Monday, June 29, 2009


I assume everyone knows the little nursery rhyme,
"Humpty Dumpty had a big fall..."
In case not, here are two sing along versions I will provide, gratuitously, for all adult children out there.
If you do not know the tune, memorize it well...

Or, if you prefer, a more melodic version:

...BECAUSE Humpty Dumpty is precisely what is happening now regarding the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of counter-revolutionary, reactionary, Middle East NAZI speculative, privatizing bubble thanks to NAZI Iran, Iraq, Kurds and a cast of many thousands, millions more to be precise.

BUT, their/this giant, global, reactionary, counter-revolutionary Fascist historical project which began with the covert and overt demise of the Soviet Union and money bagman Gorbachev is about to go up in flames and down in smoke. It has had more than a few hiccups along the way and one too many contradictions.

As for the Iraq oil contracts about to be proffered, they will not be worth the paper on which they have been, or, will be written.

I have explained all the many reasons why for some time now. I will not bother repeating and updating it all at the moment.

For more detailed, specific breakdown or a scorecard as to which NAZI Iranian and Kurdish militias are which in Iraq, etc., by now, you should know where and whose blogs and websites to turn. I will not link again.

By the way, for those who might recall the Peter Sellers classic 1964 satirical film, "Dr. Strangelove," now is the time for its revival, I believe.

It characterizes the features of a NAZI Dictatorship under which we presently all live very well.
Appparently, it is available on youtube in sections.
For those who have NEVER seen the movie, I will link to it out of sequence.
FIRST, below, PART 6, which features the marvelous performance of Dr. Strangelove and THEN, afterwards, Part 1 from which you can follow along numerically:

So, Part 6:

And, then, Part 1:

Recall, however, as I have emphasized many times, out of WWI, the greatest imperialist war to end all wars emerged its antithesis, the Soviet Union.

Out of WWII counter-revolution against the S.U, once again, instead, came expansion of its antithesis, the Soviet Union and further global revolution.

So, NOW, WWIII global counter-revolution.
What will emerge next out of the above ashes?
Either reinvention of what was the former Soviet Union, Communist China and the remainder of the globe OR species annihilation.

One or the other.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, so many factors in play, so many balls tossed up in the air juggled all at once.
Will they all land and if so where?

The KRG Erbil versus NAZI Iran Baghdad Oil Minister oil/gas contract authority conflict crescendos, ESCALATES, threatening to blow wide open shortly.

Correspondingly, within NAZI Iran, itself, competing factions behind the above, multiple interests who, undoubtedly, will influence and inflame events in Iraq.

Here's another nice little article about NAZI Islamic Iran's internecine power struggles, keeping the above in mind, which nobody seems to want to notice:

And, then, behind them, the array of international interests lined up, chafing at the bit, waiting to make concrete and realize their new PROMISED land and "emerging" PRIVATIZED, speculative market bubble, investments, profits and opportunities.

The Holy Grail for which ALL this mayhem, death and destruction occurs.

And, of course, both the internationally extensive Pahlavi organization and Zionist Israel waiting diligently but not so patiently in the wings to swoop down and save the day from all the above, depending on need and circumstances.

And, I have not even mentioned countries surrounding, adjacent to Iraq/Iran, each one with their own internal, external explosive situation, like Turkey's NAZI Islamic AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," consistently challenged from within and without, simultaneously bombing the PKK to smithereens.

And, of course, the Caucasus.
An interesting event regarding the Caucasus and Eastern Europe:
"Event at CSIS on June 29.
What Has Russia Been Promised About NATO Enlargement?":

Somebody PLEASE tell me there is/will be NO further explosive developments!!
I dare you!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Most of the material I peruse, at least, here, manages to completely disregard, ignore, avoid the fact that EU countries ALSO have MAJOR vested commercial interests in the outcome of the prized Middle East North Africa (MENA) speculative, privatizing bubble as much as if not greater or equal to that of the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet.

Along with alot else, specific European commercial interests manage to disappear here as factors from most analysis, commentaries, whether it be fake Left, Opportunist, or outright corporate NAZI sponsors.

But, of course, NAZI EU countries are just as immersed in the latest global, counter-revolution, privatizing game as is the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet.

Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate accident, turn of history, namely, WWII outcome, EU, Eurasian countries no longer are major military powers unto their own might, comparable to the newest global NAZI kid on the block and the 800 military pound adolescent gorilla behemoth, NAZI United Suckers and Assholes, whose NOT too gentle or genteel footprint leaves a gigantic swath of disastrous destruction in its path anywhere the gorilla happens to land on other continents, like a giant tsunami wave.

All underneath its clumsy feet manage to crumble away to dust and sand.
But, of course, historical turnabout is fair play, I suppose.

After all, European imprints on THEIR newly discovered land mass, continent, were certainly NOT dainty, delicate ones, either.

And, truly, there is and has been NO global empire, indigenous ones included, the Maya being notable, who were dainty and delicate about their exploits of empire building. It is in the nature of primitive capital accumulation. Barbaric, unbridled, wanton slaughter, death, mass destruction, war, and cruel, inhumane slavery and labor exploitation.

What Marx would call the prehistory of human capital accumulation and scarcity.

The repercussions of Europe's colonizing experiment in their newly encountered, virgin land mass created the world's first GLOBALIZED empire and continental economic integration, the reverberations of which continue to be felt today.

So, other countries on the Eurasian landmass who, regretable for themselves, have been shaken off the top of the historical tree of global Fascism are now forced down, somewhat, to defer, grovel, leverage, take into account the present day power realities of the new 800 pound adolescent gorilla of global NAZISM stepping down on what was/is otherwise THEIR home turf and continent.

Though forced by "bitter circumstance" to live with this inverted relationship, does not mean they are too happy about it, longing again for empire and their rightful place at the center of the world.
But, for the time being, the precocious gorilla must be assuaged.

So, from previous posts about Israel Bank Hapoalim's major, significant power struggle, expressing, I believe, the EU/Swiss/German-Iran-Ahmadimoron energy alignment versus Citigroup Bank of Israel Governor, in which Fischer won, no doubt, aware of events pending in NAZI Iran, I thought I would mention a few other notes regarding how global imperial interests line up just so that people realize at least I, if not others, am aware Old Europe has not fallen off the map AND THAT IT/THEY TOO ARE MAJOR PARTNERS/FACTORS in this OLD, ancient struggle for domination, hegemony of the Eurasian land mass and, thus, the world.

