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I have made reference to this previous blog entry above/below from June 2007 and utilized a link at another website which reproduced it, here:

But, I decided to repost it myself, I think, in a more readable form for reference. Some links still work, others do not. As I have pointed out, before, the TDN, Turkish Daily News, is now defunct and none of their links apparently work:


Friday, June 01, 2007

Pakistan, Merchantbridge, Bilderberg in Turkey and more

"BP is tipped to win a significant oil deal in Pakistan," the heading states.
The financial advisor in this deal was/is Merchantbridge:

Interestingly, shortly after posting this article, the following one appeared, "contradicting" or, shall we say, modifying it slightly, suggesting the previous report was premature:

I can only wonder if the second article was put out to camouflage the first one.
I would imagine the fix is in and the first one is correct.

As for Merchantbridge, appointed by the Iraq "government" to privatize its state industries, you can peruse their staff, advisors, management, board, etc., in an embedded link, look for it in the following:

This Pakistan oil deal, referred to above, extends the reach of Dana Gas/Crescent Oil, Jafar, Iraq/Iran, Abraaj, Pakistan, Gulf countries, which I've been following throughout my blog.
For starters, see my entry from May 27, 2006:
(Since the above link does not work, I reproduced much of it, instead, at:

Continuing along these financial interconnections, fistfights have exploded in Turkey's parliament, ongoing large demonstrations against the AKP continue and a united Left alliance has emerged:

all of which is conspicuously absent, unreported or underreported in either mainstream or alternative media sources in the US.

Kissinger, who I previously noted is in Turkey to give a talk regarding Akbank, after their celebratory party in NYC at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, happens to be around for the Bilderberg Conference as it occurs in Istanbul.

"May you live in exciting times," to quote/paraphrase a Chinese expression, I believe.

At the following link, at the bottom, is a roster of some of the Bilderberg guests:
And, more regarding Kissinger, Akbank the Bilderbergs:

Anyone reading my blog might wonder why I bother to recapitulate what is so blatantly in the news. I apologize to readers who ask, "What do I need this for? I can read it everywhere, or, see/hear it anywhere/everywhere."
But, NOT if you live in the US and are not on the internet. There's a virtual news blackout regarding most stories about Turkey on my blog. This is a major point.

In the US, absolutely NO support for Turkey's Kemalists or their United Left Party is being advanced anywhere but, I would imagine, my blog.

So, back to the Bilderberg conference in Turkey at the moment. On their list is Zoellick, newly appointed World Bank president. Altho, Citigroup's man, Fischer from the Bank of Israel did not get the appointment, Zoellick's background is commensurate, part of the Citigroup/Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs family grouping. Further, Zoellick's appointment and background solidifies the "internationalist" approach regarding November's Washington Coup, Rice, the State Department, Iraq, etc.

Along the "internationalize Iraq," "Dismember Iraq Yugoslav Style," and "Let's Make a Deal" program can be found the congruent and overlapping positions of the following individuals and organizations; the "reputable," according to this article, Chalabi regarding Iraq's new oil law:

The Democratic Biden plan, restated on the

website under the date, May 26, 2007,
"Biden To Pitch Iraq Exit Plan,"a current entry "Iraq Needs A New Strategy":

AND, my previous blogs regarding US Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, progressivegovernment, Washington Coup/November elections and their corresponding private foundation and government sponsored nominal "opposition" groups in the US.
See my blog from February 16, 2007 on this:

Regarding the ongoing American-Iranian cooperation in their most recent OPEN incarnation the Baath Party issued a statement:

Now, allow me to seemingly diverge, to go off topic, momentarily. As you will see, it really is not off topic.

I'm just going to use the following SNIPPET of historical background and information as an example to HIGHLIGHT, illustrate, a continuous and ongoing pattern for those NOT already aware of it.

What anyone need do is simply extrapolate from the following pattern, look for the funding sources regarding any given issue and do one's own research and it all becomes extremely recognizable, predictable, understandable, demystified once one is familiar with the patterns. Like a medical diagnosis.

