Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, the latest Persian/NAZI Iran developments are long overdue.

Previously, all our so-called globally sponsored "color or velvet" revolutions have been controlled, covert operations.

And, while Persia/NAZI Iran's Mousavi is backed by Rafsanjani and others, PERHAPS, as well, the Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund crowd, nonetheless, NAZI Iran/Persia's present INSURRECTION has real elements of spontaneity, I do believe, with years of pent up repressive and socially backward dictatorship behind it.

Along with waves of militant global strike and labor action, although NOT, of course, in United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIA, SEIU NAZI Obooma Dictatorship, events in NAZI Iran/Persia are making lots of NAZI Dictators throughout the globe nervous.
Events can easily spiral out of control, out of hand.
Real revolution and destabilization are distinct possibilities, especially given the neighborhood in which NAZI Iran/Persia lives.

The entire expansive, speculative capitalist bubble hinges on the Middle East outcome.
Investment money OF ALL SORTS presently flows OUT of the US and EU and POURS INTO the newly created Middle East privatizing bubble at the moment.
All profitable, systemic, capitalist bets hinge on this "developing" area.
Below is but TWO examples out of many hundreds, thousands from which to choose.
Remember, these are but representative, illustrative selections from an enormous amount of material:

"Iraq, The Biggest Show on Earth?":


And: "US Brokerage Breaks New Ground as First International Firm to Sell Iraqi Securities":


So, if this region spirals out of their control BECAUSE of the numerous internal class and external imperial contradictions, competitions, conflicts and rivalries unleashed, systemic economic collapse is unavoidable and inevitable, which is why one hears/sees ambivalent, conflicting international responses to NAZI Iran/Persian events.
And lots and lots of "monitoring."

And, of course, Netanyahu's idiotic speech was timed perfectly to coincide with NAZI Mullah Ahmadimoron's fireworks.
Netanyahu's performance, undoubtedly, in a hand selected audience, as ALL are, including NAZI Obooma, was so blatant and patently absurd and ridiculous I wondered what was the real purpose behind it, since it is clear it would be rejected out of hand by almost everyone, including many within Israel, and INFLAME passions and tensions.
PERHAPS, that was its desired goal.
After all, competing Islamic Dictatorships in Iran/Persia, Iraq AND Turkey's AKP exist, so, why not also have a Jewish or Christian one, for that matter.

This fertile crescent of imaginative religious or ethnically defined states is really quite unlimited.

And, all are COMPETITORS in the above game, including Kurdistan and Iran in Iraq, Kirkuk's upcoming explosion, Baghdad versus Erbil oil/gas/energy contracts, etc.

Nor does anybody particularly question the patent absurdity of "Islamic, Sharia" finance, either.
So, why not have alittle Kosher/Jewish or Christian finance, as I have previously suggested, to spice up our economic cuisine.

The skies the limit in the fertile crescent of imaginative religion.
But, really, one should always keep in mind WHO rules the roost both in Israel, here, and elsewhere, and WHO represents, directs and controls this regional, international capitalist growth and expansion, namely, such ubiquitous global institutions as Citigroup.

The following about the Bank of Israel Governor Citigroup Fischer, for example, reminds and declares it bluntly:

"What Fischer Says Goes" (including HERE, I might add):


So, I can only speculate about the real, underlying purpose of Netanyahu's speech.

However, I did find it odd and curious, of all the generalized benefits Netanyahu delineated about regional economic integration, water desalinization was mentioned specifically.
It caught my attention. Why?

Because, in a previous post, to which I will link, following, AT THE VERY LAST, BOTTOM PARAGRAPH, you will see MY note about a water desalinization plant owned by Nimrodi, at least, at the time the article was written, 1994.
Coincidence? I wonder?


Meanwhile, back in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship, the single-payer medical insurance trajectory battle lines drawn previously escalate, which you can follow yourselves, as well.

Betrayed, stabbed in the back, diverted, ignored, divisive.

Perhaps, if our labor unions were out like in Iran and elsewhere we might get somewhere.

Until then, United Suckers and Assholes national theme song, motto, should become the refrain from Handel's Messiah:
"All we like sheep..."

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