First of all, I will repeat, Obooma makes NO policy, whatsoever.
On the contrary.
Generally, whatever he says is the opposite of what is really happening. He is the disinformation frontman, specialist, doublespeak, par excellence.

Clearly, for example, it is/was Hillary Clinton and perhaps Biden, as well, QUIETLY, working behind the scenes, representing the interests of the 800 pound gorilla, who did her/their homework, aligning "old" European commercial interests undoubtedly to the well known, planned, current developments unfolding in Iran, i.e., regime change, congruency, mopping up to eradicate, ameliorate the cancerous contradiction surrounding the KRG, Erbil versus Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister.
I will return to this subject, shortly, below.

But, first, a few developments from Old Europe, in conjunction with the above, just to remind everyone the EU exists and they DO have concrete commercial interests to/with events in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So, here's an interesting one, I thought:
"Berlin Nod for Gaspool Pact:"

Tied in with the above, Europe's Lisbon Treaty.
Wish I could follow details about everything happening, but, I cannot.

So, I thought I would just link to the Irish indymedia website which has some interesting commentaries both on Europe's proposed Lisbon Treaty AND Iran:

Now, returning to the subject at hand, regime change in NAZI Iran and THE fundamental, stumbling block causing all to happen.
First of all, in case you live on the dark side of the moon, a reminder:

"Iran Investment Opportunities Website Launched."
FIRST, they need alignment, congruency and regime change:

Because of the impediments and contradictions I have enumerated.

Below are a few websites with extensive articles featured PROMINENTLY related to the KRG, Erbil versus Baghdad Oil Minister conflict and its ramifications, including current events in NAZI Iran, and alot more, as well, which you can peruse and follow:


And, here's one more about the above sticky wicket:

"Iraq Kurds Pass New Constitution to Include Kirkuk":

Keeping all the above in mind, I will link to the following, which, as usual, aside from morally, is factually precise, helpful, correct, informative. BUT, I take issue with just one point, the conclusion. It is PRECISELY for the reasons I have enumerated, above, in addition to those below, unfolding Iran regime change is necessary and inevitable.

The ONLY way to reconcile these irreconcilable, intractable, explosive contradictions, since "diplomacy," i.e., compromise, carrots, warnings and sticks do NOT work, is through regime change, mopping up, congruency. It is precisely FOR these reasons, this conundrum, that the Big Bang, Middle East Explosion occurs in Iran AND Iraq with more developments forthcoming. The Mullahs are indeed very stupid, their demise being assured by their own intractability. They should know better not to bite the hand that feeds them.

BUT, as I have said, the situation is carefully "monitored" because it can easily spin out of hand, out of their control and thedesired outcome for all NAZI interests everywhere concerned and turn into its opposite.

And, THAT becomes real revolution:

As a final followup footnote and afterthought, the latest notes from the NAZI Homeland and homefront United Suckers and Assholes Quixotic Single-Payer and union battle.

Featured below, a brave, isolated, lonely protester arrayed against the organized labor mafia scumbags, sellouts and NAZI collaborators:

And, for more on battles surrounding SEIU:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


First, our powerful, ubiquitous, infamous, institutionalized, financial octopus, of NAZI historical fame, Morgan Stanley, names to its Board a new member from another equally powerful, but, relatively new, well-connected Carlyle Group to make one big happy, incestuous, interwoven, overlapping, international NAZI cartel and marriage:

As a footnote to the above, speaking of NAZIS, German Siemens, in addition to the above, ALSO gets LOTS of United Suckers and Assholes so-called "stimulus" monies, i.e, GIFT, from the deep, deep pocketed, unlimited national piggy bank into which they can reach, print gobs more money which they then borrow from themselves and put the onus of national debt service onto the idiots who work and pay it as their collective, national MORTGAGE.
I should rename the US, THE WORLD'S GREATEST country of United Suckers and Assholes!

And, of course, NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship will shove down everyone's throat health care legislation OF, BY AND FOR private corporations.



How much GREATER SUCKERS can there be!!
It gives new meaning to the phrase, wage slaves.
They work, die, pay enormous taxes and get NOTHING but DEBT to subsidize the above.
And, that does NOT include military hardware, death, destruction, etc.


If this is not a definition of dictatorship, then, what is??

HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH IT, if not by virtue of class Dictatorship, with, of course, "a little help from their friends" of organized, institutionalized, collaborative NAZI, mafia led and infiltrated labor unions.
And, to return elsewhere, let us not forget the present day ONGOING KILLING FIELDS OF IRAQ, helped along by next door NAZI Iran, servicing all the above, including themselves, of course.

Media events in NAZI Iran have eclipsed Iraq.

But, the Iraq atrocity and horror show goes on unabated, including their most central struggle for power and control between NAZI Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister and another aspiring NAZI empire in Kurdistan Erbil.

Here's the latest on that ONGOING, CONTINUED, irreconcilable conflict I have been following all along:

And, here is just alittle something extra thrown in, a token gesture, reminder, of Iraq's many bombings, assassinations, murders, killings and so on, related to/with the above:

And, speaking of the above, remember JP MORGAN CAZENOVE'S relationship as advisor with Kurdistan's Heritage Oil coincident with mercenary and sleazebag extraordinaire Tony Buckingham's arrival at Heritage. Well, MORGAN CAZENOVE just arranged a public share offering for Heritage. Imagine! What a surprise!:

And, of course, we have the ubiquitous Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund, Bank Melli, VP Davoodi connections bubbling underneath.

So, the struggle within present day NAZI Iran, as usual, relates, to who SPECIFICALLY will own/control which or what assets and which or whose burgeoning private empire and fortune, including next door Iraq, will be made or broken.

And, I hate to tell you, but, as I have warned, those dying on the streets in NAZI Iran presently are but pawns to be manipulated, utilized, exploited cynically in the above power struggle, discarded when their use value and service to empire is finished and no longer necessary.

