and greater expenditure of energy, resources and human life.

Back here, for example, in our most politically regressive country on the planet, in addition to our current NUHW versus NAZI SEIU labor struggle, which I previously featured, the following and more on the same website.
THIS IS CHANGE and a burgeoning, meaningful, nascent resistance and opposition:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


US Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke will, OF COURSE, be reconfirmed
by our Senate BECAUSE we have a NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship and a smug, contemptuous, arrogant, petty CIA operative and black slave boy placed by them into the NAZI occupied White House and Congress.
There was NEVER ANY doubt in my mind about Bernanke's re-confirmation from the very beginning.
For alittle about the long arm reach of the "global" NAZI cabal, conspiracy, octopus Bernanke so well represents, which is why he will be re-confirmed, here's something from Iceland:

Meanwhile, our huthala (scumbag) and their FAKE left and NAZI led labor collaborators (US Labor Against War, AFL-CIA, SEIU) have a full court press, circus, and, side show about Israel, in conjunction with Naomi Klein's presence in Turkey, WHILE our NAZI cabal whose sleazebag Obooma represents sitting right HERE AND ELSEWHERE steam ahead dismantling what remains of the greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on earth with MORE proposed taxpayer subsidies to private corporations, INCREASED ASTRONOMICAL DEBT, and the audacity, chutzpah to LIMIT anything remotely resembling more public or working class "entitlements" to help offset this debt.

NO LIMIT ON MILITARY SPENDING AND/OR FOREIGN AID or the endless, boundless, gifts, giveaways, subsidies, bonanza to private industry.


The ONLY place these bastards, bala assl, (without dignity), can find to protest on a global map is Israel!!

And, of course, the Baath SOCIALISTS in Iraq and US Labor's covert role in Iran and the former USSR in their CONTINUED, ONGOING HELP and participation in global counter-revolution to expand PRIVATE capital abroad and their own pension fund investments, partners in crime, hand in hand, together.

So, together, down and down they spiral in a death dance.
What's at stake, for example, in the following, titanic labor struggle represented between NUHW and SEIU is much larger and greater than an isolated, single event.
It threatens to entirely BREAK and upset the national and local stranglehold and power relationship represented above and below, which is why it is SO critically important:

And, then, my post from earlier today, just below...


It is bad enough, everyday, I hear and see the sickening Huthala (scumbag), CIA, covert NAZI left operatives, apologists, here, in the world's greatest United Suckers and Asshole nation.
Now, figuratively speaking, first thing, I open my eyes to a Turkish newspaper a few thousand miles away, and, lo and behold, front and center, featured prominently, a photo of one of OUR premiere PINK ELEPHANTS spouting their/her usual, propaganda garbage.
I know precisely why Naomi Klein suddenly features prominently in Turkey.
Klein is part of an overall orchestrated, coordinated, covert operation, campaign, designed to infiltrate, influence, compromise, control and coopt Turkey's militant opposition AND Erdogan's support for, alliance with, NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron, and, a diversion, as well, like HERE, about which I have written previously.
Our anti-Communist, anti-Soviet led AFL-CIA international covert labor front, as well as their cloned unions in Iraq and Iran, are HEAVILY involved in this project, as well.
As they are here.
The worse part about the utter, abysmal, obscene HYPOCRISY represented by Klein and her subject matter, below, it occurs the very SAME DAY ANOTHER prominent Baath Arab SOCIALIST is LYNCHED by the barbaric NAZI MOB representing Iran and ALL NAZI loyalists, everywhere!
(Links follow below).
And, of course, our bogus, CIA Left says NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, about this barbaric, OBSCENE hanging and total, unmitigated propaganda, whitewash, revisionist history.
So, I have a suggestion, lynch KLEIN AND her friends AND the NAZIS who hire them all, including those in our present government AND their corporate NAZI paymasters throughout the world.
And, then, while at it, take some photos and make obscene gestures and noises at her/them.
I am DEADLY serious about this proposition, since, as you can see, this is a DEADLY SERIOUS game.
People MUST be held accountable and take responsibility for their KNOWING and willful actions, deeds, collaboration and the repercussions that follow from it/them:

AND, then, the following PROPAGANDA report:

I will end this abbreviated sickening, nauseating post, reflection, commentary, opinion piece, with a reminder from a previous entry I did from January 2008, even more, or, just as, true now as then.
From a NAZI frying pan into a NAZI fire and holocaust:

Monday, January 25, 2010


I dedicate this post to ALL willing, able covert NAZI operatives, collaborators and appeasers EVERYWHERE who helped bring down BOTH the USSR AND Iraq's Arab Baath SOCIALIST DICTATORSHIP AND CONTINUE supporting, justifying and rationalizing Iran's pseudo Islamic, Torture Extraordinaire, Fundamentalist regime, AND, occupation of Iraq and NAZI Dictatorships everywhere.
Below is ONE of the OBVIOUS reasons for NAZI Iran's recent Iraq Oil Field power grab and Russia's dalliance on sanctions :

Meanwhile, regarding imperial NAZI Germany and Kurdistan:

And, then, in Yemen, a revealing roundup from another blog:

Also, adjacent to Yemen, Oman is open for business and located by the strategic shipping lanes of the Strait of Hormuz and CONTESTED Arab Gulf waterways.
ALL, of course, previously allied with and/or supported by the now dissolved, defunct, former USSR and COMECON.
If you are unfamiliar with the acronym COMECON, go do some reading.
Historical differences do exist.
I am well aware of that fact.

