Friday, December 12, 2008


Two posts for today.

This and the one below about it about "GM And Middle East."

I assure everyone, I do NOT create these articles or headlines whole cloth out of my head, like the one above.
Fiction is nowhere as good as reality.

Like the Turkish Daily News, the jaw dropping headline/article above/below speaks for itself,
"Rise of the Universal Arab Emirates":

And, of course, to accompany the above, another upcoming Gulf, Doha, meeting in March, 2009, for investment and finance with the usual cast of characters, those who bought and purchased America's billion dollar Fascist President at whose behest Obummer serves:

Additionally, an "Intelligence" publication, an oxymoron, Stratfor, recently posted an analysis dealing with the world's current "Financial Crisis" and the happy, coincidental role Gulf States can play in this global crisis.
I will link to the Stratfor article, subsequently.

First, however, within the Stratfor article itself is/was a second link to a very large, nice area map.
So, I will save everyone the effort of an extra click, especially for those geographically challenged, and link to the area map Stratfor used, FIRST, then, their article.

So, first, the map of the area to which they are referring:

And, then, the article, itself:

And, now, not unsurprisingly, a continuation from the ongoing US/NATO/Gulf strategic, economic military alliance,
the "US Wants to Sign Nuclear Deal with UAE Soon":

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