Sunday, October 19, 2008


While propaganda abounds, here, in the US, it is no less so from other sources abroad, like the following, quoted above/below, from one of our many Fascist collaborators in crime.

An illustration from one of our many billionaire friends and our Fascist trade union collaborators who invest their pension funds in the Gulf Bonanza or Boom/Bubble states, the other intentionally suppressed and ignored, "uncomfortable" truth and corollary,

In case you are interested in the Forum to which they refer, above, another in the plethora of the multitudinous ignored GCC events to which I have linked, previously, here's a direct link which you can peruse.
For English language version click option in upper left hand corner,

And, by the way, just for your information, Bakhtiar Amin, quoted above, at the Forum for the Future and his International Alliance For Justice, as usual, overlaps, coexists, cohabits with many other international funded front organizations, such as the following,

This is a well established pattern, one with which everyone should be familiar, by now.

The following report on Putin and Russia's oligarchs and counter privatization, I would be more than happy and delighted to believe, when I actually see proof of the pudding, but, not before then, "Putin May Use Credit Crisis to Finish Reining in Oligarchs,"

Perhaps, although not accurate immediately, it may well turn out to be true as contradictions progress.

Meanwhile, I will reiterate, once again, since there is, presently occurring, a staged, multimillion dollar extravaganza, our US Presidential s-election, look for many more "surprises" to come.
Remember, as in any good performance piece, everything is scripted, the denouement is known in advance, from the outset, everybody plays their assumed roles and it must be convincing.

Alittle reminder.
Our military has been budgeted by BOTH Parties for MORE, almost twice as much, not less, money over these past years, currently, the world's largest defense budget combined over all other countries on the globe . And, our military is a profit making industry.

And, now, thanks to our current, contrived, manipulated "budget deficit" and multimillion financial bailout, courtesy of the Vichy Dems and Republicans, Republicrats, there is "no money," according to those same Establishment pundits, for ANY other projects about which ALL the politicians endlessly babble.
"Hard choices," say they, will have to be made in the future.
Forget all and any double, triple speak regarding "election promises," whatever they may be.

What we have presently will continue, total, complete and outright Fascist dictatorship, at home and abroad, thanks to all of the many collaborators named and unnamed above.

Further, presently, an active and escalating war front already exists, which can and will only expand.
Turkey's military is in open hostilities, bombing the PKK.
Iran's warring militia factions in Iraq and Kurdish Peshmerga escalate everything both within Iraq, proper, and regionally, creating the perfect storm for further military interventions.
In addition, there are the Caucasus, Georgia, the general "arc of political, economic and military instability" stretching from the former Yugoslavia to Asia.

Additionally, internal class contradictions, backlash, opposition, resistance, conflicts continue to escalate generated by the entire, global, privatization program, a synergistic relationship.
Internal and external factors are always inextricably intertwined.
They either are limiting or expansive factors, depending on circumstances. With the Soviet Union and Red China, we had a limiting factor.
Now, we have only global expansion.
Theoretically, there is no place, no area on the globe off limits, including our own.

I repeat what I said in a blog some time ago.
There are no political solutions for Fascist domination in the above context, only military ones.
And, that's precisely what is going to happen. I will link to my blog of April 10, 2008 on this matter,

And, for all the many opportunistic profiteers and class collaborators, the enablers of the preceding project, as you rationalize and justify your inaction or actions, as the case may be, unprincipled collusion, remember, compromising, collaborating, colluding and cooperating with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant.
This is a lesson that an entire generation is about to relearn and revisit.

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