Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Public Power Corporation unionists holding a ... The banner reads: "WE RESIST!" FROM (with additional photos from Spain, etc):
HERE http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/slideshow/photo//100629/481/urn_publicid_ap_org3fcbca0b9d2f4350a2d658acd9e5b465/?.src=news#photoViewer=/100628/ids_photos_wl/r128379949.jpg One report from Greece below, with more to come, obviously. Remember, I experience a time differential, jet lag: HERE http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/2010/06/29/321-police-occupies-the-main-harbour-of-the-country-in-order-to-prevent-the-strikers-to-blockade-it/ Finally, I include a following BRIEF BBC video link BECAUSE it seems to me the woman interviewed SOUNDS American and, if so, she represents a typical US asshole, pissed at her labor inconvenience because she can't get married. Well, tough nuggies, lady!! Doesn't she know what is happening for months and years now when she lands in, stays or visits Greece?? Did she just arrive from Mars? Heck, if I stumbled inadvertently upon such an event, I would be ecstatic with joy, join in and MARCH WITH THEM! She could be a bit more impromptu, imaginative, creative, spontaneous and create a marriage celebration incorporating THE DEMONSTRATION AND STRIKING WORKERS into/with it/her. I'm sure they'd agree. What an UNFORGETTABLE, uplifting, inspirational, unique setting and memorable experience in which to consummate conjugal vows. Auspicious: HERE http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/10443630.stm

Monday, June 28, 2010


Once again, Israel/Lebanon/(Iran)Hezbollah/US/EU, etc., offshore Mediterranean gas wars, conflicts and territorial disputes re-ignite, REEMERGE with vengeance.
Report/link below.

Additionally, of course, Iraq's contested, intertwined, internecine KRG, Iran Sistani-Shahristani Baghdad Oil/Electric Minister unresolved election imbroglio, energy contract authority, financial distribution, UN Iran sanctions, etc., accelerate post haste in tandem.
Consider that which happened in Iraq previously a lull before the storm, prelude, opening to an all en"gulfing", intensifying, enlarged, engorged bloody imperialist regional conflagration, Afghanistan being an EXTENSION.
Afghanistan's notoriously corrupt, extortionist criminal government and their Taliban thugs and warlords, a Pakistan ISI creation, are the same folks who, IN COLD BLOOD, BRUTALLY ASSASSINATED, SHOT DEAD, BLEW OUT Benazir Bhutto's brains in front of a public audience, as you may recall, more BLOW BACK from our manufactured, NAZI criminal freedom fighters unleashed in the name of an anti-Communist and anti-Soviet religious crusade in Afghanistan, funded through the UAE and Pakistan's BCCI.
(Bank of Commerce and Credit, OR, Bank of Crooks and Criminals International).
A personal reflection, side note.
Benazir's assassination reminded me very much of Kennedy.
Turning back to the immediate.
Turkey's present NAZI Islamist AKP Erdogan government is, also, affiliated, associated, allied to/with Pakistan/Afghanistan's recent brutal, sadistic, barbarian, primitive, reactionary, virulent, toxic, pernicious, bloodthirsty, diabolically manufactured, subsidized and exacerbated Islamic Frankenstein monsters, intentionally created as in systemic WWII NAZI Jewish and political pogroms, extermination and mythical Aryan nations, cut programmatically from similar templates and sponsored by the same financial and industrial institutions, names, wealthy families and their cloned offspring to serve similar purposes.
Since most everyone seems to suffer from short and long term convenient historical amnesia, here's a reminder, just ONE post I did, amongst others, from December 2008 regarding the tripartite connection, Turkey/Pakistan/Afghanistan and notorious Afghan General Dostum's presence and warm welcome in Turkey:



Another simplistic geography lesson.
Pakistan's immediate neighborhood happens to include enemy, but, US ally, India, not exactly wildly enthusiastic and a happy camper about expanding, entrenched ISI power in their vicinity.
Nor China, of course.

As you sow, shall you reap.
I read a Stalin statue was just removed from former Soviet Georgia.
Blasphemy, to say the least.
What happens next to ALL those who HELPED to remove Stalin, and, I might add, Saddam's Statue, as well, is most well deserved.
Better place both statues in a mausoleum for safe keeping.
You/we will need them returned in the very near future.

Each and every insidious, diabolical, nefarious step taken in USSR WWII counter-revolution, SUCH AS THAT/THOSE MANUFACTURED ABOVE, including "opening up," that is, economically detaching, severing, transforming Red China from the USSR into a market based dependent economy and basket case, leads inevitably to the many, MULTIPLE intractable, unyielding, insolvable global and regional contradictions, conflicts, problems, confrontation, destabilization you see unfolding before your eyes right now and to the ultimate necessity and inevitability of military resolution.
So, what/who/which one will be the ostensible "trigger," provocation, spark, incident, hair that broke the camel's back, this time around, unleashing and exploding the military might of ALL combined together, one of the numerous reasons US and Israeli warships and air force are prowling about Arabia's Gulf Peninsula, while Turkey's military actively pursues and bombs the PKK within Kurdistan/Iraq/Turkish borders, along with Iraq's daily, orchestrated, blood curdling killing, bombing, assassinations, murder, theft, robbery, violence, intimidation, rape, torture and Yemen and...
The list goes on and on and on..:




Lastly, a reproduced update and reminder, link, from my favorite Greek roving English language journalist, taxikipali, concerning tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29 upcoming Greek General Strike:



Saturday, June 26, 2010


By way of introduction, I thought I would REPRODUCE the following parody excerpted from a John Helmer post to which I will link underneath because it first came to my attention thanks to Helmer.

A pleasant, apropos surprise, apparently, coined in 1917 by a clever US sportswriter, Grantland Rice, about whom I knew/know absolutely nothing.
A nice addition to my repertoire:

“Money to the left of them and money to the right
Money everywhere they turn from morning to the night
Only two things count at all from mountain to the sea
Part of it’s percentage, and the rest is guarantee”




I ASSUME Grantland's first line, wittingly or unwittingly, parodied Tennyson's repetitive stanza and style in his infamous, glorified, war poem,
"Charge of the Light Brigade":

"...Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them..."



So, on that above note, CAN THINGS GET MUCH WORSE??
The answer definitively is, YES!!
You bet your life, quoting another Marx, Groucho, that is!

First comes Khalilzad's strategic appointment to Norway's DNO Board and obviously purchased KRG influence.
Then, of course, Mullah Iran Sistani's son-in-law and Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, now becomes Iraq Electric Czar as well.
In addition, or, in response to all happening above and recent Turkish developments, UN Iran sanctions, conflicts, the ever fluid, dynamic, shifting Middle East oil/gas energy sands, alliances, investments, partnerships continue unabated.
Israel, EU, KRG and oil refineries:



Additionally, NAZI Deutsche Bank and EU partner in typical style with their insidiously clever, vicious, double bind, cruel, sadistic, artificially created NAZI Middle East Frankenstein Jewish ZIONIST clone, like their counterpart Islamists, parent and offspring together, in an offshore gas finance and development alliance:



As for here, in good ole United Suckers and Assholes, forget it/them, a total, complete, hopeless, lost cause, mess, straight jacket, torpedoed, undermined by institutional, collaborative FASCIST led labor unions, State, CIA and foundation manufactured Opposition, all tied together in an economic umbilical cord to their moribund NAZI Democratic Party and its current vacuous bobble head Obooma Administration.
London Bridges all fall down, all fall down, along with Obooma's sinking, stinking, rotting, putrified NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Titanic Ship of State.
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of hypocritical, nauseating, repulsive, sickening, morally self-righteous, smug, OBSTRUCTIONIST, opportunist scum and assholes.
By the way, these impotent OBSTRUCTIONIST assholes are demonstrating at Canada's G8 world NAZI gathering, another exercise in futility, what they do best, at the same time our ersatz, institutional AFL-CIA national labor leaders, ONCE AGAIN, demand more federal bogus "STIMULUS" monies and defend NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's previous TRILLION dollar federal tax stimulus, TARP, gift, giveaway, debt, etc.
They sing the same tune over and over again.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot.
Former indicted Democratic Illinois Governor and mobster, Blagojevich, sings a different tune, FINALLY coming to trial.
Maybe that's why Chicago's Chief of Staff, Ron Emanuel, hinted he would leave the sinking, stinking CRUDE oil NAZI Obooma Administration after November's mid-term election debacle, a catastrophe in the making like our BP Gulf crude oil disaster management.
And NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's Congressional Dictatorship just passed so-called financial reform legislation as bogus as a wooden nickel and their Health Care Reform bill, significantly changing NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING for the better!
Finally, one more note.
Afghanistan is NOT a war.
Afghanistan is a skirmish and an extension of our INVISIBLE, PERPETUAL IRAQ OCCUPATION, INVASION, WAR, just like EVERYTHING ELSE in United Suckers and Assholes reverse, upside down, inside out, topsy turvy, Alice-in-Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly, night is day, day is night, progressive is reactionary world.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Associated Press
Members of PAME, a Communist-backed labor group, rally Tuesday in central Athens, Greece, calling for a general uprising and an end to government austerity measures.





Private and public sector workers and retired ...


People march during a protest in Marseille, southern ...







Behind a sensational media blitz about Afghan US General McChrystal's resignation, termination, lie other RELATED policy developments, about which I will say more.

First, under Ripley's Believe It or Not fantastic and true event column, the following.
After some political jockeying and factional contrived demonstrations about Iraq electric power shortages, created, ongoing SINCE our US/Iran invasion, occupation, inception, who, of all people, replaces Iraq's current, outgoing Power (Electricity) Czar/Minister??
Heading Ripley's Believe it or not column, the prize goes to none other than:
Iran Mullah Sistani's son-in-law and Baghdad OIL MINISTER, SHAHRISTANI!!!
He/they win for audacity, balls, chutzpah!:




Meanwhile, Afghan US General McChrystal's resignation/termination relates to POLICY decisions and disagreements surrounding IRAQ/IRAN/AFGHANISTAN/PAKISTAN, etc.
Afghanistan does NOT exist in splendid isolation.
Afghan policy relates to the long arm of surrounding REGIONAL military, political and shifting economic players, alliances, conflicts, investments, partners, etc, including our INVISIBLE IRAQ WAR and its endless occupation.
Of course, underlying all is NOT which policy or General, but, NO WAR, NO OCCUPATION and NO PRIVATIZATION.
For more examples, Pakistan just signed a gas pipeline agreement with now UN SANCTIONED Iran's present government, the one currently occupying Iraq.
And Afghan's Taliban, of course, are a Pakistan ISI extension, creation, another bunch of allied pseudo Islamic Fundamentalist Fascist criminal thugs demanding their share of the pie.
And, then, EU/NATO/US interests coincide and overlap in Afghanistan.
This list continues.
McChrystal's discontent and disparaging remarks are being depicted as personal disagreement, insubordination.
What I HEARD reported, having NOT read Rolling Stone's sensational article, as McChrystal's Obooma Administration characterizations, seem correct ones to me.
Even our idiotic Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal jumping and screaming down by our devastated BP crude oil Southern Gulf region correctly characterized Obooma's NAZI Administration as missing in action, inept, dysfunctional, leaderless, rudderless, chaotic, unresponsive, stupid, aloof, uncoordinated, etc.
Anyway, one can view McChyrstal as another rat in a long, growing line abandoning our sinking, stinking US NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship Titanic Ship of State.
I've even heard "rumored suggestions" that Secy of State Hillary Clinton somehow will shift positions with VP Biden, which would make sense, since Hillary ALREADY functions as President abroad and they could just slip her quietly and officially into that position.
After all, overseas "emerging private investment markets" are why we fight and occupy Iraq/Afghanistan and are the MOST crucial, critical, important ones and NOT what happens back in United Suckers and Assholes Banana Republic Homeland.


And, then, I thought I would illustrate my above point about emerging markets, as usually I do, with an example that happens to have a somewhat parochial interest and value to me.
It's indicative IF one understands and knows the power relationships represented by the institutions and individuals named below, a bit like Harvard University with their reactionary private economic circles, federal government, CIA, military taxpayer research contracts, grants, private endowment investment fund, business connections, etc.
The Univ of Penna and their "prestigious" Wharton Business School are on par with Harvard in this respect.
Our private, sprawling, Top Ten Ivy League Univ of Penna campus happens to be Philadelphia City's single LARGEST PRIVATE employer, major institutional real estate owner, investor, developer through their enormous endowment fund AND, ready for this, the PRIVATE, expensive, Univ of Penna pays NO local property taxes because they qualify as a NON (NOT FOR) PROFIT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION!!
And, so, they are represented, present and partnered in our up and coming MIDDLE EAST "emerging market speculative bubble" scenario and its UAE, GCC coordinating nerve center.
Two articles on a theme:

"Nahyan Receives Univ of Penna Delegation":




Univ of Penna President Amy Gutmann Inaugural Visit:



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sometimes, I reflect on how daily existence living in United Suckers and Assholes truly is an extraordinary, remarkable phenomena, an out of body and mind, an Alice-in-Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly experience, the most accurate way I know to describe it.
It's fortunate, the luck of the dice or Irish, I continue possessing sufficient critical intellectual faculties, reasoning, memory, recall and my head remains screwed tightly enough on to my body to distinguish reality from fantasy nor do I yet suffer premature senility.
Otherwise, I would be intellectually lost at sea, bobbing and tossing about like a tiny mental raft, life boat in a vast, vanishing horizon point and propaganda ocean, searching with only a miniscule flash light at hand for truth, hard land, terra firma.
How can a nation be AT WAR and NOT know or acknowledge it??
How is this fundamental reality denied, accomplished, orchestrated, ACCEPTED??
This great, magical, Houdini disappearing feat.
Think about it.
Day turned into night, night turned into day.