I am not lumping everyone and all countries together.

Previous alliances and backgrounds contribute to the present and are factors.
For example, a bitter and protracted civil war in Yemen, pro and against privatization/liberalization, previously, backed by different regional players.
And, I BELIEVE, Oman has ties to Iran.
But, I can not enumerate ALL regional complexities.
I am not a specialist in the Middle East/North Africa region, although I have an awareness of the general historical contours and background.
Suffice it to say, at the moment, one overwhelming, universal fact and common denominator exists uniting ALL areas formerly contested and/or supported by the USSR, whose resources were previously NATIONALIZED, namely, they are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and, thus, ALL subject to the whims, vagaries, conflicts of internal and external struggle for PRIVATE profit, gain, control, imperialist rivalry, occupation, war.

That being the symptomatic tip of a GLOBAL resurgent, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, imperialist, competitive NAZI iceberg.

Beneath the global NAZI iceberg runs a very, very deep current.
ALL boats, states, countries, societies floating on this NAZI current and running up against the imperialist NAZI iceberg, will be brought down, destabilized, like the Titanic, including the world's greatest debtor nation, United Suckers and Assholes.
Enjoy ALL present, future, upcoming wars, natural and man made disaster, economic catastrophe and collapse.

You worked hard for it.
AND CONTINUE serving well your NAZI paymasters.

NONE of the above say as much, simply:
"I/We am/are sorry.
I/We made a mistake.
I/We was/were wrong, incorrect."
And, then, change course, policy in midstream.


So, good riddance all.

May you kill each other and the last imperialist man standing win.
Mother Earth will neither care nor know the difference.
Indeed, the planet will be a better place without you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


First, I thought I would begin today's entry with alittle satire, always nice.
A few caricatures and cartoons about Obooma Nation, or, Unser PR NAZI Fuhrer puppet:

Meanwhile, the latest investment news update from our Huthala Iraqi, Hamid Jafar, and his infamous UAE based, private empire, octopus, network of overlapping, interconnected Boards, investors, companies, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil and ABRAAJ IN Pakistan:

Of course, more horrific news ALWAYS coming out of NAZI occupied Iraq to add to all other man made disasters, created for the profitability of ALL concerned above and OUR Huthala NAZI, anti-Soviet, anti-Communist, CIA led, cooperative, covert, union collaborators and manufactured opposition both here and abroad:\2010-01-23\kurd.htm

Back in the homeland, the epicenter of NAZI occupied US, you can dismiss ALL populist rhetoric and rants you MAY hear coming out of all sides of the mouth of Unser NAZI Democratic Fuhrer Obooma as "sound and fury signifying nothing."
Obooma, after all, is THEIR petty thug, Chicago prepped, NAZI, CIA hired help and slave boy.
Not vica-versa.
Empty posturing, noises, gestures.
Like everything else at the moment.
Our entire NAZI state apparatus, in a totally obscene gesture, just mobilized itself for Haitian "humanitarian" relief, charity, donations, hypocritically, while their own citizens lie homeless, sick, dying, impoverished, malnourished, drugged, exploited, right outside their doorsteps.
The parasitic NAZI State mobilizes NOTHING for OUR useless eaters, Untermenschen, redundant labor force, the PROPERTY-LESS AND LESS PROPERTIED and, correspondingly, power-less and less represented.
Of course, this BIG BUSINESS ORCHESTRATED Haiti humanitarian relief project, for that is, exactly, what it is, represents nothing but a lucrative, cynical ploy for more private investment overseas, AND, equally, a diversion and PR con job HERE.
More Roman bread, entertainment, circuses and propaganda for the masses.
We are OVERWHELMED, swimming, in a vast ocean of propaganda as to HOW, WHAT, WHICH information is selected, represented, interpreted, spun by our NAZI Dictatorship media AND their corresponding, collaborative fake Opposition and reality.
This discord and disconnect between reality and reflection, reporting, is palpable.
Furthermore, I assure everyone, we are all being prepped by the NAZI propaganda machine and State for the next, or, MORE WAR and "intervention" abroad under HUMANITARIAN auspices.
The area to which I most refer is, of course, the Middle East and Africa, the epicenter of our next "emerging," counter-revolutionary, private market, capital expansion and speculative bubble.
I hear the faulty Aristotelian reasoning and logic mounting daily.
A lethal combination of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, willing denial, apathy, disgust, despair, AND, most important, the political vacuum represented by our cooperative, collaborative, obstructionist, opportunist, mafia led CLASS representatives and their institutional resources and straight jacket, the AFL-CIA and SEIU, who offer no resistance, no alternative, no exit, no way out to our current dilemma, but, instead, more of the same, digging us all deeper and deeper into an existential hole, quagmire, imprisonment and a point of no return.
And, so, together, hand in hand, along with Iraq/Iran, we spiral downwards in a macabre death dance towards the inevitable resolutions and conclusions of further military confrontation necessitated by economic and political contradictions for market share, dominance and private profitability.
By the way, in case you are puzzled about the unexpected interjection of my one Arabic word, Huthala, in today's post, no, I did NOT suddenly and magically learn another language.
Below is from whence I emulated my singular, expressive Arabic vocabulary for today.
It's a good word. I liked it, so, I borrowed it.
I thought it a nice embellishment to everyday English.
Perhaps, a trend:

