Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't you just love it, or, at least, I do, when someone asks quizzically:

"Where are all the Muslims who object to Islamic Fundamentalism?"
Well, they are/were everywhere, but, primarily, mostly, in the OPPOSITION WE DESTROY and IGNORE!
Like Turkey, not to mention Iraq, and, others:


Meanwhile, in the latest episode of the soap opera, "I Told Ya So", articles appear NOW questioning the validity of Iraq's recent oil contracts.
I will not even bother linking to this garbage, anymore.
You know it already, IF you have been reading my posts for some time.
NAZI Morgan Stanley, the First Persia Fund and their international NAZI friends, associates, cartel, alliances, affiliates will disgorge NAZI Iran's PRESENT Mullah upstarts, pipsqueaks and Revolutionary Guards.
It's simply a matter of time, escalation, covert and overt tactics.
And, then, a new/old Baathist, or, semi-Baathist (NOT Socialist) government, i.e., Allawi and Company, Mashhadani, et.al., will appear in Baghdad and a new Oil Minister.
BUT, NO problem solved.
Our destructive, barbaric, counter-revolutionary, COMPETITIVE, CONTRADICTORY, IMPERIALIST, insane, crazy, irrational, profit-driven, privatized economic system will continue along and ULTIMATELY self-destruct of its own weight, volume and internal contradictions, but, in the process, take most, much, if not all, humanity down with it, as has happened before, WWI and WWII.
For every problem it, 'they,' solve, just as many and more emerge.
It is a bottomless, degenerate pit, a NAZI sewer, gutter, toilet, a sick, pathologically diseased cesspool of atavistic, primordial, primitive human barbarism, insanity, irrationality, violence, theft, deceit, corruption, death, murder, killing, rape, plunder, repression, obscurantism, intensified exploitation of people and resources, and the DYING gasps, exigencies of a system of production necessitating ever greater and greater share profitability, dependent on ALL the above to reach and maintain a holy grail of private capital expansion, acquisitiveness, accumulation and personal greed.
It's like the proverbial Dutch childrens tale about a boy trying to plug the holes in a dike.
Or, Sisyphus.

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