Monday, June 8, 2009


Geez, who woulda thunk it??!!
Heading above, link below.
Another shocking, stunning episode in the not-so-secret made for TV daily soap opera,
"As the Middle East Turns":

On the shifting sands of the Middle East chessboard many more ironies unfold.
Kuwait demands Talabani pay billions for Iraq's perviously arranged, supposed invasion, which, of course, Talabani is refusing to do.

The Arab/Persian Gulf islands disputed territorial ownership continues, mentioned in the article above.

France's Total is tossed out of Persia/NAZI Iran, tentatively replaced by NAZI collaborator China and NAZI Deutscheland Uber Alles investment amongst others.
More on this subject, shortly, below.

NAZI Russia's Lukoil continues lurking around the region.

Persia/NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron and his millionaire NAZI Mullah regime and military associates are under attack both externally and internally by the likes of Morgan/Davoodi/Rafsanjani.
And, NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron and regional friends, naturally, circle their wagons defiantly fighting for survival and existence.
Just a few highlights from the many, mounting, regional Fascist, imperial internal and external contradictions.
No point trying to do a news roundup. It is impossible for me.

HOWEVER, as I indicated above, I will add one more link to the subject above, albeit it, from a right-wing, SANITIZED, Fascist perspective. Nonetheless, at minimum, it/they ACKNOWLEDGE and analyze what I HAVE followed in substantive detail on my many blogs and which everybody else is busy DENYING and ignoring.

So, our present day, classic, European imperial power struggle, historical antecedents, and, specifically, the German-Franco relationship.
I will add to the following, Poland's role in WWII was DISGUSTING, nauseating and, as far as I am concerned, is a repeat performance:
"President Obama and the Franco-German Struggle":

For the denouement in today's entry, back at United Suckers and Assholes, another episode unfolds in our made for TV soap opera,
Single Payer Health Care Insurance.
The high-profile Single Payer advocates were just tossed a PR bone, below, which will shut them up and keep them occupied for awhile.
But, the outcome has already been predetermined, predictable.
So, immediate confrontation will be deflected by this magnanimous gesture, happily for all:
"House Single Payer Hearing Set"

And, then, in a few months, they will be ignored and our piece de resistance, private, corporate health care insurance legislation will pass, a fait accompli, with nary a bang or a whimper from our collaborative led AFL-CIA, SEIU.
And, everybody will live happily ever afterwards.

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