Friday, January 22, 2010


As an anecdote, I happened to notice the experience to which Helmer refers, below, since I, myself, tried linking to his website the other day and could not find it on the net.
At first, I thought it was my computer or internet connection.
Then, as a humorous aside, I came up with a haberdasher's website of similar name.
I pondered that awhile.
I could BROADLY say there is and has been an "information attack" since the end of WWII and well before.
The subject matter Helmer covers, however, the WORLD'S GREATEST COUNTER-REVOLUTION and WHOLESALE SELL OFF and SELLOUT of the former Soviet Union, as far as our global, covert, collaborative, ersatz ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-SOVIET LEFT is concerned, does NOT exist.
They do NOT recognize it as such.
Nor, of course, congruently, a global NAZI resurgence, extension and continuum since WWII in the US and outwards, elsewhere.
Amazing to ME, SOME people HERE, at least, are BEGINNING to note historical parallels with NAZI Germany, especially our latest kangaroo court decision for unlimited financial political campaign contributions.
A counter-revolutionary NAZI Dictatorship requires absolute control of State machinery, civil society, courts, political parties, unions, military, bogus opposition, etc.
Under such conditions, NO PRINCIPLED class opposition exists.
So, first, Helmer's Information Attack:

And, then, alittle something more from Helmer about the revolting and nauseating state of affairs in what was former Soviet Russia and now become the world's GREATEST counter-revolution that NOBODY above or below can manage to find.
Certainly NOT our ersatz, fake, collaborative, manufactured, compromised Left Opposition:

And, speaking of the above, as I indicated in previous posts, below, a manufactured coup, regime change in the works both for Iraq and Iran, AND, I THINK, Turkey, as well, since Turkey's AKP is allied with NAZI Iran's Sistani/Ahmadimoron/Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani.
The equally anti-Communist, manufactured NAZI religious Islamic Fundamentalists have become a liability for ALL concerned.
So, coordinated with Iran/Iraq, ONE of Turkey's many militant labor actions, opportunistically, has been seized upon and become a cause celebre by the same fake Left, above, who simply could not BEFORE find Turkey's militant Opposition to privatization, their Fascist AKP, Akbank, Citigroup, the IMF, let alone Russia or Iraq's privatization.
And, Ramsey Clark's bogus, covert International Anti-Imperialist organization has already made overtures to Syria's Baath Party, thus, obviously, abandoning their former position and love affair with NAZI, anti-Communist, Islamic Iran, Nassrallah, etc.
So, a CONTROLLED, coordinated, synchronized, covert political demolition operation occurring:

It's important to have eyes wide open in a political crowd to recognize and distinguish WHO are your friends and who are your covert, opportunistic supporters/enemies sent to co-opt, control and compromise you.
Below is another nice EXAMPLE of what I mean, above.
A good propaganda excerpt from an action e-mail I just received, amongst hundreds of others similar to it, from our collaborative, CIA led, US LABOR AGAINST WAR, covert operation, which, elsewhere in the text (link follows) proudly mentions their anti-Communist, CIA, ILO affiliation as well.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...While purging Ba'athists, the Maliki goverment continues to impose the oppressive practices of the Hussein regime, depriving public sector and enterprise employees of the right to organize, bargain and strike..."


You deserve the imperialist wars you get.
The more the better. You earned it over the millions of multilated corpses and dead bodies who fought against the people who now employ you. Enjoy the fruits of your labor from now until eternity or you die, whichever comes first.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


TWO entries today.
This and one just below.

The disgusting piece of human shit and garbage and NAZI Dictatorship that entered the White House last November, 2008, yet proposes MORE NATIONAL DEBT!!
Of course, NOT one single tax on stock, bond or commodity trades:

And, then, the simple, fundamental implications of voodoo economics and indentured slavery as represented above:,%5EGSPC,UUP,GLD,TIP,TLT,TBT

In addition to the preceding obscenity, pouring more salt on an open wound, the smug, obsequious, sanctimonious, contemptuous hired help in the NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan White House Dictatorship whose campaign FIRST trashed public spending, now has NO limits to campaign contributions:

It is estimated the average United Suckers and Assholes tax represents approximately one third of his/her/their salary and working hours.
That means YOU or I work FOR THEM, ABOVE, one third of your life.
That in ADDITION to everything else YOU OWE, PURCHASE, BUY FROM THEM under the sun, from pensions, health insurance, housing, education, food, energy, etc.
And, what do you get for your labor and recycled tax dollars?
Those tax monies are NOT wholly and fully recycled into productive PUBLIC industry, natural resources, services, health care, etc.
Instead, YOUR tax dollars [and thus labor they represent] are recycled, GIVEN as subsidies, gifts to PRIVATE industry, corporations, individuals, business, banks, finance, the military and wars which operate TO EXPAND those same PRIVATE INTERESTS ABROAD.
DEBT, however, IS nationalized, socialized, collectivized, but, profits and interest payments are kept PRIVATE.
I am not interested in another bogus piece of garbage and shit emanating out of both sides and/or all orifices of NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's mouth regarding financial reform and all the many APOLOGISTS at home and abroad for him and them and this entire process.
I am interested ONLY IN FUNDAMENTALLY, PROFOUNDLY CHANGING THE ABOVE equation, relationship, upside down, inside out, reversing and standing it on its head.