So, consider, first, this book review by James Petras from 1999 regarding the "CIA and the Cultural Cold War Revisited":

Next, keep in mind the preceeding, check out this critique of James Petras regarding Cuba from 2003 from an interesting organization and association of individuals:

In the book review, above, by Petras, Jay Lovestone's name pops up.

For someone totally unfamiliar with Lovestone's career, the Labor movement, his name, the history of anti-Communism and the McCarthey period, etc., I'll throw in a random link from thousands available, a book review proudly written in 1999 by someone from the anti-communist Freedom House regarding Jay Lovestone and his accomplishments:

I've had blogs related to this in the past, so, I'm not going to bother to say more. I will add, however, a continuation of my theme regarding American pension monies invested into private multinational corporations and "Why There's No Left in the US."
In an article from the WSJ, May 30, 2007, entitled, "Labor Leader, Buyout Kings Speak Same Language," the following, just a few small EXCERPTS, sentences from the article:

"....Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union [SEIU]...has in recent months been meeting quietly--and cordially--with the leaders of the largest buyout firms including Mr. Rubenstein [Carlylye Group], Blackstone Group's Stephen Schwarzman and David Bonderman of TPG....Mr. Stern says he is trying to find a new way for labor to engage with business. 'We get it. We understand,' he says. 'All this global competition means America needs a new economic plan...Mr. Stern found he had leverage with the buyout firms, in part BECAUSE SO MUCH OF THEIR FUNDING COMES FROM UNION-DOMINATED PUBLIC PENSION FUNDS. [MY EMPHASIS]...The top executives of buyout firms make their exorbitant paydays by keeping as much as 20% of the profits of their funds, which are then paid out to them and taxed at the low capital gains rate of 15% rather than the top personal income tax of 35%. The Senate Finance Committee is looking into the tax issue and Mr. Stern with his close ties to the Democratic politicians could prove critical in the debate. Therein lies the makings of a deal. Stern has suggested the buyout firms could help his cause by, for instance, adopting standards that would encourage the use of unionized janitorial services in buildings. He hasn't said what he wants in return. But, one possibility: He eases up on his criticism of their favorable tax treatment..."

Now, back to international events and policy in relation to Kurdistan/Turkey.

At the kurdistanobserver website is an article that states, according to THEIR, i.e., Kurdistanobserver scenario, any military incursion by Turkey into Kurdistan would encounter international condemnation and UN/NATO reaction and sanctions on Turkey.
See the last couple of paragraphs in the article under the date, May 28, 2007, "Operation in Southern Kurdistan: Division Through Invasion?"

Well, what's sure is that the ABOVE named nominal and officially financed American "peace movement" and opposition, American Labor Against the War (but for Darfur sanctions) and extension of the Democratic Party, all of whom are totally deaf, dumb, blind, silent regarding recent events in Turkey and lots of other places will most certainly follow the scenario laid out above in the Kurdistanobserver article.

Finally, amidst all the turmoil, Iraq is getting something it really needs urgently at the moment, more important, way above and beyond water, electricity, food or anything else and emblematic of the purposes of the "invasion" of Iraq, namely, Visa cards!:

Perhaps, Iraqis can now recycle their "new" dinars to pay for their ammunition, recently acquired illicit drug trade and military hardware by credit card, instead of having to tote around those bulky amounts of cash. Or, they can now make deposits and transfers of their bulky, heavy illicit drug money washed, cleansed and invested into debit accounts and into equally newly created Islamic financial instruments and hedge funds. Anyway, it's nice to see Iraqis are entering the modern world of debt, credit transactions and consumerism, so early, while the bullets are flying. They should be very thankful. They can now become a part of the "American way," as its called. They can purchase their as yet unbuilt houses on speculative credit, financed courtesy of American taxpayer dollars a la a revived or revised Marshall Plan.

After all, America tore everything down so America and the World Bank should replace it. It's the only charitable, Christian, (by the way, the Vatican has just set up relations with the UAE), kind, moral thing to do. American taxpayer monies to destroy, then, taxpayer monies to rebuild.

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