Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As Nazi Globalists (G20) meet in London, aside from humungus protests and demonstrations outside, the following will occur SIMULTANEOUSLY in Greece. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...The developments in the campus come at a time when the Greek state and its lackeys are trying out all their propaganda arsenal and legal tricks to stop the rising social movement on the eve of the General Strike that will immobilize the country on the 2nd of April..."

Above from....


And, what resistance can be expected in "Homeland Defense" of United Suckers and Asshole nation led by Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Nazi slave boy Obooma Dictatorship?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Their anti-Communist led, AFL-CIO(CIA) and their United Auto Workers union, and, now, their partners in crime, the gangster, mob led, Andy Stern, "Change to Win," SEIU, will totally capitulate in a preordained theatrical production with their Nazi paymasters.
The UAW rank and file workers UNLESS they, themselves, organize against the wishes of their collaborative Nazi, anti-Communist, gangster led leadership and take SOME militant ACTION to demand nationalization of their own industry, will simply cease to exist.
And all these US industrial resources and technical skills will go down the drain, lost forever, with hardly so much as a whimper.
Our Nazi nation, their enablers and collaborators represent the historical epitome of human garbage and trash, including, especially, United Suckers and Assholes sanitized slave boy in the White House.
What happens to them all, they well deserve.
They have earned it.

Monday, March 30, 2009


For the idiots and morons in United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship nation, I will repost more information on the Trade Bank of Iraq.

Much of this was noted in earlier entries in my initial blog, but, I thought I would elaborate upon it alittle more ESPECIALLY BECAUSE UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES ARE FINANCING ALL THIS WITH ASTRONOMICAL TAXPAYER DEBT!!

Where the hell do these assholes think their money is going?
And who do they think OWNS slave boy Obooma??

Further, the doormat nation is financing all this many times over with their fake stimulus DEBT package to ALL the above, taxpayer bank GIFTS and GIVEAWAYS, military expenditures, and on and on.
So, morons, assholes, suckers, doormats, just for you...

The following is an EXCERPT, link below. MY emphasis in BOLD.
HOWEVER, you must really read the ENTIRE article below which has much more about familiar names and places, such as Iran...

"...Trade Bank of Iraq was established in November 2003 and started operations in December 2003, so we were up and running within a month...
The reason we had to do that was because the Oil for Food Programme, which the United Nations had been running since 1996, was going to be terminated. Another reason was because we had already established relations with JP MorganJP Morgan it was with their help that we were able to start quickly.
Our relations with JP MorganJP Morgan have always been extremely good and since then we have expanded our list of correspondent banks. However, JPMorgan Chase Bank is still our main correspondent bank. We now have a list of more than 65 correspondent banks..."
Above EXCERPT from following article/link:


And, in the following power point presentation in 2007 in DUBAI from the Trade Bank of Iraq, amongst other information, you will see a list of the names of their Correspondent Banks, mentioned above, on Page 8. Of course, this is from 2007, so this list may have changed somewhat:


Here's something about how much money the TBI spent lobbying DIRECTLY in this past 2008 US Presidential year. However, no breakdown exists in the following figures. Further, since TBI is connected with Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, the clout of TBI is really many multiples of that spent directly by TBI, funneled through Patton Boggs, below:


And, here's alittle something extra about the Trade Bank of Iraq, the ones helping to bring Iraq debit and credit cards I mentioned in my blog below about Merchantbridge:


And, of course, the entire panopoly of financial Nazi cartels encompassing Deutsche Bank, (see my blog regarding
Deutsche Bank:
http://karlmarxwasright2.blogspot.com/2009/03/deutsche-bank-celebrates-golden-jubilee.html )

Siemens, and many more are well represented in the new MENA (Middle East North Africa) speculative bubble, whose tentacles now extend outwards further to the burgeoning Dana Gas/Abraaj/Crescent/Hamid Jafar octupus, Merchantbridge,
(see my entry below regarding Merchantbridge: http://karlmarxwasright2.blogspot.com/2009/03/from-2007-pakistan-merchantbridgebilder.html)

Israel's newly created oil and gas energy oligarchs, Turkey's Nazi AKP, Egypt's EFG-Hermes, their ME hedge funds, Carlyle Group and of course, Morgan's First Persia Fund in addition to Dana Gas.


I have made reference to this previous blog entry above/below from June 2007 and utilized a link at another website which reproduced it, here:


But, I decided to repost it myself, I think, in a more readable form for reference. Some links still work, others do not. As I have pointed out, before, the TDN, Turkish Daily News, is now defunct and none of their links apparently work:


Friday, June 01, 2007

Pakistan, Merchantbridge, Bilderberg in Turkey and more

"BP is tipped to win a significant oil deal in Pakistan," the heading states.
The financial advisor in this deal was/is Merchantbridge:


Interestingly, shortly after posting this article, the following one appeared, "contradicting" or, shall we say, modifying it slightly, suggesting the previous report was premature:


I can only wonder if the second article was put out to camouflage the first one.
I would imagine the fix is in and the first one is correct.

As for Merchantbridge, appointed by the Iraq "government" to privatize its state industries, you can peruse their staff, advisors, management, board, etc., in an embedded link, look for it in the following:


This Pakistan oil deal, referred to above, extends the reach of Dana Gas/Crescent Oil, Jafar, Iraq/Iran, Abraaj, Pakistan, Gulf countries, which I've been following throughout my blog.
For starters, see my entry from May 27, 2006:

(Since the above link does not work, I reproduced much of it, instead, at:

Continuing along these financial interconnections, fistfights have exploded in Turkey's parliament, ongoing large demonstrations against the AKP continue and a united Left alliance has emerged:


all of which is conspicuously absent, unreported or underreported in either mainstream or alternative media sources in the US.

