Tuesday, December 30, 2008


First, alittle more about the aborted Kuwait-Dow Chemical joint venture, a financial bombshell that occurred simultaneous to bombs falling over Gaza. The Dow-Kuwait deal does not get the same world attention that Israel-Gaza receives for obvious reasons.
Nonetheless, it is being closely monitored and discussed by financial sources everywhere.
The following is a Dubai radio broadcast in English on the aborted Dow-Kuwait joint venture.
It is not lengthly, only a few minutes or so.
As well, on the left hand side, are more broadcasts about related matters.
Given the source, I ASSUME their spin on the story is implicitly understood:


And, now, to WWIII.
Following, below, I will link to a previous blog I did which I can not seem to repeat enough.

It seems nobody understands or intentionally chooses to ignore the historical context, meaning, background and inextricable relationships of intensified class and imperialist contradictions, mopping up, regime change and congruency.

So, immediately, of course, a hot war exists between Gaza and Israel and the implications of mopping up extend to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and beyond.
In case this remains unclear, the following statement and quote from an Israeli General about Hamas:


Then, "So. Ossetia Claims Georgia Moving Troops Close to Border":


Then, "Kurd Factor in Iraq Game":


Then, Iraq's so-called upcoming provincial elections.

Now, in each and every instance since the onset of war number 3 against Iraq, the ONLY warnings, predictions and screaming I ever heard from any websites or blogs or organizations about military escalation was the one that did NOT happen and, furthermore, was completely contradictory to the reality on the ground, that of the US bombing Iran.

Each and every time military incursions, escalation, aggressions DID happen, they were NOT forecast, predicted or warned by these same websites, blogs, individuals who constantly forecast and warned of the US bombing Iran, instead.

All subsequent military escalations and provocations after the intial Iraq invasion came as "surprises."

First, the Israel-Lebanon war that led to Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon and increased Western military presence in Lebanon, preceeded by typical Western allied, covert, internal colored "revolutions" in Lebanon.

Then, of course, there were other colored revolutions elsewhere, stretching from Ukraine across the Caucasus.

Then, the recent overt Georgia-Russia military aggression, altho, I had had tons of info about a looming confrontation on my blog before the outbreak of military hostilities from jbanc.org and regnum.ru.
But, that military event, too, was a "surprise."

And, of course, TWO hot wars in Gaza.

And, Turkey/Iran's current bombing of the Kurdistan area, not counted as war at the moment.

And, then, the preceeding military mop up, confrontation with Sadr's militia thugs in southern Iraq, NOT a surprise, altho, it seems, also presented as a shock.

And, of course, the recent Mumbai provocation, with tons of preceeding publicity, talk, discussion about increasing troops in the Pak-Afghan area.
The Mumbai provocation was indeed a surprise in terms of its timing and location, but, not its repercussions.
The repercussions were a foregone conclusion.

Yugoslavia also exploded, but, that is barely mentioned here.

So, given all the above, which is not a complete list, I will link, once more, to a previous blog, which is equally if not more true now as it was when I first wrote it.
By the way, in the following, I will reassert, McCain DID speak truth.


Now, a domestic note about our embattled Illinois Democratic Governor, Blagoyevich.

I chose the following link from December 11, 2008 intentionally because it states the overall situation simply.
The only question I have had all along was why, knowing all this and alot more beforehand, "they" not only allowed but pushed Obooma's candidacy.
The Illinois Blagoyevich Democratic mob scandal, like all else, has escalated.

Blagoyevich has refused to resign, despite all pleas, AND has taken it upon himself, just now, to appoint a new Senator, despite warnings, admonitions and advise NOT to do so.
Blagoyevich, like any good mobster, will not take the fall alone.
Blagoyevich's current action raises the ante to a higher political stake, a state and national constitutional and legal confrontation and potential crisis of authority.

No matter which way they turn, now, they are screwed.
And, the trial, itself, has not yet begun.

In answer to my own question, above, the reason "they" not only allowed but helped Obooma into office is precisely because they knew all the above.

And, it is my OWN belief, in answer to my above question, that the Federal prosecutor exploded this case wide into the open NOW BEFORE Obooma came to office fearing that once in office he/they would have the authority to remove the Federal prosecutor, squash, control and limit the damage.

And, that is precisely what Blagoyevich knew, which is why he feels so confident and is playing his cat and mouse game, stalling for time.

They now face a political, legal, constitutional hurdle, challenge, quackmire, cul-de-sac, stalemate, confrontation, with further exploding revelations to come, a trial, subpoenas, witnesses, evidence, etc.

It is going to explode in their face, just like everything else.
And Obooma is a disposal, expendable candidate for upcoming disaster. Another small time mafia fall guy, like Blagoyevich:


Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, before getting to the victory(ies), I can't help observing sadly that the demise of the Palestinians is always a boon to the opportunistic fake Left and Opposition, here, and, it seems, elsewhere, too. A cottage industry.

I knew the minute I turned on my TV over the weekend and first saw the pictures about Gaza that I would shortly be receiving the usual kneejerk reactions and voluminous e-mails about the omnipotent Israel lobby, calls for mobilizations, demonstrations, etc.
They must salivate like Pavlov's dog when the Israel-Palestine conflict ignites. They swing into action immediately.

Forget about everything else I have had on my blog.
They just can not be bothered with all that.
Israel is the litmus test of created Leftism and political correctness in the US.
Palestine, Israel, and, in the past, at least, Abu Jamal, are the cause celebre of the Fake Left and Opposition.

