Thursday, October 30, 2008


A little roundup of some of the latest events in the ongoing OPEN SECRETS GCC coordinated, Gulf states speculative bonanza, bubble and money-go-round that NOBODY, at least, here, has managed to find STILL.

US Treasury Secretary Paulson, architect of the $700 Billion Bailout swindle, international death and destruction, after official declarations that the US is open to Gulf investment, (see my entry below), accordingly, praises the model UAE,

Of course, Paulson is hardly alone in this project. He's got lots of good friends. Here, for example, is another one of our good friends from abroad, Germany,

And, then, more on the BLATANTLY OPEN SECRETS regarding the development of private equity in the MENA (or MENASA) region, the reason why Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist regime and party had to be destroyed.

They presented the major regional impediment to the above/following project.

In conjunction with all of the above, at this very moment, a special "World Economic Forum on Europe and Asia" is being held in Turkey, home of the privatizing, pseudo-religious, fascist Islamic AKP,

while, almost simultaneously, the following occurred in Turkey, "CHP Boycott of Gul...On Republic Day,"

Of course, Turkish resistance and opposition to the AKP is NEVER followed, reported or supported, here.
Part of the "conspiracy" of silence to aid and abet ALL OF THE ABOVE while supposedly opposing it, no different than the hypocritical methodology the Obummer campaign represents.

Meanwhile, the UAE is to broaden its ties with Iran, as if they are not already broad, such as overlapping directorates and shareholders of Dana Gas, which is doing VERY WELL, the
First Persia Fund, etc.,

But, of course, on this one, morons here and abroad, cannot even distinguish what is meant by regime change and congruency in Iran. It does NOT mean all out war with Iran and bombing. But, they continue blathering intentional nonsense, obfuscating the important information. Iran's present millionaire clerical regime IS a Nazi, fascist, criminal one. They should be toppled. They should be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. They should leave Iraq, which they have occupied. They are repressive both internally and externally. Their militias are Nazi ones.

But, as I have said many times, for just the above reasons, they now present both internal and external threats, having expanded regional contradictions and dilemmas and further destabilization. There are now barbaric, inflammatory, incendiary Iranian and Kurdish militias and their criminal regimes and factions wandering around the region, competing and conflicting with one another, causing havoc, instability and a potent, volatile, explosive cocktail mix of hatred, abuse, terror, torture, dislocation, dismemberment, infighting, etc.

So, they must go and/or be controlled, managed, limited, contained, liquidated to achieve the purposes stated above. Thus is regime change and congruency in Iran necessary. These are the reasons why.

Likewise, NATO's extension, involvement, presence and dominance with Gulf regional security for just the reasons, above, to protect investments from both internal and external threats and challenges, dislocation, destabilization, resistance, opposition, not to mention Russia and other areas, as well,

And, a related article. Of course, Dubai, (where else?), the UN and the World Security Forum,

And, while speaking of Russia, it is perfectly clear to me that Putin has NO plans to further nationalize anything, despite reports stating the contrary. For example, in the following despicable piece of garbage, Russia's oligarchs are simply being maintained and rewarded, even if private Western interests cannot directly get their hands on the assets. It's still privatized. Privatization is privatization.

As for recent Syrian provocations, difficult to know, for sure, the exact reasons. But, surely, it was a message to Syria to get moving on their privatization bandwagon. They've been very sluggish in this project and have a dalliance with Russia, also. As far as Syria's current demonstrations and protests, now, much too little, much too late. Where was Syria and what was Syria doing and saying when Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist Party was destroyed and Iraq was dismembered and occupied by Iran? Syria has been allied with Iran. So, I've got no crocodile tears for any of them. What goes around comes around.

Anyway, as far as the American Presidential s-election process goes, it looks to me there's a high probability that nothing may actually get decided on election day, itself. There exists an enormous possibility for subsequent litigation based on voter registration fraud, all sorts of questionable aspects surrounding the chaotic election process. The whole thing is a charade.

So, whatever happens, everybody deserves the shit they are going to consume.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Two separate blog entries for today.
But, very much related.

This one and the one below, "Hezbollah and International Drug Cartels."

As if you did not already know it from reading ALL my many blogs and sources of voluminous "open secrets," the Middle East money-go-round is now officially recognized, stated policy, thanks to our orchestrated financial meltdown, according to the heading, above and following,

And, as part of this ongoing process, more on Morgan Stanley's consolidation of power, already a part owner of Dubai's Mercantile Exchange as well as much else,

And, Morgan Stanley's partner in corporate crime, expansion and concentration, Citibank/Citigroup, and its furthering role in Dubai,

Citigroup and Morgan Stanley should really be considered partners, not competitors, and, indeed, they may actually finalize their partnership as one corporation in the very near future.

Let me make myself perfectly clear.

ANY media outlet whatsoever, whichever political hue they describe themselves, NOT highlighting the events occurring, above and below, and which I have been following all along in this blog, for years and months, in their analysis and reporting is a propaganda piece, an arm of the above project.
They are an extension of the above and one should ask the question just who finances them.
End of declarative statement.
No ifs, ands or buts about it.
They are facilitating one of the largest, reactionary, global transfers of wealth, swindles and counter revolutionary, privatization programs in history, not to mention the tactics necessary to achieve these goals.

They are intentionally and chronically ignoring, hiding and withholding CRITICAL information that is OPENLY available to all, as I repeatedly demonstrate in this blog.
And, I will add one more statement in CONJUNCTION with the above.

ANY media outlet proclaiming the wonders of the depiscable, despotic, criminal, reactionary, fascist and hatemongering, sleazey Obummer mafia campaign, are PART OF THE CONSPIRACY of this wealth transfer.
No qualifications whatsoever in that last statement.

From whom and where does anyone believe all the megamillions pouring into Obummer's campaign emanates?
From the same sources, above, all of them.
A vote for Obummer is a vote in agreement with all of the above and alot more.

If you live in the US and are not willing to vote independent or write in a name, then, better to stay home.
It is not an official boycott, but, there is absolutely no reason to pull a lever legitimizing and sanctioning ANYONE who represents THE most reactionary, criminal Fascist elements and policies on the globe.

This is suicide.

And, for example, closer to home, geographically, but, representing the exact same processes, another unreported, underreported major event, regarding Mexico's Pemex and privatization,

Now, in contrast to the above, the following, regarding Argentina and their proposed nationalization of private pensions,

Once more, I repeat, I emphasize, I admonish, I warn, do NOT, do NOT pull the lever for EITHER Obummer or McCain.
Do NOT sanction, legitimize all of the above and alot more related to these policies.
Do not say Yes to all of the above.
For, that is exactly what you will be doing by pulling a lever.

