Tuesday, July 1, 2014


All following my posts for some time know name of IRAQ TRAITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE, JAFAR FAMILY DYNASTY, OCTOPUS, which I follow since its/their INCEPTION, of course, partnered with, none other than, pernicious NAZI lineage ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP, et.al.

Below latest on THIS necrotic group of parasitic zombies.

When responsibility, culpability, assigned for recidivist crimes against humanity, gang rape, asset stripping, plunder, Mideast death, destruction, these people sit HIGH on Madame Defarge's long knitting list destined for guillotine and/or Mussolini's fate:

"The Abraaj Group mandates Citi to evaluate strategic options for K-Electric":


And back in NAZI OCCUPIED HEROIC GREECE, SAME economic motives apply as above, minus direct MILITARY intervention, proxies, surrogates, mercenaries, occupation, annexation and subsequent resistance and liberation forces.

Greek events become SYMBOLIC of ALL else happening globally, not forgotten, but, unable to enumerate, do justice, on MY posts:

"Greek government is determined to prohibit black outs as the unionist of Greek Public Power Company  threaten to turn off the electricity, if the government proceeds with the sale of 30% of PPC to private investors...":


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