Saturday, March 22, 2008


First, "Turkey's Leftist Anti-AKP Journalist to be Taken to Court on Saturday":

More on the above, "...Arrests Broaden to Include Party Leader, Journalists":

At the nub of the issue, Turkey's "Foreign Investment at Stake":

Not one peep, word of opposition, mention or even recognition against these policies and Nazification of the Turkish state from the US state/corporate/foundation sponsored fake, phony Left/opposition and totally corrupt, despicable, despotic US union leadership.
So far, not one word of support for Turkey's opposition to its Fascist, Islamic AKP and their privatization agenda.
Of course, not anything, equally, about last week's, militant, Greek general strike, not to mention anywhere else on the globe.
How about this one, regarding the privatization of French ports and an upcoming 24-hour strike organized by the CGT, which I read about from Turkish newspapers and other foreign sources, not here, of course:

Here, they can't even find the results of the French provincial elections. NOW, A FOLLOWUP ON FALLON'S RECENT RESIGNATION:
Certainly, the pseudo-Left has not managed to find Iran-US collaboration policy in Iraq.
To further demonstrate the Big Lie technique and how it works, in a previous entry regarding US Central Command and Admiral William Fallon's sudden resignation, I speculated that Fallon's hasty departure, which occurred just after Iran's Ahmadimidget's Baghdad visit, possibly, had more to do with Fallon's OPPOSITION, or, disagreement to/with current, absolutely, utterly horrible, disastrous, despicable US policy of Iran collaboration and their pseudo-Islamic brand of Nazism and Fascism in Iraq and elsewhere in the region, than anything else.
Interestingly, in a speech Fallon gave this past week at the Navy League's Sea-Air Space Global Maritime Security conference, Fallon distinctly was CRITICAL, NEGATIVE, about Iran's destructive role both in Iraq and the region, generally, greatly substantiating what I hypothesized. Unfortunately, I could find no transcript of his speech, featured at the following link, under Wednesday, March 19, from 8-10PM:

But, if one goes to the website, you can/will find a video of his remarks.
While the following, for example, recognizes US-Iran collaboration in Iraq, "From the Department of Corrupt Bargains," to which I will link, momentarily, it, too, begins with the compulsory Big Lie, spin/propaganda technique that this policy is "against US wishes," i.e., it was not a planned event, planned since the inception of the Iran-Iraq war, about which I have had so much on previous posts, not to mention other sources.
At minimum, see my two entries from 2005 from my previous blog, first, inception of the Iran-Iraq War:

AND, SIMULTANEOUS to when Seymour Hersh was blabbing about Cheney bombing Iran, "Iran's Top Nuke Negotiator [Nasseri] Faces Charges Over Halliburton Ties":

So, with the preceding in mind, read the following about Iran and the US in Iraq, "From the Department of Corrupt Bargains":

Of course, our pseudo-Left, fake opposition can not manage to find opposition and resistance to Nazi and Fascists almost anywhere on the globe, including the Baltics, Ukraine, you name it.
They're too busy, instead, supporting Nazi/Fascist sponsored "independence, autonomy and self-determination" from Kosovo to Tibet to Kurdistan to the Caucasus and points in between and elsewhere.
Thus, "Another Kurdistan in the Making":

Furthermore, this ties in directly to the US Presidential race.
The Big Lie, of course, is that Obama's splash represents ANY change from the above, somehow he is an opposition candidate of any sort or kind, whatsoever.
That's how he/it is being packaged.
Just the opposite.
Obama's role, as I've indicated in previous posts, will assure that the policies represented above stay on track and to help Republicans win the next election.
Obama's ROLE is totally, completely disingenuous, nauseating, despicable, manipulative and hypocritical.
His campaign is an ersatz one.
The "great uniter" divides, obfuscates and blows smoke.
Towards these ends, his Karl Rove, Republican sponsored and choreographed campaign of dirty tricks, delegate blackmail, crossover voting, and Nazi orchestrated rallies are consummately successful and Americans, as usual, are total fools and idiots.
Everything they get they have well deserved and earned.
And, while speaking of distractions, fools and idiots, as US and Western state sponsored terrorism and covert actions are busy doing their dirty work in Tibet, guess who was recently visiting not too far away, in another part of China, Mongolia, that is?
Of course, America's unofficial, roving Ambassador at Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal: