Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The day BEAR STEARNS was liquidated not just I but many others on the Business Channel noted no need existed for its unexpected demise.

As others pointed out, nobody even made an attempt to determine the actual numbers and real value of Bear Sterns debt, assets, collateral, etc, and then determine a program slowly adjusting what needed to be done.
It could all have been handled quite differently.
Instead, a predetermined plan was set into motion to collapse Bear Stearns, handing it and its assets, gratis, free of charge, on a silver platter, to JP MORGAN CHASE, (ROCKEFELLER'S bank in case you don't know the history) to gobble it up, all subsidized, by American taxpayers.
If this isn't/wasn't the deal of the century, I don't know what is?
If you're a smart cookie, you will immediately invest in JP Morgan.
Indeed, Morgan shares are up.
Their profits turned out O.K for this quarter, also.
It hardly ends there.
Guess who was/is involved with this most recent, LARGEST ever IPO (Initial Public Offering) in American history, "VISA Card" IPO?
If you haven't figured it out by now you are quite stupid, which, I suppose, includes an awful lot of Americans.
JP Morgan Chase led Visa's IPO offering, along with a few others, including, of course, the ever ubiquitous CITIGROUP:

But, it gets even better.
Now, guess who was the SOLE underwriter for this IPO in the Middle East region?
Our friends in the speculative, greatest story never told, Gulf Bonanza and Bubble:

What a happy coincidence.
Of course, a reminder, the largest regional private IPO offered in the Middle East, to date, is/was Dana Gas, about which I've written volumes.
While speaking of the Gulf, our unofficial Arab Ambassador-at-Large, SAUDI Prince Alwaleed TALAL has added to his list of social visits.
This time, Afghanistan's KARZAI amongst other Afghan notables:

And, finally, a little snapshot, an encapsulation, a lineup of the Fascist players and interests in Iraq, for those who STILL can't get it.
By the way, you can take mention of the Baathists with a grain of salt in the following:

I point this out ONLY because Cheney currently visits and associates with the very people in Iraq's government, the Iranians, the ones Cheney and Bush are supposed to bomb all the time, according to our lame brained peace movement.
It follows the latest dribble and drabble and nonsense in the US peace movement how one or another of our Fascist Presidential candidates will "end the Iraq war," etc. etc.
NOBODY, I REPEAT, NOBODY, not any one of these candidates and parties is about to end anything related to the above.
Just the opposite.
Tactics, strategies and parties may shift, but, not the objectives.
I live amongst morons.
They eat shit regularly for breakfast, lunch and supper and they love it.
Keep on eating.
You all live in fantasy land.