Monday, December 15, 2008


Two shoes hurled in Bush's face this past Sunday in Iraq.

Two shoes that encircled the globe and will go down in history.

Plenty of info available throughout the internet on this momentous and courageous event and person. But, the shoes hurled at Bush in Iraq are intimately related to events elsewhere, as well, for example, Greece.

I will return to Greece, shortly.

First, I am compelled to say a few words about what is or is not happening in the US.

Illinois Governor Blageyovich's present sleaze corruption scandal represents merely the tip of a gargantuan, deep, perpetual, criminal iceberg and Democratic sleaze machine, all of which was known well before Obummer's rigged Democratic Primary s-election process and upcoming coronation.

This background was intentionally ignored, concealed and suppressed by all concerned THEN. So, surface now?

The Establishment allowed the entire Chicago Democratic mob, mafia machine to be voted into national office. Obummer, himself, bought and purchased by Citigroup Nation.

But, if Illinois Democratic Governor Blagoyevich squeals, the whole house of corrupt, mafia style Chicago Democratic politics, Fascist SEIU labor union, Obummer, etc will come tumbling down like a deck of cards. I thought this would occur BEFORE the s-election process. Instead, it occurs after, but, prior to Obummer's coronation. Obummer will limp into office. As I said previously, Obummer is an expendable and throw away candidate.

And, here is a previous blog about this and related matters, like congruency and regime change in Iran, which you are watching unfold, mopping up both in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan. After the following link, I will return to Greece:

And now I will highlight below an EXCERPT from the following blog/link:

"...However, the process of production and circulation of goods in itself, in other words, the capital-relation, is only indirectly hit by the mobilisations. [ MY emphasis:] A spectre hovers over the city torched: the indefinite wild general strike.
The global capitalist crisis has denied the bosses their most dynamic, most extorting response to the insurrection: “We offer you everything, for ever, while all they can offer is an uncertain present”. With one firm collapsing after the other, capitalism and its state are no longer in a position to offer anything other than worse days to come, tightened financial conditions, sacks, suspension of pensions, welfare cuts, crush of free education. Contrarily, in just seven days, the insurgents have proved in practice what they can do: to turn the city into a battlefield, to create enclaves of communes across the urban fabric, to abandon individuality and their pathetic security, seeking the composition of their collective power and the total destruction of this murderous system.
At this historical conjuncture of crisis, rage and the dismissal of institutions at which we finally stand, the only thing that can convert the systemic deregulation into a social revolution is the total rejection of work. When street fighting will be taking place in streets dark from the strike of the Electricity Company; when clashes will be taking place amidst tons of uncollected rubbish, when trolley-buses will be closing streets, blocking off the cops, when the striking teacher will be lighting up his revolted pupil’s molotov cocktail, then we will be finally able to say: “Ruffians, the days of your society are numbered; we weighted its joys and its justices and we found them all too short”. This, today, is no longer a mere fantasy but a concrete ability in everyone’s hand: the ability to act concretely on the concrete. The ability to charge the skies.
If all of these, namely the extension of the conflict into the sphere of production-circulation, with sabotages and wild strikes seem premature, it might just be because we haven’t quite realised how fast does power decomposes, how fast confrontational practices and counter-power forms of organising
are socially diffused: from high school students pelting police stations with stones, to municipal employees and neighbours occupying town halls. The revolution does not take place with prayers towards and piety for historical conditions. It occurs by seizing whatever opportunity of insurrection in every aspect of the social; by transforming every reluctant gesture of condemnation of the cops into a definite strike to the foundations of this system.
Off the pigs!
14/12/2008 Initiative from the occupation of the Athens School of Economics and Business..."
End of excerpt.

Is everything above related? You bet it is!

From the Greek response and uprising to Iraq's shoes thrown at Bush to Obummer's Citigroup Nation and Fascist, Hitler/Mussolini style National Socialist policy and global counter-revolution. For more details on these relationships, what I have been following for so long on my blog, scroll down, just below this entry and see my separate posting, today, headed:

"Dubai Gets $8 Billion From Citigroup and More"...look below...

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