Saturday, July 26, 2014


"YAWL" (you all) are too late.

Collaborators, appeasers, apologists, front groups, career covert operatives, opportunists, sycophants,  etc.

Damage done.

You had numerous golden opportunities--
wasted, squandered, gone.

Timing (and location) being everything in life.

So, everything NOW spins out of THEIR control, consequence of an inevitable, internal, disastrous logic.

In Greatest Dis-united Suckers and Assholes NAZI  Dictatorship on Planet Earth, we have another useless mid-term s-election process in November which most everybody with any brains knows Republicans set to win, BECAUSE, as I repeat many times, necessity exists for PREDETERMINED change, a see-saw, swing, BLAME GAME AND FINGER POINTING, one, two, punch, change and hope in which stupid idiots believe.

After that, Presidential s-election outcome also predetermined for reasons as above, altho, a CHANCE does exist that a new Congress will resort to some sensationalized impeachment proceedings, pressure, as part of a pretend scenario before official elections facilitating another superficial "regime change" mirage.

So, eat Iran, your respective Islamic terror regimes for breakfast, lunch and supper, along with THEIR great liberator in Russia, and PRIVATE health care, pensions, astronomical debt, inflation, a PRIVATELY OWNED US Federal Reserve money tree, i.e, quantitative easing policies, stimulus, FREE MONEY for THEIR respective partners, clients, friends, and, local trickle down policies.

You have well earned it.
Sit back and enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor.

Just for the heck of it, as an exercise in futility, I include one more link below regarding NAZI voodoo economic fiascoes.
NO Marxist, for sure.
But, heck of alot better than ALL misnomer Left and Right foot LOYAL "opposition" combined above.

At least, minimum, he emphasizes HISTORY as a most important FACT.

More than I can say for most everyone else.

And, after reading, perhaps, he/I could/should add, advise, everyone to crawl under a rock, into a hole, cave, hibernate for a foreseeable, indefinite, indeterminate, future as a physical, mental, emotional, intellectually degraded HUMAN tsunami NOW exists, a NEGATIVE, UNHEALTHY, antagonistic, inhospitable, unkind, insecure, mean, brutish, hostile, hateful, dangerous, pathological, bestial, barbaric, demagogue, primitive, WORLD, unfriendly to living organisms, where life is CHEAP, dirt, expendable, as long as it is not THEIR own but someone else.

Life's value being measured by MONEY and money alone, "man" certainly NOT being "a measure of all things."




Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Link below about Greece but similar refrain sung here as well.

Not precisely the same, of course, but, comparable.

Cynical hypocrisy exists in abundance HERE as well as in Greece.

Misnomer Left and Right leg, hand, body appendages, characterized nominally as Opposition, attached to SAME toxic NAZI CORPSE of appeasement, collaboration, collusion, PRIVATE pension and health fund investment, work in tandem together towards a lucrative global Great Game ONLY for those on the winning, i.e., PRIVATE PROPERTY, SIDE.

Abject, total, complete, capitulation, DENIAL, collusion, disillusion, Orwellian illusion, despair, anger, fiction, resentment.

No class here, but, instead, only a carefully nurtured and sponsored identity, race, gender, sex, religion, age, politics.

Class and ownership disappears  entirely from dialogue, discussion, action, like, best example, Single Payer Health Care--OFF THE TABLE!!

NO labor unions, but, mafia controlled investment businesses POSING as labor unions, partnered with NAZI corporations and covert, clandestine, international, global CIA operations.

A ubiquitous "They" call it "Soft" as distinguished from "Hard Power," merely indicating uncomfortable, unpleasant, military interventions and dead bodies, refugees, etc.

Objective the same, but, tactics differ.

A completely infiltrated, penetrated, purged, compromised, influence peddling, morphed CP, read liberal or Social Democrat, FRONT group NOW operates for THOSE ABOVE, functioning as a part of what I call S.O.S, i.e, a Save Our [Their] System club.

Barbaric NAZI pseudo Islamic regimes of IRAN & KRG OCCUPIED, annexed, IRAQ opportunistically ignored, denied, by ALL named above AND abroad, as well.

Onerous US Debt, Stimulus, Quantitative Easing, Oboomacare, SUPPORTED by ALL above.

Privatization abounds.

Real estate speculation, development, and stock market asset bubbles, IPOs, up, up and away.

Trickle down state, city, local, PRIVATE-PUBLIC sponsored "growth, development, jobs" a mantra of those ABOVE.

All part of Urban Renewal, otherwise known as urban removal.

NAME OF pernicious, insidious, not so GREAT GAME being PROFIT, profit, profit.
MORE, MORE, MORE lucrative construction.
Redundant garbage, shit, produced, while land, geography, topography, raped, plundered, paved, eliminated, etc.

