Saturday, August 30, 2008


As in most of everything one hears and reads, these days, truth is usually inverted from what is being promulgated.
Just turn whatever it is that is being asserted upside down and you begin to get a glimmer of the truth.
Alice in Wonderland Thru the Looking Glass and the Cheshire Cat.

So, as I left my apartment the other day, I heard about Nazi McCain's upcoming VP choice, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, and I knew she would immediately seal the deal for him.
Not that McCain wouldn't win anyway.
That is a foregone conclusion to me.

But, McCain's VP pick will assure a much greater, larger, decisive, overwhelming, sweeping victory.
It is a brilliant strategy.
It pulled the rug right out from under the stodgy, dour, demagogic, Vichy Democrats and Obama's religious revivalist meetings, rock concerts and Nazi Youth rallies.

Ironically, I had highlighted Palin's role and the oil and gas conflicts in Alaska in an earlier blog I did.
Whatever else may be said about her, Palin is very much her own person, as opposed to the two vacuous, empty headed vessels into whom platitudes are poured and spouted out, Obama and Biden.
Basically, Palin puts them all to shame, including McCain.
She can and will run rings around them all.
In addition, Palin represents quintessential "Middle Ms. America."
A win-win for McCain, not to mention a slap in the face for Hillary.

Here's two little introductory clips about Palin, but, obviously, you will see and hear much of her, shortly,


And, by the term "landslide," above, in my heading, I mean approximately a 5% margin, more or less. That might not seem like much to a normal person. But in our two Bourgeois/Fascist Party monopoly system, which is roughly equally divided, the pendulum does not swing back and forth very much between the two.

It is easiest to conceptualize these Parties as Corporations or Sports Teams with players, stars, employees, staff, shareholders, fans, hangers-on, etc. Whichever Corporation/Team wins, their Party hacks/employees and the rest benefit from the trickle down fruits and largess of government monies, monopoly and power, each corporation/party/team representing roughly 20% of the voting population, more or less.

The remainder don't bother voting or vote Independent. Thus, our national elections are decided by appxly 20% of our voting population. Hardly a mandate. The national elections are predetermined anyway, and the many and numerous variables on the road to election are controlled and adjusted to achieve the predetermined, desired outcome.

Now, as a continuation of the Looking Glass theory, the Democrats actually represent greater continuity of Bush's bankrupt policies and McCain represents greater discontinuity with the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal policies, or, an emphasis shift on a subtle, sliding gradient scale, which is why McCain has been predetermined to win. Just as our previous policy shift was validated by America's mid-term s-elections of 2006, the present "policy shifts" will get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval by "popular" acclamation, i.e., elections.

"Lord, Lord, The People Hath Spoken!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Rather than add to the uselessness of the idle, chattering class and noise of the fake Left both here and abroad, a few brief notes, hopefully.

It seems that one outcome of Georgia's most recent military provocation was/is to sabotage the Western supported Nabucco gas pipeline, in addition to other related factors, such as expanding NATO and Missile Defense.
Here's something about Nabucco, "Nabucco at Risk After Georgia Crisis,"

And another on the same subject, "War Leaves Russia With Veto Power over Georgian Energy,"

The question becomes, why would the US want to sabotage its own project by instigating a military provocation designed to increase instability in a region that was already securily in the hands of a pro-Western backed government in Georgia?
Doesn't that seem odd?

There's one logical answer, only.
The above outcome was desired.
The purpose, to supply Europe and Nabucco gas from alternative, private sources, like, for example, the Dana Gas, Iran, Kurdistan, Egypt, Middle East growing empire, instead.

To economically suffocate, isolate, encircle, surround and DEPRIVE Russia and it's semi-nationalized Gazprom of its market outlet, while, simultaneously, enhancing the "emerging economies" of the Middle East and the Dana/Crescent/Jafar/Abraaj/Iran/UAE/GCC/Egypt/Pakistan empire as it/they expand inexorably forward and onwward like a tentacled octupus.
The interlocking directorates, above, is represented, for example, in the following, "Iran and UAE Willing to Remove Misunderstandings..."

Idiots in the US, of course, cannot distinguish what is meant and the nuances of "regime change" in Iran, the differences and problems presented between the function and role of Iran's competing and conflicting, sectarian Nazi militias in Iraq, Iran's Revolutionary Guards, and regional congruency with the economic interests represented by those above and that of Morgan Stanley's First Persia Fund.