It is not the "lesser of two evils," it is a VOTE FOR EVIL INCARNATE.
It is a vote to PERPETUATE all the policies above.

It is a vote FOR NAZISM, global penetration of criminal drug cartels, reactionary, Fascist policies of privatization of natural resources, industry and finance, irrational, destructive, chaotic, competing economics, destruction of the planet for ever greater consumption, military escalation and military production for profit, war, mayhem, murder, terror, assassination, extortion, rape, pillage, plunder, torture, manufactured ethnic, racial, religious, sexual categories and discrimination, hate mongering, violence, dislocation, dismemberment, the billionaire expansion club, dire poverty, hunger, slave labor, Fascist, mafia led unions, private corporate pension fund investments, private health care insurance, and this list goes on.

This, the above, is ALL you will be voting for, sanctioning, supporting, legitimizing, saying Yes and OK when you pull the lever for either twin Fascist corporate Party and their respective electoral dictatorship, both here and the ones abroad, whom they/we are supporting, militarily and economically.

Finally, in contradistinction to the above, I can only HOPE that this forecast regarding Putin, re-nationalization and Russia's oligarchs turns out to be true. But, once again, I'll believe it when I see it and not one moment before then, including the fine details,


Some interesting and curious relationships in the following.
The first article, Hezbollah and Drugs,

Then, in the following, you will see mention of Maliki and drugs and others in the Bush installed Fascist Iranian government of Iraq,

And then, apparently, of all places in the world, the odd couple, Hezbollah and Latin America,

Now, just what, precisely, are Hezbollah and Iran doing in Latin America?
In the following, Hopsicker has been attempting to follow SOME of the many, intertwined, international drug cartel connections.
If you scroll down the homepage, you can read some of his articles regarding Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, CIA, Middle East, etc.
But, in reference, to Colombia, above, for example, the following,

Venezuela, as well,

But again, IF you go to his homepage and peruse it, scroll down, you will see much more information,

It is odd, the Venezuelan connection and Hezbollah.
So, is Chavez and/or his administration involved with Iranian, Hezbollah and CIA drug cartels, knowingly or unwittingly.
Is Chavez being used or being set up to fall down, to be blackmailed, compromised, infiltrated, murdered?
Intelligence and politics always commingle with international drug cartel connections.
One utilizes the other.
Often it cuts both ways, double, triple agents, etc.
Maybe, it's like the time Chavez was advised by SOMEONE to read Chomsky.
WHO is/was advising Chavez?
My recommendation to Chavez is he should shoot whomever is advising him.
Or, at least, keep his distance from, fire, get rid of "them,"
whomever is the "they, them, he, she."
But, certainly, more explaining and elaboration needs to be done regarding these very odd connections and bedfellows.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Here are two articles from the same website regarding Iraq.

The first one accurately describes the current state of affairs in Iraq.
I'm quite sure those reading this blog know all this.
But, to my point.
After reading the first one, proceed to the following, keeping in mind the first.

Remember, same website.
Same subject.


And now, juxtapose the first to the second one, where a solution is offered to the artificially created state of affairs in Iraq, the kicker residing especially in the last four paragraphs preceding the end/bottom,

Audacity par excellence.
Chutzpah unbridled!

Meanwhile, juxtaposed to the above and related to our engineered and manufactured "financial crisis," in a few days, late October, comes the kickoff of the Middle East Money Summit in Dubai.
Where else, of course!

Arabcomgroup is organizing it, and, if you go to their website, you can also click onto the ME Money Summit,

And, within only weeks from the above, early November, the Summit on the Global Agenda, attached to the World Economic Forum, will be held in Dubai, also.
Where else?

The two listings, above, are by no means exhaustive of all the many events occurring.
Here's a more comprehensive read,

But, there's one event in particular I definitely want to highlight. Healthcare.
Maybe, everyone reading this will understand why single payer health care, here, in the US, is dead in the water.
Of course, it's dead due to our Fascist union collaboration with their Vichy Democratic, corporate partners.
But, remember, what is now here comes round everywhere.
If you cannot understand the intertwined economic relationships I have been following here, on my blog, you will never understand anything.

Thus, the following, about developing the "World's Most Lucrative Healthcare Market..." with, of course, Abraaj, and lots of others, in attendance,

And, in addition to a pending Transatlantic Free Trade agreement I mentioned, below, in my previous blog, another one pending between the GCC and the EU,,%20says%20French%20minister%20%20/

And, if the following is not socialist subsidization for private capital, I do not know what is, "Russian Companies Look to Sovereign Wealth Funds." Be sure to note the chart on the bottom of the article,

All the above occurs against a totally and completely unacknowledged backdrop of continued Nazi terror, persecution, death squads, assassinations, rape, torture, terror, bombings, killings, "ethnic" chaos, dislocation, displacement, dismemberment in Iraq, and, not just Iraq.
See the latest information about "ethnic cleansing and displacement" in Mosul on the following, amongst other, websites,

But, we, too, have our sine qua non of hypocrisy, obscenity, chutzpah and the big money summit in the form of our own Vichy Democratic Obummer-BigMouth Biden Party, which has now totally reneged on all earlier promises to use only public financing for their campaign and is outspending Republicans almost 4 to 1, and, STILL, he/they can't "get it up," percentage wise, that is. How many more mega millions can they manage to toss down the toilet bowl in the "people's name?"
And, still, in addition, they engage in voter registration fraud and manipulation.
I guess they don't trust their own advertising.
Now, I will repeat the same question I did on previous entries, and, continue to do so.
Why does anyone NOT see or hear ANY militant, organized, labor led response and resistance in the US?
Why does everyone NOT notice this glaring absence, deafening silence and discrepancy from the rest of the globe?
And, in previous entries, I highlighted a number of places, like Greece, where they just recently had another one of their ongoing, militant general strikes in a running series of labor battles.
And, so, I thought, today, I would feature someplace else, Italy.
A couple of arbitrarily selected links.
Happy to hear from others with more info.