Kissinger, who I previously noted is in Turkey to give a talk regarding Akbank, after their celebratory party in NYC at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, happens to be around for the Bilderberg Conference as it occurs in Istanbul.

"May you live in exciting times," to quote/paraphrase a Chinese expression, I believe.

At the following link, at the bottom, is a roster of some of the Bilderberg guests:
And, more regarding Kissinger, Akbank the Bilderbergs: www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=74750

Anyone reading my blog might wonder why I bother to recapitulate what is so blatantly in the news. I apologize to readers who ask, "What do I need this for? I can read it everywhere, or, see/hear it anywhere/everywhere."
But, NOT if you live in the US and are not on the internet. There's a virtual news blackout regarding most stories about Turkey on my blog. This is a major point.

In the US, absolutely NO support for Turkey's Kemalists or their United Left Party is being advanced anywhere but, I would imagine, my blog.

So, back to the Bilderberg conference in Turkey at the moment. On their list is Zoellick, newly appointed World Bank president. Altho, Citigroup's man, Fischer from the Bank of Israel did not get the appointment, Zoellick's background is commensurate, part of the Citigroup/Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs family grouping. Further, Zoellick's appointment and background solidifies the "internationalist" approach regarding November's Washington Coup, Rice, the State Department, Iraq, etc.

Along the "internationalize Iraq," "Dismember Iraq Yugoslav Style," and "Let's Make a Deal" program can be found the congruent and overlapping positions of the following individuals and organizations; the "reputable," according to this article, Chalabi regarding Iraq's new oil law:


The Democratic Biden plan, restated on the


website under the date, May 26, 2007,
"Biden To Pitch Iraq Exit Plan,"a current entry "Iraq Needs A New Strategy":


AND, my previous blogs regarding US Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, progressivegovernment, Washington Coup/November elections and their corresponding private foundation and government sponsored nominal "opposition" groups in the US.
See my blog from February 16, 2007 on this: www.karlmarxwasright.blogspot.com/2007/02/astounding-chutzpah-of-peace-bill-hr.html

Regarding the ongoing American-Iranian cooperation in their most recent OPEN incarnation the Baath Party issued a statement:


Now, allow me to seemingly diverge, to go off topic, momentarily. As you will see, it really is not off topic.

I'm just going to use the following SNIPPET of historical background and information as an example to HIGHLIGHT, illustrate, a continuous and ongoing pattern for those NOT already aware of it.

What anyone need do is simply extrapolate from the following pattern, look for the funding sources regarding any given issue and do one's own research and it all becomes extremely recognizable, predictable, understandable, demystified once one is familiar with the patterns. Like a medical diagnosis.

So, consider, first, this book review by James Petras from 1999 regarding the "CIA and the Cultural Cold War Revisited":


Next, keep in mind the preceeding, check out this critique of James Petras regarding Cuba from 2003 from an interesting organization and association of individuals:


In the book review, above, by Petras, Jay Lovestone's name pops up.

For someone totally unfamiliar with Lovestone's career, the Labor movement, his name, the history of anti-Communism and the McCarthey period, etc., I'll throw in a random link from thousands available, a book review proudly written in 1999 by someone from the anti-communist Freedom House regarding Jay Lovestone and his accomplishments:


I've had blogs related to this in the past, so, I'm not going to bother to say more. I will add, however, a continuation of my theme regarding American pension monies invested into private multinational corporations and "Why There's No Left in the US."
In an article from the WSJ, May 30, 2007, entitled, "Labor Leader, Buyout Kings Speak Same Language," the following, just a few small EXCERPTS, sentences from the article:

"....Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union [SEIU]...has in recent months been meeting quietly--and cordially--with the leaders of the largest buyout firms including Mr. Rubenstein [Carlylye Group], Blackstone Group's Stephen Schwarzman and David Bonderman of TPG....Mr. Stern says he is trying to find a new way for labor to engage with business. 'We get it. We understand,' he says. 'All this global competition means America needs a new economic plan...Mr. Stern found he had leverage with the buyout firms, in part BECAUSE SO MUCH OF THEIR FUNDING COMES FROM UNION-DOMINATED PUBLIC PENSION FUNDS. [MY EMPHASIS]...The top executives of buyout firms make their exorbitant paydays by keeping as much as 20% of the profits of their funds, which are then paid out to them and taxed at the low capital gains rate of 15% rather than the top personal income tax of 35%. The Senate Finance Committee is looking into the tax issue and Mr. Stern with his close ties to the Democratic politicians could prove critical in the debate. Therein lies the makings of a deal. Stern has suggested the buyout firms could help his cause by, for instance, adopting standards that would encourage the use of unionized janitorial services in buildings. He hasn't said what he wants in return. But, one possibility: He eases up on his criticism of their favorable tax treatment..."

Now, back to international events and policy in relation to Kurdistan/Turkey.

At the kurdistanobserver website is an article that states, according to THEIR, i.e., Kurdistanobserver scenario, any military incursion by Turkey into Kurdistan would encounter international condemnation and UN/NATO reaction and sanctions on Turkey.
See the last couple of paragraphs in the article under the date, May 28, 2007, "Operation in Southern Kurdistan: Division Through Invasion?"


