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I decided to post an entry with some links for those who have absolutely zero, or, near zero, background knowledge and understanding on the following subjects.
In my blog, I ASSUME a given level of knowledge, background and understanding.
This post is NOT a substitute for books, papers, classrooms, reading, experience.
It's an addition.

Upon request, I will link to a few names and sources that did a great deal of excellent journalism and research in exposing offshore money laundering, tax haven schemes and bank connections.

Much of this information was available on my previous blog, but, as it is now unavailable, I figured I would just re-post a few names and sources.

One of those names is Lucy Komisar.

After digesting the links below, I will add alittle more commentary, later.
There is redundancy of information in the following links.
But, repetition on a theme sometimes facilitates clarity.

So, following, are some interviews and a short video with Lucy Komisar on the preceding subjects.

First, from 2005, and, note, in particular, the important role of Europe's Clearstream towards the bottom half of an interview with Lucy Komisar:


Then, for a brief interlude and simplistic recapitulation, a 10 minute speech by Lucy Komisar from a 2007 Conference, as you will see on the right hand sidebar:


And, then, from her OWN website, a nice, detailed, itemized paper about Citigroup from 2007.
Once at her website, you can obviously peruse it for other material:


And, then, a resolution from the organization of which she is a co-chair naming the 3 top US (and international/multinational) culprits, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley:


Returning to Clearstream, named above.

As I said, I had information from many of the above sources on my previous blog.

But, I just wanted to add one other point to the above, here, an EXCERPT, from my initial blog entry of June 6, 2006. Again, some links work, others do not:

FROM: June 6, 2006:

"...Clearstream SUBSEQUENTLY combined with the DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation) of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).
See the press release on Clearstream and DTCC at the following link:


I've discussed the DTCC and what has become known as "Stockgate," i.e., a "naked short selling," scandal in previous blogs.
For ongoing info on that, go to:


As I've previously mentioned, the Board of the DTCC reads like a who's who of the US financial establishment.
As well as the above press release regarding the combination of Clearstream and the DTCC, there was also added to the DTCC Board a previous Board member of Cedel, now become Clearstream.

For that link/press release go to:


And, then, finally, after reading both Lucy Komisar's information, consider the meaning of the subsequent combination of the DTCC and Clearstream, and the recent merger of the NYSE and France's (Europe's) Euronext to create the largest private trading exchange on the globe.
There is also "talk" of further combining the NYSE and Euronext with Japan's trading exchange.
The links to Komisar's information are as follows:







Lucy Komisar and someone else, Catherine Austin Fitts, have done some very excellent, specific, detailed, factual investigations exposing financial interconnections, fraud, etc.
Here's a sample from Fitts website:


I commend both for their excellent journalism and research.
They have and are making an invaluable contribution.

However, this story goes much deeper and does not either begin or end with the above.
It is a systemic and historical one and can only be solved as such.

And, for that deeper, historical and systemic context which continues to our present day United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship, we must turn back to Nazi Germany, the Fascist Alliance and WWII.

Again, for those completely and totally ignorant, here are a couple of the more prominent names to remember in the continuity from Nazi Germany to the present, Hjalmar Schacht and Reinhard Gehlen.

For the completely uninitiated, here's a VERY BRIEF, completely neutral, sanitized, snippet background about Schacht.
By the way, note, after WWII, Schacht established his own, private bank in 1953, the Dusseldorfer Aussenhandels Bank Schacht and Co:


And, then, again, for the completely uninitiated, a background snippet about Rheinhard Gehlen:


And, again, for the uninitiated, an encapsulated reminder for whom/which such Nazi financial manipulations served.
First, an EXCERPT related to Schacht, then, the link:

"...Not all the Nazi gold lay idle in accounts, however. An investigation by the US Treasury Department revealed that large sums had been invested in about 750 companies across several continents. An important figure in this process was Hjalmar Schacht (Hitler’s former finance minister and head of the Reichsbank), who had started his own bank in Dusseldorf after the war11..."
Above from...


It is completely impossible to do justice or encompass this history in a blog, a post, whatever. So, the links are more or less random, simplistic stuff. Teasers. Reminders. Highlights. That's the best I can do.

For anything else, one must READ and study ALOT.

The following link about Schacht, FOR EXAMPLE, assumes alot more background theory and history. When reading, one must scroll from the bottom of the left hand page back to the top of the right hand page, like a book, to follow the text, "Hitler's Money."

I am not, necessarily, advocating this piece, but, I thought it an interesting paper:


And, finally, one more book about the above, "Who Financed Hitler," by Suzanne and James POOL, first published 1978:


And a good review of the above:


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