And, then, IF you live in the US, or, are a US citizen, abroad, and can vote in the upcoming Presidential election, under no circumstances, whatsoever, should you vote EITHER for the Vichy Democrats OR their partners in crime, the Nazi Republicans.
If you do so, you might as well put a gun to your head, right now, and save yourselves and everybody else the trouble.
Vote Independent, Nader, McKinney OR write in a name.
One should have NO illusions about electoral politics in this country.
But, there is no reason to forfeit your right to vote and hand legitimacy over to Fascism on a silver platter.
An election boycott would be excellent, EXCEPT, it MUST be a coordinated, major, mass event to be effective.
And, at this point, that is precisely what is missing, thanks to our Fascist labor unions and the Vichy Dems.
There is a relevant slogan to the audacious hypocrisy represented by ALL the above profiteers of death, destruction, and human carnage.
No justice, no peace.
More resistance, fighting, retribution to come.
And I will link back to a previous entry, just or more relevant now as it was then.

Remember, with EVERY step of compromise, collaboration and cooperation with Fascism, you dig yourself and everybody else deeper and deeper into a hole from which extraction becomes an event of Herculean, gigantic proportions and explosive energy,

Saturday, October 25, 2008


One thing is sure.

Sudden financial meltdown has obscured most of everything else happening in the world, including war.
Financial meltdown has become the preferred weapon of mass distraction and preoccupation.
And, a golden excuse to implement all sorts of plans, key, critical components to integrate Fascist economic and military domination, i.e, privatization, globally.

For example, amongst SOME of the many plans to increase and expand global privatization, reaction and counter-revolution, to consolidate, expand and concentrate private global capital, a transatlantic free trade zone, in the works for quite some time, CURRENTLY under discussion.
Too many sources and links on this matter from which to cull, so, here's a simple wikipedia source with some further links within it.
Beyond that, you will have to do your own research,

Recent developments and statements in this area being made as I write.

This is NOT to be confused with economic COOPERATION, as our disinformation artists continually confound these categories into vast conspiracies.
It is the extension, expansion and concentration of private ownership, capital and markets that is the problem, Fascism.

In conjunction with the above and recent events regarding Russia, Georgia, etc., aided, helped and abetted by our Democratic "peace candidate," Rep. Kucinich and his Congressional Baltic Caucus, further NATO expansion being proposed to both criminal regimes of Albania and Croatia,

And, as I had suggested some time back in one of my many entries, a golden opportunity to bring in the IMF in an "orchestrated" response to an orchestrated global epidemic, the same medicine that everyone else gets,

Further, this orchestrated, global, humongus, financial meltdown can NOT possibly be a consequence of some bad, even a million or more, nonpayable mortgage loans.
This speculative bubble is the intentional creation of the use of exotic financial instruments that exponentially leveraged upwards, spiraling to astronomical proportions, the value of the paper debt in relation to the initial, underlying mortgages.
A giant Ponzi scheme, in which, once again, EVERYBODY collaborates to make it a reality.

So, the not unexpected development in the following, related to the above, "Use of the $700 Billion Bailout Ever Shifting,"

And, for the MENASA coordinated GCC, Gulf speculative, economic bubble and privatization bonanza, the following, as if I or anyone reading my blog did not already know it, regarding inclusion of the UAE to the G8, or, should I say, G9,

Fascism on the march.
Nobody is immune.

Of course, here, in the US, as I have repeated ad nauseum, ad infinitum, this process is enabled and perpetuated by our collaborative, corrupt, Fascist, mafia led labor movement, in particular, the "Andy Stern Gang," SEIU, Change to Win, tied by their apron strings to the Vichy Dems and the Obummer campaign.
Has anyone happened to notice or hear of ANY major, mass, militant, unified, labor demonstrations, actions, strikes, ANYTHING OF THE SORT, here, in the US in response to any or all of the above developments???

If so, please let me know.
A conspicuous, glaring, "striking" absence and discrepancy in contrast to almost all other places on the globe.
WHY this appalling, pathological, abnormal apathy, silence, inaction?
Nobody even bothers to note it or ask the obvious question which goes begging, let alone provide the answer staring them in the face.
It is NOT a mystery.
It is an entirely open secret, should anyone care to look.

Another "inconvenient truth," among so many others.

In contrast to the abysmal US abnormal inaction, above, people respond in NORMAL ways even in tiny, regressive places like Kuwait, let alone elsewhere on the globe,

But, NOT HERE, in the US.
THIS, I repeat, THIS IS THE CRIME, THE CAUSE, THE ROOT of our problems.
NOT the Zionist or any other Lobby.
Not Bush.
This behavior, this pattern, is ABNORMAL.
It is the function of our OWN labor unions, their collaboration with private capital, their reactionary role to contain, suppress, squash, control any possibility of independent, organized, unified, mass class resistance, both at home and abroad.
This is the reason why the US has and demands no nationalization, whatsoever, of ANY our major industries and natural resources and our private health care insurance system is NEVER threatened.

It is THEIR collaboration, above. THEIR pension money into private capital. Their sweetheart contracts.
The automatic dues they collect.
And so on.
They are the overseers of the regressive slave labor plantation.
They work FOR and with the interests of private capital.

So, don't say you were not warned, altho, I have done so repeatedly on this blog.

While Independent, third party candidates, such as Nader and McKinney deserve accolades for what they are attempting to do, third parties in the US NEVER represent a major challenge to the two-party duopoly of private economic power UNTIL AND UNLESS the united, militant, force of economic class power and labor is brought to bear and stands behind them.
And, this NEVER happens.

This is precisely what is consistently betrayed, missing in action, suppressed, repressed, coopted, absent.

Tangentially related to this subject, I have seen Chomsky's name re-emerge a number of times, now, on various websites, in conjunction with the recent Presidential s-election.
Well , for all those folks who just can't get enough of Chomsky, I am providing you with the penultimate.
A link from a rare, 3 hour, call-in, C-Span interview program with Chomsky appxly 5 years ago, in 2003.

I will not say too much about it.
You can decide for yourself.
Since it is 3 hours long, I will only advise you that the first half hour or so, approximately, is a sketchy, biographical background.
Then, the telephone calls begin AROUND minute number 39-40 when Chomsky makes his famous statement that the events of 9/11 could NOT possibly be tied directly to our government.
He is unequivocal on that point.
For the remainder of the program, you will hear various subjects discussed and the buzzwords of totalitarianism, tyranny related to the former Soviet Union and others.
Democracy is another buzzword.

Anyone wishing to critically dissect these three hours, feel free to do so and send me the link.
I am not going to waste my precious time on the irrelevant Chomsky.

