Thursday, July 31, 2008


Let's all participate in an exercise together.
Juxtapose the following subject matter.
First, in an all too long list, this one happens to be American/British (so-called international) occupation forces, equally true for Iran's collaborative Nazi militias in Iraq.
And, Peshmergas and others, "Crucified by Freedom,"

Of course, the above barbaric tactics are hardly new, alas.
Aside from WWII, these torture tactics migrated from US sponsored counter-revolutionary, surrogate movements and regimes throughout the globe after WWII, in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America to a new area, now, the Middle East.
Anybody recall the brutal anti-Communist campaigns and regimes of Indonesia and the Philippines just after WWII when thousands (millions?) of dead and mutilated bodies were discovered floating down rivers, just to name two.
The list goes on.
After reading the above, juxtapose the following, "Captive Nations Week, 2008,"

Hopefully, you did not miss the ominous sounding, hair raising video provided in the preceding link.
In case you did, I'll emphasize it once more,

But, the connections do not end here.
A reminder.
In turn, the above leads one back to the "Victims of Communism," memorial, featured on the above website,

And, it is/was American Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich, euphemistically dubbed the "Peace Candidate," by the fake Left, here, in the US, who is BOTH a JBANC co-founder AND one of the featured speakers, as you can easily see at their website, at the Victims of Communism memorial ceremony.
This is the same Dennis Kucinich, reputed "Peace Candidate," who is posturing at the moment, coincidentally, near Presidential election time, in the House of Representatives, around Bush-Cheney non-impeachment, impeachment hearings.
So, where are we know?
Well, everybody has heard about Turkey, FINALLY.
But, Turkey's AKP pseudo-Islamic, Fascist agenda is still under threat, including their privatization policies, about which nothing is said, here. One of many articles on the subject,

The Turkish court decision was determined by the narrowest margin, one vote, against a backdrop, curiously, of a terrorist attack that came at exactly the same moment that the above court case was being decided. Extraordinary coincidence in timing, wasn't it?
My response. Turkey's military should go in, perform a coup d'etat, unseat Turkey's Fascist pseudo-Islamic AKP and take back all Turkey's assets that have been privatized.
And, Turkey's military should not stop there.
But, all this may come to pass, anyway, as events unfold further.
Kirkuk remains a ticking time bomb exploding ALREADY and the entire region is headed into further military confrontation and a collision course. Too many sources are available on the internet on these developments, but, for dumb Americans, start with,

A reminder, lest everybody forget why we are there in the first place. Remember Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, etc?
The latest from them,

And, as well, against the backdrop of Layla's piece, above, alittle something to help out our High Net Worth individuals cope with the stress from the above,

Meanwhile, back here, in the most captive of all nations, there is one political party that is growing.
Not the twin Fascist monsters of the Republic-rats.
Instead, Ralph Nader's Independent Presidential campaign.

Monday, July 28, 2008


The dialogue in the US corporate media and fake Left (one and the same) has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with reality, facts on the ground, either here or anywhere else.
It is a total and complete abomination, a farce, a fictional construct, a Disneyland of the mind, of which Obama is one of its principal characters, a macabre charlatan, perpetuating mythology.
Multiple wars, military escalations and confrontations occur at this very moment I write about which the stupid, uneducated, brainwashed American public knows absolutely nothing.
The only discussion Americans hear from the above sources in public discourse are whether or not the surge in Iraq did or did not "work" and both McCain and Obama's equally ridiculous responses to it.
The entire intentional construct is a fiction, just like all of our other BIG LIES.
The paradigm of the discussion predetermined, along with its electoral outcome.
Just after Obama's PR announcement concerning timetables and troop withdrawals from Iraq, General Petraeus made a contradictory pronouncement that no such timetable exists and it all depends on "conditions on the ground,"


Is Obama suggesting he is going to contradict Petraeus and the entire US military?
And, just what are some of those conditions to which Petraeus is referring? Well, first of all, violence has NOT decreased in Iraq.
Far from it.
US casualties are down.
After all, nothing else matters.
Millions can be dead, elsewhere.
Violence escalates, proliferates.
As long as it is not US forces, so, politicians do not have to be held accountable for US corpses coming home.
But, Turkish forces are bombing the PKK into smithereens in Kurdistan, while Turkey's Fascist, Islamic AKP party's closure is imminent, along with escalating, internal, political tension and counterattacks in Turkey.
And, still NO acknowledgement or support for Turkey's opposition or against Turkey's privatization forthcoming from ANY of our fake Left, of course.
But, they will all get what they deserve, SOONER rather than later.
In addition to developments regarding Turkey and the PKK, next door, the KRG is in a headlong collision course with the rest of Iraq over Kirkuk and Iraq's supposed regional elections.
Even a disinformation specialist and propaganda apologist and spinmeister like Juan Cole, who I dislike for the reasons above, is nonetheless forced to recognize what is happening.
He has stated what I've been saying all along on my blogs, "Kurdistan Seeks to Annex Other Provinces," and the regional crisis over Kirkuk and Iraq's provincial elections is an explosion waiting to happen,


Tons of information on the internet is available about ALL OF THE ABOVE and more.
But, American's KNOW NOTHING, hear nothing about any of this.
They live in total and complete darkness, Lalaland.

Another surprise for Obama, in addition to ALL the others, above.

His beloved Nazi, Maliki, may be gone by the time of America's November election, or, shortly thereafter.

And, an additional surprise for Americans.

Russia is BACK on the global stage, on the move, and at the top of the US enemy hit list, number One.
Putin is engaging with Venezuela's Chavez in military and economic deals. Then, reports about possible reestablishment of Russian military ties with Cuba.
Altho subsequently denied, I believe there is merit to it.
Following all events related to Russia is too much for me to do on this blog. I have highlighted some/much of it previously, particularly, Gazprom. And in another potentially momentous event related to Gazprom, TO BE SUPPORTED by all, "Fear of Nationalization Spooks Russian Iron and Steel Companies,"

This will certainly help propel Russia/Putin/Medvedev, in addition to all else, to the well honored position at the top of US enemy list.

Now, IF the US had a real, as opposed to fake opposition, THIS IS WHAT THEY WOULD DEMAND, ALSO!!

Instead, America's rust belt rusts and their industrial base withers on the vine, is sold off and sold out.