Well, what's sure is that the ABOVE named nominal and officially financed American "peace movement" and opposition, American Labor Against the War (but for Darfur sanctions) and extension of the Democratic Party, all of whom are totally deaf, dumb, blind, silent regarding recent events in Turkey and lots of other places will most certainly follow the scenario laid out above in the Kurdistanobserver article.

Finally, amidst all the turmoil, Iraq is getting something it really needs urgently at the moment, more important, way above and beyond water, electricity, food or anything else and emblematic of the purposes of the "invasion" of Iraq, namely, Visa cards!:


Perhaps, Iraqis can now recycle their "new" dinars to pay for their ammunition, recently acquired illicit drug trade and military hardware by credit card, instead of having to tote around those bulky amounts of cash. Or, they can now make deposits and transfers of their bulky, heavy illicit drug money washed, cleansed and invested into debit accounts and into equally newly created Islamic financial instruments and hedge funds. Anyway, it's nice to see Iraqis are entering the modern world of debt, credit transactions and consumerism, so early, while the bullets are flying. They should be very thankful. They can now become a part of the "American way," as its called. They can purchase their as yet unbuilt houses on speculative credit, financed courtesy of American taxpayer dollars a la a revived or revised Marshall Plan.

After all, America tore everything down so America and the World Bank should replace it. It's the only charitable, Christian, (by the way, the Vatican has just set up relations with the UAE), kind, moral thing to do. American taxpayer monies to destroy, then, taxpayer monies to rebuild.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


With no time for extensive blogs just the following brief entry, today.

"Firefighters clash with riot police in Athens":


"Six killed, nearly 100 injured in election-related clashes in Turkey":


For previous Nazi AKP Dictatorship related background, see my blog entry immediately below this one.

"US-backed Iraqi troops quell Baghdad uprising":


"Police to use Tasers if rallies in London become violent":


Regarding Iraq and all else happening, a reminder from a previous post, April, 2008.

The ONLY part incorrect in the following is the very last paragraph, about McCain. However, even that is not exactly incorrect. United Suckers and Assholes Democratic Party IS NOW D.O.A, Dead on Arrival, at this point. Finished. Done. Over. They AND United Suckers and Assholes nation are historically D.O.A. and both will be incapable of resuscitation. They will soon discover the ineluctable magnitude of contradictory forces they have unleashed, themselves, the spinning vortex and historical black hole into which they are being dragged down by virtue of their own collaboration and participation with the Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Nazi led Dictatorship:


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yet one more Middle East celebration to which I was NOT invited!

One would think, with all I have done assiduously following the exploits of our impeccable Nazi pedigree lineage firms throughout the Middle East, they would reciprocate with an invitation to attend some of their many parties and celebrations.
Most ungrateful wretches. So, the latest one...
"Deutsche Bank Celebrates Golden Jubilee in the Middle East":


And, in my previous posting from November, 2008, I linked to yet another celebration, a coming out party, marriage, between Citigroup and Turkey's Akbank at NYC's swanky Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to which I was NOT invited, once again.

Below is a reminder of the Citigroup-Akbank Waldorf event, since it continues being pertinent and interconnected to all else.
ALL embedded links below to the now defunct TDN, Turkish Daily News, will not work, of course:


And, yet more regional celebrations to which I am NOT invited:
"Dana Gas Opens New Head Office,"

Sharjah - March 28, 2009: HE Sheikh Ahmed Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Honorary Chairman of Dana GasDana Gas ...
... the first and largest regional and private-sector gas company in the Middle East, at an inauguration ceremony attended by the Board of Directors and senior management of the company..."



This is getting to be a tiresome pattern. Perhaps, I should try a new approach so as not to be excluded from the growing and enlarged Middle East social calendar and venue of celebratory events. I have been inspired by someone else. I have an idea. Something like the following might be my last remaining avenue of approach for inclusion:


What do you think? Any other suggestions?? Ideas??

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Slave boy Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma's United Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship has zero credibility. He and his Administration tanked in less than 3 months. But, it matters not. They go about anyway systematically destroying their supposed country and throwing the world back to the barbaric dark ages.

Whether or not humanity and the planet will survive, this time round, is questionable, or, which one will go first.

Will it be global revolution, hunger, disease, debt, war, endless contradictions, infantile greed, expanded selfish and self-centered egoism for our euphemistically labelled, "high net worth" individuals in a characteristically unplanned, chaotic, merciless profit driven, atavisitic, prehistoric, as Marx would say, internally combustible and self-destructive economic system and/or global warming, ice melt, sea rise, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, pollution, rape and natural resource depletion or a combination of all the above in this dynamic universe and planet we all inhabit.

Will the increased and expanded 5% or so of global "high net worth" individuals and their secondary and tertiary, trickle down beneficiaries continue talking about market prices, shares, growth, profit, ever expanding consumption and the mythological sanctity of private property as both human made and natural disasters explode and spin chaotically around them?

Voluminous articles exist at the moment and a cacophony of voices are busy dissecting our current financial collapse, but, once again, I notice, it is NOT Citigroup, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, the UAE, GCC, DUBAI conspiracy/bubble whose names emerge on everyone's lips.

The above names are conspicuously absent, missing from the discussion, mysteriously amongst the "disappeared," like those of former Nazi dictatorships. More victims of the systematically developed Nazi Big Lie technique, historical revisionism and distorted narratives. Sometimes, ocassionally, I listen to/monitor ubiquitous TV garbage and propaganda, the talking heads, with intent to count the number of times any of the above names emerge. It's my own subjective, unofficial experiment. Answer. Never.

