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I was intriqued by a small, but, interesting report about a testy conflict, apparently, at Israel's Bank Hapoalim between Arison, Fischer, Dankner and what are the possible implications and meaning behind it all.

So, first, the seemingly inconspicuous article:

And, then, some background notes.

First, for everyone's information, Shari Arison is Hapoalim's largest shareholder AND Israel's richest woman.

Then, a significant, encapsulated, very short, brief explanation, the following EXCERPT, as to how the above situation arose regarding Israel's Bank Hapoalim, link following. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...controlling shareholder Shari Arison and chairman Danny Dankner. The moment that marked the beginning of Bank Hapoalim's deterioration came two and a half years ago, when the central group of shareholders who bought the bank from the state in 1997 began to disintegrate. As long as control was in the hands Arison Investments, the Dankner family's Salt Industries and four U.S. investors, the bank had stable management and financial expertise. This core was instrumental in maintaining checks and balances within the bank's management, and provided the bank with stability, the most important commodity in bank management. The disintegration began when the U.S. investors decided to sell their holding. The Dankners joined them (after a power struggle with Shari Arison), and since then the bank has been in upheaval.."

Next, after Shari Arison, comes Dankner.

For a reminder about Dankner's significant role in Israel and elsewhere, I will reproduce an EXCERPT from a previous blog I did with a subheading,
"Who Owns Israel," approximately half way down the post, link to entire post following below:


Aside from Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, strategically placed as Governor of the Bank of Israel, and, then, the individuals and companies I have named previously surrounding the Gaza/Israel/Lebanon Gas wars and pipeline projects, Israel Opportunity Fund (see yesterday's blog entry just below), today, I will feature Israel's Nochi Dankner.

Here's an EXCERPT regarding Israel's Nochi Dankner, and, then, the link from which I took it, afterwards:

"...This person is connected to 83 board members in 13 different organizations across 13 different industries..."


After perusing the above link, which I hope you did, you might not have noticed it, but, an article exists about IDB Holdings, one of Dankner's numerous subsidiaries, and Credit Suisse.
Here's an EXCERPT from that article. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Four months ago Dankner undertook a major investment when IDB's subsidiary Koor Industries Ltd. (TASE:KOR) acquired about 3 percent of Credit Suisse for $1.1 billion and became the Swiss bank's third largest shareholder.That deal has raised the international profile of IDB and Nochi Dankner personally.Dankner said that he conceived the idea of investing in a foreign bank when he read in a newspaper last year on a flight to Singapore that Abu Dhabi was investing $7.5 million in Citigroup. He said that he had drawn up a shortlist of 26 banks to invest in but had chosen Credit Suisse because of its financial strength..."

Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank,, are well represented in the GCC coordinating, privatizing, speculative bubble and money-go-round.

Further, Israel's Bank Hapoalim, of which Dankner is a Director, has a Turkish partner "close to the AKP," as quoted below.

And the projected Turkish-TIP (Trans-Israel) pipeline expansion also involves Turkish PM Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak and his Calik Group.
(From a previous blog entry: Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, was appointed CEO with Turkey's Calik Group and, in turn, Turkey's Calik Group was awarded sole contractor for the above pipeline project.):

"...Bank Hapoalim owns 35% of Bankpozitif, with the rest held by C Faktoring SA, whose owner, Halit Cingillioglu, is considered close to the AK Party, Turkey's current ruling party..."

And, to complete the financial circle, Dankner, above, happily and coincidentally, is PARTNERED in real estate with Tshuva, below, of Delek Group and Isramco's offshore Haifa, Israel gas consortium.

From a previous blog entry, February 2, 2009:

"...Yet all these paled in comparison with the fortunes of billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, the majority shareholder in energy and property giant Delek Group, and the owner of, among numerous holdings, the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan..."

Heading on top,"Gas Discovery Tempers Israeli Recession Blues":


And, then, more interconnected information to the above, as follows, in an EXCERPT from another previous blog entry to which I will link, below:

...Another significant piece of the jigsaw puzzle falls into place.
Apparently, Russia's Gazprom either was approached or initiated negotiations by an Israel based outfit called Infinity Investment House to partner with Isramco in their Tamar offshore Israel gas find.
Litigation pending between Isramco and Infinity Investment House.
Furthermore, after NUMEROUS internet searches about Infinity Investment House and Nissim Digilenty, named in the article below, I could find NOTHING, absolutely no further information, about either other than the information proffered on their own website, Infinity Investment House, which also says virtually nothing. Check it out.
The link to Infinity Investment House is contained within the article below.
HOWEVER, an Israeli private investment fund named Infinity exists, a subsidiary of CLAL, in turn, a division of IDB, part of NOCHI DANKNER'S empire!!
For Dankner's empire, see my previous blog entry:

So far, however, I have been unable to ascertain for sure an Infinity Investment House and Nissim Digilenty association to/with Nochi Dankner, altho it certainly looks very feasible.
And, according to THIS, following report, Gazprom was cut off or out from any possibility to supply gas in a proposed pipeline extension from Turkey to Israel, the TIP project:


In the following, remember that ISRAEL'S Nochi Dankner is the 3rd largest shareholder in Switerland's Bank, Credit Suisse.

So what happened NOT for public purview on the sidelines of Switzerland's recent anti-racism conference?

Answer. Discussions between Iran and Swiss Presidents about an energy deal signed BETWEEN MAJOR Swiss/European energy trader/dealer Elektrizitaets- Gesellschaft Laufenburg, EGL, and Iran to import Iranian gas to Europe as an alternative, presumably, to Gazprom:

And, here's alittle something about that MAJOR, GIANT Swiss/European energy consortium, conglomeration, corporation, EGL:

And, here's alittle more elaboration on the dispute around the Iran/Swiss gas import deal:

In conclusion, I SUSPECT, HYPOTHESIZE that the heated, contentious fracas referred to in the article at the top of this blog between the principals of Bank Hapoalim, Danny Dankner, Shari Arison and Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel, MAY well relate TO THE ABOVE Iran/Swiss gas deal.

But, in addition, I have a larger point, for which the above is merely illustrative.

Many websites and blogs available on the internet which I occassionally peruse purport to represent themselves as "alternative, liberal, left, opposition," primarily critical of US and Israel policies. BUT, these same websites, blogs, NEGLECT to mention ALL competitive, commercial interests, such as those above, especially, European rivalries. It seems to me, then, they function as shills for those interests, since their analysis is, by definition, intentionally selective, onesided, lopsided, inadequate, limited, partial, biased, incomplete, misleading and morally judgmental.

As such, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Everything occuring at the moment is an historical legacy, continuum from the WWII international Nazi/Fascist CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES, their global alliances, financial networks and their anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, counter-revolutionary, reactionary objectives.

THIS is THE real conspiracy to which everyone refers and is represented by ALL those presently in power, EVERYWHERE, except, perhaps, for North Korea and POSSIBLY Cuba.

And, Iraq's bodies and carcasses can be heaped on top of the 60 MILLION or more carnage from WWII, not to mention those who were exterminated afterwards, elsewhere, during the so-called "Cold War."

In Greece, for example, a modern day reminder of this WWII historical continuum which most everybody conveniently chooses to forget and ignore and to which I refer consistently:

My answer, or, analysis, is NOT selective.

"THEY," themselves, who have and continue to profit from this carnage MUST be eliminated!

There is NO justice otherwise for ALL those millions who died fighting Fascism and Nazism, those who came after them, those existing now and, certainly, no peace, stability, equality, fraternity.

Everything that works towards limiting private ownership of industry and resources is good.

Everything which does the opposite, expands private ownership of industry and resources, is negative.

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