A raging daily inferno exists in NAZI occupied IRAQ and, except for my own posts, and, PERHAPS, maybe, possibly, a few other individuals, the entire Establishment here, most everyone, pretends everything is fine.
No Iraq problems, no war, except some occasional parliamentary dickering and a few bombs exploding here and there.
Fantasy Disneyland.
The BIG lie technique repeated over and over.
Of course, NO independent, principled ORGANIZED LABOR opposition, the modus operandi, enabler, main reason, this magical fantasy land, not only Iraq, but, other, related domestic and international policies can be obfuscated, denied, swept under the magic carpet or beneath an oily crude ocean catastrophe.
Additionally, we have a "rent an opposition" crowd to augment a Corporate State created Disney Wonderland.
Anyway, as an occasional reality check I remind myself and those above, once more, what a REAL opposition looks like, from Greece, which, I repeat, gets NO organized, institutional US labor support, acknowledgment, recognition, solidarity, attention, whatsoever, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, consistent with those above and which I repetitively and redundantly highlight in many past posts:

#318 Strikes in Greece today; continuous updates

"...Today (23.06) is the date that the law concerning social insurance (or rather – destroying it) will be voted in parliament. As a response, grassroots trade unions are calling for a demonstration in Athens in the morning, at the time when the law will be voted in. On the other hand, the mainstream trade unions (GSEE, ADEDY) are calling for a demonstration in the evening – that is, after the law will have been voted!

At this moment (13.35 GMT+2) there is much tension at the port of Piraeus, as members of PAME (the trade union allied to KKE, the stalinist communist party) are blocking all entrances to the port, in solidarity with the dockworkers’ union, whose strike was deemed illegal by courts last week.

More updates from central Athens and Piraeus port as they come..."







Monday, June 21, 2010


Thanks to John Helmer for the following, link below.
In a succinct nutshell, IT is stated below!
Helmer's article concerns dairy, but, as you can see, it symbolizes EVERYTHING.
Mother's milk, the nourishment and sustenance from which NAZISM/FASCISM and counter-revolution grow stronger daily, weekly, month by month, yearly.

"...President Dmitry Medvedev big-noted his re-election campaign with a speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday with this seeming call for competition to stimulate economic growth. “No matter how many state-owned enterprises we might have,” Medvedev said, “modernisation will above all be achieved through the efforts of private business, and only in a competitive environment. The state’s job is to ensure a good business climate for Russian and foreign entrepreneurs, and a fair and honest competitive environment.”...




Meanwhile, United Suckers and Assholes government/oil industry representative administering BP's $20 Billion government/industry hush and slush fund, Kenneth Feinberg, encourages victims to COME ON IN "Y'AWL" and get cash while its hot off the press and the "gettin" is good BECAUSE once having accepted settlement, whatever amount, NO MORE LAWSUIT POSSIBLE.

Lawyer Feinberg served on NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's tax gift, giveaway, boondoggle TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program).
Need I say more.
He also adjudicated our 9/11 Victims Relief Fund coverup.

BP will be off the hook at bargain basement prices by those willing to accept money from Feinberg's slush/hush fund.

True values, IF litigated and IF one could place monetary value is IMPOSSIBLE, unlimited, indeterminate.
More than global national debt combined.
It would, most decidedly, bankrupt BP many times over.
I heard ballpark estimates BP's worldwide assets valued AROUND $300 Billion, give or take a few billion either way.

That does NOT include BP's steady flow of INCOME, from which dividends are paid to INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS and/or LABOR PENSION FUNDS, as well as others.

BP, over time, can easily absorb $20 or even $50 Billion in damage litigation AND then pass on increased costs to consumers!

Thus, SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES FINANCE THEIR OWN DAMAGE TWICE, THRICE and many more times through the nose, including wars, tax bonanzas, etc!!

Federalize the employees.
Offshore oil and gas drilling is NOT a vertical or horizontally integrated industry.
It is highly irrational, capital intensive, insanely reckless, irresponsible, dangerous, sliced and diced, divvied up in its bits, parts and pieces, one of the reasons why blame is passed around like a football and NO ONE entity, source accepts responsibility.
Thus, catastrophic response remains UNCOORDINATED, OVERLAPPING, DISJOINTED, unprepared, etc. and so on.
HALLIBURTON, of infamous Cheney Iraq invasion, corruption and occupation fame, services BP's Deepwater Horizon platform/well.
And Transocean receives an obscene $500,000 or so a day leasing their platform to BP!!
The entire industry is nothing but one big, OBSCENE, colossus criminal cartel, racket, a pricing, food and supply chain, manufactured by virtue of capital ASSETS owned, platforms, rigging, services, supply routes, equipment, pipes, boats and finally sucker consumer outlets.
A cash cow, pig.
Here's a clip about Transocean:


Anadarko is but one more energy firm partnered with BP in their joint Gulf Deepwater Horizon oil exploration misadventure.
Anadarko versus BP, below, represents a snippet of ensuing legal battles and entanglements, none which SOLVE, HALT, REVERSE, CONTAIN THE PROBLEM, namely, crude gushing into the Atlantic and its ASTRONOMICAL impacts.
A relief well currently being drilled is NOT a sure bet.
It just represents the best and only answer industry proffered, as yet.
POTENTIALLY, the gushing pipe could go on for many months and/or years longer.
The more crude gushes, obviously, greater secondary, tertiary EXPONENTIAL problems created, too many for me to itemize here, but, potentially impacting inland, fresh waterways, shipping lanes, Gulf State electricity production, industry, agriculture, you name it:



Meanwhile, a few prominent names ABANDON our sinking, stinking NAZI US Obooma Titanic Ship of State.
NAZI Obooma's Budget Director, Peter Orszag, not necessarily well known, but, important, resigned effective July 1.
And, it is claimed, Ron Emanuel, Obooma's Chief of Staff and Chicago Democratic mafia kingpin, plans a departure AFTER November's mid-term election fiasco.
By that time, the US will drown in a sea of gushing, oily gook and crude.


Balancing and paralleling our deplorable, nauseating, sickening domestic state of affairs, on the opposite side of the Atlantic Pond, an infamous trio combine together forming one big happy family, NAZI JP Morgan Chase, Halliburton and Saudi Abdallah S. Jum'ah:



Sunday, June 20, 2010


Addendum to my earlier post, BELOW this one.

I reproduced (in case it disappears) the following in full from #3 of a COMMENT SECTION, link follows.
I have NO idea who is Taxikipali, which, I ASSUME, is a pseudonym.
But, I would like to compliment whomever Taxikipali is for some absolutely consistent, marvelous Greek strike and labor reports in English.
I ALWAYS read his/her or their material.

