Monday, December 15, 2008


"Dubai Gets $8 Billion Financing From Citigroup"

(Remember these are US TAX DOLLAR funded subsidies going to Dubai via Citigroup Nation):

"UAE, US Officials Call on Congress, Obama to Support Bilateral Relations":

UAE and Pakistan Discuss New Pacts:

France Hopes for UAE-EU Agreement:

"Zurich Group Bullish on Region," GCC area:

Development of Egypt's Port Said, Suez Canal area.
I find this one particularly notable, since I have always assumed the long awaited desire exists to reverse the process of Middle Eastern nationalization BEGUN with Nasser's nationalization of Egypt's Suez Canal and which our current counter-revolutionary project committed to destroy:

And, finally, I emphasize, as well, continuing from previous blogs about congruency, mopping up, Iran, Kurdish Peshmerga, Turkey, Iraq's so-called provincial elections, NATO/US/Gulf military, economic alignments, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
"Use of Force Strong Option if Diplomacy Fails, Says Bahrain":

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