No US parties or candidates, independents included, demand nationalization of either industry and/or resources. Americans don't even demand a nationalized health care system. Only Nader and the Greens bring up universal, single payer health care. And, America's collaborative, Fascist, corporate, mafia led unions, who represent only a diminished 13% of the work force, anyway, work hand in hand with the two party, corporate State, through their pension fund investments and anti-Communist leadership. The US is a completely, totally, 100% captive, Fascist nation.

Finally, a reminder on the kind of government and policies Iraq represents, the government representatives with whom Obama shook hands and was greeted with a red carpet,

To juxtapose the above. Why does ALL this happen? Why are we there? Why is everybody fighting with everyone else in the region?

Answer to above riddle, "Middle East is a Key Growth Area,"

By the way, Obama's visit to Germany was/is an extension of the above, since Germany's companies are also amongst those currently being offered investment in Iraq.

Certainly, our fictitious opposition candidate, Obama, did NOT mention any of this on his trip abroad, nor will he, here, at home, not now or ever in the future.

But, the rest of the globe is moving in an opposite direction to the sinking US Titanic Ship of State.

If the US working class does not jump ship now and move in an opposite direction corresponding to the rest of the world, they will soon find themselves without their blood soaked pensions, without anything, at the bottom of the world's ocean.

Friday, July 25, 2008


How appropriate, thought I.
Hitler's Youth rallies and anti-Communism were reincarnated in America and returned to their place of origin, Berlin.
Tawdry, to say the least.
I am aware many throughout Europe are quite conscious of this garbage.
I do not mean to insult all my comrades abroad.
How it plays back in the US.
Basically, irrelevant.
It will quickly fade and become a distant memory as events surpass it.
As a matter of fact, it will be used to place pot shots throughout Obama's campaign as further developments unfold. Some important points to consider.
In spite of ALL the resources, money, energy , publicity, spin, media attention, hoopla and hype poured in to Obama's campaign to glorify the Messiah's image abroad, and at home, he continues, basically, to be in a statistical dead heat with McCain, who, in comparison, has done virtually nothing.
As a matter of fact, while Obama was expounding platitudes in Berlin against the backdrop of a hurricane at home, he actually lost points in certain key, critical states.
By any reasonable standard, the Democratic candidate SHOULD be WAY ahead against Bush.
It should not even be a contest.
It should be a slam dunk.
He should not need to be doing any of the above.
Yet, in spite of Bush AND all of the above, in addition, the race remains a close tie, fluctuating up and down by only a small percentage point margin either way.
Why is that?
And, the campaign has barely begun.
It will really spin into action after the Democratic and Republican Conventions.
Problem is, the media, fake Left included, is trying to whitewash a skunk into a rose.
Their efforts are transparent and backfire, since the media is hated, as well.
In the meantime, an additional bonus.
Try to make America look good and loved, again, abroad.
After all this, where else is there for Obama's campaign to go but down. What more will they concoct for him?
Perhaps, he can perform a miracle, make an unscheduled eclipse of the sun happen.
Or, dance on the head of a pin.
No doubt, the Democratic Convention will be another opportunity for media extravaganza.
However, Clinton's committed delegates must still be seated at the Convention and they continue to be furious.
Obama's primary campaign has left a trail of hate and dissension, including labor, which will have to be managed at the Democratic convention lest it become a fiasco.
Some might say, but what about McCain.
It doesn't matter. McCain is a known quantity.
What you see is what you get.
If one is going to vote Fascism, might as well vote for the hometown boy, war hero and known quantity.
McCain is a very "folksy" guy.
Obama is ALL hype, contradiction, opportunism being packaged as something other than he is.
So, its very easy to deconstruct him.
So, Mr and Mrs. Middle America, as they are called, do not trust Obama. They remain edgy about him.
Rightly so.
They do NOT identify with him.
They do not believe him.
But, they do McCain.
And, this is how and why McCain is going to win.
As I said, there are two Republican candidates in this race, Obama and McCain.
One is predestined to lose.
Otherwise, they would have picked Hillary.
She could have won.
Why was she eliminated?
In terms of policy, it makes no difference.
Only one policy exists and it is not determined by either of them.
The public issues around Obama and McCain are fake, intentionally created, false dichotomies.
The differences are superficial ones, style, not substance.
And, that's precisely what the Establishment wants.
The paradigm is set.
In my previous blog, I hinted at what I thought was the best and most likely possibility for McCain's VP slot, not a well known figure.
Well, his name has now resurfaced in public, so, I will mention it--Rob Portman.
I give him 70-30 odds for McCain's VP slot.
I can't give him 100%.
Between the two, however, I am betting on Portman.
The reason.
Since McCain is destined to be President, Portman seems the logical pick, the mind behind the throne, lending "gravitas" to McCain and reassuring the financial community.
McCain will represent military.
Portman, finance. Portman was Bush's Budget Director.
The real contest is between the independent, third parties, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney of the Greens, and McCain.
The ones who have the most to gain are the independents.
They will have a presence outside, if not inside, the Democratic Convention.
It is not too late, at the Convention, for Hillary's delegates to walk out and bolt the Democratic Party.
They still have an opportunity to do so.
And, join with the others.
As for Hillary, I do not expect her to do this, obviously, altho, it would certainly be a welcome development.
But, so far, both Hillary and hubby Bill have been missing in action in Obama's campaign.
Outside of Hillary's earlier, one time concession speech, I've neither seen nor heard from any of the Clinton's in any high profile, visible public way regarding Obama.
It's as if they disappeared.
But, they must be at the Convention.
Meanwhile, I conduct my own, informal test, survey, barometer, to see which way the wind is blowing regarding my own hypothesis/prognostication on the outcome of the Presidential race.
I have tried to find neighbors, acquaintances, friends, individuals, anyone, who will bet against me.
I bet on McCain, they bet against me on Obama winning the Presidential contest.
So far, I have found only one person willing to take this bet with me.
A neighbor.
And, he is ONLY willing to bet $5.
I asked to raise it to $10.
But, he has not agreed.
I'm still working on it.
Asking others.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Everybody should watch this.
So, I'm linking to it on my blog.
I would particularly ask those in countries who have born the brunt of past Nazi aggressions in WWII, is this not Fascism?
Are these not Nazi techniques?
Both then, before and now?

So, the great American Messiah, Obama, goes on his foreign tour, shakes hands and is greeted with a red carpet BY THOSE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EXECUTING THESE POLICIES.
He certainly said NOTHING about this, did he?
Apparently, he even told Europeans they should join with him in this carnage.
WHO ARE THE TERRORISTS of which he speaks?
Serbia's Karadzic?
But, mind you, if you could see some of the slums and conditions in which the poor of America live, it would not be far removed from the conditions of the internally and externally displaced Iraqis.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The big, fat, round, sleazebag, O, (zero), appropriately, in his name, Obama dominates the media in the US, at least.
Another intentional distraction and diversion while real developments become obscured.
Fortunately, an unanticipated natural disaster, a hurricane, caused media attention to be temporarily eclipsed away from the Obama mafia sleaze tour.
By the way, has anybody bothered to notice certain places Obama did NOT go in his Middle East romp?
Answer to my above riddle.
Obama did NOT go to the seat of Arab, Middle East financial power, the coordinating arm, the center of the ME privatization, "transformation" process, the major GCC States, Saudi Arabia and/or Egypt.
Since I live amongst a nation of total numbskull's, morons and idiots, let me spell it out, once more.
They represent TRILLIONS of investment dollars sloshing around, tied to US and PRIVATE international commercial interests, looking for a new home.
If Obama did NOT go to any of the above states, why not?
If Obama claims to be such a smart guy, does he not recognize the obvious?
Was his sleight intentional?
And, if so, why?
And, if not, he is a total idiot, which, of course, is obvious.
While the meaningless, ersatz Obama sideshow and campaign goes gallivanting around the Middle East and Europe for photo opportunities, all of the following events are occurring, simultaneously, with profound repercussions.
Turkey's pseudo-Islamic, privatizing AKP government is about to be declared dead, null and void, with reverberations heard throughout the globe and the region.
Still, NO recognition or support from our fake Left.
Secy of State, Condi Rice, America's REAL President, issued an ultimatum to Iran over the nuke issue.
And the UN Security Council agrees with her, including Russia and China. Again, in my previous blog, I mentioned the proposed possibility of a trade off with Russia regarding Georgia for cooperation over Iran.
So, what happened?
Russia agreed with the German (the US surrogate) diplomatic proposal regarding Georgia, over Georgia's objections.
And at the last UN Security Council meeting regarding Georgia/Abkhazia, July 21, NO resolutions were forthcoming against Russia.
So, Russia's cooperation at the UN Security Council regarding Iran's nuke issue.
Besides, Putin/Medvedev, I'm sure, have NO love for Iran's Ahmadimidget, his/their Nazi storm troopers, death squads, Fascist and sectarian militias. I'm quite sure Putin will be happy to see them gone.
And, so will I.
Not that it will halt Iraq's privatization agenda.
Only real, organized regional resistance and opposition can do that.
The next question remains the M.O.U. between Gazprom and Iran.
I am skeptical about this one.
I think the idea MAY have been floated with the clear understanding that it would never become reality.
It would disappear as a bargaining chip or with the termination of Ahmadimidget's government.
That remains to be seen, however... ...because, in addition, Venezuela's Chavez is being hosted and feted in Russia and Russia has just established MAJOR, BIG TIME economic, military and political relationships with Venezuela.
AND, in response to the US Missile Shield in Europe, Russia has just proposed military arrangements with Cuba!
My response in both cases, WELCOME RUSSIA!!
I have ABSOLUTELY NO problems with Russia's presence in both instances. Just the opposite.
It is very reassuring.
As a matter of fact, if I could, I would invite Russia to put some protective military devices on my roof top.
And, establish direct economic relations with one or more of their STATE, NATIONALIZED, not private, industries.
But, I am not in a position to do or offer either, alas.
Wish that I were.
Then, Iraq's supposed, upcoming on again, off again provincial elections are in major disarray, once again.
Conflict, crisis and an impending collision course and confrontation, an explosion in the making.
Oh, yes. I almost forgot.
As for those supposed non-American bases in Iraq about which so much yapping is being made by the moronic Obama and Iran's proxy, stooges in Iraq, Maliki, Muwafak Al-Rubaie,, the following,

Ask Obama about ANY of the above.
His answer, "Duh..." Obama can not make a clear, concise sentence or statement about anything until his handlers feed him the appropriately scripted response.
He knows nothing.
He makes contradictory, misleading, hypocritical, totally false statements, fudges, tries to satisfy and please everybody, speaks out of all sides of his mouth, his ears, his nose and everywhere in between.
And, so, he satisfies nobody.
And, he will be gone, anyway, as I've said, previously.
Set up to fail.
Indeed, that may well have been the purpose of this trip.
Oh, yes, for those interested.
I have a clue as to who MIGHT be McCain's Vice President.
VP is very important, these days, since the VP often functions as the real President, as in the case of Cheney and Bush, and, I believe, will be so for McCain.
I will not go out on a limb, at the moment, and say his name for sure. There is still room for last minute changes.
But, as a hint. I
t is a He and He is from Ohio and He is an "expert" in "economic" matters. And, He is NOT well known, publicly.
But, again, his name has been floated, emerged.
Still,much too early to tell, for sure.
But, I am personally betting on Him for obvious reasons.
He would fit perfectly.
If it happens, you will know I was correct by the above four clues, which ALL must fit.
As for our totally useless, fake Left.
Eat it!
You have been and are still missing in action.