Wish I could read the Greek directly:

"...An interesting incident was reported concerning yesterday's large PAME (Communist Party controlled union) march in Athens: at some point the marchers detected a plain clothed policeman in their ranks, closed against him and deprived him of his police id. Upon understanding what was happening motorised police forces gathered with the intention to attack the march - then something unheard of for Greece happened: the PAME marchers performed a swift maneuver forming a tight cube thus hindering any aggressive move by the uniformed thugs. In an instant the cube puked the captured policeman who quickly rode the back-seat of a police motorbike and disappeared. Today's Communist Party Daily, Rizospastis, featured centrally the id of the policeman and the news have created a huge controversy in the media. There is no doubt that the State considers the Communist Party a force that must be controlled and surveyed during these critical times, especially as its workers once again today blockaded the entire Peiraeus off-loading platform in order to hinder COSCO boats off-loading their cargo in the harbour. Like it or not the KKE is transforming into the main force of resistance to the government measures..."

FROM (Comment #3 below):



And, then, my earlier post today...





By the way, STILL NO active, organized labor recognition, acknowledgment, support and solidarity with Greek or any other European labor resistance and opposition exists HERE.
You know why by now from previous posts.


The following report, confirmed at numerous sources, comes on the heels of many simultaneous developments regarding predictable, unfolding Iraq/Iran regime change, congruency, coup scenarios, namely, UN Iran sanctions, further, continued, unmitigated conflicts between Iran Sistani's Baghdad son-in-law Oil Minister, Shahristani and Allawi, KRG, Iraq's contested election authority, PM position, oil contracts and so on.
Iran's isolated, encircled, embattled Sistani regime responds internally by further repression, political hangings, imprisonment, etc.
Of course, a political BATTLEGROUND and minefield, literally and figuratively, exists in NAZI occupied Iraq with daily bombings, assassinations, threats, coercion, intimidation, torture, etc., while Turkey's military continues its bombing of Northern Iraq's PKK:



Meanwhile, Iraq, BP's Atlantic Gulf crude oil catastrophe and Europe's opposition slips quietly off OUR political radar screen HERE with NO PRINCIPLED led, organized labor opposition.
Active quiescence, collaboration, cooperation and diversion, as usual.
Again, you know why.


And, on the above note, let me suggest a few reasons for the provocative question or observations raised below by Mr. Iraq General Nebuchadnezzar regarding Iraq and Arab quiescence.
First of all, to me, NO generalized ARAB answer or reason exists.
But, accepting his terminology, let's proceed and get to the substance of the matter.
The first answer is the most obvious, like ALL above, namely:
NAKED GREED AND OPPORTUNISM, acting in what they PERCEIVE as their own ephemeral narrow self interests and opportunities for economic self-aggrandizement, empire, short or long term gain, whatever.
Next, systematic destruction, liquidation, diminution, degradation, disunity, substitution and replacement of ORGANIZED PRINCIPLED military and political class organization and institutions with collaborative, cooperative, subservient, divisive leaders, categories and institutions, as those elsewhere.
In THIS particular part of the world, covertly and overtly created, aided, employed and assisted institutions and front groupings as the FASCIST Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Queda, Islamic Fundamentalist movements (like Fundamentalist Christians, here, or ZIONISTS), etc., utilized historically as a counter weight to USSR influence but proceeding out of and flowing from the WWII NAZI German General Reinhard Gehlen's network.
And, then, why such Arab quiescence about Iraq and not Palestine?
General Nebuchadnezzar answers his own question below.
Precisely because Iraq is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT economically and strategically than Palestine or Gaza or Israel FOR REASONS I STATE IN MY POSTS AND General Nebuchadnezzar so eloquently lists below:



In conclusion, an ode to Iraq General Nebuchadnezzar:

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,
--that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know..."




Likewise "The truth shall make you free."

Any scientist understands these simple intellectual, theoretical axioms.
BUT, MATERIALIZING, making and implementing principled truths concrete, "changing reality," comes only with PURPOSEFUL, ORGANIZED, SELF-DIRECTED human activity.
As in military principles, strategy, tactics, power equations in warfare, Mr. General Nebuchadnezzar.
Wars are NOT won with anarchy, chaos, divisiveness, inaccurate, false, incorrect, misguided, misleading power assessments.

Friday, June 18, 2010


US Congressional BP hearings, posture and theatre confirms that which everybody throughout the world knows already, namely, BP and ALL PRIVATE energy corporations are greedy, irresponsible, unsafe, arrogant, exploitative, opportunistic, redundant, unnecessary parasites and bastards operating with reckless and feckless impunity and impervious abandonment throughout the globe.

Here and abroad.

NOTHING DONE about it.
NO assets seized, nationalized, here or elsewhere.

Just the opposite!

NO accountability, NO responsibility, NO liquidation, NO criminal prosecution, NO asset seizures, NO penalties, NO POLICY CHANGE, NO NOTHING!
Instead, they are REWARDED with MORE FUNDS!!

So, why should BP be any different??

The ONLY difference is/was one of style.

US companies go through obligatory public Congressional sessions showing themselves to be contrite, humble, mea culpa, apologists, demonstrating themselves good, cooperative citizens, etc.

BP was more honest.

BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, advised by lawyers NOT to say anything incriminating, no doubt, nonetheless, in haughtiness, arrogance, supreme aristocratic style, as I commented in my post below, clearly took great umbrage and offense at being dragged by lowly riff raff through a public flogging in a US Congressional court.
He stood his ground firmly, giving NO help, NO fig leaf to assuage and assure lowly commoners and public opinion, flaunting open contempt of Congress.
No hypocrisy there.


Tony Hayward is more consistent and honest than our SUPINE, GUTLESS, HYPOCRITICAL GOVERNMENT, POLITICAL SLAVES, PUPPETS, HIRED HELP, CARPETBAGGERS, PROSTITUTES AND SCUMBAGS who serve at the pleasure of their NAZI corporate paymasters!

Tony Hayward won.
And BP for the same reason.
$20 Billion is merely expedient political hush and slush money.

Another fact confirmed, however.

I had PLENTY of previous posts reputing mythological peak theory versus deep generated oil and gas and its A-BIOTIC (anti/non biologic) origins deep within the earth's mantel, core.
It is visually evident now as enormous pressures from deep within the earths mantel cause crude oil at BP's well to bubble, spew forth and percolate uncontrollably.

Thus, as I have RE-asserted over and over, theoretically, one can drill most ANYWHERE on earth's surface, land or water, and eventually strike oil and/or gas, provided one drills deep enough.

The reason all energy companies are in deep offshore waters pertains NOT to scarcity, but, to profitability factors, low taxes, royalties, little or no oversight, jurisdiction, etc.
On the above note regarding offshore gas drilling, Israel's ubiquitous Nochi Dankner, about whom I've written much in terms of "Who Owns Israel"(*link below*), is in the news, again, along with other notorious connections, regarding offshore Israel gas licensing:



*Nochi Dankner* reference, second half of link below under subheading,
"Who Owns Israel":



Meanwhile, in Turkey and Iraq more disgusting developments which characterize this entire nauseating, sickening global FASCIST/NAZI counter revolutionary project.

