Wednesday, January 28, 2015


With all due fanfare about Greek elections, issue boils down to the following:

"To pay, or, not, to recognize, honor, EURO debt obligations, that is the question."

So between current and ANY former Greek government, debt obligations, payment/repayment, is and will continue being front and center, THE issue on a GLOBAL economic table.

NOT ONE NAZI OCCUPIED GLOBAL REGIME WILL PERMIT, recognize, honor, allow, GREEK OR ANY OTHER DEBT REPUDIATION, since it threatens THEIR entire illegitimate, criminal, HOUSE OF CARDS.

So, for any Greek government to enforce a PRINCIPLED PROGRAM of debt repudiation, Greece MUST threaten to and EXIT existing EUROZONE currency manipulation, strangulation, entanglement, imprisonment, extortion, blackmail, bondage, which, of course, being Euro purpose in the first place.

Greece's Tsipras, Syriza, and their entourage make empty noises, gestures, but, in the end, they can and will NOT enforce that which MUST be done with only a MILITANT organization and a population behind them, as well as a WORLD that SHOULD SUPPORT them/it in EURO currency EXIT, debt obligation, dissolution, repudiation, and, concomitant MAINTENANCE, EXPANSION, of GREEK STATE ASSETS.

Confrontation being inevitable, no matter what happens, deepening and furthering Europe destabilization.

I predict Syriza's governing coalition either to accept, deliver, an UNPRINCIPLED compromise, bargain, for appearance sake of a slightly better deal, for them to survive, or, dissolve, evaporate, melt away, completely and existing GLOBAL collaborators will do NOTHING but let Greece go down the drain as they do HERE and elsewhere, including, and, most certainly, the MIDEAST:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I have, too often, claimed United Suckers and Assholes as a nation are BEST described by preceding name, led by their NAZI AFL-CIA/SEIU COLLABORATORS.

Following, below, for those too dense to comprehend it being another sleuth MEDICAL NIGHTMARE proposal added onto an already dysfunctional TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED OBOOMA PRIVATE HEALTH CARE system.

But, I assure you, people here are way too dense, stupid, brainwashed, propagandized, threatened, intimidated, demoralized, overwhelmed, distracted, intentionally led astray, even to understand or know WHAT it means, portends, signifies.

Medicare, of course, a name, acronym, being our ONE AND ONLY semblance for a NATIONAL TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED, but only, SENIOR CITIZEN, MEDICAL INSURANCE system, and, by no means, still, NOT thorough or comprehensive.

But, better than zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

Below MEDICARE proposal being certifiably LUNATIC, adding on to an already BYZANTINE MEDICAL LABYRINTH, a dysfunctional, Kafkaesque, rat maze of COMPETING PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE systems, exigencies, bureaucracies, etc.

Below Medicare reform proposal being akin to suggesting educators receive payment according to student outcome, success.

This, MOST SURELY, will help to further destroy, degrade, denigrate, restrict, our Medicare system, rather than expand and advance it, just like OBOOMA DOES-NOT-CARE, for profit but taxpayer subsidized, PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE SYSTEM, one our AFL-CIA/SEIU enthusiastically SUPPORT!

Precisely THAT being an UNSTATED goal, purpose, as
a MEDICARE stealth bomb and a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, modus operandi, HERE:


Thursday, January 22, 2015


Unser repulsive, arrogant, petulant, inflated, little CIA toy boy, and I do mean boy, Obooma made a few empty and obscene noises, grunts, gestures, in a previous night for our nations abundant and willing consumptive consumers en masse.

So, below but two brief rebuttals, responses, reminders on MY part.

Being France is very much in the news recently, I thought I would link FIRST to MY following earlier post from 2008:



And, then, just one out of many more thousands:


For further scintillating entertainment, excitement, variety, and, latest in OUR/THEIR tawdry Theatre of the Absurd soap opera episodes, a few other websites, like, most recent titillating entries which I find good for a chuckle on John Helmer's website, and, so on and so forth.

A cornucopia exists for your edification, entertainment, and, amusement.

Just remember in simple Orwellian double/triple speak language and Alice in Wonderland Thru a Looking Glass Darkly inverted formulaic reality:


Once one understands THEIR bittersweet illusory magic, logic, equations, its quite simple and easy, really.