They are the disposable, dispensable "extras" in the unfolding, counter-revolutionary, historical extravaganza, serving the ulterior purposes of their masters, above, UNLESS AND UNTIL THEY SEIZE THEIR OWN ASSETS AND INDUSTRIES, their military revolts or splits, they DEFEND their revolution, they create their OWN DICTATORSHIP and overthrow both the present regime and all other contenders.
And, the world supports them.

Otherwise, they will find themselves with one replaced by another NAZI/Fascist dictatorship, albeit it, with less social restrictions, but, the holy grail of ownership and control of Persia's national production, industry, resources, assets, commerce, services, PRESENTLY BEING contested will be seized out from under them by competing and conflicting private interests and empires.

And, restoration and/or expansion of Pahlavi Dynasty's concrete interests, crocodile tears notwithstanding, is as much a competing element in the above contest as are all the others.

I had lots of material in my previous, now blocked, initial blog about connections between the Pahlavi interests and their representative propagandist Timmerman and Frontpagemagazine, to name a few.
Here's just a small reminder.
The last article in a series in which you can work your way backwards, if you wish.

Of course, the amounts of monies mentioned below pale in comparison to the now inflated, speculative bubble of TRILLIONS that are being bandied about and WHO, as I said, gets control and ownership of this newly created, virgin capital empire called "emerging, or, really, re-emerging markets":

P.S. To end, I agree with the following.
Excellent analysis, very eloquent.
Thanks to whomever wrote it and thanks for publishing/sharing it:

Monday, June 22, 2009


Since I have pointed out in previous blogs, our former, competing WWII NAZI Dynasty, the Shah of Iran/Persia, the Pahlavis, centered in California, are intimately connected with events currently transpiring in our current ghoulish, nightmarish, other NAZI Frankenstein invention, Islamic Iran, I thought I would post especially for anyone outside of United Suckers and Asshole territory, today's major National Press Club broadcast speech/address by Reza Pahlavi on C-Span. This is merely an informational, public service, reference post, since I figure nobody outside the US would probably be aware Pahlavi made a major speech to the National Press Club in the US.
So, I am posting/providing, a direct, unedited videotape link, approximately one hour long, should anyone care to listen out of curiosity or for any other reason:

Have little time today for anything else. This will have to suffice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


This entry continues from my post below.
Once again, the question WHO will seize power from present day NAZI Islamic Iran is foremost, front and center.
What KIND of revolution, outcome, government will finally emanate from the explosive situation in NAZI Islamic Iran?
WHAT is happening in the countries SURROUNDING NAZI Iran?
Is there an outpouring of THEIR people to express support for a popular insurrection within Iran which WILL affect ALL?
And, of course, the likes of Turkey's Islamic AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises."

There is no question that recent events surrounding Mousavi's election were prompted, prepared, organized, arranged, known, anticipated for some time now.
Rafsanjani was supporting Mousavi.
The Pahlavi circle is actively involved.
And, then, there is the Morgan Stanely First Persia Fund, Bank Melli and their connections.
And, VP Davoodi.

They all knew and anticipated the election would be rigged and Mousavi would contest it.
AND, so did I.
That is, I knew there would be a precipitating event for Iran/Iraq regime change, congruency, mopping up, etc.
But, I could only SPECULATE on the nature of the trigger event.

Meanwhile, United Suckers and Assholes obscene, neutered, impotent, petty CIA piece of trash sitting in our White House, the House slave, makes a cameo appearance, like the Wizard of Oz, and parrots scripted empty rhetoric handed to him about democracy.
And, he, too, is given cover of legitimacy by our media and our docile population, like the moron preceding him.
They all spin the story so you know how and what to think about it. And, they turn on a dime, rewriting, refashioning, molding history to suit their purposes.
Never mind that WE actively collaborated to put this NAZI Iranian garbage into power in the first place, including the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld crowd, busy hugging their Islamic NAZI Mullah Frankenstein creation. Now their Iranian Islamic Brown Shirt Frankenstein no longer serves their purposes and must be "terminated, liquidated."
Their marriage of convenience undone.

There is one neighboring country, for sure, most affected, Iraq, or, what remains of its dismembered body.

At the moment, as you all know from reading this blog, oil and gas contracts are in total dispute and disarray, INCLUDING the highly significant NABUCCO gas pipeline, contested between Iran's present Baghdad Oil Minister and the KRG in Erbil with extending, multiple, manifold regional contradictions.
But, the above is the nub, the center, the heart of the many contradictions.
The question of authority between Erbil and Baghdad, oil and gas contracts.

And, IF Iran spirals or descends into anarchy, if nobody assuredly seizes power, which I suspect will happen, or, the wrong forces seize power, then, a much greater regional conflagration will take place, since all is fluid, dynamic, in limbo at the moment.
More than Iraq may well disintegrate when all is said and done.

Thus, I thought the following very interesting, especially because ALL regional governments actually SUPPORT current events in NAZI Iran for the reasons I have explained above and in my many blogs, repeatedly. They just will not say so.
But, they all need, want, desire NAZI Islamic Iran/Iraq mopping up, congruency, regime change to expedite their regional goals, program of economic integration and privatization and to eliminate the destabilizing, expansionary, inflammatory, pernicious effects of NAZI Iran's Islamic militias and hegemony.
Of course, NONE of the next door governments desire real revolution, obviously, which is why events next door, nearby, are making them all abit nervous.
So, the possibility of intervention, damage control, containment, exists.
"Riyadh Denies Plan to Let Israeli Jets Use Airspace"‏:

Before everybody gets all excited about the above, consider, if Iran's present NAZI Islamic militias and Revolutionary Guards go on an all out military posture, killing, jailing, brutalizing, rampaging, suppressing, repressing, who is it will stop them?
What will happen if all out class warfare develops?
What IF the military, or, sections of the police, military revolt?
Or, fight with and amongst each other.

What if the Iranian working class calls for a general strike and/or seize their industries, in conjunction with the rest of the population, then, once again, the NAZI Islamic regime either retaliates with brute force or collapses.

And, then, what?