And, then...below...


First, I suggest everyone do some background reading on the above subject.
As usual, it helps explain the NOT so sudden interests in Nigeria and surrounding African environs.
Here's alittle tidbit, snippet to help you get started:

Next, I agree with the following editorial below, namely, "Dump the Dems," EXCEPT for one UNmentioned, UNnoted, most important fact, to which I will return following the editorial below.
Of course, you may all recall, if you have been reading my posts for some time, I PROMISED at Obooma's inauguration, that is, funeral, the NAZI Obooma Democratic Party CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN Dictatorship was D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival).
And, so it is:

HOWEVER, continuously UNmentioned, UNnamed, AS WELL, is the nasty, obstructive, collaborative, cooperative role of our institutionalized Fascist led AFL-CIA and SEIU labor front organizations both domestically and internationally.
THEIR institutional resources and organizational tools, collected from working class dues, are/were THE MOST formidable and responsible for hindering, subverting any and all attempts to form a single, unified, united, broad based, PRINCIPLED CLASS opposition domestically and abroad.
THEY, for example, are/were the ones here using their extensive financial resources MOST ACTIVELY to divide, conquer, divert, lobby and organize a BOGUS, RED HERRING public option medical alternative AWAY from a demand for ONE national Single-Payer medical insurance for all.
Our current labor unions are an arm piece, extension, of the Democratic Party for whom they actively campaign and economically contribute, not to mention, as well, as I have repeated ad nauseam, organized labor's private corporate pension fund investments.
AND, as well, as I have indicated, they operate similarly abroad.
NOW, for example, they are in NAZI Iran as well as having cloned themselves in Iraq's counter-revolutionary puppet government.
Should you doubt my previous assertions about an OBVIOUS two track covert and overt destabilization coup agenda for Iran's PRESENT Sistani/Ahmadimoron/Shahristani regime, here it is, below.
Having first, upon occupation, dissolved Iraq's former umbrella and Communist WFTU affiliated labor organization, Iraq's present Oil unions are now fragmented and allied, instead, with the anti-Communist ILO and AFL-CIA.
Our CIA anointed labor unions exist in both places, and, of course, here, to insure, like a controlled demolition, NO PRINCIPLED class resistance, militant labor unity, action and/or organization for NATIONALIZATION or re-nationalization of industry and/or natural resources exists.
Wherever and with whomever they work abroad, they receive official covert support and funding TO CONTROL and MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME of manufactured, covert change, revolution, insurrection, coup, through their labor recruits, conduits, organizations and INSURE NO radical change, nationalization and that the ANOINTED candidate, whomever designated, comes into office.
Notice clearly, for example, HOW the following is presented about NAZI Iran by our covert AFL-CIA, ILO operatives, US Labor Against War, what or which information, historical facts are missing, contorted, omitted, distorted.
And, of course, NOTHING said about Iran IN Iraq nor the very same Iraq unions screaming against Baathists:

So, at this juncture in the puppet, reactionary Iraq/Iran/KRG/Middle East conundrum, it appears quite likely and possible to me that NO Iraq provincial elections will occur and FURTHER military escalation inevitable.
Iraq's present Fascist occupation government null and void, not that it isn't already, if NO election occurs, or, one deemed "undemocratic."
That has international implications.
Alongside Iran/Iraq, signs of coordinated change also occurring in Turkey.
I am NOT sure IF Turkey's present NAZI AKP government is being delegitimized, destabilized, since they are allied with NAZI Iran's Sistani/Ahmadimoron.
There have been some curious reports congruent with the above events that make me ponder this possibility.

So, international alliances, sides, are lining up.
Only needed now is one spark, a provocation of some kind, more, that is, than that already occurring both in Iran and Iraq, bombs, protests, assassinations, murder, to bring WAR OUT into the open and into the Straits of Hormuz and the contested waterways surrounding the African/Middle East Gulf region.
Pandora's Box of competing, conflicting, intensifying, barbaric, evil, insidious Great Power imperialist rivalries, and, some lesser, opportunistic, upstarts, as well, are back open for business, quite literally, front and center.
Welcome BACK WWI or, depending whether or not one counts the Cold War, WWIII or WWIV.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The report below by Helmer about Russia's richest man poses a question or riddle concerning a mysterious French apology to Russia's present NAZI cabal deemed their government.
I THINK I have an answer to Helmer's question, BELOW, but, I cannot say if it comes in the form of a "letter."
A quid pro quo, perhaps?