Turkey's royal OTTOMAN descendants sue for restoration of "their" previous property!
Note Mosul, Iraq:



Thursday, June 17, 2010


First, a brief note regarding Kyrgyzstan.

Anytime one hears "ethnic violence" a red flag pops up meaning premeditated covert operations.

My question always motive, purpose?

Besides himself, BELOW, who else profits from prearranged carnage.

Whose or which other economic, political PURPOSES does he/it serve and WHY NOW?



Apparently, Kyrgyzstan's Osh is an Afghan opium transit point.

And, a referendum is/was to be held shortly for another code, buzz word, "Democratic" Kyrgyz Constitutional change.
So, here are a few possible players and underlying motivations from which to begin:





Meanwhile, as indicted in my many previous posts, BP's crude oil catastrophe torpedoes NAZI Obooma's entire Administration.
They are drowning in a sea of toxic crude.
A $20 Billion BP created escrow account represents a TOKEN drop in an oily ocean.
I heard the escrow referred to as a sludge account, or, perhaps, in MY terms, slush account or political payout fund, a token PR gesture.

Since creating this entirely new, nominally independent, quasi governmental agency, bureau, department, Czar, it FURTHER muddies already toxic filled waters and our so-called "public/private" umbilical cord partnership, as in all our NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship dealings.
It complicates, rather than clarifies and simplifies, an already intertwined, internecine, undecipherable, amorphous, indistinguishable "public and private" conjugal marriage.
It does NOT solve the/our immediate problem.
It is UNCLEAR how precisely BP's supposed escrow account will be administered, adjudicated, monies allocated, funds distributed, claims processed, payments, procedures, etc.

Nor does it prohibit or preclude further litigation, liabilities, appeals, etc.
It adds onto a much larger, greater, LEADERLESS, UNCOORDINATED, INCOMPETENT, RUDDERLESS entanglement and mess, more layers of confounding confusion, overlapping, questionable conflicting and competing authority.

Apparently, adding insult to injury, inflaming political wounds and embarrassment, a European BP Board Chairman utilized a phrase about how "BP cares about the small people," referring to victims, petite bourgeoisie, in US Gulf Coast States whose lives and incomes are destroyed by this event, never mind ecology.
Well, great offense and umbrage shown by his demeaning, derogatory descriptive slip of the tongue.

I was reminded of a famous quote from Leona Helmsley, wife of a NYC real estate mogul, who once said,
"Only the little people pay taxes."
Leona Helmsley's truism and gaffe did not command national and international attention, as in BP's case.

For those unfamiliar with the infamous Helmsleys, here's a snippet FOR THEM:



Of course, BP EUROPE Board Chairman and Leona Helmsley both spoke truth.

Although, rarely, if ever, do I indulge in cultural history, I thought I would make one exception, in this case, and SPECULATE alittle on the symbolism of Mr. EUROPE BP Board Chairman Freudian slip of the tongue, aside from it's comical aspects.
I wade into these waters, like the toxic Gulf, with great trepidation, since I am well aware of the many pitfalls and landmines generated from simplified, sweeping historical generalizations and broad social, cultural characterizations.
But, here goes.
BP Europe Board Chairman characterizes a different Gestalt, history, frame of reference.

Class in Europe and much of the "Old" world, unlike here, exists as facts of life, given, an acknowledged reality, like air, water, etc.

Royalty, aristocracy, lineage, descendants, the "upper crust" and then the rest, the little people, serfs, peons, working class, untermenschen are facts of Old World Eurasian life.

Over many centuries, a long history of economic and SOCIAL class delineation developed, institutionalized, codified with its attendant pomp, circumstance and ceremony, social trappings, accoutrement's, etc.

Here, the ILLUSORY MYTH of a classless society permeates and pervades because the same long, ingrained institutionally rigid, codified, distinct, well defined economic AND social status did not organically evolve, comingle and co-exist together.

More class fluidity and diversity exists on A SOCIAL LEVEL here by virtue of US origin, background, circumstance.
Economic class is not SOCIALLY as delineated, sharp, clear, defined as elsewhere, due to legions of global immigrants, westward expansion (lebensraum), emancipated former slaves AND only 200 OR SO odd years of independence and nationhood NOT predicated on long traditions of entrenched state, feudal aristocracy, empire, religious and military hierarchy, bureaucracy, etc.
And, so, US perceptions of class are PERCEIVED, identified more as SUBJECTIVE SOCIAL ones on a slippery slope against a backdrop of clear, determined, self identified and determined, OBJECTIVE property relationships.

The edifice of the Horatio Alger myth builds upon this uniquely American fantasy.

Of course, for every one individual here who moves or moved economically from lower to upper class in the CLASSICAL sense of the term, there are/were millions who died or remain stuck where they are.

Nonetheless, notions of "egalitarianism" permeate based on fuzzy class thinking, subjective perception, confounding, collapsing and interchanging objective economic, property determinants into subjective, self-identified social and cultural categories.
I think MR. EUROPE BP Board Chair's inadvertent, but true, description and its reaction here is but one instance which profoundly reflects and illustrates this broader underlying Gestalt.
Illuminating references, research papers, books, thoughts are welcome in the comment section below to help flesh out my hypothesis.
Nothing pops up to mind immediately and I do not wish to spend more of my time on this matter beyond a few cursory remarks.
It's a dense subject and NOT the substance of my posts.
An aside.
A footnote.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Against the backdrop of Unser Vacuous Obooma Fuhrer blathering empty rhetoric and nonsense about our epic, gargantuan, Biblical BP Atlantic Gulf crude oil gusher on our TV screens, I could NOT resist posting the following item regarding Northern IRAQ, Kurdistan's KRG.

Precious, isn't it?
Northern Iraq's oil pipeline is, on a regular basis, bombed and destroyed, repeatedly, umpteen number of times now, just like most of Iraq.
And, of course, Iraq's "Oil Ministry," to which the article refers, I assume, indicates IRANIAN Baghdad Oil Minister, Iran's Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, SHAHRISTANI, an extension of NAZI Iran's present government which "they" are working hard to isolate, sanction, overthrow and SUPPLANT.
Does it get any better than the above and below juxtaposed together?
Here is a short enticing excerpt from the brief report following:

"...Khalilzad has been nominated to the DNO board by RAK Petroleum, an independent but politically connected firm based in the United Arab Emirates with Emirati and Saudi shareholders, which owns 30 percent of DNO. Khalilzad is an RAK board member.





US military General Honore of Hurricane Katrina fame says our Gulf crude catastrophe response must be militarily organized as if it were WWIII.

In this aspect, I agree with Honore.
But, Honore stops short his Federalizing, nationalizing, military attack when it comes to seizing private energy assets.
Then, this week, we have a 3 ring circus with Congressional hearings and international major oil executives testifying, BP later on.
The hired help grill their paymasters.
Much theatre and entertainment.
Lots of talk about Federal "regulations" of private industry.
Lapses, failures, blame game, mea culpa, etc.
Funny, isn't it?
Everything Federalized now, say they, disaster/catastrophe response, relief, regulation, payment, jurisdiction, etc.

