Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here is the latest update in United Suckers and Assholes only, major, significant, principled opposition, Single-Payer Medical Insurance coalition:


Meanwhile, back in Iraq/Iran/Middle East, Serbia signs a $100 million arms deal with Iraq.

Two questions.
First, with WHOM and WHICH Iraq did Serbia sign the arms deal referred to below?
There are numerous Iraqs.
And, isn't it alittle odd and strange that more outside arms are necessary in Iraq, considering Iraq is now an armed camp with the entire sophisticated apparatus of the US military machine in its presence, Iranian militias, Kurdish Peshmerga, Turkish troops.
So, again, purpose of the above/below?:

But, not to be outdone in the new arms race, Saudi Arabia and Russia sign an arms deal.
Again, curious, since Saudi Arabia is an ally of the US, thus, well supplied and protected by US interests:

And, another interesting twist in the regime change, congruency, mopping up, forthcoming, Big Bang Iraq/Iran/Middle East scenario.

KRG/Tony Buckingham's Heritage Oil shares and profits down, as their partnership with Turkey's Genel is questioned by a London based financial oversight entity:

Meanwhile, the Iceland battle rages on and can be followed on the same website to which I have linked numerous times along with the Vote NO on Lisbon Treaty at numerous websites, AND, last, but, certainly, NOT LEAST, interconnected with ALL the above AND the now forgotten 9/11 events, is the following, with voluminous information and videos to peruse.
By the way, I would like to add just one personal footnote to the otherwise enormous information and dense, investigative material Hopsicker has researched and amassed, below.
I, personally, do, did NOT ever believe Atta actually boarded any of those planes and was killed.
And, my belief, opinion, had to do with some contradictory testimony I heard regarding Atta's whereabouts and timing on the day and events of 9/11 at the so-called 9/11 hearings, i.e., official coverup Commission:

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The following first is an excerpt from an article by Ralph Nader then link below.
MY emphasis in BOLD.

THIS represents the sort of breakthrough, confrontation, challenge necessary to upset the present power relationship in any meaningful way in United Suckers and Assholes nation, along with individuals like Sal Rosselli and others.
Reminder, it is a beginning, not an end.

And, remember, AFL-CIO below should read, AFL-CIA, along with their foreign associates and anti-Communist, reactionary, collaborative ILO (International Labor Organization):

"...There is reliable word that the AFL-CIO will endorse whatever Obama approves, with the exceptions of the California Nurses Association and the Sheet Metal Workers’ union. The latter, through their president, Michael J. Sullivan, announced in late July that it was suspending all future campaign contributions to any candidate for Congress or the Presidency..."

End of excerpt, link below:

HOWEVER, for all the good news above, and, there is more, here is where problems continue.

The following link is all well and fine regarding Single Payer advocacy, a Whole Foods chain supermarket boycott, publicity generated by it, as an organizing tool, etc.

But, it requires careful and ATTENTIVE reading.

CTW Investment Group, demanding Whole Foods supermarket, CEO Mackey's resignation, REPRESENTS A LABOR INVESTMENT ARM, particularly, ANDY STERN'S SEIU GANG, "CHANGE TO WIN" AND OBOOMA PARTNER.

But, they, CTW/SEIU support OBOOMA's bogus medical health insurance public option, antithetical to Single Payer Medical Insurance.
They are the people sitting AT THE TABLE with Obooma, at Netroots Nation, to which I have linked, previously.
They are part of the problem, not the solution.

They are an impediment.
Whole Foods supermarket chain store CEO, Mackey, wrote a WSJ (Wall St. Journal) editorial asserting universal health care is NOT a right, which is why CTW/SEIU claims they are so upset, demanding Mackey's resignation.

But, so-called "universal health care" IS a PART of Obooma's FOR PROFIT "reform" bill, with it's bogus public option and SUBSIDIES for PRIVATE INSURANCE CORPORATIONS.

The question is NOT extension of our current, for-profit, private, US health care insurance industry with even more, FURTHER tax subsidies under the Obooma bill, but, instead, UNIVERSAL, NOT FOR PROFIT, SINGLE PAYER, HEALTH CARE INSURANCE.

The two so-called universal proposals are DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITES.
So, here's the link to which I refer, above:

The following pertinent EXCERPT, link below, highlights the CTW Investment Group connection to/with the Andy Stern led SEIU, Change to Win, criminal labor gangsters:

"...The CtW Investment Group works with pension funds sponsored by unions
affiliated with Change to Win, a coalition of unions representing six million
members. These funds are substantial long term BAC shareholders. We outline our analysis below...."


The issue is NOT the opportunistic one raised above by our criminal labor FRONT organization, the Andy Stern led, SEIU, "Change to Win" mafia organization, regarding objection to CERTAIN astronomical corporate salaries AFTER THE FACT, but, the trillion dollar taxpayer subsidies, bailouts, gifts, giveaways, boondoggle enabling their profitable perpetuation, public debt AND labor union support and pension fund investment in these private corporations IN THE FIRST PLACE.

There is no point complaining about letting out the cows once you have left the barn door intentionally wide open.
And, for alittle more illustrative information related to this and other matters from another part of the world, more updates and links to Iceland's ongoing privatization battle, saga:

The answer to the questions posed above lies in BUILDING a broad based, united, MILITANT FRONT, organization, led by or with labor, a principled program and any and all tactics, actions, means, strategies towards achieving these objectives, goals, i.e., resistance, strikes, occupations, civil disobedience, sit ins, sit downs, industrial seizures, INCLUDING military and police defection, support, to DEFEND industries and resources which already have been nationalized and expand nationalize of those which are now privatized.

AND to LIQUIDATE and CRIMINALLY PROSECUTE those corporations and individuals NOW receiving public taxpayer assistance, gifts, giveaways, bonanzas, subsidies and created public debt, in countries such as, but, not limited to, United Suckers and Assholes which ENABLE the process above to EXPAND elsewhere on the globe.

To NOT recognize ANY OF THESE CRIMINAL GOVERNMENTS OR THEIR CREATED GLOBAL PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS SUCH AS THE IMF/WORLD BANK AS LEGITIMATE and to demand, prevent, boycott, quarantine ANY further private investments, ownership in ANY countries whatsoever, which, of course, most certainly includes Iraq, Iran, etc.

Actually, the ONLY place that comes to mind off the top of my head, at the moment, NOT included in the above processes is North Korea and Cuba.