Or, so rare as not to count. Geithner's name is not associated under the same breath with Citigroup, as if Geithner were a singular aberration.

And, here's alittle highlight of some activities from those of impeccable pedigree and lineage, who sponsored WWII, our Nazi connected Gulf corporate activities, including one complicit with Russian private interests:

Citigate Dewe Rogerson's Qatar office secures Russian banking mandate Back:


The Bank of New York Mellon strengthens Middle East regional presence:


Deutsche Bank holds Middle East equity conference:


Deutsche Bank Mena CEO bullish on UAE:


And, the Iraq Oil Contracts, being handed out liberally to all major, multinational corporations:


A background reminder and note about Kurdistan's Heritage Oil in relation to Iraq's oil contracts. CURRENTLY:

"...Shares in Heritage enjoyed a good run earlier in the week as gossip did the rounds that chief executive Tony Buckingham could listen to offers for his 34pc stake in the group....Some financiers think a takeover deal could take place later this year. Banking sources said Standard Chartered – which bought specialist oil and gas advisory boutique Harrison Lovegrove in 2007 – is advising Heritage on the deal..."

The above excerpted from...


And, I decided to include a little background reminder about Heritage for those unfamiliar with this thread. From a previous blog I did, February 2008:

"...I had MANY entries about Heritage and Kurdistan in my previous blogspot, particularly, asking the so-far unanswered question: Who is the Eagle Group of Iraq with whom Heritage partnered in Kurdistan from August 9, 2005. Since my previous blogspot continues to be blocked, for reference one can go to Heritage's website and look under Press Releases for 2005, http://www.heritageoilcorp.com/

(the above link is NOT applicable at the moment)

Since that point, there have been some changes at Heritage. Mr. 5% Canadian Gulbenkian, a descendant of the original Iraq Petroleum Corp, who was its director, resigned. And, interestingly, in conjunction with Keith's articles about Africa, below, Gulbenkian was replaced by Tony Buckingham of Energem in December 2006. In addition, recently, JP Morgan Cazenove Limited, a combination of the American JP Morgan and British Cazenove, have become advisors to Heritage in a future public listing on the Stock Exchange. As for the Eagle Group of Iraq, I still have no answers to the question above as to who they are/were and if that arrangement still exists..."

Above excerpt from my blog of:


And for my above reference to Keith Harmon Snow's VERY GOOD article about Tony Buckingham, JP Morgan Cazenove, Obooma connections, the following link:

"Gertler’s Bling Bang Torah Gang Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo (Part 1)":


For further updates on Heritage, simply go to their new website for press releases, news, etc: www.heritageoilltd.com

And, then, a further update from another Nazi dictatorship, Turkey's "Islamic" AKP,"whose passion is to sell state enterprises," (quote from the previous, now defunct, Turkish Daily News) whom EVERYBODY here, ESPECIALLY United Suckers and Assholes ersatz, manufactured, state and foundation sponsored Left and Opposition helped bring to power by simply ignoring Turkey's opposition, the following, of course. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"Turkey is one of the four best markets to invest...as the economic indicators in these countries are better compared to developed markets, Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management said on Thursday..."

Above excerpt from..


And, from my previous post, JUST BELOW,


the following reference/link to the same Templeton above:

Franklin Templeton Investments Strengthens Strategic Relationship with Algebra Capital

23 March 09 - Press Release

"Leading Global Asset Manager Increases Equity Stake in MENA Specialist to 40 Percent Dubai- UAE..."

As for Turkey's recently concluded PRIVATIZING world water conference, look for it next, where else, in Dubai, of course!

I will conclude today's post with an especially erudite message, my own personal one, to those above, particularly, the high net worth individuals.

You can take your private property and shove it up your collectively anal retentive asses!

Monday, March 23, 2009


The following is an EXCERPT, link below.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

South Carolina trade mission to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi
23 March 09 - Emirates Business 24/7
"...A delegation of 24 officials and businessmen from Orangeburg, the US county in which Jafza Americas is developing its $600 million (Dh2.2 billion), 1,324-acre project, is in the UAE on South Carolina state's first trade mission to the UAE...

....The names of businesses participating in the mission, that arrived on Friday and will visit both Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the next eight days, are being kept confidential by the South Carolina Department of Commerce, which is facilitating the trip..."


As for the complete and total shmucks, assholes, suckers, idiots and morons in United Suckers and Asshole Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma Dictatorship, I will provide you with the answer who and what is Jafza Americas, above.

DUBAI, of course, you fucking morons!!

And, here is what is happening right underneath your noses, in your very own country.
Is it any wonder you can not find ANYTHING elsewhere!
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Jafza Americas, a subsidiary of Dubai-based Economic Zones World, is being cast as the cornerstone behind an ambitious $700 million (Dh2.5 billion) plan to restore South Carolina's place in the global supply chain.
The proposal was outlined in a white paper distributed to members of the US Congress and the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs by the Orangeburg County Development Commission (OCDC) last week.
It calls for the creation of a new freight rail shuttle service between Charleston and Orangeburg, where containers would then flow in all directions from a planned 61-acre intermodal yard on Jafza's property...."



You can do your own research, get their website and alot more info on the preceeding garbage.

(For those completely unaware of regional vagaries, South Carolina is WELL KNOWN as a STATE with laws especially UNfriendly, hostile to labor organizing of any kind. This is another significant fact in the decison where to place this enterprise and not accidental, I am quite sure.)