OWNING OUTRIGHT our own natural resources and assets.
The ENTIRE INDUSTRY, not just our current BP poster child.
Meanwhile, BP and their British representatives truly are an obnoxious, arrogant bunch of bastard snobs, taking great umbrage at virulent attacks on them.
Clearly, they suffer from an illusory SUPERIORITY complex.
They have NO grasp on reality and power whatsoever.
They must live in another century.

Of course, our present resident White House SCUMBAG and his Administration are no different.
I am surrounded in my environment unavoidably by inarticulate, idiotic ramblings.
It is as painful to hear and see NAZI Obooma and his Administration spokespersons as it was pickle brain Bush and his association of arrogant cohorts.
Like chalk squeaking on a blackboard.
It grates and sends chills up one's spine.

I try to limit and escape exposure to him/them as much as possible.
But, their voices and mug shots dominate and penetrate my environment ubiquitously like Hitler and his cohorts in NAZI occupied Europe
with NO escape offered abroad.

Monday, June 14, 2010


It so happens our toilet paper NY TIMES featured an article today, apparently, regarding Afghanistan's mineral wealth as if it represents a new discovery.
Total rubbish, as usual.

So, I thought I would reproduce EXACTLY AS IT APPEARED one out of many posts I did on my PREVIOUS, now blocked initial, karlmarxwasright, blog which mentions, amongst other items, ONE important mine in Pakistan, near the border of Afghanistan, Iran in Balochistan.
Of course, STILL remaining, as yet, the unfinished TAP (Turkmen-Afghan-Pakistan) gas pipeline, to which I refer below.
ALSO, following my reproduced 2007 post, at the end, I thought I would link to a short video to show HOW our Business Channel presented the NY Times information, including an interview from October, 2009 with General Patraeus speaking about Afghanistan's mineral wealth.
So, first, from:
November 06, 2007:

Dana Gas, Islamic Finance, Pakistan, Why "we" Fight and Die

Here's the latest in the Dana Gas saga:


Since Pakistan happens to be much in the news, at the moment, I'll refer readers back to my blog from May 27, 2006, which connects Dana Gas, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Islamic Finance and more:


(*NOTE*The preceding link, above, no longer works, blocked from public access. So, I did the same as now. I reproduced the entry, above):



In addition, of course, regarding Pakistan, the infamous TAP pipeline, as yet unbuilt for "security reasons," but, endorsed by the ADB (Asia Development Bank), AND, something else about which everyone might not be aware, an enormous copper-gold mine in Western Pakistan, which sits, apparently, on the border between Iran and Afghanistan in Balochistan:


Antofagasta, mentioned in the preceding article, a partner with Canada's Barrick, in case you are unfamiliar with the name, is a Chilean company.
After my previous May 27, 2006 blog, above, many times, I've linked to the following Pakistani resistance website:


Consequently, one can expect no diminished funds or support for Pakistan's "war on terror," either with the US hand picked candidate, Bhutto, or Musharraf.
The US likes to have its Fascist dictatorships elected.
So, here comes Bhutto, and, most likely, more Fascist "Islamists" in government, like Turkey's AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," Iranian Islamic Fascists in Iraq's government, the GCC, etc.
Lots of Islamists, lots of Fascists.
Returning to Dana Gas.
Dana, of course, is a newly minted privatized international company, but, it appears to be a contender/competitor with Russia's state company, Gazprom.
So, the following article about Dana Gas, replicated numerous times:


In addition, a $200 million LNG terminal is scheduled to be built in Karachi, Pakistan with a Dana Gas consortium.
The following link has much more information than merely the LNG terminal, which is why I chose it, but, Pakistan's/Dana Gas LNG terminal information is available on page 9 of a 12 page report on Islamic Finance:


Following the rise and development of so-called "Islamic" Finance from previous blogs, "DIFC [Dubai International Finance Center] Welcomes Institute of Private Investors at Landmark Forum":


Further, at this past weekends Istanbul Conference concerning Iraq, apparently, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC, has agreed to establish representation in Iraq.
Another blog entry, a different one, reminds everyone of the flip side of this coin, both literally and figuratively, "Drink It," (a note, after reading the blog entry see the comment section below it, approximately half way down, a response from Layla Anwar, beginning with the sentence, "Hello Amir & thanks for writing..." for a good, concise, numbered, 18 point factual roundup):


Anyway, these are the folks, above, and the system for whom EVERYONE else dies and fights, the hired help, expendable and cannon fodder.
Even those who think they are well paid off, in comparison, remain the compliant and willing tools, enablers, in an obscene economic system predicated on maintaining and expanding, by all and any means necessary, a formalized, legal, structural fantasy of private, personal individual ownership over the globe's natural resources and social production, logically and conceptually which extends to slavery and wage slavery.
Lastly, altho the following subject regarding the former Yugoslavia and the Ustaha MIGHT appear tangential to the subject matter of my preceding blog, as anyone can/will see, it is not and necessitates urgent inclusion, (be sure to note the photos):


END 2007 POST.

And, now, as promised, today's CNBC video, also a combination of fact and lots of SPIN, propaganda, each in their own way but never a true, complete, accurate story:



Sunday, June 13, 2010


I selected a new layout, as any of you reading my posts for some time will know, designed and offered courtesy of blogger.com.
Just press a button and presto, voila!
New packaging appears.
I could NEVER on my own design a website.
That is way beyond my technical skills and know how.
To initiate it, first, I am posting some light fare, a humorous satire regarding BP's Gulf crude oil catastrophe response.



And, then, we have another real life satire in Obooma's Alice-in-Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly about which I will make no more commentary than to say our NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Democratic Obooma Administration has the balls and audacity to "request" $50 BILLION MORE Federal taxpayer dollars adding to our $13 TRILLION national debt, under auspices of "subsidizing, offsetting" STATE revenue, job and income losses and various relief "programs," etc., all of which claim insolvency to varying degrees, one way or another.
I hate to be redundant WHY we have so much debt in the first place, like, our TRILLION DOLLAR TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) gift, giveaway, boondoggle for major PRIVATE financial institutions, bogus stimulus monies, military expenditures, tax evasion, exemptions and benefits by ALL those same major corporations, etc.
So, let's just say, at this very moment, their/his $50 BILLION request represents political payoff and buyout for November's upcoming midterm elections to keep their Democratic constituency and natives happy, quiet, down and under for awhile longer, until after November elections, when we will return right back to the place from whence we started.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Lots to say about our current Atlantic BP crude oil catastrophe, its national, international, political, economic ramifications and implications, all forecast previously and bearing multiple ripe fruit, many times over.

First, to isolate a few, amongst hundreds, thousands of pertinent facts floating about along with a toxic crude oil cocktail on the high seas.

Independent engineering and scientific sources now revise upwards their previous estimate of BP Gulf crude flow to double, triple, quadruple amounts formerly claimed with NO KNOWN SURE END IN CLEAR SIGHT.