Either way, with every and all possible considered scenarios, escalating civil war and direct confrontation is inevitable, within and without Iran, further regional dislocation, chaos and militarization,
A MIDDLE EAST BIG BANG, explosion, has already begun, a consequence of the destabilization initiated by the Iraq invasion and occupation.
As I said in my post, below...
PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE yourselves everywhere, strategically, tactically, programmatic and pragmatically, with no illusions, to exploit and seize the moment and its concomitant, pregnant eventualities before OTHERS do so...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


For those of you following this blog for sometime, you know the competing interests I have enumerated percolating behind events now exploding so "suddenly" on large TV screens in all our living rooms regarding NAZI Islamic Iran's precipitated power struggle, their horrific militias, thugs, goon squads, brutality, etc, not limited to NAZI Iran but extending to Iran's occupation of Iraq and its Baghdad government.

However, everybody should realize, as well, that Pahlavi interests are well represented here amongst the 24-hour media attention our corporate sponsors provide.

The world's largest, so-called independent, Persian media broadcasting outlet outside of NAZI Iran, is in California and it is a Pahlavi creation.

Pahlavi interests and representatives make no secret about the fact that NAZI Iran's Mullahs MUST go in favor of a pre-Islamic 1979 Persian government.

After all, AS I HAVE SAID, our NAZI Islamic Iranians have outlived their usefulness, the purposes for which they were initially created and are now an obstruction, impediment to further regional, economic integration and privatization.

So, the Pahlavi interests, at least, want to replace the current Islamic Mullah Dictatorship and their NAZI militias with another Fascist one, under guise of democracy, of course, which will satisfy the requirements of all concerned regarding regional privatization, congruency, regime change, mopping up and economic integration.

NO question exists that the Persian Mullah regime is finished. I have said so repeatedly, well before these events unfolded. Ahmadimoron is toast. The current situation being a Catch 22. Their international legitimacy and authority is completely gone up in smoke, no matter what happens next.

The question becomes, does THIS POPULAR, broad based, deep, manifold Iranian uprising, revolt, insurrection and their SACRIFICE become just another USURPED revolution betrayed, like that of 1979?

Will their heroic struggles be used, manipulated, betrayed as tragic tools for the ulterior, cynical purposes of all concerned above?
THAT is THE question hovering in the air.
And, that is what EVERYONE must insure DOES NOT happen.
Their battle is our battle is one battle.
The question becomes direction and who finally seizes power?

EVERYONE on the globe, especially countries immediately surrounding them, must find their own tactical, strategic ways how to seize and exploit THEIR moment of disunity, disarray and disintegration, thereby uniting, advancing, combining with and supporting them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Behind current NAZI Iran events, regime change, lay the regionally EXPLOSIVE, divisive situation I have been following all along, an irreconcilable conflict between NAZI Iran/Iraq Baghdad's current Oil Minister, the KRG, Erbil, Kirkuk, oil/gas contracts and an attempt to resolve it via Persian/NAZI Iran regime change, congruency, influence, leverage and mopping up.

Included in the outcome of this power struggle are specific economic interests representing just about every international player, allied, aligned with or against each other in one or another way.

NAZI Iran's current events will NOT go away nor will they be resolved as desired.
That is why everyone "monitoring" is hesitant.
The outcome is unsure.

One should have no illusions about Mousavi's Rafsanjani backers, perhaps, the Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund crowd, as well, and the Pahlavi dynasty thrown in for good measure.

But, as I have said, given the overall context, NAZI Iran CAN BECOME revolutionary Persia, as well as a catalyst for much else in the region and the world.

The possibility exists for complete, total, destabilization, all out war, military coups and confrontation, which is what I anticipate forthcoming.
As I have said repeatedly, both internal and external contradictions are now simply too many, too deep, intransigent for anything other than explosive, cataclysmic resolutions.

It is up to those in and outside NAZI Iran/Persia and the Iraq/Arab resistance and what remains of it AND EVERYONE ELSE regionally and globally to ORGANIZE, unite, resist, seize the moment and transform it into something else.
Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution came at the height and as a consequence of WWI, from which he withdrew Russian troops.
A revolutionary Persia/Iran, in addition to the US, MUST renounce occupation, territorial expansion and aggression under guise of Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah and withdraw its militias from Iraq!

Currently, SYSTEMIC crisis, disarray, disunity exists within competing imperialist factions and circles and internal corresponding class conflicts.

More dislocation definitely forthcoming.

The nub of the conflict, the center, the heart of the dilemma, about which I have been writing repeatedly, is reiterated, below.
It is a totally and completely obvious one to me and the present coup within NAZI Iran/Persia is an attempt to realign and reconcile the irreconcilable.
It will not work.
It is a cul-de-sac, a dead end:

"IRAQ/OIL-CONTRACTS: * Kurdish oil official says Oil Ministry in 'disarray'* Head of main Iraqi oil unit rejects oil contract auction* Iraq government defiant, says auction going ahead* Kurdish oil official says foreign firms likely hamstrungBAGHDAD, June ..."

Simultaneously, Maliki meets Lukoil and it is quite obvious why smirking chimp Ahmadimoron shook hands with money bagman Medvedev:

And below is a reminder of the barbaric conditions created by NAZI Iranian militias in Iraq and those that the great humanitarian "opposition" APOLOGISTS, DENIERS AND RATIONALIZES continue to flout, ignore and disregard at their own and everyone else's peril, simply aggravating and entrenching further a now unavoidable explosion:

And, while JBANC wants to remind everyone about the phantom "horrors" of a Communist Dictatorship, perhaps it is because Latvians are taking to the streets to protest the current nightmarish conditions created by their NAZI/Fascist Dictatorship which replaced their previous Communist one:


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First, the smirking chimps above to which I refer.
Namely, NAZI Iran Ahmadimoron and Russia's money bag man Medvedev.
They both look like and ARE smiling assholes, scumbags and smirking chimps in their recent photo op and vigorous handshakes.
As good as or better than Netanyahooooo.
So much for irresistible editorial commentary on the global panoply of NAZI smirking chimps.

By the way, in addition to forecasting Iraq/Iran/regional regime change, congruency and mopping up, another reminder.

I did say in previous posts that EVERYONE associated with NAZI Iran will go DOWN holding hands together and singing kumbaya and that NAZI Iran is both literally and figuratively the kiss of death.
And, so it comes to pass.