The Trotskyites, the ANSWER coalition, UFPJ, amongst many other groupings to numerous to mention, swing into action, immediately when it comes to Israel.

Let's mobilize with the poor, suffering, downtrodden Arab Palestinian David versus the big bad Israeli Goliath.

Now, thanks to the help of some revealing blogs and websites from the opposite side of the Atlantic, it has occured to me that the purpose and function of Nasrallah and Iran's many Islamic operatives and Turkey's Islamic AKP, for example, is the flip side, the reverse, of the same purpose of Israel here.
It's like holding up a mirror.

As they say, if no Israel existed we would have to invent one. And, we did.

Historically, alas, the Jews, or, Judaism, are once again used for ulterior purposes. While many may make a sophisticated distinction between Zionism and Judaism, many do not.

Israel becomes synonymous with Judaism.
Thus, it is the fault of the worldwide Jewish cabal, conspiracy, i.e., Zionist State and, for that matter, Jewish capital.
The Jews, or, Judaism, are once again used insidiously and cynically as the scapegoats for the exact same financial interests which supported Fascism and Nazism in WWII.

So, it is the ultimate of political convenience and expediency to create a "Jewish" (Zionist) State with imported Russian reactionaries as well in the middle of an Arab/Muslim oil rich world.

And, then, on the flip side, apparently, I have come to understand that someone like Nasrallah and Iran serve a similar purpose. The religiously defined, JEWISH Zionist State can be chastized, while the other religiously defined ISLAMIC Fascist dictatorship becomes the supposed antidote to the Jewish State and defender of Arabs.

Thus, nothing bad can happily be said by the so-called Left/Opposition about the Islamists, since they, in turn, are the antithesis, the antidote of the Jewish Zionist State.
After all, "we" would not want to be seen as anti-Islam, anti-Muslim or anti-Arab.
The preceeding categories ALL get conflated together.
And on it goes, including, by the way, our latest politically manufactured ethno/religious product, Obooma.
He encompasses Black as well as fake, reactionary, mafia, Fascist Islam and he/they are oh so very progressive together.
After all, we can not say anything critical about either of the two categories, above.
I can easily see and understand how these categories are politically manipulated, here, but, it is much more difficult to understand how it operates on the other side of the pond.
Thanks to others, however, I have gained deeper insight and understanding into how this insidious and destructive format functions across the Atlantic.

And, now, to an uncelebrated Arab victory, one that does not have the same sex appeal as the Palestinians and bombs exploding, but, one which has shaken up the financial community, here.
It has been noted and commented upon just about everywhere in financial circles because it represents a bad omen to them, a consequence of internal opposition, something I highlighted in previous blogs.
However, I am worried that there will be enormous pressure, one way or another, to undo this victory. It sets a bad precedent. So, I do not take it as a fait accompli.
It is cause for immediate, but, cautious celebration and support.
More victories of this sort would undo the present power equations.
So, the Kuwaiti government has been forced due to internal opposition to nix their joint venture deal with Dow Chemical:


And, for another victory of sorts in Greece. The Greeks have played an enormous role recently as a universal class catalyst, a role that I assume will only escalate, despite a momentary hiatus.
So, here's something from them:


But, back to Alice in the Arabian Wonderland.
The following headline is NOT satire.
Like I previously said my imagination is nowhere as fruitful as reality.
So, the headline, it is a "Perfect Time to Launch a Derivatives Bourse in the Gulf":


And, of course, the Dana Gas empire expands in Egypt:


Hope everybody remembers, as well, the (Egyptian) EMG-Israel versus BG-PA gas deal, over which a previous Gaza war was fought.

But, of course, it is no suprise that oil and gas are discovered almost everywhere, since they both coexist in abundance everywhere. The economic trick is control and monopoly over the delivery system and dividing the world up between suppliers/producers and receivers/consumers.

Otherwise, there would be a supply glut and no profits, perish the thought.

And, finally, alittle something more about our fake Left. The subject matter of the following article might seem alittle too parochial and convoluted for others. As well, it jumps around from past to present. However, follow the money trail mentioned within it. That's the most important point to me and the main reason I linked to it. Somebody bothered to do some actual research and get some hard numbers:


Sunday, December 28, 2008


As for expectations of MEANINGFUL opposition in the US and elsewhere around the world regarding international capital's latest AGREED upon incursion into Gaza through their Israeli puppet surrogate, such is the state of worldwide willing perpetual fiction and belief.

No GOVERNMENT anywhere is about to do anything significant beyond making perfunctory noises, statements, empty, meaningless gestures BECAUSE, at minimum, they are in tacit agreement, at maximum, overt complicity.
NO outside military force exists that is about to take on the US/Israel/NATO military complex.

For that matter, speaking of regional militaries, not one, but, two NEW major theatres, hotspots, of regional war have opened up, in addition to the ongoing, intensifying, low simmering American, Iranian, Peshmerga occupation and military presence within Iraq.
Those two obviously are Israel in Gaza and then, rarely, if at all mentioned, Turkey's escalating bombardment of the PKK in northern Iraq, Kurdistan.

So, all MAJOR regional military forces combined are now actively engaged in the process of "mopping up" with more, much more, to come.
Remember, so-called provincial elections in Iraq coming in January.
And, of course, an escalation forthcoming in Afghanistan/Pakistan, too.
Only one other MAJOR regional military force exists that is not PRESENTLY actively involved.
That, of course, is Russia.

But, as the headline above says, undeterred,
"GCC Summit to Go Ahead as Planned."
After all, this is what it's ALL about; why WE fight and die.
So THEIR empire can expand:


and "GCC Summit to Focus on Global Economic Crisis":


And, then, afterwards, there will be the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, (how appropriate) beginning Jan 28, 2009, with its precursor this past November in the
Switzerland of the GCC, Dubai.

