Friday, December 12, 2008


As usual, ignore ALL corporate TV and media about GM's bailout.
It is an anointed, choreographed political dance, a bouncing ball, for purposes of political posturing and coverage amongst ALL parties concerned with outcome predetermined.

And, here is the outcome from my previous blog entries:

First and foremost, number one, from my entry of November 30, 2008:

"Middle East Market is GM's Silver Lining."

Before reading the following article--it is a short one--NOTE the very last paragraph, which I will highlight, first.
Think about the implications of this last paragraph in CONTEXT:

"...Asked if the company is talking with any government or SWFs from the Middle East, he said: " We are not in conversations with the government but we are in talks with our dealerships and our business partners in the region who have significant contacts. We leave it to the dealers in a particular market to have any dialogue with the government."

And, from my entry of June 27, 2008:

...Meanwhile, as for America's 1930's, historic, Communist led union and GM, its intentional obsolescence and bankruptcy, GM, as just about everything else I've been following, is the Phoenix rising from the ashes in the sands of the Gulf and Middle East:

And, finally, from my entry of November 11, 2008:

And, by the way, GM in the US is going bust, BUT, NOT in Russia. The opposite being the case:

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