Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Some interesting and curious relationships in the following.
The first article, Hezbollah and Drugs,

Then, in the following, you will see mention of Maliki and drugs and others in the Bush installed Fascist Iranian government of Iraq,

And then, apparently, of all places in the world, the odd couple, Hezbollah and Latin America,

Now, just what, precisely, are Hezbollah and Iran doing in Latin America?
In the following, Hopsicker has been attempting to follow SOME of the many, intertwined, international drug cartel connections.
If you scroll down the homepage, you can read some of his articles regarding Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, CIA, Middle East, etc.
But, in reference, to Colombia, above, for example, the following,

Venezuela, as well,

But again, IF you go to his homepage and peruse it, scroll down, you will see much more information,

It is odd, the Venezuelan connection and Hezbollah.
So, is Chavez and/or his administration involved with Iranian, Hezbollah and CIA drug cartels, knowingly or unwittingly.
Is Chavez being used or being set up to fall down, to be blackmailed, compromised, infiltrated, murdered?
Intelligence and politics always commingle with international drug cartel connections.
One utilizes the other.
Often it cuts both ways, double, triple agents, etc.
Maybe, it's like the time Chavez was advised by SOMEONE to read Chomsky.
WHO is/was advising Chavez?
My recommendation to Chavez is he should shoot whomever is advising him.
Or, at least, keep his distance from, fire, get rid of "them,"
whomever is the "they, them, he, she."
But, certainly, more explaining and elaboration needs to be done regarding these very odd connections and bedfellows.

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