And, you might recall, in the past, I featured another Dubai Capital Fund, Algebra. Algebra is linked with SHUAA. Two major names in the GCC speculative bubble, SHUAA and Hamid Jafar's octupus, ABRAAJ. Of course, overlapping and interlocking investments, shareholders, boards, always exist. Well, here's more from Algebra and their American based partner, Franklin Templeton Funds investment firm, a name that SHOULD be familiar to those living in the US, but, of course, United Suckers and Asshole nation seems to suffer from general amnesia.

Franklin Templeton Investments Strengthens Strategic Relationship with Algebra Capital
23 March 09 - Press Release
Leading Global Asset Manager Increases Equity Stake in MENA Specialist to 40 Percent Dubai- UAE, : Franklin Resources, Inc..."

You can go directly to the Algebra website for further info:


Simultaneous with the above, our Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Dictatorship, oops, I almost forgot, little slave boy Obooma, rolls merrily along.

I include the following link about the latest TRILLION DOLLAR TAXPAYER DEBT GIFT, GIVEAWAY, swindle and boondoggle, i.e, subsidy, to Citigroup, JP Morgan, et.al. because I thought the COMMENT SECTION just below the article well reflected what EVERYONE here knows and feels, except, of course, our collaborative, ersatz Nazi Left and their mafia led labor leadership, all in collusion with Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma Dictatorship, investing their pension funds into ALL the above and more. You really need not read the article, just scroll down to the comment section below it for flavor:


Back at another thoroughly nauseating and disgusting Nazi Dictatorship, namely, "Islamic" AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," Turkey:

President Gul says Iraqi energy sources to be transferred via Turkey
The transfer of Iraqi energy sources will be made through Turkey, President Abdullah Gul said on the first day of a landmark visit to Iraq on Monday. The PKK must disarm or leave the territory, Iraq's president told a joint news conference. (UPDATED)...."

Above from....


Of course, unlike United Suckers and Assholes Nazi slave Dictatorship, alot IS happening elsewhere in the world.

From here, for example:


To NATO, G20 protests (Scroll down for English):


To elsewhere. But, NOT HERE.

Finally, in view of the above, it is almost anti-climatic to reproduce Part 2 in English from Chalabi speaks.
Once again, alot is fictional and sanitized narrative.

But, no question exists about Iran's Muwafaq Al-Rubaie's CONTINUOUS, ongoing, prominent role as so-called National Security Advisor in Iraq. It was Muwafaq Al-Rubaie who spoke at the US think tank, CSIS. It was Rubaie who was present at all the meetings with Cheney in Baghdad. Rubaie is the one responsible for holding Muntadar Al-Zaidi and HIS TORTURE. And, after digesting the main meal, below, Chalabi speaks, Part 2, I have a dessert following:


And, here's the denouement, the dessert, as promissed, rounding off the above:


Sunday, March 22, 2009


In the second half of yesterday's blog, just below this one, I had some updates, commentary and links regarding Iraq/Iran mopping up, congruency, and regime change scenarios.
Either read today's entry, first, and refer back to yesterday's post, just below, OR, vice versa.
In case you are too lazy to scroll down, here's a direct link to yesterday's entry.
Again, scroll down approximately half way to middle section where I begin discussing "mopping up," the UAE heading, etc:


So, immediately following yesterday's blog entry, the following appears.
I am going to link to this commentary FIRST, BECAUSE, Badger, whomever he/she/they is/are, says it would be difficult to translate from Arabic.
And, he/she/they make some comments about the Arabic version, I presume.
Well, Chalabi's interview IS translated into English.
I have no idea how well, but, it SEEMS reasonably good to me.
And, I will link to the English translation just below the following:


And, now, for the English translation.
MY only comment is that one must be an informed consumer of information.
So, while some information is undeniably true, other facts are omitted and/or distorted.


There is one generalized assertion I can make that is assuredly accurate and often intentionally overlooked and underemphasized.
Chalabi's circle, represented by Kanan Makiya of Harvard University's Iraq Memory Project, mentioned above, to which I will link, below, Rend Rahim Francke, Basil Rahim (Merchantbridge, privatizing Iraq's state industries), et. al., have one very significant common denominator and background.


They ALL were/are former WEALTHY Iraq expatriates, whose assets/holdings were expropriated more or less around Saddam's time.
And, they, their families, played prominent roles previously both in Iraqi social structure and the greater Middle East prior to the point of their expropriation.
The above is characterized historically as a RESTORATIONIST and counter-revolutionary enterprise.
The former Iraq wealthy expatriate circle is not irrational.
They act out of narrow, parochial, greedy, selfish economic self-interest and are utilized, rewarded, employed and well compensated for their services by other, more global, larger reactionary, Nazi/Fascist forces and economic players, such as private multinational corporations.
In this case, Iraqi wealthy expatriates create the INTERNAL glue, utilizing and facilitating their previous social connections and intimacy, making counter-revolution from outside forces, such as the US, possible.
It is mutually beneficial and a symbiotic relationship.
This relationship is what is meant often by the term "intelligence."

Of course, that does not garauntee all runs smoothly, as everybody can see.
Competing and conflicting contradictory economic self-interests, clashes, self-motivated misinformation, false evaluations, misleading information, blackmail, betrayal, greed, profit, self-aggrandizement, intrique, murder, resistance, backlash, etc. are all inherent in this situation.
Establishment apologists and propagandists like to employ euphemistic terms like poor, faulty or good intelligence to characterize the above.
And, of course, double, triple speak descriptive terms.