Just turn their explanations, phrases, categories, on their head, upside down, like Marx and Hegel.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


"The head of the Parliament Finance Committee talks about priorities for cutting costs while being able to pay for defense, refugees and IOCs..."


Another NAZI/FASCIST in an extended stable of current GLOBAL RECIDIVIST NAZI WAR CRIMINALS occupying S-ELECTED PUPPET governments featured MOST EVERYWHERE in a theatre near you!!

Remember infamous, and, it seems, now conveniently forgotten, along with Halliburton,, CHALABI, featured in photo above, along with NAZI MANUFACTURED ARYAN IRAN NOW OCCUPYING, ANNEXING, IRAQ, and, of course, their equal partner in crime, Mafioso KRG thugs.

Above named NOT to be diminished by a crowd of unsavory NAZI characters HERE, abroad, in Eurasia, and, of course, not overlooked or forgotten, Russian LILLI-PUTI[A]N OLIGARCH COMMANDER-IN-THIEF.

It's an epic cast of SLEAZE, TAWDRY, SCUMBAG, characters, the rest of YOU being merely expendable bit players strutting your stuff on a global stage of PERSONAL greed, acquisition, aggrandizement, "primitive" capital accumulation, WHICH YOU ENABLE, finance, and, MAKE POSSIBLE IN EVERY WAY imaginable from tax to death to useless "infrastructure" and military expenditures, debt, trickle-down-stimulus, quantitative easing, corporate subsidies, abatements, foreign aid, "Homeland (In)Defense," redundant IT hardware, systems, (In)Security, and on and on.

A vast, endless, wish list of a PRIVATE CORPORATE CAPITAL WELFARE system, state.

Nothing named above adds any USE VALUE whatsoever, but, instead, rapes and exploits OUR collective environment, people, WORKING CLASS, because, COLLECTIVELY, WE OWN, and, thus CONTROL and/or ALLOCATE NOTHING--no industry, services, natural resources, raw materials, energy, labor, media, even our own money supply!!

It truly boggles ones mind how incredibly stupid and profoundly dumb Dis-United SUCKERS and Assholes can be!!

But, being stupid is our God given, Constitutionally guaranteed, RIGHT!!

Of course, I know reasons why a vast political vacuum exists--BECAUSE--MISSING IN ACTION--NO PRINCIPLED CLASS LEADERSHIP and/or OPPOSITION from a titular US umbrella labor federation, AFL-CIA/SEIU, due to THEIR OWN COLLABORATION/PARTNERSHIP, pension and health care investments, with those above.

So, IF you want to demonstrate GO TO THEIR OFFICES to do so!!


Their latest CRUEL JOKE, answer, being a minimum wage increase of a few dollars and a bit more taxes on a few wealthy folks, which, IN NO WAY THREATENS OUR/THEIR ECONOMIC SYSTEM and ENTITLEMENTS, and to whom, of course, EVERYTHING is owned and owed, so, they can simply pass on any added expenses to a CAPTIVE "customer/consumer" nation, and/or, get a bit more TAXPAYERS subsidies, and/or, wind up diminishing those few remaining, existing, government "welfare" programs for "poor," indigent, working class individuals, thus actually helping PRIVATE CAPITAL allocate more tax for themselves!!

Take with one hand, give back with the other.
A circular system, a clever pickpocket arrangement.

But, that's the name of OUR ILLUSORY bag of tricks played in a deceptive, inverted, Alice in Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly, NAZI/FASCIST GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP.


Friday, January 16, 2015


A minor retrospective concerning recent Cuban events.

I recall a report about Cuba regarding a strange relationship between Cuba's Commandante Frias and Wally Hilliard from January, 2005, as reported below.

Incriminating PHOTO of Frias and Hilliard shaking hands, to which Hopsicker refers in link below, appears, however, to be amongst numerous MISSING clues, along with multiple other missing links from internet sources!

CENSORED, sanitized, perhaps??


I can and do NOT vouch for the veracity of EVERY assertion and piece of information included, or, excluded, below, but, I, myself, DID see the photo to which he refers earlier before it subsequently seems to have performed a magical disappearing act.