Look around their website:

and http://www.weforum.org/en/events/AnnualMeeting2009/index.htm

And, in case you are interested regarding the World Economic Forum, specifically, the Middle East, it is scheduled for May in Jordan:


And, Putin will address the WEF opening, presumably, representing the interests of Russia's private multi-billion dollar/ruble/euro oligarchs, like Lukoil, and so on, all eager to invest and spread their economic wings throughout the globe, in newly liberated Iraq, the UAE, Latin America and so on.
Gazprom is somewhat related, but, a different matter, a bird of a slightly different color.


And here's a succinct little commentary on the upcoming Davos, Switzerland WEF from Pakistan's newspaper,

"Davos Moot to Focus on Global Crisis":


As for those stupid or silly enough to be waiting for Godot, Obooma, to arrive in the White House, that piece of empty, vapid shit, well, I can't be bothered with idiots. Dream on. If you must watch any of our Fascists, keep your eyes on Clinton, instead, just like Rice before her, and, perhaps, Biden, too, as in Cheney's case. Forget Obooma. He's a total and complete zero. Mickey Mouse would do as well, if not better.

More than shoes should be thrown at all of them.

How about ex-appropriation, first, and then the Guillotine?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Different perspectives on the same event expressed above/below, a new Russian gas pipeline to South Ossetia.



Then, from a November, 2008 REUTERS report:

Russia to build gas pipeline to South Ossetia
17-11-08 Russian gas giant Gazprom said it would build a pipeline directly to Georgia's rebel region of South Ossetia because of problems with natural gas supplies to the enclave after a war with Georgia. Gazprom, a state controlled behemoth that has the world's biggest natural gas reserves, said the new pipeline was needed because the current pipeline goes through the territory of Georgia proper.
"No-one thought that a direct gas pipeline would be needed, but one is now being built and will only be turned on in the middle of next year," Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told. When asked if gas supplies to South Ossetia had been affected, he said: "According to the information we have, yes."
Kupriyanov said the pipeline had been damaged and added that supplies were complicated by the fact that Gazprom had no direct transit agreement with Georgia for gas supplies through its territory to South Ossetia. Russia fought a short war with Georgia in August after Tbilisi sent troops and tanks toretake the pro-Russian rebel region of South Ossetia. Russian troops drove Georgia out of the enclave and pushed into Georgia proper before recognising South Ossetia and another rebel region, Abkhazia, as independent states.

Then, "Georgia and US to Sign Strategic Pact, Jan 4, 2009":


And, from November, 2008, (MY emphasis in BOLDFACE type),
"EC [European Commission] Wants Its Own Gazprom Competitor":


Above information also available on the following interesting roundup:


And, lastly, the following website has excellent related information AND DETAILED MAPS from 2003 of existing and proposed gas and oil pipeline routes, hubs, LNG storage terminals throughout Eurasia, Europe/Central Asia/Middle East.

The maps can be enlarged further if you click onto them, and, then, enlarged a second time.

If you follow and study carefully the geography of the proposed and existing gas and oil pipeline routes, much, if not all, of so-called "news" falls into place.
The maps are extremely revealing and helpful.
I will highlight in the article following a direct link to the enlarged map provided within it merely as a redundancy.

(I assume everyone is familiar with a little square orange icon with 4 blue arrows that appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen/map when you click on FULL SCREEN which enables one to further enlarge the maps beyond full screen so that they become REALLY, REALLY BIG, humungus).

So, first, a good, nice, detailed itemization of the proposed gas pipelines:


And, a direct link for the map included in the text above enlarged (which you can then still further enlarge):


Likewise, the oil map:


Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Yushchenko plans to call a state of emergency and cancel upcoming elections:


Of course, Ukraine is a strategic centerpiece in the Gazprom/EU/US gas wars.
Equally so, the Baltics, Turkey and just about everywhere else named above.
The whole can not exist without its parts and the parts are fundamental building blocks to the whole.
It is an integral, reciprocal political-economic relationship driving forward the entire global reactionary, counter-revolutionary, Fascist, privatizing project.
If one block stumbles, fails, falls, changes, overturns, it threatens the stability and credibility of the entire edifice, already mounted very precariously, skating on thin ice.
Thus is absolute control a necessary prerequisite to fit neatly together all the many moving parts of their political-economic-geographic jigsaw puzzle, lest their counter-revolutionary, Fascist enterprise "spin out of control" and fall prey to entropy and anarchy whereupon the children's verses of Humpty-Dumpty and London Bridges falling down will become the applicable theme song.

To end on that auspicious note:



Thursday, December 25, 2008


I thought I would do a few random selection of links from those totally open, in your face, secrets, the greatest story never told, which collectively speak for themselves. One need NO analysis, whatsoever, to understand what is happening. The FACTS are blatant and transparent. It's only the brain dead and willingly numb, deaf, dumb and blind who do not "get it."

"Before Handouts Big Firms Bankrolled [Democratic and Republican] Conventions":


"AP Study Finds 16 Billion Went To Bail Out Bank Executives":


"Where Did the Bailout Money Go? Shhh..It's a Secret..."


And, of course, from previous blogs, such as that about $200 Billion for hedge funds, this bonanza to continue unabated under our upcoming Nazi/Fascsist military-corporate slave/mob led Obooma dictatorship, i.e., National Socialism.