For those of you reading my blog for some time, you will hopefully recall my previous entries about "Mopping Up" in Iraq and Congruency and Regime Change in Iran.
Direct links to those blog entries,


Following what I then said, the Butcher of Baghdad, Iran's Sadr and his sectarian, Nazi militia has just announced he/it/they are suspending their military activities indefinitely in Iraq.
And, the following, along with alot else completely unreported or misreported in the US, "Top Iraqi Official Detained..."

And, while I am on the subject of psuedo-religious, reactionary Islamic fanatacism and Fascism, it is beyond belief and credulity to me that anybody labelling themselves supposedly Left and/or Opposition/Resistance outside of Turkey STILL does NOT acknowledge, recognize and support Turkey's enormous, militant, vast, impressive, vocal opposition to the Fascistic, pseudo-religious, privatizing, policies of their AKP.
This speaks volumes, by itself.
Nothing more need be said.

The Turkish opposition has been "Left" to hang by themselves, not by accident but by design.

Back here, in the US, I will repeat one obvious observation I made towards the beginning of the Presidential primary campaign and mentioned in my above two previous blog links.

Nazi McCain is going to win.
The race is pre-determined.

If the Vichy Democrats WANTED to win, they could easily have united behind Hillary, who, by the way, unlike Obama, is a superb orator.
And they could have chose Obama the VP.

The Vichy Democrats SHOULD have sailed into the Presidency.
They took "impeachment off the table," so they could run directly against Bush.
But, instead, the candidates are neck and neck.
Because Obama was placed early into the Vichy Democratic primary campaign, intentionally, as the "ringer," the great divider who has alienated half the Vichy Democratic Party and the country, the straw candidate, the second Republican who will go down like a lead balloon.

Nazi McCain will be a one term President and Vichy Democrat Hillary was probably promised the candidacy after Nazi McCain's term expires.
The entire Vichy Democratic Convention and everything about the Presidential primaries is/was totally maneuvered and manipulated towards this outcome.
They, it, our Fascist unions, the fake Left and this country are despicable, sickening, deplorable and nauseating.

There is absolutely no redeeming feature or characteristic to any of the above.

The Vichy Democratic primary caucuses were loaded up front by Nazi Republican crossover voting and Obama is supported by Fascist unions. These unions are inside collaborating with, not outside protesting, the Vichy Democratic Convention.
And, THAT is THE problem in this country.
Just as everybody has been totally quiescent in supporting Turkey's opposition to the AKP and the AKP's "passion to sell state enterprises."

And, lest you think I've forgotten "Old Europe," another sickening development along similiar lines.
After many ferocious and militant battles, Gaz de France has finally been privatized, with enormous implications and major reverberations both within and without France.

Below is a footnote, an explanation, an addendum, to the above, expressly for the idiots and morons with whom I live in the US.

While French labor might have militantly battled and resisted privatization of Gaz de France and Turkey's militant opposition has opposed the reactionary and privatizing policies of their Fascist AKP, no such resistance exists in the US.
On the contrary.

While US and European backed private interests are busy chastizing Russia about Georgia, blocking Gazprom's semi-nationalized, quasi state industry, there is absolutely no contradiction with private Russian oligarchs purchasing natural resources and industry in the US and elsewhere, abroad.
With active acquiescence and collaboration of US Fascist labor unions, Russia's Severstal, for example, has become America's fourth largest owner and producer of steel.

In this report from March, 2008, the usually excellent John Helmer claims Russia's Severstal might be encouraged to move abroad because it/they are worried about Russia's re-nationalization of their steel industry. How ironic!
"All ye Fascists of the World Unite" and come over to the US, a safe haven.
The "N" word is as strictly verboten in the US as is Bejing's Forbidden City in China.
And, it is the primary reason why we/they had to smash the Iraqi state and that of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia previous to Iraq.


Furthermore, depending on which sources one reads, there is no contradiction to Russia's private company, Lukoil, being invited to bid for contracts in Iraq.
This assertion varies with differing sources and I have not been able to confirm it, for sure.

Finally, one last note.
Alittle reminder about other connections characterizing the nature of the Fascist dictatorship/state in which we live,

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, the first shoe has fallen.

