Sunday, June 21, 2009


This entry continues from my post below.
Once again, the question WHO will seize power from present day NAZI Islamic Iran is foremost, front and center.
What KIND of revolution, outcome, government will finally emanate from the explosive situation in NAZI Islamic Iran?
WHAT is happening in the countries SURROUNDING NAZI Iran?
Is there an outpouring of THEIR people to express support for a popular insurrection within Iran which WILL affect ALL?
And, of course, the likes of Turkey's Islamic AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises."

There is no question that recent events surrounding Mousavi's election were prompted, prepared, organized, arranged, known, anticipated for some time now.
Rafsanjani was supporting Mousavi.
The Pahlavi circle is actively involved.
And, then, there is the Morgan Stanely First Persia Fund, Bank Melli and their connections.
And, VP Davoodi.

They all knew and anticipated the election would be rigged and Mousavi would contest it.
AND, so did I.
That is, I knew there would be a precipitating event for Iran/Iraq regime change, congruency, mopping up, etc.
But, I could only SPECULATE on the nature of the trigger event.

Meanwhile, United Suckers and Assholes obscene, neutered, impotent, petty CIA piece of trash sitting in our White House, the House slave, makes a cameo appearance, like the Wizard of Oz, and parrots scripted empty rhetoric handed to him about democracy.
And, he, too, is given cover of legitimacy by our media and our docile population, like the moron preceding him.
They all spin the story so you know how and what to think about it. And, they turn on a dime, rewriting, refashioning, molding history to suit their purposes.
Never mind that WE actively collaborated to put this NAZI Iranian garbage into power in the first place, including the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld crowd, busy hugging their Islamic NAZI Mullah Frankenstein creation. Now their Iranian Islamic Brown Shirt Frankenstein no longer serves their purposes and must be "terminated, liquidated."
Their marriage of convenience undone.

There is one neighboring country, for sure, most affected, Iraq, or, what remains of its dismembered body.

At the moment, as you all know from reading this blog, oil and gas contracts are in total dispute and disarray, INCLUDING the highly significant NABUCCO gas pipeline, contested between Iran's present Baghdad Oil Minister and the KRG in Erbil with extending, multiple, manifold regional contradictions.
But, the above is the nub, the center, the heart of the many contradictions.
The question of authority between Erbil and Baghdad, oil and gas contracts.

And, IF Iran spirals or descends into anarchy, if nobody assuredly seizes power, which I suspect will happen, or, the wrong forces seize power, then, a much greater regional conflagration will take place, since all is fluid, dynamic, in limbo at the moment.
More than Iraq may well disintegrate when all is said and done.

Thus, I thought the following very interesting, especially because ALL regional governments actually SUPPORT current events in NAZI Iran for the reasons I have explained above and in my many blogs, repeatedly. They just will not say so.
But, they all need, want, desire NAZI Islamic Iran/Iraq mopping up, congruency, regime change to expedite their regional goals, program of economic integration and privatization and to eliminate the destabilizing, expansionary, inflammatory, pernicious effects of NAZI Iran's Islamic militias and hegemony.
Of course, NONE of the next door governments desire real revolution, obviously, which is why events next door, nearby, are making them all abit nervous.
So, the possibility of intervention, damage control, containment, exists.
"Riyadh Denies Plan to Let Israeli Jets Use Airspace"‏:

Before everybody gets all excited about the above, consider, if Iran's present NAZI Islamic militias and Revolutionary Guards go on an all out military posture, killing, jailing, brutalizing, rampaging, suppressing, repressing, who is it will stop them?
What will happen if all out class warfare develops?
What IF the military, or, sections of the police, military revolt?
Or, fight with and amongst each other.

What if the Iranian working class calls for a general strike and/or seize their industries, in conjunction with the rest of the population, then, once again, the NAZI Islamic regime either retaliates with brute force or collapses.

And, then, what?

Either way, with every and all possible considered scenarios, escalating civil war and direct confrontation is inevitable, within and without Iran, further regional dislocation, chaos and militarization,
A MIDDLE EAST BIG BANG, explosion, has already begun, a consequence of the destabilization initiated by the Iraq invasion and occupation.
As I said in my post, below...
PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE yourselves everywhere, strategically, tactically, programmatic and pragmatically, with no illusions, to exploit and seize the moment and its concomitant, pregnant eventualities before OTHERS do so...

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