Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Two separate blog entries for today.
But, very much related.

This one and the one below, "Hezbollah and International Drug Cartels."

As if you did not already know it from reading ALL my many blogs and sources of voluminous "open secrets," the Middle East money-go-round is now officially recognized, stated policy, thanks to our orchestrated financial meltdown, according to the heading, above and following,

And, as part of this ongoing process, more on Morgan Stanley's consolidation of power, already a part owner of Dubai's Mercantile Exchange as well as much else,

And, Morgan Stanley's partner in corporate crime, expansion and concentration, Citibank/Citigroup, and its furthering role in Dubai,

Citigroup and Morgan Stanley should really be considered partners, not competitors, and, indeed, they may actually finalize their partnership as one corporation in the very near future.

Let me make myself perfectly clear.

ANY media outlet whatsoever, whichever political hue they describe themselves, NOT highlighting the events occurring, above and below, and which I have been following all along in this blog, for years and months, in their analysis and reporting is a propaganda piece, an arm of the above project.
They are an extension of the above and one should ask the question just who finances them.
End of declarative statement.
No ifs, ands or buts about it.
They are facilitating one of the largest, reactionary, global transfers of wealth, swindles and counter revolutionary, privatization programs in history, not to mention the tactics necessary to achieve these goals.

They are intentionally and chronically ignoring, hiding and withholding CRITICAL information that is OPENLY available to all, as I repeatedly demonstrate in this blog.
And, I will add one more statement in CONJUNCTION with the above.

ANY media outlet proclaiming the wonders of the depiscable, despotic, criminal, reactionary, fascist and hatemongering, sleazey Obummer mafia campaign, are PART OF THE CONSPIRACY of this wealth transfer.
No qualifications whatsoever in that last statement.

From whom and where does anyone believe all the megamillions pouring into Obummer's campaign emanates?
From the same sources, above, all of them.
A vote for Obummer is a vote in agreement with all of the above and alot more.

If you live in the US and are not willing to vote independent or write in a name, then, better to stay home.
It is not an official boycott, but, there is absolutely no reason to pull a lever legitimizing and sanctioning ANYONE who represents THE most reactionary, criminal Fascist elements and policies on the globe.

This is suicide.

And, for example, closer to home, geographically, but, representing the exact same processes, another unreported, underreported major event, regarding Mexico's Pemex and privatization,

Now, in contrast to the above, the following, regarding Argentina and their proposed nationalization of private pensions,

Once more, I repeat, I emphasize, I admonish, I warn, do NOT, do NOT pull the lever for EITHER Obummer or McCain.
Do NOT sanction, legitimize all of the above and alot more related to these policies.
Do not say Yes to all of the above.
For, that is exactly what you will be doing by pulling a lever.

It is not the "lesser of two evils," it is a VOTE FOR EVIL INCARNATE.
It is a vote to PERPETUATE all the policies above.

It is a vote FOR NAZISM, global penetration of criminal drug cartels, reactionary, Fascist policies of privatization of natural resources, industry and finance, irrational, destructive, chaotic, competing economics, destruction of the planet for ever greater consumption, military escalation and military production for profit, war, mayhem, murder, terror, assassination, extortion, rape, pillage, plunder, torture, manufactured ethnic, racial, religious, sexual categories and discrimination, hate mongering, violence, dislocation, dismemberment, the billionaire expansion club, dire poverty, hunger, slave labor, Fascist, mafia led unions, private corporate pension fund investments, private health care insurance, and this list goes on.

This, the above, is ALL you will be voting for, sanctioning, supporting, legitimizing, saying Yes and OK when you pull the lever for either twin Fascist corporate Party and their respective electoral dictatorship, both here and the ones abroad, whom they/we are supporting, militarily and economically.

Finally, in contradistinction to the above, I can only HOPE that this forecast regarding Putin, re-nationalization and Russia's oligarchs turns out to be true. But, once again, I'll believe it when I see it and not one moment before then, including the fine details,

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