Monday, July 21, 2008


The above heading comes from a Turkish Daily News article to which I will link, momentarily.
I really appreciate the Turkish Press.
They are refreshing to me.
Often, their headlines and reporting are blunt, to the point, direct, whereas anything I read here would be round about, double/triple speak, Orwellian euphemisms, obfuscation, etc.
Whomever is responsible for Turkey's English language section, he/she/they should get a prize for clarity in journalism.
So, now, to their latest heading about privatization, quoted above.
The source of the quote says it all,

Meanwhile, ever more and consistent, massive nationalist demonstrations in Turkey occur against the AKP.
And continued deafening silence in the US.
In my previous post, below, I speculated that the US/Rice meeting with Iran would provide the necessary international preconditions to further restrain, constrain, isolate Ahmadimidget and his/their militias IF Iran appeared to be obstructionist and recalcitrant at their nuke meeting.
Such is the case.
Remains to be seen, now, what happens next regarding Georgia/Russia and Gazprom/Iran.
What is clear to me, however, is regime change in Iran and Ahmadimidget's demise is on the agenda, just as was Sadr's demise. Additionally, in the latest development regarding Iraq, the Arab face necessary for an Iraq government of "reconciliation" appears to be forthcoming.
The Sunni Arab National Accord Front rejoined Iraq's government, after Iran's Sadr was deposed.
Former Iraq PM Allawi was connected with the Sunni National Accord Front.
Will he, too, make a comeback?
A little reminder on Allawi's connections,

By the way, lest anyone forget, Allawi is Chalabi's nephew.
But, I will provide subsequent background links for reminder. Consequently, those Arab countries who have since boycotted Iraq's present Iranian government, most importantly, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, can now claim they recognize it and begin establishing political and commercial ties.
This will be viewed as mitigating, buttressing, buffering, leveraging, checkmating, balancing the Iranian and Kurdish control and militias which now dominate Iraq's government, courtesy of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld carte blanche collaborationist policy with Iran's Fascist Mullahs and their Nazi militias. Expressing this quite clearly, today, "Iraq FM to Attend Arab Allies Meeting with Condi Rice,"

Besides, Allawi was always far more preferable and well connected to US and Western circles than any Iranian stooge, such as Maliki.
Allawi graduated from the London School of Economics, MIT and Harvard University.
For further info on him, just do some searches.
Here's a few brief links,

And for slightly different emphasis,


In this last link, it mentions that Allawi is Chairman of Progas Pakistan.
An embedded link to Progas is included, above.
Nonetheless, here is their website,

Of course, Progas and Allawi are inextricably intertwined with the Dana Gas and Crescent Oil saga and their interlocking directorates.
And, there's always our man in Pakistan, former Citigroup Exec, PM Aziz, to assure these connections become reality.
A minor postscript to the above.
Besides Progas Pakistan two other entities were named in conjunction with Allawi, the Intercapital Group and Fisa.
I did some searches on both names and came up with nothing beyond, circular, self-referential links.
The name may be Falcon Intercapital and apparently has offices in both London and Switerland.
Beyond that, there is NOTHING substantial available and no website for either alleged company on the internet after doing numerous searches. While all of the above occurs, Iraq's provincial elections have once more been postponed due to the unresolved, explosive nature of Kirkuk's status, revenue sharing and oil contracts.
All of these conflicts and contradictions are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, the lull before the storm.
As for Obama, who has been getting alot of publicity, recently, I suggest everyone simply IGNORE him, entirely. Just pretend he does not exist.
He is completely irrelevant.
His entire ersatz campaign, from beginning to end, is a scripted theater performance, a meaningless event, entertainment, with a predetermined outcome.
Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Friday, July 18, 2008


First of all , NOTHING is settled, despite all rushed, frenetic political and diplomatic shuttling throughout the Middle East.
(Reminds me of Kissinger in previous times).
What is happening is a gigantic and hasty reshuffling of the chest board in the face of unpleasant (to them) unexpected, unanticipated, unplanned developments.
Issue #1.
First and foremost.
Developments in Turkey.
I will, simply, once again, highlight just alittle of what is happening, the outcome of which is profoundly threatening and "catastrophic," (for them), "Former US Envoy Sees 'Possibility' of Deal in Turkish Crisis,"

Turkey's current, pseudo-Islamic, Fascist, reactionary, privatizing, NOW threatened, AKP government, whom the fake Left everywhere cannot find, is busily and hastily interceding, suddenly, attempting to also broker a "deal" between Iran and the US over Iran and Russia's ostensible nuke issue.
Between the ubiquitous Citigroup and Turkey's Akbank and a host of others facilitating Turkey's privatization, destruction of the Turkish state, one can add too it, now, the internationally well known and well connected, Carlyle Group, which received lots of ill repute, once upon a time, but has fallen off the publicity map when it comes to the darling of the West, Turkey's AKP government,

Additionally, I've highlighted the following article because it mentions, specifically, US and European labor pension fund investment--the dominant reason why NO Left exists in the US, but, instead, our collective, Fascist, collaborative, privatizing, labor unions.
"Investors Rush to Emerging Markets," in which you will find a long list of familiar names I have used in previous entries,

As long as the marriage between private capital and labor pension fund investment exists, NO American and/or international Left and NO opposition exists, except a fake one.
This is the basic, fundamental, elementary tenet and contradictory relationship of assured mutual dependency and assured mutual destruction.
How and when this reactionary, pathological, sick, self-destructive labor union pattern was institutionalized in the US goes back to the anti-Communist period of the 1950s, McCarthy Congressional witch-hunts, establishment of the NSA of 1947 and its corresponding NAZI, i.e., National Security State/apparatus, Cold War, political purges of trade union leadership, mafia union leadership penetration, etc.
I suppose one might characterize the above in the business vernacular, as a "hostile takeover."
In turn, these collaborative unions are in a suicidal marriage with their other fake opposition, the Democratic Party, as I have shown many times over.
Together, they function as twins in a political opposition in the same way my thumb can be categorized as in opposition to my other fingers.
Issue #2.
Russia and Gazprom.
Gazprom just signed an M.O.U with Iran and the Georgia-Abkhazia battle continues, with negotiations about the Georgia/Abkhazia confrontation being mediated by Germany at the moment.
Everybody is suddenly declaring they desire a "peaceful" solution.
Both geographic areas, Georgia and Iran are directly related to Russia's export of gas.
In my previous post, below, I made mention of the possibilities of trading off one for the other, Georgia/Abkhazia for Russia's support vis-a-vis Iran. Again, these are all POSSIBILITIES, elaborate negotiations, in flux, pieces on a moving chessboard.
I'm still dubious about the reality of the Iran/Gazprom deal, however.
IF Rice can claim that she/the US attempted to reach an agreement, came to the table and negotiated in good faith, as requested, and Iran's present regime remains recalcitrant, obstinate and does NOT comply with UN demands, then, Iran becomes further internationally isolated and ostracized.
For one among many other articles available on the internet on the above subject, "Russia's Energy Drive..."

