Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Somebody outdid my facetious headline, yesterday, about Chomsky and Obama, below.

To add a few comments before linking to the above/following.

As I have said repeatedly in so many previous blogs, the script is written beforehand in America's Presidential race and everybody will play out their respective roles.
The outcome predetermined.
Now, it appears quite obvious what the script is/was from the beginning, predictably, and why Obummer was chosen, as I have said so many times, the second Republican and throwaway candidate.

The McCain crowd is making blatantly preposterous and noisy characterizations that Obummer is a Socialist, conforming to our usual, false dichotomies.
And, how does Obummer respond to this "accusation?"

"No, I/we ain't," they/he say vociferously.
Over and over.
How ridiculous, say they/he.
And, he/they have the bona fides to denounce any such characterization. So, then, just what is/are he/they?
What makes him/them different from McCain and/or the Republicans? What/who DO they represent?

This is why and how the Vichy Dems constantly, consistently, chronically lose races, aside from or in addition to ballot irregularities, and why they will be D.O.A, Dead On Arrival.
They represent NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except collaboration and compromise.
And, that's the point of this whole theatre piece, why I label it what it is.

The ONLY thing the Vichy Dems and Obummer, in particular, stand for or say, is, vote for me/us because I/we are not THEM, or, in this instance, Bush.
The Vichy Dems represent the mysterious anti-matter, dark matter particles.

They define themselves by negatives, who or what they are not, not what or who they are.

In addition to the above, as if that, alone, were not sufficient, illegitimate voter registration scandals like ACORN are mounting, snowballing, nationally.
So, quite clearly to me, now, this is how their staged downfall will play itself out.
That's not to say more "issues" may not emerge at the last moment with only a few more weeks to go.
The Obummer credibility gap will widen and sink them like a lead balloon.
And, they/he have/has nothing, absolutely nothing, with which to defend themselves/himself.
And, nobody to blame but themselves.

So, here's the link,


Just to add alittle perspective, a postscript to the above commentary, former Secretaries of State, Kissinger, Haig, Baker, Eagleburger and about 200 other military personnel, as the McCain camp likes to point out proudly, have endorsed McCain.
That's the counterweight to lightweight Powell.

So, don't get your knickers in an uproar over the insignificant Powell endorsement.
It's just another element, part of a contrived theatre performance.
I have wondered to myself if Powell was paid, since everybody else under the sun is getting paid, including the poor suckers and schleps in ACORN.

By the way, a little personal observation and a side note.
Every single website, particularly, foreign ones, that is, those outside the US, with articles predicting, forecasting, with great certainty, at THIS very moment, that Obama will win, for sure, have just revealed TO ME something I have long suspected and known.
They are all planted stories. I'm well aware Obummer is getting tons of "foreign" funds from a variety of sources, needless to say, for "influence."

I can assure everyone, your money has gone down the toilet bowl.
You've been "had."
You've been taken for a ride.
Which is another joke.
It couldn't happen to nicer people.
It's going to accomplish nothing.

There are other tip offs, as well.
But, I will not say anything further about tip offs.
Why should I?
I smile every time I see one.
They make my "work" alot easier. Freebies.
No research.
Keep up the good work.

And, finally, for a special person out there in cyberspace, a melody which does have SOME relationship to everything else, the following, from Candide, "Make Our Garden Grow."
I chose this version because it features an OLD Lenny, himself, conducting. Unfortunately, Lenny did not age well in terms of his physique.
Maybe he did not get enough exercise or dance sufficiently to his own music, which should be a lesson to all,


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