And, finally, to conclude, one more reminder, EXAMPLE:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First a JAPAN/IRAQ connection.
Royal Dutch Shell also partnered below:

"[Japan's] Mitsubishi to Take 5pc in Iraq's South Gas JV":

Mitsubishi NOT ONLY Japan firm involved in Iraq.
Following is a Japanese consortium, including Nippon Oil:

"Japan Close to Winning Right to Develop Iraqi Oil Field":


I POSTED previous reports regarding Morgan Stanley partnered with Japan's LARGEST bank, Mitsubishi, mentioned above.
A reminder article, below.
Please understand, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase, are NOT competitors, rivals, as presented below.
They intertwine, often divisions of one another, overlapping circles, functioning more like cartels:

And, of course, my previous post BELOW regarding erstwhile NAZI ally Japan enthusiastic support for a US Sea Based Missile Defense system along with a "Rape of Nanking."

Clearly, as day follows night, Japan amply rewarded with Iraq contracts for US NAZI affiliations, partnership, participation and bona fides:

And, now, I want to take just one slight detour and a step backwards to a post I did from August, 2005, on my initial, karlmarxwasright blogspot, now blocked from public purview.
So, I will simply republish pertinent information from my entry, as follows:

Saturday, August 13, 2005 [karlmarxwasright]

"The Privatization Juggernaut, Japan, Iraq, Iran's Oil Minister"

Japan is in the news, big time.
Koizumi presented Parliamentary bills to privatize the Japanese Post Office and it's banking system.
Extensive reporting available, everywhere.
For Americans, of course, this is an unknown system, as usual.
Those in Europe have familiarity with similar institutional arrangements, threatened, also, with dissolution, soon, if not already accomplished.
So, for those unfamiliar with the subject, just a couple of stats taken from a WSJ article, Aug 4, 2005,

to give you the idea:

"Koizumi's Gamble to Reshape Japan":
....Through it's banking and insurance arms, Japan's post office controls about $3 TRILLION [my emphasis], a quarter of the nation's household financial assets.
It is THE LARGEST [ my emphasis] pool of funds managed by any financial institution in the world..."

END of excerpt from 2005 POST
For ALITTLE further background snippet, reading on Japan's Post Office Bank:

Now, returning to Iraq.
The following link, essentially, recapitulates what I had on many previous blogs, namely, the "elementary, My Dear Watson," fundamental, intractable, explosive conflict over authority as represented between Erbil/KRG/Baghdad/Iran.

The author, below, saves me the trouble of mentioning, also, after China's purchase of Kurdistan's Addax Petroleum, Iran/Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, said, promised, threatened, he would EXCLUDE further Chinese investments in Iraq, mentioning Sinopec, specifically.

No problem.
There is now Japan, instead, our erstwhile NAZI ally.

And, of course, conveniently, coincidentally, Hamid Jafar's brother, of Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj fame, now Director of Iraq South Oil Company, Basra.

As well, Morgan Cazenove became Tony Buckingham's KRG Heritage Oil advisor, in which the KRG, i.e., Talabani/Barzani, have a major shareholding interest.

And, still, there is Morgan Stanley and the First Persia Fund.

So, indeed, this plot gets intensely, enormously, thick, internecine, intertwined with simultaneous and CONTRADICTORY, multiple, competing interests:

Really, it is inappropriate and misleading to say "Iraq."
There is NO Iraqi State, country, anymore.

Instead, there are only various scavengers, vultures, PRIVATE corporations who OWN and divvy up the slices, pieces of a carcass, of what was formerly the body of the State of Iraq and its excellent Constitution.

And, actually, one can extend this analogy further to the private corporations named above who OWN and control the United Suckers and Assholes.


So, what is the main point of the above tour-de-force, exercise?
The main point to me is not the details of who gets what, but, illustrating the depth, width, breathe and scope of privatization, it's blatant, open existence, AND, the fact that THIS REPRESENTS THE MAIN POINT of PRINCIPLED CLASS UNITY, OPPOSITION, RESISTANCE.
THIS is the BOTTOM LINE, the fundamental, from which all else flows and NOT the other way around.

THIS is "scientific" socialism, not resuscitated, reinvigorated, rehashed, revised, reinvented, reinterpreted, methodologically remodeled, obscurantism, utopianism, intellectually retrogressive, regressive, reactionary, discredited, discounted theories, ideas, excuses, rationalizations, apologetics, garbage, junk and BIG LIES.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Looks like our, United Suckers and Assholes, ONLY principled Single-Payer Medical insurance advocates will be forced to do something alittle more dramatic minus support, or, in spite of, our/their official, institutional, organized class representatives, their/our Fascist, anti-Communist labor unions, seated on the opposite side of the table with our NAZI Democrats:

And, of course, Iraq's KRG/Baghdad/Iran power struggle continues rolling merrily along, as well.
Updates and new developments available most everywhere on the internet IF YOU LOOK for them.

Nonetheless, here's a reminder about the one KEY, enormous, deciding issue and sticky wicket:

And, as well, Iceland's ongoing privatization battle.

One might say, I suppose, both literally and figuratively, Iceland represents a microcosm of the entire, counter-revolutionary, global privatization project, minus armies and tanks and dead bodies, YET:

Finally, for those who might not remember or know it for whatever reason, here is the tune from which my post heading above was derived:

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Below are a couple of articles which merely reaffirm previous posts:

"Gulf Firms Keen to Hop on Iraq Growth Wagon":‏

And, "Betting on Iraq":

Now, regarding NAZI Iran/Persia's integral role, factor in the Iraq outcome alluded to above.

Following is but a SMALL breakdown, a brief refutation for all the many deniers, regarding just SOME of the numerous, competing economic investments surrounding NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron, his/their Revolutionary Guards, militias, Mullahs and the economic infighting in Iran, as elsewhere, over who gets what in Iran/Iraq privatization.