No surprise.

As a reminder, here's something I posted/published on MAY 13, 2010 regarding BP's crude oil CATASTROPHE:



Then, US AND BRITISH LABOR PENSION FUNDS have major stakes in BP, representing a FUNDAMENTAL class contradiction about which I write constantly.
The chickens come home to roost.

BP plays proportionally a larger, more significant role in Britain's economy then here, so, what happens to US BP is a BIG DEAL in Britain!

Advocating BP dividends be denied shareholders, temporarily, FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW, sets a dangerous precedent, principle and upsets a fundamental balance of POWER RELATIONSHIP WHICH NO major corporation acknowledges AND also implies present and/or future BP insolvency, bankruptcy.

Recriminations flying, blame game, accountability, finger pointing backwards, forwards, up, down, sideways, every which way.

We still have suicidal idiots here advocating continued deep water Gulf oil drilling BECAUSE, say these morons, without it income, jobs and energy are lost.

Excuses about jobs, income and/or energy all are red herrings.
The Atlantic Gulf, say they, provides one third of US oil, although, ascertaining where ALL Gulf oil output goes is not an easy task.
I am not sure IF that statistic encompasses ALL Gulf platforms and their output, or, just some, a few, out of many thousands of wells and millions, billions of gallons of crude extracted from them.
The Gulf is a lake populated by multinational oil and gas platforms, companies and production accountable to no one but themselves, their shareholders, ever greater production, profitability, sales, distribution, etc.
They can do most anything, go most anywhere, send their oil hither, dither and yon.

IF our energy resources and Gulf production were NATIONALIZED, FEDERALIZED we would have more, not less, steady jobs, income, fuel, rationalized resource allocation, LESS DRILLING, reasonable pricing, safety standards, CONTROL, etc.
Those who argue for the hybrid "more government regulation" answer need only NATIONALIZE the industry.

Why lease FEDERAL OFFSHORE WATERS to private corporations in the first place only to regulate them afterwards?
What's the point?

Regulation, by definition, is a cop out, an excuse.
Just like our bogus, alternative, national "public OPTION" medical insurance plan advocated by our collaborative, cooperative Fascist led labor unions to supplant, divert attention and replace NATIONAL, UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER medical insurance.
Then, an army of Gulf states petite bourgeoisie jobs and industries find themselves unemployed and/or out of business unexpectedly.

Commercial and recreational fishing, resorts, tourism, restaurants, and a host of others combined, all economically dependent or interdependent upon their more or less pristine sea coast and shores.

They, too, have NO income security and are at odds both with the energy industry, BP AND the government at the moment.

As an aside, our 6 month"temporary moratorium" on deep water drilling happens to coincide with national midterm November elections.

Timing, ploy and posturing no accident.

And, this domestic horror story maintains its global flip side in the Middle East bloodbath and other "emerging privatized markets."
Atlantic Gulf BP, which is the major partner in a consortium, and all other major and some minor corporations are well represented in newly liberated and occupied Iraq and elsewhere.
Noble Energy, one example, is a player BOTH in our Gulf of Mexico and a partner in Israel's offshore gas to be exported, probably, to Europe.
And the contested issue of revised upwards offshore state royalties to Israel which emerged in May is no different in principle from the US Banana Republic.

Not too worry.
If Gulf of Mexico deep water drilling becomes limited, all have LOTS of other places to despoil, desecrate, defile, exploit and rape with impunity in those "emerging markets."
Indeed, an entire planet at their disposal.
I reassert BP will declare bankruptcy and protect themselves from extraordinary liability by siphoning, detaching, spinning off their US section.
Litigation will drag on for centuries.
Along with ALL others to follow.

But, since we have a NAZI Dictatorship and an inarticulate CIA bubble and bobble head at the top who says and does nothing without his NAZI handler's directions and a crib sheet and their/his cooperative, enslaved, investment partnered labor unions, such will not happen here.
At least, not until our entire liquid Ocean transforms itself into a sea of gooey, slimy, toxic substance transformed chemically into a dead sea and planet and the US and the rest of the globe's current barbarian NAZI Dictatorships sink into the muck like quicksand.

Instead of ending on this morbidly unhappy note, I decided to add something abit more beautiful and upbeat.
I happened the other day to view a magnificent 2008 German film which one can consider somewhat of an antidote to the repressive, oppressive, decadent, pathological NAZI parasitism, barbarism and LIES represented by ALL above.
So, I thought I would plug the film's title:
"Cherry Blossoms: Hanami" directed and written by Doris Dorrie, available with English subtitles.
I HIGHLY recommend it.
I do not wish to give much away about the plot for those who have not seen it yet.
So, I will say nothing more but provide one
short link and urge people who have not seen it to do so:



Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Spanish public workers strike against cuts




BP and US

BP's Atlantic Gulf crude oil catastrophe continues spewing forth its toxic venom UNABATED.

Streaming out along with it equal BP LIES.

Along with US Administration filth and more LIES.
Below a good estimate how much crude REALLY is flowing into the Atlantic on a daily basis.

Whatever BP does at the moment hardly makes a dent.
Window dressing and PR.
I fully expect BP to declare what's called Chapter 11 bankruptcy relatively SOON, within months, legal maneuvering to mitigate it's responsibility for the multibillion, trillion dollar litigation to follow which will drag on for our extended lifetimes combined.
No amount of money can replace an ecological system, marine species, fauna, beaches, OCEANS, LIVES, A PLANET once damaged and lost forever!
These are NOT replaceable, industrial parts.

And, then, BP assets sold or merged.
Quite likely, Exxon or Shell.

THE parasitical energy multinational, par excellence, of course.

Do you really believe BP assets will be nationalized, seized here??
Thanks to our collaborative labor unions, we can not even get universal, national single-payer medical insurance, much less a national, public, oil/gas energy grid or a coordinated, national response and state of emergency to an unparalleled natural catastrophe.
Anyway, below is a reputable estimate of the amount of crude streaming into our Atlantic Gulf with TONS of info available elsewhere about what is and is not happening, containment attempts, pockets of crude toxic sludge dispersing itself deep beneath the water's surface for hundreds, and, probably, thousands of miles and, what I am quite sure, will ultimately take a route polluting the greater Atlantic Ocean and perhaps show up in Europe and/or Africa at some point.
The Atlantic Gulf crude gusher is much, much MORE than an isolated, single national environmental catastrophe.
It is a chilling, frightening, national AND international, global NIGHTMARE.
The ecological, natural and economic repercussions are astronomical, unfathomable, exponential and MAY finally be the proverbial nail in the coffin that overwhelms and brings this entire government, system, civilization and their private international oil and gas companies down with it/them:




And on the other side of the ocean, another, much related, Middle East Iraq/Iran/Israel/Turkey WAR and energy front scenario.