Issue #3.
Iraq's unsettled, potentially explosive and confrontational, provincial elections, Kirkuk status, competing and conflicting oil contracts, revenue sharing, etc.
All, as yet, undecided.
A ticking time bomb waiting to happen.
So, the US will DEFINITELY NOT be leaving Iraq, nor the region, nor anywhere, militarily, anytime soon, not in the near, foreseeable or anytime in the distant future.
Just the opposite.
They are already and will continue enhancing their military presence, regionally, as well as in the Strait of Hormuz and the Arab Gulf.
( I can't help remembering when there was a Soviet Union and there were NO gas "wars." Gas was simply a reliable, relatively inexpensive, nationalized commodity. Simple).
As I've repeated on previous blogs, NO diplomatic solution exists to all of these and many more I have not mentioned conundrums, cul-de-sac, contradictions, competing and conflicting economic interests, resistance and blow back to policies of occupation, torture, displacement, dislocation, blackmail, extortion, imprisonment and privatization, etc.
So, when, for example, Layla says, "Mission Accomplished...For Now," she is more than correct.
More appropriately, I would say, mission NOT yet "Accomplished.
The "mission" is far from accomplished.
It has just started.
It has barely begun.
Iraq was the opening salvo,

And, to add to her blog, above, the following, "How Cheap is Iraqi Blood?"

They neglected in the article to mention Iran's occupying militias and the Kurdish Peshmerga, as well.

But, to further answer the question, above.

Arab blood is as cheap as THEIR privatizing mission, above, necessitates. Nothing is too much or too good for expanding and maintaining our billionaire's club, our high net worth individuals, private expropriation, profitability and inexhaustible, unquenchable GREED.
Get it straight.
Iraqi Arabs (and others as the case may be) are simply the latest in a long list of historical cannon fodder in this eternal quest.
Collateral damage.
Useless eaters.
Peons and peasants.
Disposable and dispensable.

Not all Arab blood is equal, just as everywhere else.

For example, the following, in answer to the above, "Arab Economic Summit to Focus on Investment,"

Pandora's Box has been opened, aided and abetted by the fake Left and a fake opposition, everywhere, utilizing false dichotomies, Big and Little Lies, revisionist history.
And, they continue digging themselves ever deeper and deeper into a black hole of contradictions made by opening Pandora's Box, into a grave, by virtue of positions taken or not taken, as the case may be, at every opportunity where they could halt, turn around, oppose, stop, impede, hinder, ameliorate their own self-destruction and economic dependency.

So, when the big, fat, round, zero Obama mafia sleaze and Fascist union busting, privatizing entourage arrives overseas, they should get an equally vociferous, commensurate warm welcome as that of Bush or Rice.

No difference.
Hopefully, they all will remain overseas and never return.
The world deserves them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In previous entries, I mentioned that NY Senator Charles Schumer let the cat out of the bag once when he suggested trading Russia's interests in Central Europe to cooperation with the US regarding Iran.
He was roundly dismissed, criticized, chastised.
Well, now, comes a very, very interesting and important development, one which will represent the coup-de-grace for Iran's present clerical regime,

The preceding was reported yesterday, Tuesday, July 15.
The very following day, today, "Rice Discusses Iran with Russia's Foreign Minister," and, note, also, the Georgia/Abkhazia situation,

And, then, suddenly, inexplicably, voila!
Iran agrees to negotiations with the US.
No relationship?
What will happen next regarding Georgia/Abkhazia?
Still pending resolution, the volatile, explosive bombshell surrounding Iraq's provincial elections and Iraq's disputed oil contracts, revenue sharing, etc.
Well, Iraq's provincial elections postponed and that of Kirkuk's referendum, once again,

So, looks like that confrontation will occur after November's Presidential s-election, which, as I've said, has been pre-determined.
I can't resist alittle followup to a story I've been following for some time, regarding the happy, incestuous relationship between Turkey's Akbank and the ever ubiquitous Citigroup.
The latest development on this one, Turkey's "Akbank May Bid for Halkbank,"

And, while on the subject of Citigroup/Citibank's far-reaching tentacles, recall our man in Lebanon, Citibank's representative Prime Minister Siniora.

Well, coincident to all of the above, here comes the US cavalry (toot your horns for the cavalry charge) to protect "our," i.e., Citibank's investments and "our/their" extensive network of international, private interests,

Bye, bye Hezbollah.
Welcome, Yankees. (I'm rooting for the home team!)

So, while the US economy tanks, the suckers in the US who own and thus control almost nothing of their own resources, industry, labor, productivity, collectively, are nonetheless supporting, defending, expanding and enriching the private interests of everybody else above, everywhere on the globe.

I guess the idea is to expand this unusual kind of equality, as expressed in the "Constitution," about which they talk so much and know nothing. So, if the peons and peasants here can not nationalize their own resources and industries, then, let's make it an equitable playing field globally by de-nationalization for everyone else, re-making the world into our own image, according to our own "Constitution."

Let Freedom and Equality ring throughout the globe!

Monday, July 14, 2008


The heading above, about Turkey's private oil companies, and, more precisely, Kurdistan's oil fields, should come as no surprise to anyone if they have been reading my blog for some time.
Of course, supplying Nabucco is mentioned in the following article, as well as the GCC,

So far, I 've yet to see ANY acknowledgement from the global fake Left and support for Turkey's opposition to the role of their pseudo-Islamic, privatizing AKP, and, of course, their partners in crime and privatization, Talabani, Barzani, the KRG, the PKK, Iran, the US, the GCC, etc. Meanwhile, Turkey's opposition keeps being attacked, a la American McCarthy style, as Turkey's state assets get sold off and down the drain, while nobody here seems to notice much of anything.
And, no surprise, a simultaneous development, "Iraq's Oil Reserves Thrown Open to Foreign Firms."
The token distinction mentioned in the following about Saudi Arabia and other GCC states and their "national" firms is a meaningless one, since these "countries" are all "client" states of the US and have a "special" relationship in the money-go-round.
Their "sovereignty" is nominal and even that will disappear, soon, anyway. The GCC is the financial coordinating arm, like Switzerland during WWII, for the "new middle east project,"

The reason I paraphrased the song in my heading, above, "Where Have All the Arabs Gone...(Long Time Ago)" is that I see/read many articles which happen to notice the absence of an Arab voice in what was an Arab state, Iraq.
Of course, Iraqi Arabs are gone, thanks to Iran's militias, Kurdish Peshmerga and the US.
But, last time I looked, the GCC states and Saudi Arabia were/are very much Arab.
Then, we have Syria's Assad in a rapprochement with France's Sarkozy. And, if that isn't sufficient, there's Egypt's Mubarak, in the highly reported, "Union of the Mediterranean..."