HOWEVER, IMPORTANTLY, STILL NOT itemized, specified, enumerated, below, are the multitude of foreign commercial interests invested, allied and competing in Iran AND STILL not indicated below is the ALL IMPORTANT connection surrounding who in Iran, by extension, will control Iraq/Iran's Baghdad Oil Ministry and government offices and Baghdad/Iran's already, but, accelerating, intractable power struggle between the KRG/Baghdad/Iran over Kirkuk,
oil contracts, pipelines, revenue authorities and thus ALL of Iraq, with greater regional implications.
The KRG/KIRKUK/BAGHDAD/IRAN power struggle represents competing, burgeoning, potential, regional EMPIRES, octopi, like that of Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj.
Thus, the struggle and economic CONTRADICTIONS represented above are gargantuan with global and regional ripples and repercussions.
And, that is why EVERYBODY and his brother, globally, is, now, and will continue being involved.
And, as you will see, below, the author, clearly, is an ideologue, a supporter, of "free-markets," but, he simply is not an APOLOGIST for Ahmadimoron, which is more than I can say for ALL the ersatz, fake, bogus Opposition/Left/Resistance in this country and elsewhere combined:

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The following post concerns Iran.
It is clear, concise, to the point, so, I thought I would begin with it as an introduction, a starting point of discussion, this time around:

But, wait.
I DO want to be fair to NAZI Iran/Persia.
So, let us all, including myself, NOT forget and pay homage to the MILLIONS of Persians/NAZI subjected Iranians sent to their deaths in waves of human sacrifice, slaughtered, maimed, mutilated, unmercifully, in a complete, total, UNNECESSARY, eight year war of aggression, instigated by Persia's fanatical, NAZI Iranian Mullahs, perpetrated against Iraq.

Let us NOT forget the character, the nature of the Persian government put into place by US and counter-revolutionary, private Western interests necessary to inflict such human tragedy, suffering and internal repression upon their own subjects and all concerned on such a grand scale!


Now, as well, NAZI Iran/Persia sits in Baghdad, Iraq, again, courtesy of US Government, taxpayer funded military, serving their above counter-revolutionary purposes and paymasters.

And, nary a word of opposition, recognition, here or anywhere else, for that matter.

And, while speaking about objections and opposition, recently, someone else "objected" to something else somewhere else.
In Europe, a place I generally do not cover too much.
I thought it quite amusing and ironic.

Apparently, the Slovak government did not allow Hungary's Ambassador to enter their country for a ceremony. Not just any old ceremony.
A particular one:

Considering all of Eastern Europe has been raped and privatized by former NAZI, Western interests and counter-revolution, I think it poetic justice if former Czechoslovakia becomes annexed into a resurgent greater Austro-Hungarian empire, once again.
Indeed, all of Europe can go that way.
Yugoslavia has already done so.
So, why not?
The USSR was dissolved.
Everybody thought that a wonderful thing.
Just fine and dandy to destroy the Soviet Union.
If it is good medicine for them, why not everyone and everybody everywhere else, all of Eurasia, which has redrawn its boundary lines umpteen number of times historically.
Turn about is fair play.
And, I am not excluding the world's greatest United Suckers and Assholes country from such a fate, either.

Friday, August 21, 2009


This development, below, about the Canadian Oil Sands Pipeline is NOT a surprise.
Like LNG, I have been highlighting and following it for some time.

As for suing, good luck.
That, to me, like United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship so-called health care "debate", Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, our $9 Trillion plus or minus, what is a few trillion more or less, national debt, tax gift, giveaway and so on, is a joke. So, enjoy:

"Groups Will Sue to Reverse Oil Sands Pipeline"
"...Secretary of State Clinton approved piping in oil from the Canada's Alberta oil sands, which has been dubbed "the most destructive project on Earth..."

Now, here's alittle snippet I came across the other day I really enjoyed.
So, I thought I would share the humor with others.
Actually, it is a commercial, an advertisment:

"...The Obama Portfolio:
How To Secure Your Share of the Massive Profits
Hidden Behind the Economic Stimulus Plan..."


And, out of curiousity, I did alittle search to find out exactly which obscure stocks Obooma purchased to which they refer, above, and I came up with the following:

And, finally, a nice, interesting followup discussion, thread about privatization in the comment section under the article/link about Iceland in my post just below...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


What, you ask? How can that be?
All else has been but a brief prelude to this next, upcoming round of catastrophe and disaster.
And, at the titular helm of the United Suckers and Assholes rapidly sinking Ship of State/Fools is a total and complete, absent, ZERO.
An animated puppet, slave with NO independent thought, belief or understanding whatsoever beyond the programmed script he is given to read and regurgitate.

And, for those of you ANYWHERE in the world who believe you have ANY economic security, you are total and complete idiots, fools.
But, everyone who has not already done so will discover this truth SOON, SHORTLY.

So, the reactionary, counter-revolutionary, imperialist NAZI/Fascist privatizing juggernaut, race, is on, full blast, full steam ahead, out in the open, spiraling, intensifying upwards with all its glaring warts and contradictions galore.
Today, add to a long oil/gas list the following:

"US Firms [Unnamed] Seek Petrochemical Investments in BASRA [Southern Iraq]":

While, yet another says "IRAN Seeks Foreign Investments in their Petrochemical Sector":

And, then, some press statements made the other day, apparently, by NAZI Ahmadimoron's Iranian crowd that Iran would replace their present gas partnership with UAE based Hamid Jafar's Crescent/Dana Gas octopus, instead, with Abu Dhabi's Mubadala.

This was QUICKLY denied by Mubadala, which I am inclined to believe.
It made NO sense to me.
But, here's a link anyway to Abu Dhabi's Mubadala den of thieves, since their name was mentioned:

And, last, but, not least, to conclude, flowing from my subject above and my many previous posts, Iceland's latest update which represents the horrific Fascist/NAZI PATTERN in a nutshell, a pattern and nutshell which MUST be COLLECTIVELY broken, opposed, resisted, rejected, completely, entirely, totally, not in parts, pieces, bits and/or compromises.
One is NOT "alittle bit pregnant," or alittle bit dead, or alittle bit Fascist.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Another spokesperson, different from NAZI Islamic Iran/Iraq Baghdad Oil Minister, but, still from Iran/Baghdad's Oil Ministry, gave the following interview about Iraq's upcoming oil auction and international contracts.
Some significant details included.
Apparently, they will all be meeting on August 25 in Turkey with its pseudo, cryptic ISLAMIC AKP government, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," according to their now defunct TDN, Turkish Daily News.
And, it seems, our Pacific NAZI/Fascist erstwhile ally, Japan, about which I have written a number of posts, will be included in Iraq's next round of oil auctions in the Fall, of which details are mentioned below.
This is ONLY ONE significant excerpt, below.
Link follows:

"....Under the contract the winning company or consortia would have a 75 percent stake in the project, with the state oil company owning 25 percent. The two would split 50/50 the role in the Joint Operating Company, the body managing the project..."

Meanwhile, Norway's DNO in Kurdistan awaits payment from NAZI Iraq/Iran central government, Baghdad:


Accusations exist that Saudi Arabia is funding a so-called "Sunni Arab" Iraq resistance or opposition, surely, at the behest of US and other foreign commercial interests.
I have NO doubt such a so-called created "resistance" or opposition is being utilized as a counter-weight.
I have speculated about this on one of my previous posts.
It is so obvious.

