Saturday, October 4, 2008


I will move between developments related to Dana Gas, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran and the US, the latter being truly boring, tedious, depressing and predictable to me.
So, first, to Dana Gas.
A press release by Dana Gas and Crescent Oil announcing delivery, start up of their first, private gas operation in Kurdistan,

Then, a revealing and interesting radio broadcast, in English, with the ubiquitous, interlocking, multiple directorates of (Majid) Hamid Jafar, founder and CEO of Dana/Crescent.
I have seen his name spelled different ways, but, the above appears to me to be the one final, authoritative version.
Unfortunately, the date of Jafar's following interview is not given.
It can be surmised from content.
One interesting note for me in the following interview.
According to Jafar, the price of gas was/is not the issue holding up delivery from the Iranian side.
In most of what I have read, contested price was the issue.
Clearly, it seems to me, this gas, this bargain, this agreement, is held hostage with questions surrounding the Iranian clerical regime, their militias, their positions, their role in Iraq, who gets what, how much and control within Iran and Iraq.
Delivery of this gas seems to be a bargaining chip and an extension of this internal and external power struggle.
So, here is the interview with Jafar, again, date unknown, but, I would surmise a guess, from content, sometime around early 2008,

In case you wish to peruse their website, further, which you should,

And, also, if you happened to miss it in the above interview, be sure to note JP Morgan's name mentioned in conjunction with the Dana Gas Bond issuance.
Now, turning to the US. In our predictable financial giveaway, after reversing the consequences of Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi's severe partisan foot in mouth disease, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America emerge the three largest financial institutions in the US, increasing their private capital concentration and consolidation.
Smaller banks notably will fail.
By design, not by accident, these three have a corresponding global dominance.
The only unexpected turn of events in this arrangement was Wells Fargo which suddenly emerged as a competing Citigroup suitor to purchase Wachovia.
This upset is currently being negotiated by all parties concerned.
However, I anticipate Citigroup's initial agreement with Wachovia to be consummated, since these developments were probably prearranged.
If that does not happen, it would, indeed, represent a major upset, which is why I don't believe it will happen.
Related, offshore, nominally "foreign" private investors such as Investcorp from the GCC with similar connections to all of the above will purchase depressed American real estate at bargain basement prices in the money-go-round while American taxpayers foot the bill for the useless, speculative, secondary and tertiary, inflationary, paper debt products.
This is why WHOMEVER controls the asset sale is so critically important. They control who gets what, price, terms, etc.
I'm not going to add to the moaning and groaning chorus about the obvious inequities of the system, etc.
I've said it before, ad infinitum.
I'll repeat it again.
Anybody notice any militant, unified responses to the financial bailout bill and it's collaborative Democratic corporate sponsorship and leadership? Strikes, labor demonstrations, protests, a strident response and mass exodus away or out of the twin Fascist, Democratic/Republican Parties? Financial divestment?
Nationalization (not debt)?
Pension monies?
Single-payer health care?
Answer to all of the above.
The dialectical question and answer is conspicuously missing in almost all analysis, again, not by accident, but, by design.
Total and complete class collaboration and capitulation by corrupt, mafia led, anti-Communist organized labor unions and their conjugal marriage with the Vichy Democratic Party.
THIS is THE fundamental, key issue and root cause of our lack of organized opposition, THE stranglehold in American politics.
Until and unless this pattern is broken, changed, confronted, the power monopoly will never be challenged, threatened or overturned.
What little remains of institutional, organized Labor will continue to be managed, controlled and used to depress and suppress all other unorganized segments of the working class and its potential class opposition and unity, both at home and abroad.
So, as for the American Presidential s-election.
Once again, I assure everyone, McCain will win.
When you have no opposition except the fake one represented above, Sarah Palin becomes a working class hero.
But, McCain is predetermined to win for other reasons, as well.
I have said from the beginning of the primaries, Hillary was ousted for a second, Republican, throwaway candidate, Obummer.
So McCain wins and a policy shift is recognized and legitimized, just like our previous 2006 midterm elections.
Here's alittle something regarding Iraq on the many, awaiting, explosive bombshells, contradictions and conflicts about to burst wide open in Iraq,

The US is not going anywhere, anytime soon.
They will, at all costs, protect their regional privatization partners and economic projects from the potential challenges and destabilization represented by all of the above, Iraq's provincial elections, Kirkuk, Iran's militias and influences in Iraq, etc.
Regime change and congruency in Iraq/Iran and the US, is the only possible reconciliation of the irreconcilable created by the Fascist Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Iran collaborationist policies.
To reiterate what I previously said, it is the kiss of death, literally and figuratively, and EVERYBODY associated with it will go down together, holding hands, in ignominious flames.

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