However, I would encourage everyone to consider the following as a tutorial in the methodological application of sophistry, obscurantism, and intellectual obfuscation, "manufactured," self-referential truths.
For the most part, he says nothing about everything.
The only part where I think he demonstrates substantial knowledge is his analysis of the power relationship between Israel and the US.

In hindsight, it becomes obvious his categories and analysis shift and slide as needed, depending on which way the wind blows.
Other than that...well, you decide for yourselves.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot.
As for Iran/Iraq, as I have said on previous posts, congruency and regime change.
More militarization, more war, more of the same.

Go ask bigmouth Biden for details on the above.
And, while you're at, don't forget to ask Turkey, as well as the viability of Turkey's AKP.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Within the past few days, the following sensational guarantee has been articulated by Biden, causing quite a stir.

There will be an "international crisis" generated within the first six months after the election to test an Obummer Presidency, promises Biden.
Scroll down just below the photo in the following link for the Biden story,

Then, to confirm the above, out of Biden's own mouth,

It is strange this subject emerges NOW in the Presidential campaign because in April of this year, 2008, the following report on the subject was made known and issued,

That, of course, is in addition to all the material I've had on my blogs during all this time and the many open secrets, regional conflicts, I've been following.

Even more inexplicable, or incongruous, however, is the fact that Biden, himself, uttered the above warning words, considering this plays right into McCain's campaign hands.
And, one other very important point to consider. Biden was amongst the "principals" with whom former Pakistan ISI chief Ahmad met on the week of 9/11 when Ahmad officially visited the US.
Biden is a part of the inside loop.
And, of course, everybody should know Biden's background role as an architect of the Yugoslav war and bombings.
So, when Biden utters such candid remarks, they should be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, the Obummer campaign has gone into damage control over Biden's statement above. Now, I have long labelled Obummer the planted, second Republican,"throwaway" or dispensable candidate.
I regard this description as perfectly accurate.
However, it MAY be possible he will become the throwaway or dispensable candidate just AFTER the election, altho, I am still betting on McCain for all the reasons I've stated in my many blogs.
Of course, it is really Biden, anyway, who is the Presidential candidate.
Obummer merely serves as a front man.

These developments certainly bear watching as they unfold, or, do not unfold, as the case may be.
The media and Obummer campaign is doing their very best, apparently, to suppress or qualify Biden's warnings.

As to precisely what, who, how and which international "crisis" Biden is referring, that's another subject for discussion and speculation.
All I can say is what I have said many times before on this blog.
Collaboration and compromise with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant.
And, its corollary.
EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE, who is collaborating with Iran's Fascist, Nazi clerical militia regime, for whatever reasons, will go down, holding hands together singing Kumbaya.

And, once again, they will have nobody but themselves to blame.

Meanwhile, to update a few stories I have been following.
I suggested, previously, that Wells Fargo's purchase of Wachovia may yet be overturned in the battle with Citigroup by a number of possibilities.
Here's one such possibility I mentioned awhile back, from stockholders. Wachovia stockholders are suing, blocking the Wells Fargo deal,

And, of course, more on the ongoing Dubai, GCC speculative, privatization bubble and money-go-round connected to our present economic meltdown, "Shift in Capital Flow Gives Dubai an Opportunity to Move Centrestage..." as financial hub.

And, a reminder regarding the above. JP Morgan is now a major stakeholder in the Dubai Mercantile Exchange,

And, then, as if you and I did not, already know it, more nails in the above coffin,

And, while everybody continues to focus on meaningless trivialities and half truth's of Palin's personal life and idiosyncratic characterizations, in my previous entry, I mentioned that Gazprom was discussing LNG development for export in Canada with Palin, projects with Exxon, etc.

On that related subject, here's more, Palin backs shipping Alaskan LNG to Japan

Needless to say, whatever you may think about the above, these private gas deals and highly insane, dangerous, unnecessary, uneconomical LNG export development schemes are NOT a subject of public debate or discussion.
And, certainly not gas or energy resource and industry nationalization.
Instead, "we" are busily preoccupied with Palin's hairstyle, religion, children, abortion, gay marriage, whatever.
Anything but the substantive economic issues, above, which affect all of our lives BIG TIME.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Somebody outdid my facetious headline, yesterday, about Chomsky and Obama, below.

To add a few comments before linking to the above/following.

As I have said repeatedly in so many previous blogs, the script is written beforehand in America's Presidential race and everybody will play out their respective roles.
The outcome predetermined.
Now, it appears quite obvious what the script is/was from the beginning, predictably, and why Obummer was chosen, as I have said so many times, the second Republican and throwaway candidate.

The McCain crowd is making blatantly preposterous and noisy characterizations that Obummer is a Socialist, conforming to our usual, false dichotomies.
And, how does Obummer respond to this "accusation?"

"No, I/we ain't," they/he say vociferously.
Over and over.
How ridiculous, say they/he.
And, he/they have the bona fides to denounce any such characterization. So, then, just what is/are he/they?
What makes him/them different from McCain and/or the Republicans? What/who DO they represent?

This is why and how the Vichy Dems constantly, consistently, chronically lose races, aside from or in addition to ballot irregularities, and why they will be D.O.A, Dead On Arrival.
They represent NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except collaboration and compromise.
And, that's the point of this whole theatre piece, why I label it what it is.

The ONLY thing the Vichy Dems and Obummer, in particular, stand for or say, is, vote for me/us because I/we are not THEM, or, in this instance, Bush.
The Vichy Dems represent the mysterious anti-matter, dark matter particles.

They define themselves by negatives, who or what they are not, not what or who they are.

In addition to the above, as if that, alone, were not sufficient, illegitimate voter registration scandals like ACORN are mounting, snowballing, nationally.
So, quite clearly to me, now, this is how their staged downfall will play itself out.
That's not to say more "issues" may not emerge at the last moment with only a few more weeks to go.
The Obummer credibility gap will widen and sink them like a lead balloon.
And, they/he have/has nothing, absolutely nothing, with which to defend themselves/himself.
And, nobody to blame but themselves.

So, here's the link,

Just to add alittle perspective, a postscript to the above commentary, former Secretaries of State, Kissinger, Haig, Baker, Eagleburger and about 200 other military personnel, as the McCain camp likes to point out proudly, have endorsed McCain.
That's the counterweight to lightweight Powell.

So, don't get your knickers in an uproar over the insignificant Powell endorsement.
It's just another element, part of a contrived theatre performance.
I have wondered to myself if Powell was paid, since everybody else under the sun is getting paid, including the poor suckers and schleps in ACORN.