And, once again, for SUCKERS, ASSHOLES, IDIOTS who prefer their class relationships and economics shrouded along ethnic, religious, national categories, some of the interests to which I refer, for example, are ARAB Egypt, which just sent an 80 member business delegation to Iraq to "explore" investment possibilities in addition, I suppose, to Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas octopus, EFG-Hermes, UAE, etc., etc.:

And, Europe, Israel/Jewish/Zionist Dankner's Credit Suisse just opened its first ever MENA (MidEast/No Africa) Fund:


LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

At the moment, "Christian" Italy is "Christian/Protestant" Europe's first MAJOR, Adriatic port, terminal, destination for "Arabic" LNG exports from Arabic Qatar, in a joint project with "Christian/Arab/Zionist" Exxon as follows:

And, now, we have the Asian Pacific flip side as well.

For edification and clarification, here is a list of all LNG terminals, existing and proposed, worldwide:


Which happens, additionally, to be EXTREMELY dangerous, highly explosive, flammable.

You ALL are allowing yourselves to be mortgaged, once again, enslaved, chained, sold into another horrific, splendorous, economic bubble and nightmare of gargantuan, epic, historic proportions!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As predicted, US troops ESCALATING their presence in nothern Iraq, along with spiraling violence and mayhem, moving into Iraq's volatile Kurdistan, KRG region, best represented by Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj interconnected, burgeoning private empire, octopus along with KRG/Heritage Oil/Turkey Genel while SIMULTANEOUSLY Hamid Jafar's brother, now head of Iraq South Oil Company, signs an exclusive deal with BP and a China partner:

And a reminder link regarding Heritage, KRG, Genel partnership:

By the way, a previous commercial deal, arrangement, for UAE based, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas to purchase energy, gas supplies from Iran appears to be hanging in limbo at the moment.
The superficial explanation always hovers around price disagreements.

And, finally, since former, infamous Afghan General Dostum is back in the news, here's a reminder from a previous post I did in DECEMBER 2008, following the Mumbai, India, attack, provocation and coincidental timing of Dostum's flight, reception and simultaneous tri-partite Afghan-Pakistan-Turkey conference held in Turkey with its ersatz-Islamic NAZI AKP Dictatorship, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises."
Links provided within post:

Get ready for more, much more and ever greater explosions and militarization forthcoming in this unfolding saga of regime change, congruency, mopping up and imperialist competition.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I could not have said the following TRUISM about Iceland below better or more eloquently myself.
So, I just decided to link to it directly.
The only addition I wish to make to it is DITTO GLOBALLY, with allowances for procedural, tactical discrepancies from country to country, continent to continent, region to region, from the Middle East and present Iraq military occupation, war and dissolution of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and their marvelous Constitution, to Iran's present NAZI regime and their occupation of Iraq, Asia, China, Africa, dissolution of the FORMER USSR, their military coup and imprisonment of THE USSR Communist Party leadership, Latin America, and to a much lesser degree in United Suckers and Assholes in terms of WHAT has been/was/is nationalized/socialized here:

Just one additional note from United Suckers and Assholes which dovetails with the eloquent statement from Iceland, above.
The following illustrates ALL the many difficulties in breaking away from the vise, strangulation, grip, bondage of United Suckers and Assholes collective, collaborative, conjugal NAZI, Fascist, mafia led, anti-Communist, a la Jay Lovestone, labor union tradition, especially, SEIU but, also, our historical umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO(A).

Thus, they, below, will need ALL the help and support they can get.
They represent a very courageous, nascent, principled movement, beginning, opening, space, confrontation, not an end:

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, here is a NOT surprising or unexpected update regarding Hamid Jafar's burgeoning, regional, corporate empire, octopus Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj represented by investments from Egypt to Kurdistan to Iraq South Oil Company Director to Pakistan and potential Nabucco gas partner:

And, here is another development sure to further heighten regional conflicts, tensions surrounding privatization.
Excerpt first, link follows below:

"....The Iranian Privatization Organization has been given the rights to privatize 80 percent of the rights to explore oil in the country's northern sector and the Caspian Sea..."
From the link:

The numerous intractable, irresolvable economic conflicts between Baghdad/Iran/KRG privatization continue their upwards spiral with each and every step of the way and more developments forthcoming from Iraq's second oil auction about to take place this Fall, in November, to so-called elections in January.

And, then, of course, there are the additional factors in Iraq's explosive "neighborhood," i.e., Russia, Gazprom, the Caucasus, Georgia, Ukraine, Baltics, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, etc., and their competing gas pipeline routes and suppliers.

Now, I thought I would toss in the following little tidbit, a bone, to spice up this post for all out there who prefer their economics around identity politics, instead.
Let's see what you do with this one.
I am waiting for some demonstrations like those we usually have, but, I doubt very much I will see ANY about the one below.
After all, this represents Arab-Jewish/Zionist unity, par excellence.
Excerpt first, link follows:

"JERUSALEM, Aug 15, 2009 (AFP) - Vast tracts of Israeli agricultural land in north Israel's Galilee area have been bought up by Arabs with financial backing from the Gulf, Israeli public radio reported on Saturday...
....On August 3 the Israeli parliament passed a controversial land reform law that allows local officials to privatise publicly owned land, triggering the ire of the Arab minority..."
From link below:

Meanwhile, it is impossible for me to keep pace with steadily increasing global militarization from sea based missile defense, nukes, test launches, military acquisitions, the Middle East to Asia, the Korean peninsula, the Indian subcontinent, etc., etc.

But, here's one on which I thought I would end, an update to some of my previous posts:

Friday, August 14, 2009


To paraphrase a famous phrase from a now defunct late night TV announcer introducing his program host...
"And, here's Johnny..."

So, folks, I present to you...
"Here is United Suckers and Asshole Opposition..." all gathered schmoozing happily together at their current Netroots Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ironically, same venue for the upcoming, September, 2009, international G20 Conference.
Please note carefully (link following this one below) ALL union sponsorship attending this Netroots gathering.
THAT is the primary reason I bothered to link to this atrocious piece of garbage, this insult to my intelligence and humanity, which, by the way, is broadcast live in its entirety by C-Span, if you are so inclined:

Personally I cannot stomach either looking at or hearing ANY of the wretched refuse of the earth gathered in this hotel, our nauseating, sickening, hypocritical, cynical, subhuman, moralistic, smug, self-righteous, sanctimonious, fake liberal, progressive, Vichy Democrats, Fascist apologists, enablers and collaborators ALL:

So, yes, an adhoc coalition supporting Single Payer Health Care exists.
And, the California Nurses Association supports Single Payer.
And, activities happen around Single Payer, lobbying, etc., as you can follow from the coalition website to which I link frequently:

What do you NOT see? Who/what is missing? What does and will NOT happen?
NO MILITANT, UNIFIED, LABOR, CLASS ACTION to demand Single Payer Health Care.