Agriculture monopolized by PRIVATE toxic chemical corporations, pollution galore, heavy industry, "farm" concentration, and, onerous debt to all those named above.

Federal subsidy for ALL PRIVATE developments including, encompassing, health care, education, food, energy, industry, housing, money--you name it.

NAZI trash sits in formerly what was a USSR, now OCCUPIED Moscow, Eastern Europe, along with every other reactionary global capital.

So, because we happen here to sit in a NAZI global earthquake epicenter what happens below in Greece simply MULTIPLIES many times over.

Between ongoing, continuous, recidivist, man made economic disaster, cyclical boom and bust, war, concomitant, inexorable, global climate change repercussions from exigencies of POLICIES above, NOBODY dare challenge preceding economic SYSTEMIC UNDERPINNING, PRIVATE property relationships, and, a NAZI hand that feeds and OWNS ALL!!

Modern day, obedient, subservient, indentured, servitude, slaves.

As a consequence NO systemic CHANGE expected anywhere as gigantic Dis-united Suckers and Assholes Titanic Ship of State lurches forward precipitously on a slow, but, steady, SUICIDAL TRAJECTORY otherwise known as "progress."

A totally dysfunctional system with NO PRINCIPLED leadership to be seen ANYWHERE in sight.

So, amen to below, amplified by above:

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Gaza being in the news for umpteenth time along with kneejerk Israel opposition grunting empty noises, FOLLOW BACKWARDS MY EMBEDDED LINKS contained in earlier entry below.

As follow up to ongoing energy tussle below, BG (British Gas), again, negotiating with Egypt's new military government.

Of course, a different, changed, existential environment and power relationship exists now than that surrounding post dates below:

Friday, July 18, 2014


A recent kerfuffle developed when Australian NAZI CIA/drug/money laundering/MURDER INC. CRIMINAL  cartel, empire, kingpin, Murdoch media conglomerate offered to buy another US NAZI commercial media empire of Time-Warner.
Time-Warner rejected Murdoch's offer.
Perhaps price too low.

Not sure.
Might still happen.

Both above, of course, produce intellectual garbage, junk food, for which they get paid LOTS of money.
Total waste of valuable resources, assets, talent and OUR AIR WAVES!!

Anyway, I thought I would remind everyone about some of Murdoch's connections and what previously was and NOW becomes an even more expanded PRIVATIZED GLOBAL WAR under current US "peace president, or, change you can believe," CIA puppet, stooge, straw man, empty headed, vacuous, Obooma.

Murdoch is/was intimately connected with a South Asia covert operation through then Australian based Nugan Hand Bank, subsequently morphed into BCCI, and, of course, BCCI connected also to/with current Abraaj/Naqvi Iraq JAFAR empire.

A TON of information exists about above subject matter.

Mentioned in link below are 2 very good books and authors, Jonathan Kwitny and Alfred McCoy.

Kwitny, for a brief period of time, HAD a POWERFUL news program on Public TV Broadcasting in which he delved into sensational material like that represented below.

But, Kwitny, not unexpectedly, disappeared from media sometime back never to be heard again.
He did, however, write a book.

All of this material, of course, despite being publicly available, detailed, documented, nonetheless, suppressed, ignored, by major NAZI partnered ESTABLISHMENT institutions of ALL stripes, varieties, hues.

One of many Open Secrets.

Additionally, I STOPPED some time ago reading what previously was a very good publication, Wall St. Journal, after  NAZI CITIGROUP connected Mexico Salinas placed himself onto Dow Jones BOARD, then parent company of WSJ publication.

And, after that, MURDOCH put the finishing touch onto WSJ by purchasing it.

So, now, WSJ is just another piece of garbage, trash, like most current media and entertainment outlets, such as those named above.

I chose only ONE out of many hundreds of links available regarding above/below history, Nugan Hand Bank, because ONE sentence in it I think nicely describes, encapsulates, a FLAVOR of what sits in POWER NOW thruout our globe and their PRIVATELY held corporations.

One sentence excerpt first:

"...One former Nugan Hand director has stated on oath that Hand warned Bank executives:
“If we didn’t do what we were told, and things weren’t handled properly, our wives would be cut into pieces and put in boxes and sent back to us”..."


I thought above nicely represents our most current batch of NAZI manufactured Islamic mercenaries everywhere ALONG with other PRIVATELY held "security" firms composed of comparable Brown Shirt, SS, Gestapo, Mafioso type thugs, adventurists and psychopaths for hire.

Thus, it comes as NO surprise to ME when one or more Egypt TV broadcasts points out the obvious, as below.

I BELIEVE, not sure, Moroccan troops MAY have been used in Yemen:

IF you want more info on above material, just do some searches and reading.
Plenty available.

I mention a word ONLY about most current sensationalist event making headlines--another downed commercial plane, this time, Ukraine.

My PERSONAL feeling, HUNCH, is that  RUSSIAN supplied moron separatists in Ukraine MADE A MILITARY BLUNDER!!

That's the explanation, pure and simple.

The FACT that I find MOST curious is WHY TWO planes, this and one shortly before it that disappeared, both are MALAYSIAN??

It strikes me as being TOO coincidental.

So, question is what, why, whom, connected to/with Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines??

Don't know answer to my own question because I do NOT keep up with events in THAT particular region of the world.

This simply represents an educated, thumbnail, guess on MY part.
Must wait to see how it unfolds.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, greater Mideast, as said before, caught, torn, ripped, divided, squeezed apart and asunder, devoured between competing and colluding IMPERIALIST NAZI carnivorous FACTIONS, Charybdis and Scylla monsters, i.e, US/EU/NATO/RUSSIA/IRAN and their respective parasitic economic alliances, incestuous PARTNERS, clients, vassals, all manner of toxic profiteers and venomous troglodytes.

MAFIOSO RUSSIAN KINGPIN PUTIN SUPPORTS NAZI IRAN IRAQ and SYRIA OCCUPATION thinking, perhaps, Putin can save his own criminal oligarch empire and skin by doing so.

By extension, of course, comes Ukraine, as I note in previous posts.

Totally compromised tactically, strategically, with one or another agenda above are nominal CP FRONTS most everywhere.

ALL guaranteed to perish as a consequence.

THANKS TO NO ONE named above NAZI occupied Mideast nations and peoples MUST liberate and save themselves from ALL manner of occupying, invading, moribund, macabre sponsored NAZI death hordes, vampires, obviously ready to sacrifice anyone and everyone for, but, not, themselves.

Arab lives being expendable, collateral damage, along, of course, with others.

Thus, it is every man/nation/person for him/her/themselves.


YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN and must act accordingly in your own self-defense, liberation, interest and preservation.

Kneejerk rent-an-opposition miniscule cadre, crowd, come out in made for TV media events HERE, like Pavlov's well trained dog, barking on command protesting an equally NAZI occupied Israel.


NOT ONE PRINCIPLED word, deed, action, in opposition, protest!!

Indeed, instead, they SUPPORT NAZI Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah!!

Well, all such policies, including comatose NAZI OCCUPIED Dis-united Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship and their astronomical boondoggle, swindle, of DEBT/STIMULUS/QUANTITATIVE EASING/OBOOMACARE and its trickle down policies to come back and BITE HARD in places where it hurts as economic and political dominoes fall, disintegrate, evaporate, throughout.

The ONLY bright spot in this totally sordid, dismal, decrepit, global picture is/was EGYPT's military counter-coup. 

NO THANKS to ANY named above.

On the contrary.

I do not even bother commenting more on domestic events too numerous to itemize which function, anyway, in tandem, as a corollary of above policies.

So, lemmings everywhere, but, especially here, can stew, bake, and, march together off a cliff in a PROFOUND suicidal catastrophe of YOUR/THEIR OWN MAKING!!

Below but another SAMPLE of policies and regimes those above DO and do NOT support.

Excerpt first:

"The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and the Iraqi government are fierce enemies, but there is one issue which they see eye-to-eye.
Both have launched a campaign to crack down on former Iraqi army officers, who were sacked without pay and pension when U.S. troops invaded the country in 2003..."


And, below another link with a VERY MYOPIC perspective, indeed.

Question for source below:

Where were you THEN and NOW, as if you and those above did/do NOT know what, why, and, for whom, events before your eyes unfolded??

ALL ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE, to SUFFER CONSEQUENCES for their deeds, misdeeds, collaboration, appeasement, ACTIONS AND INACTIONS!!


In answer to my obviously rhetorical question above regarding opportunistic shortsightedness, a single, brief, terse, simple, embedded sentence towards bottom of following link/article self-explanatory.
Sentence extracted:

"...Sarkis said that the two decrees only made a brief mention about the creation of a national petroleum company in Lebanon..."


But, wait!!

Not wishing to finish on such a bleak, tawdry, insipid, uninspiring characterization as above, once again, Helmer comes to my rescue supplying me/us with exemplary anecdotal character assassination regarding more illustrious people associated with those named above.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


I decided to highlight a SAMPLE of what passes HERE for LEFT Opposition,  CPUSA.

Consider this a morbid exercise in futility, despair, exasperation.

PERFECTLY clear to ME, and OUGHT to be to others, they, BELOW, CPUSA, represent an arm, wing, of a barbaric NAZI DEMOCRAT/AFL-CIA corporate party platform, ALREADY COMPROMISED, penetrated, infiltrated, purged, NEUTERED, neutralized, sanitized.

ALL receive their marching orders from those above and read from same script, repeated ad infinitum.

They sing the same refrain in unison, parroting one another.

A misnomered CPUSA, more properly, as indicated above, represents a LIBERAL wing of a Democratic Party, or, Democratic Socialism.

In other words, they serve as a FRONT group, an artificially manufactured bifurcation of a NAZI Party duopoly Dictatorship.

Not sure WHERE, from whom, which sources, their funding currently derives.
Non-profit Foundations?

An intricate web of plausible denial for covert funding exists here to CONTROL, INFLUENCE, penetrate, infiltrate, compromise, purge, any INDEPENDENT organization, events, outcomes, platforms, movements, etc.

What is and is NOT said below being apparent, and, editorially, I might add, laughable.

One laughs or vomits.
Your choice.
Same shit either way.

FIRST comes compromise, i.e, appeasement, collaboration, power sharing.

Next, everyone gets to the promised land.

Heaven and manna await us all if we do good deeds first.

Dorothy in a magical Wizard of Oz.

ALSO, it/they broadcast LOUDLY both to YOU AND ME WHICH INTERNATIONAL CPs named in attendance already are, or, to be EQUALLY compromised, partnered, influenced, from the GET GO.

Those "fraternal" CPs will make sure PRIVATIZATION continues in one form or another in their respective countries and/or region under guise of "democratic compromise," otherwise known as power sharing, for example, Iraq, amongst others named.

When the US/AFL-CIA FIRST entered Iraq, they immediately DISBANDED Iraq's FORMER Constitution AND NATIONAL UMBRELLA LABOR FEDERATION!!

Anyway, below is truly pathetic, nauseating, and, simply illustrates once more why and that NO PRINCIPLED CLASS OPPOSITION exists in a vast historical trash can, wasteland, vacuum, called Dis-United Suckers and Assholes.

The fact it/they appear at all on C-Span ALSO broadcasts LOUDLY to ME they received a "good housekeeping stamp of approval," i.e., representing a neutered, neutralized, sanitized, arm, wing, branch, of above PROGRAM.


They already abdicate responsibility.

Otherwise, they would NOT be seen or heard on CORPORATE OWNED and SPONSORED US TV, media, I assure you.

Please note.

This video is approximately 90 minutes.

IF you want to or must save a little time, go to minute 15, approximately, when Jarvis Tyner introduces international CP members in attendance, AND, then, shortly thereafter, Sam Webb's keynote speech:

In response to above, I select one or two out of umpteen posts I did/do.
Be sure to follow backwards embedded links:

An editorial commentary I feel compelled to add to my SECOND post, below.

I discuss in it Turkey's role--
still very possible, plausible, feasible and likely.

But, it is/was EGYPT, not Turkey's, MILITARY which FIRST initiated a major UPSET, OVERTURNING a MIDEAST NAZI ISLAMIC APPLECART, POWER EQUATION, liquidating their dreadful MB, consequences of which now reverberate regionally.

Indeed, one can extrapolate, speculate, further regarding this point.

In the 1917 October Russian Revolution,
10 Days that Shook the World, Russia played an epochal historic role, a social earthquake of gargantuan proportions which reverberated globally.

Events elsewhere flowed from it, including NASSER subsequently.

Due to USSR dissolution, in which those above HELPED, an HISTORIC revolutionary fulcrum, pendulum, swings now to the greater MIDEAST as a comparable epicenter, ballpark.

Consequently, MIDEAST players possess an enormous LEADERSHIP, vanguard, role, responsibility, opportunity, to INFLUENCE HISTORICAL events, like Russia, IF those possibilities are realized.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


All following my posts for some time know name of IRAQ TRAITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE, JAFAR FAMILY DYNASTY, OCTOPUS, which I follow since its/their INCEPTION, of course, partnered with, none other than, pernicious NAZI lineage ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP,

Below latest on THIS necrotic group of parasitic zombies.

When responsibility, culpability, assigned for recidivist crimes against humanity, gang rape, asset stripping, plunder, Mideast death, destruction, these people sit HIGH on Madame Defarge's long knitting list destined for guillotine and/or Mussolini's fate:

"The Abraaj Group mandates Citi to evaluate strategic options for K-Electric":

And back in NAZI OCCUPIED HEROIC GREECE, SAME economic motives apply as above, minus direct MILITARY intervention, proxies, surrogates, mercenaries, occupation, annexation and subsequent resistance and liberation forces.

Greek events become SYMBOLIC of ALL else happening globally, not forgotten, but, unable to enumerate, do justice, on MY posts:

"Greek government is determined to prohibit black outs as the unionist of Greek Public Power Company  threaten to turn off the electricity, if the government proceeds with the sale of 30% of PPC to private investors...":