So, below are two short informational pieces, background reminders, in English, about the interconnectedness of wealthy expatriates Kanan Makiya, his Iraq Memory Project/Foundation, Rend Rahim Francke, Basil Rahim, etc. as a reference point.
If you do searches on the above, MUCH more info available in ARABIC, as well as English.
One could do the same for all names involved, including, of course, Chalabi's prior extensive Iraq family circle and greater Middle East connections and holdings.
And, in addition, we now have another name added into the mix, Hamid Jafar of Dana/Crescent/Abraaj.
Anyway, here are two starting links:


And, a second little reminder of the above interconnections:


Meanwhile, thanks to the above link, I discovered an additional informative source detailing Merchantbridge's pedigrees and interconnectedness, to which I will link, below.
Interestingly, their report also mentions the subject of OFFSETS, about which the deceased WSJ reporter, Daniel Pearl, had written in relationship to murky UAE establishments.
I will link to my UAE, Pearl, Offets post after the following:


And, now, for my UAE, Pearl, Offets entry to which I referred, above:


And, altho the following is tangential to the subject of my present blog entry, nonetheless, I will add it anyway.
I discovered this ALSO from the above entry on Merchantbridge. It is gratuitous, but, it caught my attention and I thought I would highlight it, anyway, in case you happened to miss it because I found it quite riveting.
It is the French
"Pinay Circle of Power":


Enough information presented here for today not to add any more regarding the latest updates on post-invasion Iraq Mopping Up, Regime Change and Congruency scenarios surrounding Iraq/Iran.
Chew on the above for awhile.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Geez, where have I heard something like that sentence above before?
Sounds familiar. Hmmm...
Oh, yeah, reminds me of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina.
Bush statement to FEMA Director,
"Brownie, you are doing a heck of a job!"
I guess that is an accurate description, depending on HOW one interprets the meaning of the adjective outstanding.
One could certainly say Citigroup Geithner is outstanding.
His performance does stand out, doesn't it?
Like a sore thumb:


Anyway, so many scandals unfolding.
I can not keep up with them all.
It seems just about everybody except Citigroup's Geithner has lost faith in Citigroup/Exxon's bought and paid for totally hypocritical con man, Messiah and Fuhrer.

But, not to to worry.
The AIG affair merely represents a tempest in a teapot for purposes of political posturing and partisanship.
Citigroup will get everything it wants and more and all know it.
This IS, after all, a Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Obooma led DICTATORSHIP.

For those of you who think AIG will not get its contested bonuses--just watch.
Either the Congressional Legislation just passed will be declared illegal by the courts or Obooma will veto the Congressional bill.
Either way, Obooma's credibility sinks to zero.
'They' will then say, the buck/ball stops at the President's feet, since they all know Giethner/Citigroup will NOT go.
And, Obooma is responsible, despite the fact that Obooma is Citigroup's employee/slave boy, not the other way around.


And, NOTICE, Citigroup is NOT the focus of attention, nor the GCC and its Middle East coordinating bubble.
That fact and dictatorship is completely obscured, missing, deflected.

And, returning to the Middle East Bubble and the subject of Iraq/Iran, Regional Mopping Up, Regime Change, Congruency.
The following, EXCERPT/reminder first:

UAE accounts for lion's share of investments in Iraq
"....UAE-based companies and funds are the largest investors in Iraq by value, having committed more than $31 billion (Dh113.8bn) since 2003, representing 50 per cent of all investments in value terms, data released this week has shown..."



Of course, the UAE is intimately involved with Iran, Iraq's occupier, through Dana Gas, Crescent, Abraaj, Hamid Jafar, etc.

But, Iraq needs an "Arab face to meet the wordly faces that it meets," not an Iranian one, as presently exists, and all the many regional problems attendent with Iran's occupation of Iraq, fragmentation, regional destablization, expansionism.

So, various mopping up, congruency, regime change scenarios exist.

The mopping up, congruency, regime change below happens to mention under same breathe BOTH the UAE and Baath ARAB Party. I highlight ARAB because the point of this entire project and exercise is to slap an ARAB face and characteristics on Iraq's government, rather than its presently Iranian Fascist/Nazi one.

And to modify, mitigate the regional problems created by the preceeding situation.

So, the following three links represent the above, all sanitized, double and triple speak versions, of course.

First the UAE, ARAB Baath Party version/source:


In the following one, a Norwegian source/newspaper is mentioned.

Recall, Norway's DNO JUST received permission from Baghdad, reported Thursday, March 19, to export oil from Kurdistan, despite no Iraq oil law.

DNO share prices SHOT UP:


And then, more of the same, generalized and sanitized, as ususal:


And, that is why our sickening, nauseating, revolting Presidential Nazi scumbag went on TV imploring Iranians to be "nice little boys and girls and cooperate" with the above agenda. Be good or we will spank you. Everytime his face appears on my TV screen, I have to turn it off immediately. I cannot stand to see or hear him. I experience visceral disgust.

But, needless to say, the ersatz, fake Left, the very ones marching around here, today, screaming and yelling about Israel, the US out of Iraq, and some other empty and generic, infantile Left wing rhetoric, will also wax enthusiastic about Obooma's overture to Iran, neglecting ALL the above. A minor oversight.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Three entries for today.
This and two below.