Next, updates about United Suckers and Assholes continued, single payer battle and escalating confrontation, because, as I have said, the issue encapsulates so well United Suckers and Assholes numerous class contradictions.

Forget empty rhetoric, knee jerk reactions, vacuous slogans, jargon, the Zionist/Jewish lobby, conspiracy, cabal, etc.

HERE is THE basic, fundamental element, my dear Watson, substantive issue and power relationship, contained, wrapped neatly within and exposed, IN A NUTSHELL, easy to understand and can be extrapolated further to other issues and abroad as well.

First, as usual, some succinct comments from Ralph Nader and an upcoming book entitled "Grand Illusion..."

However, as you will see in my links below AND I have repeatedly shown on this blog, Grand Illusion represents a PATTERN OF INTENTIONAL, WILLFUL, AFL-CIA, now, SEIU, post WWII COMPLICITY AND DECEIT.
But, perhaps, the book says as much.

It is willful, self-serving rationalization, class collaboration, corruption, cooptation and opportunism, by design, not by accident, having literally shot and assassinated their way into union leadership and organizational control in many instances, i.e., Teamsters, Mineworkers, etc., once leadership opened after post WWII McCarthy Congressional Communist purges.

ALSO in a previous post, I did warn, the Democratic Party will be D.O.A., Dead on Arrival, at the White House. And, SO IT IS and has become.
And, we have not even gotten to impeached Illinois Governor Blagoyevich's pending trial, which will be a media feeding frenzy when it finally opens.

So, with all the above caveats, Nader's post:

As for Obooma's BOGUS public OPTION plan SUPPORTED BY THE AFL-CIA, SEIU NATIONAL HIERARCHY, here is another excerpt, aside from Nader, above, dismissing it as sham, link follows:

"...“The public option preserves all the systemic deficiencies that we see in the current system,” Skala said. “It maintains a finance system that is based on private insurance and private insurers and their drive to fight claims, issue denials, screen out the sick and make a big profit generate tremendous administrative waste — 400 billion dollars a year.”
“Now you can expand coverage by just raising taxes and paying insurers to cover people but that’s not a sustainable system,” Skala said. “But it won’t cover every body and it will fall apart quickly due to rising cost as we’ve seen in Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Tennessee and Minnesota — state after state after state and it hasn’t worked

There are further reasons, from my point of view, and I have presented them previously. The Obooma plan, intentionally, tactically divides, as is readily demonstrated above, relies upon state funding and taxes, which will NOT happen and, thus, does NOT threaten Federal tax monies which go to Citigroup, war funding, etc. So, above excerpt from:

And, now, we have the following really SIGNIFICANT development as a result, which essentially recapitulates and restates the above with a few more added points:

"Labor Splits Over Healthcare":

Of course, in SPITE of the above, militant actions, strikes, direct confrontations do NOT happen, as yet.
That still lies within the realm of leadership, which is why it does and will not happen, YET.

And, of course, still nobody questions, threatens, confronts, another key, fundamental issue and contradiction, namely, union pension fund investment into private health care corporations as well as all other major, multinational private corporations.
But, that's another stage of development. Have not gotten there yet. Baby steps. Must learn to crawl before one can walk.

And, then, more fallout from our totally CORRUPT, ANTI-COMMUNIST, AFL-CIA, SEIU MAFIA LED sleazebag union leadership. Ongoing, continued, perpetual turf war and infighting which I covered in previous blogs between UNITE HERE and SEIU. IMPORTANTLY, the following excerpt, link follows. They can hardly wait to get their dirty, greasy, grimy, sordid hands on all that money and bankrupt the bank, or control investment, like they do with their labor pension funds:

"...JUAN GONZALEZ: Yes. Well, at the crux of the legal battle between the two groups that have split is who is going to end up controlling the Amalgamated Bank, the only union-owned bank in America, with about $4 billion in assets. A lot of people call it the crown jewel of the American labor movement. And so, there is a huge battle—who is legally still in charge of the Amalgamated Bank?—that will have to be decided by a federal court eventually..."

Above from:

To conclude, in case you have not yet gotten THE clear message, the moral of our story, here it is, spelled out.
The latest nightmare and horror story, courtesy of JBANC, of course:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, the latest Persian/NAZI Iran developments are long overdue.

Previously, all our so-called globally sponsored "color or velvet" revolutions have been controlled, covert operations.

And, while Persia/NAZI Iran's Mousavi is backed by Rafsanjani and others, PERHAPS, as well, the Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund crowd, nonetheless, NAZI Iran/Persia's present INSURRECTION has real elements of spontaneity, I do believe, with years of pent up repressive and socially backward dictatorship behind it.

Along with waves of militant global strike and labor action, although NOT, of course, in United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIA, SEIU NAZI Obooma Dictatorship, events in NAZI Iran/Persia are making lots of NAZI Dictators throughout the globe nervous.
Events can easily spiral out of control, out of hand.
Real revolution and destabilization are distinct possibilities, especially given the neighborhood in which NAZI Iran/Persia lives.

The entire expansive, speculative capitalist bubble hinges on the Middle East outcome.
Investment money OF ALL SORTS presently flows OUT of the US and EU and POURS INTO the newly created Middle East privatizing bubble at the moment.
All profitable, systemic, capitalist bets hinge on this "developing" area.
Below is but TWO examples out of many hundreds, thousands from which to choose.
Remember, these are but representative, illustrative selections from an enormous amount of material:

"Iraq, The Biggest Show on Earth?":

And: "US Brokerage Breaks New Ground as First International Firm to Sell Iraqi Securities":

So, if this region spirals out of their control BECAUSE of the numerous internal class and external imperial contradictions, competitions, conflicts and rivalries unleashed, systemic economic collapse is unavoidable and inevitable, which is why one hears/sees ambivalent, conflicting international responses to NAZI Iran/Persian events.
And lots and lots of "monitoring."

And, of course, Netanyahu's idiotic speech was timed perfectly to coincide with NAZI Mullah Ahmadimoron's fireworks.
Netanyahu's performance, undoubtedly, in a hand selected audience, as ALL are, including NAZI Obooma, was so blatant and patently absurd and ridiculous I wondered what was the real purpose behind it, since it is clear it would be rejected out of hand by almost everyone, including many within Israel, and INFLAME passions and tensions.
PERHAPS, that was its desired goal.
After all, competing Islamic Dictatorships in Iran/Persia, Iraq AND Turkey's AKP exist, so, why not also have a Jewish or Christian one, for that matter.