Perhaps readers will recall Egypt's EFG-Hermes prominent role, about which I've written so much.
And, then, of course, Egypt's EMG deal with Israel, and then Dana, Crescent, Iran, Iraq, etc.
If you have not been following the cozy Dana Gas relationship, too bad. The latest on that one,

And, as for more Arabs, try the folks at MerchantBridge.
Remember them?
MerchantBridge was established to sell off Iraqis non-oil state companies. They're busy expanding now,

I thought, at the point, a little refresher or reminder would be in order, a little retrospective regarding MerchantBridge and their role, illustrative of so much else.
Basil Al-Rahim is MerchantBridge's Managing Director.
They have an extensive list of advisors besides Rahim which you can peruse if you wish.
However, focusing on Rahim, at the moment.
Rahim was also a Founder and Board Member of the Iraq Foundation.
The Iraq Foundation, in turn, was connected to America's prestigious, private, Ivy League, Harvard University.
Here's a good roundup on the Iraq Foundation and its numerous inter-connections,

Here's a transcript of the testimony Rahim gave at a 2003 Senate hearing, "Transforming the Iraqi Economy," (if you do not want to read all this, skim it and/or skip to the following link),

And, this is the one from 2004 which I love the most, which says it all in a nutshell, "From De-Bolshevization to De-Baathification..."
Can't be much more clear than this/that.

Of course, assuming one is not brain dead,,eventID.912/transcript.asp

So, as usual, it all depends as to WHICH Arabs one is referring.
As for Iran, as it privatizes and is partnered with the US, conflicts and competition still abound on the ground.
And, one of those conflicts, for sure, IF it's accurate, which is a big IF, is about Gazprom and Iran, coupled with the explosive situation surrounding Georgia, the Caucasus, Ukraine, NATO expansion, and Russia,

However, I remain very dubious about the above report on Gazprom, just like Iran's missile test.
Nonetheless, an arc of destabilization now exists, ranging across the region and the globe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


For alittle more on the very important and critical role of the issue, above, America's Fascist labor unions. America's mafia style SEIU, "Change to Win," international labor union is a major Obama backer.
And SEIU (President, Andy Stern) has been in a hostile conflict for quite some time with Puerto Rico's largest labor union, the PR Teachers Union, which elected socialist leadership and is opposed to privatization.
The following link on this conflict has some very good background.
A note before reading.
If you skip down to the bottom entry, dated, February 5, 2008 and the one below it, January 23, 2008, FIRST you will see that the PR Teachers Federation Unaffiliated, detached, disassociated itself with the national, umbrella organization, AFT (American Federation of Teachers) after a long, protracted, bitter struggle.
Then, the PR government refused to recognize/certify the newly independent PR Teachers Union and they were subsequently "raided," an attempted hostile takeover by SEIU, with the blessings of PR's Governor. After reading the bottom two entries, return to the top of the blog to follow these events,

It's important to understand that this represents a PATTERN, not an isolated, unique event.
Now, the AFT, named above, from which the PR Teacher's union disassociated themselves, is affiliated to another national, umbrella labor federation/organization, the AFL-CIO.
The AFT has its own glossy publication that gets mailed to all its members. In the AFL's current Summer 2008 edition, they have a four part section under the heading, "Supporting the Spread of Freedom."
I can't link directly to this section, it doesn't seem to work, but, if you go to the following link, simply click onto "Summer 2008," and you will see the 4 articles named under the heading above.
These 4 articles represent a tour-de-force in Orwellian double/triple/quadruple speak, propaganda, brainwashing and revisionist history.
Since this type of propaganda and jargon is ubiquitous, I would not bother to note it, except for the fact that it is the official position of the largest teachers union in the country, the AFT, and, their umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO, as well, of course, as the mafia SEIU, which is even more horrible, if such a thing is possible.
You can easily see, as well, from and to which other organizations these articles are derived and their people affiliated, such as the misnomer, Freedom House, Progressive Policy Institute, etc.

Further, SEIU and the AFL-CIO are attached to the Democratic Party, one and the same, synonymous, an extension of one another's policies.
And, as you will readily see from the AFT publication, above, as well as SEIU, this is what is exported, abroad, their previous exploits about which I have spoken in the past regarding the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Poland's Solidarity, etc.
They make no secret of this.
They are extremely proud of their role and what they've done.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Before I say anything else, let's begin with a simple fact.
McCain is going to be America's next President.
It's a setup.
Obama is Republican candidate #2, a straw man, (some people dub him the Manchurian candidate, utilizing the description metaphorically, not literally), designed to lose.
The Presidential candidates "differences," anyway, are a fictious, meaningless, false dichotomy.
Only ONE American policy exists and neither candidate determines it. They, themselves, are mere puppets, pawns, of the private, economic interests they represent.
They simply parrot "the line" they are told.
So, now, let's go forward.
THE American policy to which I am and have been referring throughout my blogs is regional economic integration and "transformation," i.e., privatization.
That is THE goal, or, "eyes on the prize."
Thus, the following articles are part of this process, WELL understood by the Business Channel and most everyone else in the "Establishment," except for the braindead fake Left everywhere.
So, ALL regional developments MUST be understood within this context, either as promoting, assisting, helping it or as an obstacle, impeding, hindering, restricting, this goal.
Here are a few examples of what I have been following consistently, the goal which is being coordinated throught the Gulf states: "Muslim Nations Need EU Style Bloc for Progress,"

Of course, I respond with the question, whose progress and which progress?
Then, "Shift Seen in GCC Investment Trends," referring to approximately $10 TRILLION more or less looking for a private investment home,

And, a related article on the same theme, above, with a slightly different emphasis,"GCC States May Invest $9 TRILLION Abroad,"

It is no secret that, as the US economy and the dollar falls, it makes it very inexpensive for those already flush with cash, as those above, to purchase assets in the US and abroad at bargain basement prices in the money-go-round, and, that THE center designated to be the next bubble driving capital expansion and profitability is clearly elsewhere, like the Middle East.
Generally, this is called capital flight, investment, from one place, the US and other Western economies, to another place, in this instance, the Middle East and so-called, "third world countries and developing markets." "Decline of the West" is BY DESIGN, not by accident.
But, everything, hinges on a "successful" outcome to this "project." They've bet their privatized economic house on the outcome--and your house, subsequently, since you are a part of this privatized system. Designed "Decline of the West" will become permanent, rather than temporary, IF the above project fails.
So, does anyone in their right mind really think a few obstacles, such as the following, will be allowed to impede their "progress, as defined above, "Sistani's Role Divides Parties,"

Further, is it any wonder Barak and Talabani AND Turkey's AKP government, NOT MENTIONED, are shaking hands together in the following, in THIS project, the one I've been following all along?
I might add, regarding the following article, that Israel does NOT determine US policy, but, the other way around, more or less.
Israel is a client state.
To suggest Israel determines US policy is like saying Maliki determines US policy.

