Thursday, July 3, 2014


I decided to highlight a SAMPLE of what passes HERE for LEFT Opposition,  CPUSA.

Consider this a morbid exercise in futility, despair, exasperation.

PERFECTLY clear to ME, and OUGHT to be to others, they, BELOW, CPUSA, represent an arm, wing, of a barbaric NAZI DEMOCRAT/AFL-CIA corporate party platform, ALREADY COMPROMISED, penetrated, infiltrated, purged, NEUTERED, neutralized, sanitized.

ALL receive their marching orders from those above and read from same script, repeated ad infinitum.

They sing the same refrain in unison, parroting one another.

A misnomered CPUSA, more properly, as indicated above, represents a LIBERAL wing of a Democratic Party, or, Democratic Socialism.

In other words, they serve as a FRONT group, an artificially manufactured bifurcation of a NAZI Party duopoly Dictatorship.

Not sure WHERE, from whom, which sources, their funding currently derives.
Non-profit Foundations?

An intricate web of plausible denial for covert funding exists here to CONTROL, INFLUENCE, penetrate, infiltrate, compromise, purge, any INDEPENDENT organization, events, outcomes, platforms, movements, etc.

What is and is NOT said below being apparent, and, editorially, I might add, laughable.

One laughs or vomits.
Your choice.
Same shit either way.

FIRST comes compromise, i.e, appeasement, collaboration, power sharing.

Next, everyone gets to the promised land.

Heaven and manna await us all if we do good deeds first.

Dorothy in a magical Wizard of Oz.

ALSO, it/they broadcast LOUDLY both to YOU AND ME WHICH INTERNATIONAL CPs named in attendance already are, or, to be EQUALLY compromised, partnered, influenced, from the GET GO.

Those "fraternal" CPs will make sure PRIVATIZATION continues in one form or another in their respective countries and/or region under guise of "democratic compromise," otherwise known as power sharing, for example, Iraq, amongst others named.

When the US/AFL-CIA FIRST entered Iraq, they immediately DISBANDED Iraq's FORMER Constitution AND NATIONAL UMBRELLA LABOR FEDERATION!!

Anyway, below is truly pathetic, nauseating, and, simply illustrates once more why and that NO PRINCIPLED CLASS OPPOSITION exists in a vast historical trash can, wasteland, vacuum, called Dis-United Suckers and Assholes.

The fact it/they appear at all on C-Span ALSO broadcasts LOUDLY to ME they received a "good housekeeping stamp of approval," i.e., representing a neutered, neutralized, sanitized, arm, wing, branch, of above PROGRAM.


They already abdicate responsibility.

Otherwise, they would NOT be seen or heard on CORPORATE OWNED and SPONSORED US TV, media, I assure you.

Please note.

This video is approximately 90 minutes.

IF you want to or must save a little time, go to minute 15, approximately, when Jarvis Tyner introduces international CP members in attendance, AND, then, shortly thereafter, Sam Webb's keynote speech:

In response to above, I select one or two out of umpteen posts I did/do.
Be sure to follow backwards embedded links:

An editorial commentary I feel compelled to add to my SECOND post, below.

I discuss in it Turkey's role--
still very possible, plausible, feasible and likely.

But, it is/was EGYPT, not Turkey's, MILITARY which FIRST initiated a major UPSET, OVERTURNING a MIDEAST NAZI ISLAMIC APPLECART, POWER EQUATION, liquidating their dreadful MB, consequences of which now reverberate regionally.

Indeed, one can extrapolate, speculate, further regarding this point.

In the 1917 October Russian Revolution,
10 Days that Shook the World, Russia played an epochal historic role, a social earthquake of gargantuan proportions which reverberated globally.

Events elsewhere flowed from it, including NASSER subsequently.

Due to USSR dissolution, in which those above HELPED, an HISTORIC revolutionary fulcrum, pendulum, swings now to the greater MIDEAST as a comparable epicenter, ballpark.

Consequently, MIDEAST players possess an enormous LEADERSHIP, vanguard, role, responsibility, opportunity, to INFLUENCE HISTORICAL events, like Russia, IF those possibilities are realized.


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