There will not even be, FOR EXAMPLE, a ONE HOUR, NATIONAL work stoppage, strike, demonstration, protest, militant labor action of any kind or sort whatsoever to support, demand, SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE.
Because, our ersatz labor unions, nominal class representatives, above, are SEATED ON THE OTHER SIDE of the table, at their Netroots Conference with their Democratic whores, pimps, prostitutes.

Indeed, in just about every matter, from private pension fund investment, health care, Iraq, Iran, privatization, imperial war, corporate taxpayer subsidies, debt, Afghanistan, etc., etc., they are united together in conjugal marriage. And, I do emphasize conjugal.

So, NO local union will go out on a limb and call a one hour work stoppage, strike, or any other militant action ON THEIR OWN, ALONE, for Single Payer Health Care, because, that would lead them into a direct policy confrontation with their collaborative, corrupt, mafia AFL-CIO(A) and SEIU, national, parent umbrella organization, to which they belong and an outright power struggle, challenge, isolation and split.

That is ALSO why you will and do NOT see them, unlike their flip side NAZI orchestrated, reactionary cohorts, PACKING, protesting, demonstrating outside and inside at various, local, town hall health care meetings.
It is because they, instead, are INSIDE SUPPORTING the bogus, Democratic health care plan.


Following is a link from a previous 1997 C-Span interview with author Iris Chang regarding her book entitled:

"The Rape of Nanking."

I post this because, obviously, the story remains completely relevant to the present day AND Iris Chang PRESUMABLY committed suicide in 2004.

There are many who do NOT accept, believe, official explanations of her death.
I am one of those people.

Our NAZI allies are and continue to be Japanese Fascists, enthusiastic participants in our Pacific sea-based missile defense system which I discuss in a previous post.
So, Chang's C-Span interview:
For reference, here is a link to which I refer above regarding US sea based missile defense system and enthusiastic Japanese participation:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The following link below concerns organized, staged, Fascist, mob, gang, fights, battles at US town hall health care meetings. It misses one other important commonality, analogy.
Iran's Fascist internal power struggle and Baghdad's NAZI IRAN Oil Minister and militas reflected in Iraq/Iran competitive rivalries.

These double, triple, quadruple Fascist mob groupings, thugs, are coequals.
The differences are a matter of degree and style, but, not substance.

In BOTH, ALL cases, the REAL, underlying issues, such as that represented in the US by universal, national, Not-for-Profit, Single Payer Medical Insurance and Iran's occupation of Iraq and its subsequent privatization are OFF THE TABLE.

Not for discussion. Not mentioned. Not factors and NOT organizing principles:

However, BOTH schisms, and elsewhere, open the door for more PRINCIPLED clarification of class confrontation, organization, opposition, resistance and UNITY around privatization versus nationalization, revealing the inherently fundamental weaknesses, fissures, flaws and contradictions in our present anachronistic, debased and debauched economic system and its state power structure.

Here, in United Suckers and Assholes territory, our manufactured Right hand is called upon to rescue and upstage our manufactured, FAILING ersatz Left hand Democratic NAZI Dictatorship, thereby, deflecting away from the common denominator and MAIN issue, universal, single payer health care.
In so doing, the Right actually HELPS our single payer cause.
They both begin rapidly losing any semblence of substantive difference, credibility, legitimacy, cancelling, negating each other and revealing the irrationality, illogic, inconsistencies, trivialities of their supposed, but, false, antithetical solutions as the flip, reverse side of the same coin.

Even the Business Channel is more forthright, asking why do we not OVERTLY discuss national, universal single-payer as opposed to the bogus, Byzantine labyrinth, maze of the Democratic proposed health care bill, which basically assures NO single payer, but, instead, further tax subsidization for PRIVATE insurance companies.
Thus the orchestrated Kabuki Theatre medical insurance town hall meeting distraction, fights, above.

Sandwiched between the manufactured, false, bankrupt dichotomies and NOT represented by media coverage is everyone else and the solution of national, universal, single-payer health care.
THE bogey man.

Only one thing is missing here and elsewhere.
Institutional,organized class representatives to seize power, seize the moment, seize the opportunity, seize the initiative because HERE United Suckers and Assholes institutionalized labor representatives, our SEIU Andy Stern led gang and AFL-CIO (CIA) and their ersatz Left Foundation and State Dept clones are part and parcel of our Fascist, crypto-Nazi Democratic Dictatorship, i.e, an intrinsic ingredient represented in the false, stylized, fashioned dichotomy of Kabuki Theatre politics.

Thus, our official class representatives represent NO opposition where they should be the LEADING voice. A political vacuum. But, our audacious, spontaneous, ad-hoc, Single-Payer coalition advocates have come to the rescue and filled this gaping void and THEY serve as a PRINCIPLED political opposition and catalyst since no other one exists, which, in turn, has necessitated this enormous organized response, outpouring, deflection, at our health care town hall meetings.

And, in NAZI Islamic Iran a somewhat comparable situation exists.

However, the explosive economic and military contradictions surrounding Baghdad/KRG/Iran sits in the middle of a regional tinderbox of competing commercial interests, a veritable ticking time bomb, which threatens to ignite, explode and engulf everyone, continuing, of course, an already unstable, highly flammable, NAZI occupation, invasion and counter-revolutionary, privatization program both in Iraq, Iran, the greater MENA region, extending through to the Caucasus and the entire globe.

Here is but one more article about Iran's Privatization:

BUT, the GLOBAL tide IS turning.

First, however, it is necessary to expose, recognize and smash through the intentionally erected barricades and tactics of the FAKE, ersatz, created, bogus Left opposition to a unified, global PRINCIPLED class front.

Here, in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship it began and is best represented, highlighted by our Single-Payer health care coalition, which helped bring this moment to its present crisis. Again, what is missing in action is our ORGANIZED labor leadership, seated on the opposite side.

Likewise regarding Iran AND Iraq.

Their position should be a big, humongous, gigantic NO to privatization, NO to both NAZI Islamic Iran AND Iraq's present criminal governments and a withdrawal of ALL FOREIGN, which includes, IRANIAN, MILITARY FROM IRAQ.

Be aware, everyone, the G20 will meet in United Assholes and Suckers Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan NAZI Dictatorship this September in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

And, you can rest assured, the ersatz, fake, bogus, Left, Opposition is already working overtime to make sure THEY represent the voice of the so-called Opposition so that NONE of the above becomes reality.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today's post was precipitated by a question or reminder from a friend the other day.
So, I decided to return to the subject and highlight it.
It is not new, as you will see, but, certainly, timely.
Very much a part of our present day historical continuum.
The question boils down to the following:
Is/was secretive US Pentagon Plans Officer Fritz Kraemer, mentor of Kissinger, Haig and other notables named below, as you will see, one and the SAME person as NAZI German General Fritz Kraemer?

This question was brought to my attention first by independent, ad hoc, researcher extraordinaire (before the age of internet) Mae Brussell, who, along with Kraemer, since died.

Following is a transcript related to this matter from one of Mae's roughly 650 or more hourly programs, entitled World Watchers International, a weekly, taped, broadcast aired on a SMALL, independent, non-commercial, local radio station, KAZU, Carmel, California for over 17 years, until her death.

I do not want to sidetrack into the complicated web of information that Mae followed all those years at the moment. It just would be too difficult to explain for the uninitiated and only serve as a distraction. You will clearly get an idea anyway from the context of the following transcript.

But, again, for this purpose only, simply focus on the discussion around Kraemer in the transcript below.

And, then, I will provide further substantiating links on this matter afterwards.
So, in the following, roughly, half, mid way down, beginning with the following sentence to the end:

"....Now who is this Fritz Kraemer? Why do I keep talking about Fritz Kraemer? I'm going to run through a few questions and points about Fritz Kraemer that some of you remember and have, but I owe it to the new listeners to understand [some things] about Fritz Kraemer...."

Again, beginning with the above sentence, roughly midway, follow the text through to the end:

And, now, here are a few more sample links to help substantiate Kraemer's significance, his avowed connections to some very powerful people, the "coincidences" and secretiveness Mae noticed:,+plans+officer,+pentagon&source=bl&ots=pMaL5AlUpA&sig=I7cNINC2Sz214Sn8Q42eIdgYPYY&hl=en&ei=aqB7Sq_nGYWMtge6kKDoAQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5#v=onepage&q=fritz%20kraemer%2C%20plans%20officer%2C%20pentagon&f=false

And more, much more. First:

And, following from the above, it is important to peruse the subheadings related to Hubertus Hoffman's background, biography, articles, investments, associations, etc.:

So, to return.
Mae's initial question about the curious coincidences of identity surrounding German NAZI General and US Pentagon Plans Officer Fritz Kraemer has YET to be answered satisfactorily.
As they say above, one questionable early photo of a very young Kraemer subsequently was produced regarding a person who never appeared publicly, was not photographed, etc., yet, held the substantial and significant role and power ascribed to him above. Odd. Very strange. Wouldn't you agree?
It would certainly have been very easy, simple enough to DISprove Mae's hypothesis by simply producing Fritz Kraemer for a public interview. Never happened. Always second or third hand reports and one photo supplied.

So, additionally, this post commemorates, honors, pays homage, remembers, highlights Mae's courageous, outstanding, inspirational and singular, dogged years of determined, indefatigable, persevering, unpaid investigative journalism and scholarly research.
Mae did not get everything correct.
But, alot. Enough.
Unfortunately, the organization and presentation of her material was and still is somewhat convoluted and difficult to follow.
She only wrote a few articles, alas.
Nonetheless, she was the ONLY person at the time in the US or abroad actually documenting and following in real time the interconnections of a burgeoning US NAZI state.
If you want more material or to hear some of her many tapes, go to the website above, from which I pulled the transcript.
The article I recommend, her best and most well known is:
"The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination."
It is listed under the category "Articles" at the above website homepage.

So,to end on a humorous note.
An upcoming event of comedy, irony and sarcasm flowing directly from the above subject matter.
As a response, you can either laugh or cry.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Those of you reading my blog more or less since inception in 2005 will recall I have been tracking the MYSTERIOUS, MURKY, UNNAMED Eagle Group of Iraq which initially partnered with Canada's Heritage Oil when Heritage was principally owned by Canada's Gulbenkian, Mr. 5% of the original Iraq Petroleum Company.

I never ascertained for sure who is/was the Eagle Group of Iraq, so, I speculated it is/was Talabani and/or Barzani and elements of their criminal Fascist clan, gang.
I dared anyone to prove me wrong by providing documentation WHO precisely is/was the Eagle Group of Iraq.
Nobody ever did.

In turn, afterwards, since that point, Canada's Heritage Oil Company went through a few incarnations, changed hands, its latest owner being African British mercenary and sleazebag Tony Buckingham, about which I had linked numerous times to a wonderful article highlighting his African escapades and adventures, to which I will link again for the umpteenth time because it represents such a marvelous tour-de-force:

And, simultaneous to Buckingham acquiring Heritage, Morgan Cazenove became their advisor.
I then wondered, speculated what happened to the Eagle Group of Iraq during Heritage's many twists and turns.

I ASSUMED the Eagle Group of Iraq was dead.

But, then, just now, I read the following and the answer to my question BOTH before and now sprang forth, jumped out, slapped me in the face.
The Eagle Group of Iraq is NOT dead. It is very much alive.
The "state" referred to in the following is by now YOU KNOW WHO.

Do I have to spell it out?:

And, guess who else is joining the happy crowd above, investing in Kurdistan? Stretch your imagination just one little iota.
Answer below.
Check it out. Anyone surprised? NOT I, for sure:

And, by the way, guess who is/was appointed new Director of Iraq's South Oil Company, replacing the one just fired, DHIA JAFAAR, HAMID JAFAR'S BROTHER of Dana Gas/Crescent Oil fame! One big happy family.
The extensive and prominent background of Iraq's Jafar/Jaafar family is quite something, like that of the Chalabi clan/dynasty and clearly a nest of well placed, opportunistic thieves, spies and traitors against Saddam:

As for Armageddon.
My heading above relates BOTH to the intractable energy conflicts and explosion represented between Baghdad/Iran/KRG AND NOW, in ADDITION, the NEWEST, latest regional development in which Turkey and Russia's Gazprom have IN PRINCIPAL signed agreements to realize Gazprom's South Stream project, thus, directly competing with US/EU Nabucco while Russia's Lukoil STILL clamors for Iraq inclusion.

Whether or not Turkey-Gazprom's South Stream agreement comes to fruition is questionable.
But, reports exist that Georgia, i.e, the CAUCASUS is being rearmed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Two entries today.
This one and the one below.
NONE tomorrow.

I highlight the following link about Iceland's bankrupt Bank Kaupthing which, in turn, has within it further background link/posts connecting Iran's Tchenguiz Brothers with Bank Kaupthing BECAUSE if you follow the threads backwards in time from some of my earlier entries, to which I will link below, it gets quite interesting.
"Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive":

And, now, for my previous post which, IN TURN, again, has further embedded links, posts, going back to a UAE military offsets program about which executed WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl wrote and, in turn, more interconnections with the Tchenguiz Brothers, their Rotch Property Group, etc.

So, follow or unravel the links/threads backwards in time:

In a closing understatement and current article, ironic footnote, postscript to the above:
"UAE President Among Newsweek's List of the 50 Most Powerful People in the World":‏

He who laughs last laughs best, I suppose.
And, my second or first post for today, scroll down just below this one...


I've had much information about the numerous intractable internal regional contradictions, the inexorable, upcoming confrontation between Iraq's KRG/Baghdad/Iran so-called regional FASCIST governments, criminal militias, armies and WHY I refer to it as the inevitable upcoming Mid East Big Bang explosion, resolution, forthcoming conflagration, i.e, regime change, congruency and mopping up.

The following articles merely encapsulate and reaffirm what I have been following all along.

More specifics, details available on this and other websites, including my own blogspot.
It is NOT a secret, except, of course, to United Suckers and Assholes myopic citizens intentionally kept in the dark.

As a consequence, I am sorry to say, anyone living in Iraq's diaspora wishing to return will NOT be able to do so UNLESS you come with gun in hand and are prepared to fight.
That is truth, reality, as I see it, confirmed by FACTS I have enumerated on my blogspot, not any stupid opinion, propaganda piece, wishful, Pollyana like thinking and/or ostrich face buried in the sands of denial.

Events unfolding in Iran, as I have also said many times over, are related to control of Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister and government.

And, you can rest assured, a "plan" is already being implemented to put in place a different, so-called nominal, but, compliant, "Arab" Iraq regime, instead, which is why all the rumors and reports circle about coups, opposition groups, secret outside dealings with remnants of the Arab Baath Party, while, simultaneously, hypocritically they continue to execute and/or imprison the legitimate representatives of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, like Tariq Aziz.

And, THAT IN A NUTSHELL is the truth.

So, here are the articles about Iraq and its upcoming explosion to which I refer.
The first article, link below, is general and leads into the second, more specific link.
And, of course, these competing and conflicting economic factions are NOT happening in an isolated, geostrategic, geopolitical, surrounding, regional vacuum.
All factors impact all else everywhere and are interrelated.
Thus an increasing, NOT DECREASING, upwards spiral, a crescendo both of internal and external contradictory factors, irresolvable economic contradictions, tensions, pressures are mounting towards its inevitable explosive resolution.
So, first:

Then, number two, following:

And, here's an extra one I tossed in about Afghanistan:
"First Afghan Hydrocarbon Bidding Round 2009 Bidders:"

So, United Assholes, Suckers, fools and idiots, and others, as well, enjoy your many upcoming regional wars, world conflagrations and possible, probable, annihilation.
And, for what? For who? For which purposes?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I post the following link and ongoing events in South Korea (and other places) simply because NOTHING even remotely similar occurs here, in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship.

Instead, here, nothing but a POLICY of self-serving aggrandizement, class collaboration and privatization on the highest union/labor/government level exists.

The ONLY principled, class opposition and resistance in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship at the moment is best represented by our lonely, singular, Single Payer national health/medical care advocates, in turn, OPPOSED, BETRAYED, UNDERMINED at every turn by our anti-Communist infiltrated, institutional labor union leadership.

Following from the above, of course, United Suckers and Assholes hypocritical NAZI DICTATORSHIP, along with OTHER major NAZI Dictatorship countries, invest their working class pension funds in private, multinational corporations in South Korea, amongst other places:

MY response BOTH to the above AND what I will highlight below:
And, the South Korean opposition, as well.
And, here's a video link to a recent official US military presentation at something called the Marshall Institute about "Sea Based Missile Defense," and, as well, countries helping it, like Japan, for example:

GLOBAL Nazism and Fascism is on the march.
The BARBARIANS EVERYWHERE at your doorstep, only to end in cataclysmic defeat or self-annihilation, extinction.

Aside from man made catastrophes as a result of this anarchic, primitive, barbaric, insane, irrational system of economic production, reproduction and distribution in which some/most of us currently are wage or other prisoners/slaves, we happen to also inhabit a dynamic planet in an equally dynamic universe.

Natural catastrophe from earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, dramatic climate shift, sun spots, electrical storms, magnetic shifts, plate tectonics, warming, icing, asteroids, tsunamis, floods, fire, contagious disease, plagues, rodent and insect infestations, hunger, starvation, malnutrition, etc., threaten the entire planet.

But, THEY, above, add insult to injury predicated upon scientific denial, further personal greed, wanton planetary rape, conspicuous consumption, war, allocation of precious natural and human resources to things like missile defence, etc.

It is merely a question of which or what annihilates us first.
In their willing, self-denial, THEY bring the planet and all of us to the edge of the abyss, extinction.
Every step forward is a step BACKWARDS.

By the way, along the above subject of pre-scientific denial, backwardness, irrationality, etc., I will end on the following note, exposing another of the multitudinous Big Lies.
For those of you who STILL dumb enough to swallow THEIR previously hyped and paid disinformation campaign about peak oil and you/they/we think you/we/they are competing for some global shrinking pool of energy, here's confirmation from MY EARLIER posts in which I had many links to previous theories DISPELLING the biological origins of oil/gas.
At the time, in my previous blog, I discussed "Peak versus Deep Oil" and had quite a number of links regarding these revised theories. Well, thanks to a friend, the following article on this subject was recently forwarded to me.
The only question remains how deep is necessary to drill and then the quality of the extracted petroleum AND how these chemical processes really work:

Of course, aside from the above, WE DO NOT NEED all this petroleum and gas. It is an artificially created, controlled, maintained highly profitable circular export and import market and product.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The following, below, is prime example of the Greatest United Suckers and Assholes repulsive, abhorrent, disgusting, nauseating, sickening LABOR, UNION CLASS BETRAYAL, hypocrisy, cynicism, prostitution, collaboration, wholesale sellout, everything about which I write for everyone to see and witness below:

"Rallying for "Medicare for All," Union Activists Shift Focus to States."