By the way, a little personal observation and a side note.
Every single website, particularly, foreign ones, that is, those outside the US, with articles predicting, forecasting, with great certainty, at THIS very moment, that Obama will win, for sure, have just revealed TO ME something I have long suspected and known.
They are all planted stories. I'm well aware Obummer is getting tons of "foreign" funds from a variety of sources, needless to say, for "influence."

I can assure everyone, your money has gone down the toilet bowl.
You've been "had."
You've been taken for a ride.
Which is another joke.
It couldn't happen to nicer people.
It's going to accomplish nothing.

There are other tip offs, as well.
But, I will not say anything further about tip offs.
Why should I?
I smile every time I see one.
They make my "work" alot easier. Freebies.
No research.
Keep up the good work.

And, finally, for a special person out there in cyberspace, a melody which does have SOME relationship to everything else, the following, from Candide, "Make Our Garden Grow."
I chose this version because it features an OLD Lenny, himself, conducting. Unfortunately, Lenny did not age well in terms of his physique.
Maybe he did not get enough exercise or dance sufficiently to his own music, which should be a lesson to all,

Monday, October 20, 2008


The above is actually NOT the way the heading reads in the following link.

But, glancing at it, quickly, at first, I inadvertently read it that way.
And, I thought to myself, what a wonderful, subliminal joke.
How true!

It really SHOULD read that way, thought I.
So, here's the link, and, thanks to everyone at both websites for posting the above/below and some great satire.

Everyone needs a laugh every once in a while in these very depressing times.
So, I hope this one does the trick for the rest of you.
It certainly did for me.
I will be chuckling about MY OWN, and possibly others, subliminal message, above, for quite some time,

Share the humor, "Liberally."
By the way, Chomsky agrees with those who call the former Soviet Union the "Evil Empire."
So does he. I wonder where HIS pension money is invested?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


While propaganda abounds, here, in the US, it is no less so from other sources abroad, like the following, quoted above/below, from one of our many Fascist collaborators in crime.

An illustration from one of our many billionaire friends and our Fascist trade union collaborators who invest their pension funds in the Gulf Bonanza or Boom/Bubble states, the other intentionally suppressed and ignored, "uncomfortable" truth and corollary,

In case you are interested in the Forum to which they refer, above, another in the plethora of the multitudinous ignored GCC events to which I have linked, previously, here's a direct link which you can peruse.
For English language version click option in upper left hand corner,

And, by the way, just for your information, Bakhtiar Amin, quoted above, at the Forum for the Future and his International Alliance For Justice, as usual, overlaps, coexists, cohabits with many other international funded front organizations, such as the following,

This is a well established pattern, one with which everyone should be familiar, by now.

The following report on Putin and Russia's oligarchs and counter privatization, I would be more than happy and delighted to believe, when I actually see proof of the pudding, but, not before then, "Putin May Use Credit Crisis to Finish Reining in Oligarchs,"

Perhaps, although not accurate immediately, it may well turn out to be true as contradictions progress.

Meanwhile, I will reiterate, once again, since there is, presently occurring, a staged, multimillion dollar extravaganza, our US Presidential s-election, look for many more "surprises" to come.
Remember, as in any good performance piece, everything is scripted, the denouement is known in advance, from the outset, everybody plays their assumed roles and it must be convincing.

Alittle reminder.
Our military has been budgeted by BOTH Parties for MORE, almost twice as much, not less, money over these past years, currently, the world's largest defense budget combined over all other countries on the globe . And, our military is a profit making industry.

And, now, thanks to our current, contrived, manipulated "budget deficit" and multimillion financial bailout, courtesy of the Vichy Dems and Republicans, Republicrats, there is "no money," according to those same Establishment pundits, for ANY other projects about which ALL the politicians endlessly babble.
"Hard choices," say they, will have to be made in the future.
Forget all and any double, triple speak regarding "election promises," whatever they may be.

What we have presently will continue, total, complete and outright Fascist dictatorship, at home and abroad, thanks to all of the many collaborators named and unnamed above.

Further, presently, an active and escalating war front already exists, which can and will only expand.
Turkey's military is in open hostilities, bombing the PKK.
Iran's warring militia factions in Iraq and Kurdish Peshmerga escalate everything both within Iraq, proper, and regionally, creating the perfect storm for further military interventions.
In addition, there are the Caucasus, Georgia, the general "arc of political, economic and military instability" stretching from the former Yugoslavia to Asia.

Additionally, internal class contradictions, backlash, opposition, resistance, conflicts continue to escalate generated by the entire, global, privatization program, a synergistic relationship.
Internal and external factors are always inextricably intertwined.
They either are limiting or expansive factors, depending on circumstances. With the Soviet Union and Red China, we had a limiting factor.
Now, we have only global expansion.
Theoretically, there is no place, no area on the globe off limits, including our own.

I repeat what I said in a blog some time ago.
There are no political solutions for Fascist domination in the above context, only military ones.
And, that's precisely what is going to happen. I will link to my blog of April 10, 2008 on this matter,

And, for all the many opportunistic profiteers and class collaborators, the enablers of the preceding project, as you rationalize and justify your inaction or actions, as the case may be, unprincipled collusion, remember, compromising, collaborating, colluding and cooperating with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant.
This is a lesson that an entire generation is about to relearn and revisit.

Friday, October 17, 2008


From the inception of the Democratic Primaries, I have said, all along on this blog, that Obummer's mafia campaign, which more or less shot their way into the Democratic candidacy, was chosen so McCain can win.

There are and have been, all along, two Republican candidates.

As any thinking, reasoning person could deduce, there was absolutely no other reason why Hillary, with her 18 million votes, was knocked out so voraciously and why either she and/or he could not form a united ticket on the Democratic Party IF the Democrats REALLY planned to win.
And, thus, were the Democrats divided, hobbled and split from the get go.

The further corollary to the above is that the Democratic Party theoretically SHOULD have sailed into office with a comfortable, wide lead, margin, considering they intentionally left the babbling idiot, Bush, in office in order to run an entire campaign against a corpse.

Instead, the Democrats consistently can barely muster a head to head race, after all of the above AND outspending Republicans in many instances by a 2, 3 or even 4 to 1 margin.

It remains, still, basically, a dead heat, with minor, insignificant perturbations one way or another, the majority of eligible, LEGITIMATE, not ACORN ballot stuffing, (which is going to come back to haunt them) voting population uninvolved, disaffected and unmoved by either Party.