This fertile crescent of imaginative religious or ethnically defined states is really quite unlimited.

And, all are COMPETITORS in the above game, including Kurdistan and Iran in Iraq, Kirkuk's upcoming explosion, Baghdad versus Erbil oil/gas/energy contracts, etc.

Nor does anybody particularly question the patent absurdity of "Islamic, Sharia" finance, either.
So, why not have alittle Kosher/Jewish or Christian finance, as I have previously suggested, to spice up our economic cuisine.

The skies the limit in the fertile crescent of imaginative religion.
But, really, one should always keep in mind WHO rules the roost both in Israel, here, and elsewhere, and WHO represents, directs and controls this regional, international capitalist growth and expansion, namely, such ubiquitous global institutions as Citigroup.

The following about the Bank of Israel Governor Citigroup Fischer, for example, reminds and declares it bluntly:

"What Fischer Says Goes" (including HERE, I might add):

So, I can only speculate about the real, underlying purpose of Netanyahu's speech.

However, I did find it odd and curious, of all the generalized benefits Netanyahu delineated about regional economic integration, water desalinization was mentioned specifically.
It caught my attention. Why?

Because, in a previous post, to which I will link, following, AT THE VERY LAST, BOTTOM PARAGRAPH, you will see MY note about a water desalinization plant owned by Nimrodi, at least, at the time the article was written, 1994.
Coincidence? I wonder?

Meanwhile, back in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship, the single-payer medical insurance trajectory battle lines drawn previously escalate, which you can follow yourselves, as well.

Betrayed, stabbed in the back, diverted, ignored, divisive.

Perhaps, if our labor unions were out like in Iran and elsewhere we might get somewhere.

Until then, United Suckers and Assholes national theme song, motto, should become the refrain from Handel's Messiah:
"All we like sheep..."

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is a very HURRIED post.

I have little time, but, could not resist a brief comment about recent developments and my predictions for:


Otherwise entitled, I told ya so!

I need not recapitulate what is happening in Persia/NAZI Iran as I write. Details and updates available most everywhere on the internet, TV, etc.

This is a Catch 22 for NAZI Iran millionaire Mullahs.
Damned if they do, damned if they do not. A cul-de-sac. Checkmate.

IF the millionaire Mullah's Ahmadimoron regime does not acquiesce to Mousavi, then, they will be regarded as illegitimate both within NAZI Iran and without.

That will make them a "pariah" state, liable to all kinds of international actions.

Thus, the present NAZI Iranian Mullah regime will be destabilized BOTH from within and without, i.e., the Middle East regime change, mopping up, congruency scenario unfolds.

The fact that almost ALL current global regimes are Fascist/NAZI ones is irrelevant, since ALL present themselves as something other than what they are, including NAZI Iran/Persia and of course NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship.

So, as I have said all along, get ready for the UPCOMING MIDDLE EAST BIG BANG.

In my post below I speculated it might be alittle too early to celebrate Heritage and Turkey Genel's recent pre-arranged Kurdistan marriage because, for example, the following small dilemma still remains and relates to current NAZI Iran developments...

"...Norwegian oil producer DNO International said today that it has not yet received payment for its oil exports which began from its field in Kurdish north Iraq at the start of June, but was optimistic it would...

....However, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said yesterday the contracts the Kurdish authorities signed with companies such as DNO were illegal and that the companies would not be paid for the oil they are putting into the Baghdad-controlled pipeline system..."


And, while we glibly talk about such people as Shahristani, above, rarely does anybody bother here to give some background, context.
So, for example, here's alittle SANITIZED, FICTIONAL snapshot version about current NAZI Iran/Iraq Oil Minister, Al-Shahristani.
I do not have time for numerous searches and better links at the moment. This cursory view will have to suffice.

If you focus SOLELY on itinerary, FACTS related to his residence shuffles, CONTACTS abroad and with Iran, you get the idea.
I must say, if Saddam was paranoid, he had good reason to be.

He seems to have had an entire government nest, web, coterie of treacherous, upper echelon spies and well paid scumbags surrounding him, from this Shahristani to Hamid Jafar, all of whom were undoubtedly dangled their current high rewards for service to the Empire:

Finally, a personal note in this very brief post to someone in cyberspace. I am sure you are all familiar with the popular words of wisdom, "Watch your step." Those are my sagacious, profound comments to you now and forever in the future. Sometimes, it is helpful to look down as well as up and ahead.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It seems, at least, superficially, we have a CURRENT duo and winner in the Kurdistan and Heritage Oil two, three or multiple step change partners and dance contest.

Mercenary extraordinaire, British Tony Buckingham of Heritage Oil, about whom I have linked in previous blogs, and Turkey's Genel, part of Turkey's powerful Cukorova Group, have consummated their recent dalliance with a formal marriage.
Perhaps, they will celebrate their nuptials at NYC's swanky Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, like their predecessors did before them, Turkey's Akbank and Citigroup.
But, separation and divorce are also common events in this contest.
So, it may be a wee bit too early to declare sure winners:

I have done numbers of blogs about the illicit, shady, murky characters and backgrounds in Kurdistan's Heritage Oil dealings and their two, three or multiple step change partners and dance routine since inception.

In a previous blog, it appeared Abu Dhabi was the likely purchaser of Heritage.

In addition, the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq as far as I can see appears to have evaporated into thin air in the midst of oh so many separations, divorces and marriages that have occurred since inception.

Here's my previous blog entry about a potential Abu Dhabi purchase of Heritage, with alittle background reminder:

ONLY for those who have NOT been following it all, I will highlight, ONCE AGAIN, a CRITICAL link about Buckingham's background contained within ALL my previous postings. I will repeat it since it is so pertinent to this story. Note, in addition, JP Morgan Cazenove became advisor to Heritage around the time of Buckingham's arrival:

Of course, Persia/NAZI Iran's present Baghdad government has expressed their displeasure about the KRG, Erbil's, independent oil contracts BUT Maliki and Ahmadimoron and Company will soon be toast, gone, history. ENTER, stage right, new US ally, France's Total:

And, now, changing the subject ever so slightly, the United Suckers and Assholes single payer doublespeak contest award winner.