First, Helmer's report:

And, then, a POSSIBLE answer to Helmer's riddle as follows:

"French president Nicolas Sarkozy has agreed to allow Mistral-class amphibious ships to be sold to the Russian Navy. According to Intelligence Online sources at the Elysee Palace, the decision will be announced in March when Dmitri Medevedev visits Paris. (...)"


Meanwhile, back in the contemporary Norse, Viking saga, Iceland, in MY opinion, an EXCELLENT commentary and universal statement in the form of a different QUESTION posed in the link below.
Of course, tiny Iceland's country and population is NOT militarized to DEFEND themselves as are states like North Korea and Cuba.
So, will a/the MILITARY be sent to Iceland if they continue to "resist" current IMF, international NAZI demands?
Will Iceland's resistance get INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT?
Will Iceland be occupied?
Are there any jihadists, Islamic militants, Al-Qaeda in Iceland?
And, pointed out below, Iceland is hardly alone in our most current global, counter-revolutionary, NAZI project.
Greece, Turkey are amongst those IMMEDIATELY squeezed by NAZI IMF loans and privatization.

The US and the rest of the world not far behind, since the NAZI US Dictatorship is the world's LARGEST and most astronomical debtor nation, thanks to the SAME artificial, contrived theft, bubble and bankruptcy of a global, criminal, PRIVATE, organized, NAZI financial and economic cartel as everywhere else on the globe:


Sunday, January 17, 2010


I happened this weekend to watch a broadcast of a relatively recent discussion with Edwin Black about his supposedly controversial 1984 book, "The Transfer Agreement," documenting the NAZI German-Zionist transfer agreement of Jews to Palestine. I read Black's book shortly after its publication. As I recall, well over 20 years ago, it is well documented and ADDS important details to VOLUMINOUS material concerning WWII. However, over 20 years ago, I can no longer recall ALL material presented in the book and would have to reread it, myself. So, in Black's current discussion, below, to which I will link, while I do NOT agree with SOME of his extrapolations, suppositions, I cannot, FOR EXAMPLE, recall how much he represents or contextualizes other relevant historical subject matter, such as, a PRINCIPLED, Communist led, global Opposition, Resistance in his book, the Spanish Civil War, which occured simultaneously, and so on.
Certainly, he makes NO mention of it/them in his discussion, below. Nor, for example, the coincidental timing to implement NAZI Germany's "Final Solution" for plunder and slave labor with NAZI Germany's unanticipated military quagmire, halt, in the Eastern Front campaign against the Soviet Union and RED ARMY which did NOT proceed QUICKLY, as had been initially forecast.
They did NOT prepare for what subsequently happened on the Eastern Front and ultimately led to their defeat.
(Recognize something here?)
But, before I link to Black's one hour discussion, I thought, FIRST, I would link to a snippet, a small reminder, of a very large history about the WWII Battle of Stalingrad, BECAUSE, IN GENERAL, despite weakness, Black certainly does a better job than the ENTIRE panoply of our most current, pathetic, amnesiac, global Fascist collaborators and apologists masquerading as Opposition or Left. At least, at minimum, Black actually did scholarly research and made a valuable contribution to history, while the raison d'etre of our paid lackeys, covert and collaborative, manufactured ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-SOVIET Left almost solely identify themselves in terms of MORAL opposition to OUR/THEIR Jewish/Zionist client state of Israel, which would cease to exist, obliterated off of the map, without the economic and military umbilical cord which binds them to their insidious CORPORATE NAZI parents, from inception until now. This same nauseating, sickening bunch of NAZI collaborators, revisionists, apologists CANNOT find, object to or recognize the wholesale sell off and sell out of NATIONALIZED, COLLECTIVIZED ASSETS AND INDUSTRIES of the former Soviet Union to the SAME reactionary, PRIVATE, individual, corporate, financial interests that financed Hitler and the Final Solution in the first place, much less anything and anywhere else.

THAT is why I chose to highlight the sacrifices and heroics of the Battle of Stalingrad, FIRST, THE turning point in the War, to plumb the depth, breathe, width capable of the lowest levels to which historical revisionism can sink, the magnitude of betrayal, opportunism and MORAL depravity now strutting its stuff on a global stage presenting itself as its opposite AND THE INEVITABLE REPERCUSSIONS that follow from it.
About the Battle of Stalingrad, excerpted from the link following:

"...The battle was the bloodiest in the history of warfare, with combined casualties estimated at nearly two million...."

Then, Black's interview and discussion:

Saturday, January 16, 2010


The denouement regarding Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister, Sistani's Shahristani, the KRG and Iraq's on and off again provincial election draws nigh, obviously.
Iraq/Iran's present stalemate cannot continue as is indefinitely.
Little time remains.

As I have indicated, previously, I do NOT believe NAZI Iran's present Sistani/Shahristani/Ahmadimoron Dictatorship either will step down of their own accord or be overthrown through covert, domestic activities, of which OUR bogus AFL-CIA, ILO and US Labor Against (FOR) War front grouping is involved, as they are and were elsewhere, which they so proudly announce, themselves.