The disaffected, non-partisan voting population hovers somewhere, give or take, around 60% with the remainder 40%, more or less, evenly divided between the two competing, twin, Fascist corporate Parties, or, teams as I like to call them.

They struggle over a few extra percentage points for these reasons.

So, what I have initially said remains true, despite all the orchestrated propaganda and rhetoric one sees and hears, the multiplicity, redundancy and cacophony of the Big Lie techniques.
Additionally, one must keep always in mind that the "popular" vote does NOT win Presidential elections.
It is accomplished through an arcane system called the "Electoral College," which is determined state by state.
How to achieve those necessary Electoral College votes is not an art but a known, calculated science, broken down district by district by the two Parties.
Demographics, constituencies, ethnicity, incomes, voting patterns, etc. and so on.

Nothing is left to chance.
And, that's why there is also so much voter shenanigans, suppression, ballot stuffing, technicalities, etc.

Their margin of win and error is negligible.
Like the fraction of a second timing differential between the winners and losers in an Olympic swimming race.

Now, one more point in our current scripted Presidential theatre piece.
McCain's name is associated with the characteristics both of "maverick" and "underdog."
He likes to brand or distinguish himself as the guy who wins by "coming from behind" and surprise everyone.
It's like a trademark, so to speak.

So, the present story line fits him very well.

However, THE most significant story in this Presidential s-election is the swing in those moving to the Independent, third Party columns, running roughly between 5-10% and steadily climbing, despite the fact, in comparison to the mega millions and unlimited, 24-7, boundless media coverage of the major, corporate Republicrat Parties, the Independents have virtually a pittance of money, no resources, no media outlets and exclusion from the Presidential TV debates.
It is David and Goliath.

Think what would happen if the above equation shifted ever so slightly towards Independents and class based organizations, which is why, as I've recapitulated so many times in my blogs, the resources of our corrupt, institutionalized, Fascist led, mafia labor unions are tethered to, controlled, contained, led and circumscribed by the Democratic Party.

So, instead of an October Surprise, this time, I think everyone should get ready for a November surprise, altho, for myself and alot of others, it will be no surprise but a scripted theatre piece.
I have a hard working friend who earns not much money and is busy scrounging around for bets, the same ones I've been trying to get, figuring he, too, might as well supplement his meagre income from the denouement of this multimillion dollar theatrical extravaganza.

A gigantic Hollywood mega production, playing internationally.

Before ending this post, I encountered another very nicely written blog entry I thought I would share and whose sentiments reinforce and echo my own,

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The real news in the US Presidential Fascist s-election campaign is our Fascist led, union cannabalizing and union raiding, privatizing, pension fund investing, self-serving, sweetheart contracts of the Andy Stern led SEIU, "Change to Win," mafia, anti-labor, strong arm, intimidating gang, which supports the Obummer campaign, versus Independent Ralph Nader's growing support and contest amongst vast swaths of America's fed up, unrepresented and underrepresented working class population, and, as well, Cynthia McKinney from the Green Party.
It's becoming a fast stampede, an exodus, away, out from under the corporate, two party, totally corrupt Fascist duopoly.

That's the real event.
A potential, growing, mounting, snowballing independent class movement, coalescing and challenging the Andy Stern gang's criminal monopoly and stranglehold as represented above and the role he/they play as the fake Opposition in America's politics.

WITHOUT THE ANDY STERN GANG and labor's other, general Fascist led organized umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO, under which the Stern gang operates, or, collaborates, our Vichy, Democratic mafia campaign would totally collapse.
They have no one else.
They are completely bankrupt.
And, they represent less than 13% of the American labor force.

The new guy on the block, the Stern gang, is even more aggressive, expansive, vitriolic and blatantly corrupt than their senior partners in organized Fascist labor and corporate crime.
And, the Stern gang is expanding its tentacles and reach internationally.

The Andy Stern Fascist labor front gang is hated in Puerto Rico, where they sabotaged Puerto Rico's largest, independent, trade union, the Puerto Rican Teachers Union, and their strike and challenge to privatization.
They are detested in California.
This list goes on.
Their own rank and file, local union membership is at war with their Andy Stern's gang leadership, which has further and further centralized and consolidated their grip on national and international union power, coincident to the concentration and consolidation of international and national private capital under rubric of orchestrated financial collapse.

Total, complete, abyssmal, class betrayal, collaboration, cooptation with strong arm, mafia style, intimidation and corporate, government sweatheart deals, the reciprocity for their services.

THIS is what characterizes the Obummer Fascist campaign and who and what they represent.
But, this/their absolute control, credibility, hypocrisy and many contradictions are being eroded, challenged and exposed by the slow, steady, drip, drip, drip of the Independent campaigns of Nader, and then, Cynthia McKinney.

And, that's the only good news from out of the US.
And, as a little historical reminder for the Obummer mafia and the Stern gang, above, I will end with the following from Paul Robeson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Once again, while US Neanderthals and morons at an intellectual level of about 8 years old, here and elsewhere, I might add, rant and rave and focus on some diversionary, titillating, sensational aspects, garbage and half truths of Sarah Palin's life, the REAL story, which I have discussed in numerous previous blogs, is the ALASKAN GAS PIPELINE deal she negotiated, totally ignored by everyone ranting and raving, intentionally.

Another total diversion amongst so many others.

So, the following two EXPLOSIVE links concern Gazprom negotiations with BP, ConocoPhilips, Exxon and their Alaskan gas pipeline, the pipeline which Palin did NOT support.
First, a simple one from June, 2008:

Then, UPDATED, with immediate, current information:

Sarah Palin needs to return to Alaska, where she would be more useful and grow herself, rather than become a stooge and a pawn in the obscenities of national politics.

But, my response, once again, to the above proposal.
Why do we need Gazprom, BP, Conoco Phillips and Exxon to sell our own natural resources to ourselves and others and why the hell are we developing the extraordinarily dangerous and uneconomical LNG either here or for export?
To add insult to injury, at the very heart, the nub of the issue, why do we engage with a semi-state enterprise, Gazprom, when we have NO state enterprise, here, with whom to partner?
Once more, I repeat, Americans are the biggest, dumbest bunch of suckers and idiots on the planet!!
But, go ahead.
Scream your stupid heads off over Sarah Palin.