I told "yawl" to observe carefully HOW single payer would unfold here and that it would be a highly illustrative, instructive example of the standard PATTERN, mode of operation, both here and abroad.

Now, catch this doublespeak explanation, excuse or rationalization at the BOTTOM of the following link:

"...But don’t look for President Obama to lead on single payer health, Himmelstein says.
“The President is opportunist in the positive since of the word,” Himmelstein said. “He’s prepared to bend to our will if we make it an overwhelming show of political might — and at this point the political might is against us and that’s what he’s bent to. I think we can bend the president the other way. But he’s not going to lead he’s going to follow.”..."

DUH??!!! The above exquisitely tortured logic comes out of the mouth of a highly educated, prestigious Ivy League Harvard University Medical Faculty member!!

But, then, we need only be reminded of Iraq's Harvard Memory Project associations, Kenan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke, Merchantbridge, Chalabi,, and Iraq's present so-called government.

Harvard is a private educational institution with enormous endowments, prestige and global, corporate investments. Harvard finances itself both from student tuition/fees AND its private investments, which, as far as I know, remain mostly secret. Harvard's investments are NOT readily, easily available public information.

I do NOT wish to malign, slander or diminish the often excellent scholarly research and standards that apply in Harvard. But, what Harvard academic faculty, personnel do or do NOT research, investigate, teach, say publicly, are influenced by subject matter, role, rank, high profile, department, business interests, government and military research contracts, relationships, etc. So, naturally, given the above situation, genuine, honest intellectual and academic pursuits and integrity are oft compromised due to the inherent nature represented by the above dual purpose of the institution and conflicts of interest.

So, clearly, SOMEONE above leaned on Mr. Himmelstein, or, self-censorship, to "tone it down," to borrow someone else's phrase, or, "do damage control," AFTER Calif Nurses Association Rose Ann DeMoro, to her unyielding credit, spoke alittle too truthfully, let the cat out of the bag, with her previous descriptions which I quoted in my blog BELOW about the SEIU, AFL-CIA and Democrats pernicious, obstreperous role in blocking and subverting NATIONAL, universal single-payer health care legislation.

So, the above represents the sort of twisted, circular, contorted, distorted, convoluted, pretzel logic, language and empty rhetoric when one attempts to excuse and rationalize away the truth. "Oh what a tangled [linguistic] web we weave when we practice to deceive." Himmelstein is a very clear, articulate, precise, eloquent person, as you can readily see IF you listen to his entire interview, link following. In my blog below I said there would be lots of squirming and fancy footwork to extricate from the contradictory, confrontational mess, corner, into which everybody painted themselves regarding single payer.

So, here is Himmelstein's statement in full, video link at the bottom:

Meanwhile, on the same website, if you peruse it further, other notables ALSO lament the wholesale sellout and sell off of NATIONAL, universal single payer. It's a virtual chorus. A cacophony of voices. Single payer will NOT pass UNLESS there is a "popular" groundswell, as the argument goes, more or less, which you can read/hear for yourselves. But, from whence, whom, where and how is this "popular" groundswell to manifest itself? What concrete organizational form, structure, expression will it have?


Indeed, as I write, United Suckers and Assholes Fascist, mafia led, corrupt, obscene, collaborative AFL-CIA, SEIU ersatz, anti-Communist labor union leadership along with their bogus community front groups, which includes Acorn, are busy ACTIVELY ORGANIZING TO SUPPORT OBOOMA'S NIGHTMARE HEALTH CARE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO OUR NATIONAL SINGLE-PAYER ADVOCATES!!

This is THE fundamental contradiction I have enumerated in MANY, MANY post entries and, specifically, my post BELOW regarding single payer.

While on the subject, let me hammer away at my point by utilizing another illustrative example of disinformation, doublespeak, contradiction, subversion and intentional division from within.

Various articles get forwarded to me from time to time, appearing in my e-mail inbox.
So, the following one, below, came to me just recently via e-mail and is a case study to add to the above.

Begin reading. It sounds fine. But, notice, complete, total GENERALIZATIONS. NEBULOUS truisms, power relationships everybody knows already.

The kicker, HOWEVER, the ONLY SPECIFIC mentioned below comes in the very last sentence/paragraph. I had to laugh aloud. It's comical. If you understand the joke, the punch line is at the end. As you may recall, I once mentioned, SARCASTICALLY, in a previous blog, IF I recall correctly, even single payer might be made into a Zionist/Jewish plot.

Have come reasonably close to that thesis with the following punch line at the end. The strategic purpose, function of this gratuitous addition at the end is DIVERSIONARY, like so much else:

"Who Rules America":

This sort of analysis, polemics, could go on indefinitely, which is why I do not bother with it normally. The pattern is so well defined. To me, it is a commonplace, a given. It is historical pattern since the end of WWII and the 1950s. However, since single-payer IS such a MAJOR issue here and everywhere, I decided to feature it and advise everyone to watch how it unfolds. It functions for others like the laboratory mouse experiments.

The single-payer issue in United Suckers and Assholes is a HIGH PROFILE case study in point, eminently predictable, if you were reading my earlier posts.

I WISH I were wrong. I would LOVE to be incorrect. But, power relationships are power relationships. Facts are facts. The earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. If you want social change, you must do applied science, not medieval astrology or obscurantism.

So, now, for more, scroll down to my post entry just below...or...use this link, instead:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Some interesting developments ensue.

Russia's Alrosa says it will sue John Helmer. This is not the first time Helmer comes under attack. Here is the article about the pending Alrosa versus Helmer lawsuit:

And, now, some of Helmer's controversial Alrosa reporting which apparently precipitated this response.
What is most curious TO ME about the following is, I happened to have read Helmer's Alrosa article below AND the following sentences JUMPED out at me at the time. Excerpt below, link follows. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Some of these assets were held by a subsidiary in Cyprus called Rolant Investments Ltd., which in turn had been acquired earlier by Alrosa in a complex transaction chain with Morgan Stanley for more than $300 million..."