However, in contrast to all of the above, here is a very refreshing and inspirational antidote and alternative, "Why the Socialist Solution in Palestine,"

To which I say, "Mazeltov!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008


A brief note for today.
If you have not already seen it, some links to the great Iranian missile hoax, all posted on

Finally, this one which does not mention the possibility that these events took place 2 years ago and the photos were subsequently doctored for appropriate purposes,

You can bet everyone in the US establishment and elsewhere knew precisely what was happening and what they were doing.
Convenient timing for Secy of State, Rice (our REAL President) and missile defense in Europe.
Not to mention other convenient, dual purpose possibilities, from Iran to Iraq and elsewhere.
Thanks uruknet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A curious response, it would seem, to my latest entry, July 1, 2008, on Iran's privatization, which makes absolutely no sense, as I will show subsequently,

This pretty much ignores everything I've had on my previous blogs and information available everywhere about the role of Iran's militias in Iraq and elsewhere, the privatization party in the GCC, Turkey, the KRG and AKP and the necessary reasons and urgency created for congruency and regime change in Iran.
Since I can't recapitulate everything from my previous blogs and information elsewhere, here is something from 2006 which states some of the most basic and fundamental contradictions, conflicts and problems created by Iran's militias in Iraq, acknowledged by the most reactionary, establishment front grouping, the CFR, and, I might add, if you will notice in the far upper right hand corner, partial funding from Morgan Stanley, (remember, the ubiquitous Morgan Stanley and Iran's First Persia Fund about which I commented previously),

And, of course, 2006 was the year of our policy shift/coup in the form of the November mid-term elections.
From Chossudovsky's article, above, and others, those screaming most that the US is going to bomb Iran, one would think Iran is a victim, an embattled and innocent country, instead of an aggressor, occupier and collaborator with the US Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal, which is how and why we are in this predicament in the first place.
And, it would appear, from the Chossudovsky piece, that the issue is NOT privatization, but, somehow, "equitable" privatization. a kinder, gentler privatization.
The narrative is upside down, topsy-turvy, missing in the essential factors and ingredients.

As for Basra, mentioned in the CFR article, above, and its significance, here's the latest about something called the Basra Investment Authority,

I can't understand Arabic, unfortunately.
So, I have no idea what they are saying beyond the English caption.
But, the Basra Investment Authority is a British-Iraq, i.e. Iran collaboration.
And, here's more on this subject,

But, the many, numerous internal problems, contradictions, conflicts, perpetual destabilization created by dissolving the Iraqi state and the Baath Party and Iran's involvement are simply all those and more stated by the 2006 CFR analysis, above, and much/most of the information on my blogs, including the current, major KRG/AKP/Turkey upset, the Iraq oil law, revenue sharing, financial distributions, provincial elections, Iranian/Kurdish militias, etc.
So far, I have yet to see anyone from the fake Left support Turkey's opposition to its privatizing, pseudo-Islamic AKP front grouping.
As usual, instead, they are being left to hang for themselves, in favor of the fascist, privatizing, KRG/AKP and Talabani.

And, I might add, as well, while everybody has recently discovered Hunt Oil in Kurdistan, what about Heritage Oil and the Eagle Group of Iraq?
And their private Turkish partners, as well?
And a whole list of others.
Very selective expose, to say the least.

The latest on the KRG's privatizing crusade, again, about which NOTHING critical is being said,

And, how about the potentially explosive secret oil deals in Iraq,

Furthermore, Ahmadimidget, Iran's millionaire Mullahs and their fascist militias can make all the noise they want.
Let's remember WHO has and is footing the bills for Iraq's dismemberment and its occupation.
The occupation was outsourced.
Iran's militias are the hired help.
For an expression of this clear power relationship, check out the following, towards the bottom of this blog entry, referring to an Editorial from Al Quds,

Now, if Iran's Revolutionary Guards are so extraordinarily stupid as to CHOOSE confrontation, let themselves get blown away out of existence.

That's just fine with me.I have no problems with that.

Like I've said before, they are the most ungrateful recipient of American taxpayer largess. Fact is, Iran's militias ARE terrorist organizations. They ARE fascist collaborators. They have colluded and collaborated with the US to destroy the Arab, Baath Socialist state of Iraq. They are equally responsible. If they decide to become competitors, rather than partners, they will be blown away. I will shed no crocodile tears. Let the two destroy each other. But, the US is NOT LOOKING to bomb Iran. Just the opposite. However, the US is now forced to mitigate the disastrous results of their collaboration with Iran's militias and the many factors I've cited above. And, this is why I previously said Iranian regime change and congruency is necessary. First, came Sadr's militias. Now, the following, "Ahmadinejad on The Way Out,"

As for Russia and China, however, indeed, they are factors, invisible ones, to most everybody here because of our fake Left. But, Russia is front and center.
So, while on the subject of upside down history and selectivity, a prestigious figure of our fake Left and the Nation magazine, Stephen Cohen, (who is married to the Nation editor, Katrina Vanden Hueval) has just written an article about Russia AND appeared on C-Span to discuss his article on July 7, 2008.
For Cohen's discussion, as usual, simply go to the C-Span website and look under the box entitled, "Recent Programs," continue to scroll down it until you see his name, July 7 and the word Russia in it.
The program is approximately one hour.

And, for a direct link to Cohen's article,

And for the latest on Russia's internal, ongoing counter-revolution and "our" Western, privatizing oligarchs, here's Helmer's latest piece,

So, McCain speaks truth.

Since everybody here and abroad, for the most part, has been and is busy collaborating to rewrite history regarding the USSR, and, subsequently, Iraq, to expand privatization, constrict rather than support and preserve economic nationalization, you/we all become more and more deeply intertwined, existentially, with an ever more great privatized, global economic "system."

We/you, the majority of the world's population, are all prisoners of this expanded system of "investment and profit," by definition.
Your jobs, your money, your pensions, your health care, your education, your transportation, your energy, your housing, you name it.
And, you can thank just about everybody, including yourselves, for deepening this dependency.
You have made your choices and now you will have to live with the consequences and results of them.

Consequently, you can count on the next 100 years war of intensified imperialist rivalries, military warfare, class war and contradiction to keep the system afloat.

Welcome back to the world of WWI.

Of course, out of the ashes of WWI came the Bolshevik Revolution.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


It began from from a Swiss Radio source saying $20 million ransom was paid for Betancourt's release and that the entire event was staged,



I have no doubt it was staged, milked for political opportunism.
Nor do I doubt payment.
Some of us, myself included, were reminded of the staged Iranian hostage release. However, this is too early in the American presidential election campaign for an October Surprise.
But, it could not have been a coincidence that McCain suddenly went to Colombia and then this happened.
He must have been delivering a message, money, instructions.
So, clearly, the timing had political purposes, from helping Sarkozy to McCain to a pending free trade agreement with Colombia to a distraction from other events to the situation surrounding Chavez and Venezuela.
The story, above, which is getting alot of traction, may not be a finished, complete one, either.
I am/was reminded of other possible connections regarding Betancourts release.
The FARC also deals with drugs.
And, the official cover story says FARC was "penetrated/infiltrated" by agents. HOWEVER, Colombia and Venezuela are next door to one another. The madcow website has disclosed a POSSIBLE source of the connections that may have been utilized, instrumental, in the matter of Betancourt's release, money, personnel, relationships and the coincidental timing of McCain's appearance in Colombia. So, from madcowprod,


This is the part of the story that even Swiss radio will not reveal, divulge, pursue.
It may well be the critical missing link.
As for Chavez's possible knowledge, involvement, as madcow speculates, in many cases, these people are known and used as double/triple agents for leverage, information and/or Chavez is being set up.
And, as for Sarkozy, here's another confrontation amongst so many others I am sure is coming, since the CGT is anathema, enemy numero uno by America's Fascist, reactionary, mafia, led international labor organizations,

Friday, July 4, 2008


First, in honor of today's national birthday, a greeting from abroad and why, as you will see, it is impossible to overlook this event if one lives here, unless, of course, one goes into voluntary hibernation for the entire day, (not a bad idea),

I can dispense, however, with the Howard Zinn reference, above.
Howard Zinn has played his role in the fake Left, here, as well, I'm afraid.

I chose it, instead, because of his reference to Goebbels and Riefenstahl. The Obama mafia campaign borrowed heavily from both, above, including Obama's nauseating, well orchestrated Hitler youth rallies, God like posters, photos, etc.
More to come of this, I'm afraid, in the Democratic Convention in August. Get ready for a humdinger.

From MY point of view, Obama's campaign is worse than McCain for the simple reason that McCain is clearly a retread Fascist, but, the propaganda surrounding Obama utilizes the wolf in sheep's clothing technique.
Much more dangerous and insidious, including racism and religion. Despicable.
However, Obama is set up to lose anyway.
Bush's old Karl Rove team and advisers have JUST entered McCain's campaign.

This ties in with my following comparison on the current events of the pseudo-Islamic AKP's role in Turkey and the techniques of the McCarthy anti-Communist Congressional witchhunts and purges in the US in the 1950s.
So, regarding Turkey's recent arrests, =109017

Much more available on their numerous websites and sidebars.

Likewise, military escalation and provocation in Georgia, Abkhazia, So. Ossetia, Russia.

And, the Iraq Oil Law and contracts are far from a done deal, with the criminal KRG opposing the other criminal Baghdad government gang, as well as upcoming Iraq provincial elections in October.

All of which are explosions waiting to happen.

I've been wondering what would be this election year's October surprise. It can/could be any and all of the above.
Destabilization and militarization throughout.

And, a few more irresistible highlights from our narco, NAZI state, "...Mobsters Sans Frontieres,"

In conjunction, from Russia,

The distinction between "legitimate" versus "illegitimate" business is not one to which I ascribe.
It is a totally incestuous one.
The narco money is laundered through "legitimate" businesses.
One hand washes the other.
Some of the kingpins in the money-go-round, both now and historically, are ones I've named, previously, =108815

Meanwhile, privatization continues.

In Jordan,

In the Gulf, of course, the Dow Jones has just inaugurated two new GCC Indexes,

And, a new, weekly Arabic financial publication,

This is your destiny, unless you resist.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Just as Ahmadimidget and Israel make lots of noises and sabre rattling about nukes, simultaneously, the headline above appears, following link. The timing cannot be coincidence.
Call it pretense or cause and effect.
I do not know which one, but, my guess/hunch would be the latter. Pressure.

This IS the meaning, the definition, of regime change.
I had a number of previous posts about Iran's privatization, which has NOT been proceeding quickly enough to everyone's satisfaction.

As this process proceeds, Iran is no longer going to be recognized as Iran. That is, it's Mullahs will no longer be the single, most important determinant in its government, including the militias.
If the latter stand in the way, they will be eliminated by any and all means necessary.
By definition, those who own one's resources are those who control.
As I said in my previous blog, a few minor millionaire Mullahs and militias are no match for Morgan Stanley, their resources and their association of international "friends."

But, there is somewhere else, nearby, as well, where a major power struggle is happening with equally enormous repercussions.
And, that is Turkey.
In previous blogs, I linked to a few articles regarding the other fake Left, the Socialist International, and their supportive position vis-a-vis Turkey's reactionary, privatizing AKP and against Turkey's opposition, Baykal and the CHP (and Turkey's military).

Well, guess who has now been invited in lieu of Turkey's Baykal to be a Vice President of the Socialist International?
It doesn't get any better than this.
The fascist, criminal, KRG Talabani!!!
I give the fake Left credit, abroad.
Their chutzpah and audacity out does us here.

There's really not much more to say.
It speaks for itself.
I'll leave it at that for this entry.