So, military escalation appears to me an inevitable one, having begun already anyway.
It is merely a quantitative to qualitative leap.
So far, it has been skirmishes.
But, that can change on a dime.
And, then, a coup.
Multiple coups, really.
Iraq, Iran and perhaps elsewhere, as well.

Elsewhere, as well, our post WWII NAZI privatization, counter-revolutionary, DE-nationalization saga rolls on with economic catastrophe, collapse, doom imminent most everywhere on the globe.

The former Soviet Union, which our current ersatz, Fascist Left PROUDLY helped overturn, CONTINUES their counter-revolutionary, covert operative role.
Russia's present sickening, nauseating government and their criminal, Fascist oligarchs and aluminum company, Rusal, now represented by a British PR firm called Schillings, recently made an attempt on Helmer's life.

Curiously, Schillings intersects with Iceland's Kaupthing Bank, to which I will link and refer, below.
Of course, Iceland, itself, currently, is immersed in a major blackmail, theft, debt, plunder scandal.
And, a PRIVATE aluminum corporation, like Russia's Rusal, also, is part of our modern day Norseman Iceland Icesave/Kaupthing robbery saga.
This time, however, the tables are turned historically in terms of who raided whom.
First, Helmer's update:

And, then, an excerpt about Schillings regarding their clients from another Helmer link.

MY emphasis in BOLD :

"...Schillings is a law firm specializing in the British law covering the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The corporations the firm identifies as its clients are EasyGroup, Ryman the stationer, steelmaker Arcelor Mittal, Icelandic bank Kaupthing, Grant Thornton, GlaxoSmithKline, Northern Rock bank, The Law Society of England and Wales, and Collins Stewart, an investment bank. The Russian businessmen identified as clients by Schillings on its website are Alisher Usmanov and Gennady Timchenko..."


In turn, British Iranian Tchenguiz brothers and their real estate company, Rotch, received money from Iceland's now defunct, bankrupt, plundered, Kaupthing Bank.
Now, I did a few previous posts about all this.
BUT, in one, from 2005, I used a couple of links regarding Daniel Pearl's untimely and mysterious murder AND his previous reports for the WSJ (Wall St. Journal) about UAE military offsets and some mysterious firms connected to/with these unusual offsets and their connections to/with Rotch.

Somebody does NOT want this information readily and publicly available on the internet.
Thus, I did a few internet searches to see IF I could at least find Pearl's article IN FULL.
I did NOT come up with it.
HOWEVER, I did find an ABBREVIATED form of Pearl's article, which does NOT name the murky companies and relationships, specifically, to which I refer in his article and other links.
Here's the best I came up with, so far:

April 20, 2000


Some Aid Packages Have Little to Do With the Purchaser

By Daniel Pearl, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Could the sale of U.S. weapons in the Persian Gulf help an oil concern unload gasoline stations in Europe? Yes, under the new logic of international arms deals...So far, investment boutiques have had more luck than big investment banks in breaking into the fragmented offset trade. U.K.-based Chescor Capital Corp. recently launched a $20 million 10-year closed-end investment fund, prmising small defense contractors "better than risk-free" returns and UAE offset credits. Devcorp International, a Bahrain company, is managing a $25 million offset equity fund in Saudi Arabia and expects to double that soon...Defense industry experts say that the investment, in the UAE, is less than the cash penalty defense contractors would have to pay if they did no offsets. "Everybody's confused," says one industry consultant. "They think it's great, but they don't understand why they're getting such a good deal."

Below is a relatively current post I did, April, 2009, which, in turn, if you follow the trail BACKWARDS, links to my 2005 post and names Summit and Hafeet Trading in Pearl's article to which I am referring and you will see what I mean:

I cannot speak for everyone else, but, I can assure you that I and a few others I know cannot stomach seeing or hearing ANY of the persons or so called authorities currently featured in our government, media, think tanks, academia, the subject matter and obvious lies and propaganda techniques, etc.
We are awash in a sea, a cacophony of NAZI faces, voices and subject matter.

It is stomach churning.
SOME people DO recognize all too CLEARLY what it is from previous historical experience, variations on a theme.
Others are hopelessly lost, ignorant, brain dead and/or collaborative.
More importantly, our Fascist, mafia led, criminal labor organizations, AFL-CIA and SEIU, continue their collaborative, enabling role.
Our ONLY and best HOPE for resistance to challenge the STRAIGHT JACKET of current, institutionalized labor leadership and their policies resides in some newly formed, nascent, labor organizations such as the NUHW ( ) and NNU, National Nurses United, in particular, which are battling against the rising tide and wholesale class sellout policies represented above.
They represent the future, if one exists, at all, as THINGS FALL APART and we return collectively to the place form which we started with the greatest revolution, the USSR, its defense during WWII and subsequent socialist/communist post WWII global revolutions.

Lastly, I thought I would highlight the following because I think it is insightful, interesting, helpful, informative.
However, THE reason for news, media blackouts, disinformation, diversions and distractions, as raised below, are self-explanatory ones, ECONOMIC self-interest, contained within my many posts, namely, our counter-revolutionary, NAZI, global privatization with ALL participants concerned.
I have gone into the details of this repeatedly.
NO surprise, for example, nominally "Arab" UAE, GCC about which I have written extensively, plans HEAVY investment into Iraq.
The UAE, GCC "states" are economic front groups, conduits.