"UK Superbank to be Created":


"Middle East Market Critical for Ailing General Motors" (I've had much about this previously):



"Islamic Banking to Be a $4 TRILLION Industry" ("...The GCC region has taken a lead in global Islamic banking..."):


Cairo Investment Forum:


Dow Chemical Company Statement about Joint Venture with Kuwait, or, what's good for Dow is good for Kuwait:


And, Secy General of the Union of Arab Banks Statement Reveals a Pan-Arab Initiative...on Global Economy:

("...Shaker explained that there is a new vision being formulated focusing on the role of the central banks in the world and the role of the International Monetary Fund. All must be subject to the same treatment, and adhere to the same rules and regulations..."):


AT&T to Focus on Middle East:


Strikes and protests in Egypt:


Kuwait Unions Protest Privatization:


Bechtel Wins Egypt Nuclear Power Contract:



Netherlands Govt Launches Regional Representation Office in Dubai:



Annual Middle East Finance Forum:



Paris Club Waives Half Iraq's Debt (IMF involved also):


Large GCC, Saudi (44%) Investments Flow into UAE:


Dubai-Hamburg Business Forum:


More on Germany's Nazi Deutsche Bank and the UAE:


UAE Buys Raytheon Missiles:


Abu Dhabi Sheik Khalifa Nahyan ranked number 25 of 50 most powerful persons:


The following does not fit DIRECTLY into the above and requires abit more explanation. But, I thought I would mention it anyway. Russian MPs, Ukraine and Tibet:


All anyone need do is LOOK to understand.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The following is a small snapshot of the cozy, intimate, relationship between US financial circles and their artificially maintained, sanctioned and created false political-economic dichotomies and misnomered opposition and Left.

For example, not mentioned below are the many billions in union pension funds recycled, reinvested in the major international private corporations named, in turn, who fund and sponsor these organizations, individuals, groupings and, specifically, their current, burgeoning GCC speculative, Middle East privatization bubble about which I have had so much info on previous blogs.

For another unmentioned example below is the completely corrupt, repressive, intimidating, threatening, harrassing, Fascist SEIU dictatorial labor union led by the Andy Stern gang, a major contributor and supporter of our Fascist Obooma, who used their Chicago connections and heavy handed mafia sleaze tactics to help Obooma get the Democratic primary nomination and bring the Democratic Chicago Mob/Sleaze Machine into the White House.

Of course, these are ALL the same people and resources who previously supported, assisted, contributed to counter-revolution in the former Soviet Union, Solidarity in Poland, etc., and they now turn around to pontificate about our current malaise. Thanks to their assistance the Old Left "Dictatorial"regimes and Parties everywhere have been either liquidated, purged, neutered, neutralized, marginalized, coopted, penetrated or infiltrated.

But, not content with previous damage, they maintain consistency in/with this previous approach and role, since they serve their above masters well and continue to propagate the smaller and larger Big Lies in all subsequent related matters, such as the Baath Arab Socialist Party, Saddam Hussein, anti-Stalinism, anti-Communism, Iran, the Iran-Iraq war, etc. and so on.

It is a long laundry list of Big and smaller historical Lies and fabrications and ideological sophistry, only some of which I can highlight in a blog entry.
So, the article to which I am referring:


And about Iraq and Basra.
Here's a related update which states things quite clearly and matter of fact, including "Related Stories" on the right hand sidebar, "Investors Ready For Iraq Business..."
Note, especially, the "minor" problem, that little hitch, caveat towards the bottom of the following article:


And for a few more details and specifics on the above from October 6, 2008:


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The following EXCERPT is an introductory paragraph for an interview with Manolis Glezos, the link provided below.
FIRST, please, I suggest you read the short biography, background, of Manolis Glezos where it says at the end of the sentence, "see more here (in blue)."
After, reading M. Glezos brief biographical background continue to the interview featured with him at the link provided below the introductory paragraph I excerpted:

"I am proud of the banner in Acropoplis (M. Glezos, TVXS, Friday)
[M. Glezos has been one of the two people who removed the nazi flag of the german occupation army from Acropolis in '41, a feat for which he was eventually arrested, tortured, & detained; see more here.]"....CONTINUE BELOW FOR COMPLETE INTERVIEW WITH M. GLEZOS:


(More blog entries to come, shortly. This is a hurried post for the moment).

Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is characteristic of the barbaric tactics and behaviour of every Fascist, Nazi installed government before and during WWII and subsequent post WWII American sponsored regimes throughout the globe:


Internationally and domestically, every country, every person, every institution providing such a government credibility and recognition, financially and economically, facilitates, collaborates and is equally as culpable as those who directly torture. They are the enablers for whom the dirty work is done.

And, see my other entry for today, below...


The article below, above, from the Financial Times speaks for itself.
I BOLDFACED a particular sentence in this article I deem especially pertinent related to this matter:

Hedge funds gain access to $200bn Fed aid
By Krishna Guha in Washington
Published: December 20 2008 05:01 Last updated: December 20 2008 05:01
Hedge funds will be allowed to borrow from the Federal Reserve for the first time under a landmark $200bn programme intended to support consumer credit.
The Fed said on Friday it would offer low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitised consumer loans under the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF). This includes hedge funds, which have never been able to borrow from the US central bank before, although the Fed may not permit hedge funds to use offshore vehicles to conduct the transactions.
The asset-backed securities to be funded under the programme are pools of
credit card receivables, automobile loans and student loans.
The idea is to increase the supply of these loans and reduce borrowing rates by ensuring that the companies that make the loans can sell them on to investors who have guaranteed access to low-cost funding from the Fed.
The TALF is a key plank of the unorthodox strategy set out by the Fed last week as it cut interest rates virtually to zero. Washington insiders expect the
programme will be dramatically expanded next year with further capital support from Treasury once the Obama administration takes office.
A senior official in the outgoing Bush administration told the Financial Times it could also be broadened to include new commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities.
The Fed thinks risk premiums or “spreads” for consumer loans are much higher than would be justified by likely default rates, even assuming a nasty recession.
It attributes this to a lack of buying interest in the secondary market where the loans are sold on to investors. By making loans to these investors on attractive terms it aims to increase market liquidity.
Making the scheme open to all US companies is a radical departure for the Fed, which normally supports financial market liquidity indirectly by ensuring banks have adequate liquidity to make loans to other investors.
However, the liquidity the Fed is providing to banks is not flowing through to financial markets, because banks are balance-sheet constrained and risk-averse. So it is channelling funds directly to investors.
The scheme is not designed specifically for hedge funds and a wide range of financial institutions are likely to participate.
Nonetheless, Fed officials hope that hedge funds will be among those investors that take advantage of the low-cost finance to drive down spreads.
The loans will be secured only against the securities and not the borrower. However, the Fed will lend slightly less than the value of the securities pledged as collateral. The Treasury has committed $20bn to cover potential losses.
Since the credit crisis erupted, hedge funds have complained that they cannot get the leverage they need to arbitrage away excessive spreads and meet high hurdle rates of return.
“Demand is there for leverage but not supply,” said Sylvan Chackman, head of global equity financing at Merrill Lynch.
In effect, the Fed will now take on the role of prime broker – the lead bank that lends to a hedge fund – for specific assets.
Additional reporting by Henny Sender in New York

Enjoy your upcoming Citibank Nation slave Administration, the "progressive" one for which everybody in the US voted.
And, as well, Illinois Governor Blagoyevich's upcoming trial which will bring much of Illinois Democratic connected mob/mafia machine of Chicago politics crashing down with him, including, perhaps, that other piece of trash, sleaze and garbage, Obooma.
Three cheers for Blagoyevich. He is not about to be the fall guy for them. Chutzpah. Balls. Let him take them all down with him. Much entertainment and fireworks forthcoming in Fascist, Citigroup Nation land dictatorship.

Friday, December 19, 2008


As an exercise, today, I decided to feature two events happening simultaneously which amply illustrates the differences between the rest of the globe and the US.

First, an action at this moment in the New School in NYC. A student occupation, takeover. I will provide a few links in a moment. Whatever you may think of this event, I, situated in the US, not too far away but NOT within walking distance of NYC, must get my information about BOTH Greece and NYU FROM ABROAD on the internet!!

A virtual news blackout exists. Very little, if any, reporting, at all about Greece and/or NYU. This news blackout comes from ALL sides, here, in the US, our fake, state, foundation sponsored, alternative, "Left" media sources, groupings, individuals, websites and the obvious commerical ones.

So, here is alittle something about NYU activities for those informationally challenged in the US:


Then, a followup:

The followup, above, does not mention the demands and position statement in the initial report for FREE higher education, elimination of student debt, etc.
This MAY simply be a reporting oversight or miscommunication from abroad. I do not know. But, it certainly IS important. And, it needs clarification and reemphasis.

However, I can tell you right now, unlike Greece, the students in NYC will get NO further labor leadership support from our Fascist led organized labor and fake Left.

As a consequence, it/their action will not grow, expand, snowball, mature, enlarge, as in Greece and elsewhere, encompassing ever broader swaths of the population and working class and none of their major demands will be met, certainly not free, higher education and elimination of debt.

And, I think I've explained the reasons why on this blog, ad nauseum. As a consequence, they may wind up with a token compromise, at best. So, once again, contrast the US to events in Greece and elsewhere.

For Greece, I reproduced the following from the tapesgoneloose.blogspot.com.

It was translated into English on their/his blog apparently from the Greek Indy website and I have not seen it elsewhere in English. Other websites with further information below the following:

Letter from army camps refuting the army's repressive role (indy.gr, Wednesday)