More to come in this story.
The chattering class is busy commenting on it all.

For various reasons, I have not been able to get to a computer much, recently.
But, when I do, nothing much changes. Same old story with updates.

In view of current events, I thought I would link to the following two pieces, first, because I liked the nickname, O'Bummer.
I dubbed him, Mr. Zero, the papier mache candidate, the straw man.
But, O'Bummer is an equally clever and descriptive name.
Maybe I could combine the best of all possible worlds and rename him Mr. Zero O'Bummer.
And, now, his new sidekick, O'Bummer Biden.
Additionally, the following two articles save me alot of effort recapitulating information.
In addition to the two articles below, not included, keep in mind Biden's "illustrious" background regarding Yugoslavia's dismemberment and bombing.

Then, no less important, Biden was one of the "principals" with whom Pakistan's former ISI Chief, Ahmad, met in Washington on his visit the week of 9/11.
For a reminder on this last relationship, see the following time lime of events,

And, then, the following two current retrospectives on Zero O'Bummer and Biden-O'Bummer.
One caveat to the following.
I never subscribe to the "Israel or Zionist Lobby" theory.
I do not use the characterization, intentionally, because I think it is a misleading one.
It inverts the power relationship, for one thing.
It's the same as saying the Bilderberg's control the world.
Concrete relationships coincide, conflict, overlap, merge, etc.
But, for example, the events and purposes of 9/11 was NOT a "Zionist conspiracy."
The consequences, execution and reasons for 9/11 were profound and multifold.


For entertainment, you can watch the spectacle or spectacular at the upcoming Democratic Convention, when, once again, another Nazi Rally is being organized for O'Bummer's acceptance speech.
Or, better yet, there MAY be some unorchestrated sparks flying when Hillary's delegates are called to be counted on Wednesday evening, I believe it is Wednesday evening.
That's about the only time when something of interest MIGHT occur. Inside, that is.

It would be truly wonderful if all Hillary's delegates got up and walked out in unison, singing, "We Shall Overcome..."

Of course, Biden was picked to lend "gravitas" to the apparently ethereal and weightless candidate who is/was being set up to fall in America's pre-selected, pre-orchestrated Presidential race.
In previous days, the appointment of the King was never decided by popular vote.
The propertied class decided, since it is they whose interests are represented by the royal government.
It is as equally true now.
However, instead, now, for propaganda purposes, we perpetuate the electoral system and label it, "democracy," something promoted abroad and as equally manipulated there as here.

In line with the subject matter above, about Iraq and federalism, here's a few interesting notes.
What's interesting about the following to me is the source and timing. Burhan Chalabi.
I do not know IF Burhan is related to Ahmed Chalabi, altho, I must assume so. "Iran's US Gamble Over Iraq Will Fail,"

And, in a matter related, the following, "Iran's Revolutionary Guards to Train Iraqi Shiite Youth,"

And, in a combination of obvious desperation, irony, comedy, and chutzpah, all combined together, Ahmadimidget is apparently getting a PR makeover job,

One could not script the above better if I were writing it for a fictional comedy program.

On the matter of the "New Big Caucasus," above, in my heading.

In contrast to the useless pontifications of the chattering class, who always manages to miss the main story, I offer the following analysis related to both Iraq/Kurdistan and the entire region, once again, from Regnum.
Their English is a little convoluted, but, in my humble opinion, it is well worth any minor effort to compensate to try to understand the substance of what they are communicating.
If you have any difficulty understanding the introductory paragraphs, the main points are enumerated, anyway, below, in an EASILY comprehensible fashion, "The New Big Caucasus....What Exists No More and What Can Happen,"

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I should really begin this blog by saying, "I told ya so," altho, it wouldn't do any good.

So, let's open today's entry with the following links to set the stage.

As usual, from my favorite source, the English language Turkish press, regarding the implications of Georgia, Russia and Iran:

The above flows NOT from "neocons" but from

which I have had on my blogs for umpteen number of months, years. Totally disregarded.

They continue blabbing about Bush's war.

The implications of the Georgia explosion.
Front and center, NATO and EU expansion, very much at the heart of it all. Shit or get off the pot.
The US military has been doing the dirty work for awhile, in Iraq and elsewhere, while European multi-nationals are also reaping benefits from privatization, expansion and investment in Iraq, Iran, the GCC, Middle East, etc.
They have just been put on notice and sent a bill via Georgia.
This is hardly the end.
Just the beginning.
The opening salvo.