You will be kicked, hard, good in the ass, as you are already.
And, you will get more.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, adding to the ongoing story of Middle East SuperReturns, GCC, MENASA privatization and speculative bubble, now comes, in addition, the Middle East Money Summit, with further links at the bottom:

They really should have a conference appropriately entitled, Middle East Money-Go-Round.

By the way, there's something everyone should notice.
In all these many instances to which I have linked, you will notice, Israel is NOT present.
Of course, indirectly, they are represented by the many interlocking, overlapping financial institutions who invest in, own and control Israel, such as Stanley Fischer from Citigroup, Governor of the Bank of Israel, and, then, Egypt's EMG-Israel gas deal, over which there was a nice little war.
But, I believe, Israel's prominence is about to diminish, correspondingly.
What will everybody do when they no longer have the monolithic Israel lobby to kick around.
I'm sure they'll find a substitute.

Of course, they haven't managed to find the one, above, so far, either.

Meanwhile, on the subject of monolithic, Abraaj now controls the entire electrical supply for the city of Karachi, Pakistan:

These open secrets and obscenities multiply.
While the nerve center, the coordinating center for the greater, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, Fascist privatization program is located in the GCC, their EXPENDABLE Nazi shock troops are provided courtesy of Iran, the KRG, in collaboration with the US military and American taxpayer dollars.

The participants in the many conferences above are NOT expendable, as you may notice, never getting their hands dirty.
But, their hired, rented, barbarians and goon squads are expendable.
They come and go, depending on circumstances and use value.
They can be liquidated, exchanged, substituted, interchangeable cogs for the good of the greater objective, above.

So, on this related subject, the following two links:
First, on Maliki:

Then, as usual, ever eloquent on Christian, religious Iraqi persecutions:

Striking, isn't it, ALL the many systemic critiques and analyses I see and read rarely, if ever, mention ALL or most of the many, but, obvious, factors above.

ALL Fascist, global, privatization projects MUST BE HALTED, STOPPED, TURNED BACK, REVERSED, DEFEATED.
Universal. No exceptions.
Assets, resources and industries which have been privatized and expropriated must be re-appropriated, renationalized, collectivized and nationalization expanded to areas where it presently does not exist.

In particular, in Iraq, there is only one acceptable solution.
Restoration of Iraqi's original Constitution, the one trashed upon occupation and invasion.
Assure Iraq's territorial integrity.
Restoration of the Baath Arab Socialist Party.
Renationalisation of everything.
Prosecution of all those who have committed war crimes, atrocities and crimes against humanity.
And, in addition, some sort of orderly schedule for monetary, physical restitution, payment and/or assistance in reconstruction to be subsequently negotiated.

If this is not done, our planet and its natural and human resources will continue to be raped, pillaged, plundered, squandered, abused, decimated in the name of ever increasing profits, consumption, expanding markets, unbridled growth and cheap, expendable, throwaway, redundant wage slave labor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Continuing along from my previous, running theme and blogs, beginning with my October 9, 2008 entry, on the current Super Return Middle East conference.

First, another on the Super Return Middle East Conference, regarding Al-Arabiya,

I have to comment, at this point, that, in order to follow these events, it really is imperative to know at least some Arabic.
Learning a language is always wonderful.
But, at this point in my life, it is a daunting task, primarily due to the profound differences in the written script.
No alphabet similar to English or any Latin based languages, whatsoever.
So, this will be a project for me to pursue up until and including the day I die, since it will definitely take me at least that long and well beyond the grave to become proficient.
I will definitely have to continue learning well after I'm dead, but, maybe I can commune with the company of so many entombed Egyptian mummies and their souls.

Anyway, returning to the subject matter immediately at hand.
As reported from the Arabiya station, above, with English subtitles but Arabic commentary, another MAJOR, SIGNIFICANT development:

JP Morgan purchases 20% of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, with related subjects on the left hand sidebar,

And, Investcorp and its founder, Nemir Kirdar, which, by now, hopefully, you will all recall from previous entries, and which I highlighted, again, in my post, below,

Now, in the US, of course, it's Xmas for our major, private, financial/banking investment system, especially the multinationals.

American, working class taxpayers are guaranteeing and subsidizing preferred shares of our private, profit making, financial system while ostensibly taking a stake in them.

We have nationalized NOTHING worthwhile, whatsoever.
On the contrary. Just some paper debt and useless shares.
No tangible, real, valuable assets, no natural resources, energy, no heavy industry, no medical insurance, no money supply (private, Federal Reserve system), no housing, transportation, education, etc.

Instead, of an orderly liquidation of the private financial institutions which created the crisis in the first place, we reward them.
We threw them a lifeline, a resuscitation package.
Socialism for the private sector.

It's all a joke.
A farce.
And, this sort of joke continues throughout.
I can assure anyone reading this, as I've said continuously, do not bother yourself about the American Presidential elections.
Do not waste valuable time, effort and energy on such subjects. Just about everything you read, see, hear is total propaganda, distortion, lies, spin.
Almost no journalistic representation is true, accurate, complete, non-partisan.

Obummer's campaign, for example, is a total and complete disgrace, a completely manufactured, empty, hypocritical and opportunistic campaign, a piece of utter garbage, a mafia, mob, dirty tricks, intimidation, race baiting and hate mongering, scandal ridden campaign, replete with its corresponding Fascist union tactics, a throwaway candidate from the Primary inception, designed to fail.
The antidote, the antithesis, to any real, meaningful Opposition to Facism and privatization.
It and they are despicable and deplorable.

For the reasons above, McCain will win.
The outcome is predetermined.
The agenda has been set.
Policy is determined elsewhere, not by either of the two, above.
What they say and promise publicly is meaningless, irrelevant and totally hypocritical.
They are just the well paid pimps, prostitutes and whores for Fascist expansion and private capital.

Likewise, Iran's Ahmadimidget and their militias are toast, i.e., regime change, congruency, consistency with the policies represented above, Morgan Stanley and the First Persia Fund, both here and abroad.

And, just about everyone labelling themselves Opposition is colluding with all of the above and their goals by commission, omission, fictional narratives and diversionary issues and tactics.
The real Opposition forces to Fascism, thus, for the most part, are rendered invisible, obscure, unsupported due to an overwhelming cacophony, multiplicity and the megaphone of fake Opposition voices.
Which, of course, is precisely what is intended.
Confusion, diversion and class disunity.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Once again, I did NOT manufacture the above headline, which speaks volumes for itself.

