Monday, October 20, 2008


The above is actually NOT the way the heading reads in the following link.

But, glancing at it, quickly, at first, I inadvertently read it that way.
And, I thought to myself, what a wonderful, subliminal joke.
How true!

It really SHOULD read that way, thought I.
So, here's the link, and, thanks to everyone at both websites for posting the above/below and some great satire.

Everyone needs a laugh every once in a while in these very depressing times.
So, I hope this one does the trick for the rest of you.
It certainly did for me.
I will be chuckling about MY OWN, and possibly others, subliminal message, above, for quite some time,

Share the humor, "Liberally."
By the way, Chomsky agrees with those who call the former Soviet Union the "Evil Empire."
So does he. I wonder where HIS pension money is invested?

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