The following EXCERPT, link below, speaks for itself:

"Netanyahu to open Israel-Palestinian investment conference...
The conference will discuss economic peace through investment in the Israeli and Palestinian economies....
....Prime Minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu is due to open the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)
Jerusalem Wealth Management Conference on March 25...
...The Jerusalem Wealth Management Conference will discuss issues faced today by individuals, families and companies wishing to invest in the Israeli and Palestinian economies. The speakers will include representatives of the Bank of Israel, Ministry of Trade, the International Monetary Fund, the Association of Banks in Palestine, the US Embassy in Israel, the new Israel-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, and the PalTel Group....
....The conference will be held in English at Jerusalem's David Citadel Hotel. It will be attended by high-net-worth investors and international institutions and their Israel-based financial and legal advisors....
....The event is being hosted by STEP and organized by Fortress Capital Management, whose Middle East Chairman Dylan Shub says, “We believe that this event will provide unparalleled opportunities to look beyond divisive politics and instead explore exciting commercial and financial ventures which are of economic benefit to all



Now, for better background regarding the above financial interests, one must follow the links and names contained within.
Just for EXAMPLE, speakers list at this conference:


And, MOST interesting to me, is the name Paltel, Palestine Telephone/Communications Group, mentioned above.

The reason why.

I REPRODUCED BELOW a separate blog entry because of length from 2005 which is actually a WSJ reprint about PATELCO from 1995.

Please read the posting below regarding Patelco's background AFTER this one, and, you will understand why this is an especially intriguing subject.
Here's Paltel's current website, but, please refer back to my previous posting on this matter, below, from 1995/2005 and follow to the Palestine Telephone/Communication Company's present incarnation:

Next, you may have heard some recent public noises and protestations about AIG bonuses and a few lawmakers calling for US Treasury Secy Geithner's resignation.

If you know nothing about the AIG bonus scandal, here's alittle background about what they knew and when they knew it:


And, here's Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma White House Chicago mafia's response to pleas for Geithner's resignation and/or termination.

Again, EXCERPT, link following:

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's chief of staff says Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's job is not in danger over AIG bonuses.
White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel categorically dismissed to The Associated Press any suggestion that Geithner is in trouble...."



Of course, Obooma is Citigroup's hired help, slave boy.
Obooma can NOT fire his employer. It is the other way around.
They are attached together by their umbilical cords.
To demand Citigroup Geithner's resignation is to demand Obooma's resignation. If Citigroup goes down, so does Obooma.
THAT is THE power relationship.
This is a Nazi Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan DICTATORSHIP.

They have their petty Mafia/CIA Front Man, Obooma, strategically placed and, in turn, their Middle East, GCC, privatization speculative bubble and back door investment strategy, upon which this all rests.

So, eat it, assholes!
Eat it for lunch, dinner and breakfast, each and every single day.
Sprinkle some condiments on the shit you eat to make it more palatable.

And, see my posting below from 1995/2005 about Patelco's fascinating background...


Because my preceeding blog, karlmarxwasright, is NOT available to the public, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I am reposting, below, a 2005 entry which consists of excerpts from a 1995 WSJ article regarding the Palestine Telephone Company (Patelco) since it is related to current developments, namely, the above, Israel-Palestine Investment, Jerusalem Wealth Management Conference.
I highlighted Patelco's name in BOLD where it occurs.
So, the following from 1995, first posted 2005:

August 13, 2005

Unlikely Paris Duo Advises Palestinians on Development Deals

A LENGTHLY article appeared in the Wall St. Journal years ago, February 2, 1995, which I still retain. It's entitled,

Unlikely Paris Duo Advises Palestinians on Development Deals:

