Monday, June 22, 2009


Since I have pointed out in previous blogs, our former, competing WWII NAZI Dynasty, the Shah of Iran/Persia, the Pahlavis, centered in California, are intimately connected with events currently transpiring in our current ghoulish, nightmarish, other NAZI Frankenstein invention, Islamic Iran, I thought I would post especially for anyone outside of United Suckers and Asshole territory, today's major National Press Club broadcast speech/address by Reza Pahlavi on C-Span. This is merely an informational, public service, reference post, since I figure nobody outside the US would probably be aware Pahlavi made a major speech to the National Press Club in the US.
So, I am posting/providing, a direct, unedited videotape link, approximately one hour long, should anyone care to listen out of curiosity or for any other reason:

Have little time today for anything else. This will have to suffice.

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