And, here is an EXCERPT, link below, the KEY statement you might well miss in their totally disingenuous, misleading rhetoric:

“The life has been sucked out of the ‘public option,’ so if there’s going to be change it’ll have to be at the state level,” said Michael Carano, a Teamsters Local 348 member and Ohio single-payer activist.

This is the kind of bogus, diversionary, divisive tactics, shit, garbage that we deal with here ALL the time ABOUT EVERYTHING.

The very thing condemned, exposed, rejected both at our Single Payer Action website and by myself:

This represents our fake, phony, official, Fascist collaborative organized class representatives, our labor unions and their equally fake, ersatz Left front clones at their very best, the ones who ASSIST privatization and counter-revolution GLOBALLY under guise of Opposition.

THIS is THEIR PATTERN of disinformation, behaviour, modus operandi.
I sincerely, and, I do mean, sincerely, hope ALL their children go off to war and get killed.
The more of them who get killed, the better for the world.
I said previously I would personally lobby for anything resembling a national, universal draft, an equally bogus "national service" act.
I will send them all to fight and die with garlands of flowers.
These people are below human. They STINK. They SMELL.
They ROT to their very core, being and essence.
I REALLY hope they lose EVERYTHING.
Their homes, the shirts off their backs, their jobs, their money, their health care, their pensions.
And, that may well come to pass.

Let them become homeless and live on the streets, like SO many other of their "fellow countrymen" for whom they could care less about:

And, while speaking of disingenuous, smelling, stinking, rotten to the core, much more to be said about NAZI Iran and it/their related privatization:

"Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC) plans to get totally privatized..."
From the following:

And, the following is from June, 2009, regarding Iranian privatization:

The following regards PPL, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, privatization.
You SHOULD read all of the background information provided in the link following, but, here's an EXCERPT, first, a paragraph, which happens to mention a major US investment firm, Merrill Lynch, as a key player in this process:

"....A consortium led by Merrill Lynch International and KASB securities (Pvt) Limited have been appointed by the Privatization Commission (PC) as the Financial Advisor (FA) for the strategic sale of GoP's 51 % interest in the company. Five (5) parties were prequalified as potential bidders for the transaction. The Government of Pakistan continues to pursue the privatization process through sale of its majority interest in the Company to a strategic investor and remains committed to proceed with the transaction with a view to concluding the process at an early date..."

Above excerpt from:

So, now you know, if you did not already, for what/which reasons, why and for whom everybody is fighting.

Morgan Stanley, First Persia Fund, Bank Melli, Parsian Bank/Akbank/Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Exxon, Russia's privatized corporations and oligarchs, Gazprom, Lukoil, present Iranian control of Iraq's Baghdad Oil Ministry versus the Erbil, KRG gang, Iran Khodro, Pakistan privatization, the UAE, Arab Switzerland of the Gulf, Israel's Nochi Dankner, Egypt's EFG Hermes, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas empire and Abraaj, Royal Dutch Shell, Conoco Phillips and so on.

Those are some of the many highlights, above.
And, ALL MUST be REVERSED, smashed, diminished, seized, liquidated and thrown to the wind.

Now, anyone reading this post either themselves or who has friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, acquaintances with a PRIVATE PENSION, find out WHERE, WHICH COMPANIES your/their/his/her pension monies are invested.
If you or they own even one share, you will receive a prospectus or shareholder update itemizing the above.
More than likely, your/their monies are invested into all, some, many, most of the above major multinational corporations.
IF it is a "mutual fund," the mutual fund, in turn, invests into the above and the information, once again, is publicly available from the mutual fund.
In each country, prominent corporate names overlap, generally, in every investment fund along with a few smaller, perhaps, local, less well known companies.
But, the MAJORS are represented just about everywhere.

You can easily look at the prospectus for ANY large, institutional investment fund and compare the prominence of these overlapping names. Oftentimes, Directors and major shareholders, as well.
To the extent you/they are invested in any/all of the above is the extent to which you/they are exposed, DEPENDENT, MORTGAGED upon the success, or, lack thereof, of their bloodsoaked overseas privatization adventures, expansion and profits.

You/they are their SILENT PARTNERS, like it or not.

Unless and until this equation, applecart is overturned, reversed and PRIVATE corporations are LIQUIDATED, DIMINISHED, their assets seized, divested and nationalized, these competitive contradictions and wars for market share, profit, control, expansion, monopoly ownership will simply amplify and perpetuate themselves.

NO other explanation exists for the incongruous absurdity of US mercenary troops situated in various and sundry exotic locations AROUND THE GLOBE, such as the deserts of the Middle East and the mountains of Afghanistan.

ABOVE is the ONLY reason why.

Lastly, as a concrete EXAMPLE, illustration of the above, a friend gave me a Shareholder Report, May, 2009, from a relatively popular, commonplace mutual investment fund in the US, Fidelity Equity-Income II.
So, I thought I would utilize it to demonstrate my point.
Remember, I simply chose the above one as a handy ILLUSTRATION of a common PATTERN.
I intentionally did NOT select this because it is special. Just the opposite.

So, here's a thumbnail breakdown.
I lumped together two or three separate subheadings because they ALL relate to Financial.
So, Financial or Financial related: Approximately 35%
Again, I lumped together a few subheadings because they ALL related to Energy.
So, Energy: Approximately 30%
And, Health Care/Medical/Pharmaceuticals. Once again, I lumped together related categories.
So, Health Care/Medical/Drugs,Pharma: Approximately 15%

The above 3 major categories, alone, equal roughly 80%!!

I will not itemize the remaining appxly 20%. Altho, I should note here that major Military Contractors, Corporations, also overlap categorized under various subheadings.
They simply are not specified Military, as such.

UNDER the 3 major headings/categories, above, prominent corporate names are immediately recognizable by most everybody.

Finally, ending on an anecdotal note.

Sometimes, occasionally, when the opportunity presents itself, I confront, mention, point out to anyone here WHERE their pension monies are invested, the underlying contradictions and risks, never mind morality, and I ask them WHAT they plan to do about it.

I am met either with blank stares, apoplectic expressions, shrug of the shoulders and/or lame excuses, apologies and rationalizations for apathy to the effect:

"Well, that's the way it is. That's life. What can you/one/I do about it?
I have no control over my union, investments. I just pay my dues. Go to work. Etc."
So, I respond to them and to anyone and everyone else:
"WHOSE money is it, anyway? WHO worked for it? WHOSE union is it?
WHOSE pension fund? WHY have you relinquished control OVER YOUR OWN MONEY AND LIFE?"