Generally speaking, proportional rule of thumb, the less one hears about a subject matter, the more important it is and the greater the lie.
ALL NAZI techniques:

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Guess what.
A new island just discovered in the Caribbean.
LONG bin FORGOTTEN, like Osama bin Laden.
Haitians SUDDENLY become the epi-center of global attention thanks to a natural, as opposed to man made, disaster.
Do you wonder if Haitians, like here, when needing medical attention, are asked:
"Do you have medical insurance?
Do you have a preexisting condition?
Is this procedure covered?"

Poor, little island of impoverished Haiti, languishing in a vast, intentional, human created sea of poverty!
A long history, like so many others.
But, now, a miracle has occurred.
Haiti is rediscovered by the international community.
And, those who robbed Haiti, continuously, will now suddenly morph into magnanimous philanthropists, at a price, of course.
A very dear, high price.

As far as natural disaster is concerned, there are plenty in the past and plenty more coming, from tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteorites, climate change, hurricanes, violent weather, solar flares, tectonic plate shift, species extinction, periodic magnetic shifts deep within the earth's core, all of which we constantly learn about more.
And, the more we learn, the more threatening it looks.
We live on a constantly changing planet in a dynamic universe.

The continent on which the US resides has numerous, MAJOR, earthquake fault lines from its most famous one in California to Yellowstone National Park with its hot geysers in the northwest and a somewhat lesser known earthquake fault, cutting through the middle of the continent, in the Mississippi Valley, from Nashville, Tennessee spreading outwards and upwards.

Any one of those earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions, WHEN, not if, they occur, will make Haiti look like a picnic.
And, then, one wonders if the few remaining individuals left standing will be asked:
"Do you have medical insurance?"

And, just how will the human remnants organize themselves when ALL of their amenities of modern, daily life, civilization, electricity, water, utility, transportation, roads, housing, food, shelter, heat, emergency personnel, fire, medical services disappear, SUDDENLY, vanish, poof, in an instant.

Will they refer or defer to private ownership, individualism, to solve their COLLECTIVE mega disasters, as now.

War zones AND poverty are human created disasters and catastrophes.
In comparison to nature, however, war is chicken feed.
No human creation can ever surpass the magnitude and vastness of nature's power and might.
But, it is certainly true, globally, we do have enough military capacity to extinguish the entire human race.
And, an equal, irrational, insane, pathological, destructive, barbaric, dysfunctional, primitive economic system to match our military might.
Our primordial, diseased, pathological, cancerous and parasitic economic system is being spread and superimposed from without and within globally.
The planet and ALL its inhabitants are sick and dying from and of it.
What do YOU DO to halt, stop, defeat, turn back, turn around, eliminate, eradicate this infectious disease?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't you just love it, or, at least, I do, when someone asks quizzically:

"Where are all the Muslims who object to Islamic Fundamentalism?"
Well, they are/were everywhere, but, primarily, mostly, in the OPPOSITION WE DESTROY and IGNORE!
Like Turkey, not to mention Iraq, and, others:

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of the soap opera, "I Told Ya So", articles appear NOW questioning the validity of Iraq's recent oil contracts.
I will not even bother linking to this garbage, anymore.
You know it already, IF you have been reading my posts for some time.
NAZI Morgan Stanley, the First Persia Fund and their international NAZI friends, associates, cartel, alliances, affiliates will disgorge NAZI Iran's PRESENT Mullah upstarts, pipsqueaks and Revolutionary Guards.
It's simply a matter of time, escalation, covert and overt tactics.
And, then, a new/old Baathist, or, semi-Baathist (NOT Socialist) government, i.e., Allawi and Company, Mashhadani,, will appear in Baghdad and a new Oil Minister.
BUT, NO problem solved.
Our destructive, barbaric, counter-revolutionary, COMPETITIVE, CONTRADICTORY, IMPERIALIST, insane, crazy, irrational, profit-driven, privatized economic system will continue along and ULTIMATELY self-destruct of its own weight, volume and internal contradictions, but, in the process, take most, much, if not all, humanity down with it, as has happened before, WWI and WWII.
For every problem it, 'they,' solve, just as many and more emerge.
It is a bottomless, degenerate pit, a NAZI sewer, gutter, toilet, a sick, pathologically diseased cesspool of atavistic, primordial, primitive human barbarism, insanity, irrationality, violence, theft, deceit, corruption, death, murder, killing, rape, plunder, repression, obscurantism, intensified exploitation of people and resources, and the DYING gasps, exigencies of a system of production necessitating ever greater and greater share profitability, dependent on ALL the above to reach and maintain a holy grail of private capital expansion, acquisitiveness, accumulation and personal greed.
It's like the proverbial Dutch childrens tale about a boy trying to plug the holes in a dike.
Or, Sisyphus.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, three notes, or, jokes, for today.

First, John Helmer is back and his website ( up and running again AND the following.

Wish everyone would be as straightforward as Helmer's reports about Russia's current NAZI SCUMBAG oligarchs, my own posts and items such as the following.