Comments at the bottom regarding Ukraine, for example, to ME seem superfluous and patently ridiculous unless Hopsicker is/was being facetious.

But, reported info about Hilliard and Frias, along with INEXPLICABLY MISSING PHOTO documentation, MUST be considered.

Additionally, CPUSA represents nothing NOW but another COVERT arm, FRONT, cover operation, LONG AGO infiltrated, purged, penetrated, controlled and compromised.

CPUSA NO longer represents a PRINCIPLED independent, opposition Party/organization of any kind whatsoever.

That's long gone, dead, a thing of the past!



What a surprise??
See my entry JUST BELOW this one:

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I do not need or want to belabor the obvious regarding recent tragic French events and their latest victims of an EXPANDED MIDEAST, AFRICAN, EURASIAN, war theatre zone with external intervention and BOOTS ON THE GROUND growing INEVITABLE on a daily basis. 

Of course, more "terrorist" provocations, excuses, needed, along with comparable INTERNAL NAZI STATE apparatus, nationalism, "homeland insecurity," protectionism, jingoism, you name all those nice reactionary descriptions.


Well, the US will NOT be ALONE, for sure.

An "international force?"

So, start taking bets as to who, which ones, nations, will engage for a ride to protect ALL revanchist, and, I might add, DOOMED, imperialist PRIVATE INVESTMENT adventures.

FASCIST PROXY thugs, criminals, armies, hired help, goons, roaming about, currently battling one another, dying and fighting, with NO resolution in sight.

Only intensification and stalemate. PROMISED, ALL here and elsewhere, assured, guaranteed, more "terrorism," ultimately drawn into a whirling vortex, cesspool, of interventionist, imperialist, and, internecine, warfare to SAVE OUR(their) SYSTEM, S.O.S., like THEIR economic trickle down stimulus, quantitative easing, Federal Reserve FREE money tree, debt, and, Obooma publicly subsidized, but, PRIVATE Health Care.

A doomed experience and a MAJOR step backwards for ALL concerned.


CONSTRUCT BOTH, this time around, WITH KRYPTONITE, rather than iron, brick and mortar, so it can withstand the onslaught of NAZI/FASCIST FILTH, hordes, currently operating with impunity THROUGHOUT our globe.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Shortly prior to Mae Brussell's untimely death in 1988, she worked on an hypothesis, as EXCERPTED BELOW, that former NAZI German General Fritz Kraemer, SUBSEQUENT to POST WWII, became US PENTAGON PLANS OFFICER Fritz Kraemer, a mentor of Kissinger and policy architect, one and the same person!!

Photo comparisons of Kraemer were difficult to come by.

So, I was indeed quite shocked when I HAPPENED to view a TV documentary produced BY THE US ARMY in 1965 about the Battle of the Bulge and an urbane looking man named FRITZ KRAEMER appeared briefly uttering a few remarks.

Clearly with a German accent.

And, a very shady background story, including his age.

Kraemer appears BRIEFLY for a few minutes, beginning at minute 11:56-7, approximately, in the video below:

Following below is a TRANSCRIPT, excerpt, from 1987, to which I refer ABOVE, regarding Fritz Kraemer from ONE of Brussell's many hourly radio broadcasts, World Watchers International.
The entire program transcript/link follows beneath my excerpt with MUCH MORE important info and context within it.
This excerpt comes JUST before/above her short break, INTERMISSION, between PART 1 and 2 of her weekly, hourly, radio broadcast program, World Watchers International:

"...Henry Kissinger's mentor [was written about] in a Washington Post article March 2, 1975 by a gentleman who is not around anymore; he passed away.
The author of this particular document is Nick Thimmesch.
It's a first article and probably the only one in the United States about Fritz Kraemer that has been available up to this time.
He referred to him as a Plans Officer for the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army.
He retired in the late 1970s.
As you see he didn't retire, he went from Defense to NSC.
He's the man behind Alexander Haig, Vernon Walters (our U.N. Ambassador now), James Schlesinger and Arri Frolich(?).
Walters also helped overthrow the government of Brazil with Frank Carlucci, our current National Security Advisor.

Kraemer came from a wealthy German family in the chemical dyes and paraffin industry in Germany.

Probably I.G. Farben because they had the monopoly on the dyes and chemicals before, during, and after the war.
He came from a family of a monarchist. His son, Sven Kraemer, was in Nazi Germany during the war.
Fritz Kraemer picked up his family after the war and brought them to the United States where his military-political career moved on.

He came to the United States originally in 1943 while his wife and son and mother were living in Nazi Germany.

He joined the United States Army Intelligence and he recruited Henry Kissinger, who was also in the United States Intelligence.
Fritz Kraemer and Henry Kissinger were stationed over in Oberammergau when the war was over.
And as I say, Kissinger then went on to Harvard, and Kraemer went to the Pentagon.
Both were in the Battle of the Bulge at the same time that the Waffen SS had Hitler's top Generals in the Battle of the Bulge.
And one of Hitler's top Generals was named Fritz Kraemer.

The background I've given you, just a few sentences, is about the Fritz Kraemer who currently runs the National Security Council.

That's his background; how he came to America, just in a few sentences, written by Nick Thimmesch.

Adolf Hitler had a Fritz Kraemer, I learned, as I began to study this other Fritz Kraemer.

Adolf Hitler had three important men around him, the most important at the end of World War Two.
One was a General Fritz Kraemer, one was Sepp Dietrich, and the other was Otto Skorzeny.
The liaison between those men and Adolf Hitler and the Vatican was Richard von Wiezsacker, whose son is now the current President of Germany.

When the Battle of the Bulge was over and America won the war, by May of 1945, all three of these men important to Hitler, were taken prisoner together: Kraemer, Dietrich, and Skorzeny.

All three were in charge of the Battle of the Bulge for Hitler after the war.
And all three were stationed in the exact locations of Henry Kissinger and Fritz Kraemer, who were German, who wore American military uniforms, and were located in the same location as Hitler's agents.

I'll take a one minute break and continue with the overlapping of these persons.

There is one name and two persons, and I think it's one name and one person.
That's why it's important to pursue this particular problem..."


Below is ONE photo I found amongst others online presumably Fritz Kraemer:

Fritz Kraemer
For further reference and context, back to Mae's article on the following:

So, for those interested in historical fact, not pulp fiction, which determines POLICY and what happens to/in YOUR/OUR respective lives, death, war, atrocities, destruction, etc., when I happened upon a clearly German accented Fritz Kraemer in a 1965 US ARMY produced documentary standing proudly in front of a camera about his US role in the Battle of the Bulge with a really odd background explanation, I thought it truly remarkable and a serendipity FOR ME.
If only Mae were alive NOW I wonder what she would say??

But, alas, it will be up to OTHER RESEARCHERS to truly ferret out information in BOTH languages and archives upon which Mae worked, HERSELF, ALONE, at that time, along with alittle help from a few followers, to set straight an historical record, AND, culpability, accountability, of which, to this day, NONE exists.

On the contrary!
ALL being amply rewarded for their nefarious work and treachery.

Hardly is this an arcane project, but, a continuum affecting immediate daily life, existence, for EVERYONE on the globe.

One might reasonably argue a FIRST post WWII US SILENT COUP was enactment, codification, and, institutionalization of a 1947 us NATIONAL SECURITY ACT, a watershed moment, forming the historical basis of an UNELECTED, SELECTED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PERMANENT, NATIONAL SECURITY STATE APPARATUS, insuring nothing even remotely resembling an elected Roosevelt Administration happens again, guaranteeing perpetuation of a Not-too-Cold War and counter-revolution both here and abroad.

The Kennedy Assassination really represents a second, and, not too silent, post WWII US coup, a continuum from above, with lots of domestic and foreign 1947 NAZI State Intelligence Apparatus and anti-Communist Congressional, labor, cultural, witch hunts, purges, assassinations, coups, and so on, all of which precedes Kennedy's ultimate demise.  

And, now, everyone reaps the bitter harvest of ABOVE.


Just like nobody, no party, no person, ever DARE to utter, demand, the N word--NATIONALIZATION, appropriation, of ANY industry, resources, services, land!


So, to close on both a musical note and political reminder for the New Year.
One caveat.
I am NOT promoting a rock element in this concert, but, I tolerate it/them for the sake of the RED ARMY CHORUS selections and selectively some of the Leningrad Cowboys clever shenanigans: