Thursday, April 30, 2009


Following my previous April 22, 2009 posting, to which I will link below as a reminder, the latest developments regarding Israel Bank Hapoalim's internal power struggle.
More articles on the right hand sidebar:

And, then, my previous post on the Bank Hapoalim power struggle and why I claim it is significant:

On the chessboard of Iraq/Persia regime change, congruency, mopping up, yet another major domino collapses, the once powerful and well connected so-called Iraq National Security Advisor, Persia's Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, previous guest speaker at United Suckers and Assholes "prestigious" think tank, CSIS:

"Iraq Moves to Dissolve National Security Council":

And, Persian gas exports to Hamid Jafar's UAE based Dana/Crescent octopus have NOT yet materialized.
Reports say the "delay" is related to as yet unresolved "pricing" issues.

Meanwhile, ONCE AGAIN, I will highlight for ALL morons, idiots, dumbbells, ignoramuses, suckers, assholes what is the agenda represented by "our" collectively orchestrated US, European financial meltdown and real estate bubble collapse timed to coincide with Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Nazi Dictatorship strategically placed into power to assure implementation of the following above/below program:

An EXCERPT about US-Dubai's "Shariah Capital":

"...US-based Shariah Capital will launch two Shariah- compliant products, one of which will be a real estate fund, its chief executive officer said...

...We see potential in ETFs, private equity solutions and real estate – the distressed part of it..."

...Shariah Capital maintains a board of Shariah scholars who advise the company on its products. The board members come from the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the US..."


And, another explicit EXCERPT regarding the above, "Shariah Capital":

"...The ideal 'fund of caution' for the Arabian investor is an Islamic hedge fund of funds, argues Eric Meyer, President and CEO of US based Shariah Capital who visited Dubai this week for the Islamic Funds World Conference to promote what is believed to be the first Shariah compliant fund of hedge funds..."

So, global and United Assholes and Suckers nation, doormats...I hold you in CONTEMPT of court.
You have been tried and sentenced.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have EXCERPTED the following text from a link provided below.
Please, however, be sure to read the entire link/report/commentary.

I will repeat, ONCE AGAIN, "the problem," as so eloquently expressed below, is NOT an isolated event attached to this single, one domestic issue of universal, single payer, not-for-profit health care insurance.

"The problem" is SYSTEMIC.

Universal, single payer health care is itself but a symptom of that diseased, morbidly pathological system and PATTERN of operation.

The system is a dying, decadent, dysfunctional, barbaric, irrational, insane, totally, completely debased and debauched, diseased, prehistoric, extinct relic and dinosaur species clinging onto survival by ever increasing violent, repressive, suppressive, oppressive, suffocating means and threads, hanging on to lifeboats and rafts for dear life:

"...None of which will do anything to fundamentally alter the private health insurance industry and drug industry’s death grip on America’s health consumers.
So, no Karen Ignagni is not the problem.
Billy Tauzin is not the problem.
The Republican Party is not the problem.
We know where they stand.
They stand with big corporations.
Against the American people.
The problem is Ron Pollack.
The problem is Max Baucus.
The problem is the Democratic Party.
The problem lies with people who say they stand with the people.
But end up standing with Billy Tauzin.
And Karen Ignagni.
And big pharma.
And the private health insurance industry.
The problem is that the so called opposition is no opposition at all..."


And, where are the mass street protests, militant labor actions, strikes, sit ins, walkouts, opposition, resistance, dramatic actions, unity, CONFRONTATION?

Not just single payer, but, how about United Suckers and Assholes SIMULTANEOUS multi-trillion dollar debt, tax serfdom, bondage, giveaway, bailout, gift, subsidies to the very SAME PRIVATE CORPORATE INTERESTS?

And where is everyone?
Where is the CONFRONTATION and militant action?
Same as above.

Even students in Austria do a better job than United Suckers and Assholes despicable, disgusting, abysmal, nauseating, deplorable, servile, groveling Nazi collusion, subterfuge, investments, collaboration, rationalization and apologetics.
Altho I do NOT support the Trotskyists, historically, I have merely used the following link from their website to highlight recent Austrian events in comparison, juxtaposed to the non-existent opposition, obsequious acquiescence, collusion, collaboration, participation in/with the goals of United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Stanley Obooma Nazi Dictatorship.
I repeat, if you expect anything different from the above in foreign affairs, you are an equally ignorant, self-delusional fool, idiot and jackass:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


See if you can guess what else is happening simultaneous to our current mass media blitzkrieg and evoked popular outrage, hysteria about our newly discovered, manufactured for TV, modern day disease and plague?
Come on. Be smart.
Well, if you can not guess...


United Suckers and Assholes Congress is voting, TODAY AND TOMORROW, for Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Stanley Nazi Obooma Dictatorship

This does NOT include matters like the multi billion/trillion dollar "stimulus and bank bailout," with more coming.

No relationship whatsoever to reality.
Instead, keep your eyes glued on the sleight of hand magic trick of an irrelevant virus and NOT the complete, total, unmitigated, self-inflicted, economic disaster and destruction of United Suckers and Assholes nation in the stroke of a pen and a vote.

A vote, by the way, which is STRICTLY, SOLELY the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
Not that it really matters, since this is an orchestrated system, a one party hydra with two alternating heads. It's merely a choreographed dance.

I have a word of advice to anyone reading this living in United Suckers and Asshole Nazi Dictatorship.
GET OUT! Get out while you can. Get out now.
Get out soon.
I am NOT being facetious in this remark.
I am, unfortunately, deadly serious.
Things are already ugly.
They are going to get ALOT more ugly.
This is a downwards spiral to economic catastrophe.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I had very little time for multiple internet searches, sources and reading, today.
So, I thought I would do nothing, since I very much dislike sloppy journalism.
But, at the last minute, I changed my mind.
I came across the following commentary, above/below.

I decided to post just this one note/link about universal, single payer, not-for-profit, government sponsored health care insurance in United Suckers and Assholes nation, with the heading above, which really, in my humble opinion, should read "are they" instead of "is that," as you will see, I hope.

I posted it because I thought it simply and elegantly encapsulated THE general phenomena, pattern and WHY United Suckers and Assholes nation will NEVER get even this most obvious, rudimentary, basic, simple, fundamental, ELEMENTARY, civilized, worldwide RIGHT UNLESS AND UNTIL the following obsequious pattern of class capitulation and collaboration changes in United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship.

And, because this issue is so fundamental, obvious, basic, simplistic, elemental, IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.
A gauntlet has been thrown down.
Nary shall ye pass this line.

It will set a pattern, a bad example, from "their" point of view, the powers that be, the Establishment.
Give an inch, they will take a mile.

And, as I had forecast in previous blogs, it will pit one section of the labor movement against another and then "they," those naively advocating for universal, single payer health care insurance, will discover what I and others like me have known all along.
And, probably every one of them voted for and supported our ersatz "candidate of change," Obooma, like our ersatz labor unions in the Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly country:

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Maybe, if you live elsewhere on the globe, closer to the theatre of war, you are aware of all that is transpiring, facts on the ground.
Perhaps, it is part of your daily digestible or indigestible dinner conversation.

But, I can assure everyone elsewhere, United Suckers and Assholes understands NOTHING whatsoever of the actual combustible ingredients about to ignite and engulf Iraq and its surrounding environs in flames.
They certainly understand nothing about Iran's role, the GCC, etc.

Instead, United Suckers and Assholes lives in splendid isolation, geographically surrounded by two oceans and two more or less benign countries to the north and south.
So, they haven't the foggiest hint of what is happening or building in the real world outside their geographical boundaries. They barely know what happens in their own country.

At this point, further global war, conflagration and escalation is inevitable.

Too many competing, conflicting European and regional commercial interests, imperialist powers and their respective regional surrogates, proxies, alliances are jostling, jockeying, colliding, overlapping with one another for economic dominance throughout the Middle East and Caucasus region.
It is similar to the mounting pressures, fissures, tensions, colliding and tectonic forces of an earthquake.

Iran is privatizing everything.
The dead carcass of Iraq is being fought over by just about everybody.
No regional economic power with major military assets of any sort is about to acquiesce its position and relinquish power.
On the contrary.
All these despotic, Fascist Dictatorships are hanging on for dear life, digging themselves in deeper and deeper, building defensive moats around their regimes.

The status of Kirkuk remains unsettled, a ticking time bomb.
Likewise, the KRG. And, Peshmerga.
An Iraq oil law has yet to be passed.
International energy contracts between the KRG and Baghdad are continuously made, broken, reputed, contested.

Ukraine agreed to transit NATO supplies to Afghanistan, thereby circumventing the need to acquiesce either to Russia or Iran.
Ukraine, possibly Georgia, as well, will join NATO.
The Baltics are another sizzling Nazi cesspool.
(See for updates in that area).

Turkey's Fascist crypto-Islamic AKP is busy negotiating with everyone simultaneously bombing the PKK, along with the US and Iran.

Gazprom's projects are threatened.
Nabucco promoted.

This list goes on.
No diplomatic resolution whatsoever is in sight.
Just further and further tension and escalation.

And, here's but one article about Iraq which recapitulates the preceding in different format:

"Iraqi Oil: Black Gold or Black Hole?":

At the same link/website, many more articles on the above.
Note, an interview at the top with Former Iraq PM Allawi whom I suspect is favored to be returned to power:

The contradictions and repercussions too insoluble now.
An explosion forthcoming.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


When one starts with nothing, or, on the negative, minus side of zero on the numerical scale, then the following represents some positive movement in the correct direction towards materializing and coalescing labor opposition, resistance, a more progressive agenda and POWER base in United Suckers and Assholes nation.

Do not expect miracles.

It is a step, a nascent BEGINNING and, as such, MUST be supported.
Every journey begins with the first step.

The following video concerns opposition to Andy Stern's Fascist, mafia led SEIU labor union dictatorship, its tactics and the organization of a NEW labor union in response, NUHW, National Union of Healthcare Workers with Al Roselli.

Keep in mind, also, Andy Stern's SEIU is Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Stanley Obooma Dictatorship's MAJOR so-called labor front supporter.

Andy Stern's SEIU gang ALSO provides a service, what I call rent a crowd, mob, hired thugs, goon squad for all and any ocassion necessary, tailored to meet your needs and demands.

They were amongst the most predominant screaming and yelling mob of morons showing up at many former Republican VP Sarah Palin local speaking venues.

I know because I speak from personal experience.
They are and were horrendous, obnoxious, disgusting, stupid and proud of their ignorance.
The more stupid, the better.

Anyway, the following video is approximately an hour.
Links are provided at the end but I will post them below, anyway, should you be further interested:

Here are the two links mentioned at the end of the video above:

And, today, I thought I would end with two additional historical continuums/legacies of international, reactionary, counter-revolutionary Fascism/Nazism.

The first from an interesting former Yugolsav, now Republic of Slovenia, anti-Fascist website, apparently, it seems, from Ljubljana, what was a relatively small, beautiful, gorgeous town in northern Yugoslavia.
Have no idea how it is now.

If you look on the LEFT hand sidebar of the English language homepage, there is a "video" option.
Click onto "video" and you will see some interesting footage, I believe.

Although the videos are not in English, nonetheless, much of the content is more or less apparent, thanks to the wonders of an alphabet:

And, then, adding to the subject matter above, two more excellent posts ON THE SAME THEME from a blog successfully resuscitated from the dead in cyberspace censorship recently. FIRST:

Then, a followup to the above:

And, finally, I will conclude, ONCE AGAIN, NOTHING LESS then the ULTIMATE restoration and RENATIONALIZATION of ALL natural resources, treasure, wealth and industry created by labor, PRIVATELY stolen and appropriated for personal wealth and aggrandizement, EVERYWHERE ON THE GLOBE, must be reappropriated back to its collective, cooperative domain and public ownership from whence all wealth, natural resources and value added originates and to solve, address, mitigate, advance our collective, global, human experience, agenda on this planet.
No justice and no peace and no humanity is possible, otherwise.
Humans will simply annihilate themselves and ultimately become extinct from the extreme excesses necessitated by the internal contradictions of a totally, completely barbaric, primitive, irrational, atavistic, insane, pathologically competitive, profit driven, rapacious capitalist system which is attempting to restore itself and dominate the globe.
We inhabit this dynamic planet TOGETHER in a changing, explosive universe.
In this grand human experiment, we sink or swim TOGETHER.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was intriqued by a small, but, interesting report about a testy conflict, apparently, at Israel's Bank Hapoalim between Arison, Fischer, Dankner and what are the possible implications and meaning behind it all.

So, first, the seemingly inconspicuous article:

And, then, some background notes.

First, for everyone's information, Shari Arison is Hapoalim's largest shareholder AND Israel's richest woman.

Then, a significant, encapsulated, very short, brief explanation, the following EXCERPT, as to how the above situation arose regarding Israel's Bank Hapoalim, link following. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...controlling shareholder Shari Arison and chairman Danny Dankner. The moment that marked the beginning of Bank Hapoalim's deterioration came two and a half years ago, when the central group of shareholders who bought the bank from the state in 1997 began to disintegrate. As long as control was in the hands Arison Investments, the Dankner family's Salt Industries and four U.S. investors, the bank had stable management and financial expertise. This core was instrumental in maintaining checks and balances within the bank's management, and provided the bank with stability, the most important commodity in bank management. The disintegration began when the U.S. investors decided to sell their holding. The Dankners joined them (after a power struggle with Shari Arison), and since then the bank has been in upheaval.."

Next, after Shari Arison, comes Dankner.

For a reminder about Dankner's significant role in Israel and elsewhere, I will reproduce an EXCERPT from a previous blog I did with a subheading,
"Who Owns Israel," approximately half way down the post, link to entire post following below:


Aside from Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, strategically placed as Governor of the Bank of Israel, and, then, the individuals and companies I have named previously surrounding the Gaza/Israel/Lebanon Gas wars and pipeline projects, Israel Opportunity Fund (see yesterday's blog entry just below), today, I will feature Israel's Nochi Dankner.

Here's an EXCERPT regarding Israel's Nochi Dankner, and, then, the link from which I took it, afterwards:

"...This person is connected to 83 board members in 13 different organizations across 13 different industries..."


After perusing the above link, which I hope you did, you might not have noticed it, but, an article exists about IDB Holdings, one of Dankner's numerous subsidiaries, and Credit Suisse.
Here's an EXCERPT from that article. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Four months ago Dankner undertook a major investment when IDB's subsidiary Koor Industries Ltd. (TASE:KOR) acquired about 3 percent of Credit Suisse for $1.1 billion and became the Swiss bank's third largest shareholder.That deal has raised the international profile of IDB and Nochi Dankner personally.Dankner said that he conceived the idea of investing in a foreign bank when he read in a newspaper last year on a flight to Singapore that Abu Dhabi was investing $7.5 million in Citigroup. He said that he had drawn up a shortlist of 26 banks to invest in but had chosen Credit Suisse because of its financial strength..."

Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank,, are well represented in the GCC coordinating, privatizing, speculative bubble and money-go-round.

Further, Israel's Bank Hapoalim, of which Dankner is a Director, has a Turkish partner "close to the AKP," as quoted below.

And the projected Turkish-TIP (Trans-Israel) pipeline expansion also involves Turkish PM Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak and his Calik Group.
(From a previous blog entry: Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, was appointed CEO with Turkey's Calik Group and, in turn, Turkey's Calik Group was awarded sole contractor for the above pipeline project.):

"...Bank Hapoalim owns 35% of Bankpozitif, with the rest held by C Faktoring SA, whose owner, Halit Cingillioglu, is considered close to the AK Party, Turkey's current ruling party..."

And, to complete the financial circle, Dankner, above, happily and coincidentally, is PARTNERED in real estate with Tshuva, below, of Delek Group and Isramco's offshore Haifa, Israel gas consortium.

From a previous blog entry, February 2, 2009:

"...Yet all these paled in comparison with the fortunes of billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, the majority shareholder in energy and property giant Delek Group, and the owner of, among numerous holdings, the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan..."

Heading on top,"Gas Discovery Tempers Israeli Recession Blues":


And, then, more interconnected information to the above, as follows, in an EXCERPT from another previous blog entry to which I will link, below:

...Another significant piece of the jigsaw puzzle falls into place.
Apparently, Russia's Gazprom either was approached or initiated negotiations by an Israel based outfit called Infinity Investment House to partner with Isramco in their Tamar offshore Israel gas find.
Litigation pending between Isramco and Infinity Investment House.
Furthermore, after NUMEROUS internet searches about Infinity Investment House and Nissim Digilenty, named in the article below, I could find NOTHING, absolutely no further information, about either other than the information proffered on their own website, Infinity Investment House, which also says virtually nothing. Check it out.
The link to Infinity Investment House is contained within the article below.
HOWEVER, an Israeli private investment fund named Infinity exists, a subsidiary of CLAL, in turn, a division of IDB, part of NOCHI DANKNER'S empire!!
For Dankner's empire, see my previous blog entry:

So far, however, I have been unable to ascertain for sure an Infinity Investment House and Nissim Digilenty association to/with Nochi Dankner, altho it certainly looks very feasible.
And, according to THIS, following report, Gazprom was cut off or out from any possibility to supply gas in a proposed pipeline extension from Turkey to Israel, the TIP project:


In the following, remember that ISRAEL'S Nochi Dankner is the 3rd largest shareholder in Switerland's Bank, Credit Suisse.

So what happened NOT for public purview on the sidelines of Switzerland's recent anti-racism conference?

Answer. Discussions between Iran and Swiss Presidents about an energy deal signed BETWEEN MAJOR Swiss/European energy trader/dealer Elektrizitaets- Gesellschaft Laufenburg, EGL, and Iran to import Iranian gas to Europe as an alternative, presumably, to Gazprom:

And, here's alittle something about that MAJOR, GIANT Swiss/European energy consortium, conglomeration, corporation, EGL:

And, here's alittle more elaboration on the dispute around the Iran/Swiss gas import deal:

In conclusion, I SUSPECT, HYPOTHESIZE that the heated, contentious fracas referred to in the article at the top of this blog between the principals of Bank Hapoalim, Danny Dankner, Shari Arison and Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel, MAY well relate TO THE ABOVE Iran/Swiss gas deal.

But, in addition, I have a larger point, for which the above is merely illustrative.

Many websites and blogs available on the internet which I occassionally peruse purport to represent themselves as "alternative, liberal, left, opposition," primarily critical of US and Israel policies. BUT, these same websites, blogs, NEGLECT to mention ALL competitive, commercial interests, such as those above, especially, European rivalries. It seems to me, then, they function as shills for those interests, since their analysis is, by definition, intentionally selective, onesided, lopsided, inadequate, limited, partial, biased, incomplete, misleading and morally judgmental.

As such, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Everything occuring at the moment is an historical legacy, continuum from the WWII international Nazi/Fascist CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES, their global alliances, financial networks and their anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, counter-revolutionary, reactionary objectives.

THIS is THE real conspiracy to which everyone refers and is represented by ALL those presently in power, EVERYWHERE, except, perhaps, for North Korea and POSSIBLY Cuba.

And, Iraq's bodies and carcasses can be heaped on top of the 60 MILLION or more carnage from WWII, not to mention those who were exterminated afterwards, elsewhere, during the so-called "Cold War."

In Greece, for example, a modern day reminder of this WWII historical continuum which most everybody conveniently chooses to forget and ignore and to which I refer consistently:

My answer, or, analysis, is NOT selective.

"THEY," themselves, who have and continue to profit from this carnage MUST be eliminated!

There is NO justice otherwise for ALL those millions who died fighting Fascism and Nazism, those who came after them, those existing now and, certainly, no peace, stability, equality, fraternity.

Everything that works towards limiting private ownership of industry and resources is good.

Everything which does the opposite, expands private ownership of industry and resources, is negative.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It defies credulity that I reside, unfortunately, in a place representing itself as anything less than what it so clearly is:
A Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan slave, toy boy, Front Man and grinning idiot, asshole, Obooma Dictatorship.

How much more United Suckers and Assholes working class tax money will disintegrate down a black hole to subsidize these Nazi bastards in their imperialist expansion, counter-revolutionary privatization and reactionary global schemes?

It is beyond belief to me what these people do and NOBODY in United Suckers and Asshole nation is out in the streets, most significantly, labor, in defiant, militant strike actions, opposition, resistance, sitdowns, sitins, whatever.
They are subsidizing their own demise!

This country SHOULD be turning itself inside out, upside down, topsy-turvy, ungovernable.
Yet, where do you see ANY of that occuring?

Organized labor's overwhelming, pitiful, collaboration, passivity, stupidity, opportunism, cooptation, ignorance reaches beyond mindboggling, jawdropping, incredulous and mindnumbing.

But, of course, I know why.

Self-serving United Suckers and Assholes ersatz, corrupt, mafia, anti-Communist led Labor organizations nominally called unions are coopted and intentionally designed to insure NOTHING such as the above ever happens, with their pension fund investments in ALL major multinational Nazi corporations, their union dues deducted automatically from their paychecks and donated equally automatically in their name, in their behalf, to the criminal Democratic Party.
Nauseating, sickening, deplorable partners in crime.
Human trash.

As I have said, previously, the only way to describe it is theatre of the absurd, surreal, Alice in Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly.
Invert everything. Turn it upside down.
A nation of contemptible doormats, slaves, suckers, assholes, ignoramuses:

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am REPRODUCING, in full, the following letter I received from Canada:
Please feel free to send feedback or to forward.


Subject: CAW workers concessions


Date: Monday, April 20, 2009, 10:01 AM

I am a second generation worker who earns an hourly rate of $33.85 (with the pay stubs to prove it!) a far cry from the government and companies claim I earn $76 an hour because they have included costs from every disabled worker, every retired worker (living or dead) and his spouse or surviving spouse and their dependents and declared it to be my wage. Are you aware they have even included unemployment insurance when I am laid off as a part of my wage?

Talk about dishonest!

Toyota has no pensioners in this country because they have not been here long enough to have workers on pensions so of course they have zero legacy costs in Canada.

There is no way for CAW workers to compete with them on this fact (our wages however are almost identical) unless you'd like to pile all of our retired workers onto an ice flow to appease Tony Clement and Stephen Harper and the companies who seem indifferent to the fact that these workers earned those pensions with 30 to 40 years of hard work.

What this government is doing by including auto workers as stakeholders and using the blackmail tactic of withholding loans to these companies unless workers take a $19 an hour pay cut is shameful!

Workers are not stakeholders, we do not earn profits, at the very most we earn an hourly wage which we break our bodies for and a pension we more than deserve at the end of the 30 years or more IF we are still alive to collect it.

The Harper government that is trying to dictate and blackmail unionized workers and force them into poverty without pensions is the same government that has their hand in my pocket taking 46% of my cheque each week, the same government who is saying sorry we cannot guarantee your pensions yet this government sets their own wage and their own pensions after one term in office, that is 4 years!

We have been made the scapegoats of an economic crisis that would have happened regardless of whether we earned $34 or 34 cents and hour. An economic crisis that this government played a major roll in creating yet are now trying to pin the price tag for their mistakes onto the shoulders of the working class people of this country?

Out of 20 countries who are helping their auto industries Canada is only one of two who are using the economic crisis as its opportunity to break the union and push these workers into poverty.

This is a free country and no government (aside from a dictatorship) has the right to dictate how much a man or woman can earn in a free society. Especially when that government is living off the taxes of the very men and women they are trying to push into poverty.

Talk about bite the hand that feeds!

And speaking of biting the hand that feeds, these companies really need to wake up because the very people they are trying to push into more and more concessions are the same people they rely on to buy their products.
The workers are the customers who drive what we build (one walk through our parking lots will prove this), if they'd like to see us earning a non-union wage they better hadn't expect us to be buying union made vehicles with that non-union wage, we can purchase a Kia for much cheaper.

Loyalty is a two way street and perhaps they need to be reminded of this. We may only be workers but we are thousands of workers, thousands of workers with thousands of families and thousands of friends.
If they burn the employer/employee bridge they can expect it paid back ten fold when these workers return the favour.

Ask these companies if they want to take from us now in the form of concessions and lose from us later in the form of car payments.
Less than a year ago workers from the big three gave back to these companies more than 900 million dollars in concessions (independent of government blackmail!) when they signed to accept a contract to carry us through to 2011.

Now it appears these concessions were not enough in the eyes of the company as these companies are now asking for ever more in what we the workers of these companies are viewing as a personal attack on us by the government and the companies we have loyally worked for all these years.
Does Tony Clement want these workers working and contributing to the faltering economy or at home on IE or welfare draining it?

The choice is theirs, this government needs to give these companies loans without the strings attached that the workers shoulder the blame in the form of concessions.

There is no reason to attach these kind of conditions to the 'loans' (bailouts are not paid back, loans are paid back with interest!) other than breaking the union and targeting hard working men and women.

Especially when you consider that these loans are nothing compared to the secret free hand out/bailout the Harper government slipped under the table to the banks, behind the backs of the taxpayers!

Sincerely Sickened,
Kerry Hinzman CAW local 707

Sunday, April 19, 2009


About those recent, apparently, it seems to me, pre-arranged, orchestrated, Thailand ASEAN protests.
First, a video discussing UAE and Thailand commercial relations:

And, then, Thailand's previous PM, now in Dubai, discussing further investments with Dubai and thanking his followers:

And, here's another good one about the return of another Nazi former PM to Thailand:

Much more available on this website.
Here's an older article, for example, from last year, June, 2008, clearly stating Iraq gas to supply Europe as an alternative to Russia's Gazprom.
Note, in particular, interestingly, Germany's name is absent below.
Where else in Europe is this gas going?
And, now, for the old news about supplying European gas from Iraq versus Russia's Gazprom:

Meanwhile, the Middle East, Caucasus confab, perfect storm, brews, percolates and bubbles up, simmering beneath the surface.
The GCC is being armed up to their teeth with Patriot Missiles and other military gadgetry, nuclear energy contracts, etc.
All sorts of goings on in that area.
Too much to itemize.
Behind public talk, words, overtures, posturing and positioning, which is ALL it is, from Nazi front man, Obooma, AND OTHERS, all hell is breaking loose.

Some time ago, in previous blogs, I said, anyone and everyone allied with Iran's lunatic, crypto religious, fanatic Nazi mullahs and militias will go down with them.
They have outlived their usefulness, they refuse to relinquish power and they are now a liability, an obstacle to "progress," the kiss of death, both literally and figuratively.
Likewise, the KRG and PKK.

Instead, they both stand now as impediments to the project of further regional economic privatization and integration.
They must go, one way or another.
If they do not recede quietly into the sunset, which appears to be what is happening, well, then, alternative means and ways exist.

Get ready for more orchestrated shock and awe as the Middle East, Iraq/(Iran)Persia mopping up, regime change and congruency scenario unfolds.

I think we should be calling them/it Persians/Persia, since Iran was a name apparently given to Persia by Nazi Germany. An Aryan name.
Here's alittle background on the "name game":

Additionally, of course, increased militarization and further war helps a flagging Nazi dictatorship, like that of United Suckers and Assholes nation, solidify, rationalize, justify and fortify itself against "threats" both internal and external, political disagreements and disarray, and helps to concentrate power with the excuses of wartime exigencies, and so on, not just here, but, anywhere.

And, for example, another problematic, flagging Nazi Dictatorship is Turkey's Islamic AKP.
More demonstrations around them and of course Turkey's upcoming Mayday events:

Wish I knew one, just one, appropriate word or phrase in Turkish to cheer them on.
Alas, I do not.
My kingdom for a Turkish word or phrase.
So, someone, out there???

Friday, April 17, 2009


Blogs, links, websites are disappearing and dropping like flies on the internet.
The latest to be attacked:
When at Layla's blogspot, you will see more or less the SAME as happened to my initial blog, karlmarxwasright.

IF, SHOULD, this one, mine, disappear, too, please search the internet for the above name.
I will attempt to reestablish it under the same name:
karlmarxwasright, karlmarxwasright2 or karlmarxwasright3, depending on availability and circumstances at a different server.
Just a note of precaution.

Meanwhile, let's everyone make a concerted effort to get Layla's blog, above, restored to public access.
That is today's homework assignment.

In other events in the Middle East Great Game, zone of regime change, mopping up tensions and imperialist contradictions and rivalries escalate and the never ending war bubble expands.
Pandora's box has been opened and unleashed.

And, Iran's proxy militias must go.
And, with them, Ahmadimoron in Iran's upcoming, June election.

Otherwise, you can expect sparks to fly. Sparks are already flying everywhere. But, it will snowball between competing armies and militias into a greater, all out, regional conflagration between Turkey, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon, NATO, UN, the PKK, Kurdish Peshmerga, proxy Islamic militias, all major standing armies, running through to the Caucasus surrounding Russia, all the way to Pakistan and India, as well, a powderkeg of external and internal repressive, suppressive, dictatorial, arbitrary and authoritarian Nazi regimes hanging on by coercive threads, intimidation, threat, harrassment, brutality, violence, regressive, reactionary, barbaric laws, torture, imprisonment, etc.

Once again, major labor events/strikes are planned for Mayday BOTH in Turkey and Egypt.
First, Turkey:

Then, Egypt:

Let's see IF any United Suckers and Assholes scumbags supports or notices them THIS TIME around, with the exception of this blog, of course?

Instead, United Suckers and Assholes Fascist, CIA led labor unions are living up to their usual, nauseating, collaborative role.
First, the following curious US-Iraq labor development, and, then, a/my response to it in an excerpt from my previous blog entry from September, 2007.
First, now:

And, in response to the above, an EXCERPT, reminder, from my SEPTEMBER, 2007 karlmarxwasright blog post:

"...While everybody, it seems, at this point, appears to know about Iraq's privatization and present oil law question, there's a curious aspect to this story that is NOT analyzed everywhere.
Indeed, just the opposite.

Opposing the present oil law is an organization formed in 2005, the Iraq Freedom Congress.

It is vehemently anti-Baathist, anti-Hussein, and has other questionable historical discrepancies, sometimes known as propaganda or revisionist history, in its narratives and positions.

Here's something from one of it's initial co-founders, living in England, from 2006:

In 2005, the Iraq oil union affiliated with the Iraq Freedom Congress endorsed the idea of UN intervention and new elections:

These are the SAME folks presently opposing Iraq's oil law, as well as others. Further, one of the spokespersons and contacts in the West for this new union is/was Munir Chalabi.

The Iraq oil union and the Iraq Freedom Congress are connected with US Labor Against War, and, equally so, their corresponding group in London. Their past visit to the US created a storm of controversy amongst many progressive forces. Munir Chalabi came to the forefront, once again, when Gabriele Zamparini took on the question of the Iraq Body Count issue.

See the following, "The Tip of the Iceberg":

Zamparini has become a person of ill repute amongst our CFR/State Dept Left as a consequence of his tenacious audacity to attack their credibility and Munir Chalabi's credentials.

So, I say, it behooves everyone to know, understand and become familiar with the role of the Iraq Freedom Congress, who finances them, Munir Chalabi, and, why they are opposing the Iraq oil law in its present state...."


And, from an earlier, November, 2008, blog entry a reminder, connected to the above, why NO Left, NO alternative, NO Opposition exists in United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Nazi Dictatorship nation.

The pattern above in Iraq is THE most fundamental, basic cause, reason.

NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, changes significantly until that, their role, the insidious, disgusting, sickening, nauseating, revolting complicity of United Suckers and Assholes anti-Communist, Fascist, CIA so-called labor FRONT union CHANGES.

Get that straight, everybody. Get real.

You can document atrocities from today until tomorrow, up the kazoo/wazoo, but, NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING changes until the ABOVE CHANGES.

In the following link I have SOME background information related to this matter, towards the middle/bottom of the entry, as well as further interconnected subjects that most everyone choses to ignore and deny.

So, from November, 2008:

Thus, from the above, my response to US Labor Against War, and their international cohorts, to paraphrase the last lines of the infamous Hollywood movie melodrama, "Gone With the Wind," when their leading man, Clark Gable, says to his heroine, Scarlett O'Hara:

"Frankly, my dear, I do not give a damn," meaning what happens to her.

And, so, I say, to the utterly deplorable human trash represented by United Suckers and Assholes nation and their international friends, they deserve ALL they get AND MORE.
They earned it.
They worked hard and are well paid to become the world's leading labor scumbags, whores, pimps, prostitutes, carpetbaggers, collaborators, opportunists, apologists and class traitors for Nazi and Fascist interests.
Bring it on!
I only wish bombs fell directly on their heads as they stood there and blew away what very limited brain power they still possess.

As for the rest of the globe, I say, beware of United Suckers and Asshole "friends bearing gifts."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I decided to post an entry with some links for those who have absolutely zero, or, near zero, background knowledge and understanding on the following subjects.
In my blog, I ASSUME a given level of knowledge, background and understanding.
This post is NOT a substitute for books, papers, classrooms, reading, experience.
It's an addition.

Upon request, I will link to a few names and sources that did a great deal of excellent journalism and research in exposing offshore money laundering, tax haven schemes and bank connections.

Much of this information was available on my previous blog, but, as it is now unavailable, I figured I would just re-post a few names and sources.

One of those names is Lucy Komisar.

After digesting the links below, I will add alittle more commentary, later.
There is redundancy of information in the following links.
But, repetition on a theme sometimes facilitates clarity.

So, following, are some interviews and a short video with Lucy Komisar on the preceding subjects.

First, from 2005, and, note, in particular, the important role of Europe's Clearstream towards the bottom half of an interview with Lucy Komisar:

Then, for a brief interlude and simplistic recapitulation, a 10 minute speech by Lucy Komisar from a 2007 Conference, as you will see on the right hand sidebar:

And, then, from her OWN website, a nice, detailed, itemized paper about Citigroup from 2007.
Once at her website, you can obviously peruse it for other material:

And, then, a resolution from the organization of which she is a co-chair naming the 3 top US (and international/multinational) culprits, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley:

Returning to Clearstream, named above.

As I said, I had information from many of the above sources on my previous blog.

But, I just wanted to add one other point to the above, here, an EXCERPT, from my initial blog entry of June 6, 2006. Again, some links work, others do not:

FROM: June 6, 2006:

"...Clearstream SUBSEQUENTLY combined with the DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation) of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).
See the press release on Clearstream and DTCC at the following link:

I've discussed the DTCC and what has become known as "Stockgate," i.e., a "naked short selling," scandal in previous blogs.
For ongoing info on that, go to:

As I've previously mentioned, the Board of the DTCC reads like a who's who of the US financial establishment.
As well as the above press release regarding the combination of Clearstream and the DTCC, there was also added to the DTCC Board a previous Board member of Cedel, now become Clearstream.

For that link/press release go to:

And, then, finally, after reading both Lucy Komisar's information, consider the meaning of the subsequent combination of the DTCC and Clearstream, and the recent merger of the NYSE and France's (Europe's) Euronext to create the largest private trading exchange on the globe.
There is also "talk" of further combining the NYSE and Euronext with Japan's trading exchange.
The links to Komisar's information are as follows:




Lucy Komisar and someone else, Catherine Austin Fitts, have done some very excellent, specific, detailed, factual investigations exposing financial interconnections, fraud, etc.
Here's a sample from Fitts website:

I commend both for their excellent journalism and research.
They have and are making an invaluable contribution.

However, this story goes much deeper and does not either begin or end with the above.
It is a systemic and historical one and can only be solved as such.

And, for that deeper, historical and systemic context which continues to our present day United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship, we must turn back to Nazi Germany, the Fascist Alliance and WWII.

Again, for those completely and totally ignorant, here are a couple of the more prominent names to remember in the continuity from Nazi Germany to the present, Hjalmar Schacht and Reinhard Gehlen.

For the completely uninitiated, here's a VERY BRIEF, completely neutral, sanitized, snippet background about Schacht.
By the way, note, after WWII, Schacht established his own, private bank in 1953, the Dusseldorfer Aussenhandels Bank Schacht and Co:

And, then, again, for the completely uninitiated, a background snippet about Rheinhard Gehlen:

And, again, for the uninitiated, an encapsulated reminder for whom/which such Nazi financial manipulations served.
First, an EXCERPT related to Schacht, then, the link:

"...Not all the Nazi gold lay idle in accounts, however. An investigation by the US Treasury Department revealed that large sums had been invested in about 750 companies across several continents. An important figure in this process was Hjalmar Schacht (Hitler’s former finance minister and head of the Reichsbank), who had started his own bank in Dusseldorf after the war11..."
Above from...

It is completely impossible to do justice or encompass this history in a blog, a post, whatever. So, the links are more or less random, simplistic stuff. Teasers. Reminders. Highlights. That's the best I can do.

For anything else, one must READ and study ALOT.

The following link about Schacht, FOR EXAMPLE, assumes alot more background theory and history. When reading, one must scroll from the bottom of the left hand page back to the top of the right hand page, like a book, to follow the text, "Hitler's Money."

I am not, necessarily, advocating this piece, but, I thought it an interesting paper:

And, finally, one more book about the above, "Who Financed Hitler," by Suzanne and James POOL, first published 1978:

And a good review of the above:

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I thought I would celebrate this Easter holiday by pulling out multiple Easter Rabbits from the magician's sleight of hand, famous Hat Trick.

Sleight of hand is very appropo of these times.

So, first, an OBVIOUS Easter Bunny or Egg pulled out of the magician's hat.

If you have been following my blog and hundreds of other public sources from which I cull this information for many past years, this certainly comes as NO surprise.

"Iran To Privatize 600 Public Firms This Year."

Free investment advice available for all astute readers. First thing Monday morning, hop, skip, jump to your investment broker and have him/her/them put all or some of your Easter Eggs into Morgan Stanley's hippity-hop, up and coming, jumping, First Persia Fund, "Easter Bunny Fund."

Your financial Easter Eggs will undoubtedly hatch and proliferate to become ever more Easter Bunnies, IF, and, that is a major "IF" against a rapidly rising sea of contradictory imperialist, global rivalries, insurrection, opposition, resistance, backlash and a current backdrop of riots in Thailand's ASEAN conference, "they" have "their" way:

While on the subject of Iran's privatization, another tangential, but, very much related matter comes to mind.

It turns out, apparently, initially Iraq, then, Iranian emigre and multi-millionaire/billionaire, the Tchenguiz Brothers, residing in London, and their Rotch Property Group, played an instrumental role in Iceland's recent bubble and collapse.

These internecine banking/financial connections are being amply followed both by London and Icelandic news sources.

Since it is being so well covered in the preceeding places, I will only provide two links, below, to give a snapshot background of Tchenguiz, Rotch, the Iceland connection, for those completely unfamiliar with any of the preceeding.
The first link discusses Rotch, Iceland and Iceland's largest bank, Kaupthing:

This second link has a snippet biographical background on the Tchenguiz Brothers and their Rotch Property Group:

And, you can check out an independent Icelandic website for more coverage and a differing viewpoint:

However, going backwards in time, further connections exist between Rotch, Tchenguiz, the UAE that I am SURE will NOT be covered elsewhere.

So, I will link to a 2005 blog I did regarding these connections.

In that 2005 post I did not specifically mention the Tchenguiz Brothers as owners of the Rotch Property Group. That was an oversight on my part. I should have done so. It was a tacit, implicit, assumption.

And, as you will note, in my 2005 blog on this subject, a key link disappeared. The disappearing link, as in the case of so many others, had in it a flow chart, a diagram interconnecting the names mentioned in the article preceeding it which, fortunately, still exists.
But, as in the case of the missing links, Daniel Pearl has also disappeared.
So, here we go:

Merry Easter!

Count your blessings, rabbits and eggs!