Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The following EXCERPT is an introductory paragraph for an interview with Manolis Glezos, the link provided below.
FIRST, please, I suggest you read the short biography, background, of Manolis Glezos where it says at the end of the sentence, "see more here (in blue)."
After, reading M. Glezos brief biographical background continue to the interview featured with him at the link provided below the introductory paragraph I excerpted:

"I am proud of the banner in Acropoplis (M. Glezos, TVXS, Friday)
[M. Glezos has been one of the two people who removed the nazi flag of the german occupation army from Acropolis in '41, a feat for which he was eventually arrested, tortured, & detained; see more here.]"....CONTINUE BELOW FOR COMPLETE INTERVIEW WITH M. GLEZOS:


(More blog entries to come, shortly. This is a hurried post for the moment).

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