Thursday, April 30, 2009


Following my previous April 22, 2009 posting, to which I will link below as a reminder, the latest developments regarding Israel Bank Hapoalim's internal power struggle.
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And, then, my previous post on the Bank Hapoalim power struggle and why I claim it is significant:

On the chessboard of Iraq/Persia regime change, congruency, mopping up, yet another major domino collapses, the once powerful and well connected so-called Iraq National Security Advisor, Persia's Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, previous guest speaker at United Suckers and Assholes "prestigious" think tank, CSIS:

"Iraq Moves to Dissolve National Security Council":

And, Persian gas exports to Hamid Jafar's UAE based Dana/Crescent octopus have NOT yet materialized.
Reports say the "delay" is related to as yet unresolved "pricing" issues.

Meanwhile, ONCE AGAIN, I will highlight for ALL morons, idiots, dumbbells, ignoramuses, suckers, assholes what is the agenda represented by "our" collectively orchestrated US, European financial meltdown and real estate bubble collapse timed to coincide with Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Nazi Dictatorship strategically placed into power to assure implementation of the following above/below program:

An EXCERPT about US-Dubai's "Shariah Capital":

"...US-based Shariah Capital will launch two Shariah- compliant products, one of which will be a real estate fund, its chief executive officer said...

...We see potential in ETFs, private equity solutions and real estate – the distressed part of it..."

...Shariah Capital maintains a board of Shariah scholars who advise the company on its products. The board members come from the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the US..."


And, another explicit EXCERPT regarding the above, "Shariah Capital":

"...The ideal 'fund of caution' for the Arabian investor is an Islamic hedge fund of funds, argues Eric Meyer, President and CEO of US based Shariah Capital who visited Dubai this week for the Islamic Funds World Conference to promote what is believed to be the first Shariah compliant fund of hedge funds..."

So, global and United Assholes and Suckers nation, doormats...I hold you in CONTEMPT of court.
You have been tried and sentenced.

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