From previous posts, it appears a contentious Israel/US development I have been following since May 20th continues, like our Gulf gusher.
Elsewhere in the article BELOW it asserts "vassal/client," like US waters and land, here, Israel offshore gas will be EXPORTED to Europe.
Gas is not even discussed here, despite the fact it is CENTRAL both to domestic and overseas energy expansion.
Of course, this is the greatest United States of Plausible Denial.

MY emphasis in BOLD:

Raising royalties on licenses that have already been given out for oil and gas exploration is a "terrible thing that can cause damage that it will be impossible to repair," said Delek Group Ltd. (TASE:DLEKG) controlling shareholder Yitzhak Tshuva today...
....The ceremony took place against
the backdrop of a fierce argument over the government's desire to raise the royalties collected on gas revenue..."




Our bogus, fake, manufactured, subsidized Opposition along with their unions continue their same old, diversionary, empty rhetoric, garbage, bullshit.
Since they are paid to do so, neither manage to find Iraq's raging daily inferno, barbaric and horrific bloodbath nor European opposition to state budget cuts AND PRIVATIZATION, the very same which is being foisted upon the greater Middle East and everywhere else.

Instead, here, we get a trillion or so dollar taxpayer corporate bonanza, gift, giveaway, socialized debt, NO national single-payer medical insurance system and all above.
And, it's called PROGRESSIVE!!
But, as I say above, we/they are sinking RAPIDLY into the abyss with each and every passing day and opportunity squandered, lost.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I did warn everyone the ONLY known parameters existing for our Atlantic Gulf crude oil BP toxic sludge catastrophe is our great wide open Ocean. So, crude oil coming your way in the near future. Take a good look at one projected Atlantic crude oil track below. Feast your eyes upon it and behold a MAN MADE catastrophe of Biblical dimensions: HERE http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/06/gulf-oil-could-spread-to-atlantic-coast/ GREECE Meanwhile, ongoing fireworks and strikes in Greece regarding NAZI IMF/EU dictated European "austerity" measures AND wholesale sell out and sell off of STATE enterprises, with more forthcoming in Europe. BUT, NO organized labor opposition HERE, thanks to our collaborative partners and Fascist led unions, about which I will have something more to say, below: HERE http://libcom.org/news/greece-month-later-continuing-reactions-measures-04062010 JAMES CLAPPER NOMINATED NEW NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR And, alittle something about James Clapper, proposed US National Intelligence Director. Clapper worked for a few years with Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz Allen NOW owned by Carlyle Group. I will provide a second link on that matter after the following brief Clapper background below. Basically, government contracts and money follow Clapper everywhere: HERE http://www.nationalcorruptionindex.org/pages/profile.php?profile_id=117 AND, the following is a GOOD, EXTENSIVE report from 2008 about Booz Allen and Carlyle Group, thus, Clapper, connections, AND, one of the very few, rare instances, beyond MY posts, reporting on the TABOO subject of SEIU and CALPERS labor pension PARTNERSHIP with Carlyle and Booz Allen, whose disastrous policies, as I have explained repeatedly, mortgage class and labor interests to those above and below. The SEIU, CALPERS labor connection to which I refer is on the LEFT, boxed in BLUE, at the very end, BOTTOM of the article: HERE http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=14963 A MODEST PROPOSAL And, now, a short, modest, proposal, paraphrasing Jonathan Swift. ONLY 1/3 of our Atlantic crude Gulf oil production presently goes towards US consumption. ALL US DEEP WATER drilling must IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY STOP! ALL existing Gulf and other platforms remaining provide energy ONLY for US consumption and NOT FOR EXPORT. That diminishes current Gulf oil platforms to at least 1/2 to 1/3 of its present volume with NO offshore deep drilling. And ALL aspects of the oil/energy industry and their assets must be nationalized, seized, federalized, from point of origin to refinement, transportation, distribution and labor. Subsequent steps taken to insure the safety of remaining platforms with an ultimate goal to phasing all out, replaced with a national energy program, planned production, distribution and consumption grid, conservation, resource allocation, reform, energy transformation, no or low cost public transportation, urban, rural and agricultural zoning and needs determined, reduced, controlled air travel, etc. Instead, we have THE OPPOSITE, a bimbo, CIA puppet NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship President and an UNCONTROLLED, UNCONTAINED Atlantic Gulf BP crude oil gusher spreading itself like margarine throughout the coast lands and vast ocean and a VISIBLE, undeniable, irrefutable CATASTROPHE seen from air, space, land, sea which is/was totally preventable. One can view our conspicuous BP Atlantic Gulf crude natural disaster BOTH as an immediate, tangible national and international emergency AND a symbolic metaphor for the consequences of our present global ECONOMIC catastrophe. Little time remains COLLECTIVELY to HALT, STOP, REVERSE dead in their tracks either our Atlantic crude oil natural catastrophe and our insane, self-destructive, reactionary, economic policies. Otherwise, all will become as dead and extinct as the Dodo bird and those living creatures now mired and strangled in Atlantic crude oil toxic gook.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Two entries today.
This and one below it.

The following interview relates to BP's current Atlantic Gulf Oil catastrophe and aired today on C-Span's morning Washington Journal TV program, featuring attorney Brian O'Neill, previously representing fisherman and other native Alaskan claimants in our former, 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, at that time, the greatest US oil catastrophe.
I decided to highlight this one out of THOUSANDS of programs about the Gulf oil disaster because, I thought, O'Neill and some of the callers presented fundamental TRUTHS in the most simple, elementary way and gave a good flavor, taste of REALITY here.
ALSO, because O'Neill's responses are so open, honest, candid and genuine, as you will hear/see below.
But, it is important to hear/see the interview to its bitter end.
By the way, one caller suggested a remedy to halt BP's crude oil gusher was/is available.
I can not attest to it one way or the other.
It may or may not be accurate.
I do not automatically rule it out.
BUT, I or anyone would need to have more RELIABLE information from independent engineering, technical, science sources to pass judgement on its viability.
It also could be more internet babble and hearsay.
The entire video is alittle less than 45 minutes:




Meanwhile, for those who reiterate, warn, yell, protest against Israel and/or US bombing Iran while Iran brutally occupies Iraq and everybody fights for their own imperialist economic advantages INSIDE PRIVATIZING IRAQ, NOTICE for whom and how a PROVOCATIVE incident was manipulated vis-a-vis upcoming UN Iran sanctions and Iraq/Iran's internal power struggle AND upped the ante and achieved the very military escalation and confrontation supposedly undesired.
I warned everyone not to second guess the insidious, devious, clever bag of demonic tricks and tactics up all their respective sleeves to achieve their underlying economic goals.
The expression "ALL is fair in love and WAR" represents the one guiding principle on which all opportunists, NAZIS and collaborators live and thrive.
No tactic is too underhanded, dirty, low, reprehensible and humans are merely manageable, expendable, replaceable instruments, tools, commodities, throw away objects, victims.
Naive and/or gullible persons who do not understand this guiding principle had better learn quickly for their own benefit.
And, then, my earlier post, just below...