Next, regarding the pro-Iran lobby, here, and Europe, the following article,

And, a little footnote on the above.
During the Clinton Administration there was ALMOST a rapprochement between Iran and the US. I did some entries about this on my previous, now blocked, blog, regarding objections by the Pahlavi interests, represented by the Kenneth Timmerman-WorldNetDaily faction in the US.
For ALITTLE background reminder on the above, from 2000,

And, about Timmerman,

I assume that Morgan Stanley and their friends (the First Persia Fund) will make sure the Pahlavi interests are adequately represented in any future privatization developments.

As I have said, previously, Iran's present Fascist clerical regime WILL GO. They are damaged goods.
They have outlived their usefulness.
Iran's clerical regime and its militias will no longer have a MONOPOLY on power in Iran.
They will morph into something else, like Sadr.

Meanwhile, along these lines, Iraq is about to be divided.
In the north, Kurdistan, and the south, Basra, in a "federalism" scene which will conform geographically to the economic interests of Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Heritage, Eagle Group of Iraq, etc.

Much info available on this on numerous websites, some of which I've had on my blog, in the past.
But, here's another one,

In the north of Iraq, the implications of an independent Kurdistan can be seen easily to potentially implicate and reconfigure the entire map, enlarge, encompass, threaten, impinge, impact, nibble away on the territorial integrity of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, bypass, encircle, block and threaten Russia.
More regional instability, aggression, war.

A clear extension of and concomitant to events in Georgia, which has merely been the first shoe to drop in a number of regional shoes remaining to fall, from Kirkuk to regime change in Iran.
And, then, there's Ukraine.
And, you can expect the Armenia genocide resolution to pass through Congress easily the next time around.

What the Lord giveth, he taketh away. Any temporary deals, cease-fires, negotiated at the moment between Russia and Georgia will be null and void shortly by upcoming events related to Kirkuk, Basra and regional destabilization near Russia's borders. Georgia will become a cause celebre. A rallying cry.

And, the UN is planning to reestablish and expand its presence in what remains of Iraq.

In the South of Iraq, an independent Basra region will be formed, whether or not geographically annexed to Iran and/or the GCC.
The Basra region is already, de facto, economically aligned with Iran and the GCC both through their Dana Gas and Crescent Oil intertwined directorates.

Iran supplies Dana with its energy/gas.
Another fact conspicuously ignored.

Further, regarding Iran and Iraq, another free trade zone on the border, in addition to the present Free Trade Zone of Iran's Kish Island,

Now, presented here is a nice roundup of some pertinent highlights surrounding Gazprom's recent expansion, as you can see,

In the above, he mentions that Iran can supply Nabucco gas to Europe. Well, that's certainly true.

BUT, it will be PRIVATIZED gas. Dana Gas?? NEVER MENTIONED.

There's a reason why Iran's Ahmadimidget got the cold shoulder from his recent visit to Turkey. NO DEALS completed. Everybody is waiting for the other shoes to drop. Ahmadimidget is damaged goods.

And, it is now, finally, openly discussed and acknowledged as a factor that Europe depends for almost half their energy supplies from Russia. So, Western Europe is strategically, economically "trapped" or dependent on Gazprom. THIS is the power/economic relationship that "they" feel must be changed. Western European multinationals are equally dependent or interdependent upon American military power to open up and maintain market access for them elsewhere. They are intimately intertwined, including Eastern Europe. So, ultimately, for their own economic interests, despite anything they say now, they WILL go along with the US/East European attempts to impede, inhibit, restrict Russia and Gazprom.

And, no problems would exist about Russia and Gazprom, IF Russia's Gazprom were not 51% state owned. Gazprom is not completely nationalized, but, it is 51% more than anything here, in the US. (People who live in glass houses should not throw stones). And, then, there's Russian collaboration with Venezuela and Venezuela's recent nationalization programs. Both fact and principle is THE threat. A precedent.

