Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Some interesting developments ensue.

Russia's Alrosa says it will sue John Helmer. This is not the first time Helmer comes under attack. Here is the article about the pending Alrosa versus Helmer lawsuit:


And, now, some of Helmer's controversial Alrosa reporting which apparently precipitated this response.
What is most curious TO ME about the following is, I happened to have read Helmer's Alrosa article below AND the following sentences JUMPED out at me at the time. Excerpt below, link follows. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Some of these assets were held by a subsidiary in Cyprus called Rolant Investments Ltd., which in turn had been acquired earlier by Alrosa in a complex transaction chain with Morgan Stanley for more than $300 million..."



Need I say more? But, the article should be read in its entirety for all its information, not just the brief clip above.

And, now for the latest episode in United Suckers and Assholes illustrative As The World Turns Single Payer Medical Insurance theatre piece documentary.

Nice acknowledgment below by Calif Nurses Association and AFL-CIA Member, Rose Ann DeMoro, regarding the TRANSPARENT negative role played by SEIU, AFL-CIA and Democratic Party alliance which I have demonstrated repeatedly on my blogs.

EXCEPT, DeMoro cannot be serious she and others did NOT know, beforehand, as well as now, who is who and what is what and which way is up.

EVERYBODY knows the historical role, baggage the AFL-CIA played after WWII, the last 60 or so years. They advertise it proudly. And, certainly, there were NO secrets as to who financed Obooma, his meteoric stardom and career rise with the Chicago Democratic mafia machine, his and his mother's previous CIA connections, etc.

Not to mention the very first thing Obooma did when he finally finagled the Democratic Presidential nomination, after screwing Hillary supporters, was REPUDIATE public campaign financing. He trashed it! And, nobody had immediate objections about this instantaneous contradiction at the time. Even McCain did NOT trash public financing! But, Obooma certainly did. And, Obooma proceeded to have the most expensive Presidential campaign in US history, courtesy of the corporate interests he presently represents, especially, Citigroup, Morgan, Exxon.

So, DeMoro, below, either is grossly stupid, intentionally naive or disingenuous in her remarks about Obooma. But, then, DeMoro remains an AFL-CIA Board member. So, one must UNDERSTAND she will NOT go further out on a limb, despite facts. Expecting Obooma to do anything other than what he does is an absolute, outright joke, a farce, a slap in our faces. But, she will feign ignorance in this area.

Anyway, be sure to watch the short video interview with CNA's Rose Ann DeMoro in the link below. NOTICE, when direct action is mentioned, it does NOT include, NOT specifically threatened or stated, ORGANIZED, UNIFIED, MILITANT LABOR ACTION and LEADERSHIP. There is absolutely NO reference to THAT. Nor will there be. DeMoro is part of the AFL-CIA. And, of course, no other aspect of NAZI Obooma's intertwined policies are mentioned, such as Federal tax corporate bailouts and TRILLION dollar debt. Nor, multibillions in war spending.

Under the above circumstances, direct action should ENCOMPASS CONFRONTATION both outside and inside the AFL-CIA and SEIU EXECUTIVE offices, as well, in addition to all else.

As for "disappointing" Democratic Obooma leadership, as DeMoro states below, I suggest, FOR STARTERS, replacing Obooma with Rose Ann DeMoro and Sal Roselli, herself/themselves and the cadre of workers standing behind them; sever from the NAZI CIA Obooma Democrats; institute a LEFT Dictatorship to implement an ORDERLY PROGRAM of public expansion; expropriation, nationalized industry, public pension funding; liquidation of BANKRUPT private corporate assets such as Citigroup, Morgan and their further prosecution; an immediate withdrawal of ALL funding and military forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and ultimately throughout the globe, substantive and substantial tax changes and so on.

IF they are serious, to succeed the single payer movement will be forced to confront systemic challenges and contradictions, entrenched financial power relationships as those above and, of necessity, "deepen and broaden" their movement, to "bring the moment to its crisis," to threaten, challenge and confront head on these present power relationships. Thus, the single payer issue serves both as catalyst and conundrum for everyone involved in it above and everyone is wiggling and squirming to extricate from the logical dilemma of the confrontation exposing them, the existential box into which they painted themselves.



Finally, to end, a minor cultural note. A sort of indirect advertisement, I guess.

In a previous post, I happened to recall a film by Italy's marvelous Vittorio De Sica, "A Brief Vacation." (All his films, like, "The Bicycle Thief," are so powerful, real, tragic and depressing I can barely watch them again.)
And, then, just recently, lo and behold, aside from repeats of "Nights of Cabiria," a Fellini film appeared I had never seen before. That is to say, it is/was surely a Fellini film posing as an independent documentary.
I am sure reality mimicked art in this instance rather than the other way around.
These are/were most definitely real life Fellini characters resurrected.
So, Fellini has been reincarnated from the dead in the following delightful, thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining documentary film which I just happened to see the other day and thought I would mention:


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