Need I say more? But, the article should be read in its entirety for all its information, not just the brief clip above.

And, now for the latest episode in United Suckers and Assholes illustrative As The World Turns Single Payer Medical Insurance theatre piece documentary.

Nice acknowledgment below by Calif Nurses Association and AFL-CIA Member, Rose Ann DeMoro, regarding the TRANSPARENT negative role played by SEIU, AFL-CIA and Democratic Party alliance which I have demonstrated repeatedly on my blogs.

EXCEPT, DeMoro cannot be serious she and others did NOT know, beforehand, as well as now, who is who and what is what and which way is up.

EVERYBODY knows the historical role, baggage the AFL-CIA played after WWII, the last 60 or so years. They advertise it proudly. And, certainly, there were NO secrets as to who financed Obooma, his meteoric stardom and career rise with the Chicago Democratic mafia machine, his and his mother's previous CIA connections, etc.

Not to mention the very first thing Obooma did when he finally finagled the Democratic Presidential nomination, after screwing Hillary supporters, was REPUDIATE public campaign financing. He trashed it! And, nobody had immediate objections about this instantaneous contradiction at the time. Even McCain did NOT trash public financing! But, Obooma certainly did. And, Obooma proceeded to have the most expensive Presidential campaign in US history, courtesy of the corporate interests he presently represents, especially, Citigroup, Morgan, Exxon.

So, DeMoro, below, either is grossly stupid, intentionally naive or disingenuous in her remarks about Obooma. But, then, DeMoro remains an AFL-CIA Board member. So, one must UNDERSTAND she will NOT go further out on a limb, despite facts. Expecting Obooma to do anything other than what he does is an absolute, outright joke, a farce, a slap in our faces. But, she will feign ignorance in this area.

Anyway, be sure to watch the short video interview with CNA's Rose Ann DeMoro in the link below. NOTICE, when direct action is mentioned, it does NOT include, NOT specifically threatened or stated, ORGANIZED, UNIFIED, MILITANT LABOR ACTION and LEADERSHIP. There is absolutely NO reference to THAT. Nor will there be. DeMoro is part of the AFL-CIA. And, of course, no other aspect of NAZI Obooma's intertwined policies are mentioned, such as Federal tax corporate bailouts and TRILLION dollar debt. Nor, multibillions in war spending.

Under the above circumstances, direct action should ENCOMPASS CONFRONTATION both outside and inside the AFL-CIA and SEIU EXECUTIVE offices, as well, in addition to all else.

As for "disappointing" Democratic Obooma leadership, as DeMoro states below, I suggest, FOR STARTERS, replacing Obooma with Rose Ann DeMoro and Sal Roselli, herself/themselves and the cadre of workers standing behind them; sever from the NAZI CIA Obooma Democrats; institute a LEFT Dictatorship to implement an ORDERLY PROGRAM of public expansion; expropriation, nationalized industry, public pension funding; liquidation of BANKRUPT private corporate assets such as Citigroup, Morgan and their further prosecution; an immediate withdrawal of ALL funding and military forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and ultimately throughout the globe, substantive and substantial tax changes and so on.

IF they are serious, to succeed the single payer movement will be forced to confront systemic challenges and contradictions, entrenched financial power relationships as those above and, of necessity, "deepen and broaden" their movement, to "bring the moment to its crisis," to threaten, challenge and confront head on these present power relationships. Thus, the single payer issue serves both as catalyst and conundrum for everyone involved in it above and everyone is wiggling and squirming to extricate from the logical dilemma of the confrontation exposing them, the existential box into which they painted themselves.


Finally, to end, a minor cultural note. A sort of indirect advertisement, I guess.

In a previous post, I happened to recall a film by Italy's marvelous Vittorio De Sica, "A Brief Vacation." (All his films, like, "The Bicycle Thief," are so powerful, real, tragic and depressing I can barely watch them again.)
And, then, just recently, lo and behold, aside from repeats of "Nights of Cabiria," a Fellini film appeared I had never seen before. That is to say, it is/was surely a Fellini film posing as an independent documentary.
I am sure reality mimicked art in this instance rather than the other way around.
These are/were most definitely real life Fellini characters resurrected.
So, Fellini has been reincarnated from the dead in the following delightful, thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining documentary film which I just happened to see the other day and thought I would mention:

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, here's the HORROR United Suckers and Assholes are going to EAT in the way of proposed health care "reform" legislation from NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan/AFL-CIA/SEIU Obooma Dictatorship.
Like I said in previous blogs, a grand compromise and designed pacifier.
Worse than nothing.
It will be federally mandated, indentured servitude.
Guaranteed failure, absolute insanity.

No attack whatsoever on Federal tax monies for private, corporate subsidization. Just the opposite.
Rather than expand our public system, our already existing, but, meagre, national Social Security retirement/Medicare, medical insurance program will come under financial attack and be dismantled, step by step, inch by inch, methodically, a foregone conclusion anyway as a consequence of ASTRONOMICAL DEBT and SOCIALIZED subsidization, public financing of PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, i.e., socialism, redistribution of wealth from the bottom up.

This is an outright, unmitigated NAZI, FASCIST, REACTIONARY NIGHTMARE, an onslaught both here and abroad, globally, which MUST be reversed, undone if our planet, our globe, our species is to survive.
Otherwise, these policies represent mass suicide and extinction, a return to anthropological, prehistoric, primitive barbarism and capital accumulation, its attendant militarism, anarchy, rape, murder, violence, death, destruction, disease, chaos, plunder of the planet's resources and everyone else on it, the law of the jungle.
Either collectively, as a species, we "progress," as defined above, together, OR, collectively we perish together.

Here and abroad, along with all other NAZI Dictatorships and reactionary policies, everywhere.
Counter-revolutionary, reactionary privatization versus nationalization MUST be reversed.
Health care is a right, claim the single payer advocates.
True enough.
But, in addition, so are natural resources, housing, education, food, transportation, our overall productive industry and the collective value added to our human social structure by the working class:

And, here is the most recent single payer confrontation. Be sure to watch the video and read the link at the bottom:

And, then, see my earlier blog post, just below, for more on this subject and matters related....