We are soldiers from all over greece [it's necessary to not remark here that conscription is still active in greece & affects all males greeks; most or maybe even all of the people signing this are bound to be people who are serving their compulsory military service at the moment - not army recruits]. Soldiers who, in Hania, were ordered to stand against university students, workers & fighters of the antimilitary movement carrying our guns & a short while ago. [Soldiers] who are carrying the weight of reforms & of the "readiness" of the greek army. [Soldiers who] live every day through the ideological bullying of militarism, nationalism, unpaid exploitation & of submission to "[our] superiors".In the army camps [we're serving at], we hear of another "isolated incident": the death, [caused] by a policeman's gun, of a 15-year-old called Alexis. We hear [of] it in slogans carrying over the camp's outer walls like a distant thunder. Weren't the deaths of three colleagues of ours in August also called isolated incidents? Wasn't the death of each one of the 42 soldiers who died in the last 3.5 years also called an isolated incident? We hear that Athens, Thessaloniki & an ever-increasing number of cities in greece become fields of social unrest, fields where the outrage of thousands of youths, workers & unemployed is played out.Dressed with army uniforms & "working attire", guarding the camp or running errands, [being] servants of the "superiors", we still find ourselves there [in those same fields]. We lived, as university students, workers & desperately unemployed, the[ir] "claypots", "accidental backfirings", "[bullet] deflections"; the desperation of precarity, of exploitation, of lay-offs & of prosecutions.We hear whispers & insinuations from the army officials, we heard the government's threat, made public, about the imposition of an "alarm state." We know very well what this means. We live it through intensification [of work], increased [army] duties, extreme conditions with one finger on the trigger.Yesterday we've been ordered to be careful & "keep our eyes open". We're asking: WHOM DID YOU ORDER US TO BE CAREFUL OF?Today, we've been ordered to be ready & alert. We're asking? TOWARDS WHOM SHOULD WE BE ALERT?You ordered us to be ready to impose a state of ALERT:• Distribution of loaded guns in certain units in Attiki [where Athens is] even accompanied by the order to be used against civilians if they're threatened. (e.g. an army unit in Menidi, close to the attacks against the police station of Zephiri.)• Distribution of bayonets to soldiers in Evros [along the turkish border] • Instilling fear to protesters by moving platoon to peripheral army camps.• Moving police vehicles to army camps in Nayplio-Tripoli-Korinthos for safekeeping.• The "dopping" by the Major I. Konstantaros in the Thiva bootcamp concering the identification of soldiers with the storeowners whose property is being damaged.• Distribution of plastic bullets in the Korinthos bootcamp & the order to shoot againts our fellow citizens if they move in "threateningly" (with respect to whom???)• Positioning a special unit at the "Unknown Soldier" [statue] right across from the demonstrators on Saturday, December 13, as well as [positioning] the soldiers of the Nayplio bootcamp against the pan-workers demo.• Threatening [the citizens] with Special Operations Units from Germany & Italy - in the role of an Occupation Army - thus revealing E.U.'s real, anti-workers/authoritarian face.Police shoots targeting the present & future of social revolts. That's why they're preparing the army tot assume the duties of a police force & the society to accept the return to the army of the Reformers' Totalitarianism. They're preparing us to stand against our friends, out acquaintances & our brothers & sisters. They're preparing us to stand against our former & future colleagues at work & in school.This sequence of measures shows that the leadership of the army-the police & the consent of Hinofotis (former member of the professional army, currently vice minster of the Interior, responsible for interior "unrest"), of the General HQ of the Army, of the entire government, of the E.U. directives, of the store-owners-as-infuriated-citizens & of the far-right-wing groups aim at utilizing the Armed Forces as an Occupation Army - aren't you calling us "peace corps" when you send us abroad to do the exact same things? - in the cities where we grew up, in the neighborhoods & the roads where we walked.The political & military leadership forgets that we're part of that same youth. THhey forget that we're flesh from the flesh of a youth which is confronted with the desert of the real inside & outside army camps. Of a youth that's outraged, not subserviant; & most importantly, FEARLESS. WE'RE UNIFORMED CIVILIANS.We won't accept becoming complimentary tools of fear which some attempt to instill over society as a scarecrow.We won't accept becoming a force of repression & terror.We won't stand against people whom we share that same fears, needs & desires/[the same] common future, perils & hopes with.WE REFUSE TO TAKE TO THE STREETS ON BEHALF OF ANY STATE OF ALERT AGAINST OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS.As a youth in uniform, we express our solidarity with the people who're fighting & we scream that we won't become pawns of the police-state & of state repression. We'll never stand against our own people. We won't allow the imposition of a situation in the army corps that will be bringing to mind "days of 1967" [when the greek army had his last coup d'etat].

For MUCH further reporting on Greek events, such as militant occupation of the Greek Central Labor office, and strikes elsewhere, the above blogspot and:


Meanwhile, I will end on another amongst the many, many militant, ongoing, Turkish labor actions within the past few years against privatization, again, totally and completely ignored in the US.

This time, Turkish worker occupation of a tire factory, partially owned by Sabanci, in turn, partnered with Citigroup through Akbank:


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Turkey presently is bombing the PKK to smithereens and plans are underfoot for more coordinated, military escalation between the US and Turkey.

The following introductory paragraph on this subject reproduced from STRATFOR:

Turkey, U.S.: Talks Begin On PKK Committee
"December 18, 2008 0006 GMT
Talks are under way to determine the structure of a Turkish-U.S. joint committee on combating Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) rebels, Agence France-Presse reported Dec. 17, citing a Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman. Turkey and the United States in November agreed to set up the committee to track the PKK threat and take measures against the group's activities. The committee will start work "very soon," the spokesman said. Turkey expects the Iraqi government and northern Iraqi authorities to fulfill their promises to counter the PKK. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will visit Ankara in the coming days, he added."

The preceeding coincides with my previous blog entry about Heritage Oil exiting Kurdistan and who will determine Iraq's oil contracts, Baghdad or the KRG:


Meanwhile, following from the above, our fake, state sponsored Opposition and Left websites and persons in the US and elsewhere previously screaming most about the US bombing Iran, defending Ahmadimidget, or, Ahmadimoron, as I dub him, have taken a U turn and now, instead, I get information from these same sources on e-mail listserves about human rights problems in Iran, etc., criticisms of our other career, professional, hired opposition, Code Pink, suddenly chastized by these same individuals who have just recently discovered problems in/with Iran's Fascists.

Here's a sample of what I SUDDENLY RECEIVED about Iran, again, from a spokesperson in one of these e-mail "peacegroup" listserve:


Counteracting the above, Ahmadimoron's clandestine agents in the US in the misnomered, state sponsored and controlled peace movement are busy attacking Saudi Arabia, Obooma, Israel, the Sunnis and I guess whomever else they can find. Here's a sample of what I mean. Something I just received on the same so-called "peace group" listserve:

"Dear lovers of REAL peace on our imperiled planet,

The brave Iraqi TRUE HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST, who told Bush what needed to be said, should be cherished as a hero to humanity! His historic shoes are the inevitably logical "lemon" fruits that the "NON-INDIGENOUS tree of COLONIALLY-POISONED IMPOSED (from above) MODERNITY" has produced.
And...I don't see Barack HUSSEIN Obama as being able to make lemonade from such lemons! He may try to (or pretend to) make such "public diplomacy" lemonade, but this lemon is too bitter even for colonially-sweetened lemonade (the kind that keeps the likes of Saudi "Royal" family slavishly obedient), because the fertilizer/pesticide that helps keep this poisoned lemon tree growing, is manufactured by "the chosen people" in the "dual use" chemical plants located in the heart of Tel Aviv; and the mainly Sunni Arab Muslims who are supposed to continue to be the victimized "happy" consumers of this artificially-colored lemonade (and thus continue--per divide and conquer--to be fooled into thinking that the Persian Shia Muslims are their "existential enemies"), have developed colonially-resistant chronic diabetes from its pragmatic-looking genetically modified American "sugar.

Moji Agha

Then, I am including two links following BECAUSE the first one names Al-Rubaie, someone of significance about whom I wrote in my previous blog entry, but, whose existence and name generally goes unrecognized, here, except in official circles, like the CSIS. (See my recent blog from December 16 about Al-Rubaie and Muntadar:
http://karlmarxwasright2.blogspot.com/2008/12/muntadar-and-mowaffaq-al-rubaie.html )

And, the second link below mentions Allawi, who visited Kuwait in early November with an official delegation.
I linked to the reported Allawi visit to Kuwait on my November 9, 2009 blog. On the Nov 9 entry, IN ADDITION I reported "A Big Deal," as my heading states. Iran SUSPENDS deliveries with Dana Gas. Both Heritage and Dana developments extremely important and very telling signs of coming events. (My Nov 9 entry:

Beyond the above, I am unable to assess the validity of the scenario suggested in the following links, below. I will have to leave that to others. At minimum, it is an indication of coming events that fits into the concept I am suggesting in previous blogs, an upcoming rearrangement of Iraq and Iran's so-called government, i.e., mopping up, congruency, coup/s, regime change. Whether or not this particular scenario, explanation as it is presented below is valid, I cannot assess.


One point I want to make perfectly clear.
Any Iraq/Iran coup/regime change represented by the individuals above is NOT about reconstituting the Baath Arab SOCIALIST Party, renationalizing anything in Iraq or anywhere else on the planet for that matter, anymore than "Change to Win" Obooma in the US represents progress. It is about the conundrum in which they find themselves vis-a-vis Iraq/Iran and their regional neighborhood.

And, finally, in case you may be confused as to why I entitled the blog, above, Iraq War #4, it is because I began counting number one, from the Western sponsored Iranian initiated aggression against Iraq in the early 1980s, then, second, direct Western aggression in the early 1990s with Bush Senior, then, third, our current aggression, and, now, fourth, military escalation one more time for mopping up, congruency, coup/regime change.

As for the inextricably intertwined unrecognized UAE, GCC role and speculative Bubble, etc., those developments continue rolling merrily along. More on that in a separate blog.
As well, questions about Russia. And, then, developments in Greece. All related.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, once again, succinctly, from India with love, they've hit the nail on the head regarding Illinois Governor Blagoyevich and Obama the Booma, or, Obooma.
(I have created this name from Layla Anwar's Arabic language tutorial, www.arabwomanblues.blogspot.com.
Apparently, in Arabic, booma means very stupid/dumb.)
Now, the link to the Indian article about Obooma:


And, regarding the UAE/NATO/US/Gulf alliance, nuclear material, etc., next comes Missile Defense:


See my many previous blogs on the above two subjects, starting from the latest:


In addition, be sure to read today's other post, just below, about Muntadar and Al-Rubaie.
And, NOTE. IF you happened to have read today's earlier post about Al-Rubaie, I just returned and inserted the direct link to which I previously refered for his speech at CSIS in October, 2007 which I found in their archives.


Following a BBC news report about Muntadar Al-Zeidi, Iraq's infamous shoe thrower.
I have intentionally linked to the following report BECAUSE it mentions Muwafaq Al-Rubaie's name.
Here's the paragraph from the BBC report to which I'm referring with Muwafaq Al-Rubaie's name.
I will link to the full BBC article after the following quote from it with MY emphasis in boldface:

"...Mr Zaidi told our correspondent that despite offers from many lawyers his brother has not been given access to a legal representative since being arrested by forces under the command of Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, Iraq's national security adviser..."

Now, as promised, here's the direct link to the full BBC article, from which I quoted the above:


And, now, for some INTIMATE connections and background between Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, mentioned above, responsible for Muntadar's well being, the official US power ESTABLISHMENT and, as well, Iran.
The following EXCERPTED from my previous blog entry of :

Saturday, OCTOBER 06, 2007

Muwafaq Al-Rubaie and War with Russia

"Sitting in the US, I have a unique nauseating pleasure.
An oxymoron, for those of you noting it.
A literary oxymoron that reflects reality.
Not only can I personally hear, see, touch, smell and witness the players of our homegrown, reactionary American Nazi and Fascist movement in the name of freedom and democracy, on a daily basis, but, as well, I have the opportunity to do the same with those from other countries, such as Iraq's present reactionary restorative political project.
So, on Friday, October 5, 2007, Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, Iraq's putative National Security Advisor, a clone of OUR National Security Council, I suppose, spoke about the "Future of Iraq" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, another famous think tank.
"Think tanks" here multiply like rabbits.
It's a lucrative business, a "growth industry" and a private employment project for redundant intellectuals.
Rubaie's "speech" was shown on C-Span.
A video of this "speech/discussion," is available at the C-Span website, for anyone interested, and, I assume, a transcript and video will also be made available, shortly, on the csis website:

http://www.csis.org/ and http://www.c-span.org/ ....

....I returned to the CSIS website, JUST NOW, went through their archives and found the link for which I was searching

(2007 above blog entry continued)....I was hoping to access a transcript from the csis website for this blog, but, I guess it's a bit too early and it is not yet available on their website.
Try again at a later date.
There is/was a large audience composed of press, media, government, others, and audience questions, afterwards.
Rubaie made a conceptual and practical distinction between the notion of Iraq's "partition" and "federalism" when questioned about it.
Some linguistic hairs were split.
No, it "ain't" partition, folks, it's federalism, instead, which is provided in their brand new spanky Constitution.
A biographical snippet amongst hundreds of others available online about Al-Rabaie, another of the Iraq ex-patriots, living abroad, from 2005,

"Iraq's Official Cosy Ties with Iran Stir Anger":


Now, this is the fellow and policies to whom everyone in the US is deferring and giving legitimacy.
Oh, yes, another fine point Rubaie made.
Iraq's national government can have Baathists, just not the Baath Party. The Baath Arab Socialist Party is outlawed.
This is also all provided for in their spanky, brand new Constitution, the one that replaced and liberated them from that horrible Baath, Saddam regime and constitution of 1990, this one:






A photo:


Where is Muntadar??


Monday, December 15, 2008


Two shoes hurled in Bush's face this past Sunday in Iraq.

Two shoes that encircled the globe and will go down in history.

Plenty of info available throughout the internet on this momentous and courageous event and person. But, the shoes hurled at Bush in Iraq are intimately related to events elsewhere, as well, for example, Greece.

I will return to Greece, shortly.

First, I am compelled to say a few words about what is or is not happening in the US.

Illinois Governor Blageyovich's present sleaze corruption scandal represents merely the tip of a gargantuan, deep, perpetual, criminal iceberg and Democratic sleaze machine, all of which was known well before Obummer's rigged Democratic Primary s-election process and upcoming coronation.

This background was intentionally ignored, concealed and suppressed by all concerned THEN. So, surface now?

The Establishment allowed the entire Chicago Democratic mob, mafia machine to be voted into national office. Obummer, himself, bought and purchased by Citigroup Nation.

But, if Illinois Democratic Governor Blagoyevich squeals, the whole house of corrupt, mafia style Chicago Democratic politics, Fascist SEIU labor union, Obummer, etc will come tumbling down like a deck of cards. I thought this would occur BEFORE the s-election process. Instead, it occurs after, but, prior to Obummer's coronation. Obummer will limp into office. As I said previously, Obummer is an expendable and throw away candidate.

And, here is a previous blog about this and related matters, like congruency and regime change in Iran, which you are watching unfold, mopping up both in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan. After the following link, I will return to Greece:


And now I will highlight below an EXCERPT from the following blog/link:


"...However, the process of production and circulation of goods in itself, in other words, the capital-relation, is only indirectly hit by the mobilisations. [ MY emphasis:] A spectre hovers over the city torched: the indefinite wild general strike.
The global capitalist crisis has denied the bosses their most dynamic, most extorting response to the insurrection: “We offer you everything, for ever, while all they can offer is an uncertain present”. With one firm collapsing after the other, capitalism and its state are no longer in a position to offer anything other than worse days to come, tightened financial conditions, sacks, suspension of pensions, welfare cuts, crush of free education. Contrarily, in just seven days, the insurgents have proved in practice what they can do: to turn the city into a battlefield, to create enclaves of communes across the urban fabric, to abandon individuality and their pathetic security, seeking the composition of their collective power and the total destruction of this murderous system.
At this historical conjuncture of crisis, rage and the dismissal of institutions at which we finally stand, the only thing that can convert the systemic deregulation into a social revolution is the total rejection of work. When street fighting will be taking place in streets dark from the strike of the Electricity Company; when clashes will be taking place amidst tons of uncollected rubbish, when trolley-buses will be closing streets, blocking off the cops, when the striking teacher will be lighting up his revolted pupil’s molotov cocktail, then we will be finally able to say: “Ruffians, the days of your society are numbered; we weighted its joys and its justices and we found them all too short”. This, today, is no longer a mere fantasy but a concrete ability in everyone’s hand: the ability to act concretely on the concrete. The ability to charge the skies.
If all of these, namely the extension of the conflict into the sphere of production-circulation, with sabotages and wild strikes seem premature, it might just be because we haven’t quite realised how fast does power decomposes, how fast confrontational practices and counter-power forms of organising
are socially diffused: from high school students pelting police stations with stones, to municipal employees and neighbours occupying town halls. The revolution does not take place with prayers towards and piety for historical conditions. It occurs by seizing whatever opportunity of insurrection in every aspect of the social; by transforming every reluctant gesture of condemnation of the cops into a definite strike to the foundations of this system.
Off the pigs!
14/12/2008 Initiative from the occupation of the Athens School of Economics and Business..."
End of excerpt.

Is everything above related? You bet it is!

From the Greek response and uprising to Iraq's shoes thrown at Bush to Obummer's Citigroup Nation and Fascist, Hitler/Mussolini style National Socialist policy and global counter-revolution. For more details on these relationships, what I have been following for so long on my blog, scroll down, just below this entry and see my separate posting, today, headed:

"Dubai Gets $8 Billion From Citigroup and More"...look below...