But, Russia, too, is caught with its own internal contradictions and fifth column. Its private oligarchs, Western investment and capital market integration. So, in this overall situation, either Putin/Russia intensifies re-nationalization, in which case there is a tangible reason for which to fight, or, they/he might as well avoid the whole show and simply give up now and become another player in the Fascist program of global privatization. There's no reason to bother fighting to defend and expand the interests of private oligarchs, Chubais, Fascist scum,

For some highlights in this ongoing development, I decided to simply add these links at the bottom, for more easy reading.

"Foreign Investors Pour Billions into Iraq's Kurdistan...\2008-08-15\kurd.htm

Germany's BASF Wintershall Group plans expansion into Abu Dhabi, UAE, Persian Gulf, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt,

And, then, "...Abraaj Appoints CEO for Pakistan..."
Recall, the ubiquitous Hamid Jafar sits on the interlocking Board of Abraaj, Dana, Crescent, the American University, etc.
The question ought to be, "Where is Jafar NOT on the Board?

And, is it any wonder given all of the above and more, "Tension on the Straits of Hormuz,"

And, for Egypt's EFG-Hermes. Reminder, Citibank, well situated in Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, is a 20% shareholder and has 2 Board seats on EFG-Hermes, if I remember correctly.
They have record profits this year:

For updates on Dana Gas, one can go directly to their website, as well. They, too, like EFG-Hermes, and others, have posted substantial gains,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Before commenting on the above heading, I thought a brief snippet of pertinent American history is in order as an introduction why and how we are where we are now.

Label it a point of personal preference, or, indulgence, or, sentimentality, if you wish.

So, here's today's brief historical footnote, a short video about the Cold War and the Rosenberg executions, with many, many more videos on a similar theme from which to choose on the right hand sidebar,

And, one more snippet for illustrative purposes only,

I did a post previously on the above subject in January, 2008.

Nothing has changed fundamentally.

So, now, with that brief introduction/reminder, fast forward to the present.

My observation in my above heading, war with Russia has been OPENLY, as opposed to covertly, declared.

JBANC and their allies are working overtime at the moment, as well as the entire Establishment and fake opposition, Left and peace movement. ( )
Hardly a surprise, except for timing.
But, there was a "deal," officially denied, between the US and Putin just alittle bit before, to "exchange" Georgia/So. Ossetia condemnation for Iran sanctions cooperation in the UN Security Council.
Recall the flack about this proposal at the JBANC website when NY Democratic Senator Schumer let the cat out of the bag? (See June 6, June 10 and July 23 entries on the jbanc website regarding this issue).

Next comes survival of Turkey's Fascist AKP government, hanging on by a thread.

If Turkey's AKP falls, the applecart will be completely overturned, the game finished and much, if not all, previous consequences reversed.
The power alignment will be profoundly and forever changed.
Turkey, for example, can ally with Russia economically, politically and militarily.
And, ever more possibilities will open for ALL people in this region to further unite and combine, to reverse the processes that have been foisted upon them and others.


Every step of the way there have been concrete issues that have been completely and totally ignored by our fake opposition, fake Left, fake peace movement.

Long time back I said collaborating with Iran's barbaric Nazi militias is complete and total insanity and self-destructive policy, from the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal to Russia/Putin.
Everybody will go down with its repercussions.

All along, again, instead of supporting Turkey's opposition against their Fascist AKP, NOTHING was said, nothing was done, and, this policy continues.

Instead of exposing and opposing the KRG's policies, NOTHING was said, nothing was done and continues so.
Indeed, in every instance and every way, just the opposite became official and unofficial policy.

This is a partial list of CONCRETE factors intentionally missed and how everybody continues to collude together, digging themselves ever deeper and deeper into a quagmire.

The process continues unabated.

And, in the US, aside from denying those very concrete external facts represented above, such a simple, basic, elementary and fundamental demand as universal, single-payer health care is and was NOT made a unifying, rallying cry, a litmus test, by ANY of our Fascist unions, ANY of our twin, Fascist political parties, fake opposition, fake Left.

So many CONCRETE, specific issues that could open up strategic, broader, tactical doors and alliances, but, roads never taken.

Every chance, every opportunity missed.
Sabotaged by design.

And, so, shall you all pay dearly the consequences.

Soon, Iraq's present government will not remain standing. It will be torn apart, in shreds in a collision course between the many competing and conflicting economic and military interests represented above, between the KRG, Kirkuk, Turkey, Iran, the GCC and other, regional Arab states.

I've had much in previous blogs about this, but, here's more confirmation, "Iraq Needs Arab, Muslim Neighbors..."

And, another indication of events to come, "Basra's Bid for Special Status..."

And, "Fears of Fresh War as Kirkuk Tensions Mount,"\2008-08-10\kurd.htm

So, when you hear/read about military escalation, etc., ALL the above are the many reasons why, as I had in my previous posts. NOT war on/with Iran, who has been America's consistent ally in this process.
Iran IS, instead, a major, negative, contributing factor in the above.
And, it is true that Iran's Fascist, Islamic militias in Iraq have become liabilities and they will have to be mitigated, controlled in this vast, upcoming, explosive confrontation of competing economic and military interests, all of whom are in a collision course with one another.
Iran is A, NOT THE, reason/factor for military escalation.

Additionally, a second military front has been added into the mix, Russia and the Caucasus.

Meanwhile, the privatization bubble in the GCC, as elsewhere, continues.

I don't bother highlighting it anymore. But, this is the reason for which everyone is dying and fighting. Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Heritage, the Eagle Group of Iraq, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Koc and Sabanci in Turkey, and on and on.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I do not have much time for this post, but, I couldn't resist a few brief reminders.

The chattering class, at present, is very busy on the internet, discovering, dissecting and analyzing recent events between Georgia, Russia, etc., something I've had on my blogs for many, many months.

Remember my consistent high profiles of JBANC? For the latest on them,

And, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, paradoxically dubbed the "peace candidate," by the fake Left, the co-founder of the above Baltic Caucus in Congress?

And, the same guy with impeachment theatrics in Congress, recently.

Anyway, let me welcome back Russian troops, ANYWHERE, on the global stage, including Latin America.
It is/was very heartening to see them on the move, once again. Reassuring.

Lots of people are busy condemning GEORGIA'S provocation, mercenaries, tactics, attacks on civilians, ethnic purges, etc. rightly so.

On that note, anybody notice any connection between the UN Security Council's recent position on Iran nuke sanctions, events in Georgia and the previous agreement between Russia and the US over Georgia in exchange for cooperation on the Iran nuke sanctions?
That agreement between the US and Russia is certainly null and void at the moment.

Missing in most of what I've glanced at on the internet, so far, are, once again, simple and elementary facts I've had on my posts for a long time.

Reminder, the other shoe(s) that are waiting to fall and explode are Kirkuk, Turkey's Fascist AKP and Iran's Fascist government and militias.

So, on this matter, and a reminder WHY SUDDENLY Georgia is front and center,

Like I said in a previous blog, enjoy!

A personal footnote.
I heard/met, at that time, the Soviet Union's NEW, YOUNG, recently appointed Ambassador to the US/UN representative, Vitaly Churkin, when he first arrived, here.
Churkin, the audience and the event were very, very informal, small and low keyed.

Nothing like now.
I think all of us who heard him speak were very pleased and impressed with the new, handsome young and charming man from the S.U. and his impeccable English.
When the Soviet Union fell, I wondered if he would stay on in his job or be replaced.
I am/was pleased to see he is still around.
More grey hairs now.
So, every time I see and hear him on TV, I think about those first, inconspicuous events.
He does not know it, but, we have grown old together.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I had written a great deal for today's entry.
Then, something occurred before I posted today's entry.
I don't know quite what it was.
A technical glitch of some sort, and, most of it disappeared, irretrievably lost.

And, then, I thought.
So what?
What difference does it make?

I have had tons of information on my blog for months, years.
Does it make any difference?

So, where are we now. Lots and lots of simultaneous events and provocations, all predictable and foreseen.
Most, many, of which I have highlighted, previously, on my blog.

All of it unfolding against the crass backdrop of our American tabloid media's non-stop obsession with a completely irrelevant sex affair.
I pity anyone here without access to the internet.
They have not the foggiest idea what is occurring in the real world.

So, back to that real world.

Another totally foreseen war, provocation, this time, GEORGIA INITIATED against Russia/South Ossetia/Abkhazia.
I will not regurgitate what I have highlighted on this blog for many months and current developments which are being reported on numerous websites, elsewhere.