Quite frankly, you ALL suck and get what you deserve--peasants, doormats, assholes, suckers, counter-revolutionaries, NAZI/Fascist collaborators everywhere.

Excerpt, link follows:

"...Beyzade Bülent Osman, grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamit II, known as the “Crimson Sultan,” is preparing to go to court to claim oil reserves around the city of Mosul in northern Iraq..."


Meanwhile, adding to the above obscenities, in the shadow or company of Ramsey Clark and his INTERNATIONAL COHORTS of Anti-Imperialist, ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-SOVIET, CIA, COVERT front LEFT groupings, the following.
Excerpt first, link follows.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...British lawmaker George Galloway slammed Egypt for its support of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, hailing Turkey's support for the Palestinian people. Galloway, who headed the Viva Palestina aid convoy for the Gazans, was deported from Egypt.

"I wish that Egypt and Britain had leaders like [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan," Galloway said Saturday, Press TV reported on its Web site..."


I would like to deport them myself.
Wish I could.

As the saying goes, with friends like these, one does not need enemies.

"The joke's on you, us!"

Along that note, a footnote about the greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on planet Earth whose current, anointed, Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma resident CIA slave boy in the White House dismally FLUNKED his PR mission.
I promised you all, the Democratic Party is D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival).
And, so they are.

No need diverting attention and opposition away from him/them by pumping him/them up with further manufactured racist categories, diversions, distractions ON WHICH THEIR/HIS BOGUS CAMPAIGN was constructed in the first place.
It is irrelevant if he/they are green, purple, black, orange, with three eyes, you name it.
So, everyone, cut out the hype.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, it appears Iraq POSSIBLY is headed for NO elections in March.

In the latest defensive, offensive counter move on the Iraq/Iran chessboard, Chalabi and his Iranian partners, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Maliki,, are toying with Iraq's nonsensical De-Baathification Law to eliminate their opposition and thus thwart a planned, anointed, new Iraq government, MECATAC, Mashhadani,
Allawi and his group threatening to leave Iraq's electoral process.
That will make Iraq's present government null and void INVALID, ILLEGITIMATE by March, if not before.
It will then fall into a vague status of "caretaker government" and it all will be up for grabs AGAIN, setting into play another chain reaction of events.
Of course, WITHIN NAZI Iran events unfold, simultaneously, prior to that point.
The latest, amongst many others, an assassination attempt on an opposition figure.
I doubt an internal coup will succeed, however.
But, at minimum, Iran's present regime will be considerably weakened, disabled, internationally and internally delegitimized, distracted, etc.
From whence emanates NAZI Iran's money to finance all their military proxies, surrogates, militias, shock troops, activities, endeavors, everywhere?
This is one of the reasons why sanctions are so important.
I do not bother following anymore Baghdad's oil contracts for the reasons above.
For every desperate NAZI Iranian action in Iraq, they set into motion greater forces of reaction allied against them.
For every action comes a reaction of greater and/or equal force.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The many contradictions I follow on my posts do NOT go away.
On the contrary.
They intensify, continue unabated, exacerbated.
Ongoing FRICTION, confrontation, between Turkey's MILITANT class OPPOSITION AND MILITARY VERSUS THEIR
pseudo-Islamic, NAZI, PRIVATIZING AKP government continues, threatening to tear Turkey apart:

And, the REASON behind it all:



Likewise, NAZI Iran's occupation of Iraq and Iranian Mullah
Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Baghdad's Oil Minister.
Simply too many developments in Iraq for me to regurgitate the pieces on a moving chess board, bombings, north Iraq pipeline bombed at least 4 times, now, assassinations, murder, threats, intimidation, suicide bombings, killing, torture, violence, rape, persecution, mayhem, destruction, devestation.
Personnel within Iraq's oil ministries shuffled around so as to facilitate Iran's present control over Iraq.

oil income NOW threatened AGAIN by Iran's Oil Minister in Baghdad.
You can follow the details of all these machinations on numerous websites.

What is CLEAR to me both the US and its allies MILITARILY positioning themselves regionally, surrounding on ALL sides, in anticipation.

I have already pointed this out in previous posts.
One has to be a total fool NOT to see what is happening.
Additionally, Iran's present NAZI Mullah and
Ahmadimoron Revolutionary Guard regime destabilized and threatened internally through multiple covert operations, thus, divided, distracted.
A fight on multiple fronts.

In turn, as a response, NAZI Iran and Turkey and everyone else increase their internal and external repression to maintain, solidify control in desperate, defensive and offensive counter-measures, as those above.
The circle spirals upwards, NECESSITATING further and further MILITARY intervention.
Both tracks work simultaneously.

I mostly agree with the following analysis, EXCEPT, it is occuring ALREADY, NOW, not years from now, for reasons above and my previous posts:



And, then, a reminder, a previous post I did
January 2009.
Actually, a recapitulation from a post I did earlier in
October, 2008.
Am I prescient??
No, of course not.
It is impossible NOT to see, know, forecast what is happening in front of one's eyes and, thus, what will happen, the inevitable trajectory of events, IF one wears no blinders: