Sunday, March 30, 2008


First, completely unnoted, and, I might add, unsupported, in this country, explosive Turkish "crisis" I have been following and SUPPORTING for some time.
Just alittle more on those developments:

Others can follow more details, themselves, on the internet, from consistent IMF demands for Turkish "reform," strikes, fightback, opposition, to the Kurdish card, etc.
Sounding a similar theme, I listened to France's sickening President, Sarkozy, address the UK's joint parliament this past week, in which Sarkozy highlighted the need for French "reforms," which, he said, he is determined to advance, he emphasized Britain's lead in these matters AND the absolute necessity to strengthen collaboration between France, England, the US and, of course, NATO, EU military alliances, and, as if I did not already know all this, Lebanon, as well.
Nonetheless, I heard it reaffirmed, myself, out of Sarkozy's own shitty mouth and in front of the British Parliament, who applauded appropriately, of course.
Further on "foreign matters," every so often an occasional pundit, here and there, in the US will venture forth an opinion to note that the issue of Russia will be front and center AFTER America's upcoming Presidential election and not before it.
And, on the subject of American Presidential election politics, Obama's campaign continues doing a bang up job destroying the Democratic Party. Obama really needs a Nobel Prize, a special category, for his role in facilitating such an outcome.
There are SOME people, including myself, who believe Obama's campaign, which is well funded by every possible corporate entity and Right wing interest under the sun, aided and abetted by the media and his "advisors," will usher in total, complete and final collapse of the Democratic Party and an ultimate, outright, century of Republican/Nazi/Fascist dictatorship, something that has been building momentum since Reagan, with historical antecedents well before Reagan.
People might recall that Bill Clinton hung onto power by a thread, barely surviving impeachment.
Towards these ends, just now, in Pennsylvania, where Hillary is sure to win the upcoming Democratic Primary, April 22--no caucuses, just primaries--Obama did one of his quintessential hatchet jobs on the state Democratic machine by getting the endorsement of Pennsylvania's MOST SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE AND REACTIONARY Democrat, Senator Bob Casey.
Casey being known as a "Reagan Democrat."
Casey's anti-abortion stance, over which he was sued, previously, by Planned Parenthood, his religiously backward, fundamentalist Catholicism is well understood and hated by everyone calling themselves socially "liberal or progressive."
Casey is the complete antithesis of what the "great uniter," Obama, and "progressive," harbinger of "change" "supposedly" represents.
Completely, 100%, totally reactionary.
Yet, nobody bothers to notice such glaring contradictions, anymore than the religious mambo-jumbo of the Mafia like Nation of Islam, with which Obama and his controversial Reverend is attached.
Add to the above equation the ACTIVE religious, racist, fanatical and Nazi, genocidal ethnic cleansing policies of Iran/Iraq's Sadr, the other great "liberator."
Of course, on class politics and corporatism, everybody is united.
But, these are the superficial categories utilized both here and abroad, including Turkey's Fascist, Islamic AKP, a common denominator on which they play off their electoral divisions and politics.
Anything to counter class politics and unity.
In addition, the arbitrary disenfranchisement of the Florida and Michigan state Democratic primary delegates continue to seethe, unabated, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in everybody's faces either before, during and/or after the Democratic nominating convention this summer. We/I can see the train wreck coming, the hidden agenda, the big, large, overall setup.
Assuming McCain wins, which I do, the entire picture and the jigsaw pieces of the "foreign" puzzle fall into place, encompassing recent events in Iraq.
In a previous blog, I indicated, IF the Sadrists were smart, they would NOT fight until the last man standing, because, that is, indeed what would happen, and, instead, they would essentially dissolve and/or morph themselves into something else, like the Nazis did.
See my blog of March 26, 2008, on this matter and be sure to note the link embedded within it to an important deal:

And, then, my following, additional entry, two days later, as well, from March 28, 2008.
And, so, it has come to pass, "Text of the Sadr Cease Fire Agreement":

Everybody is spinnng this as victory, one way or another.
The victory for Sadr and his crowd is that they are still alive and standing. Perhaps, he was reading my blog?
The other, REAL victory is that Sadr no longer presents a military impediment to Iraq's central authority.
The LATTER is the REAL victory.
The rest is posturing.
Sadr, his grouping and whomever is/was behind him/them in both Iran and Iraq and those who visited with Maliki in Baghdad recently, from Cheney, McCain, Ahmadimidget, Rubaie, understand the same equations I do, very well.
Thus, the entire episode may well have been staged for just such an outcome--save Sadr's face while achieving the desired results.

Friday, March 28, 2008


In my previous blog, below, March 26:

I indicated some of the reasons why Sadr's blatant, Islamic, Iranian sponsored Nazi style militia and regime must disappear, along, possibly, with Maliki, also, possibly, to be replaced by a Chalabi/Allawi regime, again, something that was supposed to have happened in the first place. On this note, the following, while still "spinning" the narrative, "Sadr Under Fire," nonetheless, touches the essence of what I've said, above, in my previous blog:

To flesh out the above story alittle more comprehensively, an unsanitized version from our inveterate, English language, Iraqi reporter in exile, concerning the realities of the Nazi Sadr militia and the Iranian/Shiite divisions represented "The Hell That is Iraq":

In the meantime, adding to the military, political and economic equations, militant labor and political opposition events continue unabated in Turkey, threatening the best laid plans of mice and men. Another mass protest and labor walkout is scheduled early April in Turkey:

I highlight this only, because, again, the same folks, here, who support our Nazi freedom fighter, Sadr, can't find Turkey's opposition at all. Nor can they find looming, upcoming strikes in Germany, Greece, France or anywhere else for that matter. But, they can find the little, Mussolini type, Sadr.
And, responding to the sort of militant opposition to Turkey's Fascist AKP agenda, it appears the Western, American backed Kurdish PKK has threatened to escalate its military attacks against Turkey and, as in the case of Tibet and elsewhere on the globe, enhance Turkey's Kurdish seperatist movement, which means further regional destabilization and conflagration, requiring ever greater military intervention.
In addition, the Arab Summit to be held tomorrow in Syria was boycotted by almost all the major players in the Gulf/American/Western/NATO associated coalition. This is reported almost everywhere and I simply chose one link at random, "Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia Snub Arab League":

The reasons given deal with Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran, which is inseparably linked to everything happening everywhere else, including, of course, Iraq.
Now, there's lots and lots of material available everywhere on the internet regarding what's happening in the fight between Sadr and the other Iraq/American forces and lots of speculation about who is winning, who is not, who is up, who is down, who is fighting whom, etc. A reminder. "One can win the battle but lose the war." I'm NOT going to speculate on military strategy something about which I know absolutely nothing. I don't even know what a Kalashnikov rifle looks like compared to any other. But, I do know that military tactics, strategy and ultimate objectives are not necessarily obvious, transparent and straightforward ones.
For example, the following. One of the prime mouthpieces (often called the Moonie publication because it is/was initially backed by South Korea's "Reverand" Moon) for the reactionary, Nazi, militarist, Republican policies in the US, had two articles, first, "McCain Cites Break With Bush Foreign Policies." Ignoring the obvious narrative spin in the following, the important point is that it reaffirms my previous blogs and the continuity and bipartisanship regarding America's 2006 policy shift/coup from Cheney/Bush's initial unilateralism regarding Iraq policy back to trilateralism/internationalism:
Following, accordingly, from all of the above, " "Basra's Cautionary Tale," a reprint, also, from the Washington Times:

The cautionary tale is that the current fighting in Iraq regarding Sadr, the tactics employed and what purposes it ultimately serves depends on ALL of the above factors considered and more.
In addition, nobody has mentioned Russia. Yet, Russia is deeply involved in Iran, and, of course, it's neighbor. As far as I know, Russia/Putin has said absolutely nothing against the current fighting in Iraq and registered no protests. Why not? Well, I doubt Putin is any fan of the Sadr or Ahmadimidget club. In addition, Lukoil, represented by Putin, himself, is lobbying for oil contracts in the former Iraq:

And, Russia has already cancelled Iraq's former debts. And, in the unofficial center of deal making, the Gulf, in Dubai, where it really matters, "Russian Delegation Meets Dubai World Officials...":

So, I think I can honestly say, from all of the above, the little, Mussolini reminiscent Fuhrer, the Butcher of Baghdad, will have an end commensurate with his role. And, so will everyone else associated with him. But, of course, that is hardly the end of the story.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In previous posts, I indicated that Sadr would be "liquidated," just as Hitler's Brownshirts, because, after our November, 2006 US engineered mid-term coup/policy shift back to trilateralism/internationalism, then, the Baker-Hamilton Study Group report, Chalabi's meetings in 2006 with both Kissinger and the Bilderberg group in Canada, and, now, as per Cheney/McCain's recent meetings and instructions with Iran's Al-Rubaie, Maliki, etc., Sadr and his Iranian militia have served their purposes, he/they are/were now a liability, damaged goods, an impediment to Iraq's "internationalization" and nominal "reconciliation," a glaring, regional, affront to Iraq's obvious Iranian genocidal Arab policies
(see previous entries about "Cheney urging Arab nations to participate in Iraq")
and the regional repercussions of refugees from the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr's Nazi like tactics, ethnic cleansing, torture, and events unfolding both in the Gulf Arab states and Turkey/Kurdistan.
So, the following, for example:

I also said Ahmadimidget will go down with Sadr, while the Rafsanjani crowd will rise, instead, in Iran, something which was previously scheduled to happen, but, did not.
It was SUPPOSED to have been a Chalabi, Rafsanjani event.
But, this got sidetracked by the Ahmadimidget crowd and Sadr.
There are approximately 40-60,000 troops in Sadrs militia.
I don't know how many are in the other, Iranian controlled militias.
Many thousands, also, I presume.
It will not be necessary to kill all of Sadr's troops to accomplish their goals.
After a few strong attacks, if it becomes clear they are doomed and they are smart, they may well dissolve themselves.
That does not mean they will go away, but, simply become "transformed, born again" like the Nazis did previously, under a new guise.
Somehow, I would doubt they'll fight down to the last man.
Possible, but, highly unlikely.
Now, this gets more interesting.
Layla does a great job, her insights and blogs are indispensable both to me, personally, and the world, in general.
In the following, "The Shiite-Shiite Awakening...or Chalabi's Revenge," (to which I will link momentarily) she speculates about how this all will relate to the upcoming American presidential elections.
She is accurate about a linkage between the Iran, Sadr and Obama campaign.
Not mentioned, but, crucial is the "pro-Islamist" rationalizations, as well. You know, we are "their friends, let's all kiss, hug and make up, the world is one big happy religion," including, of course, Turkey's Fascist AKP.
"We should just be tolerant about Shariah law," etc.,etc.
"Let's be Liberal and understanding of others."
But, just as Sadr's star is sinking (NOT Iran, of course, just the opposite) so too will Obama.
That's why the same group of people is always screaming hysterically about an upcoming war with Iran.
However, regarding the US election, it's a setup.
The fix is already in.
It's McCain who is going to win, courtesy of Obama and, possibly, in addition, Sadr.
The AGGRESSIVE GLOBAL economic, political and military policy, a bipartisan one, above, has already been set into motion, a historical continuum from Hitler and Mussolini and the American National Security Act of 1947.
Obama's campaign is merely a fig leaf, a straw man, a distraction, diversion, packaged as opposition, a phony one, just like Sadr's so-called opposition.
Obama will be decimated in the General Election, IF he gets the Democratic nomination.
And, if he doesn't, he will and has already decimated and discredited the Democratic Party and it's candidate.
His campaign has already blackmailed them.
It's finished.
It's over, the job is done.
It's been predetermined and orchestrated.
That's why you are seeing McCain involved in international politics and meetings, already, like those I previously highlighted regarding Eastern Europe.
Regarding Kurdistan/Kirkuk, Layla's blog is spot on, which is why MORE troops will get involved, not necessarily all American.
The war, as I indicated, is just beginning and will expand.
That's where OUR fake opposition will be helpful, of course, regarding Russia, Kosovo, the Caucasus, on and on.
This is the triumph of a Nazism/Fascism in the US.
This is do or die international capitalism, something Hitler said, but, did not accomplish.
That's why we had our Reichstag Fire, and the meaning of the 9/11 event. The US is a captive nation, with the active help, aid and collaboration of those supposedly in opposition.
But, this time around, historically, there will be nobody left standing to put together the pieces of the US when it is finally decimated.
So, make your plans, tactics and strategies accordingly.
Here's Layla's blog:

Monday, March 24, 2008


First, Cheney visits Turkey, ostensibly, to discuss Afghanistan:

Then, further dire comments/warnings by Turkey's "business association" of upcoming"regime crisis," in Turkey:

Lastly, an analogy that is not so good in my opinion, but, nonetheless, at minimum, attempts to demonstrate the historic events taking place within Turkey, impacting everyone around it, which NOBODY here, in our so-called opposition or otherwise, can manage to find, except, of course, my lonely, little blog, "No End in Sight to Mounting Tensions":

All this unfolds against a background of 10,000 Syrian troops amassed on the Turkish-Syria-Kurdish border area where previous Kurdish PKK, independence, separatists were fighting.

And, of course, let's not forget the upcoming, impending Congressional, Armenian genocide resolution in the American Congress, the coup de grace.
So, the 100 years war has begun, destined to become deeper and larger than any one here, at this point, can possibly imagine, since they've been spurred down the path of darkness and complicity by those who supposedly are part of the opposition.
Meanwhile, the speculative Bubble in the Gulf, GCC, states, their investment conferences, Islamic finance, etc., continues rolling merrily along, unabated.
And, by the way, these "states" are busy spending fortunes on military hardware, since, after all, they are all protectorates, client states, of the US/EU/NATO umbrella, military forces, without whom they would cease to exist.
That includes Saudi Arabia.

So, it is one big happy family circle, which, of course, they would like to extend further outwards to the entire Middle East, Caspian and beyond, unless, of course, they are stopped, dead, in their tracks.

On that note, a final reminder:

Sunday, March 23, 2008


First, our roving US Ambassador at Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal meets with Dick Cheney's daughter, and some others:

Next, following a story reported awhile back concerning plans to liquidate the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr and his militia, as the article notes, after Ahmadimidget's recent Baghdad visit AND I might add, Cheney's meeting with Maliki, "Al-Hakim Formed Badr Awakening Militia":

Why are Sadr and his militia being liquidated now?
I had surmised awhile back, after our November, 2006 mid-term elections, policy shift and coup, that Sadr and his militia presented an impediment to economic "progress" in Iraq and the course of "internationalism."
Sadr and his militia have served their purposes, just as Hitler's Brownshirts were unceremoniously and brutally liquidated after Hitler came to power.
Sadr and his brigades have been exposed for their barbarism, brutality and cruel Nazi like torture techniques.
They're damaged goods.
They are in the way.
They are a liability towards obtaining recognition, "internationalization"and legitimacy for Iraq's "government," bringing back the UN, and creating a theoretical Iraq reconciliation process, "Iraq Reconciliation Conference in Japan on Friday, March 21":

On April 20, Iraq's neighboring countries will meet in Kuwait:

Additionally, there were and will be more Iranian elections, and, as I've also maintained, previously, Ahmadimidget will disappear from the scene for the same reasons while the Rafsanjani crowd will emerge victorious, instead.
And, more on the above,"Today's Puzzle":

Regarding the oil law, "...Iraq Needs Oil Law to Spur Investment":

All of the preceding coincides with escalating Kurdish, PKK separatist violence, tension both in Turkey and northern Iraq:

As well as government arrests and assaults within Turkey on their Leftist opposition, as has been covered in my previous posts and English language Turkish sources.
Further, in early May in Washington, an important upcoming event regarding the impending status of Kirkuk, Article 140, Iraq, Kurdistan:

In case you are unfamiliar with the major attendee and facilitator at this conference, Brendan O'Leary and his background, I will provide just one out of hundreds of links:

Before finishing the subject of Iraq for this blog, one more excellent, contextual synopsis regarding all of the above, Part 1, "Out of the Arab Equation":

Moving in the opposite direction from the US and Middle East, in Russia, "Duma Limits Access to Strategic Assets for Foreigners":

And "Privatization Gets Stuck in Russia":

Three cheers for Russia! Allah Akbar!! Hip, hip, hooray!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


First, "Turkey's Leftist Anti-AKP Journalist to be Taken to Court on Saturday":

More on the above, "...Arrests Broaden to Include Party Leader, Journalists":

At the nub of the issue, Turkey's "Foreign Investment at Stake":

Not one peep, word of opposition, mention or even recognition against these policies and Nazification of the Turkish state from the US state/corporate/foundation sponsored fake, phony Left/opposition and totally corrupt, despicable, despotic US union leadership.
So far, not one word of support for Turkey's opposition to its Fascist, Islamic AKP and their privatization agenda.
Of course, not anything, equally, about last week's, militant, Greek general strike, not to mention anywhere else on the globe.
How about this one, regarding the privatization of French ports and an upcoming 24-hour strike organized by the CGT, which I read about from Turkish newspapers and other foreign sources, not here, of course:

Here, they can't even find the results of the French provincial elections. NOW, A FOLLOWUP ON FALLON'S RECENT RESIGNATION:
Certainly, the pseudo-Left has not managed to find Iran-US collaboration policy in Iraq.
To further demonstrate the Big Lie technique and how it works, in a previous entry regarding US Central Command and Admiral William Fallon's sudden resignation, I speculated that Fallon's hasty departure, which occurred just after Iran's Ahmadimidget's Baghdad visit, possibly, had more to do with Fallon's OPPOSITION, or, disagreement to/with current, absolutely, utterly horrible, disastrous, despicable US policy of Iran collaboration and their pseudo-Islamic brand of Nazism and Fascism in Iraq and elsewhere in the region, than anything else.
Interestingly, in a speech Fallon gave this past week at the Navy League's Sea-Air Space Global Maritime Security conference, Fallon distinctly was CRITICAL, NEGATIVE, about Iran's destructive role both in Iraq and the region, generally, greatly substantiating what I hypothesized. Unfortunately, I could find no transcript of his speech, featured at the following link, under Wednesday, March 19, from 8-10PM:

But, if one goes to the website, you can/will find a video of his remarks.
While the following, for example, recognizes US-Iran collaboration in Iraq, "From the Department of Corrupt Bargains," to which I will link, momentarily, it, too, begins with the compulsory Big Lie, spin/propaganda technique that this policy is "against US wishes," i.e., it was not a planned event, planned since the inception of the Iran-Iraq war, about which I have had so much on previous posts, not to mention other sources.
At minimum, see my two entries from 2005 from my previous blog, first, inception of the Iran-Iraq War:

AND, SIMULTANEOUS to when Seymour Hersh was blabbing about Cheney bombing Iran, "Iran's Top Nuke Negotiator [Nasseri] Faces Charges Over Halliburton Ties":

So, with the preceding in mind, read the following about Iran and the US in Iraq, "From the Department of Corrupt Bargains":

Of course, our pseudo-Left, fake opposition can not manage to find opposition and resistance to Nazi and Fascists almost anywhere on the globe, including the Baltics, Ukraine, you name it.
They're too busy, instead, supporting Nazi/Fascist sponsored "independence, autonomy and self-determination" from Kosovo to Tibet to Kurdistan to the Caucasus and points in between and elsewhere.
Thus, "Another Kurdistan in the Making":

Furthermore, this ties in directly to the US Presidential race.
The Big Lie, of course, is that Obama's splash represents ANY change from the above, somehow he is an opposition candidate of any sort or kind, whatsoever.
That's how he/it is being packaged.
Just the opposite.
Obama's role, as I've indicated in previous posts, will assure that the policies represented above stay on track and to help Republicans win the next election.
Obama's ROLE is totally, completely disingenuous, nauseating, despicable, manipulative and hypocritical.
His campaign is an ersatz one.
The "great uniter" divides, obfuscates and blows smoke.
Towards these ends, his Karl Rove, Republican sponsored and choreographed campaign of dirty tricks, delegate blackmail, crossover voting, and Nazi orchestrated rallies are consummately successful and Americans, as usual, are total fools and idiots.
Everything they get they have well deserved and earned.
And, while speaking of distractions, fools and idiots, as US and Western state sponsored terrorism and covert actions are busy doing their dirty work in Tibet, guess who was recently visiting not too far away, in another part of China, Mongolia, that is?
Of course, America's unofficial, roving Ambassador at Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The day BEAR STEARNS was liquidated not just I but many others on the Business Channel noted no need existed for its unexpected demise.

As others pointed out, nobody even made an attempt to determine the actual numbers and real value of Bear Sterns debt, assets, collateral, etc, and then determine a program slowly adjusting what needed to be done.
It could all have been handled quite differently.
Instead, a predetermined plan was set into motion to collapse Bear Stearns, handing it and its assets, gratis, free of charge, on a silver platter, to JP MORGAN CHASE, (ROCKEFELLER'S bank in case you don't know the history) to gobble it up, all subsidized, by American taxpayers.
If this isn't/wasn't the deal of the century, I don't know what is?
If you're a smart cookie, you will immediately invest in JP Morgan.
Indeed, Morgan shares are up.
Their profits turned out O.K for this quarter, also.
It hardly ends there.
Guess who was/is involved with this most recent, LARGEST ever IPO (Initial Public Offering) in American history, "VISA Card" IPO?
If you haven't figured it out by now you are quite stupid, which, I suppose, includes an awful lot of Americans.
JP Morgan Chase led Visa's IPO offering, along with a few others, including, of course, the ever ubiquitous CITIGROUP:

But, it gets even better.
Now, guess who was the SOLE underwriter for this IPO in the Middle East region?
Our friends in the speculative, greatest story never told, Gulf Bonanza and Bubble:

What a happy coincidence.
Of course, a reminder, the largest regional private IPO offered in the Middle East, to date, is/was Dana Gas, about which I've written volumes.
While speaking of the Gulf, our unofficial Arab Ambassador-at-Large, SAUDI Prince Alwaleed TALAL has added to his list of social visits.
This time, Afghanistan's KARZAI amongst other Afghan notables:

And, finally, a little snapshot, an encapsulation, a lineup of the Fascist players and interests in Iraq, for those who STILL can't get it.
By the way, you can take mention of the Baathists with a grain of salt in the following:

I point this out ONLY because Cheney currently visits and associates with the very people in Iraq's government, the Iranians, the ones Cheney and Bush are supposed to bomb all the time, according to our lame brained peace movement.
It follows the latest dribble and drabble and nonsense in the US peace movement how one or another of our Fascist Presidential candidates will "end the Iraq war," etc. etc.
NOBODY, I REPEAT, NOBODY, not any one of these candidates and parties is about to end anything related to the above.
Just the opposite.
Tactics, strategies and parties may shift, but, not the objectives.
I live amongst morons.
They eat shit regularly for breakfast, lunch and supper and they love it.
Keep on eating.
You all live in fantasy land.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


First, an update from my previous post, Republican's secret weapon, Obama.
In my last entry, I indicated Obama deconstructs the Democratic Party, at this point, aside from anything else, by refusing to count/recognize Florida's official Democratic primary election results/delegates, thereby, according to Florida's own State Democratic leader, threatening a mass exodus of Florida Democrats from the Democratic Party and/or major intraparty confrontations.
Afterwards, basically, I heard on TV, a retaliation, blackmail, when another Obama supporter/surrogate threatened, IF Hillary is nominated by super-delegates at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, according to her interpretation, despite the popular vote, then, there will be a mass exodus of black voters out of the Democratic Party to the Republicans!! The Democratic Party can't win the November General Election without Florida, whose primary voted for Hillary and the Democrats can't win the General Election without the Black vote, either.
A Cache-22 conundrum.
This is how McCain and the Republicans can win.
And, should Obama actually get the Democratic nomination, in addition to, or, aside from the Florida State Democratic rebellion, he will be taken down by the sleaze factor, of which there's a-plenty.
This is an example of things to come related to sleaze and Obama, the tip of a very, very deep iceberg, "The Peculiar Theology of Black Liberation." Not mentioned in the following, article, significantly, is the curious role and association with Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, those involved with Malcolm X's assassination:

Now, shifting the subject away from the internecine struggle of the mafia/fascist parties of the US and onto the amazing ramifications of Turkey's EXTRAORDINARY, epochal making, historic developments, completely unacknowledged in the US, for obvious reasons.
Some of the financial, military, political implications after Turkey's court banned and dissolved Turkey's Islamic AKP, "Turkey's Cold is US Pneumonia":

And more on this, "Turkish Assets Hit Hard On Global Concerns & Lawsuit Against AKP":

Then, some of what Turkey's court said, "AKP Installs Shariah Using Democracy," referring to Fascist parties:

Naturally, to be expected, the following response, "US, EU Against AKP Closure...":

What else is new?

All of this is a backdrop to McCain, Cheney, Graham,, recent, unexpected visits to Iraq.
For good, informed, knowledgeable commentary on that matter, I'll link directly to Iraq's English language Arabic reporter-in-exile, "More Unwelcomed Visitors":

And, "Exploding Karbala":

Is it any wonder, then, following from the above and all my many previous blogs, that, "Cheney Urges Arabs to Counter Iran In Iraq."
But, of course, precisely which Arabs and precisely how they should "counter" Iran is the nub of the problem:

This is really comical, isn't it?
And, while on the subject of Saudi Arabia, America's unofficial Ambassador at Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, just added two more countries to the growing social list to which he's been invited, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan:

Additional important points to remember in this unfolding drama.
Turkey's military has refused to participate with NATO/UN troops in Serbia and Kosovo and, now, Turkey's General Buyukanit, Chief of the Turkish General Staff has just indicated, "not one single Turkish soldier will be sent to participate in NATO/UN operations in Afghanistan."

Meanwhile, in Kosovo, intensified violence, fighting and resistance continues, reported everywhere but in the US and missile defense plans also go forward in Eastern Europe.
Related to all these matters, another indicative announcement, an augur of future developments, "Central & East European Coalition Meets With McCain's Foreign Policy & National Security Advisors":

Finally, one more word on America's ubiquitous fake Left.
All labeled American "progressive" coalitions and organizations which have any high profile visibility are a controlled arm, an adjunct, extension of the Democratic program and agenda.
That's why "the propertied establishment, the elite," never feels significantly challenged or threatened.
Presently, there's another such supposed anti-war/peace organization/coalition, "Campaign for America's Future."
See just a little snippet on them from the following:

I'm not going to elaborate further.
The pattern is clear.

Towards these same ends, there's an illustrative case study as to how this all works with internationally well known filmmaker, Michael Moore.
A fascinating Canadian documentary appeared in 2007 exposing Michael Moore's film career, "Manufacturing Dissent."
I would urge people to see this documentary.
I do not want to say much more about it before you have an opportunity to view it for yourself.
I will only add this.
If you've been reading my blog for some time, you will see and hear expressed in this film, quite clearly, a few of the views I've expressed many times in many different ways--there's no Left in the US.
Next, the most egregious and damning criticism of Michael Moore in this documentary, I, PERSONALLY, believe, deals with union and organizing footage and content matter which he intentionally DELETED, edited, cut out from his first film, "Roger and Me."
For me, that says it all.
That was a disaster and more than shameful.
The rest being open to nuance and interpretation.
So, here's the film:

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Obama story at the end.
First, instead, in the latest extraordinary, historic, revolutionary AND completely UN or UNDERreported (in the US) developments in Turkey, Turkish courts just declared their Islamist AKP governing party unconstitutional and banned the AKP from government positions!!!:

Wouldn't we all like to see something comparable in the US?
Meanwhile, as part of the 'greatest story never told," the ongoing events in the speculative, Middle East bubble, America's unoffficial, unappointed, Ambassador-at-Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, (the ubiquitous Citibank's largest shareholder) meets with a prestigious Scandinavian business delegation, and, especially, their infamous, Wallenberg family and Talal ALSO meets with the Presidents of both Armenia and Georgia, while Georgia currently has one of its pro forma, UK/US-Berezovksy sponsored election opposition rallies and protests.
But, I can't cover everything.
The patterns should be totally transparent by now, including Tibet:


The UAE's Daman Fund which began only in April 2007, has since achieved appxly 28% total returns in less than a year:

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is the wealthiest Sovereign Wealth Fund with appxly $900 billion in assets:

And, in a very, very important story, Iran apparently will be fulfilling its energy contract to supply gas to the ever growing, private, Dana Gas to/through/with the UAE.
Previously, there had been a price dispute holding it up:

And, the following article notes the obvious, an ORCHESTRATED worldwide economic "recession,"i.e., depression, part of the ever cyclical, boom and bust cycle.
Note, especially, NOT IN THE GULF, where, as I previously said, money will flow backwards in a circular fashion to be reinvested into the same economies and industries from which it previously flowed out and which are now conveniently depressed, bargain basement prices, high unemployment, cheap, non-unionized labor, etc., "US Monetary Policy Could Sink Global Economy...":

Meanwhile, in light of spectacular events in Turkey and Turkey's military conflict with the PKK/Kurdistan, a very important article, "Red Crescent Warns of US Teaming Up with Pershmerga in the Coming Mosul Campaign":

More ethnic cleansing and dislocation to come and, significantly, in my opinion, the urgent necessity to maintain a military counterbalance, a zone of protection and confrontation, to Turkey's growing regional leverage and threat.
This report regarding Mosul and the Peshmerga comes around the same time Republican Presidential candidate McCain makes a surprise visit to Iraq and, within the same month, in McCain's home state, the following fictional narrative and propaganda event occurs, presumably, to rationalize the above, "Halabja Remembered at Arizona State University":

In addition, someone else of note happens to be attached to McCain's home state and Arizona University and a whole lot of other pseudo-Left American groupings, including UFPJ, Iranian propagandist, Moji Agha:

A fictional Halabja narrative and many others are advanced by ALL of those above.

And, speaking of fiction, in returning to her blog from an all too long absence, amongst the many worthwhile entries, I can not help but laugh at the reference to "Muslim" oil in the following:

I guess that's the same mysterious, religiously defined category as "Islamic" finance, about which I've pondered aloud so often.

Finally, regarding the Obama connection to all of the above.
In a previous post, I said there are two American Presidential Republican candidates.
The official one, McCain, and, the unofficial, Republican sponsored Democrat, Obama.
Today, this morning, I was listening on C-Span to the Democratic Minority Leader in Florida's State Senate.
The Democrats are in the minority, not majority, in Florida's State House and, as well, Florida has a Republican Governor, Jeb Bush.
The Florida State Democratic Leader/spokesperson, made the following point clearly, unambiguously, definitively, IF the Democratic Primary delegates from Florida are NOT counted/seated in the upcoming Democratic Presidential nominating convention, there will be a rebellion amongst Florida Democrats in the general election and Republican McCain will win Florida and the General Election.
Without Florida's electoral college representation, the Democrats cannot win the national Presidental race.
For those not following this battle, at present, the DNC, the Democratic National leadership, refused to acknowledge the previous Democratic Primary results in Florida, which Hillary Clinton won, because of a dispute between the State and the National Democratic leadership over the date of Florida's primary, which, as this fellow pointed out, was NOT determined by the State Democrats, but, by the Florida State legislature, a Republican dominated one.
Thus, the Florida Democrats are being punished by the National Democratic leadership for something over which the Florida State Democrats had/have absolutely no control .
This also happened in Michigan.
And, Hillary won both primaries.
Obama's group, of course, does not want to acknowledge/seat/recognize either the Florida or Michigan primary delegates, naturally, since that will effectively give the Democratic nomination to Hillary.
It gets even more complicated.
The idea of a do-over Democratic primary vote was floated, with mail-in ballots for both the Florida and Michigan state Democratic primaries.
This procedure has NEVER been done, tried, before, and, needless to say, there are all kinds of inherent, logistical problems with it and potential for enormous abuse.
The Democrat State Leader insisted the results of Florida (and Michigan's) previous, officially recognized, Democratic state primaries SHOULD be the ones that are counted and their respective delegates seated at the National Presidential nominating convention.
However, it appears, from what he's saying, neither side is budging and nobody has been able to find a satisfactory compromise.
It's a virtual stalemate.
This entire, arcane situation, says both he, and, I, previously, threatens to completely blow apart, split the Democratic Party.
As for the upcoming Democratic primary election in Pennsylvania, April 22, I fully expect Hillary Clinton to win, with a fairly decent margin, as well. So, the question of seating the Democratic delegates from both Michigan and Florida in the National convention will become THE determining factor. Obama is a fictional, created, Republican time bomb waiting to deconstruct in the Democratic Party.
Obama's campaign is totally and completely frivolous, a fake, phony, setup, posing as an "alternative" with no substance whatsoever, like our fake Left, thus, serving as a shill, a diverson, a distraction, a red herring, a straw man, ultimately towards promoting and advancing the one agreed upon, bi-partisan, policy goal and strategy represented by all above.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I highlight the following regarding Turkey because it goes completely unmentioned, unnoted either in our US commercial, corporate media, of course, and/or our supposed, fake, pseudo-Left, state/foundation supported "opposition" media analysts and sources as well.
The coordinated policy of ALL above is/was best demonstrated in my blog of February 20, 2008.
In that blog, I highlighted previous US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's role regarding Milosevic, his International Action Center, the ANSWER coalition AND former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's current role, as well, in India's recent, November, 2007, supposed Anti-Imperialist Conference where he/they passed the following resolutions, in a nutshell, support for Iran, Hizbollah, Nassrallah, Kurdistan and opposition to Turkey. That's all one need remember and know.
Everything else falls into place behind it.
That represents official, state and corporate policies.
Here's the link to that blog entry:

So, following from that analysis, NO SUPPORT, no acknowledgment whatsoever, to be expected for the following.
On the contrary.
All of the above pseudo-Left opposition forces in the US work overtime, in choreographed unison, rationalizing above stated policy goals and blunt, discredit, any possible support, recognition and/or unity with Turkey's opposition forces.
So, for Turkey's general strike, today,
"Turkish Unions End Two Hour [General] Strike to Protest IMF Sought Reforms":

Then, "Nabucco Crisis Pits Turkey Against EU & Azerbaijan":

And, again, in Turkey, "New Barriers to Foreign Capital":

And, lastly, Turkish "Army Fund to Invest Outside Nation for the First Time":

This last one is NOT good news, from MY point of view.
It represents the same stupid policy of our corrupt, mafia trade unions who collude with and invest their employees pension funds into private corporations, here and/or abroad, instead of expanding their now highly limited, national pension system, i.e, Social Security.
However, it appears Turkey's policy, above, represents a new offensive, hardball quid pro quo.
"If we can do it, so can they," so to speak.

Following also from one of my previous posting, more from John Helmer on developments surrounding Russia's proposed, revised foreign ownership natural resources law, Russia's Norilsk Nickel and American-Australian international conglomerate BHP Billiton:

Back in this country, the US, the stock market continues its decline, unemployment rises and everybody flounders around like fish flapping out of water, screaming, yelling, not knowing what to do.
Maybe they should take a lesson from Turkey's workers and opposition?
Of course, things are different in the GCC. Remember EFG-Hermes?
Well, their newly minted hedge fund has risen a whopping 20% in the last 4 months:

As I said on a previous blog, in typical, circular fashion, the same capital currently fleeing the US will subsequently be reinvested via the newly organized funds, represented above, when US stocks have hit their bargain basement prices, along with its now cheap dollar and equally cheap, unorganized, barely unionized, labor force.
Welcome, suckers, to so-called "Third World" economies.
On this final note, here's a reminder from another, related blogspot:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


For those of you unaware of the reference in the above heading, P.T. Barnum's Ringling Brothers Circus was America's greatest circus entrepreneur.
Interesting, isn't it, the Esquire story on Fallon originated from Thomas P.M. Barnett, to whom I've linked numerous times in the past.
The usual spin came out from the same crowd, once again, with dire warnings of an inevitable war with Iran now that Fallon is gone.
Of course, just the opposite is/was the case.
If anything, Fallon might have disappeared or disagreed precisely because of difficulties or concern over Bush/American PARTNERSHIP, collusion, commitment and marriage to/with Iran in Iraq's government, Iranian militias and death squads and the many problems and backlash this policy creates regionally.
The ONLY people who do not know this are the brainwashed Americans. But, everyone else in the entire region is well aware of what's happening. So, as reports exist over clashes with the newly resurrected Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, and his militias:

Another group requests UN intervention in Iraq until new elections can take place:

Should this happen, of course, a present US backed Iranian government in Iraq might just diminish substantially or disappear altogether.
See, for example, the following two articles, "Iraq as an Occupied State at APU Conference":

And "Zebari Criticizes
Arab Diplomatic Representation in Iraq":

Of course, the above two articles merely represent the tip of the iceberg, since they all collaborate in dismembering and privatizing Iraq.

It's curious to me the timing of Barnett's piece about Fallon in Esquire and Fallon's sudden departure came only days after Ahmadimidget visited Baghdad and Iran's alliance with the US in Iraq was SO blatantly and obviously EXPOSED for the world to see.
And, then, shortly after, comes the Esquire piece and Fallon's sudden departure.
It seems to me Fallon's leaving might well be for the complete opposite reasons than that which is being spun, to ensure Iran's continued governmental presence in Iraq and obscure the above.
It's the same purpose served by those who talk about stopping a war with Iran.

Double/triple speak.
Smoke and mirrors, etc.

Of course, this is the way everything around here works.
Although not specifically related to the above subject matter, nonetheless, I feel compelled to include an article at this point by John Helmer in which he discusses the present governmental conflict around revising/limiting Russia's current law and qualifications for foreign direct, i.e., private ownership, of Russia's state natural resources.
Potential implications of these developments are so enormous that I was compelled to include it in my entry, a sort of news alert or news flash:

In the opposite direction, some of you may have heard a little news items about the well placed Carlyle Group losing money somewhere.
But, not in the GCC.
The Carlyle Group, as so many others, invest heavily in the GCC.
Here's alittle article from not too long ago, November 2007, mentioning Carlyle and the GCC, "Opportunities in Islamic Finance," additionally, quoting someone I highlighted from one of my previous entries, March 11, 2008, below, Aamir A. Rehman

associated with Harvard's Business School, Middle East Center and their circle of wealthy Iraq expatriates from Kanan Makiya, Rand Rahim Francke and others on Harvard's Iraq Project:

Depending on which source one reads, the estimated amount of monies projected in this new Middle East speculative Bubble range upwards in the TRILLIONS of dollars!
To die for, literally.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


From the same folks who gave us all the other Big Lies, they continue to ignore the biggest of all Lies, the rise of a Middle East speculative bubble, regional "transformation," nationalist economic enclaves to capitalized ones, "emerging economies," and, thus, renaissance of the speculative dollar.

The same folks who discussed the end of the petrodollar and failed to notice Iran IN Iraq, advanced the bogus peak oil theory, and on and on, also now fail to note significant, contradictory developments represented by the Middle East bubble and GCC states.

The reason what happens in the US and Western Europe becoming irrelevant because another part of the world, this part, that future exorbitant profit margins and the expansion of global, privatized corporate wealth being destined to occur.

The current "enterprise" in Iraq critical because it is a centerpiece of these plans and represents strategic leverage against both China and Russia, as well.
This is why the US and the West has a new found love affair with so-called Islamic finance, a mythological, religiously named entity.
Why not Jewish, Kosher, Christian, or Buddhist finance, perhaps?
In addition, a now expropriated and cheap Middle Eastern labor force can compete or replace China, as the center of the global workhouse and industrial expansion.
Free trade agreements with the greater Middle East already occurring and scheduled to significantly expand.
Virgin territory.
Further, in ever circular fashion, capital that left the US will flow backwards from the Middle East to become reinvested into depressed US industry, real estate, infrastructure and US cheap labor, thanks to the low dollar, unemployment, corrupt unions and an abysmal, abhorrent, fake Left.

So, let me explore deeper just a few of the many interconnections and intersections to the above process, the Middle Eastern bubble, from my previous entry from March 9, 2008, below.

In my March 9, 2008 post, I referred back to a Harvard circle of expropriated Iraqi propertied interests and their "Iraq Project," from Kenan Makiya, Ayad Rahim to Rand Rahim Francke and others.

This is one of the links I used in that post:

Here's more from the ubiquitous Harvard University circle, their Middle East Center and the Harvard Business School, a book about "Dubai and Co.:Global Strategies for Doing Business in the Gulf States," from another Harvard Professor, Aamir A. Rehman, connected to/with all of the above, of course, and, convenient reminder, as well, about the strategic role of the ubiquitous, worldwide, financial octopus, Citigroup:

On Aamir Rehman's own website, following, one can find an "Islamic Finance Program" at Harvard, naturally. The link to Harvard's Islamic Finance Program embedded in one of the articles on the subject on his website, following:

In further developments I highlighted, America's unofficial Ambassador-at-Large, as I've dubbed him, our Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, also, Citigroups largest, single, private investor, recently added to his social list receiving both Pakistan's PM, Aziz, another former Citigroup Executive, as well as Musharraf's son, (be sure to look on right hand sidebar):

Then, following on Eygpt's EFG-Hermes expansion, of which Citigroup also is a partner, and related to events around the former conflict and war over EMG/BG/Israel/PA gas deal, "EFG-Hermes...Reaffirms Middle East as Hub for Foreign Portfolio Investment":

But, I'm glad to see others are also aware of the economic agenda about which I've been writing so much.

In the following, "Hegemony Through Free Trade," the discussion centers primarily around Palestine, but, as you can see from the above and all my entries, Palestine is but one ingredient of a much larger plan:

As for global resistance to all of the above, here's a rundown of items that one will NOT find in the US, ALL dealing with privatization.
First, a belated international women's day acknowledgement.
Bless their hearts and souls, from Turkey,"Public Protest of Privatization":

"Turkey's Unions Call Two Hour Strike on March 14"
(note: the article says April 14. That is a typographical error):

More developments from Turkey.
First, another, better article than that above, regarding the upcoming Turkish general strike:

And, then, additionally, a related, very significant, internal political development in Turkey, "Turkish Opposition Changes Target from Army to AKP":

And, of course, from our friends in Pakistan and their ongoing struggle:

Now, finally, an interesting side note.

Any of the above and alot else certainly could and should be supported by anyone calling themselves Left or opposition, here, in the US.

But, instead, an an example of the utter debased decadence and depravity of what labels itself opposition in the US, even our so-called, progressive, independent Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, who happens to be of Lebanese background and even speaks some Arabic, in the ONLY SPECIFIC policy statement he issued so far on foreign policy, suggests Israel should be negotiating with Hamas!!

Well, here's a response to Mr. Nader and the utter depravity of American politics and society, in general:

Nader has just lost both my support and my vote.
Anybody wishing to contact Nader regarding any of his positions on anything, can go to his website:

And, in a somewhat related, ongoing story to the hypocrisy represented, above, I cannot help but highlight something I came across in the Turkish press regarding the so-called Armenian Genocide vote in the US Congress, "Armenian Terror Leader Visits Capitol Hill":

Here's the event to which they were referring, I BELIEVE, altho, I'm not quite sure:

So, here's the full listing of their events and press releases for this year:

Meanwhile, in the latest episode in the ongoing, filthy, power struggle between the Nazi-Republican sponsored Obama and the other Fascist Hillary in the Democratic Presidential race, New York's powerful former Attorney General and now Democratic Governor, and, supporter of Hillary Clinton, was entrapped in a sex scandal.
Elliot Spitzer, as former NY Attorney General, actually went after some of the powerful names in American finance.
This, in and of itself, would be sufficient to get him eliminated.

In addition, he's supporting Hillary Clinton.

So, after the Clinton campaign dared to expose just alittle bit of the sleaze surrounding Obama, here comes some quid pro quo retaliation.

The mudslinging is just starting.

On the Business Channel, those in the NY Stock Exchange expressed joy at the news.

They hate Spitzer.

Personally, I hope Spitzer does not resign, as he is being pressed to do so. I hope he drives them crazy by refusing to go.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here's some news you will not get elsewhere, news "not fit to print," regarding Iranian Ahmadimidget's recent Baghdad visit and red carpet treatment.
NOTE, in the following, the reported presence of Muwaf(f)ak Al-Rubai(e) at the meeting between Ahmadimidget, Maliki and, apparently, Al-Rubaie:

On the significance of Al-Rubaie's reported presence at the above meeting.
At my first blog, on October 6, 2007, karlmarxwasright, I reported on "National Security Advisor,"Muwaffak Al-Rubaie's featured presence and speaking engagement at the "prestigious," quintessential, US Establishment think tank, CSIS, on October 5, 2007, regarding,
"The Future of Iraq."
Since my previous blog is blocked to the public for reasons beyond my control, I will link, instead, as a reminder, directly to the organization's website and Rubaie's talk/speech at the CSIS.
At the following link, you have the option of accessing Rubaie's talk either by transcript and/or audio/visual, and, please, it's important to read/listen to the question and answer session following Rubaie's prepared comments:,com_csis_press/task,view/id,3268

Further, I had another link in my October 6, 2007 post which I will also provide, once again, directly, on Al-Rubaie's background:

Interestingly, a simultaneous development.
A new biography of Chalabi emerges:

Since the Chalabi bio is new, I ASSUME it is a FULL, not a partial, background and accounting of the Chalabi family's former, extensive property holdings in Iraq, their regional dynasty, financial, political and economic interconnections, including OPEC, their ties to ALL other named, appropriated propertied interests in Iraq and elsewhere.
For example, those in the Harvard circle project like Kenan Makiya, Ayad Rahim and Rand Rahim Francke, amongst others, and their "Iraq Project":

If the new Chalabi book does NOT explore all this, it is simply another whitewash, serving partisan political purposes and extended historical fiction, rather than fact, once again. Additionally, as I reported, again, on one of my previous blog entries from June 17, 2006, on my previous post, BOTH CHALABI AND KISSINGER, amongst others, attended the June, 2006 Bliderberg Conference in Canada.
From that previous entry, two links regarding that event, the first one has a complete list of those who attended the meeting:,htm#spreadsheet

The second, brief press release notes both Kissinger and Chalabi's unusual presence in particular:

The date and timing of the 2006 Bilderberg Conference and Chalabi's notable, unusual presence along with Kissinger, amongst others, was important to me in reference to the events and chronology I described in my previous post, below, from March 5, 2008, regarding the lead up to the orchestrated "November Coup (midterm elections) of 2006."
These connections and events are characteristically bipartisan in nature.
To miss the preceding point, and the ex-appropriated Iraq propertied circle which Chalabi represents, par excellence, is to miss everything.
See my previous blog, below, from March 5, 2008, for a recapitulation,
"US Global Engagement, Iran Annexes Iraq..." or, use the following direct link, instead:

Even more curious, considering all of the above, depending on which source one reads, Sadr, the Butcher of Baghdad's apparent disappearance over the last few months either, from the propaganda mouthpiece of Newsmax, he is near death from food poisoning and under medical treatment in Iran, or from the other propaganda source, the BBC that he is studying religion!

PERHAPS, we might paraphrase, conclude, "news of his [political] death is premature?"
Maybe not.
Meanwhile, as for the US Presidential circus, two Republican sponsored and financed Presidential candidates co-exist in space and time, the official one, the Republican McCain and the other, unofficial one, Republican strategist, Karl Rove's Democratic orchestrated Obama campaign and Obama's Nazi type rallies.
That's a Republican win-win.
The ONLY question still remaining in my mind is Obama being set up in order to be taken down in the General Election?
Another October surprise?
Alot of us think so.
Obama's got lots of deep, mafia money pockets supporting him, from Ruppert Murdoch to mafia unions, a long laundry list, including his advisers.
As others besides myself note, Obama wins primarily caucuses in states that have traditional Republican majorities.
Lots of Republicans openly and proudly telephone into C-Span claiming they're voting for Obama.
They think it's just fine and dandy to keep Hillary off the ballot.
So, it doesn't take much to put two and two together, following in the tradition and disinformation of Nazi collusion and collaboration between Nazi Iran and the Nazi US in Iraq, above, or, the other Nazi/Fascist state under guise of democracy, Kosovo/greater Albania, or, for that matter, the various "colored revolutions" in Eastern Europe.