I do not need to create them.
These are the many totally open secrets that American suckers and collaborative lemmings do NOT want you discussing.

So, for the above quote from Investcorp and Gulf Private Equity. Hope you all remember just who Investcorp represents.

In case you've forgotten, a reminder from my September 22, 2008 blog entry, "The Money-Go-Round Bubble"

And, for today's Investcorp article,

The GCC to invest in depressed realty,

Then, Abraaj Capital is opening ANOTHER buyout fund.

I can't seem to get much info on that one, but, here's something related, anyway, which says it all from their own website, "MENASA to be World's Next Economic Powerhouse,' (Middle East North Africa Southeast Asia, which is clarified anyway following),'s_Next.pdf

If the preceding link does not work, try the following, instead, and use the first "click here to read complete news" option under the heading,

There are more updates about today's Super Return Conference opening. But, here's one, instead, which nicely sums up some prominent relationships, Saudi Prince Alwaleed, our roving, unofficial Ambassador and largest private investor in Citigroup, Egypt's Mubarak and wife, Jordan's Queen and Tony Blair, all having dinner together,

Such a sweet, cozy little club.

Now, as for Russia's private Lukoil, once again, it is in the business of negotiating for Iraq.
Just follow it all yourself on numerous websites, including Iraq's wholesale sell out and sell off to other private companies,

But, Russia's Gazprom, as I have repeatedly said, still remains a 51% state owned company and continues to function as a private, profitable corporation by extending its reach and investments abroad while projecting state power, simultaneously.
The two are now interwoven, except, in the US, we do not even have the 51%.

And so, we have the obscene sell out and sell off of the Canadian, North America's, energy system, if not to Exxon, or BP then, instead, Gaz de France and Gazprom,

This LNG will be going to the US, as well, as if we needed it.

No nationalization of our own energy resources, whatsoever, here, for sure.
Not energy, not health care.
Nothing of any use value, whatsoever, except, of course, some private, worthless, paper financial debt and obligations.

Instead, we are all getting a horrible, burgeoning, highly dangerous, uneconomical and obscene LNG export industry, not restricted to this part of the globe.
To Gazprom and Gaz de France, I say, GO HOME!
Renationalize your own industries.
I have no problem with economic COOPERATION, like COMECON.
But, this is NOT cooperation.
This is expansion of private ownership for the express purpose of profitability, regardless of any and all other factors.

As for the American Presidential elections.
Another train wreck between two competing, criminal, Fascist mafia organizations.
Deteriorating by the moment.
The Obummer Democratic mafia and ACORN voter registration scandal continues growing exponentially, while everybody hurtles accusations back and forth.
The election outcome, as so many others, may well be declared null and void, contested, in the courts.
The FBI is already investigating ACORN nationally.
There are raids, court testimony of bogus voter registration, etc.
Maybe they will be declared illegal even before we get to an election, which would make no difference to me and save us all alot of trouble.

And, a postscript followup to some previously mentioned events.
Now that Japan's Mitsubishi Financial Group has purchased a chunk of Morgan Stanley, predictably, their shares have shot up in value.
Regarding the latest developments in the contentious upset between Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Wachovia.
Presumably, Wells Fargo's purchase of Wachovia will go through.
HOWEVER, Citigroup still insists it will sue for $6o Billion for breach of contract, which, if they were to get that amount or anything equivalent to it, they might as well get Wachovia.
Further, Wachovia shareholders still have to vote on the Wells Fargo proposal.
So, as far as I'm concerned, it's not a done deal, yet.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Continued from my previous blog, just below, in case you happened to miss it, in the following link from the Super Return Conference website, click on to ALL events listed below at differing venues featured to see who is attending and their subject matter.
Further links embedded within,

Of course, there's an available location near most everybody.
So, no excuse not to make your presence felt both outside and inside.
Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the many labor pension investment funds ALREADY attending INSIDE, with a major presence.
Canada appears to be featured prominently at the Berlin venue in February.
I'm quite sure, altho not specifically stated, most other Western labor pension funds are also well represented, presumably, by the many private investment firms with whom they negotiate.

Plenty of international blame and blood soaked union pension money to go around, which is why everybody colludes to ignore, deny, rationalize their collective policies of death, destruction, genocide and Fascism.
They have vested economic interests in the outcome.
Certainly, institutional leadership knows, which is why they maintain sanitized control of the public message that emanates down to their respective Party and union rank and file membership, who follow along like lemmings.

Such information as, for example, the following,\2008-10-10\kurd.htm\2008-10-11\kurd.htm

But, important facts are omitted, above, as well.
The militias to which they refer, above, in conjunction with American forces and mercenaries, are Iranian, under Iranian control.
And, as I have said, repeatedly, over and over, in previous blogs, EVERYONE, I do mean everyone, internationally, associated with the Faustian bargain made between the US Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Iran clerical Fascist militias and regimes will go DOWN in blazing ignominy.

This will be their undoing, the ultimate, final blow back of this grand bargain and counter-revolutionary, reactionary program and war as it was between Western and European backed and financed Nazi Germany and Italy in WWII.
Japan's Fascism is another matter.

In reference to Japan's fascists, Japan's Mitsubishi Financial conglomerate just purchased a considerable chunk of JP Morgan shares at an artificially depressed price.
In case you are confused by names, JP Morgan is a division of JP Morgan Chase, the largest financial conglomerate in the US.
This further consolidates economic international Fascism.

Of course, Japan experienced a major and decisive political battle facilitating the above alittle while ago, in 2007, which got virtually no attention, here, as usual.
Privatization of Japan Post and their Postal Bank, the largest one of its kind in the world.
Too many articles on this, so, here's a wiki link, with further links related at the bottom,

Meanwhile, as for the farce and charade, here, called the American Presidential elections, it seems to me Sarah Palin has been captured by the Republican Leadership.
Her message and theme has clearly been tutored, honed and diminished of substance since arriving on the national spotlight.

She was much better in Alaska before she got trapped by the National Party hacks.
Likewise, predictably, the entire Presidential campaign deteriorates into meaningless triviality and irrelevancy.

And, so, in lieu of meaningful, organized, purposeful, institutionalized class opposition, which is marching with the lemmings in the Democratic Party, we wind up with the following, instead, the best we have to offer at the moment, which, of course, is better than nothing at all,

But, it is not the Greek labor movement.

Nor, the Arab Baath Socialist Party.
Nor, the Russian Bolshevik Communist Party.
Nor, many other places throughout the globe too numerous to mention.