"...a revamped phone system was to be one of the first benefits that Arafat planned to deliver after signing the Sept 1993 accords granting Palestinian autonomy to the Israeli-occupied territories...Instead, 17 months later, the creaky old phone system, which the Israeli company still operates, has emerged as a symbol of something quite different... ....it has brought to light the surprisingly important, sometimes hidden roles being played by two unlikely advisers to Arafat...One is 35-year old Pierre Rizk, former intelligence chief of the Lebanese Christian militia, which is closely linked to Israel's military.
The other is Gabriel Banon, 66, a Moroccan-born Jew with close ties to the Israeli military and with a checkered business history in the US and France. Both men live in Paris........
....As it stands now, Internat'l Technologies Integration Inc., an obscure company in McLean, Virginia, with ties to a mysterious limited-liability concern based in the Cayman Islands, hold the exclusive contract to develop the Palestinian phone system.
But so, it seems, does AT&T..rival MCI...a third company...is still vying for the phone system work... .....one Palestinian official suggests that the 2 advisers provide Arafat with a way to maintain his independence from potential rivals within the wealthy Palestinian community at home and abroad.
In addition, the official says, Arafat may believe that, with their international connections, they can help him get outside funding for political, as well as development activities and 'lubricate any bottlenecks.'.....
....Arafat's spokesman, Marwan Kanafani, says...'they are not paid...just advise the president...'
....However, Mr. Banon says he is, indeed, 'in the budget' and is being paid out of funds donated by several countries, which he won't name. .....
....Though based in Virginia, ITI is controlled by Chairman Nizar Dalloul, the son of Lebanon's defense minister and a son-in-law of it's prime minister, Mr.Rizk...
.....On Oct 3, 1993, less than 3 weeks after the accord was signed at the White House, Arafat and ITI's, Mr. Schonacher met in a villa in Tunis, according to a person who was present. There they signed a contract granting obscure ITI 'the exclusive right...to build operate and exploit an International and Domestic Telecommunications network' in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, according to a copy of the accord.
The agreement...garaunteed rights for 25 years...favorable to ITI...exempted the company from 'taxes, duties, fees, levies and other impositions' by the new Palestine Authority and any successor gov't. ...stipulated that loans or grants obtained by the Palestine Auth or future gov'ts from internat'l donors specifically for telecommunications 'would be made available at no cost' to ITI. The contract mandated that 'no press releases or other public disclosures' would be made....
....ITI's corporate pedigree is murky. ITI says it is part owner of Patelco, a new company formed to operate a revamped phone system. Patelco is registered in Delaware as a limited-liability company; as such, it doesn't have to disclose its officers or directors--and won't...
....According to Mr. Schonacher, Patelco's ownership is shared with a company called Tremoilles Investments, Ltd., based on Grand Caymen Island, a tax haven known for its weak corporate-disclosure laws. The owner or owners of Tremoilles couldn't be determined...
....Unaware of the existence of ITI contract, reps of AT&T travelled to Tunis last May--7 months after the ITI deal was inked--to make their own bid.... ....a month later AT&T was informed it had lost out to ITI... ....US gov't officials, who had discussed the ITI deal with AT&T, had concerns as well. Though ITI was saying it had joined forces with an MCI unit...a move that would bolster ITI's status, the Commerce Dept couldn't immediately confirm the existence of any such agreement.
COMMERCE SEC'Y RON BROWN [my emphasis] telephoned the Palestinian leader on June 1 to urge AT&T get the contract... But, with some Palestinian officials also favoring AT&T, it was clear that pressure was mounting to push ITI aside.
Enter Mr. Banon... Banon brought an unusual background to his role...An industrialist and onetime policy advisor to French Pres. Pompidou, Banon ran the French subsidiary of Alfa Laval AB, a Swedish manufacturer, in the1970s. Leif Rogersson, Alfa's current president, says Banon was dismissed after the French unit experienced business difficulties... ....He also engaged in at least 2 controversial business ventures in the US in the 1980s....
.....After Sept, 93,...Western nations meeting in Washington pledged $2.4billion to assist the rapid economic development of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip...Two months later...Banon showed up at the US State Dept to discuss the management of the pledged funds... ....State Dept officials told him...funds would be disbursed only for specific projects identified and approved by the World Bank.
Undeterred, Arafat soon afterward put Banon in charge of a new entity, Strategic and Development Policy Advisors, Inc... ....But, neither Rizk nor Banon could stop the AT&T negotiations from proceeding along the completely seperate path created by the Palestine Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction...last Oct, AT&T signed and exclusive agreement with PECDAR. Thus, both ITI and AT&T now hold contracts, though no one has been paid yet and it remains unclear who, if anyone, will..."

A footnote.
I emphasized Ron Brown's name, for those of you who might not remember, because he died in an airplane crash in Yugoslavia, ostensibly an accident, but I believe he may have been murdered.
He was on a "high powered" economic mission at the time of his death.

And, finally, see today's third entry, just below...


First, more developments from Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma United Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship and gargantuan, humungus, astronomical Debt nation.
It gets better and better.
Impossible to miss, yet, the morons continue to do so.

"Citigroup's top economist tapped for Treasury post....Citigroup chief economist Lewis Alexander to become counselor to Treasury Secretary Geithner":


On the opposite side of the pond, as 'they' say, the following. By the way, alittle factual aside for those interested.
Prior to volcanoes and continental drift, Scotland and NYC were geographically attached. One unit. If you could live long enough, they will eventually slide back together.
I wish it would happen in my lifetime.
But, I'm afraid it will be long after I'm gone.
So, back to events on the other side of the pond.

First, some VERY important developments in Greece:

"New repressive and legislative measures aim to create state of siege for the Greek capital..."

I will highlight the very last paragraph in the following/above report before the link. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...The new measures are expected to rise rather than dampen social tension, especially as the government has lately proved its propensity towards totalitarianism, amongst other things by appointing the old propaganda chief of the colonels’ junta as director of the state archives, thus placing the future of both academic and independent research at the hands of one of the darkest figures of recent Greek history. The current government is run by the Nea Dimokratia Party, the immediate successor of the junta and a transformation of the post civil war royalist party that filled the islands with concentration camps for communists in the 1950s..."


And, from France. A juicy EXCERPT first. Link below:

"Up go the barricades as universities voice anger at Sarkozy...
Lecturers and students accuse French President of ‘ultra-capitalist’ attempt to privatise education system...

Strikes and protests by lecturers and students which have disrupted French universities for six weeks are threatening to turn violent and merge with broader anger against President Nicolas Sarkozy's reforms and the economic crisis.
Student barricades closed two universities in Montpellier in the south of France today and sit-ins last week exploded into scuffles, vandalism and even death threats.
Despite concessions by the Education Ministry, an arcane dispute over the status of lecturers and other university reforms shows no sign of easing. The government also faces a one-day general strike and street marches against the recession on Thursday and there are fears the education dispute could become the focal point for prolonged and wider social unrest...."



And, what about here, in Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly Dictatorship?

Well, by now, I think you should have an answer to the above question. Not much of anything. Nazi Citigroup/Exxon Obooma's collaborative unions continue investing in private corporations and supporting THEIR reactionary policies at home and abroad.

Noises are made here and there by them about various symptoms, but, never the causes or their own complicity in these policies. It is merely window dressing. Makes it look like they are doing something. Do not bother yourselves about it. This too shall pass. Noises also emanate about Israel, Gaza and the poor, suffering Palestinians, along with some Left wing infantile rhetoric, as Lenin would say.

And, that's about it for the ersatz Opposition in United Suckers and Assholes nation.