Obviously, tiny Georgia cannot possibly expect to win a military victory against mighty Russia.
So, the timing and purpose for this sudden, but, not unexpected, escalation and provocation is other than military victory.
Keep in mind ALL the many provocations from Georgia to China and elsewhere when reading the following about an American arms cache in Kyrgyzstan,

Well, I do not expect international forces to come to the aid of Georgia, much as Georgia might like.
But, I do expect Russia will be blamed.
And, justification for NATO expansion.

And, this comes simultaneous to the UN Security Council sanctions on Iran.

And, then, there's Turkey.

Turkey's governing AKP continues to exist in a precarious situation.

Sitting in the middle, geographically, between Turkey and Russia is Georgia.
And, of course, the Western backed, BTC pipeline, running from the Caspian thru Georgia to Turkey, which already has been attacked.
If Turkey's present AKP government were toppled and Turkey realigned itself with Russia instead of the US/Western interests, the results would be more than dramatic, to say the least.
It would be a phenomenal, fantastic, sea change. Additionally, AKP's current, regional partner is, of course, their other Fascist, pseudo-Islamic, reactionary regime, Iran.

And, then, of course, laying over everyone's head, the Sword of Damocles,the Kirkuk explosion.

And, even more regional developments and potential instability, another General Strike threatened in Lebanon. What will Hezbollah do this time? And, as well, developments in Egypt and labor strikes in Kuwait.

So, enjoy.
The best is yet to come.

As for current US politics, still, NO class unity demonstrated around the simplest, most obvious demand for a universal, single-payer health care plan.

If Americans cannot identify their own class interests and act upon it/them in a militant, coherent way, then it is ridiculous to expect differences in foreign affairs.
One is an extension of the other.
Anyone entertaining any idea to the opposite is living in a delusion world, phantasyland.
The US is the most captive in this best of all captive nations.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


A few updates on recent developments.

First, in America's pre-selected, predetermined, Presidential race, Mr. Zero, who represents absolutely nothing, our papier mache Democratic straw candidate, Obama, will shortly be relegated to the historical dustbin, a piece of stale, regurgitated swiss cheese, as I had forecast from the beginning.
A fake opposition, set up to lose.
Hillary is being pressed into service in the failing Obama mafia campaign to DO something, and, no doubt, retire her debt in return.

Undoubtedly, Hillary will perform, perfunctorily, as necessary.
She had her chance to make history.
She could have bolted the Democratic machine, led out her "masses" (let my people go) and created an Independent political movement, a United Front Against Fascism.
She could have made history, or, to paraphrase Marlon Brando in the movie, "On the Waterfront," "(she) coulda been somebody!"

Instead, she acquiesced and chose the path of least resistance.
She, too, alas, will become an historical footnote.

Do not bother yourself over America's meaningless Presidential s-elections.
I don't.
All the exposes one hears are ineffectual and skillfully timed for purposes of partisan political posturing.
And, to make it look like we actually have a contest, a race, a difference of positions.

All of it distractions and diversions, designed to obfuscate from the main events, the major developments, the significant issues.

The dominant American political discourse is as fictional as that of the Sunni/Shia divide they superimposed on Iraq, and, for that matter, much of the world, elsewhere, including the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran.

Recently, for example, much hoopla and fanfare was raised by the commercial media about the bribery indictment of Alaskan Republican Senator Ted Stevens and his well known, long time, incestuous relationship with oil companies.
Concurrent with the above, but not mentioned with the same fanfare, a major Alaskan project, a state commitment and funding for a transcontinental, natural gas pipeline with Transcanada,

American energy policy is determined by the same economic factors as its health care delivery system and everything else in this primitive, barbaric, retrograde, privatized, economic corporate world in which Americans live and depend.

It is a crazy, irrational, unequal, patchwork system of redundant, inefficient, competing and conflicting profit driven, privatized, economic fiefdoms.

The "N" word, nationalization, is strictly off the agenda in the US. Verboten.

But, of course, it is not off the agenda, elsewhere in the world.

Venezuela, for example, just nationalized it's largest bank, the Bank of Venezuela, in which Spain's Banco Santander is involved,

As I had once indicated in a previous blog, Banco Santander's initial rise is a murky one.
And, now, both Venezuela and Cuba have established economic, political and military ties with Russia.
And Putin/Medvedev's course APPEARS to be towards greater nationalization and rationalization.
Russia's oligarchs and private interests still exist, but...
Too many developments around this fluid and dynamic process for me to itemize.

People can follow it for themselves.

The future belongs to those above.
As I once characterized it, America's global, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, privatizing project is a Sisyphean, Herculean task doomed to failure.
The amount of energy needed to reverse the overwhelming, sweeping historical tide grows ever greater and greater.
It is limitless, boundless, infinite.
Lots of people speculate on whether or not Iraq is the coup de grace for American imperialism and Fascism.
It is a cumulative, inevitable process.
If it were not one event, it would be another.
Rome did not fall in one day and the holes in the dike multiply, growing ever larger and bigger.

In America's latest chapter, in their long, reactionary, counter-revolutionary privatization road, all is not going well.
Many problems.
Many contradictions, resistance, competing and conflicting economic interests.
All about to explode in everybody's faces.
From Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kirkuk, Iran, Georgia, you name it.

I'm just waiting and watching the inevitable.
What else is there to do?

As a reminder, from my previous blogs,


Added to the above, the most recent, "Russia's Foreign Policy...Regarding Former USSR Republics,"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Previously, below, I re-emphasized, the role of Heritage Oil, the Eagle Group of Iraq, Barzani, Talabani and the Kirkuk explosion, which is moving forward.
Here's a few updates on that,



In the first link, Turkey is mentioned.
But, Turkey's pseudo-Islamic, Fascist AKP government remains still in a very precarious position.
It's already been mortally wounded.
So, all can still change.

I thought it would be helpful to recapitulate, in addition to the above, the second MAJOR economic empire in this conflict, that of Hamid D. Jafar, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil and his/their interlocking directorates and economic interests.

The following BRIEF roundup as a reminder.

First, a short bio of Hamid D. Jafar and Abraaj Capital,


Then, the Uruk Group,

Then, Gulftainer,


And another one, ENSHAA

And, then, of course, Crescent Oil,

And Dana Gas,

Here's a speech Jafar gave in 2007,

Now, to the best of my knowledge, I BELIEVE Hamid D. Jafar is related to Jasim MuhammedJafar, presently a minister in Iraq's puppet, Fascist government.
Hamid may be Jasim's son.
I am not 100% sure of this family relationship.

Assuming it correct, however, here is a conference at which Jasim attended in Europe in 2007:

I won't bore readers with Hamid Jafar's extensive, questionable and treacherous background within Saddam's previous government.
Just like Iraq's present oil minister.
And others.
But, the proof of their respective roles is in the above pudding.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Everybody's talking about Kirkuk, now.
Of course, most of the real information remains OUTSIDE the commercial and fake Left dialogue.
So far, for example, nobody has answered the previous question I raised a few years back, in 2005, when it first occurred.
Who does the Eagle Group of Iraq represent who, in turn, partnered with Canada's Heritage Oil for rights to explore and develop in Kurdistan?
I speculated then, since I could find NO information about WHO the Eagle Group of Iraq represents, that it is either Barzani and/or Talabani and I dared anyone to prove me incorrect by providing factual, verifiable evidence to the contrary.
So far, nobody, to my knowledge, has proven me wrong.
The magnitude of the stakes involved with the Heritage/Eagle Group of Iraq deal and the future and status of Kirkuk is enormous.
It is an empire, like Dana Gas/Crescent Oil, comparable to the rise of Rockefeller's dynasty in the US in the turn of the last century.
The "speculative bubble" represented by what would be the rise in share prices above would be astronomical .
The company has recently listed its shares for trade on the London Stock Exchange.
One can easily begin to appreciate HOW MUCH fighting has already and is going to occur over who gains control of the Kirkuk region.
And the reasons WHY the fiction of ethnic cleansing has been manufactured, where it never existed before, wholesale relocation, expropriation, torture, blackmail, criminal gangs, Fascist tactics and Nazi militias and executions, etc., are being utilized to disguise this ulterior objective.
And, to the immediate connections in our current Presidential race.
A reminder.
In the following article, to which I've linked, previously, Tony Buckingham replaced Michel Gulbenkian as Chief Executive Officer at Heritage Oil.
And, JP Morgan (Cazenove) has now become one of Heritage's advisors:

And, for the following article on Tony Buckingham and Obama:

Remaining unanswered, I repeat, who is Heritage's partner, the Eagle Group of Iraq?